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"colgate jit" Discussed on If I Were You

"Tutors? If you have. Hugh show discount. Because of me twice. To give try but. If you have a problem. Show scott. The. Damn daniel. What do you think about that one? That made me feel cool and sexy as I was listening to you know, that was actually Lil Boosie Vert. No chan. Yeah. No chance. You're right. We saw him. Remember when we saw. No. When at that weird. Adidas pop up at the row. I don't remember that that was Lil Boosie Vert. He had seemed so grown up. Yeah. He was big Uzi Vert that night damn. Who's e you're so big now who's e you're a regular size. What I saw. I thought it was a medium whose Evert I thought he was a Cousy. That one who wrote this theme songs name is Michael he's been listening watching our stuff since the college humor days. He wrote us a little who's Evert own wonders the way, it goes beat hope we like it. We did like it. And if we liked it a lot we can shout out his Spotify or apple music. He goes by the artist's name boo Koo Hannah and the song's called something to you. Okay. It only has five hundred fifty listen so far and was hoping to get over a thousand. So I get rid of that depressing under a thousand thing on Spotify. Yeah. Let's double that. Let's double his listens. So he gets that. Like, the k next to the name is that what it I've never heard. I've never seen like songs on Spotify. That have that little under a thousand is it like the opposite of a badge. I don't know. I'm thinking of sound quote. I don't know what it looks like on Spotify. Yeah. Anyway, that's what it is. It's called. It's buco Hannah. And the song's called something to you. Right. So there we have it, right? I guess he goes by the name MJ, collegiate or Michael. So thanks Michael Colgate Colgate. Although Colgate Jit was way on he is collegiate though. Yeah, he is collegiate, but that's unrelated to his name. This is the first podcast recording post Miley successor Jorie. Are you wearing you're not wearing glasses right now. Today's the first day I'm trying to wear non prescription glasses. Oh, wow. Describe them to me, get them. I got him from where you're Parker actually shot up to one of our sponsors, no shit. It was actually a funny story. My I went glasses shopping with my parents, and my mom told the lady working at worry Parker that I do Worby Parker ads on my podcast. And then I was kind of embarrassed because that lady had not heard of our podcast, but then somebody else at worry parkers like, wait. Are you a mere? And I said yes, and my mom was like see every. Knows his podcast that lady used her friends and family.

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