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"colin kyla" Discussed on Download This Show

"And i think part of this is about creating incentives and encouraging indigenous students to tie cup. It or engineering cow. What are the technical hurdles that that still need to be left in order to to have more successful apps like yours do greenwich barry to actually doing shanin. Artificial intelligence is an actually the code of the algorithm. It's getting access to data industry really bad at sharing dada particularly health data. There's a little privacy issues around that that was what took us our long to develop that technology who just collecting data set. That's the first barrier second was get paying the dentist to label every image which three minutes per image and dentists are not shake their too big hotels. That's what took so long to develop a labeled dollars that amend the algorithm was pretty easy relatively. That's just a common barrier in all i. It's really interesting. How about the kayla. What are the barriers that still need to be left. In order to have most successful things like s. ones as a haege death in what data is available and when it is available. It's the hot conceding si- It's not readily available for just anyone to pick up another stand and unfortunately that is how genus dada is at the moment in starting to get bring people lepers pasquet coming in and educating simplified language. Bots this still a huge gap of what's available really digging out that history knowledge and then when there is that i think we'll only the public criticism that can come from an aboriginal person putting themselves after the too much those those kind of cultural things as well. What changes that. What will have to shifting in culture for that to no longer be the case. I think it's us doing what we're doing really of breaking down those barriers. I think that just us. Three ole challenging there is kind of norms and making things available in technology which is not something that was very accepted. Say yeah i guess. It's just continued normalizing of that dada in the information and being really sensitive when postal. What is your hearts for our song. Lines relatively new in the grand scheme of things. But where do you want it to be in full five years time carlo. Say the overall vision of online is t make it impossible for people to be able to educate themselves lack the app to be in every school. I would like everyone to use it. I when travelling around australia knowing who's country there on knowing what's available really building up that indigenous economy by just knowing things because at the moment tape start what's available. What's out there. And i think that as soon as that's at an available people will come in christopher you. What is the pedal that needs to be left in order to have more successful. Indigenous ron indigenous signed apps. I think there's three by two things. And that's commitment overcoming fear and building that trust their important things particularly from from a research perspective when you're approaching these communities these organizations it's really about developing That trust overcoming that fear but being committed to the challenges that a lot of communities organizations feis and often in that communities organizations. It's really the lack of funding but it's also about ensuring that this trust from government and trust from other diners who want to support indigenous communities that day also must come their fears and i have to be committed and we know that that government is committed to improving indigenous. Let's try and people's lives. That's why we got our funding. And an i know that You know just professionally and personally but in terms of going into the future preparing out Younger generation and it's great to see colin kyla and were much younger than me during these amazing initiatives and taking up those challenges but also. I'm sure they've gone through their own fears about values. And there's also this idea of the pasta syndrome and overcoming that we all face it in our lives and particularly remers. jimmy. Johnson doesn't make us any less personal being successful and being those business paypal and bingos academics and going to university. And that's what we wanna tell young people that this is about their future and we know they're using technologies rather than playing the games or die and being on facebook. Come build those products. Get out there and understand. How do they actually can build those games and create the right social platforms like cuyler and light college doing and so we want to support those startups. We want to support those entrepreneurships. So that's really where. I feel as an academic. That's where my strengths is is being in the university sector and driving change from within as well because these universities need to see that aboriginal people indigenous australians the first scientists the first technologists the first engineers mathematicians the first medical people the first architects. Because that's how we survived of a sixty. Five thousand years a huge. Thank you to all of you. Christopher lawrence from ut stocked call turner the ceo and co founder curly and cabbage found. Nco vast. online's all of you. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. It was a real pleasure to have you on the shire. Hey thank you and with that partially. Thank you so much for listening to another episode of download shopping..

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