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"colin cap kaepernick" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

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"colin cap kaepernick" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"They're like, all right. We're going to sign the sky because we want so much to avoid having to even look at Colin cap Kaepernick, like they're obviously now, no one is no one is in the position that they're going to go down that path because they have already overlooked him so much that you're looking looking at Washington, and who they're sort of potentially going to bring in. It's all guys that have never even played one snap in the NFL. Right or guys that haven't played in five years. Josh johnson. I think was one of those guys. Tried out. And this coming off the heels where they signed Ruben foster, which was a super controversial move. So you're basically saying, okay, we're cool signing the dude that allegedly had a domestic violence issue. But we're not cool with the dude who took a knee. Yeah. I obviously as a female have and as a person have a lot of problems with Reuben foster getting a second chance for something like that. Whereas someone like Colin and for what he decided what his message was four is being overlooked. It just sort of really puts into question what the values are of the people that are in charge. And the NFL is a whole has a huge problem with domestic violence me now and is not coming down hard enough on guys that are in the league. And for someone like Kareem hunt where I think you mentioned the Kansas City. Chiefs are trying to help him find a new job. Right. What's up with that? I don't I don't get that. At all. I'm sorry. I mean, I'm not here for that. If you're going to help them get a job, you might as well have kept him on your team. Right. Like doesn't make a lot of sense. If if that's the right? You're going to say we're going to reach out to guys and get you an interview. No. Yeah. He did what you did. And we saw it on video. You shouldn't be playing the league. I I agree. It just so strange that they would help him to go on some other team that doesn't even sound like they're being honest there by any stretch of the imagination. So on the Sanchez part of this. I found it fascinating. That Mark Sanchez was playing football again. Because I thought he's career was basically over let me ask you this. Mark sanchez. How do you remember him? Is he always forever going to be glare? As he forever. The butt fumble. Without a doubt. He will always be Mr. but fumble. And last night, we saw him sort of try to bullish. Yeah. By also having the ball. Despite again, you know, it's it's going to live on and to be honest. There are worse things to be remembered for so have had it what you show, Mike your US guy. You love Sanchez like but fumble or do you? Remember the guy who went to to AFC title games? No, well, watched him a lot at USC. Right. And you love to make excuses for him. But I don't think you can't. I just never been a big fan of Mark Sanchez. Well, he left early Garza player duties a coup face scrape, his family pops like a firefighter longtime firefighter so down here in LA. We have a little bit more love for him than the round the country. But yeah, I just butt fumble. Almost had one last night. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's Julia was talking about so. Let me ask you this. Would you take his career though? Over what if you were professional like, just, okay? Would you take his career over? I don't know like a rand Colt McCoy who got hurt in that game. Well, called McColl quote unquote was dead before that game even happens. I'd take Mark Sanchez first shirt. You have to got that peak. Carol said left him a little bit too early at USC. Right. The play for the jets who was the man in New York for second. Forget that gets ridicule tonight. Like, I take his career in a heartbeat. Mark Sanchez on his looks right. Yeah. He's a handsome, dude..

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