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"colgate regular colgate" Discussed on The Dental Hacks Podcast

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"colgate regular colgate" Discussed on The Dental Hacks Podcast

"Trees are cool. Is it wrong for vegetarians. To eat animal crackers depends if they're made with eggs smart. Okay fill in the blank. Taylor swift is blank successful. Call tall skinny. Play the game using your best elmo voice. Tell me how you like your coffee. I'm not a pediatric dentist. And my youngest is ten. Okay as i said. I don't even know what almost sounds i. Just remember that there is a stuffed animal that when you pushed him back he wiggled or something anyway and he makes like weird nailed it. You drop the say good day mate in an australian exit today. I remember all what australian friends. Okay last question. how are you team. Cardi b. or team nicki menaj out. Geez that's a great question. Who i think would win in a fight or am i which which are you. I'm cardi b. okay. I didn't mean to offend you. Nikki we're still friends right. Okay all right thank you. I just wanted to do a quick lightning round question. We've been doing this and it'll be fun. Ready doctor aaron. I ready all right. So here we go. I just need your best coat. This is what i do before. Every talk okay. Okay got okay here. We go question number one. What kind of toothpaste do you use. Colgate regular colgate. Okay is beyond say overrated. Yes what holiday do you think is more important arbor day or friday flag day. Is it wrong. excuse for sure. Is it wrong. Vegetarians to eat animal crackers. Nobody it is wrong for them to wear leather. Okay they win. The link taylor swift is blank. Who taylor's using your best elmo voice. Tell me how you like your coffee. Oh god i know where that impersonation cheers. That's me right here. Okay you say good day mate. In an australian accent i always end up irish jamaican so good i. That was could try. Hey are you ok last last question. Are you team cardi b. or are you team nicki menaj. Oh my gosh this old. I am a cardi b. Your i was like who's cardi you. So i really hope that you've had fun listening to those quickfire challenges. We love doing them. And if you ever want to be on the show if you wanna be a guest on the mommy denison business podcast reach out. You can always find us on our website at. Www dot m. o. m. m. y. d. i b. s. dot com or. You can shoot me. An email at dr christiaan at g. dot com d. r. g. r. a. c. e. y. u. m. at g mail dot com and. We'll be sure to answer. And if you don't get an answer from us you can also email alicia at md ib podcast at gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for taking the time to listen and we hope that you'll be part of the mommy denison business community you can also find all of our episodes and information on our public facebook page and if you look up mommy denison business. You can find the social media news network page so come find us. Come join our facebook page and see what we're up to see you later bye..

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