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"colli andrei draymond" Discussed on The Lowe Post

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"colli andrei draymond" Discussed on The Lowe Post

"We're talking about the number one and number two shooter, what will the number one of all time, and another guy that it could be either two or everyone had universally top five shooters of all time. So don't say you don't have enough. Shooting. Steph makes up for two different shooters. Steph is like three shoe as to clay is like two shooters. Right. Because their movement. Their transition their ways to knock down shots in every way that's ever been created. Right. You only need two of those guys. Well, so that was my other thing I was going to say about Nick nurse. So, so everyone knows the worst have all these not shooters on the floor. That's been the case, the whole playoff particularly since there rank got hurt everyone knows you're not going to guard them. Everyone knows how the words are going to respond to you not guarding him. They're gonna they're gonna you don't guard. Draymond, he's going to hand off and clays. Claire stuff is gonna shoot. I actually thought the raptors when they put Colli Andrei Draymond which they did more in the second half. And I thought the whole point that was going to be they're going to switch, switch. That's they actually switched much less than I thought they were going to all throughout the game, even the off ball stuff with clay instead running around. Stephan Klay got some threes or they probably should've switched and they didn't. And even again when when I was Andre on, and they would run Steph drama, pick and roll. They didn't switch even towards the end of the game. I think that might have surprised the words it surprised me. And again, it's easy to say now they have the switch card in their back pocket of the word is going to be prepared for them to say, I think Nick nurses, like was a little ahead of the curve last night. Well, yeah he's ahead of the curve. And that's one of the things that we like about Nick nurses, that even his game game to game adjustments in the last series against Milwaukee. Right. They just kept getting better and you're going to win a championship. You're in game adjustments in your game to game or series a series of judgments have to be on. Point. But let me say this about the warriors. This is the best team that they have played. Right. This is an so there. This is the best team the Toronto. Raptors is the best team that they are playing. Their defense is far better than Houston their defenses far better than than Portland. And it's not a knock on those two teams. But the Toronto Raptors would have beat Portland, pretty handily they would have beat they would have beat Houston, in my opinion. Right. So you look at that. And now Golden State Warriors are going against a healthy completely healthy. I know they got a newbie that should be coming, right? But I fly game you exactly. So they have a full roster in you have your missing a Andrea Godiva as you've had a lot of roster issues and a lot of health issues Jin you're going against the best team that you've played all year long that is fully healthy. You can say co is a little hobbled, but gimme a hobbled Kawhi versus you know where, where the leading score for the Golden State Warriors is and that sitting on the sideline. Yeah. And. You know the the injury issues you're talking about. They did a great job of, of helping off those guys who are bad shooters. But somehow, not giving up the stuff that most teams give up when they do that recovering at the right time they were just the raptors were super instinct on defense living in, in between world where you're helping, but you're not just abandoning guys in your snapping back into not helping at the right time. And and you know, I just don't know like teachers are really good defensive team. Great -fensive, clearly there, mentally connected in and the chemistry is there. And they scheme, they know what to do. Like I don't think the warriors can just count on them. Playing a worst defensive game. I don't I don't think that they can expect that is a really good defensive team with good personnel, smart personnel. Make the right. Reads connected. Oh, that we're hundred percent agreements. We can't count on them to play a worst defensive game rights. Let's say that. So we're looking at this game from a okay..

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