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"college davis uc davis" Discussed on GGPP Podcast @ Independence High School

GGPP Podcast @ Independence High School

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"college davis uc davis" Discussed on GGPP Podcast @ Independence High School

"Into. Disneyland. Before going in like a security checkpoint. Some pretty funny moments where they're really what is this classical Iota Mike? Never prevented me from coming. There's sometimes that stop for a little bit. So this is an example. Before What? I like. You heard. Cyclones are left. Now bronze the actual interview. And because I did this while we're waiting in line for some the rights, it's not gonNA be like Send Queen is coming back from noise and announcements going on. I try to minimize him but you might be able to hear. Me, I can't really do much. Is, enjoy. A love. Right today I'm joined with. Travis. Greater You Second Year College. What College Davis UC Davis. That's very impressive. What are you majoring in applied math and maybe statistics With them. Declare the minor for psychology. But I started that. How's your timing college? Fun. Like There's a lot different from high school. Like These, better though I enjoy more freedom and all that. You're just playing your own stuff. The classes turn okay to like. they're kinda harder but like at the same time, it's like your own pace so. I think it's a lot. Better for. Most people. So it's searing. Host people listening are probably in college I probably like Ice Pool you. What are tips? For people to expect that. and. Go to your classes you know gone classes important. I didn't go to most of my class lasts border. Yeah. Thousand mistakes off. And then. See That was a good one. Going to class. But do you think it really matters a lot like the the great when you gets a college offers depends. If you still want to go more like if you want to go to Grad school and you matter if you WanNa do stuff during college matters. But if you plan to just like get a job after college and all that, then it shouldn't be the most important thing. As. You your resumes and stuff. You really only put your GPA and stuff if you're applying as you're like going through. But afterwards, you can actually leave it off and they wouldn't care. Because by then you'd have the moment everything. So. That's the most born thing. But I mean they do matter though 'cause like. Doing. As you're like in college does. Till I. Don't like tank everything but. Getting a B. or C. isn't the worst thing by far? It's like. You do like clubs or extra. into or like outside of school. I went to a few club meetings. I'm not actively involved in anything it's to school and all that. But. I'm looking to start the teaching stuff and the internship texture. apply for that now. I. Don't know when back to me but. I sent in most of the applications. Like sending the final. Transcript. I D- plans to join anything you charity dislike stay about the same like not many clubs. I know club or anything but internships and stuff I'll do that. I WANNA do one of those but probably not the club things I don't know. I mean hundred. Interesting and all that. It's really the three main things gonNA club, join the crowd or something. Or are you like some jobs jobs actually? Have you want to do something? It's one of those. Yeah I was about to ask like. I see a lot of people at online they always say like. There's He should be like. or You should do like. Different names and all that like many of you. Think they're important. Born to at least. Like Doing something probably really important because like that's the only way you'll actually like connections and all that. But. I don't know which was the most form but just. Getting to know people spending. Like an action that all that like the more people you know the better. You think. during high school math. You didn't do a lot of those. I was an officer do clubs like in the last two years of school. But in the beginning I didn't do much but I mean entered shifting something. I didn't do any. High School you think you would have done that back. It's harder to high school like engines of because I think they mostly look for like at least sixteen eighteen. And all that. So I think you would've hard but. I don't know I just didn't feel like doing that back then but now it's like getting closer to like actual. Adults of. Yeah. So. Considered like looking at jobs are like you have an idea of where you work. In the feature or after you've. If I like an office. Like. I. Don't know madness. Dad's numbers all the time. So like I can actually just sit down and do that whole day and I'm okay with that. We. Just. Look somewhere like. Or? Like I'll probably start with that or something like that. Is the easiest. Way. But I don't know like I don't want to do something. To do with science still not like. I don't want to do the science, but really I want to do the data part of it. So I, do want to work in a lab to, but I don't know. Any of those are open. I look into that yet though. Like you don't have a like a particular company minor like just like anything only. Like at this point. A job. I'm happy. I saw. Yeah. We'll move back because. Most people listening probably. Yeah so I want ads like. During high school. Like which AP's tape. Like how would you say? Tip I guess on each. Or something Karnal order to Human Jarvi and freshman year. It was interesting I enjoyed the class I. Didn't think the exam because I didn't gotta do that well on it but looking back, I probably should have. Because it because he examiners that hard you really think about it. Like they're important but they're not that hard. So I probably should have done it. It's worth the money. Like the unit are worth the money. Or Ninety five. Yeah like. They're not wrong though like ninety five seems like a big number now. But like each quarter, Davis is a five thousand ally. I kind of I would take the ninety five over that any day. that.

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