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"colin deleuze" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Of Calvin, Don second time tonight. Some friendly fire from Colin Deleuze defenseman involves the puck getting past him. So the goal credited the horn quest from Huberdeau and Radko goddess to make it 4 to 2. And after Ryan Carpenter took a slashing call with a little bit more than three minutes remaining in the game, Florida put the icing on the cake in front of the net, hears him around with a shot. These cars didn't take him long bark off off the face off, got away a shot from the slot, then worked the puck over to Jonathan Huberdeau, who hooked it pass. Delia for his first goal on the season is over. No. Yeah, his first from bark off and horn Qu'est at the 16 55 mark and that would close out the scoring panthers out. Shoot the Blackhawks. 10 8 that final period It was 29 24 for the game Hawks hell below 50% on the face off Dad for the first time this year, just barely, However, the only 1 49% of their drugs make that 47%. After going 50 50 in the first two contests against Tampa Bay Hawks credit with 13 hits compared to eight for Florida also credit with just four blocks shots. The Panthers collected 13 of those in front. Of Chris Driggers staffed 23 of the 25 shots that he faced. Meantime, Colin dealer gives up a five spot for the second consecutive game again a little bit of rough going with a couple of deflections from his teammates getting past him as he stops 24 of 29 shots Now in the game summary. They've been really slow down in Florida. They have yet to put the final one up. That includes the three stars. Rest assured, I'm gonna take a shot at this. The three star selection sponsored by Bud Light, there's a Bud light there. I'm assuming it's going to be a Panther sweep and the 12 and three stars going to some combination of two lots to rein in as well as Jonathan Huberdeau had a goal in to assist Patrick or Enquist likely what's terrain and had a goal and assist there could also potentially give it to Chris Draeger. Making rare start for him. He doesn't have a whole lot of experience, even though he's in a young goaltender, but drinker stopping all but two shots that he faced here this evening. So once again your final score five. You, too. When we come back, we'll hear some more postgame reaction from Florida straight ahead of the Blackhawks postgame show on 7 20, WGN. Good afternoon. Would you like to try a free sample of our double fudge? Brownie? Oh, sure. Hmm. That's very good. I'll just take one more just to be sure. Yep..

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