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PICKSTAPE 12-12-19

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PICKSTAPE 12-12-19

"The UH Game Saints One. Two slain remains a foul with the best kept secrets. It went platinum with the game. What's wrong with you? You try you try to come out with fucking calf talk focus. Oh let's get to. I've never seen a more obvious. Cowan my life or A. COW's don't need to be in cages. Like at their talks about Kate of much. What cates art? Show me one. It's in a cage. All right. Why is is it? Can it be a cage if it's would Bush big home depot in. Yeah it'd be a wooden. Would it is for fences. And that's true but he is. That is that milk that Whitewater would drink coffee talk so I could could see. I'm talking about forgot about that. I mean look at these guys are in fucking jail Bro. That's you're an idiot. Ah That's literally like when they get when they get to talk again so you can just keep showing you various cows and various gauges I know the maximum security do. That's when they get cap. Should you more on on the last wild cows house. Yeah we got him in a motel and poughkeepsie girlfriend. Were holed up in a motel six regardless is no that was. There's like the show you seven thousand pictures of cows and candy. It's going to be like well. No but Coley Coley stupid brain indices this. It's like Oh like people like me with shoppers. Shit dogs is just like. Hey that's a calf. That's got a small head. I mean it's got a big league head small by it's going to grow into. I could Google currently showing me more just like these are caps. This is potentially a a deer but also a calf literally what was just whiter not even close completely different as Rudolf. MEG IT AT MY I. I live in fucking Bizarro. World Tour Idiots dumb dumb. Weather's Anna Man. You picture was up. Thailand that's why I said so what do Google tailing may cows exclusively or engages ball size. Just turned into like a vegetarian. I'm looking at something also humane whether or not humans. What do cows calves are like this small small much like this thing is one one hundredth of the size of the coward? Okay so that's a toddler what's like like fucking eight-year-old or a seven year old kid kid when they're like oh well your puppy your puppy right now as huge paws okay in it small though. Is that a dog now. No it's a puppy this. I mean this thing is just a countless you. Want what do cows rick you first intuition was was probably to answer quotations milk quotations period and then comment depending on how familiar with bovine diets comedy realized wait common. It's the cavs. Is that drink milk. You Cock Rick. I can't believe they were Arkansas. Blue on Google. I mean a adult cows house drink war. It's literally right there. They tried they probably drink both. No no they kids drink titty milk cavs drink titty milk in order in the world that drinks milk as an adult and all of another other species. That was a bucket of paint. That Guy Jammed his head he was laughing. It up. I I'M GONNA get these suckers put my whole fucking faces man. Jerry next door was just gonNA say that yeah. It was a Catholic. It would've been the bottle so they gave him the just. The bucket is Noah to great point. The mother's not there. It's a strike have. Have you think the mother is giving the bottle it destroy cast now it gives them their titty. I don't breastfeed I don't like what does your body in the video to you. See the CAF He doesn't even close his eyes. His Eyes Wide Open Gordon to asked her reaction as wide open on me before it was oats. Last the you just put like you just painted white and like it was completely full so that he would sell smashes head directly into what animal would just eat the whole book like a a pig or whatever could be Ali goats are so gross cutting wild like either like the pig. Eat It all knowing it's bad and we'd kill the go. Eat It on. The goat would just keep trucking. Yeah no no problem eating getting it ship. Yeah go through like. I probably shouldn't have eaten that but it's not going to kill me. Probably got stand on the side of a mountain now. Yeah yeah this is sick discussing did you. Did you listen to Eddie in chaps. Talk on the radio that video not it. Did you know the pad for girls visions. Don't like they don't stick it on the Jain so they stick it on the underwear something. Yeah what that what. How did you think it worked like banding? Listen I I don't know I feel like a woman now you got me thinking. Hey man you know it up as you say the funniest things however if you really think about it. It's only twelve times a year. That doesn't sound that bad. It's like we we are that bad sucking up only twelve times. That is rough. Boil a week at the town every month. That's the thing I think everybody would just twelve days again. We were near much bellyaching about it if the well it's twelve weeks a year like that's substantial so it's like is it. What is it like a poop like you feel it coming years when the wrong person to two people WANNA exhibition about I? I don't know because they have calendars alerts and Sta. which isn't saying that if you knew when it was coming you wouldn't even alert right so you don't know I would enjoy a UH does that? Don't poop a lot. I hold it. Hold it until the last minute. Wow that's how you lose weight. No what is it. What's going Down Bay and everyone's a stinker as notice like okay poops? It's just a rocket ship one time every time there's just homers bond what's what's a girl sin called It's been cycles. Menstrual cycle menstrual cycles. Discussing Dan. Robbery spoke doc. Like bad girls of sick. That's uh-huh I mean we know what's coming out of me. All it's coming out of her stick could be only things. I don't know if we know what's coming out of you. Not then. Apparently apparently once a week two times this week so for your daily Shitter much of Thursday. Also how's chaos shit twice today same maybe thrice what. It's two o'clock that's mush. Josh are you guys. Are you casual poops. Bring a phone on their. What if question bring your phone? I know I'M GONNA be in there and try not to my my of my one coupes this week. I went into the bathroom here. And Glenn he comes in and he just goes. I don't care who's next to me. This is a business trip. I didn't bring my phone. Yeah I was like twenty discussing talk. Cincinnati this week. I got game plan to do. I'm good for like ten thirty eleven every morning I gotTa Poop. I wish I wasn't on this morning schedule. Agile but I am well. It's your fault. I don't know when the switch happened but I've been stuck on it for some time. I just don't listen to schedules. We know it. You'll be terrible woman so bad Moser. Just get that like alert on his calendar. It'd be like no. I'm going to hold out like everyone every single pair of pants I had. I'd be leaking every day. I'm wearing white pants today. I don't care yeah well stores they get. I don't know aw. Oh I wanted to Congratulate although some having a spectacular day yesterday big night is that collective day we've all. Hey you've got over three every other day so just knowing you getting one makes it the best night but one you went to unless you went three and out the three now make nice. That's got to be the best thing we've ever and for people a CHIRP. I mean I saw my record yesterday. It's astonishing the record You're on fire right now. Yeah and it's just so goddamn enough because I took the I took I took two of my three bets last night because I also had college so I didn't didn't want to overload so I didn't take I didn't take. I took the Hornets. I took the Lakers. Take the raptors or the clippers. No and that's absolutely. You guys aren't cower job you guys because you guys you guys wonder always sucking their rats the raft. Listen you gotta look. But you didn't take them against the bolts. Bad pick. They won. They didn't cover. They won. Lewin's here that I didn't take them yesterday. For a reason clippers much better than them for sure. It's just taking it. Yeah I noticed. You're not on here talking about what happened to your fucking sons. Tell you I mean I all about. I'm not biased. Obviously obviously but this fucking job. Rank Clip is disgusting. I A- comment. He even look left or right. All teammates frothy right. They didn't the Guy Johnson should jog in and was he a pussy. Can't uses left. He can't Douglas left-hand way cooler that he talked with his right. I mean cervical. Why just because he wasn't supposed to do like that? It's cool mush docket yeah. all-star break is become a real slow. You GotTa get off this this horse. He's GonNa win rookie of the Zionist. Not Coming back. He's GonNa Win Rookie of the year. Does this part. I don't think it's going to matter. I think he's that's saying like he's we're reaching their no. We're still that's just just my brain circuiting. I'm wish in frozen look who was the League scored not job Moran Boy Rosalita Rosalita Assistant Dumber and Omega. He played. Are you kidding me. We're raising that game yesterday. You fucking cock approaches. Are you run I tyler. He went four nine with four rebounds and thirteen points. We're GONNA a ride home above thirty points on the road man. He didn't fucking what's his name. The Dillon Brooks who pass on the ball is that uh he gets cysts mush. What did you say yesterday about what was going to happen in this game? Who is drama? Rank Cover Devon Booker Booker. Boy fifteenpoints seventeen shots so wait wait. That's more than thirteen. Oh that's the shots to yeah agree in Thirteen fifteen workers much better than mirant. Those I don't think any of us are arguing. That you know shouldn't be yesterday was. He wasn't the much are they. Were on fifteen fifty points on seventeen shots. That's Tennessee's one turnover unbecoming coming. Dillon Brooks the guy from Oregon. Yes is six to wingspan sick ties. Jones score two points last night. Mushoo you high. I yeah. Fifty two rebounds two assists two points to fifty minutes. I mean it's a glorious too the second look at this other shit I mean the bucks did still cover the. They're all the next hour too good for the next connect game idiot. Notch fucking fallon just terrible all defense tariff I measure Robinson because it was like his backwards towards the basket like you can't shoot from there right up on them. That's the only Time you could follow as I found if you just like swarm him. He can't even around. Yeah Oh that fuck in new so that the guy on Illinois fucking Sue Menashe jaw dropped right when it happened. It was unbelievable now. He caught him like like the way his neck went back. He caught him good. Yeah those beautiful stuff like that. And the Jermaine O'Neal slip. All of that is is like the only real evidence I've ever found in there being a god of some sort because he caught him with his elbow. He didn't like punch him more like four on. He like he got like four arm on top had any foul threw his elbow right but if he hit him claimed that guy's dead. Oh yeah if he like was a little taller it would have been right in the face and I mean that guy also went down like he fucking was Ted. You see his neck pop back weird like. He didn't square with his fist type of fours his neck back. That's when I was like. Oh boy. There's nothing better than Nice something like that. That and then two minutes later the guy on all noise dude another fuck and it would have been a nut shop. Listen they're not gonNA stop that that's why at this point after I want to gotTa start looking for number one because the players aren't gonNA stop it. Yeah it's true though. Maybe maybe wrestling to a face mask. Richard Howard Talkin now. That's something neck neck. Rolf got fullback. Mike single-tier the fucking cut coach. Roger as was was referee Yale Game. Yesterday you know Rodriguez of course fuck fuck board. Who is now? Oh you don't know who that is found. After I said it he he was the guy last year who two games in a row. Fuck the spread BEC- after the buzzer video on. Yeah remember though so he was. He was wrapping yell. Verse fucking Umass yesterday because the probably got reprimanded down to that level and I'm watching watching basketball is on the rise friend. Lost a puck in Yale yesterday and are assholes shooting like everyone. I I know gambling. It's like hey the team that was my five and a half was losing all game to an underdog and they went to overtime and and they were up six with eight seconds. Left at UMASS. Hit the three. It's like you didn't deserve the cover. I don't care if I didn't deserve the cover. I'm still upset that they hit a three for no apparent reason at it. All with a point. Eight seconds threat. Add on game kissed. Come up because it just pauses for like five minutes to get updates saying hey yell wins sixty three Out that kind of same thing happened with the Celtics last night like know what neither of those teams deserve to win. So how they lost. Didn't even make me that Matt Blouse like yeah. They played like mostly dog. Shit sometimes. We're good so I can't even be upset about this and my pick was right so that that one out. No that was. There's no it was smart. It was a smart at the pace out to get lucky once in a while. You know St Victor Oil depots guy coming back like he's the mass singer he just sings. Yeah he's practicing in the G. League now so I don't know what that means for him being back in the NBA on court but it was on the bench last night. Wasn't I would have met all star break on me guessing. I don't know because they feel like they don't need. They're gonNA make the playoffs without him. It's better to bring heaven healthy so I don't think any rush. I also not something I would like. I demand an apology. Because Marcus smart's out again tonight so yesterday when I said that he wouldn't have played and you said he would both is. The McMahon was right. It's shit okay. So he apologized for him being a coward Jordan. Oh I can't. I walked into work today. The first person to you pulled me aside its Midi and he pulls news twitch rooming goes. I gotTA sauce. I gotTA thing Mavericks minus it was minus five told me to my seven now Mexico City. Lock it up. So that's taking a look at it. I want to tell my wealth about with a source of Smitty. But what's the what's the the the land is gonNA keep growing with somebody out for so so I guess I I don't think the Pistons like New Mexico City to listen. I'll tell you who likes it. Less Mark Cuban. Yeah it's like two hours of their south no maybe it was more. There's more of an Aryan Mavericks Joke. That just didn't catch on at all with you. Guys reminded live even when you explained it. I don't get it for you. Yeah Maverick coming off a loss from Sunday. They haven't clayden Sunday. The Pistons are coming off a win. Monday I'm having the the Mavericks at Mal even ticket my seven right. Now that's GonNa be my one of my exes. Well Mavericks Back. I really he ended down that of of course of course magic yes man oh man. I got the math to score one hundred twenty points the matter if they win. It doesn't matter if they lose again if the would you say more set in place. Since Sunday. The mavs played Sunday and their last two games were at home. You go cities like two hours from Dallas. They're arrested the Pistons aren't a great defense. The average I think one eighteen a game. I'm now so the bet for the new one twenty feel good plus two sixty wears Mexico. City it's two and a half half hour flight from Dallas. They take to get the Golden State. Mexico's not too far flight from Texas now for Detroit. I don't know how long it was for Detroit Troy from here from New York by like five. Oh my God wow you should go. Let's all go. I'd enjoy go. We should've went to scape- still timing from Tyler. We need to take a picks tape trip. New York to Mexico. City is five hours and fifty minutes. Well it's gone along you don't WanNa go to pick trip. I yeah of of course we have it good I WANNA go. We won't tell you what the weather is either. We'll tell you a place you're going to be like. Oh I bet I know this is going to be the opposite. I what might actually enjoy you. Not Tell me where I'm going. ooh I like that but if it's a flight but only find out once you get there I I wouldn't wouldn't hate that either. You know you. You have spider. Tell me the time tell tells me time in the airport and I just and then that's what the game you find out once you get that email you're going to check in from spider but that's not a fan so so much. Find out as late as possible. I'll have to pack for whatever I think it's it's you'll be there to your two days two nights pack for that. You're going to somewhere only think I'd WanNa know Blake is more than like a six hour flight. Yeah I need to my mind for. I can't be thinking like maybe it's a two hour flight and it's like Oh my God we're GonNa Fuck Kid. Yes what three dollars and you guys didn't even go. Oh I'm in there the fact you can get you get to Australia. Willia- me for picks tape. Of course you three hour flight. You're tapping your watch. Listen that's because I'm not used to going more. The three guys this man been flying for two weeks and now he's limber a I dominate the skies. Everyone knows that about me. Some balls trade to Atlanta last year two years ago ago. Sullen Burger living fly flight into the Hudson sued twelve twelve hour flight last year. Titles like I don't know if I can do that now. He's like Australia easy. Listen for Pechstein affiliate W. for pick state before we'd be good in La. I I don't know how do ya you guys to be fine. Have you been like for a day or two so ever really on La. Yeah Yeah we should. Let's go do L. A.. I'm Mushin Joe Johnson's airbnb in. He's just like this is too nice for me. I gotta go off. I got some connections there. We have a nice time. shoop spider send us anywhere anywhere else. He where we can get to from. LAX GOTCHA OH my G. Yeah No joke could be booked tomorrow. Wow It'd be something much better but we get tested with Dubai. Theron are you kidding me. did you see Kevin Love purposely getting three seconds and a key move. I don't like no I loved it. I loved loved I saw score and then just passing the ball around and knock him. I will do the same thing I loved. Forty two points per game third quarter order for second quarter. It's I don't mind it's just one of the depending on. Who did it like whites? I did that for you. Know Yeah definitely depends who feel like Kevin love it but yeah no. It wouldn't give me the fuck off this overtime. The that's a bad like that. Did you see his clothes out. Last night no no fucking. Pj Tucker got the ball in the corner and had nine minutes to shoot because Kevin love just stood in the pain that and just stared at him that I have way more of a problem with what he did like eight doing like the android Jordan. Did this last year nearby. Uh No he's done whites at that same stuff in love because the do this just because he wants to be out but he's not out yet. This involves the cavs that I just keep them just to make make a miserable. Why honestly because I don't think they're going to get the kind of return they want their contra way too long also like okay? You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA play thirty eight minutes a game for this terrible team. How much is left? Art It all after this. He's got three more years much. Holy Shit thirty million. Probably lucky the big Soviet. You'll be addict like Okra. But who bet every incredible though every time out he just kept getting three seconds. How the cavs gets shut out again? To a game of chicken may be would not take a big fan of chicken. He knows a great Kevin Satis game the whole locker rooms respect the hell out of be lot. We lost an eight zero zero the Beland Hill. We liked it. You just see sexton pulling up like half court just to try and get a shot off. Reps was like Nope love to run back on defense. He got in twenty one seconds left on the shock. He's still there rewind Yanks. I'm like what are you doing. You're trying to help him out. Common man hit the by. I don't like these like many of these other games. Sleep now because like six or celtics. What do you feel? Feel at the Celtics tonight. smarts out Hayward's out Joel. embiid can't stop talking about how much he wants to play for the Celtics which is a wild move. So I'm I'm taking the the big Yanni I see that work out. Think you'd you uh I think he'd be happy with him. I like to Celtics to Underdog at home. Even though it's one and a half but still I like Celtics Takes Celtics too. I feel like yesterday when I signed. It was celtics minus two and so I don't know of both those injuries with swayed it or them coming off the law swayed but probably smart Jalen Jalen ties both fouled out so they're Plenty arrested tatum was not good yesterday. He was the one. Certainly certainly ponting on yesterday The combat forty four. I think he can just do that whenever he wants. Me McMahon the same to gain so. Oh Fuck I don't have any idea who's playing this game. Don't Care Site Kimba and Benjamin's to combined for seventeen assists. Oh No smart no. Hey we're chemist first game against Philly was terrible. I don't think he does add again. And Simmons like some. If the regular game I think kimber being hot and the no smarten Haywood. I think you'll just have the ball more. That's plus two sixty. So Kevin Simmons Seventeen Genesis less to sixty and Kemba scored forty four yesterday. So we got all the scoring pass today smart Artois Smarter four and a half says Hayward's four assist again. That's eight right there so say kimball gets an extra two. Or three of those Symington nine assists first game against against the Celtics. Seventeen I thank you just. You're just giving them. You're just hypothetically giving you the with. That's what you just did giving myself win- every time you know kimber. Four eight twelve and then siblings. Yeah I think you need to get at least eleven for this ahead. I don't you think Kimble get six. I'm saying I will against the sexes. Like what he can cap out at gas well yesterday. The only reason I say that is yesterday acid. I watching them play. They were running like Jalen. Was the one scoop up all those assists and I like. I think that's something they've been trying to work on honest his distribution SKILLSET SO I. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that today. outlasts to even with the forty four he at seven assists game before they had seven assists per game average placement. Six and a half. Now now simmons is a a composite five two more assists per game. This is what I'm looking for. Sorry Yeah I just saw tweet Taco day as why. Why are people still him mad at okay air people still wearing belts and shoes with laces airports how WSB and blackjack Fletcher goes? I can't begin to express how much I agree with. You wear a cowboy hat to the. Yeah that's way more than to shoot. I can Thomas Shoe. You gotta get your own. been for a cowboy ahead sweatpants. So there's no bill extra bidding those those bins so fucked. I like like I can't the people since I did. Take that break from flying. Do Love to point out earlier. I kept kept leaving that time. Like the wrestler. All didn't catch up to the whole like. Yeah I have to take like every time insecurity lines still always one person who's just like I I take these off like yeah dude. You see everyone else a fucking in front of you every time you're not you're not like some gold star Flyer otherwise you'd be in a different light jackass. which is it's crazy that all you have to do is pay eighty five dollars for five years the UTSA plus much? No I have to do it so I just walk through. Is your worth it do. You don't have to put your laptop out you know. Take your shoes off. It's crazy is do you fly enough to make it worth it. It's worth it. I think if you fly once a year it's worth it I agree and you can slide more than that. Yeah I will say this one time in tears say I was a gap because I got cooked right right before the flight so I like standing up there and the ladies like license and I'm like Oh no god. Oh Oh my what are they. Were who my well my boarding pass for what town I was like. I know my rights. Yeah I was like I at least you can just see it in my shoe. You single me out here. What would I do know? What the hell fire? Yeah now that that is more understandable mandible than just be like. I have to take these. These people are never hi. It's always someone in forty two ad they usually on the phone. The person is somebody. There's always at least one person at the Atlanta airport. Thought it was wasteful. But now I get it shouts the that's all. They do a shout. The rules laptops APP tops out shoes off. ABC Matt my shoes. Come out both left and right okay. But then the best part is like one one person asking like. Hey do I need to put my shoes off. Like they take their shoes off Vialli they go through the thing. And then one go through three bays a Ritz bits and then take that out now too. And it's like Powell take out the snacks like I know you don't get snacks. Oh I thought that you just said laptop. I didn't the thing I had exactly why I have had a bottle of water that I just didn't remember. I had my backpack Ashfaq. Yeah that happens I mean I told you it lost my fucking shooting that security Schiller Stove say. Are you sure you don't have anything you bay I. Clearly I do. We wouldn't have this conversation but this is like a half bottle of water. A half bottle of water was half full. report it out like the smoking smoking gun got me takes you throw out my garbage rigid. I'm always I always need like a spinner to savannah symbolic empty water bottle. And I'll be like you. Just watch me empty this in a trash bag that I don't know how someone's going to throw this bag of water out later but that seems to be you guys. Probably can I have this. They're always like no floors taste. That I had a cat remember was to Dallas listen to L. A. or maybe I think it might have been San Francisco and right when we got on the plane. One of the stewardesses nightmare. She was like no Jewish tobacco on this flight and and I was like okay and then I had my mind. I was like the second we get in the air. What are you gonNA do call the Blanco Emergency Land Die Dominate dominate as spitting all over the place vagrant is what man a man is why the terrorist one? Yeah you're definitely only a bathroom door. I call it makes like yeah on the plane. Yeah go like five times fucking insane insane. I like to stand in there. Make me feel more comfortable man just standing there bathroom. I'll say twenty minutes. That's how we usually just bop Ras et Les Circle Counter. I can't bought my head because there's not enough space base. Hit turbulence on the bathroom broken deb. Still it's still insane that they thought they just let all the waste fly into the air on the smaller planes because I thought it was just disintegrate in its so called listen it don't disintegrate freezes then it freezes then disintegrates okay yeah just let your dog Shit on the line it will disintegrate it will but Okay you're taking a cavs plus eleven and a half. I couldn't hate just either side like no matter. What side you're taking that game? I can't imagine it working. I hate six and behalf spread so I could I said away from the blazes nuggets the Spurs kids see winning by more than twelve points. Eleven and a half nozette doubt the cavs stink. They do but as far as good not good. Yeah good. Cows played last night to. Yeah they they did. They only lost by six like hardened needed every bit of that fifty to win that game did thanks James Well. I'm still doing it now. What's what's hapless me? I was a US. What are you saying? How happy Aegis Hapless cavs happened? They have nothing special about it. fucking say hopeless. They stay a EH BAY air. They're they're both their hapless in hopeless like got warm. I get what you're saying with that six and a half but I still think the trailblazers stink like a lot and the nuggets. I think they lost their last two. The nuggets are GonNa win. I think they're gonNA win big see. That's my problem. I'm with the nuggets. Right now with the Blazers. I'm still convinced that they're like still good. You know but I don't know why Blazers. Yeah the Blazers Yeah. The nuggets lost the last three games threat four out of their last five but spent two on the road. I WANNA say well they lost they were you're not gonNA bash them for that being the next By a thousand the Milosevic Celtics lost the nets and Philly Philly. This is a must win for them. Mushroom for Portland. Most notable Portland's and must win the rest of the year. They ever again. Let me just like to the trade deadline. I got dame to score the most points in this game. Don't care who wins. I don't care who loses that makes thousands of plus one fifteen great but I just need dame to score the most one thousand fuck with spreads spreads. They more just for the most thank you. I mean yeah I don't think like the nuggets are going to have someone that's GonNa score like loser's using the square and Dan at Yoga has been scoring the last three games. I think Lawson's WHO's there leading score fucking Jamal Murray. And he's like eighteen eighteen. I think he's I wanNA say he's like eighteen. Yoga has got to be like seventeen around the nuggets nuggets. Third team actually use lose all their players. Dame's at twenty thousand. Nine Blazers Blazers disconnect US day in the entire time. So it's great but I like it too much strategy appears to be. I think it's a much more sound. I liked what I liked. His overall concept laptop attacked. The first month puzzles by moving forward. You're going to see a much more in the green with the eighty two game season man. I'm using all eighty two. Tonight's a big night to see. The last night was a fluke. Yup I got an I really even one hit just one as I okay. Yeah yeah so in three streak was over but guys. I got a new book your own. It's writing these out yourself. I need the nugget to win by six points. Plus Two thousand grades. I'll take that all day. I love it as he has the other side of it. He's like great bet. Like yeah the opposite way call it. What was your third mine was Denver? So that's where onto the same side and then we're against each other on that no. I didn't pick that one I liked. Portland couldn't better because I liked Portland. cavs avs tally fish fish. Now you strike me as a fish on fish. Ah I think you'd enjoy coming home and tap into day with one finger and feeding the fish for you think I'm a serial killer now I could see you having like a like a real nice. Like Tiger Fish. Yeah like an sick one fifth. Call eight hundred dollars illegal in this county. But I don't hear the word. Your Tiger fish has its own room and shit a AH. Don't it three times a day. He doesn't like an open door slam the door. That's my that's just like my bird. No lights no their no open doors. It's crazy I've actually get a fish. It'd be a good addition the Lebron for you if I could pull off a fifth though it's gotta be the right fish though. Yeah you or it's just like a fish goldfish. I man with one gold. You're you're as you're a fish guy so I mean you can't just like go in rushing you know. Aw I can't blow it though I can't fumble it you can't work your way up to them like I just gotTa have maybe Sto Yeah. Hermit crab island joy hermit crabs. I'm trying to look at. I just googled really cool fish. Now you can get. You can't get swordfish because you don't want anything about swordfish. I know tyler my if if if you're a source says you don't WanNa fish that people eat Yeah you WanNa fish that Eden would kill the person who ate it they know the mine they know whereas the a cool fish we I want to look up fish coolest fish me to do the first one wish Tiger Narwhal. I don't know how big it is but that'd be images. Yeah Ed courses on images Yeah Tiger nor wall holy shit good faith that guy that guy once. I don't know how to get back to the skype. No I am okay. I guess I'll they get back. Let's must be they. I think you need the ocean for this guy. See through fish man. I love those this is a rainbow lobster. That's pretty cool off you got a blue lobster. That'd be sick. Oh a snack. Pack mood a blue lobster name of nipsy like that or it could be really cool or has to be nasty like a PIRATA Barracuda Khuda every time you see. Every time someone walks in your house tells goes watch paddock OUGHTA. Aw what and then it just it just wins or you here with an in the one. Yeah Yeah you need your floor guy. I A problem the road. Oh Yeah Barracuda's mean li-listening. Oh my God I need to get back to. What are we on zoom? Assume you look at the bottom there. We go I got it. Let me see this guy. Oh Khuda her man. I think we should tell spiders percents to a mystery place and wherever we go we go to the zoo please. God and a zoo aquarium aquarium distinct. Zouk there's there's one out in the Cape it's fucking freezing. Its worst of both worlds. I could see grab. Yeah okay. Hey not by me as well you gotta go to. Let's go to both now and I challenge you care to do the thing I know tyler will be like. He'll start off with one little one little Tank an grow a little bit and then he'll end up just was having like his whole floor. Be Glass of water and fish under its members. 'cause he's twenty one years old. McDonald's these have like the spiral title to That's GonNa be that's official live something that's my. That's my AC- Turtle Hill outlive. Even my children's Children Eh. Genevieve toz people over. Please watch my roommates and splish. Yeah Ah the tanks like backlit too so people don't even really see it while walking around and then you just push a button all these flies out. Well I feel like it had it had to be like my party true like at the end of the night. Like everybody's just kind of five hundred and it's like you guys WanNa meet Pablo and nobody was getting. They hit the button. I mean you got to be so loud. Roommates are up bom book bookcase just turns around and just like how did you get a humpback whale in that cage. It's a hump back whale and a swimming pool. The shape of a hand blocked that with my third money. I hate a brain so goddamn much. We had our brains and any other time but now we with rb out on our ass dude. No joke like literally anytime else like saying hundred. BC what would they. You do what you were like you know. What would your accusations? Nothing Rock Kava. I could see what's being like a cobbler. I can see shoes like the cobbler's out. What are they called like assistance back that these now? It's like whenever the study. Yeah it was like whatever they they based whatever the prehistoric intern was. I feel like you've been stuck in that. You'd never would've acquired all the the skills to take over you just constantly be in that role even if I wanted in two thousand twenty. I wasn't here. What the fuck ripe he doing for those pills? You're selling before probably Ryan jobs like that over and over. Yeah does rodents scams left and right. Are you selling shoes one at a time. No that was just I sold them out of the garbage when I was in the whole. That's right my apologies. Yeah and that's when I found the one guy title had a size eleven and this is a size nine the size twelve I do I don't know the XFL. I don't know he sounds like the cookie monster. I wish I could see the. PC's crazy bag that fucker. Patrick Mahomes what do you think batch mahomes thinks of his girlfriend than brother. He's got to be like just stop. Please man girlfriend. Does brother does divide. What is like she sues like tweets about things say now like they were getting booed and like and like getting Russia talk to patriots but they're also wearing all chief stuff cheering for chiefs and dancing? Like I guarantee you wasn't bad. Guy fucked achieved. Probably you know. I didn't I didn't know who she was. No they definitely had no idea she was in high. Mo homes great fellow. Good Guys Ohka. My friend told you this snow. My French liked trained with them now. They're boys like you went to the game the pats he's a great guy. It's just glad him play football. People don't say anything else. Yeah I think I think it's one of those things where I from what I read to pick up. People were saying she was on the hall. Like you don't know who I am card. Deaths sharp more. But even if I was just there to chiefs Jersey people like fuck the chiefs yet like I don Patriot Games. Feel like the safest of the Boston Sports. The GO-TO wearing socks red sox now to Since we won so much since the turn of the century early two thousands red sox damned if you had anything butter Red Sox Jersey on like you were. You'RE GONNA get beat up and then the security we're GONNA kick you out despite it clearly not being your fault now. What kind of you might have to eat your hat a breeze Hatton you? I think you're on like an MLS APP boy. I it's just insane to me. They dislike they have to talk further. Your boyfriend however we're just like just don't do it. He's not talking if he's he's talking. Maybe you could. You could back them up. You want to back up your your boyfriend. But she's stay out of it. It's also like if you go to a bruin like bruins games. Just don't go to if you're wearing. Yeah like Montreal Jersey. That's not gonNA end. Well I also mahomes brother confer him. I don't give a F- He's just trying to come famous like he's just using what he had like. I don't care what he does something he's trying to get. These talks out there. He tweet of US laughing at him on like sick did oh yeah. Yeah Yeah He. Donna triple dinner actions. Yeah like good for like she in homes. It's ever they've already one then. One is my brother the best quarterback in the NFL. He I'm uh-huh Young. Tick Tock thing. Let's get famous. Had An older brother that was like the best quarterback in like if my older brother was Lamar Jackson tax. Man You know what type of Shit I'll be talking you kidding me. Oh my running around naked eye witnesses say I would do so many things in my brother. I pal you gotTA stop. I mean yeah. Unfortunately I don't have a brother in the NFL. I have a brother. Text me ten. Am say start thinking about what you want for dinner and toilet paper. That's a good brother ten. Am He actually what I want for dinner tonight. I agree with Sean. That's way too early early at like five thirty. I get annoyed me so what it's ten we've got to start thinking now. Here's the thing hits you with it at ten because as soon as you like see it you immediately forget it. It's in and out of it later. Like to okay. I gotTa Start Art. Like he's just playing one. What happens there what happens? There is whatever you think about it to you. Just get for lunch and then you've fucked to get on okay okay To play. Which one do I not want right now wasn't I I I? I never understood how easy I had. There's a kid with my parents like had. This is what we're eating for dinner tonight. Do Mine made for me because people had options got option. That's that's the thing. There's too many options. Shit got to go to a meeting. No you don't actually dude. I don't know what's happening I've been in. I was meeting yesterday meeting today. Why I can't come down and tell me I don't get why we've meet the CEO now only meeting we should be having having is like the content people getting together and think you've ideas which will never happen but it would be a good idea to one time these other beatings? Just come down and tell me one time. That should happen almost daily. It should happen every day. Offices coming up with ideas for each other and it's like. Oh wow that's a good. Yeah elaborate that'd be great everybody. We came into a fire drill. I Company would skyrocket if we had like even if it wasn't the whole content floor if it were just like pardon my take has those kinds of meetings and it shows you boo. Yeah Ah cats the AU even flake if literally like ten of US got together in a room smoke multiple couple of joints and just went. Imagine Rhone Caleb me you tyler. They probably due to his shows. Yeah no I think Caleb Roller just like too smart on their own. They probably teach other. I think they end up with each job. I'm saying now are you in an imagined layup tied-in to that there's at least time content is coming out too. Well usually happens is like I'll end up thinking of something and then going to one to other people with it. Like a saying they like it and be getting their feedback and trying to build on it like the Enron Man Ronin of written the south thing that I don't think he's going to be able to come out this year just because of timing but next year is going to be like I can already see the numbers on it. It's going to be fantastic. So maybe we'll get together one day. We should cowards. Won't meeting of the minds God emanating good bye.

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Decrease Social Anxiety

The Overwhelmed Brain

21:01 min | 2 years ago

Decrease Social Anxiety

"Hello and welcome to the overwhelmed brain. My name is Paul Cole Yanni. I'm a personal empowerment. Coach misses a special mid week. Addition of the show just a mini show every now and then put these in here. I mean, like every few months I might put something in the middle of the week just to connect with you just to share a message with you if I have something going on, if I feel the need to communicate with you. The reason I'm putting out this mid week episode, I'm going to be very transparent. It is twofold. One is to talk a little bit about social anxiety and to is to have you take a survey on social anxiety. I actually wanna know if you experience any form of social anxiety or what's also referred to as social phobia. And that is when you're in a group of people and you don't feel comfortable in that group of people. And this discomfort comes for many, many different things may be you feel like someone's looking at you and you feel uncomfortable about that. Maybe fill someone's judging you and you feel uncomfortable about that. Maybe you feel too tall, maybe you feel like your clothes are ugly or your ugly, or you're too big or too smaller, too tall or too short? There's all kinds of reasons. And I've only listed just one one million of the reasons that we can develop social phobia. So I wanted to just highlight this a little bit because if you are experiencing it, I wanna know. Now, the twofold reason for this is I'm creating something for people with social anxiety to help them not only get better with their social anxiety, decreasing it, and making them feel better about being in public places or anywhere they experienced social, but also being able to. Through it when you experience it. So this is a product I'm working on and I want to be able to create it. So they you get the most benefit from it. I don't wanna just put it out there and go, okay, I hope this works for everyone. I'm actually gathering white twenty to twenty five experts to talk about this to really hone in on what it takes to overcome social anxiety. And I know if you have this if you have social anxiety, you've done probably a lot of research on it and they always point to the same things you know, weeks or months of therapy of group therapy, and I don't disagree with that if you are experiencing this, then I absolutely recommend therapy if you can't get over it, but then there are those people that don't want to go to therapy. Don't wanna talk about it are too afraid to leave the house, and I want to reach those people wanna reach you if you're that person this, that's why I'm creating this product, but I'm not gonna talk about that too much right now because. I'm going to share with you some social anxiety that came up for me. I know that's a shock. Here. I am talking to hundreds of thousands of people and I experienced social anxiety. While I tell you what the perfect job for someone with any amount of social anxiety is in an office or studio alone behind microphone. I'm not anywhere near the public eye. And so when I do leave when I do go out in public, you know, I don't have too many of my photos out there in the world, but I've created video as I have some photos out there that people can recognize me so that I am still able to walk through a supermarket and not have somebody come up to go. I know who you are. I'm waiting for that day. In fact, I was just talking to a client about that. The other day I said, I'm waiting for that day for someone to come up to me. And I think that'll be kind of exciting. But then there's that point where the balance of privacy versus popularity tips. And suddenly if more and more people start recognizing me, then I have to realize that if I have any levels social executive about that, I should address it. So I am very aware of this in me and to tell you the truth, most of my life, I've not been socially anxious at all. I mean, I am pretty comfortable in crowds. I sometimes feel like I can be the center of attention and I'd like to make people laugh but every now and then there are certain situations where I don't feel comfortable where I don't want to deal with people. And if that's the same thing as social anxiety, where you walk into a room full of people and they are the type of people that maybe you don't wanna talk to you don't care about or you don't want to deal with them. For example, Michael friend took me to a political rally and the county religion, and I've never attended one of these. I am becoming more politically aware of things, but she took me to a political rally and I really didn't want to be there, but it was okay because we got to hit a candidates giving their speeches and telling us what they're gonna do for us and how they wanna change our city or our state. And I thought it was, you know, pretty interesting. Until someone approached me with a clipboard. And they stared at me. They sat down next to me and my thoughts are like, okay, what am I going to say? I really don't care about giving my opinion. I don't wanna be on some mailing list. All these thoughts went through my head, and this may not be labeled as social anxiety, but I felt something about that. I felt negative about it. I didn't feel like I could say, hey, you know, not interested just here with my girlfriend and just gonna listen to what the the candidates say, but I didn't go there. In fact, I went in the opposite direction. I said something that came out of me before I even thought about it, and it was a little mean and after came on and I'll share it a second after it came out. I thought, what the heck did I just say, who, why did I say that? Why did I feel the need to say that particular thing to that person and. Make her uncomfortable because that's what I did. I made her and comfortable. I made myself uncomfortable even more uncomfortable than I was. So, like I said, she approached me she was staring at me and I felt like it's a solicitor that you don't wanna talk to, but she came over and she sat down next to me and she said, hi, I said, hi there, and I forget what she asked. Are you here for something something? And I said, an very proud of this. I said, look, I don't really want to be a part of all this. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend and I don't really feel like conversing. And she said, oh, okay. All right. And then she got up and walked away. And I asked myself, what did I just say? That was so rude. I replayed that scenario in my head and I thought that was just so rude and so she walked away. And then I felt a little funny because this person who was being nice and probably doing what she always does. She just talks about the candidates and maybe the changes I wanna see in our county. She probably did that with everyone. She met in there was no ill intention. She wasn't trying to sell me something, although maybe she was trying to get me on a mailing list or something, but still, I know it was rude. And so I had to analyze that because I don't like being rude. In fact, what if she said, aren't you? Paul Coley. Aren't you that guy? Who does that podcast who is supposed to be this sucks, credible, reputable, friendly person. If she had said that, I would've felt like a heel, I would've felt so bad. And if she said that maybe that would have been a great opportunity to be really humble and tell her, you're right, and I need to look at that in myself. I need to figure that out, but she didn't say that and I didn't go into that humble space. I kept owning the way I felt. However I didn't like the way I felt. I felt awkward. I felt like I could have acted better. And why did I have these thoughts? And then say what I said? And it has to do with how we prep ourselves before something like this, and I'll get to that a moment. But when the rally was done and my girlfriend and I left, I said, you know, I hate to admit this, but I was rude to someone in there and she goes, what. What do you mean? And I told her the story and she goes, why did you say that? Why? I don't know. I said that I just it just came out of my mouth and I don't know where it came from. She was like, I can't believe you said that that's kind of embarrassing. And I said, I know I don't know where it came from and that night I didn't know where it came from. But now, retrospectively, I look back and I remember not wanting to go. So before we even left our house, I remember not wanting to go. So I'm setting myself up for disappointment or something. I'm setting myself up because once I get there, I know I won't wanna be there which is what happened. We drove there. I don't wanna go, but you know, I'm an open minded guy, so I'm just going to go even though I don't want to go. And when we got there, I didn't wanna be there and then to add insult to injure. Sorry, they wanted me to wear a name tag. I know that's silly. They want you to wear name tag. What's the big deal while my thoughts went into the future, and I knew that wearing a name tag meant that people could say, hey, Paul, my name is so and so let's talk about something I didn't wanna be there. I didn't wanna wear a name tag because that meant people would approach me and talk to me. I didn't want to talk about the things that they talk about because I don't really care about some of them. I hate to admit it, but a lot of politics I don't care about, but I do still vote not saying out of it, but there's a lot of stuff that I hear that doesn't really excite me, but I still look at the issues in and vote, but I didn't want to be at this rally and I also knew it was just going to be a bunch of people telling us what we wanted to hear. So I had that going on might wanna negatively in my mind. And while we remain going, there was some good snacks that was okay. But the people with the clipboards were walking around the candidates were staring at me as I was walking by, you know, big smiles, everyone's friendly, of course, but I got that feeling. Where does that feeling come from? The feeling comes from. I mean, this is one tiny portion of where this feeling came from. For me, the feeling comes from how I prep myself. And before I left the house, I prepped myself. I prepared to be unhappy and disappointed and even a little resentful. I didn't know this at the time. I didn't realize it was happening. But again, looking back at this, how I prepped myself, how I prepared to do this thing was how it turned out for me. And when I found justification for how I felt that justification of someone approaching you, the clipboard I go here, it is here it comes. I came up with something that was very, probably deep. Subconscious stuff like in a what? I'm good at honoring my boundaries, and I'm just gonna tell her off because I have a feeling she has an agenda. I'm sure she did have an agenda, but I'm sure it wasn't ill-intentioned, but I went back into that protective mode because I have to protect myself because what I prepare for I prepared not to like it when we prepare not to like something. We placed this sub-conscious shield for lack of better term or even conscious shield around us so that when we arrive where we don't want to be, we already have a bias toward the people toward the place on how we're going to respond to these people. We have already prepared ourselves to protect ourselves so that these people don't penetrate the barrier that we put up in that barrier believe has something to do with that social anxiety with that social phobia. Because if that barrier wasn't. There, then I could just be myself. And then when somebody approached me and said, hey, how are you gonna vote for so and so I'd be like that. I don't know. I'm learning about this stuff. I don't know who's who, and I'm sure they're all great, and they may go out yet. Totally while here's some information, here's a brochure. Demi questions come out in, reach me would have been a friendly conversation, but I turned into something that I felt uncomfortable about. We do this. We do this door selves. We create sometimes our own uncomfortable situations. How can I change what if I had to do this over again? I think if I had to do this over again, the first thing I would do is fully accept that I'm going to this thing and I should be a little bit more informed about where I'm going because I wasn't informed. I was just tagging along. I know she wanted to see and I know that maybe it's my civic duty to go there and listen to the. Candidates, and I felt that way, but there was still that negative under layer that I that I felt as well, but maybe I should have researched a little bit. Maybe I should have become informed. Okay. So-and-so's going to be there and they're gonna talk about these issues so and so is going to be there and she fights for women's rights and so so it's going to be there be there and he's talking about fairly ver- practices on and on and on, even though some of that stuff doesn't really interest me, I agreed to go. I told my girlfriend that I will come because I want to hear this yet setting myself up to be disappointed is where everything started for me is where the downfall of how I felt going there and what I felt when I got there and what I felt when someone approached me as all in the framing process of what happens before it happens meaning, how do you frame what you're going to do and where you're going to be in who you're going to talk to, how do you frame that in your. Mind before you end up going somewhere with other people for me, this revealed a bit of social anxiety. I didn't feel like I was anxious, but I share felt bad being there. I felt awkward. I felt awkward being around these people. In fact, I felt a little bit under dressed, a lot of poor dressed up, and I was in blue jeans. And so here I am walking around thinking, geez, you know, I don't know much about these candidates. I don't know much about the issues and I am under dressed gotta hope. Nobody talks to me, but maybe if I had prepared and said, you know what? I'm going to talk to people. Hey, how're you? It's not something I would necessarily want to do. 'cause I just want a quiet night at home with no strangers when it comes to strangers on now I gotta tell my story. Oh, now we got talk about politics and I don't know much about politics. All these thoughts that I put on my head that may have never happened. We could've talked about the weather. We could have talked about anything, but you know, it's a political rally, so you kind of expect that kind of talk. My point is how do you frame what you're going to do and who you're going to be around? How do you frame your response? How do you frame how you'll feel I think that's important in before you do anything else. Think about how you frame things. Figure out if you're actually setting yourself up for failure in disappointment. I mean, certainly there are places that you go and people that you see that you just don't want to see I get that. So how can you frame it in a way where you can accept that you're going anyway, if you do go and you're going to see these people anyway. So what can you do? What step in a forward direction? Can you take where you don't have to concentrate on your defenses? If you can get to that point where you are concentrating. Less on how you're going to protect yourself and more on how you can contribute to a forward moving conversation or fairly decent time. You may be just a tiny bit less socially awkward or socially anxious when you get there or when people come to your house or wherever you end up where there are other people though about that social anxiety. Like I said, that's one one millionth of something that I'm addressing that goes much deeper into something else. I would love for you to take the survey so I know what you deal with with social anxiety so that I can learn from you what makes us. So she awkward and how you deal with it or maybe how you don't deal with it or Howie, it's worse every time or just never changes want you to do me a favor and go to the overwhelmed brain dot com. Forward slash safe. The safe s. a. f. e. and that. It will take you to the survey form about social anxiety. It'll tell you what I'm doing and how I want to be able to take the expert advice from all these professionals that have helped people directly with their social anxiety. This survey is going to help shape this product so that you can have this in your ears as an audio product so that you can have this in your ears on the way to a place that makes you anxious or around people that make you anxious. There's a lot more I want to say about it, but I just need your input. So to me a favor and go to the overwhelmed brain dot com forward slash survey, take the anxiety survey and just so you know that this isn't a a bait and switch scheme. The if you take the survey, there is an offer at the end to pre purchase the product before it's released. It's going to be on December first at a pretty steep discount. So I'm only going gonna offer this for a couple of weeks where the survey is going to be online. Once the couple of weeks is up this episode. Will disappear so you won't see that survey anymore. And I don't want you to miss out on that discount if you want. I mean you're not the buy anything. You just take the survey so that I know what you're dealing with. And I guess I'm really smart people at. I'm pulling in to be a part of this product. I'm talking psychologist, social, anxiety experts, exiled coaches, and even a meditation coach just to get every single angle that I can to help you with your social anxiety. So it's gonna be a really impactful product. If you are dealing with social anxiety, I want this to be what you turn to when you're starting to feel it. When you know you're gonna feel it when you know you're going to deal with it so that you can decrease it and maybe even eliminate it altogether. You tell me where you are. I can ask them how to get out of this negative space that you might be. So if you have social anxiety or you think you do or you had it in the past and you wanna take the survey and share with me your experiences, I'd love to get your. Input, it'll help shape this for anyone that has social anxiety and become what I hope to be a sort of a one stop shop so that you can actually decrease your social anxiety and maybe even get rid of it altogether. Like I said, therapies, a great option. But if you wanna go a different route and have this one stop shop for all these experts. This might be what you're looking for. The overwhelmed brain dot com for its lash survey. Thanks for joining me today. Hope you got something from this episode even if you don't take the survey. That's okay. But I would love to get your input looking forward to connecting with you again on the full episode, this coming Sunday, talk to you.

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Hacking bacteria to fight cancer | Tal Danino

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

04:51 min | 11 months ago

Hacking bacteria to fight cancer | Tal Danino

"In eighteen eighty four patients lock seemed to go from bad to worse. This patient had a rapidly growing cancer in his neck and then came down with an unrelated bacterial skin infection but soon something something unexpected happened as he recovered from the infection the cancer also began to recede when a physician named William Coley tracked the patient down down seven years later no visible signs of the cancer remained. Coli believed something. Remarkable was happening that the bacterial infection had stimulated the patient's immune system to fight off the cancer Koley's fortunate discovery led him to pioneer the intentional injection of bacteria to successfully. Felipe treat cancer over a century later. Synthetic biologists have found an even better way to use these once unlikely. Allies by programming them to safely deliver drugs directly tumors cancer occurs when normal functions of cells are altered causing them to rapidly multiply and and formed growths called Tumors Treatments like Radiation Chemotherapy. And immunotherapy attempt to kill malignant cells but can affect the entire tire body and disrupt healthy tissues in the process however some bacteria like e.. Coli have the unique advantage of being able to selectively grow inside inside tumors. In fact the core of a tumor forms an ideal environment where they can safely multiply hidden from immune cells instead of causing infection bacteria can be reprogrammed to carry cancer fighting drugs acting as Trojan horses. That target the tumor from within this this idea of programming bacteria to sense and respond in novel ways is a major focus of a field called synthetic biology but how oaken bacteria be programmed. The key lies in manipulating their DNA by inserting particular genetic sequences into bacteria. They can be instructed to synthesize synthesized different molecules including those that disrupt cancer growth. They can also be made to behave in very specific ways with the help of biological circuits circuits these program different behaviors depending on the presence absence or combination of certain factors for example tumors have low oxygen oxygen and Ph levels and overproduce specific molecules synthetic biologists can program bacteria to sense those conditions and by doing wing so respond to tumors while avoiding healthy tissue one type of biological circuit known as a synchronized license circuit or SLC see allows bacteria to not only deliver medicine but to do so on a set schedule I to avoid harming healthy tissue production of anticancer drugs begins as bacteria grow which only happens within the tumor itself next after they've produced drugs a kill switch causes the bacteria it to burst when they reach a critical population threshold this both releases the medicine and decreases the bacterial population however a certain percentage center of the bacteria remain alive to replenish the colony. Eventually their numbers grow large enough to trigger the kill switch again and the cycle continues This circuit can be fine tuned to deliver drugs on whatever. Periodic schedule is best to fight the cancer. This approach has proven promising. In scientific trials using mice not only were scientists able to successfully eliminate lymphoma tumors injected with bacteria but the injection also stimulated plated the immune system priming immune cells to identify an attack untreated lymphomas elsewhere in the mouse. Unlike many other therapies bacteria period. Don't target a specific type of cancer. But rather the general characteristics shared by all solid tumors nor are programmable bacteria limited limited to simply fighting cancer. Instead they can serve as sophisticated sensors that monitor sites of future disease safe probiotic bacteria could perhaps lie dormant within our guts where they detect prevent and treat disorders before they had the chance to cause symptoms advances in technology have created created excitement around a future of personalized medicine driven by Mechanical Nano bots but thanks to billions of years of evolution. We may already have a starting point. Point in the unexpectedly biological form of bacteria add synthetic biology to the mix. And who knows what might soon be possible.

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PRESENTS  Mackaroy Uncovered

Short and Curly

03:19 min | 4 months ago

PRESENTS Mackaroy Uncovered

"Hey Sutin, Kelly, Kerr Malia and cow, and we want to tell you about a new putt cost you might enjoy. It's a story series set in the quiet. Town of mcelroy. And it's about to fourteen year old friends who start to realize this some really weird stuff going on in that town. And, so they investigate. I've always thought of myself is a bit of an investigator. So you sold the case of who stole your sandwich from the short and Kelly, Fridge. Now. That's going. Okay well, then I. Guess you found out how your cat keeps sneaking up the house. Even though you say oh, your doors and windows locked. Well, there's some suspects, but we're still figuring it out. Well, Tang, and Mitch, the main characters in mcroy uncovered actually do have investigative skills. So maybe listen to them instead of make yes. Listen to macaroni uncovered the podcast. Get it via the ABC. Listen up all Google and apple podcasts, and if you like it till literally everyone you know, have a listen and say what you think. Hey Dad in the kitchen. Smells good. Were you out at the radio clouds this morning? Okay? Yes, I was. There was an important story. I had to stop. You can't just wonder wrong without letting me know where you are. What if something happened to you in mcelroy? Is Not as it seems in a small country town of Maccarone. Hello. Wayne WHO's Coley? What did you say? Who is this? Strange things are happening like the school principals missing. Everyone says she's on long service leave, but obviously lying. And someone, something is keeping tabs on everyone macaroni and crashing the entire towns incident every not to do it. That's like government levels of data. We should report this to the coughs nerd NASA. Yes. The only people onto it at Tang Best Might Mitch students at the local high school. Why are they a security camera? Someone's watching. And someone doesn't want them to find out what's really going on. Back just. Keep pedaling. See us. I. Don't think so. Join Tang and meet on a weird and wild adventure, can you? This is crazy. ACTUALLY CRAZY mcelroy! It's a town with secrets. What's the matter what is it? Somewhat. Meets run. mcelroy on copy a new podcast. The kids from the IB say. Listen for free on the ABC. Listen Up on other podcast. APPs like apple and Google.

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Christian receives $21 million after 39 years in prison

The Daily Article

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Christian receives $21 million after 39 years in prison

"Really? Christian receives twenty one million dollars after thirty nine years in prison. This is Jim Dennison's daily article or Tuesday, February twenty six twenty nine hundred. Craig Richard Coley was twenty three years old when he moved to Simi valley, California, a Vietnam veteran and the son of a retired Los Angeles police officer, he was newly married with no criminal record coli managed several restaurants over the years after a divorce he dated for a time. Rhonda Wicht, a twenty four year old waitress who shared an apartment with her four year old son. Donald on November eleventh nineteen Seventy-eight winked and her son were killed in their beds Coley who had broken up with her was arrested and charged with their murders. After two trials. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Both of his parents died while he was imprisoned. Meanwhile, Michael bender started a career as a police officer in nineteen eighty nine. He looked into the coli case and was shocked by what he found coli Ella by seem strong. The revival suspects who were never pursued in hair and fingerprint evidence was not analyzed properly. And then went missing two years later been dramatic choline prison in knew he was talking to an innocent man in dealing with a lot of bad guys over the years, their mannerisms and body language. Come to know, he didn't have that been explained in nineteen Ninety-one his superiors ordered him to stop pursuing coli, case or face termination. So he quit his job. It became a theft investigator in two thousand three moved his family to Carlsbad California where he continued to pursue the case in his spare time in two thousand fifteen governor Brown's office agreed to conduct an investigation DNA evidence. Previously thought destroyed was found tested. It showed another man's DNA on sheets and clothing in the apartment witness testimony against collie was largely discredited as well in. November twenty seventeen the governor's office formerly pardon Craig coli, governor Brown said of him the grace with which Mr. colas, endured this lengthy and unjust incarceration is extraordinarily last Saturday. Simi valley reached a twenty one million dollar settlement with him Kolea's been staying with Mike vendor and his family since his release. Mike's wife Cynthia says now that he's here can't imagine him being anywhere else. He so courteous and kind and the best house guest anyone could ever ask for his always been a part of our family. How did we get through thirty nine years of wrongful imprisonment around two thousand five he began actively practicing Christian faith. He started a prison bible study group in two thousand eleven and later earned degrees at the allergy biblical studies and biblical counseling. My way of looking at things changed. He said I believed whatever happened was what God had in store for me. And everything I get is a blessing. There are two ways of relating are circumstances to God's character. One is to judge the ladder by the former if life. Becomes difficult. Many blame God atheist. Sam Harris claims that in the face of catastrophe. God is either impotent evil or imaginary? Of course, people in our Biblically literate culture may not understand that the fall explains our broken world in sinful behavior. Those who blamed the Lord for allowing the fall do not understand the role of free will and the redemptive. Providence of God in short when life is hard people ask God, why when life is good. However, people tend to ask why God we credit ourselves with what we have and have done atheist. Richard Dawkins claims that our life is as meaningful as full, and as wonderful as we choose to make it. However, the fact that we were conceived through no action of our own literally gives the lie to the self made person a turtle atop offense boast had help getting their in psalm fifty two seven David warned of the man who would not make God his refuge. But trusted in the abundance of his riches and sought refuge in his own destruction. The better approach is to judge our circumstances by God's character. Craig coli came to believe in the providence and sovereignty of God knowing that his father was working to redeem his circumstances even in prison as a result. He knew that everything I get is a blessing skeptics might claim that such faith is naive in masks, the real suffering of this life. They would be wrong. The depths of unimaginable innocent pain job cursed, the day of his birth and complained in the bitterness of my soul, but he's still proclaimed. I know that my redeemer lives and at the last he will stand upon the earth Paul played three times with God to remove historic in the flesh. When God did not the apostle learn to boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses. So that the power of Christ may rest upon me Jesus prayed for his father to let this Cup pass from me when his father did not son said my father, if this cannot pass unless I drink it your will be done the bible claims the cross proves that God loves us unconditionally passionately. The next time. Circumstances seem to contradict his character reversed. The order view suffering through the prism of grace. Ask yourself. Why would the God who loves me allowed? This look for ways. He's redeeming the present entrust him to redeem the future such faith in the character of God is a compelling witness to a secular culture. It's one thing for us to believe in our creator when all in his creation is good. It's another thing entirely for us to trust his heart. When we cannot see his hand Rick Warren wrote God has a purpose behind every problem. He uses circumstances to develop our character. And then he uses our character to impact our culture. Craig, holy is exhibit. A will you be exhibit B today? If you like what you heard today. Please leave a rating and review for the podcast. Thank you for listening to today's daily article podcast.

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Tell Me About Yourself | Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

Do The Thing, with Whole30's Melissa Urban

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Tell Me About Yourself | Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

"Forcing Matic is a natural superfood company that specializes in mushroom based strengths that benefit our immunity, energy and longevity yet. I said Mushrooms for centuries they've been used medicinally by cultures around the world, and there are a rich source of vitamins, anti inflammatory compounds and immune boosters. An I promise forcing matic makes all that wellness tastes delicious. Get there's one thing my whole thirty team is not doing during this pandemic. It's overdosing on caffeine. The last thing we need is extra anxiety, jitters and sleeplessness. A few of us have sworn off traditional coffee altogether, but still rely on forcing mushroom coffee with Chagas in lion's Mane for a focus and productivity burst with half the caffeine and zero jitters I've worked out an exclusive offer for do the thing listeners get. Get fifteen percent off your forcing matic purchase, including their bestselling mushroom coffee, or any of their delicious whole thirty approved offerings go to four sigmatic dot com slash. Do the thing or use discount code do the thing at checkout that's F. O. U., R. S. I. G. M. A. T. I, C., dot, com slash, do the thing for all of their whole thirty approved products and fifteen percent off your four sigmatic order. Hi this is Melissa urban and you're listening to do the thing a podcast where we explore what's been missing every time you've tried to make a change and make it stick. You think after doing media podcast interviews and Book Tours for the last ten years I would be really good at answering the question. What do you do? And if I'm on Dr, Oz or some other national media I'm really good at talking about thirty Melissa, but if I'm in an uber or meeting, someone new at a party or being introduced to someone through a friend and someone says what do you do I suck at this answer, which surprised even me to be honest, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Telling people about yourself is something. We are all given thousands of chances to practice at work at parties in job interviews anytime. We meet someone new even if it's just on a ten minute Uber Ride, we have an opportunity to let someone know who we are what we stand for and what our purpose is. Guess. What most of US suck at it? We've Raul Office Solis title. We include lots of buzzwords or tech speak that other people don't understand we let other people define who we are what we do and the value we bring to the table and don't even get me started about what it's like to be. A woman asked this question when we've been conditioned our whole lives to make ourselves small. Don't be too full of ourselves, and above all don't make. Men were talking to feel bad. Of course I never realized all. All of this until I read, Hawley am Coley Murchison's book. Tell me about yourself. Holly and I are friends. So when we first met I bought her book border, but secretly I wondered how the heck someone could turn. Tell me about yourself into a whole book. Now. Having been through Holly's Interactive Book three times and counting I realized that t may process isn't really about answering the question. What do you do? It's about discovering yourself reclaiming the space you deserve in the world and developing authentic meaningful soul, filling connections with. With others, Holly M coli. Murchison is an author and entrepreneur committed to shaping the future of work and learning for evolving professionals. She'll tell you about her. Fifteen year career in multimedia, storytelling, experiential learning and talent development, and how she teaches and coaches through her communication studio or a Tory glory, she is also a founding partner at Holy Brands, a think tank that prepares women those from black, indigenous and Latin next communities and LGBTQ I communities to self actualize today we'll dive into the T. may process the revelations I've had. Had In my own. Tell me about yourself journey, and the benefits of following holly simple and accessible t may process each, and every one of you has an inspiring moving inviting story inside you, the kind of appetizer that leaves people wanting to hear more and connect with you more. Holly is about to help you draw that out just as she did with me whether you're an entrepreneur looking for a job hoping to land that deal or just want more meaningful connection with others as with most things it starts with you. Now onto the episode. Holly Coli. Murchison welcome to do the thing. I am so excited to talk to you today I'm Mike Schoolgirl Giddy I'm very happy to be here. Thank you for having me I reread your entire book again for the third time this week. In preparation for this call 'cause I've already gone through it twice. I've done the exercises. I can't wait to get into it and they're really interesting topic, but before we do I asked this question of all of my guests right off the bat, holly eat. What's your thing? My thing is helping people uncover shape and champion their stories and bold ideas I mean, of course you were perfectly suited to answer that question more than any other guest I've ever talked to before we jump into. Tell me about yourself and your book I want if you would just indulge me for a minute, we're going to do a little. Demonstration of what immediately drew me to your book, so pretend that you and I are at a party and I am meeting. You and I am introducing you to myself, so you would say something like Oh. What what do you do? I wouldn't ask that question a great point. I know you, will you? Be like. What are you most excited about in this season of your life? Oh, okay, okay, so if someone asked me that question, that would definitely give me pause, and I would probably come back with something way more inspired than what I would answer. If you say, what do you do you go to a party and the first thing people generally say is what. What do you do you know how I answer them I do health and nutrition stuff. That's literally what I say to them I. do health and nutrition stuff. That's it. This is how much I needed. Tell me about yourself, because I go in like so soft and so I'm so weird about talking about what I do. Wow, that's so shocking to me that that. It's not a question. So of course you'd be like I do health the nutrition stuff. Because what do you do? I think of it and we're going to get into it. Part of it as I don't WanNa Zombie. Part of it is that I don't know I feel like I learned this lesson really early on like the more successful you are, or the more solid you are in your self image, the less you say so I, felt like someone who came right out of the gate and say I write New York Times bestselling books and I'm a world renounced speaker and did. That just sounds really pretentious, whereas if I say or I do health and nutrition stuff, it makes me feel a little bit more humble, even though it doesn't accurately portray who I am like at all, yeah. I felt I, felt that before the book I felt exactly am I can't be like. Here's this scroll of leg excellence. Now your turn. Why do we have such a hard time introducing ourselves? Your entire book is called. Tell me about yourself. Why do we have such a hard time talking about ourselves? I think one of the core reasons is. It's not a thing that we're taught and our preliminary education. K twelve if you reflect back, and it was like what what grade they teach me how to make compelling introductions about who I am, and how I want to show up in the world and you're. You're probably never like. We had the option of taking public speaking class, but there was always this built up idea that this is something you should fear so only take it if you actually want to take the plunge so so many of us have gone through our entire lifetimes, never having honed this skill, but always having to show up and articulate this thing, and so it's. It's like I. Don't know how to do this. I'm just going to opt to say nothing at all. Yeah, I mean, of course no one ever not until your book. Did anyone ever teach me and I've been an entrepreneur and businessperson for more than a decade now. What did we get wrong? When people say, tell me about yourself? What do you hear your clients? Getting wrong more often than not, or I wouldn't say getting wrong, because that makes it sound like they're doing something bad, but like how are they? How are they not serving themselves in their initial answer? They try to give too much right. They try to give you the whole thing and one helping I've got sixty seconds I gotta try and our. I'm going to start from birth to now, and that's usually how you lose someone you try and give them too much. Information is just like a a waterholes INFO. That's where people go on the cell or they just under undersell right like I do some health and nutrition, and it's like okay, but there's a sweet spot in between there where it's like you can say something compelling that entices someone to want to engage more conversation with you, which is really the goal is like let's. Let's get to know each other and fill each other out. So how can I give you some appetizer to want to engage in a larger meal with me I love that you referred to it in your book as an appetizer. You want to get them interested. You want to get them intrigued. You want to get them to want to ask you follow up question so that you can continue that connection. What are some other benefits that come from being good at telling people about ourselves? Oh my Gosh! On a on a self development level writes personal validation. I think a Lotta. What makes teammate challenging to is? It's the seeking. Seeking of external validation from someone like did I get them. Are they hooked? Did they like me? Do they want to stay? But the being able to command language in a way that clearly represents who you are at least in this moment in time like that. Oh I validated internally. That I'm here to fulfill the purpose that has been given by God or whoever you might believe in, so there's that piece. The second is more aligned connections and I think often. We go into these. Tell me about yourself conversations like I. WanNa impress him well, but it's it's a relationship. It's like, but this is a filter moment for me to. To say, do what am I in Melissa? Like sure I want her to. Perhaps no me want to get to know me, but like get to know her, too. So those aligned connections, and the third is more robust opportunities, and oftentimes when we can clearly say this is who I am. This is what I'm about. This is how I WANNA. Lend my gifts to the world. It's like Oh. You're going to attract what you can clearly like fish for I love what I'm hearing in. This is what I discovered for myself. Going through your book and your exercises is that first and foremost? It was a discovery of myself. And you mentioned in one of the stories in one of the testimonials in your book with Tanya Tony rapidly. Tanya Rapley Tanya you reference this idea of breaking down I'm trying to think of exactly how you said You deconstructed and rebuilt. How she talked about herself is our stories. It made me think like maybe my story about myself is so well ingrained in so well developed, and I've looked for examples in my own life to just like solidify it. Part of I really had to do was break down. These stories I heard about myself to create something almost new, but it's not really new because it's me. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, absolutely I think right the thing that we forget about stories like we tell it once, and it's ingrained thing over time, but you're not the same person you were three months I mean hell. If we think about who have you become since covid? You're a different version of you, and so the idea is like. How do you capture? How do you deconstruct again, right? Here's been through. Here's the narrative been telling in repeating and refreshing in like really true right now. Let me tell a story from that place. You keep saying the word story and that was. It's how you open the book you talk about the importance of storytelling and its cultural significance. It's societal significance and one of the first exercises in the book. was you asked us to tell a story I chose to tell a story about the best meal I've ever had and I. told the story. It was two to three minutes I. was in Sweden I was sat at the bar. It was I told this whole story I'm talking with my hands and getting all excited and then you asked me to tell me. Tell you about myself and I told you about myself, and at the end you prompted me to think about what was different about those two stories. What do you suspect I discovered about those two stories? You were probably like list goals mode with the second one like here's where I was born. This is what I do this like. We get we get boring. My guess is that the animated version of the meal was not the same version of the story. It was like this Polish buttoned up Lincoln version of yourself. It was the worst Lincoln. Know what it was. It was linked in button up sued and all repressed and. The first story was so much fun. There was so much emotion behind it and so much passion behind it, and so many just it was just joy and Johnny because when I talk about what I do in my life. What my life's purposes! There's also passion and joy and and meaning, but like why is that not coming across in how I'm talking about myself? Yeah, and then should I know I know it's really fascinating when you think about it, it's like Oh. Again, we'd. We're not taught how to tell robust compelling accounts of ourselves actually taught that it's an American culture. At least that's bad to talk about yourself as women at least I won't say that I can't speak in my own experiences as a woman. It's frowned upon to be like this is who I am what I do, and that's compelling, and that makes me amazing. It's like Sh- yeah. Don't don't go there. Talk about yourself, but not too much because you don't WanNa. Come off as really you know like I said Draghi or two full of yourself or yeah. I think that's. True and I definitely think it's a cultural thing, and I definitely think it's as a woman thing you're. You're kind of taught to just downplay everything up less space. You talk a lot in the book about the art of self definition. Can you tell me what you mean by this idea of self definition? How love that is so funny. You ask that because I was like read up today. Because I know Melissa is GonNa come through with like a page of news. I think about it simply as the articulation of how your motivations and your values shape the choices and the moves that you make in life so that defining of self in who you are is rooted and those things. Oh Man I'm thinking I'm thinking about that. And I would be very hard pressed without having gone through some really targeted exercises to define myself. We don't we don't do that. When are we asked to do that? Very rarely, but it's interesting because we're not asked to say it, but we are asked to do it like at work every day. You are defining yourself through what you do I mean personally professionally relations. Were constantly being called to action, but the articulation of that action is missing. So you're like? Oh? I didn't even realize I. was that person but I'm showing up as that person, but we don't get the moments to really talk about it often, and that lack of articulation may translate to a lack of self-awareness. If I'm not ever forced to articulate exactly how I'm thinking about it or how I'm showing up am I. Even aware that that's how I'm showing up, yes. Oh goodness gracious. I so I had the benefit of going through your book in doing all of your exercises in you guiding me through this process. How did you discover this on your own? How did you create this on your own? So I, have a very organized brain like I, like systems and frameworks and structures and. I've worked twenty five jobs across seven industries. Doing completely different things that always called on the same skills and I hated it when people will be like. Tell me about yourself. What do you what you want to know? Where do you WanNa Start and had a colleague? When I was working at an education nonprofit, she knew of the work I was doing in terms of communications coaching, helping speakers articulate their ideas, and our team was essentially working in schools, and we had to work with everyone from administrators to parents. We were called dream directors and she is like. Can you do a training and our dream academy and teach us how to introduce ourselves I'm like yeah, I can do that I can do that so I just. Sat Down with some posted. Its which is my favorite thing to do, and I was like you were to give this structure. Like what are the steps that you're thinking about? And I was like? Oh, you're probably thinking about audience. The question being asked how much time you have, and I was like Oh. These are the steps and I taught it from post its and like Oh hour and fifteen minute session with my team and I was like Oh this made sense I could see the transformation that happened with folks, and did it for myself I and I was like Oh. Yeah, yes, here is an approach. I was GonNa ask if you did it yourself first. How did your own telling change at before and after going through the exercise? Yourself, Oh my goodness I, stopped downplaying things I would just word I would use one word answers I mean like I'm an entrepreneur. Oh, I work in education. Oh, I was just this broad 'cause. I was just like I haven't excavated all that stuff and I don't want to touch it so slit stick with this broad thing, and if you ask me some more pointed questions, we can get there. But what I saw was I was able to maneuver conversations more thoughtfully by just talking about what I care about and then boomerang back better questions to other people versus like tell me about yourself to it was what about you? What do you care about? What brought you here I could. We could expand the conversation more. Make it more rich, so I noticed a huge change and I was like Oh. This thing that this is the thing that people need yes. This pandemic has been full of uncertainty and stress, but as part of my daily gratitude practice I like to focus on the bright spots. Being home more makes it easier to prioritize. My health and I've been far more religious about taking my daily supplements like ritual essential for women, in fact, now might the perfect time to start a new ritual for your health. I've been eating a whole foods whole thirtyish diet for the last eleven years, but nobody eats a perfect rainbow every day and a basic multivitamin helps me fill in the gaps in my nutrition. However, ritual essential for women is anything but basic for ritual. Science back isn't just a buzzword. It's the standard. Their ingredients are traceable. They use no fillers or shady extras, and I can get nine essential nutrients from d three to four late to Omega threes in just two pills a day. The best part is that ritual is a monthly subscription delivered straight to your door. By the time you finished one bottle. The next will be in your mailbox. Daily changes can lead to big results so start small today. Ritual is offering you ten percent off your first three months. Try it out. Satisfaction guaranteed go to ritual dot com slash. Do the thing to start your ritual today. That's ten percent off during your first three months at ritual dot com slash. Do the thing. I can absolutely see the benefit the immediate benefit the like. Why haven't I done this already? Benefit for people who are entrepreneurs? They are independent contractors. They're artists. They work for themselves. They have a side hustle. You know in that case. Every potential person you meet could be a really important business, connection or a client or a resource or just someone that would offer you. You know fantastic connection in in what you do. You mentioned public speaking a few times and in the book you talk about how developing this idea of talking about yourself. You've got a I work on it, and then you have to practice. You've talked about practising practising practising as an entrepreneur. Did you tackle this task much like any other public speaking event where you going nail down how you were going to talk about it, and then you just got really comfortable with it. Definitely is definite like I. have a I grew up playing basketball and I have a coach who would always tell us? REPETITION is the mother of skill so I got to a point where I was like. Oh, I'm going to a networking event tonight. Let Carve out fifteen minutes to work through the frameworks I'm Mike Okay. If I bump into this type of audience, here's some bullet. Points might approach it for bump into this type of audience. Here's how I might approach it. Sometimes, it was clunky and I walked away from the Combo like Shit I. Don't know what I just said, but I'm not GonNa do that again. It was just like I had to plug and play and play around with it but it was definitely the repetition, and the honing until I was like Oh okay. Okay, yeah I know how to position myself in any room now and that's really smart I. Like how you say depending on you know if I bump into this person or this kind of person you know I would want to highlight different portions of who I am, and what I do based on the person I was connecting with or the room, I was connecting with her how I would want that connection to grow so I think it is important much like a resume to have various versions of you talking about yourself. Absolutely 'cause like. My parents still can't. They can't articulate what I do, but they have a better sense of it now and how I talked to my parents about it is way different than how we talk to my best friends about it is way different than how I would talk to potential clients about it, so that differentiation between audience is crucial because you know what level you can come in the conversation at yeah that. That makes a lot of sense and I think about you know I must have answered the question. What do you do for the last five years with this super like I? Do Health and nutrition stuff you know in going through your book. I was like man. How many opportunities did I miss by not saying I write books about empowering people all to discover health on their own terms like how many opportunities? JUIC- this is because it's I. Read Your Book I did the work. That's kind of what I came back with right I. Empower you to to find discover health on your own terms. I not saying that has probably cost me some. What could have been really awesome? Connections are opportunities so no living later. If you are not an entrepreneur. This is kind of a question I had is I worked through the book. If you have what would typically be a pretty well established job, if you if you are a teacher, if you are a primary care, physician landscaper. If you're a fulltime parent, it might seem like you would just say. I'm a teacher I'm a first grade teacher. Why is it important for people in established positions like that to self define and be able to tell their own narrative you have. Mainly because the work that they do changes over time right like I, know people who've been in the same role for ten fifteen years and you. If you ask them what the role is, they can give you the title, but if you ask them what falls under the role they like. I do like fifty million things under like there are so many different hats, so to be able to articulate the nuances of what people do at work is important one because then they can convey what value they bring. They can advocate for themselves when they're looking for a raise or to pivot into different opportunities, so it's really important to be able to to communicate those things, and just on a larger company level. I've worked with so many companies and teams who people on teams didn't know what their colleagues did. Yeah, and it's like Oh wait. How are we serving this larger mission together? If we can't clearly identify who's on our team to do the work together, so even just in terms of like camaraderie or serving a larger vision is important for people to be able to convey. Here's what I do. Here's what my company does. Here's what my team does here is. is how we work together to arrive at that same shared vision together. It never occurred to me until just now that you would want to be able to talk about yourself with people all who already knew you? That's what you're saying. You're only as you already know me, but here's how self define and like. Did you know this about me, yeah? Yeah. That cell we can connect more deeply especially because we spend Gosh God knows how many hours a week at work and if these are the people who you're spending the most time with, it's probably useful for you to know them intimately well so that you can. Be Good in community with each other so that you can be good to each other so that you can serve and support each other and imagine as the boss imagine putting the entire h you thirty thirty HQ team through this exercise and us all introducing ourselves at our next team meeting as self defined I guaranteed. Although we are all really close that we all learn something really important about each other, for sure for sure we're GONNA do that. You want to beat us all through it hundred next. I would love to. The other the other thing that came to mind as you were talking that I have heard and I have done it myself the addition of just. To what I do. What do you do I'm just a teacher. What do you do I'm I'm just a mom right now and I think the very of going through this exercise and self defining. Would help you see that there is no just. In. In anyone, there is no there is no just there is a what you do, whatever who you are and how you lend that who to work you do is so valuable, and they're probably fifty million things under under the sun that you're adding and it's interesting, because I often tell people when they're like Oh. You know I don't have that. Many or I haven't accomplished much and I'm like well. Let's take work for example or being a mother if you were to say. I'm. GonNa head out for two weeks I'm just GONNA. Go Away for vacation. Like what kind of stuff would hit the fan if you weren't there? And, it's like that's your value. That's the value that you bring and people will be like I didn't even think about all the text messages that I get when I'm out in all the emails that are GonNa come or the phone calls. That are going to compiling in on me, so there is no justice like you add value to any space, you step in and to be able to communicate. That is power I am starting to see this work when I came into it when I read your book many months ago I. Really saw it as an opportunity for me to. Better explain myself to someone else. It was very much about the other person. More I did it in the more I talked to you even just in this discussion, the more seeing that this is really a self empowerment exercise yes. Yes, back is for you I. I it has to be for you. I got so much of what we do is like let me prove. Let me and it's like no, no, no, no. Are you clear on who you are? Can you do this self excavation and narrative development process Then when you show up and other conversations, right your light, your light in those conversations, and it becomes a domino effect for other people to do in and seek out that kind of development for themselves and getting warm, tinguely feeling where I know that what we're saying is like so true like universe. Very excited I love it. Yes, one of the things that came to mind as I was going through these exercises is. How does someone avoid filling? They're like here's who I am with so many buzzwords and so much jargon, and so many like click bait worthy phrases that it ends up meaning absolutely nothing. Oh my gosh reference real life skills. I, think often we talk about like. Tell me about yourself encapsulates so many different parts, and I won't die to deepen because you might have questions. We'll talk about the process, but really it's like what is your lived experience? And what are the examples of that lived experience and how you show up from day to day if you're citing buzz, words, and adjectives, and there's no like meat behind. The you know that's fluffy right and the other pieces like. What's the goal of what you're trying to share? Are you trying to move dialogue forward? Are you trying to get someone excited about the possibility of working with you? Whatever that intention is? What can you say that serves that intention right because if I'm telling you. Oh, yeah, believe in education. It's like no I think that everyone in the world has the right to have access to language and education that helps them self actualize. It's like Oh okay. That's different than like. Education is of core value to me. It's like Okay Sarah, and you know. What are you saying to to add meat? To the conversation that does, it feels really empty airy until you add that meet, you just touched on and I I really loved this portion of the text. There are three things that you want to think about when you're thinking about what do I want to leave this person with? How do I want to like? What do I want to leave them with? Can you talk about those briefly? Anything in the what are you want them to think? What do you want to feel? We don't want them to do next, yeah! I I am A. Emotive. Pisces energy person so every a lot of how I operate and function is around like feeling. My, who was one of my first and greatest teachers always taught me that type of communication that's most successful is the type that succeeds evoking emotion so when I'm speaking communicating I'm always thinking. What do I want people to think? How do I? Want them to feel and what do I. Want them to do next, right? How can I? How can this conversation inspire some type of action? I like the example you gave in the book where the end result wasn't nailing the sale or the deal, the end result was I. Just want you to get back in touch with me and a little bit more about what I do and I think that that thinking about what this end result is. If you go into these conversations, thinking that every person is an opportunity I feel like that g connection and such a big way -absolutely, it makes a transactional. It's like go in. I looked you up. I know what you can do for me so by the end of this fifteen minutes. You'RE GONNA. Write me a check for a million dollars in. It's like. If, you have some kind of special magic, and that the result you can. But it really is about like. How can you cultivate relationship with someone to you know, arrive at. A divinely aligned outcome for you both. Yeah, and you know sometimes your end goal is that you want them to write a check, right? Maybe you're hosting a fundraiser in the end goal is that there's no reason that you can't go through this process and want them to leave them with wanting to feel a certain way about the transaction absolutely. Wanted to desire a larger conversation to get to know more or something else so with a client like me, who really has against sounding super bragging? How do you get someone more comfortable with stating legitimately who they are in what they do so I'll give you an example I hate to say the word author I never say I'm an author. Because in my own head, it sounds super pretentious, and very often I will see to people. Oh, I write books, which is kind of the same thing, but it means I don't have to use the word author and I just have this like a to. Brandon is always giving me like so much crap. Like. Why are you telling people like who are in what you do and when he introduces me? It sounds very different than when I introduced myself. do I get over that like feeling like I'm getting too big for my Britches in being authentic about who I am. I interested in my mind, the word is like you do a trace back right like what about that word makes you uncomfortable? When I say the word author, it makes me feel XYZ Where did that feel income from? Where did that feel income from? Where did that feeling come from? He trace it back to the root cause. Sometimes, it's not that the word author. Sometimes it's actually like. Someone told me a long time ago. That? I was too confident about how I talk about myself and I should like pipe down right, so it's like tracing it back to that thing the other piece is. Mirror work a lot of the exercises in the book are like practice with yourself. Practice on audio practice on video, and those are things that people are incredibly uncomfortable with and when you do that practice and play it back for yourself, you can hit you. Know authenticity when it comes to yourself better than anyone so that playback of leg. What was that little? What's that little up speak? I'm doing a little. I don't even I. Don't even pronounce these words this way, so it lets you hear yourself and get comfortable with your voice so that then you can show up so honestly practice. Practice little bit therapy for something. Much. A lot of. Therapy for some of us, but that practice it's it's like the exercising of a muscle, and I think also just extending some grace when we talked earlier on about this is not a skill that were introduced to and kindergarten first second grade. So you have to factor in this is a habit that you have not. Formed yet. That you're trying to replace a habit that you've been practicing for thirty plus or however many years Yeah, it's funny. There is the different lake. It hits different when I say something when I said that line about you know I, write books to empower you like that hit. It was good like felt like I. Felt it here. I must pointing to my chest where when I say like Oh, I? Write books about healthy nutrition. It's like all up here. There's in the it's in my shoulders like I. IT sounds different. It lands difference so like the truth really does. Your authenticity really doesn't Leeann differently with yourself, and if it lands that way with you, it's going to land like that with someone else. Absolutely absolutely I. Love that you noted where it shows up in your body to I, think paying attention to the semantics of it. It is important like like my throat. My shoulders like Yeah, that's not I'm not keeping it real. Yeah, exactly. Is there value in asking the people that you are the closest to people who love you the people you love to help you with this process? For example you know in hearing brandon talk about me to other people I up on nuances that I'm like you know he's right. I don't know that I would have said that about myself, but like he's actually really right about that. Yes, absolutely, it's funny. 'cause before I came on the show. I talked to my wife Kolia Mike. I have to say my thing. Here's my thing she was. Like That a down, that was. No let's take out this tweet, and but she was like and then, but make sure you make it sound like holly and I was like. She knew. This absolutely value and Tapping into people who know you most intimately who like boom yeah. I love it when she makes that face. Can't say that I love it, but I the lesson. There's a lesson there for me and I know something did will come from it. Yeah, and some you know sometimes again in the in the in the way of Brandon very often will look at me like you know you're selling yourself short hair. Right and I'm like yeah I. Know Fine like okay fine and he'll force me to like. Step up and own. You know to own it. Feels good. It feels good. Yeah, liberating. Yeah, it can be really liberating for it. Require some practice, you know you have to be comfortable with it and the more comfortable you are with it. The more do deer get push back I. Never thought about this, but you get pushed back when you stand up and introduce yourself and you come into your full power new, you share your own self definition. Does anyone ever like? Have you ever had an example where someone has talked down to you or tried to make you feel less than because you really stood for who you are? Yeah definitely. it makes me smile when I think about it because I'm just like I've learned that has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with the other person and how they show up and how they feel uncomfortable like I've had a been instances where I've been coaching speakers, and I know that it's, it's rare to see a black queer. Woman Doing Pitch Coaching for competitions like global competition, so I've had people in the room like after I introduced myself. They like Oh my order. And they went to test my now and like be extra observant and I just kind of chuckle 'cause. I. Know I know what I'm doing. I know I bring value, and it's enough for me I. So I don't I don't care if you know if you're not moved, or you feel weird and fast, totally on you. Yeah, that's so true. It's definitely not about you like ever. What's the one thing worth pausing your favorite podcast for when the doorbell rings and your favorite box appears on your doorstep, you stop everything and for a limited time you can get a free two hundred dollar mega gift bundle from fabulous when you become an annual member that bit fund delivers the best in beauty, fashion, self care, and so much more four times a year. The best part you get to choose and if you're an annual member, you pick I this season. Choose products like steel. Mascara. Do the fabulous rose gold curling? Want a beyond yoga, infinity, scarf, or chic portable hair removal device whether you're a beauty, maven or skin care fanatic that bit fund. Has You covered every season? Sign up today to receive your first box? Use Coupon Code Gift Two hundred at checkout. That's code gift two hundred to claim your two hundred dollar mega gift bundle when you sign up today as a Fab Fund annual member at www dot, thabit, fun, Dot Com. Your Book is interesting. It's different because I expected it when I picked it up to be just a self. Help book where you read through the narrative, but you want people to do some work in the books. About how you want people to use your book, there's diagrams posted notes like. How do you want people to use? Tell me about yourself. Yeah I I've formatted the book so that it feels like you are going through a workshop or being coached by someone, and you can read till the cows come home about how to present how to speak, but unless you do the work of the excavating the work of the carving out your story the work. Work of the practice is not going stick so the book includes. They are case studies that reference folks who have coached and taught the. Tell me about yourself method there are interviews that breakdown different parts of the step-by-step process, and when you, when you dive into it, it's six steps accurate, artful self definition, so you're walked through each step with guiding questions with a story boy that you can download and walk through each part. It's very. Tactically is one of my core values so I think it's important for people to be able to touch it. See it scratch out posts, right? Rewrite see their language and their words come alive on the page, and the book very much calls you to be like. Here's some exercises. Get some pen and paper exercise some grace. Don't think you're going to do it in one sitting because you're not. And take your time in honor the story yeah, I I really I have to tell you that most of the time when I get books that involve a workbook component I. Do not do the workbook. It's just not a journal. It's not my thing, but I really was intrigued with the process and I. Really Wanted I. Really thought that. I would already be pretty good at this I have to do it. It all the time for media, interviews and stuff, and then I was really not good at it I. Really struggled with this idea of self definition, and the more I walk through the exercises. The more I felt like I was really getting to the core of who I was. So I was very glad that I did it was like being coached by you personally which I loved. That's how I designed to. Go through to still. I still do the process. Yeah, will you shut because like you said you're changing all the time you're. You're changing. What you care about is changing the world around. Changing. Yeah what what I do now. Honestly, since coli came on board a year ago and started leading us in our D. Work in our people in culture work, who I am is a totally different person, and what I do is totally different, so yeah, I do need to keep going through this on a regular basis to make sure that I accurately reflecting the values that are important to me now, not important to me. You know ten years ago when I started this company. But you're also call it team, but you're teaming everyday day in your stories, and like I'll tell colleague Mike. Wow Melissa is really just wow, she's going for. She's thinking. This is hey. This is what I care about right. This is was important to me. Get on board. Yeah, interrogate it for yourself so I think. There are so many moments like outside of interviews and. BIOS and website BIOS there are so many opportunities for us to introduce ourselves, and it's small bites. Social media is the perfect opportunity to give folks some stuff in small bites, 'cause we. With you, a full range of who you are we us. Working out, get you as a mom. We get you as an entrepreneur and I think those the multitudes are so important. They are so I, never really thought about stories as like many kind of introductions to myself, but they really are. And I honestly think that doing the work that I did in your workbook has made me a lot more confident and some of the work. We've done as a team as well as Mimi a lot more confident. Just showing up like like you said this is who I am. This is what I believe. This is what I think. This is how I'm going to behave I think it's all just like one big. Tied in story that I then get to just go out into the world and live filled. Good bills, really good. All right the last question I ask all of my guests. Is. What one piece of advice would you give to someone listening? Who was ready to do the thing? Take inventory. Right now today as you're listening to this, just map out. Did I get here? What are the skills that brought me to this place? What do I desire? What have I achieved. What do I want to do next? And if you take inventory on those simple things, you'd be surprised at what story comes to life. I love that I'm going to include that in the show notes exactly as you just said it. I love it, Holly Wear. Can people learn more about you and find your book? Tell me about yourself. You can learn more about me on my website. Highly Murchison Dot, com and Instagram is the place where I'm most active on social media. You can find me at Holly and Murchison and you can also by the team book on my website. It's available. were all books are sold? But if you buy it from my? My website, I do on boarding. Call with everyone who buys the book, so you get a fifteen minute? Call with me to talk about how to best apply. The team may book, and whatever moment of transition you personally or professionally you do. Yeah, that is incredible I didn't I just started at recently. You know what I WANNA make sure people do the thing so if you could talk to the author and be like I just bought this. This is what season I'm. And how should I get started and like yes? That's my responsibility to make sure that you don't just buy it, but you actually do it, so we can all reap the benefits of you doing the work i. that's a incredibly generous and be I love that so much I think people are going to you absolutely love learning from you and the team book and the process and experience as much as I have. Holly Coli. Murchison thank you so much for joining me today. What a fun conversation! Thanks for joining me today on dude, thing you can continue the conversation with me at Melissa you on Instagram. If you have a question for Dear Melissa or a topic idea for the show, leave me a voicemail at three, two, one, two, zero, nine, one, four, eight zero. Do! The thing is part of the word project. A family of podcast brought together by Gretchen. Rubin all about how to make your life better. Check out the other onward project podcasts happier with Gretchen. Rubin side school happier in Hollywood and everything happens. If you liked this episode, please subscribe leave a five Star Review and tell your friends to do that thing see you next week. From the onward project.

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Comfort From The Kitchen


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Comfort From The Kitchen

"This message comes from NPR sponsor the China brand China plates cups and cutlery. Lets you enjoy every moment of your togethers available through retailers or grocery stores online. Bring all your unique celebrations to life with a little help from the China brand. Throughout the COVID nineteen pandemic we've heard lots of people say it's the little things that are helping them through maybe a phone call with an old friend for listening to a favorite song, but for some air finding solace in the kitchen. It's the story core podcast from NPR. I'm Sylvia Lubov filling in for Jasmine Morris. This week we're sharing stories about connection to food and ultimately each other. It's a link that Private First Class Roman Coley. Davis knows well. Roman was born in Douglas Georgia joined the military shortly after high school. By the time he was twenty. He found himself stationed in one of the most remote US outposts in Afghanistan at Story Court Roman remembers the one thing that helped him feel closer to home during his deployment. I served in the United States Army as a human intelligence collector in the Korn Gov Allio Afghanistan. We were essentially enough black zone. If you walk outside of the wire, there's almost one hundred percent chance that someone's dying or coming back wounded if you come back. We, were tracking bin Laden people like that high value targets promised year and a half, and we were involuntarily extended. I remember during that time at one point being incredibly homesick and just lost if you will in the middle of a war. And one day Blackhawk. Helicopter flies into the valley and kickoff. Bright, yellow US mail bags, and sergeant called my name peaches I was the only one from south Georgia. My radio call sign was peaches and peaches. Come up here. You got some mail and I wasn't expecting mail and it was this box from home. And I cut it open and. There was this big huge thing wrapped in. Aluminum foil and so I'd take off this layer of looming full, and then there's more aluminum for like thirty layers of foil and plastic, wrap and this that and the other. and Miami mind baked this homemade, sour cream, pound cake and I I've seen my me mob. Bake this for people who mothers have died. It's something that she takes to those who grieve. And then here I am. And I'm in a foreign country in a hostile environment, and that same pound cake is now sitting in front of me and my twelve man team is there and I pulled out a cable, our combat knife, and I hack into this thing in a cut it in the last twelve massive chunks. And I ate mine I. And I cried. And, everyone got a chunk and. I think that if we had dined in her kitchen, the moment that it cooled and she took the towels off of it. It could not have been as fresh as it was there on that mountainside. and. For that one moment. I've felt loved even though I was lonely. The. Pound cake was clean, even though I was so dirty. It was code and then pancake warmed me. Just like me there. Was Roman. Coli Davis talking newest ran Dan. Merit at story. After returning from Afghanistan Roman used the GI bill. To attend culinary school in Atlanta. And even though he's now a chef who can make his own pound cake? He says he's still prefers me Moss. Our next story comes from two sisters, a Stella in Candy race who were raised by their father. Juan race in Paso Texas. One had grown up in a small town in Mexico and moved to the US in the nineteen forties in one's later years as his struggle with diabetes intensified, Stella Candy took care of him. At story core. They sat down to remember his final days. Are. Dad was a tough guy. Very formidable, very strong, willed, very commanding figure as nickname was Okinawan. The big breasted man I remember being a little kid poppy, just reaching down and lifting me up like I was tissue paper. This delicate, little weightless thing. Unfortunately, you know in his later years. He became almost a little weak bird to me. About four days before our dad died, he was still able to speak, and he let me know that he was very hungry. But how do you make a healthy strong meal for somebody that you know is an incredible pain. You and I had gone shopping in stock the fridge with. All sorts of foods set throughout our family history. We always associated with deliciousness. You know come out on. Thick and comfort food, exactly Mexican Comfort. Foods and one of my dad's favorite things was playing beans. That morning early I had put on a pot of black beans. I looked in the fridge I noticed you and I had bought a pack shrimp. And so I set about the task of making the best batch of shrimp and she. Sheila's I had probably ever made my life I. Don't think I've ever diced. Anything so slowly so much care and when I took that little plate I remember physically feeding him. Watching him closes is with he'd spoonful. He looked at me and gave me a little wink, and I asked him like I always would after every meal that I would serve them, you know. Legal Stop Puppy. Did you like it Dadian? gave me that little gesture that he would make. When he likes something, he'd make a tight fist into sort of shake it next to his chest with one good blow to show that it was so good, it was so rich. There didn't need to be any words. And I was so happy. The next day that was when he sucked into his coma. And, he never spoke to us again. We knew that although he was going to pass, he wasn't really leaving us. He's in our soul. Bobby Iran. He was everything to us. And my daddy knew until the moment he left this world. That we adore him. Stella in Candy `areas. Core in El Paso, Texas remembering their dad. died in two thousand ten. Coming up a man who traded his suit and tie for an Apron That's after this short break. Stay with us. I'm Dave icee founder of story core support for this podcast and the following message come from Morgan Stanley a proud sponsor of story core Morgan. Stanley is committed to giving back into fostering meaningful dialogue among people and communities see how Morgan Stanley through demonstrating their core values is giving back to the communities where they live and work at Morgan Stanley Dot Com. Comedian Nicole buyer hasn't thoughts on organized religion. Ten percent of your going to the church is an insane thing to ask like that's how much I pay, my agent and my manager. Do you know what I'm saying? Odds the Gospel according to Nicole Listen To. It's been omitted from NPR. Welcome back. Our next story comes from New York City. That's where Lindbergh spent nearly four decades working as an accountant, but as he told US Ren Joshua cubits at story core. He eventually developed an appetite for something else. I never loved it, but accounting provided a decent living, and it was very important for me to take care of my children. So Tired I look for something to do next. I got a telephone call from a friend of mine. Who said that she saw an advertisement that A. Gourmet food store was looking for a lock slicer and I thought I could do that I had been a customer of that store for many is, and I used to buy chunks, of Salmon and take it home and slice the myself because I've always enjoyed slicing salmon. So I applied for the job. I sent the owner an email listening ten credentials I've been one of your best customers I'm reliable I've always been a fish person. You actually listed these as credential. Yeah, I didn't really have any locks. Than Jews, but I feel very comfortable with Salmon. And he called me immediately. What kind of a CPA once a slice locks and I've been slicing Edison's? When I started one of the things that I loved was my ability to deal. With the most difficult customers customers sat like that slice I would say oh. I'll be happy to take that. Slice off, and not only that I give you a free slice, and what makes you want to be nice? Those people well. I no longer want to be nice to This was wondering I started. Now I have a hard time controlling myself when I'm slicing I'm slicing very often. I get lost in the locks. Somebody will say. Do you hear what I'm saying and I would say yes. I do but I'm very involved in slicing you salmon now. I would say fishing general is in my blood, and now that I'm there for a while, and I feel my oats. I want my slices to have more style more character. The more than is yeah. But I'm eighty five years old and the other day my wife came to me and she said. Have you ever thought about how you WANNA? Spend the rest of your life and I say yeah. I want to spend the rest of my life doing exactly what I'm doing. Why mess with a good thing! I'm working toward the perfect slice. that was lend burke locks enthusiast speaking with his friend Joshua Goo best in New York. And, even though land is taking a break from work during the pandemic, he's still getting lost in the locks just from his own kitchen. Our final story comes from Khloe longfellow. who was just three years old when her father died. That's when she and her mom moved to Arizona to be near family and chloe grew especially close to her grandmother Doris. She had red hair red hair out of a bottle, but it was still red hair, and she was a spitfire. If you messed with her, and she didn't think it was right, she would tell you. But I do remember that she always smiled. Whether is even when she was angry even when she was tired. Choose my very first best friend. It's really surprising. The amount of life lessons you can learn in a kitchen if you have the right teacher. She should cut it. Tell me about acceptance and how to be a good human being. She'd get all the ingredients for soup and she'd look inch go. Now see honey this how the world works! Some people are onion. Some people are potatoes and be a really boring soup. If you just put potatoes in there, wouldn't it? But, if you had leagues, the add some Bacon then you make this wonderful thing in all these different people come together to make this wonderful thing called our world. And one time she had grown some beats. We brought him and claimed him off and I got to move the page in the cookbook. And I had beat us all over my hands, and I left a little tiny handprint on her cookbook. And I started to cry. Because I thought I had ruined it. Dow was grandma's favorite book. But she took a piece of beat, and she covered her hand, and she put her handprint on the other side. And made our thumbs touch in the Brent. and. Perfect now. If I really Miss I just opened the book and go back to that page. She touched so often. The still smells like her even all these years later. She's to tell me. That the sky was black velvet. And, the stars were holes that had been punched in the ceiling of Heaven, and that was how our loved ones. Look down at us. and. Saw We were doing wrong or if we were doing writer. Just check in every so often. So every time I look up at the sky. She's there. That's Khloe Longfellow, remembering her grandmother Doris Louise. Rawlinson at story core you can see a photo of doors is beat stain cookbook on our website story core. Dot Org. And we ask chloe. She's been using the cookbook during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic turns out. She has, and she also told us what she thinks. Her grandmother would say about all this. She'd be quote looking at the positive side of this pandemic. She always hope that we would be better to others than others have been to us and I think this will remind us as a species. How close we truly are, and how we really do need one another. that's all for this episode of the story core podcast. It was produced by Judd, Sti Kendall and me Sylvie Lugo edited by Jasmin Morris our technical director. Is Jarrett, floyd who also wrote and produced our theme? Song Natsume Yaojie Sokha. Is Fact Checker? And special thanks to facilitators Vanessa Gonzales Block. John White Adria Nicholas Cadena as well as producers. Lineup Anwar Aisha Turner an MIA Warren. For the story core podcast I'm Sylvia, Lugo. Thanks for listening. This podcast brought to you by supporters of story for an independently funded nonprofit organization, and is made possible in part by the corporation for public broadcasting a private corporation funded by the American people.

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Daily Briefing - Sep 21, 2020 - Stocks, Gold, and Silver: A Violent Market Selloff.

Adventures in Finance: A Real Vision Podcast

30:21 min | Last month

Daily Briefing - Sep 21, 2020 - Stocks, Gold, and Silver: A Violent Market Selloff.

"Hi I'm Ralph PAL CO founder and CEO Vision Thank you so much for listening to the Reuven podcast at religion. We pride ourselves on providing the very best in-depth expert analysis available to help you understand the complex world of finance business and the global economy. If you'd like what you hear I accept my invitation to try real vision membership for thirty days for just one dollar. visit. Real. Vision podcasts dot. com today. And join us as we navigate the financial world together. Chairs. Hum. It's Monday September twenty, first twenty twenty just after market close in New York. This is the real vision daily briefing. Im Ask Bennington joined shortly by managing editor Edward Harrison in the next segment. Welcome back at. Thank you a lot to talk about I mean just tons of things that are happening not just in the political economy, but very volatile day in the markets the let me just say before we go. Into everything. I was a little bit pleased to see that the Nasdaq ended out just about flat. So you know it was interesting to look at how the markets ended that they didn't end on the lows or anything like that. So we'll we'll see what happens tomorrow. Yeah. It's one of those days where you need to be an optimist to make the point to say off the day's trading laws the definitely. You know the lot of the stuff that's happening in the background supposedly that is influencing the markets that are making the market's moving the direction that they're moving. You know talking about the oil we're talking about gold silver were also talking about equities and bonds but I think that everyone's talking to what's happening in Europe in particular with the second wave of corona virus cases and oil in particular taking a hit as a result of that. Yeah. That's exactly right. unfortunately. Britain. Now, doubling every seven days the number. Of. Covert. Cases Prime Minister Boris Johnson to chair a Cobra meeting. We surge in Spain regional government officials in Madrid, requesting access to the army to help them fight at the virus and additionally a surge in Holland as well and unfortunately we've had another member here of our revision team diagnosed with the virus, our editorial intern Bryce Coley who I spoke to earlier in the day. Yes ash I'd heard that you wanted to talk about his experience at College but unfortunately, it's become a little bit more involved in that. Exactly let's take a look at the Clip Bryce Cola revision editorial intern coming to us from the University of Miami how are you feeling, Bryce? I- Asha I feel pretty good today but I just did find out today that I got diagnosed with Kobe nineteen. I've been feeling well since. Thursday or Friday of last week this is a Monday today. I actually took two tests and my third one came back positive. The first two came back negative. So it's a little bit of a shock to say. But deathly managing low so far. So what happened? How did you know you were sick so on Thursday or Friday of last week I just had a little bit of a sore throat. Cough, here, and there maybe once an hour or so. And but Saturday morning I woke up in Larry hit by truck. Could barely bed all day and was just sleeping pretty much. The whole day had a slight fever chills body aches muscle aches cough sore throat headache pretty much just not a great time. Well. We're obviously glad to hear you're feeling better bryce. Tell us what's happening right now on campus how widespread is this? What's going on? What's the feeling of the place where you are right now? So right now. I'm actually a completely remote student. I am in Miami currently, but I take all my classes from a house where I, live. on campus from what I hear has been. Virtually lifeless, not too much going on on campus. as a school, we've had four hundred twelve cases total with one, hundred, twenty, seven, the active right now. So as student body is about ten thousand I would say schools on a pretty good job of keeping under control. What's the learning environment? They're like price I mean are do you feel like you're getting kind of the education you need to get I mean obviously coping with the virus, but also trying to figure out how this impacts, your career, your future and the whole learning experience of college. So as honest, it's obviously a very different my first two and a half. Years. We were Foley in person there's no cove nineteen. Then once March hit last year we got sent home and that is room classes. coming back this year they gave us the option whether or not to take online which fight took. but. It's definitely a judgment and remains to be seen in my opinion how this pans out in the long run if we will affect my education, my career at all. So, how are people feeling at the school? What's the? What's the atmosphere they're like? What's the social life like our people out? What's the just the general feeling on campus? Social hit. This semester. By Miami. Isn't really. We don't really have really typical college town where there's bars people go to every weekend. It's more of the club scene and those showdown Florida for on said this point. So It's been definitely. Really. Different. And perhaps, most important are the students they're taking this seriously are they maintaining social distance they following quarantine Are they doing what they need to do to protect themselves and other people from this disease? Yeah. I'd say for the most part on students are should be doing There's been no crazy outbreaks yet. Hopefully there isn't, but I think everybody is responsible and. Is doing what should. Price any final thoughts? Final thoughts. I just think that as a community. Both of the university in as a global community, need to into your efforts to combat the virus. Anyway we can. Listen, Bryce you get some rest, take care of yourself and we really appreciate you joining us. Thanks US support for this podcast comes from Tokyo right now, businesses all over the world are trying to reinvent how they connect with the world whether you're delivering packages, treating patients or running a global customer support center. Your customers need you to invent new ways to stay connected Twi-. Leo Is the platform that millions of developers trust to build seamless communications, experiences with phone calls, text messages, video calls, and more. It's time to build visit Willy Dot Com to learn more. That's T. W. I. L. I. O. Dot, com. Yeah. Obviously a challenging situation Edward Your thoughts. Yeah I mean. Obviously, the first thing I'm thinking about is Bryce in his family Family, and friends specifically and hoping he gets better well as quickly as possible. But I'm also just thinking how it hits home because we know someone this happening to not just in terms of corona virus. The concept of university do pandemic and with corona virus I mean all coming together in a very personal way. Yeah exactly. I should add by the way that Bryce is of the call I asked him to view the video. He was like, no dude I, gotta go go to class. So I didn't drag him out of bed to do that interview listen bryce is a terrific young guy and I fortunately is in good health and hopefully he'll be back full steam soon. Yeah and You know I mean it's just a really tough slog because I remember we were talking to him about doing a segment like this. Telling us what it's like university and he was saying, you know I don't know what I'm going to be able to do it because I'm taking exams over the weekend and so forth I mean it's a totally different experience that he's experiencing there. No partying whatsoever no social experience everything that is remote interestingly I saw something. On axios today about this there was a poll it said that fifty nine percent of people who attended classes in Sin said it was the right choice Ford campus to reopen compared to just forty two percent who have not. So bryce is in the in the forty two percents versus people who actually are getting a much more sort of real college experience a more of them say actually okay. Yeah. It was the right thing to to reopen but in both cases. Of Forty percent are not saying, it's the right thing to do to actually be there. Yeah. The other statistic from the axios survey that I thought was interesting that they did a survey question was removing many temptations of campus life has made it easier to focus sixty percent said, they are learning less six percent said they are learning more. Yes I mean there are a lot of different ways that you can go with this I. Think we started getting into this. We were talking about Corona virus cases increasing in Europe. We have our own specific a case where someone on campus getting corona virus. It the long the long hard is with us. I. Mean it's not going away. We're really in the thick of it. The best thing that we can say is is that we know how to deal with the virus better I think that you know the mortality rates down, but it's going to continue to be a problem that we have to adjust to for some time to come. Yeah and I think to come back to your central thesis over the last several months this being the key time, the September October timeframe. In fact, you were talking about how there was going to be an increase in volatility and here we are. Yeah. Exactly. So I mean, let's go into that because that's what I was thinking about another axios piece that I saw today that gave me some thought to piggyback off of I. Don't know if you remember but I was saying in the June time frame posted credit writedowns on June sixteenth saying the recession is over. The in the way that I was looking at it was that the NBA that's national. Bureau Economic Research said that there was a recession the beginning February based on a massive decline didn't wait for more. It was clear that there was a recession much earlier than normal because of how massive the decline was. I, feel like the uptake that we've seen is similarly lard enough so that we know that. Actually. We are out of recession so that I said this already months ago now, and so the axios piece I'm talking about is one from Felix Salmon where he says the consensus now is that the recession is over and the question is what does that mean for me the first thing that means is to the degree that you're bullish per person you're looking at the reopening rally as being. A part of that the recession being over means that the reason that you've seen the upside since June is because people are rallying on the back of the recession being over and so but now the question is, where do we go from here and I think this is where the volatility comes into play. This is what I'm saying is is that I felt like the differential from June to September, and October is enough that we're GONNA get a lot more. Clarity in terms of where earnings going what the steady state is the economy going forward irrespective of the fact that the viruses with us, this is the time. Especially given the political economy in the United States with the election on November the third. A now, the additional challenge shop politically with the with the passing unfortunately, Ruth Bader GINSBURG got over the weekend and that adds another dimension. Obviously, it's it's difficult time for the country respected jurist who served for decades on the high. Court. But it's twenty twenty. It's an election year and like everything else this adds another layer to the political calculus. Yeah and I would say that I, could never have imagined how I don't know if you know that there was an earthquake in. California. But you know we've had we've had quakes we we've had We've had floods we've had we've had fires we've had all sorts of hurricanes is just I mean it's unbelievable. Twenty twenty is the year of pock elliptic type of activity. I can't wait until it just comes down and we get beyond this this level volatility. But irrespective, we knew that we were gonNA have some volatility just from a political economy perspective going forward and I, and I think also from a market perspective given. What the long range out outcome is, but all this extra volatility including Beta Ginsburg adds to the sense that you know November third is a big day that things will change dramatically they're potentially the tone of the market is well Yeah and it appears that we could be in for some significant battling on the floor of the United States Senate, even before November third. Yeah. Definitely. No. Let's gloss over the whole part of the political economy and think of it just from a purely market perspective because this is the same feel examined part that I find very interesting He talks about in unit. We've talked about this before the we talk about the city economic surprise index. He's talked he talks about the surprise as he says that He talks about the Fed. He says that the Fed back in June, they expected that when the year ended, we would have nine point, three percent unemployment and the economy shrink six point five percent now today. with Corona, virus death still at their June levels, the Fed is even more is more optimistic than they were in June. So they see seven point, six percent number instead of nine point three and only at three point, seven percent decline instead of six point five still very large decline but you can see that the numbers have gone up and. SALMON PUTS IT in perspective. He says, that's an three million extra jobs and more than six hundred, billion dollars in economic activity over and above with the Fed expect just three months ago, and so I'm trying to cast this from a bullets perspective in terms of from June to September that's sort of the that's where the feds gone. That's also were Wall Street is gone. That is you know Some of the the fuel for the fire for equities to rise over that period of time. And we've spoken about this. In the past obviously, we talked about it today I I'm wondering if you have thoughts about the the almost manic depressive nature of this market overestimating in one direction overestimating snap back what are your thoughts about the trajectory of the recovery now that we seem as as Felix points out to be out of recession This is a be a long winded answer I think that. The best way for me to think about it is in terms of jobless claims because we talked about this a lot initial jobless claims. I've been pounding the table since we'll that initial jobless claims that we're being put out were being they were using A. An era, not an arithmetic but a multiplicative factor in order to deal with you know a jump scale increase in jobless claims and that was just distorted. Five months later for four and a half months. Later, we got a change based upon that and so to me that gives you a sense of how difficult it has been to estimate what's going on the data are all over the place. It's very difficult to really get a handle on what's happening, and so I fully understand that people might move in one direction but excessively so we did get to a point where. There was a lot of pessimism about the numbers in extreme way but I can understand that but equally I believe that you know when we have the out, the surprise is to the upside because we were too pessimistic we're going to get the same in the reverse. So the improvement that we're expecting now I think is starting to get to the point where it's overdone that is a giving example wall. Street. Quarterly GDP growth they thought in April that we're GONNA see a bounce back in q three of thirteen percent by June that numbered bounced up to eighteen percent. Now, it's twenty, five percent. So to me that twenty five percent represents sort of the high water mark in terms of really bullish I think that the numbers for q four in particular are going to underperform relative to expectations and maybe even Q. Three at this point. So I think that's my long winded way of saying that we really went up in terms of you know exceeding expectations. Now we're GONNA move and mean revert in terms of exceeding expectations. Yeah you know as you pointed out from the initial jobless claims filing coming out of the Department of Labor we've never actually seen swings this dramatic before, and that's precisely the reason why the factoring of those of those claims able to be adjusted properly and you were way ahead of the curve on pointing that out before the Department of Labor. Actually adjusted figures. Right. Yeah, and so. It just points out that we don't have the systems. We haven't had the systems to deal with something of this magnitude and it makes it clear that You'RE GONNA get this this this level of volatility as a result of that. But if people think that that's over there mistaken I think that there's more to come in terms of the surprises that are ahead and for me the most important thing is surprises ahead are going to be in a world of more information as opposed to last before we got surprises ahead because you know companies were saying, no, we're not going. We're not going to give you our earnings numbers were not gonNA, make any forecasts but now increasingly, they're going to tell you more information and then we'll have to see whether or not they make those those estimates or whether they underperformed overperform perform. Yeah you know into precisely that point US equity markets, s and P five hundred closed off today about one point two percent settling below the thirty three, a handle which it lost at thirty, two, eighty, one today. Yes. So Looking forward of where we have a stake in the ground, September October were saying that. There's going to be volatility that doesn't necessarily mean that stocks will go down a lot or even permanently we've already had a drawdown of over ten percent on the Nasdaq. But it's not clear to me. That's going to continue over the longer term. However, I believe that the real economy data that we get the earnings data that we get now over this month next month. In including all of the political economy of fallout from the election here in the United States, all of that will combine to tell us whether or not were overbought Through the August time fram or whether or not. We can continue to power forward. I tend to take the view that. The the numbers who are are we got ahead of ourselves too much, and it's going to be very difficult for us to expect more upside but I'm open to the possibility that that that we could see upside. Yeah. On the Nasdaq losing less today than ESPN percentage basis off about zero point one percent to settle ultimately a ten, thousand, seven, seventy, eight level on the Nasdaq. Yeah I thought it was interesting actually when you look to the correction today, most of it was in the Dow less of it was in the SNP in the least was in was in a the Nasdaq, and also by the way we saw Microsoft with a great merger announcement there second-biggest takeover in history and also Nikola the chairman stepping down the guy who founded the company you know they're stop was down like twenty percent today. So but a lot of things are happening out there but somehow the Nasdaq was able to do. We speaking pretty well. To me a points out that it's not a done deal that this rallied over but we are going to see more volatility support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs, what Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trends, shaping markets, industries, and the global economy stay informed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of Covid nineteen available podcasts at yes. Dot Com slash covid nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms get something of a reversal of a trend or the pattern in terms of the distribution of the downside on a day where their losses, right? Yeah. So Find the whole Nikola thing very interesting in terms of the Basil that if it turns out to be that Nikola is completely fraudulent in some capacity it will be a a watershed in terms of how to think about some of these these market darlings that I've seen their evaluations volt upward. Yeah, and you know the CEO of a Nikola obviously a very sort of powerful charismatic figure someone who had been who's who personally had gotten out in front of the rise and had been a major factor It's fair to say in the company receiving the level of attention that it did. So his withdrawal from the scene today huge news. Yeah definitely. A WE I think it would be interesting. To. See, what some of the people who are short shortsellers people who are looking at it from a different direction thinking one guy who would like to see on the real vision platform coming forward and I'm working behind the scenes to save we can do something about it is Jim Chino's what does he think about this this market because? He had a lot to say a during the great financial crisis before you know what he was also a guy who was onto the frauds during the WorldCom days. What is he see right now I I'd love to to find out what he's talking about where he thinks that there might be some short selling opportunities in this market. Is it the the places that we're talking about now or does he see a different locus of Basil that that has been taken? I would. I would love to hear his insights in terms of the specifics and also just generally his framework how he's looking at these markets how he's thinking about how he's assessing this time that we're going through right now jim channels of course has been on the platform before with Jim grant a terrific interview but it would be great having back. Yeah and and the point is is that You getting in front of a freight train. When you're dealing with a some of these companies, it's very difficult to deal with markets when they're parabolic in this way, and and by the way, let me just say as well as I say that I'm thinking about an interview I did with Ben Inker who earlier today this will come out on Thursday. He's the as the head of asset allocation at GMO. That's the the firm that Jeremy Grantham founded very interesting comments. He has to say about value verses, growth about Tesla, the titular you. Know. He talks about we talked about Amazon. We talked about Apple Gray conversation it really helps for me. You know put in perspective how someone who has a longer term value investing timeframe how they're looking for? Let me just give you the sort of fifty thousand foot view is is he thinks that you know right now the differential between growth in value as extreme as it has been sense the DOT COM bubble. So there's an opportunity in that a very good conversation. I think that people will be very interested in seeing that. Yeah, that's obviously the the value versus growth is a topic that we've been interested in here religion for some time. His is fascinating one and I would just add to jump back on the short seller Recently had mark hotels is on the platform talking you with wral about the mega trends that he sees happening right now in the space. Yeah It's funny as as we're closing the segment out. Just a number of things are jumping out at us in terms of what's on the platform of jumped out at me that we haven't even mentioned the fact that we are now into the beginning. Today's the first day in fact, ash of our content campaign where we're talking about how things change how have things changed forever have things changed permanently real questions and we related off with Royale. He has an update in terms of the unfolding. That's his view of how this whole. Thing is playing out in three parts. You had the liquidity phase have the hope phase which he believes we're in now potentially moving toward the so insolvency phase that's where the Shakeout, what happened and very compelling piece that he he did that's the first piece in in this discounting campaign, we have going to run for the rest of this week and then next week Ben inkers apart of that I told him that we're looking at it from that framework and so very good discussions we have with up emotional real estate from Deloitte tomorrow a lot of good conversations coming up on the platform going forward. Gad Of course I'm continuing cover the crypto be closely get a piece out today. I with Jeff Dorman. That's really terrific. Arka- talking about. The digital asset market that I thought was really his framework I thought was really something that was quite compelling and an interesting way of slicing up the space in thinking about it and so I think you could piece as well. So that's that's all from me today just hoping that Bryce. Has a strong road to recovery looking forward to seeing how my thesis holds up over the next two months. And That's pretty much all that's on my mind today head before I. Let you go though I've gotta ask you European Bank consolidation stories. What do you think about this man I mean ubs credits we saw Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank being rumored I mean this is this is not coming from a position of strength is No you know and I, find it interesting. I don't have a strong view as yet. I ask been anchor about this and he had an interesting somewhat contrary intake and I think he was looking added in a completely A An investors take that is is, is that when stops or beaten up when sectors are beaten up the sometimes, they're opportunities there Things overshoot. Maybe we've gotten into that section of the market for the financials I thought that was very interesting take I'm interested to see what people think that interview in particular. So I'm still I'm still noodling on that right now in terms of how to think about Europe versus the United States, European banks versus American banks and in the financial sector as part of value versus. In in terms of that dichotomy. He had some interesting things to say about stripping out banks actually when they do you know those kinds of exercises for other reasons but. That's sort of in the back of my mind when you ask that question. So I don't have a real answer unfortunately to give you but I think it's I. Think it's really interesting honestly and very interesting from a regulatory perspective Credit Suisse and. And UBS. Yeah it certainly interesting start to the conversation. We're going to be watching it very closely here vdb and elsewhere on the platform Ed. Thanks for joining us. Good to talk to as usual ash. Bryce feel better soon.

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Corgi Vs Scottish Tug of war Kilted collective, Soggy Baguettes, Thatch Barnet ,Butlers Kitten heel

Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

35:23 min | 2 months ago

Corgi Vs Scottish Tug of war Kilted collective, Soggy Baguettes, Thatch Barnet ,Butlers Kitten heel

"She common, Califa- cheese. owner. Who Key, tournament. Teams key Caroline Copa Cheese. Terming thoat cheese Coley Coley Coley. Coley. We'll look to keep calm and cauliflower cheese and yes, it is your delightful, highly esteemed wondrous host, its Chappie, the British bugged La. And it's rob wonderful to have you here. On rava stormy. Slightly Cola Kula. I would desk site autumnal. Afternoon Friday often inhering Colorado, and it's a wonder to have you here. Again, I can't believe it every week you turn up. And you. Dive in an indulgence Matvey yourself in the whimsey enough's dowager. And the naughty cheesiness of keep coming cheese. It's the twenty second episode. and. Some of the things we may or may not be talking about today James, Blunt, masculine posing led to scurvy. Gardens search for the US control author surgeon slugs. aromas of Damn Dog and Burger give cans with no malady. And woman one hundred and three is gotta I tattoo. And what's the buzz about honey? Is it really American food? And I think my Maggie may be challenging a Scottish rugby team. There at the moment looming spines. Getting a little bit of that baby talcum powder in the hands nothing slips. And? Maggie's turning a elk ampler. Trying to get ready for the. For the tug of. War. Some of the things that we may be talking about today, breast milk ice cubes could deliver protective antibodies. And bones from turn forty, million years ago. Reveal reptiles had an enormous lunch. So we're having some regular features is wall today some scattered dots we delve into the most heinous headline crimes instead of them in a dot like hours like fashion. We also. Will be having some. East Anglo English pub games reminiscing. How They used to spin the wheel and. Slightly hours. And I pay with maybe the left hand with a leg in the air and trouser leg rolled up into not as hanger farm all these very with eccentric. English pub gains will be will be recreated. So we have the scanning, my dots. We have. Another episode in. Medieval tender. We're going to be looking at. Some of the gay monarchs in Christendom. This week in our a inaudible tinder. Aged historical reenactment Absolutely marvelous to have you along for the ride. Today's give me a wild bucking. Bronco. Wall Boulevard ride. So scurvy used to be an ancient sailors disease and that's probably why the Yankee doodle the Americans coal ass lime as will the Brits Lime Is. because. We didn't have enough citrus fruit on our long nautical travels and they caught his limi-. Moldy should be without lime. He's I guess because scurvy is a Colva didn't have enough vitamin C. Through the the citrus fruit but James Blunt masculine posing that discovery. scurvy is generally nine is a disease of silence, but it appears that fruit dodging young popstars, his James Blunt. Immune to the disease James Blunt revealed that he developed symptoms of scurvy after embracing meat only died to irritate his vegan friends. Singer. Songwriter was forced to seek medical advice when his. contrarian regime toll on his health blunt claims that he ate almost nothing but meat and condiments for two months while studying aerospace manufacturing, engineering, and sociology. At the of Bristol the eccentric dot was part of an effort to assert as masculinity. Some of the degree classes dominated by women he indicated on the sociology side things were one hundred and seventy girls at only three boys or the Gaza Vegetarian Vegan side. Of principle I decided to become a carnival and just live our mentz some chicken maybe a little bit of man as that sounds absolutely absolutely revolting. I don't I honestly do think that I could give up meat. And And then do the vegetarian thing. It causes the hardest part for me. But I mean thinking of bland like gnawing on a on a dripping blood bone of beef to to win over. Lord surtees masculine dominance is absolutely unbelievable ridiculous to be honest. But but you know what? I, feel the same way about those about those Lynn Bowles I could live on the milk chocolate creamy goodness of Lynn, bowl, probably for so blunt can his mate but give me my bulls, the Liberals. As I should say, so gobble search news control Austra's surgeon slugs emboldened by warm wet weather and the promise of lovingly tended plants, slugs that their way across British gardens and an in galling numbers. The Royal Horticultural Society's warned the slug population will peak this month and they're coming for your Paris pipers Ameris might as The problem is so acute that Europe's only supply of worms bright to defeat slogs has reported a double digit percentage growth in sales BASF which breeds. Nama toads and Littlehampton West Sussex is increased the production, the anti-slug bioweapon, which Ross to the pest inside guy barter cultures for the Irish s and the offer can anything stop slogs said slug pellets the only effective treatment, and there was so toxic godless restricted to using them four times a year. Mr Barter said slugs are thrive mightily in the mild wet weather leading to a population boom in the spring most regions has had rain in June. So they started feeding him braiding. There's almost sounds like the Republican National Convention all these easy slimy little creatures. slithering that way up to the stays leaving a trail of. Creamy waste and probably you know bits of Cockayne. Other than those. certainly newsy trial. What that that's what it reminds me of There are certainly some every slugged like slavery creatures of the state and loss Udeze does. aromas of damned dog and Burger give candles with agility forget the White Mosque. This is all about the damn. Labrador or even a hint to festival toilet scented candles have taken an unprecedented de tool conjuring the experience as most longed-for during the lockdown travelers. Always an inspiration for us says, Paul Furman founder the Nikko Daft Cost Candle Brandon L. of east recruiting sense of places we traveled to fall in love with with holiday plans on how they can create Charity Council collection called sense of normality. We needed something really positive work on and the three cents with based on places and events. They miss this summer, the cinema, the local and the festival now. Just thinking about this, you know the cinema maybe some popcorn maybe somebody falling behind you that that with of sort of clorox spray when the cleaning cleaning the seats the local POB I, I mean I love getting a low publ love the smell of beer but the smell of the bureau's Episcopa- wants him united is being used on or off like a well cup game and that insipid ammonia smell. I didn't do a essence of the the the the local pop that we absolutely awful and the festival. What would that be you know? Sweaty Wellington boots Ma- maybe a a sweaty. Karnal ridden tent after night of house. Afar little bit of humping delight. Is that what Senate the candle would be you know? Maybe maybe there could be a Senate account called the walk of shame I mean that would maybe a. Smell like rotten Hannukah something who knows? Mr Ferman and Scott Pulse is notorious. This smells like my vagina which was reissued in June and the smells like my orgasm. What are you doing? gwen eight I really I really right now. I'm going to what Chris Martin Beck Chris Modern smells like. Pachulia. Something along those lines. But. The first of all mix notes of cut grass burnt skin warm side, a burger vans cannabis smoke, and also the mirror him a distant portable lou it sounds absolutely hideous. An awful lot of Franken, the mouth thinking about these these candles here. I think we might as well just wait till next year I think I had to go in light. scented. Minty candle right now to. Get rid of the the the smell of. Greenwich Powders Vagina will be or maybe the festival of the local pub. PESSA. It sounds awful to me absolutely absolutely awful and it it I think you'd have to have to supply the vomit bag if you if you let one of those candles up. Hope, she went regret it women a woman hundred and three has a first tattoo a woman aged one, hundred and three got her first tattoo to celebrate the escape from a nursing. Home. Darby pollock arrived at the annual custom custom tattooing in Michigan after a summit confined in recent facility Theresa Jones grown since girlfriend told the Washington Post Miss pollock former bartender chemist assistant retired in mid nineties moved into a home eighteen months ago when we couldn't take her out to a favorite bar to get a hamburger baronet birthday we the covert we decided to bring a home with us. She's pretty much locked up in their room and was feeling down. Mr Pollock told the paper I thought it would be good time to start living a game and I decided what a good way to celebrate was to get a tattoo. Say she requested to get a frog tattoo on her left forearm ignore any concerns that she might regret it when she's older? Ray reason that the tattoo artist said Mrs Pollack was a friend of the father and she was a for the first and -Tarian customer. He took longer than Usual Abbott Concern for the welfare of the canvas skin structures different that age but the hundred three, her skin was remarkably healthy. So I'm just looking at this here is Kanye's Tattoo but. The ladies polskin instead the yellowing wrinkly looks like a box of a balk of a tree I suppose the the benefit though at least if she puts her aging lovers name variety Viagra ridden levels name on shoulder is a pretty good chance that she wouldn't need to Redo hundred three years old. Okay, we live to marry. Rugby Stadium where Maggie, the Kogi and the Scottish rugby. Team. Completely tied in kilts. I don't believe there's anything under their. Those I think you can see the Maybe, a couple of floppy Crown Gills hanging below. There's a couple of sparring. And a few? Cheeky, white cheeks, but leaving themselves out leaving the Sporran as we speak. Maggie's like grinding teeth on a on a date around La. De go live at Murrayfield at the moment the protagonist warming up ready for the tug of war back ahead. So. Everybody's the buzz of honey especially local honey. Is it really a miracle food. The centuries honey has been around the traditional remedy to soothe sore throats east suffering from coughs and colds. It gets the green light from scientists who said, it may be better than antibiotics and comes with none of the side effects when it comes to treating range of upper. Respiratory Tract infections. With existing evidence, honey helps childhood coughs and colds, and with the National Institute of Health and Cat Excellence and Public Health England already advising adults and children over the age of five. Take a couple of spoonfuls of honey employees, antibiotics to cute ease and acute cough the latest. Findings suggest honey should be recommended as an alternative to medication for adults with coughs. The medical schools that spoonful of how might be a better option when doctors want to provide a safe option in a safe treatment honey is a frequently used delay remedy. And is well known to patients. It's also cheap easy to access as limited harms. When the clinicians wished to bescot prescribe, we'd recommend Hannah's alternative to antibiotics. But don't expect it to help you. If you Hayfever, it can try power workouts. And is a mix of eighty percent sugars, eighteen percent water and two percent mineral vitamin pollen protein in the Benz makes perfect for natural tentative to the process energy gels easy when you're running a working out. But Alas Ladies and gentlemen is no better the sugar than your waistline. All honey has antimicrobial properties. But MANUKA Carney. Could be a waste of money. I do like. Honey very occasionally if I'm not. If I'm not well You know in my t one of the best remedies I think for called and get out your get out your pencils, lick the Pennsylvania and start applying it to your notepad in. One of the best remedies is boiling hot water. So much like a hot toddy out Scotch now halt toddy tradition is the hot water spoonful of honey Scotch and lemon juice. Now, this this one, this alternative is very good. So it's hot water honey black. T.. Oversee has to be peachy tips hopefully and a couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar now that Menendez will cure the most heavy call the most. The call of the all the flag MMA and and congestion that you get it. Absolutely fantastic breaks it all down. Too much of it is you'd be awake all night with the bacterial they do DECAF. And then the apple cider vinegar is a bit of an acquired taste. Not. Everybody likes it. But that Menendez Menendez is a wonderful home remedy for called. Try It let me know how it goes. So we have some great news ladies, and gentlemen. Mark with maybe Big Ben. Strike midnight. How about a? Little. Bit of a little bit of Champagne. All I've been up another bottle as well I. Think. For for that to be rob a nice. maybe a comedy trombone. And a public drum roll. Nothing better than hearing. A little bit of A. Frying Pan Gung baking sizzling. That'd be Robert. And News on the up up up up up up up up up. yet. Again. So yes. We have some absolutely fantastic news. And what is the news? That, you are asking half. And the news is. Corona virus. News breast milk ice skied could deliver protective antibodies. So the breast milk of women has been tested positive for coronavirus contained antibodies that could be a breakthrough in fighting new infections. Dutch researchers have found Amsterdam's university medical center as discovered the antibodies in not destroy by Pasteurization Association meaning that breast milk could be administers is flavored ice. Cubes. Now. I've you know I've done the gravy ice cubes before. Around Christmas time that's a fantastic idea by the way. You, know you make your gravy ahead of time and put it into an ice container and then freeze it ready for Christmas Day dump it out. Now that could be raw confusing. If you had. You know you had some breast milk in in the ice tray as well, and you made you made of a breast milk gravy could could be a little bit of a bit of a problem there. But you know I think you should forget grow shots. That's so two, thousand, six ladies and gentlemen body juices of the new connector. I just hope it doesn't bring in the wrong crowd launched middle aged men who want to suckling get their body powdered. Month businesses where at Murrayfield stadium a game, and as you can see, we're going to. In a socially distance crowd gathering to witness twelve. Good men. Scottish forefathers. Dressed in the McDonald's and. And celts. The couple of bosses. Red, leg hair chester, and all sorts of had poking out. And they're up against Mogi the KOGI. And maybe some friends who is so the digging and the hails and right now they've pouted up their hands and maybe powdered up their bodies and lube themselves up, moved up the sporran his that doesn't want to be any chafing down below when it comes to tug of war and. We'll get we'll get Maggie lined up with maybe some of her friends and. So you got the rugby players howling and you got the Corgis and Kogi team and the dog tame howling as well. and. The rubbing of good standing position sorted a call gays and Eric Garner and the two thousand and twenty Kogi versus Scottish rugby team tug of war and Good, standing position for the CORGIS. Taking the strain right now the corgis is a vicious little teeth wrapped around the rope here. In. The Scotsman of. Sweating and Teeth and the wrote the ropes chasing the hands. Colby's I have the right now is like pulling a strenuous sausages the Scotsman there. Is Not the Battler Club in field to say the least. Pulling a game here and the Corgis, the Corgis a beginning to pull and it's an it's it's and I think I think he's taking air. said, it's like a string of sausages or string Nazis hair, and that's how they're pulling the rug between the cross the falling onto the ground hair kilts above their heads I mean this site sore. Is that tell you that some loops and tat is on show and there we guys so the Corgis have it the corgis win the two, hundred, two, thousand, and twenty, twenty twenty told the wall competition at Murrayfield rugby football ground and congratulations to the Corgis. There'll be a plight snags tonight. So mummified lease provided intrigue and climate. Clue exquisitely preserved lease from a forest that gruesome twenty, three, million years ago. I've offered a window into how climate change may have altered the world's vegetation in the decades ahead, the finding suggests that plants half in the past experienced carbon fertilization effect. The fossilized leaves were retrieved from a former lake bed in new. Zealand from rocks formed during a warm period, the history known as the early morning scene they preserved. So perfectly that scientists, CONC- microscopic vehicles and St- AMATA. The poor for which leaves taken air and release water during photosynthesis. So it made me look sort of think a little bit here. I wonder if five thousand years ahead, scientists may find mummified potheads, ancient marijuana lease pot noodles, ram on and cheetos wondering what is evolved neanderthal did with his time. We have. Some scalawags dots here and referring the hours this week we've got a couple of crimes and we're get A. Them. Bullies, special prize, assorted, choppy, special prize. The triple twenty bullseye all missing the board I think missing the board. This week influences outrageous demands as she tries to black free photo shoots. And then I think. I think probably triple twenty this week man stunned to learn random dog he spotted online is actually related to his own up. and. Now. I think we got our boozer this week. and. An poolside this week is women told to burn the house down off the covering that. Of Broken Toilet. So. If he can realize, the flushing toilet wasn't working properly and found the problem when she looked into the system leaving office to say that it would never leave the house and never never never return and finding a couple of spiders behind this. Enough for most of us want to burn the whole thing to the ground. The daddy long legs send you running they always take comfort that they'll the what house gus a whole `nother level safely pass some Queensland shed a facebook showing a terrifying often not toilet. To. Flush. You went to flush it and and then she got a little bit. Little bit confused looking into the system. She found the problem four trees snakes were measuring up to meet your length were in the in the in John that the bottom of the John. So you got tree snakes in the toilet definitely a bullseye this led his mantlepieces, but definitely, trophies special prize man is banned from ten to cat fishing off the posing with a photoshop. Yoda Chicago comedian caught a Hambley took to twitter share compensation, which which she had with a woman he matched with and. Tender about Yoda Dolly was sitting next to his profile pitcher when it comes to online dating your profile is there anything that standing between you and the love of your life but one man made the mistake of using a photoshop pitcher and was called out by his match for being a catfish cada Hambley uploaded a picture of him with the Star Wars character baby. Yoda. But the seemingly obviously photo shopped image didn't go down well with his matches where Did you get that Yodel? There was said it was the said chuffed where the woman truly believe it was a he admitted horace just photoshop still confused the woman hit back no, the photo I mean the not the photo I mean the Yodel Carter once again tried to explain it was a dull and in a bid to move the conversation along Oss. What kind of foam she light he said, yeah, it's not a dollar fortune. anyways what kind. Of Movies do you like besides Star Wars. But the woman took offence to amusing the photo shopping called him out for catfish ing. So she wrote. So you just put a fake image and your profile literally the definition of catfish in your Laren, the stay calm reporting you. So she was very, very pleased. I wonder if it'd been like, Jap the hassle something I mean there's enough jabber on online dating and probably a couple of US banks as well. Trust me. Lot of fairly dodgy star wars characters, you definitely swept lefty. Yes here we gain with all little medieval tend tincture tend to game and this week with concentrate on Gay Friends Ladies and Gentlemen. Okay friends and. WE'VE GOT A. Little. Five Star. British male monarchs who turned out to actually be gay. So historian discovered a four hundred year old portrait of George Villiers. The former Jacob Buckingham who has fought to be gay lover of the King. James just six and I the British rule from fifteen, sixty, seven, sixteen, twenty, five. His stories technically disagree over whether villiers and King James The six. Actually had a relationship but if they did, James Certainly wouldn't be the first MA- gay. Monarch. In the UK. So we had William the second who ruled in ten, eighty, seven, a celebrated military generally pissed office follows bar taxes came William the second remained conspicuously unmarried with no children and was said to fill this coat with attractive young men who allegedly promoted from the bedroom and who wore fashionably pointed shoes long half the head of the English church. Bishop county no system shade by tacking FMS's Williams calling calling for the criminalization as Salmi. Leading Medieval historian William second was addicted to every kind of vice but particularly lost and especially sodomy. William was shot through the heart with an Arrow in the new forest and eleven hundred, and then we had Richard. Dick The I AKA Richard the Lionheart. Totally smashed Philip the second then teenage King of France. They ate every day at the same table from the same dish in every night that beds did not separate. Edwards and then we had with the second to last week he died in Berkeley Castle with a red hot poker up his bottom So That's little tincture tender lusty tincture tend to game this week. No access fell. There were no access swain to the leftist week and just a lot of a lot of gay love going on this week in our tincture tend to. Thank you very much ladies and gentleman Nah. So stars in schoolboys. Agree it's time to mull it over is businesses usual at the front and size but at the back, it's time to party like is nine, hundred, eighty, nine. The mullet has Dr Once described in the dictionary short at the front long at the back and ridiculous all over appears to be undergoing another Renaissance Sports Daza rocking at Miley Cyrus Jacob Laura de have dabbled in private school. Boy's on and off the playing fields and everybody in England at growing the mullet again, the closure, the Bob during lockdown as being cited as a factor. But some point to the school rebellion lear laws and a foam around the college student prides himself in his fiery ginger mullet as up magician. Every boy just starts out to grow malady said it's one of those rebellious things and I think it has. A, lot to do with the rules and regulations they put in private schools is ironic because at the time I think I was gonNA slightly different a not going to follow a conventional had cut that we radical as I can. But now everybody has one Paul Edmonds the award winning stylish secretly crafted. If you mullets adding that the style evolved from roots in the Early Nineteen, seventy, I think we have. The hounds back during the tug of war to be honest if you can hear them in the background, it has to be proportionate with a mallet. A lot of girls tend to lead the back blomgren have quite a wispy, quite soft layered look Australia's sports fans have been taken back by the number of mallets grown at the Aussie rules. Football matches. The blame credit goes to New Zealand rugby player Jack Goo-. Mind you could could be found the hand of frustrated partners. Parents of mullet whereas goodhew has shown US locks this week we had a good run together, but it's time for the mallet and I to part ways. Was it the right decision? As. For miley Cyrus she's taking a leaf out of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus book, and as an advocate influence and cut hair home and she said made me Lert Rod. Stewart. So in the Mallet I mean, what what can we? What can we really say about the the delicious maller so we have ladies fashion news here kitten hills give a stylish left to the flipflop. There has been a debate over wearing flip-flops beyond the beach. Now, the latest fashion version is barely even suited to sand flipflops over kissing hale that's a slightly. raised. Hill meow or kit flops as a known in Harper's bazaar hit the high street they come in nude white or black leather with a spindly little hill I, think that Butler remain need these kitten hills is like a flip for revolution similar to the Bra the Wonderbra the flipflop though I have to say still does rob an airtight an excessively Harry Toe. So the UK's enduring love the thatched roof that Stroll Laden Ruth is helping traditional harvesting techniques survive in Devon in rural Devon centuries-old wheat harvesting techniques are alive and well servicing the roofing needs of sixty thousand. British British thatched properties. The combed wheat read used in thatches was once a byproduct of zero deduction. Today's special wheat varieties grown specifically thatch and harvesting as it requires a delicate hands on approach, the process begins at the end of July when the binder is used to cut the crop and bundled into sheaves. The sheets are then stacked into pyramids stoops to dry. They will ultimately be thrashed to remove seeds. For next year's crop leaving combed wheat read perfect for reroofing any orange box cottage. So love you see a lot of thatched ruse in in North Norfolk where I come from. May Be the hey that could be cheaper alternative I been thinking to have plugs for the Balding Chap you could have a sort of the Share a scarecrow look going on I would say. So we have the topless sunbathing row exposed divide in French culture feminists, socialists, and right wing nationalist joined a chorus of outrage yesterday after police officer. Topless sunbathers to cover up at the French beach the officers who accused of undermining quintessentially French freedom at a time when critics say a wave of puritanical attitude is sweeping the country topless sunbathing has been in the Klein particularly amongst younger women. The incident made national headlines off the Mary her Brown holiday make told a local television station issue. Witness to police offices telling women to cover up at the beach in San Marie Lemaire in the south. Of France on Thursday they stopped to talk to women about sixty. We're going to hear what they said, but we saw this woman agitated the left visibly trouble frantically looking in the bags of her bikini top absolute absolute disgrace her apparently John Domes pulled out a RAV stiff truncheon and ask the beach dwellers to cover up the pump loose. Oh, what a couple of fun hating soggy gets. Thank you very much a listening to this ramshackle affair podcast. I like to call, keep calm and cauliflower cheese. Lovely to have long for the for the stroll for a gentle bicycle ride with a basket in the bell that's how I see it and fully keep cheese. Up On. INSTAGRAM. Twitter obviously. All these platforms, apple spotify iheartradio tune in, and we finished with a little late summer poem by James Breath failed. Now Cosmos in Bloom and snow in summer opening along the garden stone borders a moment toward a little good fortune water from the watering can to blossom. So natural, it seems instill the oldest blooms outside my door flourishing according to their seed time they have lived as entrust of tended ground not many seasons as lingering Baden late summer when lease of reach they greenest when a chill and tonight when a Star I've turned to night after night vanished in the swift of constellations and went on A. Bad Branch. Even August a sprig starts sprague to Stan as if to say see this kinship with perennials, you think so hardy voice the moment among the oaks toast the spring and summer is once each may shattered vodkas pulled on the bed dirt among grey stones to quench the dead among the first stars of this new evening. Thank you for listening to the podcast This Week Two ladies and Gentlemen Cheerio and I'll see you again same place. Same time next week. Have a great one kisses you.

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5-20-2020 Lance with Coley Harvey

Lance McAlister

10:57 min | 5 months ago

5-20-2020 Lance with Coley Harvey

"And. The following takes place between eight PM and nine PM. Let's keep rolling. No, no town to slow down. We gotta hustle less than an hour to get done. Gary Jeff Walker says the nightcap from nine to midnight tonight. Thanks for hanging out in part of Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Let's get right to at our next guest. I I'm so happy to to hook up with him tonight. I consider him to be gifted and talented and versatile, and I think he's and I've said this before and I'll say it again I think he's a rising star in the business I. I loved his work when he was here on. The bengals beat for ESPN AND ESPN DOT COM, and I've loved his work since, and was that the kind of caught my eye on with what he's doing on a feature. He'll tell you about here in a second, but let's go to the phones and welcome in coli. Harvey. How are you? Doing Okay how you doing man I am well. Are you're safe? You're well WH-. Where are you right now? Yeah, even on my back in the Mid West these days. I live in Chicago Beautiful Day up here today. still could be a little bit warmer, but. Much gets done and I'm safe. I'm healthy I hope the same for your family's well absolutely absolutely let me let me jump I the thing that caught my eye over the last couple of weeks or so, and and have you tell my listeners what it's all about? You're doing. Something called six feet. Sixty seconds explain the concept. You know it's a random concept. I was sitting on my couch one day a couple of weeks ago and I was just like talented something sports related that kind of is interesting at least interesting to me. You know I'm I'm hoping that it's interesting for people. Follow me on social media as well, but basically the idea is sixty sixty seconds kind of a play on the sixty feet. Feet six inches from from baseball The idea is telling people. Hey, make sure you're keeping your six feet of social distance right now while also learning something in sixty seconds, and so basically I I take a minute and each day I've been doing this for a little over two weeks now each day. I'm giving you some nugget of Info of something that happened on that day. In sports history, and it's just kind of my way to keep my own personal sports sanity right now as well as a way to kind of keep in practice, for whenever I get a chance to get back to work on their Coley what what platform is six feet sixty seconds on for those interested? Yes I, so I I'm just putting it right now. On My twitter and instagram pages, and both of them are very simple there my name Coli Harvey, co L. E. Y. Harvey and so at cally, both of those instagram and twitter, and essentially like I, said today. Just happen to realize the today was the anniversary I guess you could say of the big benches clearing brawl here in Chicago back in two thousand six, the big cubs, White. When Aj presents key hit Michael. We're actually Michael Barrick. Americans present he the function faith so that was today, very. Number seven fourteen on this same day that exact same day actually in two thousand six as well so it just kind of looking at things like that and and finding. Unique. Tickets like a few weeks ago was the the anniversary of the first game of the Colorado Silver, bullets, and I know many people. That was a an all women baseball team that was playing against all mid teams. In the mid nineties I, remember them I I was a kid at the time, but I remember very well, and wanted to kind of introduce people to to them as well coli. Harvey's checking in you may remember him. You're shivering. Remembering from his days here in Cincinnati used a few years ago. Kevin the Bengals for ESPN coyly when things are back to and I use air quotes when I say normal. What all to my audience? What all? You'll be doing with Fox sports in the in the big ten network again this year. Dictate! I've been doing a lot of those things during during the college football season hosted a couple of shows for us for that as well as updates during the week. on the weekends on the sideline for Fox. Sports I college football game, so I was doing We were at Michigan State a couple of times this year. We were at Utah a couple of times this year which. Until, THEY RENTED OREGON UTAH. Was to me the the best under the radar team in the country this past year? you know we? We had a number of really good games, really good interesting matchup some among the crew with Tim Brando. Don't who have been. You know just a college football royalty. So this has been really fun. Ride and You know we're obviously excited to get going again. With whatever college football like hopefully in the fall. We'll be going again with that and you know and this spring I was supposed to be doing some baseball. Concert my singers. We'll get to some MLB action at some point and Also supposed to do XSL. I was just. FIRST XFL GAME! Then, everything happened and had to fly back home. Man Oh man. You thinking about this today, you you. You had to stop with ESPN. We're doing stuff for them. And sportscenter and you were covering the Yankees. I've always thought that the Yankees beat has to be maybe the most fascinating crowded hectic everything rolled into one of any beat in sports. What was that scene like in that situation like day to day I will tell you that. as a sports reporter I felt this, while I was in the middle of it, and I guess I still feel it now, but certainly in the middle of it while you're the bullets flying so to speak I felt like hey, if I can cover this team if I can handle this eight if I can say. About anything and I mean it's. It's kind of Cliche. It's Kinda the Frank Sinatra can make. It is kind of thing just because that is a true beach, you know you're in the number. One market in in in in north, America Leeann market in North America. You're covering harder. Arguably the team that is the number one team all sports all over the world with with a recognition and brand that the Yankees have, and there's constantly something going on. Even if it's kind of a mundane day July, there's your story line that that has to be written about as spoken about with that team just truly because they're in New York and because of the Yankees so so I honestly it was. Picking had it's stressful moments, but I had a lot of fun at a lot of friends. Who is the one that beat You know enjoy being around the team. The guys at least while I was covering the my. First Class Throughout the organization that I dealt with on a day to day basis and A lot of that comes from Brian. Cashman, and then from Aaron Boone now own down. You know and So yes, I do miss that time there for sure on the baseball person, so they just kind of being able to pinch myself every day at. Work. Here is pretty awesome. Thanks for going down to the great American as well. I didn't get a chance to do much read when I was in Cincinnati, but just being in kinds of situations, but you say I am truly Gla speaking of situations. Take me back to twenty sixteen, and I haven't seen all of your work, but I I've told you I'm a big fan of your work and I'm not sure you've had a moment. Where for my money you shined more in how you handled and covered Muhammad Ali's funeral and memorial. What was that experience like? Then it was it certainly the number one Memory! I guess you could say my career that I'll always cherish. I was. Working with ESPN at the time, and actually I was covering the bengals specifically at the time, and we're actually coming up on the anniversary of his passing how June third and that June third and twenty sixteen the Bengals were having a believe Ota's were on no. you know minicamp was some kind of camper something we've gone on just for. They were getting ready to break for summer. They weren't really having. You know very serious workout, but. To pay attention to. That being said when the when when we got news that I'll leave passed I just kind of raised my hand and said Hey, you know I'm just down the road here. Let me know if there's anything I can do I know. The story is GONNA end up in local this week with Alli. Being from Louisville and and they said yet head on down and I thought it was going to be there for maybe day maybe two and I ended up being near the whole week and You know it was truly a testament to the people who Ali brought. Brought out, you know what I mean I. I met people from from Canada from Australia Brazil I, met a man named Mohammed Ali who was from Bangladesh met Mohammed Ali when he was when he was younger man, and showed me the picture and it was, it was really kinda crazy, but just seeing the way the world came to Louisville to celebrate the legacy of the man, and and and what he meant to the world outside of the ring. just especially later in life what he meant to the world that was that was important for me. To be there and you know that just made me feel really special to have to be a part. Okay, well, said. Hey, this was excellent. I'm so glad you're doing well. Stay safe, and and this was a blast. Hook it up with the open. Do it again down the road. This is often if people want to have any ideas for sixty six fifty seconds, Gavin suggestions. Let me know for sure I'm having a blast doing it for other people are joining as well. Thank you very much land. And again on twitter and instagram. You're at Coley hardy correct. That's correct. Excellent. Thanks take care. All Right? That was good stuff. Good stuff, aren't we? Come back I think I this. This is so good I think. It cries out for a caller segment Ryan, fagin covers major league baseball for the Sporting News, and he tweeted this yesterday and this to me. Just set a back in time for the answer. It's a simple question Ryan fagin ask. Who is your favorite baseball player when you were eleven years old? And why? Ryan, Fagin Baseball. Writer News Sporting. News Dot Com. Who was your favorite baseball player when you were eleven years old? And why? I think we'll take some calls on that. I think we have some fun with that eighteen sportstalk seven hundred WWL W.

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372: Are Experience Rewards the New Loyalty Programs?

Crack the Customer Code

12:12 min | 1 year ago

372: Are Experience Rewards the New Loyalty Programs?

"Get ready for crack the customer code your audio guidebook for creating incredible customer. Journeys. Had them. I think we're onto something with this whole customer experience idea. I'm not sold genie. Tell me about this. It's only been three hundred seventy two episodes, three years, and I still haven't gotten you there. Why wife says, I'm unsellable? So you say you're, you're, you're working there. I am still in the showroom. Right. I'm still kicking tires. Nice nice. Well, you know what I wanted to kind of talk about today was the site of how loyalty programs, how loyalty for products and brands might be changing little bit, and one of the things that worked in the past, which was this idea of kind of discounts, offering discounts, or those types of rewards for loyal and inputting that near quotes, even though you can't see me behavior. It's shifting to experience based rewards for loyalty, and I got thinking about this, because Reebok recently, remember Reebok, did you ever wear the high tops with the velcro miss that phase out? That's so sad. I was hoping for photographic evidence of that, that would have been sweeps, especially you'd pegged your genes in them if you were to ask, and it's, it's a shame you didn't. Because now I don't have to answer. But if you had asked did you ever wear black and white checkered vans, like Coley? Yeah. Those are kind of still cool though. Fortunately. Well, fortunately with that might be okay with that. If you showed up in those today, I'd be like awesome. But the so Reebok has been out there a little bit trying to find their way a little bit because they had all this market share in the eighties nineties, and since then kind of the whole world of tennis shoes gym shoes athletic shoes. Whatever you wanna call them has changed. And so they were purchased by Dita's whenever and they're trying to figure out what to do with his brand. And so one of the things that they did recently was roll out, a new website and part of that was a new loyalty program that they're calling on locked. And so, it's this unlocked loyalty program, and if you sign up right away, you get certain things, like I think you get free shipping from their site. If you sign up, and it's a point system for various things, but what they're hinting at, and they haven't built it out completely. But what they're hinting at is that they're going to partner. Her with fitness organizations and brands and they're going to basically, give you as a member of this more access to different events different experiences instead of those discounts. So, yes, you might get free shipping, which you can consider a discount, but it's really what they're really promoting is this idea of you're going to get access to all these cool experiences. So it's just a great way to think about what will happen with loyalty programs of the future. Yeah, my understanding is the, the experiences two sided. They're giving experiences as roar, but they're also using the experiences to generate points, right? You're, you're getting points for social interaction event interaction all these kind of things. And that's an interesting way to look at it because, you know, the, the side benefit, and it's really, I think, in recent decades become more the price. Bery benefit of all these reward programs is the data right? Who it used to be the loyalty? But now it's the data yet. And you seems like a pretty obvious play to generate the data. I think that's a big part of that. And the other part that I think they're kind of learning from or at least modeling after a little bit. And some other brands are doing this really well, one is under armor, but they're still using discounts as kind of the carrot in some ways. But under armor has they own now. I believe all these different fitness apps like map, my run and my fitness, pal. And what they do is they actually kind of reward you for interacting with those apps. So to your point about data like my fitness, pal people put an everything like they know every calorie, you've consumed everything else met my run. They know how often you run, what you're looking for. What kind of you know, terrain you like to run in breathing? And so if they can get all that information then they can offer you things that are aligned with that, that are more personalized. So they might say, hey, we noticed you do a lot of trail runs. Check out our new shoe that is just for people like you who do trail runs of ten miles or more. So that would not be positioned for me. But I'm saying if that's your thing. So, I'll I'll have to tell you after the some of the privacy things I do around these apps. It's pretty fun. I'm sure I have no doubt minister paranoid. And yet, most of us are willing to give this data because it personalizes that experience back for us and the convenience of that. And the value of that is meaningful to us. So you're right that some of this is like giving up some privacy, but at the same time by rewarding in experiences and by recognizing what people are doing outside of just purchasing products. It's a more meaningful relationship with and they can create better rewards rewarding. Part of giving the data and getting customers to offer more information on preferences and the lifestyle and all the things they do is give more tailored rewards. Right. Because I mean, how many times have we gotten the steak knives or whatever you go to the rewards catalog? And it's like okay there's nothing here I want. Yep. And it's up to you to look through that Cadillac right right right now. That's the way a lot of these things have worked like the credit card programs and everything else. It's up to you to kind of dig through. Through everything. And in some cases, it's up to, to enroll for every single thing. So you have to kind of stay up on what they might be doing in the future. And this takes all of that away just had an idea. What if you create a loyalty program and basically what you can buy is your your privacy and luckily meal like ten thousand points. And we all we will you for three months that the atom tip work loyalty program. Well, sort of the whole point of loyalty programs to hold them a little bit hostage so you like, really? Yeah. Put some little iron in the gloves, so to speak. I mean, what what's cool, I think from our standpoint is experienced people, and all that is looking at the wild west of the Centaur landscape and how companies are just trying to innovate and experiment about what's the best way to do this. Because, you know, we've had a few episodes about loyalty programs and things like that. And you know it's just declining value declining. Yes, stickiness. There's, there's a lot of challenges in the modern landscape and it's interesting to see how companies are trying to innovate the like, okay. What is going to work? Now what, what does what do millennials want now that they're getting some money like kind of loyalty program works for the first digital generation that is now in their working years. So, yes, fascinating it is it is. And I think if you really think about what? Wherever you are selling. How can you make that more meaningful within their real life? That's always a good thing because in, I mean, you know, who was really good at this back in the day, where all the baby companies all the diaper companies and everything else. 'cause they'd be like out, you know, if you order this sample pack of diapers, we're going to send you all this, how to take care of your baby information, and all of a sudden it's like, oh, well, that's valuable to me and they know who I am. And so now you're willing to share those things so that you get a card on your kid's first birthday. And they say, hey, here's a coupon for the big kid diapers like all those things, and that was kind of basic, but at the same time, they were recognizing where somebody was in their real life. And I think that's what these fitness brands are starting to really do. Well, they're starting to recognize everybody has their own journey with fitness and health. And so, how can we make sure we're supporting somebody where they're at, but also recognizing them by saying, hey? This might be for you and sell more of that product. So it's it, it all comes together in this really great data. No privacy world that we're living in. Such a positive wrap-up genie. Thank you for that, sunshine. Well, I mean it's true. And I think we're okay with. Yeah. I mean, in the end one thing we didn't mention, and I think it's a, a parallel we're gonna see is reeboks not been an online company for the most part. Right. Right. So they're trying to catch up data wise with online companies. Companies that have been doing this. And, you know, when we talk about these, these big retailers trying to compete with Amazon trying to I mean, it's, it's a part of the story, we don't talk about that often is dislike data gap. Yeah, it's true. I mean you try to compete with Amazon. You can get the two day shipping. You can get the prices down. You can do all that. You have no clue who your customers are compared to Amazon. If you're just starting out or or, or your pretty basic digitally, and I know that I think that's also there really. Not to belabor the sports metaphor. Starting starting the race. A few hundred dollars back echoes. Yeah. It's true. It's true. And I think it's something that as we move forward, we're going to see more brands get kind of creative about how they're going to collect that data so that it is meaningful for the actual customer experience. And for their long-term kind of corporate health as well. You know, we'll good luck to Reebok, a love that they're innovating and trying new things and interesting to see how it goes. Yeah, I agree. I agree. So we're going to go run now. Right. That's our next thing. We're just gonna go for a run with all of our apps so they can follow shooting. Okay. Well, we hope you go have a great run or do something, you know, healthy for yourself. Thank you so much for listening to crack the customer code if you'd like us. And we really hope you do. Please leave us a little rating review over on itunes or wherever you listen. Our good friend. Eddie Turner liked us enough to say leaders who want to crack the code, and grow should turn tune in regularly. So in his review. So thank you, Eddie. You're the best crack the customer code is a proud member of C, suite radio, be sure to check out all the great business content at C suite radio dot com and C suite TV dot com. I'm Jeannie Walters. And you can learn more about me and are trademarked customer experience investigation process and how we help you create fewer ruined days for your customers, and more at experienced investigators dot com. Him deport and you can learn more about our keynote speaking customer service, workshops in training at all the ways we help you win with experience at customers that stick dot com until excuse me Jeanie, wait. What? I'm best I just naturally blame you until next time take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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LCB 192 - Top 5 Documentaries, Michael Bay ThunderCats Movie, Super Size Me 2 Review and Star Wars' Babu Frik with @ColeyMick

Lights Camera Barstool

2:34:30 hr | 1 year ago

LCB 192 - Top 5 Documentaries, Michael Bay ThunderCats Movie, Super Size Me 2 Review and Star Wars' Babu Frik with @ColeyMick

"I'm not I'm I'm not dumb. Net around fifty and beyond can get me out of this message off your sh might pay you. Can't it's handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself. Shoot your kid. This one full day of what we've got here. He's saying Yes yes well. We're going. We don't need roads. You're welcome the camera. Barthel episode one ninety two still joker week two weeks joke Kokori Caffeine October. It's Boston season very excited to hear that song again for the next month on the end of the Pod we got a hall of Famer Special Guests Coli Mickan studio big big documentary guy to do people at home actually even believe it's me anymore. That's tough to say be any of us all to say. That's tough game. Thanks for coming in when you guys asked what the saddest on twitter with the saddest movie scene was. I earnestly honestly said the opening up bits getting tired. I was like my whole argument. Was this seemed simple to set that is true. That is what you said because I pull up the nuggets from your comment which is just that you didn't like it. They don't listen to the facts that you laid out. Call the down. That's the only thing that stuck in people. That's true that's true well. The better jokes is what what sticks I suppose what's going on trill hello. You're not face paint this episode an shout out to the creator of Boston. Listen to Neil SIS CERIGA and that strong shut up. Yes strong shut up can't just shut the one of the best videos on the Internet. VM watched the video goes along with the song well edited well done just funniest thing out there in my opinion what about this joker wearing transition lenses that's fucked up dude you taking a for now taking that is that but that just takes away from the whole joker mystique right if he if he just steps out into the daylight and his lenses just that smoky tint of Greg he's like wait a second hold on her for their their transition lenses. Just give me a second okay. Okay there is that one of the worst looks when you come from outside indoors transition lenses and it's halfway between you know what I feel like. It was pretty cool when transition lenses were first invented but yeah it's a bad look transition lenses. I think there's something you don't hear about that not much anymore. I don't feel like people really are into them as much as they used to be. Maybe it's because everybody who would wear transition lenses now. Get the surgery right the laser eye ball surgery. Dad's like him so right yeah. I don't know I just I don't see anyone transition lenses anymore. I used to be a big two thousand six thing transition lenses everywhere kid kid stepping outside the engineering building where in transition lenses carrying a Jan sport has about eighty pounds in it like a big rucksack like you and ROTC buddy. I'm reading an esquire article right now. Ken Transition Articles can transition lenses ever ever be cool with Tim gone. He said it's a really good question. No so I'M GONNA I'M GONNA take my cue. I trust get answered Yeah Yeah. I like they can what's going on. What's up with Coley Coley is Co.. He's looking looking good. He's he's got on a ADDIDAS CAMMO pants. He's got on the Kyrie's correze Kyri Mitchell's O. K. Word my household name okay and he's he's got he's got on a wife beater showing his his full ripples reading tests falsely tattoos of all the New England patriots every single one around Tim Brown Kevin Faulk. They're all on there troy brown you how dare you. Tim Brown was later. Both I and may still be furious at you. They're GONNA be mad. I just I just yeah I remember Troy Brown. who is the. Who is the guy who was a troy Brown who had the receiving rushing and passing touchdown against the colts. No that was David Patten pet. That's which was I believe Tom. Brady's first start ever and so off to a hot start it was that season. I can't remember yes. I start ever came against the colts who I remember being sixteen something like that. I'm like well colts you know they went thirteen and three last year. They're good this year now. They're playing some no name Jackass or the quarterback next week. We don't have to face drew bledsoe. Oh and the Patriots just came out and beat them. I'm like that's a fluke not gonna one time perhaps twice. Never it's squander years later. I just sucked every soul of football loving out of my body. I cannot enjoy playoff football anymore like last year I was rooting for the lower seed just so we wouldn't have to face the Patriots. I've been saying it for like three years now. I don't know why anyone likes the NFL other than Patriot fans. It doesn't make any sense to me like it's an NFC especially if you're an NFC fan. At least it's competitive you don't know who's going to get in the playoffs and like the giants proved like anything can happen once you get to the to the big game but like if you're AFC fan like me intro. It's just like it's foregone conclusion for the last two fucking decades who's going to the Super Bowl and anyone who says otherwise. It's fucking organ stupid and shouldn't listen to them. I agree in the PEYTON manning era. It was like it was like the Patriots are going to rip my heart out okay. Eh You know tie law sixty seven interceptions in a game something like that just some happening now. It's not even rip my heart out. They're just GONNA beat the shit out the colts here domination. It's not even like a look like Viteri field goal at the end of game or something. We're GONNA fuck you up start to finish. We're going to run the ball exclusively. Just ask because we can. Yes exactly I think that's I think we have anything else jobs. I think we've got a lot to get to with with Morgan. spurlock not a friend of the pod not a friend of fast food fans either we'll get into super size me two and super size me and and the big Mac King Don Gorski gotTa talk about him get talk super size me talking about Don Gorski fucking Astle this episode though brought to you in part by our good friends over at CB MD that's right our friend to see MD from popcorn to twizzlers alerts to EMINEM's. Most people have a go-to snack or beans or kraft cheese singles if you've seen circus peanuts if you've seen that that that great map been very helpful very helpful people wanting to learn more about candy and stuff across the country and movie theaters but now thanks to the folks that and they're delicious. CBI Really Gumy's your new favorite snack can help you stay calm when the action heats up and because they're THC free opie fallen asleep before the movies over these aren't your thing. CBS CBC DVD MD Hassle has a wide variety of premium CD oil products like topical 's oil tinctures bath bombs pet products all their products with third-party tested for safety and effectiveness and made from US grown hemp to ensure that you're getting the best CD products possible trail mixes them into his popcorn. Get the big bucket of popcorn mixing your CD. Gumy's is never a true. I I'm not going to confirm nor deny deny that I'd do this. All I'm saying is that it's it's better than the butter yeah better for you to see for yourself what all the critics have been raving what about and to save twenty five percents off your order quality oil products go to CD DOT COM and enter the Promo Code Lights at checkout once again that CBD MD Dot Dot Com Promo Code Lights at checkout for twenty percent off the award winning support recovery and relief you can only get with CBD MD Don. Don Gorski means already be sent. They're getting sent around already here. Here's the me let me take money on his phone. Okay okay all right. We're going to send the I don Gore scheme to. I would imagine the Photoshop we tweet out during this will be Gorski. Ski Related One might think Yes before we get into that though we got some movie news lots of trailers birds of prey from Warner brothers big week for Warner brothers others joker coming out just joker not the joker in called the joker no joker in this one but Harley Quinn played once again by Margot Robbie he also play Harley Quinn in an unrelated movie suicide squad which is not the same suicide squad that they also released a couple of years ago. She talks about joker saying they broke up also in the movie Mary Elizabeth Winstead Journey smollet Bell. You McGregor plain black mask does not have the mask on this Rosie. Perez has also in the movie first trailer. I'm going to be honest didn't love it but it was just okay didn't do much for me it. It tried tried very hard. It did the did the whole operatic or what really operatic music but it was like nineteen sixties. Kinda music was it. It was like similar like what I feel like. They did in the joker trailer with that more famous song in the joker trailer but I thought that they put a song in there. Instead of you know having Purple Lamborghini Squillacote Rick Ross type music from the suicide squad type soundtrack. Try to set this one apart. I thought it was all right it. You know it's very in your face. There's some there's some Harley Quinn headbutting the camera type stuff like extremely agro. I think that's fine. The the big thing is she kind of sounds like Paulie shore while take. I feel like I can kindness. I can hear it now a little bit. I feel like the star of the trailer. She's like my name is Alexander. Kopech rewatch so you think near the end of the trailer where she was talking more in had like more like actual lines and lines you could tell it was the Harley close to the Harley Quinn accident we know from the the cartoons but I thought the first part constantly paulie shore a little bit. I mean announce talking to think about I do I do think you're onto something with the cadence at least definitely the same cadences Paulie shore so what it is and my might be the cadence. It was very paulie shore. It's like Mr J and broke up. I like that too. I like the very clearly made it look as much as like the J. Let the Oh my God. I wasn't Jay Leno Jay folks. I'm very close to see we live in a society damaged damaged over here but they made it look like it was exactly him so that you know like yeah he's not in this. Don't worry about it but it's nice seeing our boy you in. Nice seeming to get some action. I'm glad they didn't show him in the mask because like I was afraid afraid they're going to blow the load early on that and I'm very happy they did not want to wait for the movie to see him as black mask. I mean this movie. It's GonNa Stink yeah absolutely so why would you think this is going to be good because Margot Robbie isn't it no and I also think this comes along the line of confusion to none of that matters matters but with joker like they've made it so fucking clear has nothing to do with anything else right and this is just kind of a movie. That's happening if you're like Oh. What does this connected to. What is it if it's connected to suicide squad whether they want it to be or not yeah. It's just definitely going out because because her in the joker broke up they broke up dude you walk means. It's connected clearly didn't watch the trailer. the broke up eight no dude tremendous. My my wife wouldn't say work connected anymore. Earn their with the Boise exactly conference the fact that that's that's the severed the bridge the bridge is gone then they break up in suicide squad like several times kind of a He's saved her a bunch of times yeah he was he was a big asshole to robbed that pool paint or whatever it was asked he didn't dive in there and then all their paint came off and then that music was playing and we are supposed to be like this is really profound and shit but it it essentially it was like a music video for my chemical romance. I was pulling up old joker stuff because I'm kind of putting together a time line of the hype for the movie and I forgot that he got really pissed off about the Joaquin Phoenix casting and and then not long later. They canceled his movie. You don't like it fuck you. If you're not getting your for a while like he thought they were still going to make his standalone. Let you die for me. He's getting a more BS or whatever he is getting more apparently Tyrese Gibson Yan around breakfast club until Charlemagne that in his contract for more BS. He's apparently supposed to be an emcee you movies. I don't believe that I don't believe that one Qataris talking to him a liar. I'm just saying he might read the odd they probably put the letters MC. You do not stand for for what he thinks. They do absolutely not. He's talking to straight out of this. It's actually like must cater yourself. Ah Crabs very large fly swatter. This is for everyone that that is is on the poster birds of prey. I don't full title the emancipation uh-huh Farley Gwen early quin birds of prey. Let's get it again. I remember as kind of a shame and actually we competed as even oh no. It doesn't the full tarts Kurtzer. Pray the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn yeah. It sounds like a cheap blake. One third of Treehouse of horror cost a hundred million dollars to make well. That's seems usually good with people spend on movies. Usually it's better direct correlation three I I I'm with coli. I have very low expectations for this movie that I don't I don't like I think it could be good. I just feel like it's very unlikely that it will be good. Now will be awful. We'll be horrible. Will it be as bad as suicide squad. I don't think so but I also don't think it will be something we remember past the releases it. I think that's fair. I think it'll definitely better than suicide squad but I mean what a Barda jump this development or in Development D. C. E. U. Page is one of the funniest things I've seen. I mean how many of these are actually going to happen ready. So will the first ones are going to happen. Birds of prey wonder woman nineteen eighty-four the Batman the suicide squad flash even that one alkaline to Black Adam. I'm still not convinced we're gonNA see Dwayne Johnson that roll on then in development bat girl from just Weeden Blue Beetle booster gold old CYBORG. No chance dead shot death stroke. Gotham city sirens Green Lantern Corpse Harley Quinn and joker movie from the people. Who did this says US joker classic they get addicted to some sort of pain pill because the disciplines shocker film this was not happening. I mean this is the jared Leto Justice League sequel. That's not going to happen Justice League dark. I can see that maybe logo man of Napa Guy from Star Wars Empire strikes back. That's blurbs grower. Oh we're going to get to the new star wars character man of steel sequel night wing plastic man we did talk about. I still sequel yeah. The first one came fifteen years ago well this past summer. Christopher Corey the Michigan Baselga pitch it shows 'em sequel supergirl the trench and wondering what which we know that's happening wonder woman nineteen eighty-four sequel sure maybe four of those the wonder the wonder woman. I'm battle happy. Yeah I know but I'm happy with the direction. The wonder woman movie seemed to be going 'cause I. I liked him taking the nineteen eighty-four approach in doing something a little bit different than just maybe a straight sequel but a lot of that stuff very aspirational and a lot of that stuff there and I don't want to rule them out because of this but they're superheroes that I think that the the the lay person maybe hasn't had that much experience or recognition with counterpoint is always going to be guardians of the Galaxy Galaxy but that that I think is a that that is a exception that is an outlier to success of those movies yeah. It's like we we watch watch guardians because marvel had track record of that point where like everything they put out was at worst be minus at that point whereas Doc. DC doesn't even have to be minuses to their name at this point so it's like yeah. Why would I give a shit about these people who can't even build up superman like why why would black Black Adam. I'll give a shit at the most iconic back-back superheroes of all time and they can make a good movie for either so it is kind of tough to try to get behind them well so the Black Adam approach though is that you're you're taking one of the biggest stars in the world and casting his black Adam so I I kinda. I kinda get that like let's try to make that one work but some of these like wonderboy and go say man in these other these other cures have never heard of by. I just I don't know yeah. I don't know I'm not very interested in much the D. C. S. for but also I mean the same thing even out. COULDA said about iron man they released ironman right right like I didn't know much of all about him at all and I wouldn't have imagined go looking back on it that he would have been the hero launch the entire. Mc You so I don't know maybe fucking golden bullet or whatever that guy's booster gold is going to be the guy that bring the random. Mc You guys are heroes rather by my biggest problem. I've probably set it on this program. Graham before I know I've said it to semi life. DC they're animated films. Bang every last. I've watched there except for fucking the killing joke which is the the most peculiar thing that they've ever pulled but the fact that they know how to produce a good movie but the second make it real humans acting in it. Everything just flies out the window. I'll never understand. It's yeah it's it's bizarre. I think a lot of it has to do with just the pacing it's when they get these these movies are too long and they tried to cram you too much into it and get sample size is pretty low for that but I want them to be good okay like I. I love that man. I like Superman. I think some of the other characters it worked. I enjoyed aquaman like I don't WanNa. Shit on these and I don't want to sit on the Harley Quinn movie but I do think like Harley Quinn's such a peculiar character victor in that it it eight to use the cringe word but some of that stuff goes over to the cringe territory just in terms of like you know the the the humor maybe t to be used in that movie and just the irreverence of the character so I'm I'm curious about it and then the other thing. This trailer didn't really do which space they used to do is that they didn't really introduce you to any of the other characters at all yeah. I think that's what the next trailer is going to be for though they're going to give you like one of those you know the suicide squad. I think did did that with one of their trailers. That are go. Here's Captain Australia or whatever here's crocodile dude and like they did like the little flash frame of the screen of the title card underneath it they'll do that. I'm sure with the next trailer. They did that in the literal movie to that to rick flag known as colonel. They didn't tell us that's all. I'm saying and thank God. He's going to be the new one as well. That's like the one thing they re one person. We really needed. I mean Captain Boomerang could each it sorry gye courtney but like absolute shit. I all I wanted was captain or colonel. Colonel Rick flagged comeback back premise explain that to my daughter when she's she's tugging on my hands Inc Papa Colonel Rick Flag in this movie pop up now. I don't have to have that conversation. The premise was movie as we wrap this up. After the events of suicide squad Harley Quinn has left the joker when a young girl named Cassandra cain comes across a diamond belonging to crime Lord by the name of Black Mask Harley joins forces with Black Canary Huntress and Renee Montoya to protect her sick. Nick comes out February. Every twenty twenty just misses January. If it was in January you would know it's a pile of Shit but for now we don't know but we suspect suspect. There's a chance it looks like hot. Topic produces movie Yes. I Bet I would assume there's a hot topic. COLLAB- that would be my guess or thrasher pressure who knows there's a hot topic. Collaborate everything I I'm. I'm GONNA keep my expectations low and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. I don't think I'm as down on it as you guys abso- I think there are parts. That looked very interesting. I they seem to be going in a in a positive direction. So who knows you know that's birds of prey. Whatever ever move on here's an awesome thought the king's man the Prequel to kingsman this comes out in February the week after birds of prey array finds in this Charles Dances in this Daniel bruhl Jim and Susan this Stanley Tucci Airtime Johnson packed cast. Here's the here's the old steers the old synopsis for this what were to go the wrong kings. This is the first kingsman as a collection of history's worst tyrants. Criminal masterminds gathered a plot a war to wipe out millions. One man and his protege must race against time to stop them. This is the second trailer surprised they released this early coming out from Twentieth Century Fox and Disney. They play war pigs from black Sabbath in it. It's just the same remixed I believe leads us for the three hundred trailer man. What a song choice this trailer fucking rules so good yeah. I liked it. I thought I thought it was really well done. It got me excited for it which the first one didn't really and I thought we saw more this one so yeah. I'm stoked. I feel like we said before is is probably better. They're they're taking this in a different direction than just doing a third one. No we're really left to go. I don't think so so this one you know assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand right like I I've always wondered how exactly it happened and we'll find out who is the Campbell find it highly fictionalized version of it through the kingsman into the great well it's getting we know it's and they wouldn't. They wouldn't make that up. What's the song as it were. Work Picks Right Dad Don. I run run a six song. I actually disagree with you. I think the first trailer was good as well but I do agree that this was better and I don't know I mean the the cast cast sick. I think the concept is awesome and also we talked to a Matthew von about and he said that this is totally unlike the other two kingsman which like we obviously like the first one and didn't enjoy the second second one as much but I I think it's interesting getting see sort of like that old school spy feeling and I could getting little espionage or back of Pre World War Two because we even have a bunch much war movies. We'll one spy movies. I'll tell you what I can't tell you. I can't name a single one of those so I can't watch this nothin'. Even I've never seen any of the kingsman. Oh my goodness. Oh that's you would like to the second. One is not quite as good. I don't think I oh yeah. I didn't love the the camera going up. The Vagina was quite the move but the first one is missing. Actually I was GONNA say now. You're coming back again. I one was delightful. I think this one looks fantastic not just because we interviewed the director. Matthew Vaughn sounds like that's exactly why no no this. One looks really helps so he gave us the inside scoop to. I will say they interview. you guys just it. Will the cow pen yes. That was a very good interview. I think one of the best ones you guys have ever done thank you. He was oblast thank you. I just tyler a couple of days ago. I thought that guy's interview with or destroyed entire AM I. I thought you guys interviewed. Wendell Carter was one of the funniest guys did because I was just died at the thought of him in a play and like when they said you're trying to offer him a yeah. You got to be a treat me like fucking walk off stage. He's shinedown and discussed. I'm out of here. I'm done that was really funny. A great interview go mix tape. Go listen. Thanks Pal Lincoln Bio. Will it be. We know we always tag. We always put your link and we always put the pod link Elliot. I can put a different link. We'll see okay. It's up to you. Tyler Tyler is not here now. There has no sane. This matter usually doesn't kingsman excited to see that in theory. GonNa WanNa see both these trailers before before joker. How about this one six underground. What an absolute journey. It's been to figure out what the fuck is movies about. Six Six under a Synopsis Fixer Shiqiu will six billionaires from vigilante squad after faking their deaths in order to take down Torius criminals. That's enough. That's not even real. Those are worth. It doesn't say anything billionaires vigilante squad after taking after faking their deaths in order to take down criminal. Let's not sentence regardless Ryan Reynolds in this also Dave Franco this from Michael Bay but if if you remember movie v News you'll recall about a year ago for three days. People thought this was a was a thunder cats movie. People thought this was the the thunder cats movie for Michael Bane Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds went online and said no this is indeed not a thunder cats movie is going to become a net flicks in the beginning of December. Our cost one hundred fifty million dollars to make this movie and I'll tell you what this looks like a pile of Shit. This looks terrible. All strong disagree what you put Ryan Reynolds Reynolds is I love Ron. Reynolds and I'll see anything existent Jason. He's going to be handsome his quips. He's going to have a smart Aleck. Mouth couldn't be more in explosions with Michael Bay where there's a Netflix movie too right yeah yeah. That's what you bought that up we do. You'RE GONNA I'M GONNA Watch. The day comes out so that they're billionaires and they're forming vigilante squad squad. who were they going? After trillionaire some bad guys accords relatable movie it it would be incredible if they were just taking out poor people left and right. They're going after the zoning commissioner of like Western New Zealand uh-huh very small what's fascinating like my head of a windmill company. Let Me Bill My airstrip there and and now they're gonNA pay yeah. I don't know so Ryan Reynolds plays one Melanie low rent plays to manual Garcia a Rubio Rolf. Oh sorry plays three rookie. Adria our our own a place for Corey Hawkins plays five been hardy employs six so you go you got the I mean. They're not lying. There are six and they are underground and play nice because it's like six feet underground but they take out the fee and then the six underground and they're supposed to be dead so like five points for that title loan the rest of it looks like Doodoo butter. I mean you. We got the FETA radio. Don't want to see it but I mean figure. You have spent one hundred fifty million dollars on this movie. You might have more than one recognizable name. That's all I'm saying makes me think they poured a lot of let's money in a special effects in like location shit and it's not going to be lifted not interested very not very interested. I'll tell you that much love Ryan Reynolds. Please fall my new account. If you're listening that is a tough tough loss for you. I didn't even I didn't give a shit about losing the mild account really except for that losing Ryan Reynolds really hurt. He's never gonNA fall you again. I like people don't really think Ryan Reynolds with care that were were were saying six. Hundred Ground Doesn't look doc ID because he probably got paid pretty well and fifty million. I de anybody else in this cast. At least two thirds of this budget went to him. It must be I imagine very hard to make a movie where your trailer has not a single funny line from Ryan Reynolds. WHO's one of the funnier actors working right now that is very tough to do to save and all that is your microphone sounds like you're outside at the top of the sears tower smarter be the Sears Tower Sorry. I'm sorry the Willis Tower thank you yeah. That's the problem is the the wrong name not the wrong city. Take any building outside of the mid. West like I just don't that afraid centers nothing emperor staple people come on you know New York. I never heard of the Empire State Building. Dude quiet the Chrysler building. That's one of my favorite. SNL skits actually the one that they were were. They made fun of that Denzel Washington train movie you know talking about Oh yeah. I'm onto three taking a three no the one where he was him and Chris Pine Aren't trained. Oh yeah much like myself he was. There was an exclusive train based portion of his career. Yes correct so for something positive with six underground. I do think you'll be fun. It's Michael Bay and Michael Bates. Generally is is entertaining especially outside of transformers. I say if you take transformers away like what is Michael Bay made aside from transformers and Pearl Harbor. They haven't been good okay. We'll take maybe take some of his other movie mogul buddy. You WanNA play a little game here. We go here. We go he. Since one thousand nine hundred five is first movie bad boys. He has made one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen movies. I want you to guess how many of those movies have have a fresh score on rotten tomatoes the rock that's Armageddon. That's it just the rock won again. Teen Audience Score only one two three four five six seven eight of them are approved and since two thousand nine only one has an audience approval and that's thirteen hours a secret soldiers of Benghazi Benghazi okay. It Ain't going away folks. Mr Daniels admitted need you to be quiet in just everyone Georgia. Thank you what I wanted to hear. The yeah okay like ratings are one thing but like the real test of how much money he's he's made and I think you'll see through all of his money that he's good and you also you also the audience score only eight out of thirteen where fresh like that's a sizable portion of that thirteen. That's six of them. Were underground. I hate everything produced. Reduce the lot to be fair to. He has produced a lot because he has that big studio yeah dude. He was sure what I will say. Is this the first sling he's done. That wasn't made for like an actual movie going experience. That access Hollywood used our candy map tonight. Hell Hell Yeah Anyway. Sorry say it again. Tro will cut that clip again Colin. We're the same person like. Is this the everything he makes his specifically to be enjoyed if enjoyed it all on a very large screen with state of the art like sound system blowing your eardrums out if this is made specifically for Netflix it kind of loses that that's that's a good point I now so I set it very good point. You try and make counter that point true ballance it's again. Where does the one hundred and fifty million dollars come into play right it. Maybe this is one of those like schemes like Sandler handler schemes. I it sounds like travel was most of that budget Netflix for a company that claims to not be spending that much money anymore just dish and money outline the original name of the movie three underground and Netflix. We already paid reynolds so you might as well just double that shit the article I think I I think somebody like Michael. Bay may be played like view the call of duty games and then got INFO for the masks on this one because these mass look exactly like some. DLC The some fourteen year old kid steals his parents credit cards to go by for forty nine ninety nine mask recall. I will admit that Michael Bay cracks me. Oh this is not on my documentary. List is my Schalke. The making of the first transformers movie that's not on my favorite documentaries but there's a part in the making of the transformers the first transformers movie where they're like. Yep Michael Bay is known for throwing things at people and like yelling at people through megaphones so prank they pulled on him that they got styrofoam megaphones and they through the Matt Him as has retribution for him throwing shit at them and he and screaming at them across set like I feel like that's not a good prank back like maybe he's just an asshole like he's screaming screaming at you. What was it a Ben Affleck who was just like drunk shit on the radio or Magadan covered. Let me let me actually I'm GONNA play. I'm I'M GONNA. Play it here. I'M GONNA I it's worth hearing in full. It's so funny. It's maybe his best performance in any thing he's ever done. I asked Michael Wives easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts than it was to train astronauts to become oil drillers. He told me to shut shut. Shut the fuck up so the band just shut up okay. This is via clan all right. I mean it's a real plan. At NASA train oil oil drillers. He was just shut your mouth. See here's what we demonstrate that because bruises and tell the guys that they did a bad job of building. He drilled tank did pissy. He's a salt of the Earth Guy and the NASA nerd and don't don't understand his salt of the earth with ways is rough and tumble ways like somehow they can build a rocket ships but they don't understand like what makes it good tranny eight minutes solid eight home months gee whiz aide whole months as if that's not enough time to learn how to drill a hole but in a week we're going to learn how to be astronauts a one whole week nine to fly into space any my guys. Why do you need a bit a best. Everyone's the best. Why are they the best. I don't know they just are the best because I work with the best. You don't trust them in your work with. You're good as dead you. WanNa send these boys in the space fine sure they'll make good astronauts. They don't know Jack about drilling. I mean this is a little bit of a logic logic stretch. Let's face it. They don't know Jack about drilling. How hard can it be aimed at the ground at turn it on. It's a whole there's a lot to know about and when you're gonNA snap off an edge in a trainee in a corner of a hot pipe and you get a gas pocket like yeah what about when the booster rockets don't fire and your va suit and your zero gravity dish apollo thirteen boy. Oh Yeah it's it's good. He just takes a big bond Michael Bay to someone's that he's drunk. I don't know if he's drunk or not. Can't confirm that but it's very funny. He couldn't believe that movie he was like why would why would they send us. Why would they do that. Boy Okay so that's that's Michael Bay six underground. How about this you guys ready for a new Agatha Christie Movie Sir Kenneth Bruna. Has His and follow up to the train movie. Everyone loved the murder on the Orient Express this one's got godot what USA murder murder on the older and I'm like yeah you you really nail in the audience for this don't Latisha right armie hammer betting bunch of other people bowl death on the Nile October twenty twenty. That's IT Russell Brand's in this to anything. How little of of the needle does this move. How little very little little little needle move very very small amount of needle movers. It's like a one on the Richter scale of movie needles. It's like an ice bath. Do you think Kenneth Branagh who I like. I just don't like some of his the recent stuff do you think that if Tyco T. came and made them more fun version of murder on the express that he would have to retire like he made boring movies and then tigers came into made a fun one I think at that point just retired from filmmaking probably if someone just kept coming and doing your exact same movie just much better I love that they gave him like the weakest bone in for Infinity War to they're like the guy yelling at the beginning as you're being murdered by Thanos and his his fucking blogger. That's all stuff. Look for Canada. Breath Taika could definitely do like murder in the morning express type movie. I what do you call it a whodunit sort of thing. I think he would make an awesome one so let's let's forget about death undeniable and just say tyco. TD CD tweet at tyco td tell them to do a who done it if if that's on the LCD Balibo sent you D- Death on the Nile is supposed to be like a who done it like murder on the order express. It's live from it's an Agatha Christie. Yeah I feel like I feel like it's already out of date not even because it's an Agatha Christie but because knives out is is going be really good and make people like I think people are going to go see this. I I would Miss Prize. If it had a good first weekend just because people like oh another who'd done it and that people are going to see and be like oh knives that was way better and it's like sending the present day with like people things people can relate to yeah no offensive. Dame Judi dench offender coward so now they're going back. Are we being a little too harsh on death of the Nile hate murder on the Orient. It's now listen good. We didn't like it. It wasn't terrible. We didn't like it. It was just boring unmemorable and the characters planned as hell also Al Kendrick you don't even I don't think he reviewed on Pod. That's when you were sick right or did you like it. Though you either you either didn't review it because you were sick or you've got sick seeing murder on the Orient Express. It was one or the other did come out before Daddy's home two or daddy so that's my lifetime and in review those together that'd been weird move. You may have that was when I was just not a hall of Famer just an active active member of the Players Association but I think one one of you called it like the post on a train and that's pretty much accurate yeah. Let's see we did yeah. We reviewed it with with yeah. We reviewed it with D. H. Two with Daddy's home too so yeah you didn't need you saw it and then you didn't have to review it with us but you didn't love it not a fan very boring and I think part of it just shows how much of an idiot I am because like her her cool parole raw is supposed to be like one of literature's most endearing characters of all time they and I I don't. I don't you know I'd Gimme a Gimme like Van Damme anything he's then I'd rather watch that we'll him being written one day and it being acted a different way to different things like he may be written that way and then if it didn't translate to the moving picture. That's that's a different story altogether. The talkies yeah who all has who has played a Herculean or call Perot or or or caloms. I'm such an idiot. I don't even care all our questions from our review that episode trill you. Did it a bit where you had you were sponsored by beats. Pill originally started playing imagine dragons during the pod that was gonNA bit. I remember that Oh yeah yeah thunder Kenneth Branagh has had a very odd career career trajectory super super weird because he I mean he's shakes. Shakespearean trained right like equally later yeah but I didn't he come up and like the like the Royal Academy the were very very very classically trained and then he did he had like like I think one of the biggest bombs of all time up to that point like he was his take on fellow. I think at that Hamlet I'm pretty sure he was also in Dr Arlo. He was also played Dr Arles loveless movie that would have been using a wheelchair a wild wild west while allow big spiderman you better you bet it was a very guard your best loveless. You'd better guard your chest. Watch your best. I don't remember that works. I remember for that song is while quicker ball while they stevie wonder totally rip off. They also played Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber. Okay okay so so here's this Othello Kenneth Branagh was in it came out in nineteen. ninety-five budget was eleven million made two point eight hamlet next year. This is the one he directed budgeted. Edgy was eighteen million made four point seven mid nineties weren't the best time for Shakespeare folks didn't Mel Gibson make him to earlier in the ninety S. I remember watching that one pretty good that sounds familiar hamlet Mel Gibson yeah. He made a ham for sure. I just don't remember member winches cameras early ninety s start Glenn Diaz Helena Bonham Carter Alan Bates Ian home. It's Assad movie bunch of Olds Fun. Come on I told people defamation whatever comes out October twenty twenty I mean it's just a cast list. We'll see more another -nother Disney. Movie folks the gentleman how to read a break for another Ad. Yeah we are okay. The gentleman dominate hold off for a second. 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What a billionaire movies. We got going on here. This is also someone represents the billionaires is this was previously known as Bush and previously before that known as toft guys both names better name much better named Matthew mcconaughey Charlie Hunnam mm-hmm Henry Golding Jeremy Strong Shadow session baby shot up Jeremy Strong Colin Farrell Hugh grant huge grant good stuff trailer looked. I thought pretty decent right. That was a pretty decent trailer. I'm more tree by the cast in the trailer retro. I I think what I'm I'm like okay. Yes the cast very intriguing. What it was disappointed. Buys I knew McConnell was going to be in it when he didn't have a British accent I I was. I was what movie I've seen him with the British accident. That's why I wanted to at least try something here interesting request. It's not a request demand. It's just it's it's just saying like. Wouldn't it be cool to see Matthew mcconaughey trying the British accident. I'd like to see him waiver in and out of the British accent like the the chick psychologist from the departed who mailed in the Boston accent half the time and the the other half of the time really laid it on thick. That's what I'd like to do with the British accent for Vera for me. Whatever right the psychiatrist Yeah Yeah I was. I was born in Chester Dude. This is awesome. I mean we we talk about Guy Ritchie little bit and like just how a lot of his recent work just hasn't been fantastic. I think he's like a God with crime comedy like he is one of the the uh-huh jeeze and crime comedy and this is him going back to his roots and I think it's great project Greek cast the trailer. I think was the second one we'd better. I'm I'm putting this sort live in my top. I would say at least ten most excited. anticipated movies for next year. I'd just love Guy Rich. I like Richie when he's doing crime comedy and this is right up. It's fucking alley yeah. I'm I'm with CAC on that with the top ten and whatnot because snatch is one of my favorite movies just ever of course. That's him yeah so good. I mean if I wonder if if he could have McConnell hey do like a like what he did with pit and that Piketty piketty accent yeah. There's really no like big movie for next year. Did you realize that like no huge twenty twenty release. There's there's no like like that's the movie birds of prey. I mean Marvin Black widow new mutants turtles. We'll see no time to die. Bond tenant Topgun the bone the bonds pretty big wait attornal next year ghostbusters towards hundred Yay turtles but like eternal like think about this year though like joker ended up becoming a big one but star wars endgame obviously yeah I think as the next you right okay I think but I think what it is. It's just it feels weird to not have an avengers or star wars movie coming yeah. That's what ah we're so conditioned to are are are loving are loving owners pouring that slop into her bowl at six pm every night we expect it and when when they don't do it we get a little bit hungry. I think that's that's what's happening. I'm I'm holding my expectations right now for Dune at a very low bar nothing to be bad because I this just looks like something the second we see a teaser which should come out with Star Wars. It's expected to be t's he's with Star Wars in December. I think the hype is going to be insane. I think that's GonNa be I can't wait. I can't fuck and we also more and get delivers calling moving. I don't think anyone's really excellent point like that's it. I like the new Godzilla but Godzilla. We'll see it isn't a fair fight though he will be bigger apparently but he's not not supposed to be bigger. Get Run off the field also onward for Pixar. That's interesting yeah. We haven't had a pixar like original in awhile barely early. Dana Kirk cried at the end of production for new bond. ENDA crudes to that last check that last check cleared trolls world tour Trill Yeah who could forget branch and the other one eagles roles now now the thing about the trolls world tour boof rings. We're not there yet pressure. The pressure isn't on the trolls World World tour movie. It's on this song because that's what everybody is going to be looking at. They're gonNA be looking for that. earworm of a song can't stop the feeling the original song from from the DreamWorks Motion Picture trolls which I think is the official your worm though yes. It's a terrible not terrible sons. I wouldn't call it. Well Okay I. I've listened to it many times. It's very catchy but I wouldn't say it's. It's like a a good song. I wouldn't be proud of listening to it in front of a group of peers one more word about about the quickly transition from that. I feel like I'm going to get some heat for like that song. I think I think he's going to steal the show and the Gentleman Michelle dockery sorry I think down Abulaiti a big big fan of her work in Downton Abbey. I'm not even being facetious. I thought cheese the breakaway starved out Naby Abby. She stole the show in Downton. Abbey and I think she's going to do very well in this movie world secret report because none of us have seen lady Mary Crawley out spirits impression is very good because again no sitting down now feels like if they made a book a show and I don't mean like they made the book into a show like if they just put a book on TV and turn the page fingerless. That's the most asking you get on that show. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa say like SNL listen to this show because I don't think they do but that there have been some some things like Tucci man that have appeared I heard on the show and the one thing that appeared as the skit was there spoof on the Downton Abbey movie where the stakes were pretty low and this comes after a discussion of like us talking about the movie a saying that the plot was basically about them not finding the silver to Polish. What else did this happen copies also as that's no writers. I'm not saying they copied copy does but we work. They're very aware of us because they canceled on us for an interview or they're very aware I'm not saying they copied us now. It's very unlikely likely however they are very aware of us. I don't think they did I think I think what it is is. It's just a very lazy and obvious joke that I did his kids because I'm a lazy and obvious joke yeah the Dow Naby the whole the whole thing about Dan Abbas every season Mary Crawley her new husband died so does she went through like six husbands and they all died somehow. Is it very cool. Show also next year by the way Peter Rabbit to James Corden in the spongebob to wonderful spot fucks cats coming out gets comes down to send this year how this year you need time for new trailer like the movie comes out very soon. I'm also with Detroit. I feel like the reaction to the first trailer was so mixed that they really want to nail. The second trailer also Artemis Fowl next year. Oh Hell Yeah Baby. Let's go ornaments foul. Get another guy who'll soon man. I hope so. I don't know what's going on with holy. I don't know if it's being guarded at all. Maybe it's too for can safe in these streets nowadays and Ghoul Needless House. Oh Boy yeah I mean I just I. I want to know what those are up to garden their garden Google Buddy. I mean they'd better be anyway. I mean the kind of left us to the cliffhanger. After the end of the first movie you remember no. I didn't see you know. Tell me maybe not alive. Watch tyler you mean at the end of the movie when Soren and the band follow Essel rib into a storm into a storm that is a cliffhanger. We need to know what happened or guardians know what it is is Lord Lord Lord fizzle Bam eight a ruby enders then threw up the Ruby then his pellet was collected in and now it's in a middle the school classrooms so they have to go to the middle school classroom to get the Rubio Hugo weaving played knocked in griddle confer him man of many talents sorry true he's below his desk. He's not I can't see he has not risen isn't yet he's. GonNa come back and forth joker makeup while my man plays to K- oh my God girls are going full full choker makeup goes to K- I always forget that Zack Snyder are directed legend of the Guardians the owls of Ghoul Zak's release the Snyder cutting event that might be the tweet releases snyder cut. It's just the owls having sex to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. That was the sex scene in watchmen right. You're right. I remember the head. There was a secret al who did allow. We'd love all right fair enough. I made the Mardi Mush directed guardians to just called hoot bags. He apparently just found out today that for instance die passed away. Elliot Imagine I he found out that I was a person and that a dead person people were have Mardi marshawn are are lustrous co worker to review rat race the art. I heard that I heard that he drives around a laundry basket with a lawnmower motor in it so that the weird thing of the whole thing is the fact that he knows who princess di is but didn't know that she died as he checked his college so is transcripts because he's ninety six percent sure he's a Rhode Scholar. I if he's if he's acting he's without without question the greatest actor who's ever lived not even a close second it'd been it's been here a fucking year. There's no way he could've kept up the act for this little. It's is not an and I met his whole family and they're all all the all the same person I was there with you. When his whole family came his dad and brother were there and his dad is just a printer he made two copies copies of themselves exactly the same. They're like would go ahead. I was just GonNa say that Assad's brother like why he won't Stop Eating Pizza Hut and he's like it's no one else puts cheese in their cross just the way. I want one other place at it. He'd it is a tremendous never so that's the whole thing with the most family. They all have answers that. You just can't retort like yeah. That's a good point. I didn't think AH SHUT ME UP. Real quick like no one else get stuck. Choose point the other major chain pizza places that are still trying to accomplish this. Do they keep getting it. We can't do it once yeah it was. It was a wonderful wonderful experience being his family. I highly recommend to anybody you partially knows Morton Bush. Oh my goodness all right moving on. What else do we have here. What's the next thing up on the docket. The Good Liar starring Ian mckellen Helen Helen Dame Helen Mirren Career Con Artists Roy Courtenay can hardly believe his luck when he meets well to do widow Betty McLeish online fine as betty and opens her life and home to him. Roy surprised to find himself caring about her turning what should be a cut and dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk life. I mean I almost a trailer. Perhaps he is the one being swindled McLeish leashes last name because the guy who played shives side piece in succession played a guy named Peter McLeish in it does need survivor good for him. I thought you were watching that show designated survivor. I watched it when I come home in my roommate's watching it but like that's it. I can't bring myself to sit down and lie to calpine big time. I mean really because he did realize you don't doc he knows oh Bob. Oh Look I. I just trying to get them brownie points in at work. He liked the slot. Nobody show him this. I don't care about this. Movie thoughts lot yeah. I thought it was dangerous level. Yeah I don't know I. This is like one of those things that probably it looks like it will be interesting to to watch but you wouldn't come away from thinking it was a particularly good or bad movie. It's it's very neutral. I do like I do like both of the leads in this this one I think they're they're you know obviously the resume speak for themselves the thing about it though is I I feel like we already know what's going to happen. I feel like there's going to be some twist and the like allude to that like he's into deep now and she's the one playing him and so. I don't know we already know how they get pointed to point Z. So the one thing I did like about it was the head of voiceover at the end said the name of the trailer or so the name of the movie which I feel like we haven't had ages the way that guy's been out of work for hot minute they this movie is a big candidate for forgotten movie of the year because the week before this comes out. Dr Sleep last Christmas midway honey boy the week it comes out Charlie's angels four verse Ferrari the report with Adam driver driver the week after frozen to and the Mr Rogers movie Doctor Sleep that sequel right yes worst title. I've ever heard the people were like oh going after Stephen King Yeah. I will what the fuck did to. He's a fellow Boston guy. Actually he's from Maine. Yeah put that on meeting. New England guy the basically Canada doctor sleep. It sounds like storebrand Melatonin. That was my initial take on it Dr Sleep or that. They just just put that movie out. I know it was a book. All the people tweeted at me when I checked the title of this movie. I don't give a shit cheats fucking. It's not that hard sounds like the name of a whitesnake album uh-huh or like really like mediocre like a weed strain this this one this one is like xp spe- L. Doshi Kush or go. That's good I just want is bombed green on. It sounds dope. This one's doctor sleep of sick. I it as as you know I I am very up on my marijuana Palm Green Green. I'm like I'm actually a writer writer for you. You dig it though that would definitely be something that like ice tea has to say like he's been selling what he's been selling marijuana stuff like bomb green puff puff puff they take a smoke and then the lungs explode the call bomb green chanting six the. I love chanting really. Oh Thais T. I. Hey I'm a coca combination of we got one more thing one more piece of news where he talked about super size me star wars ores reveal the I look at a brand new character I the rises skywalker today this little boy this little boy this little Guy Little Alien he reprograms in modifies droids screener and says it wouldn't be out of the question to theorize. He's the one who turns three. Peos is read you can get this toy on triple force Friday along with St Three. Po who's holding shoe boxes. crossbow focused heard caster at the same time as you so. It's okay okay. The character's name is Babu Frick character foot. This character fucking rule actor fucking stinks Utah. They stink mailing in a name like Dr Sleep. They were like people really love and Miss Boba Fett. Why don't we just come up with another one of those names and then they did call Babu Frick Rick Curse word in its name like Boba Fett. It's exactly the same. He's very cute very. He's very cute character. You know he he. What does he sound like. What do you guys think. He sounds like he looks like if Yoda fucked Derby I sounds sounds like a furby as it sounds like that uh-huh Baba Frick here my keys some too much to drink. He's just a drunk doc now drunk look at his eyes once he looks high no just bubba rick the responsible the responsible drinker parodies carrying. Bobo fuck water. I know of alcohol name to open and close every Pokemon Gocha politics we do the please please fricks. Chip Frick Empty Clip Bang Bang five to frick in your bed fucking under chick the bus Zimbabwe brick lakes crushing bubble frick sue sick. They need Robitussin run-up on hater so are some are rushing bubba overthrow. The empire called me Kirk cousins. You don't freshly mixed that. Oh No what do you think of Babu for now Coley. If Brandon Walker his his is his coat dot co worker because no in the I don't want him to podcast if they podcasts in this next hour more out imagine flying to take on like the empire whatever and then I go you know podcast while we fly instead of what is it the cat what's the name of the band aired his canteen. How's IT GONNA say that I want you. fucking nerds to roast my ex repo science noodles welcome to the podcast asked. We're talking music today. Folks who are your favorite characters from Star Wars coli how `Bout Depot Bill Bob. Co Biblical to Humira Flag Baba Joe Dud Bolt. How about how about Bob Rueffert ERC say like a question four more votes hot swing through tot on what was the the the hut from clone wars job as Uncle Zemo the Hut Borelli Sassy One. There's accent for retail I swear to God I'm not fucking with is what's going on hand a really weird yeah. It's very very it's like it's like the wall in Goggin like hot just very bizarre baby billy the hut. I'll go baby. Billy lurks ability so much blur Bob Rick Fox the designated driver Babu fricks sidekick Babu Frick always claims like no. It's my turn guys on the designated driver and then he drinks a little too much ends up having to pay for the Uber. I can you know if you take me to get me my car in the morning. Okay Doughnuts Babu guys. Thanks for answering my my craigslist ad. I'm going to sit in the corner with this video camera. Do Your thing uh-huh Responsible Alcoholic Babu Frick prefer just just wants to watch zero the hut by the way I Senate if you show coli just so you can hear how zero the hut sounds. I'm GONNA play really cut this. Doubt Criminals Functioning nope just fucking very peculiar rules very peculiar street. Yeah what's happening here. He's hanging out with SEIS noodles in this clip. All right singer of the Max reopened who has only feet and no hands that that's being Canon or actually you might have both now. I'd forget getting this problem okay. That's it for news. Let's get into you super size me to holy chicken. This thing premiered at tiff in two thousand thousand seventeen and released two years later. I'M GONNA say this once. I don't want to get into this. This is not really having the movie but Morgan spurlock came mouth essentially me to youtube announced they had purchased distribution rights to the movie and then dropped it after he admitted to who previous instances of sexual misconduct and harassment the production company warrior poets also announced the Philip being pulled from the to eighteen sundance film festival. It sector etc didn't come out until two years later. It's got a seventy percent rotten tomatoes seven point zero nine out of ten average rating so all right they ever said the ratings pretty good ratings not bad filmmaker. Morgan spurlock zone chicken restaurant to explore industry claims James Fast Food is now healthier more natural and organic. The conceit here are excuse me. This is a follow up the super size. I think that's what I meant. He's done other things including pom wonderful presents the greatest movie ever sold which was a a documentary on like ad sales from like or selling product placement for movies and things like that so he paid for the whole movie through product placement or so he claims we'll get into the the the disputes over whether or not super size me is bullshit momentarily momentarily but super size me to holy chicken. We watched it not given any rating. It's not going on the rating scale but essentially opens up. He wants to open up a chicken a fast food chicken place. He goes through like testing marketing trying to figure out what makes most sense see finds a way to get his own chickens. Get his own flock. He breeds the chicken farm then he proceeds to kill them and use them mm for chicken. which is how the process works? He opens up his own place in Columbus Ohio. He actually had a pop up shop here. In New York a couple of blocks away about that can jack. We learned today's dirty clothes though we'll get into some of the things he says at the end of the documentary which ended up not being true whatsoever. Here's my thoughts. I think Morgan spurlock stinks. He's one of the most self important people I've ever seen on camera. I've never seen someone I think pound for pound considering who he is like what he's worth what he's done. Nursing someone thinks so highly of themselves and also in the first five minutes does he claims Panera bread to be fast food which it's not boras calf. It's very clearly trails dying fast casual correct sorry. My point is just my voice decimated from the Bo Bobo Babu for freaked up your voice. I I really don't like this movie. I I didn't dislike super size me when I initially saw because you buy into it and then obviously the supersized fry went away. There's a lot of interesting people in this. He talked to some like take some like glitz up. Hollywood guy with slicked back hair a couple of times the movie. There's also a Mike titties type name. Ken Jackie didn't catch hatchet early on in the movie Harry Ball Zor guys he talks to his name is Harry. Balser thought the got name. I don't remember which one it was down to the computer and put Harry balls are and then in parentheses next to it. Mike titties there was one guy those one old guy at the beginning who just kept talking about sandwiches and how delightful sandwiches I like that guy he was was like sandwiches are great. We love sandwiches stronger grace. GotTa Make Same God thank you. There were a couple of things that I actually did pull away one. There's a company CD SEE CD innovations which is responsible for creating all awesome fast food product Lupu that Chiluba Gordeeva data. That's a ton of different stuff from Burger King McDonald's very cool company. I love work for that company. There's making up random shit. They create the Sandwich. He eventually cells in his restaurant. I thought some of the more serious stuff like clearly people who breed chickens like they're very much fucked over farmers general for really bad for them and even more so so the farmer that was involved organ spurlock is even more blackballed than he was before from the Chicken Street and I kind of expected at the end of the documentary it'd be like we donated this amount of money to mm nothing like he'd been blackballed and it's Morgan spurlock going. Hey I'm opening up more of these bad boys. That's it spurlock didn't even fly him to the opening of the restaurants. I I drove from Alabama like what the Fuck Morgan from Alabama to Columbus for the opening of this restaurant and this guy is like two hundred four million million dollars in debt and he's like yeah just come on drive over to Alabama. It was really sad like the tournament system. That's set up for deciding who gets paid the most. That's eight even less S. money because he's like. I think they got word. I'm working with you and mortgage like shame. I'm GonNa grow all he did. Was He painted a picture uh-huh inside of his restaurant. That does no chance restaurants still open. It's not yeah now so senators big oof spongebob laying on Iraq. It was like I mean that's the processor. There are some interesting stuff like big chicken right. He's like it's like big tobacco but it's big chicken and it's interesting and there's lawsuits and stuff and the DC lobbyists and shit were telling other big chicken people to be careful Morgan spurlock. I get what he's going for here. I get it but the self importance is what really turns me off with this movie. It's a guy who thinks he is the god of Fast Food and the beginning of the movie the beginning of this movie he proceeds to go into so many every fast food chain in fast casual. He goes to report way. They don't even have a fucking sandwich. He goes later onto that he goes to. Wendy's he just shits on. Wendy's he destroys. Wendy's he's like like us. I don't know if it was somewhere else but he thinks say which swoopes smells like Styrofoam. Q. Smells like Styrofoam can never this crap well what other rate just claims when they when they finally go to. McDonalds and he's like wow. This show looks different. Is he trying to say he. He hasn't seen a McDonald's allows twelve years. That's true I understand him not going and I'm sure they hold have pictures registered like don't let this ask here but he's never seen McDonald's change look. I didn't think about that. You're right. He's driving on the highway fucking horse blinders anytime he sees they just looked like I hope I don't hit anyone this time you keep talking about self importance one of the notes. I wrote down and I know some people already don't like this guy. I'm about to compare them I do but I I do. Morgan spurlock banksie really fucking some artists so I don't like this comparison well. It's like backseat like they're both they're both main goals would be to like tear down something or disruptors disrupters but like bags as like his at least take some some fucking effort. I don't know how to crane lifts. This like broken. humpback whale that I found washed up on a show ashore to talk about billionaires that take some work and some playing. This guy is just like fast food bad. Thanks dude no idea until you started talking. I the only thing I really pulled from the size of the farming. Thing which is really sad. Just unfortunate is I would like a full documentary on like. I know there's like food. We've had doc go into food but I don't care about like the negative stuff I wanNA. I don't know about like making limited time offering food like the marketing because they've been talked about the like and you don't think about the idea that crispy has replaced the word fried because Friday such a negative connotation like a world ending thought like I was more interested in that stuff the company that makes Kenya you brought up what he went to what what did he do with the Burger King Chicken Sandwich with the Burger King. Oh finger fuck he we like takes US Burger King like foregin chicken patty thing and he's just like yeah. Look at this and you like it takes the whole he has expanded and it's like a hollow chicken. Patty Starts Finger fucking it looks you could wear it like a Mitt as he slides his two fingers in and out very slowly. I mean if I can tear apart the food I also make it look like certain things as well Morgan Yeah. I think the my sorta issue with Morgan spurlock is number one. He loves saying his name like there's no person I've watched duck or anything. I'm Morgan spurlock like he says to everybody like he has such a grand importance and it's not there like we we all watch super size me. We all know fast. Food is bad beforehand and like I'll I will give him this like his documentary like super size me did like I think open a lot of people's eyes last looked at before and like good but since then a lot of stuff has come out I would say like Food Inc and all that where they tell the same thing more in depth and I think food INC array treaded on everything that he did in this and food and came out before this by like a pretty decent amount of time so I I don't feel like I learned anything and just get this entire weird vibe throughout the movie where I just feel like no pun intended. He's like holier than thou throughout the entire. I think and I feel like I'm being preached at and not like I'm being informed of anything which is like what I kind of go into a documentary more expecting GonNa be taught something I didn't know. I don't want to be preached to like told like I feel like this weird like super unfunny unintended ironic feeling from him which I don't like food feel like went specifically at how the food is made whereas he did at least bring in like what Jeff was saying with like how they advertise it specifically to people and how they set up the insides ads of restaurants to make it seem like it's supposed to be healthier than it is which I don't think doing that part was that the closing price thirty minutes of it right but they spent like an hour on the chicken farmers and I already knew all that like I knew all that the the the stuff that again bother me. The most is how he presents a new set of to me this way says his name but but going to each like he did that with super size me right like he got that he talked about the salad shakers just having a lot of categories he did the over exaggerated shit throughout the entirety of supersizing where he'd have some dramatic BURP. He'd take a bite look cool. It's killing me inside did that when he went back to McDonald's and he eats the chicken sandwich and he like he's like Oh that was he calls it a the PT mcpeek Guy. What are you doing? He just looks down. He looks essentially give about that. He looks down on people who eat fast food. He looks like if if like Louis C. K. was doing a bit like a hairpiece. Put Him a lot of things in common believe it or not I do believe it well fuck chicken sandwiches finger fucking the Burger King Chicken Sandwich Yamba next he he he went back and he played the greatest hits because his last movie sucked ass. That's why nobody liked it. Nobody cared cares about this. One either it just it's it's the they were self righteous nonsense and I don't like him reviewing the chicken sandwiches early on him going back to McDonald's and you're right. It's been here twelve years and everything in there from the the wait painted to the nutrition facts to the to the litter boxes the boxes because of you guys blowing smoke up those guys fucking stunk. I hated them more than anyone else in the they're just sitting there. There's like come on Morgan. This is because he you buddy this. All it's been twelve years. He impacted acted a little bit. I like McDonalds didn't look exactly like this right away. It's not because of Morgan spurlock and also correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they just rename. Everything something like isn't the large now supersize used to be no eating smaller it is it might have gotten bigger but it the super size was outraged the French fries. I will say that I'm just GonNa play devil's advocate here okay and I'm not for against the opinions but I'm curious because if I if I'm a neutral party ready listening to you guys talk about this obviously very negative on the movie and you're very negative on the creator do do you feel like the Creator took the stance of kind kind of making himself a character in the movie in order to get his point across and the follow up question is do you think a documentary is where I guess the document her is completely neutral or do you think there one where the documentary obviously has an agenda that they're trying to get across and I don't think agenda necessarily means a bad thing so two part question question. Do you think he was playing a character and then the second one is do you like it when the person making the documentary is invested in it and obviously is trying to get you to their side or do you like it when they're just trying to show it as it is and not insert their own narrative in there. I think he I think it is a character. I think again he's playing the greatest just hits. He's playing his hit that that became popular super size me because no matter where you want to say about it it was very popular very influential people inspired super hi me but but for this one like he goes in with this predetermined notion and he's he's again. He's playing all the greatest. Morgan spurlock hits throughout. I mean it's an easy pre-determined notion like we know. These people aren't like great. People like we know the fast food. Industry isn't like looking out for me and you so it's like an easy thing but I also don't know if you can go into any of these without an agenda agenda. I don't know a single documentary where someone went into it like this is what I'm out to prove up proved the exact opposite. I'm wrong like that. It's not too good point. My I guess my biggest question and if you do think it was very played up. Do you think that letter was real. he didn't find the guy he shared didn't. Sam Trooper his name. Was Jim Super. I think it was a very fake. News is like Jim Super DC lobbyist good employees. She had a lot of good excuses unstuck. How'd you get here. Why elevator like what are you talking about. How did you get past security. I'm nice. I guess do you think do you. You think there's a line to blur between like white is considered a pure documentary and what can be considered almost like Docu entertainment because I think certain subjects when you when when you almost take like an over exaggerated approach to it it can become more entertaining yeah but not in this case a fair answer. I'm just like I'm I'm asking well. It's like I'm Sarah something we will touch on eventually like thirty for thirty's do that a lot where they're going to tell it from one per like the Randy Moss ones coming to mind like they're telling it from his side and I do think that makes it more enjoyable and entertaining so I don't have a problem with that but when the the person at the center IRV it's so inherently unlikable. I think it takes away from it. I think like my general opinion on it and kind of like I did see super size me in in like one of one one of the thoughts and like where I've landed throughout the years as we get a sense of like I mean you spend enough time in any business and you've got to get a sense of like what they're doing right like you you you McDonalds a lot like for example choline like we buy shoes right. We like to buy shoes. We know that there's going to be a shoe. That Nike's GonNa put on their Nike. What's the APP SNEAKERS APP yeah that we'RE GONNA. We're GONNA have no chance of get and we're going to enter the RAFFLE and and we're going to lose the RAFFLE and we're going to be super pissed and we're going to keep doing that and we know they're doing it to us but we keep doing it anyway. Because it's it's a chance in its shot but we know like Nike's creating this limited exclusivity if they wanted to make enough shoes for everybody they certainly could but its exclusivity that kind of keeps US coming back to the brand so you know that marketing just in terms of what they're doing is manipulating you and as a consumer. I think it's fair to like understand that but also consumer. It's I think you're I think what the thing is is like. You're also free to enjoy these products to like. You shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying them in in like the the big thing for me is like I think we inherently know that like a lot of fast food. Just isn't a good for us it it. It wasn't designed to be all the time thing but like there are a lot of people who just like who who subside off of this food because one because it's cheap and two because his his time fishing so there there are a great deal people who just simply like eat it because it's the most economical option for them and they may not have the option or they may watch us and say we'll make nick sure I would love to be able to afford keen wall and ASPARAGUS and whatever and eat that every night but like I work three jobs and so like I don't have time to buy pay Ford and Cook it and so it's almost like you know not. Everyone has the luxury of like saying well okay. My eyes have been opened. I'm truly going to eat like a healthy a healthy lifestyle and that that's kind of like where I land on like in not talking about this movie specifically but with like was super size me. It's like well yeah. It's like it's not great for you but like every now and then in mcdon- I had it Sunday. McDonald's can be a tree I had today because I knew we were talking about this and I will. I felt it was necessary. Sorry but to your point I thought probably the most interesting part of this was. The Place Jeff was talking about in just the length at which they go to try to manipulate manipulate the consumer to make it look like they're eating something that they're clearly not because. I don't even think that's a necessary step. I think if they didn't do any of that nothing would change. I think people need it regardless of them. Changing it from fried to crispy that I mean that is the mortgage same thing to me because especially like the reaction of just again that are all split up the two things I I'm okay with the subject and I wish it was more focused on that as a whole like the fast food industry pretending to be healthier or even something like Japan outlay. which is it provokes fresh ingredients but we have this mindset that you police healthy cut of meat is very fatty so I'd rather have thousand in calories a Burrito rather hear that type of thing but he plays so much up into? I changed the food industry. Listen to me. I mean the entire back. Half of the movie for the most part is him opening up a chicken store. Were really it's just it's fucking self master. Tory yeah. He's essentially just like like like showing you this now. You guys like this look at this gave you the truth. The truth is all over my restaurant it just it's so it's so self righteous and plays it up himself that it completely overshadows anything that really matters in the movie like. I think that's that's where it really lost me. Is that if you would've taken himself out of and that's it goes back to you set up playing a character. He does like you. Find your character. It's almost docu entertainment to appoint. He knows Oh yes and I don't blame. I guess I don't blame him. Like super size me was a successful thing and the pom wonderful movie really wasn't and he put a lot of work in that and I saw an accident hate that movie. I found it somewhat interesting but this was more about I'm me I changed the fast food industry right when he was talking about like the USDA guidelines and like how easy it is to manipulate like free range and hormone free and all that just what goes into chicken I found that to be interesting and then of course he makes it so self serving at the end when he plans to visit Oliver's restaurant and and again I didn't see it. The the I guess the argument just as an outside observer that I would have to if you're talking about a change in the super size me came out in two thousand four which is not the birth of the Internet but it's socially on the first tail end of or again the first start of the tail end for the explosion of social media and the creation of Youtube and the wealth of information. That's been generated. I would argue did that like a lot of the functions in terms of just like publishing of nutrition INFO legislative. I think there's been a lot that have you know there's been a lot of political pressure to publish that but I do think there's been a lot more awareness just simply due to social media into people's access to information online at at everyone's fingertips you can go to any any establishment and pull up their caloric a- information and so like there's there's no transparency there so. I mean I don't know like I. I don't know that went into it either but I would feel like that would have a bigger impact on just I guess the so you know I I tend to think of marketing sometime as a way to like kind of like the one step ahead of the consumer and not necessarily in a bad way but you're trying to sell your product and a lot of sense is like you're always trying to battle like a preconceived notion of what your product is in so you're always trying to rebrand yourself and the big thing about that was like okay. Now you have access assistant information. People are saying it's unhealthy and so you got to figure out what to do. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I think it's a good thing to be aware of. I think it's a good thing to know any companies doing in order like what they're trying to do and if it's above the table or not but yeah this is kind of my take on that's a good point. It's a great thing I think I think in the big issue here is that that just comes down to the way he did it the way he presented it or I it's. It's like a self promotion peace and he opens up his own restaurant holy chicken which he revamps Kulik in a restaurant. They're making chicken sandwich they did that. CCD innovation they helped them out. That's people who may cool limited time offering type food or stuff and that stays a staple on the menu and and they make a chicken sandwich. It looks pretty delicious. The bread was a little could've done a better job with the brand melt in the broad. Yeah Bradley's loss US yeah they coleslaw. They put chicken and they had a great scene of them food art for for pictures again. I wish I would have seen more that and I would have wished like ten minutes dedicated to that. I would have walked yeah which I I think they touch on a little bit and supersized that's more McDonald's based or I like to see like the wide variety of the industry and so he even talks about a letter he got from Hardee's about like -freshing stuff and he just kind of skipped over that so there were there was more stuff. Oh could have been interesting but he talks about the manipulation. When I think think is great he at least in that aspect he has all the truth over his restaurant like like they paint fake charcoal marks to look like it's girl they call the grilled crispy chicken up pretty great but the end of it the end of its kind of he's. He's doing what the food industry's doing. He's manipulating the people watching because you know he's goading these answers actress from people who there's like a guy sitting down at the table and he's like what do you think now that you see the the facts about free range chickens and how they're cruces like let her know that can't even finish my sandwich which now and so he's getting all these quotes to back up his thing or like their scarf or the sandwich down right like like there's lines to get in your people like this De. Goten the Andrews and it's like you've got to do the same thing direct. Kinda pull it over. You had a quote that you hate it from the end of the end of the movie when he's talking to the people in his new restaurant hollow what was it. Do you remember like the I love the irony or something. Oh yeah some kids is reading. His company. Just looks up at goes. I love the irony here. Fuck Ah Yeah Right. Oh that was so bad. I forgot about that sucks. I think I think trowbridge brought up a good point in the fact that he is super super like sanctimonious the fact that he thinks he changed the fast food injury or industry in general with with supersize me and then this movie shows like literally nothing has changed. Nothing has changed whatsoever. Everything is today is still exactly the same as it was before and nothing really will change. There's not anything no documentaries. GonNa Change this process whatsoever well he thinks he did and as he ended the documentary when remember where he didn't actually give the the former anything he's. GonNa do it. I went on motion like Oh man SOx's guy. This is so so sad mike. Oh more than again some money not so he's leaving he turning the lights off his chicken place in Columbus. He's like and you know what big chicken. We're GONNA make more of these. We're GONNA franchise these. We're coming for you and guess what we might even put you out of business. I mean there are closed he. You didn't open up any franchises. He did none of that stuff. It's been like three years now so awesome like you're. You're a phony you failed. I mean like if he were really trying to take it down. I feel like he just opened the restaurant specifically to shoot in it and then he closed at like a week later this whole thing was like I'm going to really take it down like was clearly doing well and Ohio apparently is the feeding ground for it's a test place free food. It seemed like it was doing all right and I think the fact that he was like working behind the register and shit and all that that felt very jobs to these people to be props CBS for like two weeks yeah right. That's the worst part here. Come work for my ironic fast food restaurant. That's probably going to go under. We're we tell people not to eat here. He openly like and he had the mall say like how much they made and they're like seven twenty. Five years like twenty five yeah exactly what he paid him a couple of notes notes. I wrote down chickens objectively hysterical to look at very funny bird one of the funnier birds damn I get into farming stuff was interesting. I think fooding overplays gone into a lot of that size dumping the chicks onto the ground stepping on killing. 'em Out and care for that yeah. The chicken part like chickens being way too large is to support their own body weight. I mean again. We've seen that and other things but yes sad to see no matter who's doing it. they showed a commercial an old McDonald's commercial where they had like Mick Pizza Pizza that was fake. There was no McDonald's Jeff they also showed Wendy's for Scotto. Wendy's for Scott not bad you ever have that on the bottom retro. No no one was that it was a while ago but thousands maybe the Wendy's for Scott not bad whoever McDonald's thought that that having pizza was a good idea. I hope they've long been fired it speaking of McDonald's I know his claim to fame is like taking down McDonald's. I'll take mergen SP more mergen. Morgan spurlock had nearly the negative effect on how I view view. McDonald's is the founder did that's that's true. The founder made me it'd be like Oh wow this place is a real peace. Shit stinks they own like all of the land in this country and he was just like Maybe don't eat so much. I get that one Morgan. Thanks the free range like the deaf. There's no actual definition of free range chicken. I found that to would be like an interesting fact that he spent all five of the hundred and eighty minutes on and they knew I was a filmmaker. I don't care I talk about the stuff we talk about the other shit and that has a real duty line when he was like you. Morgan spurlock the documentary guys like yeah also a farmer like twice if he did it two times in he played the same twice in the movie and stuffing a chicken into your bucket to weigh it. That was very funny scene surprising to stuff up checking on you have to know how much the bucket ways and subtract from the chicken yeah wait yeah. I mean I kind of hearing you guys talk about it. It sounds like it sounds like that. He might have some like good points but it's framed framed around what essentially is like a a PR play right or like maybe not even I mean I don't even say him but I just want to say like creating a fake restaurant and like closing it down and all this stuff like that I mean that's that's like That seems like a roundabout about way to make your point. That seems like that makes it like almost bigger than the point. You're trying to make and I haven't seen it so I can't comment but I'm just saying like when you get into documentary documenting filmmaking like if like we can talk about this a little bit but lake what constitutes like neutrality because if you're like actively I mean yeah. I don't even know if he's trying to send that point. I'm just saying like I referred the subject rather than the person who's trying to present the subject and with dish. She get the person presenting it more than I think you get anything else yeah. I I think like I think what you know like I guess I'm here from you is like I it kind of gets lost in the stunt. Dont rather than the message right now. I think that's the best way to put it honestly in the frame it in another way it's like you know like if I if I were to make Free Free Solo and I'm setting up a rockwall to demonstrate to you like how hard it is to climb the rockwall. It's like well. You can just show in the actual subject right. There's there's points to be made. You don't have to do the stunt in order to make your point right like in the best. The better parts of the movies were the ones where he wasn't really trying to do that. Yeah and the other thing to remember is that he has had like he talks about how important he is and what he's done. There's there have been people who have disputed his claim super size. I want to read a couple of things here food for thought thanks to someone on allred who pointed this out by the way this is Jamal websites. Here's the thing no one has been able to replicate spurlock results. Uneven basic math disputes. The claim that has diet consisted of five thousand calories. Tom Points out in his documentary. FAT head a large big McNeil clocks in just fourteen fifty calories. It's by far one of the fattest items on the menu. This means that even supersizing lunch and dinner every day adding desert falls well short of the five thousand calories a day spurlock. Magicians claims he was consuming. I mean meanwhile researchers from making sure movies aren't stupid. Department Sweden's University of linkoping tried to replicate spurlock despair by tasking healthy college college students with the challenge of eating six thousand calories of food per day at the end of the thirty days students had none of the liver girl cholesterol trouble spurlock reported according to the guy in charge of the experiment airmont k. an actual scientist not the guy who created MTV's. I bet you will the students. Metabolism was able to adapt the extra amount of food. They were eating. They did feel more tired tired but none of them experienced the mood swings and depression per claim to have endured then one more thing says berlex documentary prompted a backlash in an effort to refute super size me several lesser known subsequent documentaries documented of attempted to exonerate meeting. CETERA fat so so Worley recorded a two thousand seven Youtube Krenek over thirty day McDonald's immersion Mickey Dietschy lost weight and improved or cholesterol stroll numbers so that's interesting that no one's been able to recreate it. Basically he plays it up in the first one and that's again part of what bothers me about him is that felt like such an acting job and the first one like McDonald's does make you feel tired slow right it does like all food food but it was like the second unwrap the food he would start like Barf in his car. Basically it was so over exaggerated and that's always kind of a bother about it. Is that it it it always your shit goes back and said trump's a character essentially which I think is defeats the purpose of being a documentary to an what extent right like maybe it's more documentation but that's not really what he I don't. He's I he's trying to sell it where it isn't entertainment but that's kind of what it comes off as I I think there's room for both they just it comes. I think it goes back to WHO's watching it who likes it and and because I think the there is an audience for this movie like as you can see. It's gotten really good reviews. I mean maybe we're not it but maybe audience for this movie you know does one approach it and they are are entertained by his approach and and the they enjoy like maybe that exists. I I think I think we're we land is is just Ah we obviously like like the food so it's hard for us to hear hear that getting paid by Disney were also being paid by McDonald's. Many people said to hear this terrible things my body hourly the I I clearly don't care like at what point do do you expect neutrality from your document and there's no like I hate to say that it's like because most documentaries have an agenda right trying to like educate you on one one side of the subject subject so it's not like he's like he's doing something. Nobody else is doing. I think just the the insertion like that Michael Moore style of insertion action into the documentary where you're a character rather than just like a voiceover or producer with narration is a little more jarring sometimes yeah. I think I misspoke earlier when I said I said I don't like the agenda I think the agenda felt more like propaganda here and employees of a character slant his agenda was to be the guy again by using an actual agenda which is showing the negative side of I guess that is I think I described my thoughts on it poorly earlier well. I just like what what I don't like is. I think you guys have some some good points. I think like the first part of the interview is like I don't want people because you you obviously have have feelings about the the maker of the documentary but I don't want people to confuse that with your actual opinion on the documentary itself itself even though they're interchangeable a lot of parts because he obviously is a large part of it super size me too. It's it's interesting. There's a better movie there somewhere. There's more interesting things there somewhere. We got snippets but I think it focused too much on the man himself. I do want to note the go. Go ahead trump. I I will say the documentary. That's GonNa come out some day about a what's going down right now with the e cigarette stuff is going to be super fascinating. Yes yes it will be. That's a good point very thin smoke. Yeah there you go. I WanNa talk about Don. Gorski Real Quick Don Gorski Gorski was eating his nineteen thousand big Mac in the original super size me in two thousand four. There's a part in the interview with Morgan spurlock where he claims that he one time had a brutal wager from a friend. A friend bet him five five dollars that he would eat a whopper. He's like I did. I did it and then I took that five dollars when I when I bought three big. MACs damned on crazy that one dude day show them absolute dunking yeah. I hit a whopper one time okay respect affect his brand at this point though I think he just got a goal in only leading yeah look like John Lennon and he can big league. Max I mean I respect him to stick his core brand values you propose to his wife in the parking spot in front of McDonald's wife had Oh come on big John and then I love that hurts. You feel like there's nobody out there for you. Remember that Don Gorski got a Mrs Gorski at home. There's an you know that you're scared that. What do you think he smells like. You think you smell shit. Straight up like like Donald smells his hair just think he smells like a McDonald's not like the food McDonald's but you know the smell no that emanates out of the McDonald's. I think he smells like that. I guess clothes have to be saturated with it. I bet he smells like McDonald's. Yeah yeah like like really cold. McDonald's because like it's GonNa Linger so like a lingering McDonald's smell that smells a little stale and old the dumps late behind yeah there you go. It's like when you get when you get to through the drive through into your car and you come back to your car. Two hours later and it's still kinda smells like it. Yes correct but this year I agree Donald MacDonald now. This is back shot though yeah Coley seen it. Oh yeah mortgage. Birlik did avoid slandering. Popeye's smart very smart it and only made one. CHICK-FIL-A is homophobic reference. Yeah got that out of the way early him shitting on like the Wendy's chicken can show like grow up dude. It's a good sample girl. The fuck the solid fucking chicken Sandwich Burger King used to have the goat chicken sandwich that they took away their air spicy chicken. Sandwich supreme agreed pretty good. I very much may I wouldn't say the best baby but it was pretty fucking good at the time it was at the time yeah you can finger fucking Jesus Christ on. We started doing it. I just heard like me and shows like off impression going in the background. Wall is happening. Babu Frick eating a chicken Sandwich Imbaba Fruit Damon Yada all right. That's super size me two different. It's a change of pace and they've done a documentary before. People have been asking to rank top five favorite documentaries so we did so we did. You're ready to go. I'm not proud on my list all right cool. You're gonna I thanks and me then Ken Jack Than Children the audience I feel like in my life I've seen so many many really good documentaries not even just scenery watched and when I sat down to do this list is my mind expanding none of them with absolutely none of them but number five I have smash and grab the story of the Pink Panthers. Some of the best jewel thieves the world's ever seen. I like jewel-thieves. I'm not afraid to admit it so I like this documentary. That's a good one which like what what you'll thieves were they the pink panthers. Nobody like what you'll did. They which like most eh ease means a G. J. U. L. Or as well no yeah obviously rare jewels so like the flavored ones but yeah no that one that one's a little boy you you just calling it enter docu entertainment or yeah some stupid made up millennial word because they have some dramatization but they also have like like closed circuit television actual footage of the smash and grabs that they just like driving a car through a middle of a mall just as a distraction to smash smashed into something just just some good good old smash and grabs. It is a good old smashing grabbing big-time number five Oscar winner. OJ Made in America from ESPN ED fascinating. It's six hours long because it's a series too long but excuse me it is fascinating kind. Bertel at times they censor something for TV but really dives in the OJ and someone who who's fascinated by the OJ story. I I really do enjoy my number five Ken Jack. What about you men. Were five is a duck in plain sight. More docu series not so much a documentary but we kinda. We agree to some leeway here I think it's just like a preposterous sort of scenario. I'm not sure did you guys. Do you guys see this. I did not but I know what it is. It's one of those things where you watch it and like I just sat there and like I had a ghoul every single part of what happened in this like what this document recovered because I couldn't believe it because it was that outlandish and I think the document Docu series itself was like decently well made but like the actual story that it covers is even more interesting and I think they saw job of like I think constructing a timeline which I think is really important for a documentary and really Kinda like sort of leading into like really climactic like Oh shit moments very well and it makes you stop and think like how fucking this happened in like a modern century and but here we are anyone who's seen this documentary can back me up on this and if you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not going to say any more about it because I don't want to spoil it like it's it's available on. Netflix just fucking watch. It's called again abducted in plain sight right. Okay tonight smart drew. What about you. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go with planet. Earth just just all the planters planters cheating but they yeah perfect just perfect narration beautiful earth we live in. I mean you talk about a documentary that has as an agenda. This is a very very pro earth. Dr Blades I mean they're not even trying to hide their love for the earth which I guess like Kinda how to get a little old at some point but like it's it's good enough to where you know. Even if you don't like the earth that much you can at least enjoy it yeah yeah fucking. What an explanation editor? Bitch fucking amazing though it really is one of those things like you got a blue planet earth. Save my thoughts. Oh No sir circuit city died too quickly because that would have been the perfect show showed be shown at certain on a loop on earth was on all the TV's for the most part that and pirates of the Caribbean dead man's chest another great documentary. I feel like I never noticed the TV's best buy because they're always near the back whereas circuit city they were too. You're right when you entered and circuit city had that. Nice loop had that circular route loop around the store and Y'all saw was on the circuit city. TV's but at best buy they want to do that to you. NBA courtside with Kobe Bryant on the front so I had that game as well Gamecube audience the you the Miami Hurricanes documentary thirty strong pretty good eilly picked wiling. I could've picked easily five thirty thirty. EILLY picked one the you as an heavy consideration beats the Bill Simmons Red Sox. No that wouldn't was to on on brand. Eh what is your number for my number four this might even be a bit of a leap forty minutes so I gave it that but vice documentary the world's scariest drug devils breath that thing will fuck you up if you watch that terrifying drug drug no no it's it's it's called SCOPE UIL scopolamine scopolamine highest skiing. What is this and it yeah scopolamine. Okay it's literally. It's a mind control drug where like gang like cartel leaders in bad people. I think it's Brazil will will they just like blow it in your general direction and if you inhale it even a little bit you just you're still a fully functioning human. They can just control what you do if they tell you to go murder someone when you go murder them it's not great it's called. Devil's breath as the street named great branding very strong but yeah now that one when I was the security days when it was like twelve to three in the morning and I had nothing to do I would just watch shit like that vice when they want to can really really produce a a fine piece of journalism and that one's one of them the candidates me in the line with capital one this weekend like yeah. I wasn't me who bought that. Seven hundred dollar lawyer Japanese love pillow devils breath and when did it wasn't my fault interesting that I've not seen need to see that now mine man man on wire about Flea Bay pets walk across the World Trade Center can't watch it. I mean that's true that that's fair like you physically physically can't well if you put that like a great way to torture me like strap me in like in an I max theaters and just have like that from gopro there was a not very good version of fake version of this with Philip on like NBC or some Shit Philip Gordon Joseph Gordon Levitt called. The Walk knows ah this is this is stunning the way they remake everything in the way they dive into the plan and how and why it's just it's an unbelievable documented Manua. If if you don't like hygiene kit look at Heights. It's just I couldn't watch that. One nate was pushing last year alone. Hoop Free Solo yet. Go Watch that a free solos nuts man man on wire though because it focuses on one thing I will say I think makes me even more uneasy not crazy crazy. Shit Ken Jack Number Four my number four is making a murderer another series. I think it built the intrigue really well and similar to abduct in plain sight. It's one of those things where you watch. It and you're like how Oh is happening. In like a modern society. The whole Steven Avery Soggy in general is just think absolutely just insane and I don't understand how it didn't get the coverage. It really deserved. It was actually happening in like two thousand seven or whatever and took this long for like something to come of it and it's just a I think it's another thing where those who've you've seen it. I'm sure we'll understanding stand and those who don't don't but it's it's really fucking interesting watching no-show after a boy Brennan Dessie don't know if you call that person if you did go up person not set up to you did he get to see. WWE whatever you wanted to see smackdown or something and they wouldn't let him surreal number four number four twenty feet from stardom like it won the Oscar. A lot of a lot of things in my list won the Oscar because I try tried to watch the Oscar winning documentary on a normal like that. It's a movie about backup singers and like just the like how contributed to the making of the music so mary. Clinton is perhaps one of the most renowned an accomplished backup singers of all time. Are you familiar with the Song Gimme shelter coli. I may have heard it on that song. She is the she is. The female lead on that one so she is the one hit those high notes on there and she she showed up to the studio basically seven eight months pregnant just belted out those lines in her voice broken everything and it was perfect and it's movie as Mick Jagger in it and he's talking about amazing was as she she show we just she's just saying all all all lad. You just come. Would you just do their nation is she. Just you just just a matter. Give me shelter. Not One of your stronger. Well let the experts do is like our good boy. Jimmy Fallon the talk to say it. The Barry the wheel of musical impressions Berry Give in Twinkle twinkle little star wow so random audience number four pumping iron the Arnold movie unsurprisingly Arnold Talk. That's a good pick smoke. Sweden is pretty cool. It's like a Ming went on on thing. He's like calming. Thank God that was good better. The other one better goalie number three this is where my thirty for thirty comes in any guesses. Larry Bird tremendous thirty nine. Oh they don't have the Best Celtics documentary everyone out the Celtics Pride. Everybody knows Celtics. The Irish hint a thirty for thirty. Give us more of a it's a Pony Express. That's football say that it's not Pony Express. I do like the Randy Randy. Moss one now that you said earlier I wouldn't have made sense. No you like Randy Moss Mo- Jackson now. It's not Bo Jackson another tremendous when the from elway to Marino Yup. That's a fucking great one elway Marina I just love drafts. I love watching people fuck up watching people be really dumb. Patriots really fucking stupid that I don't know. It's just so bad for you now. It's it's the jets it's it is fascinating because then that didn't oh Jackson going that one and that's why he may have went like later in the draft in like they never. I don't know if they'll regardless. There are so many like little things to between the elway Marino thing right and the hem them both having the same agent crazy crazy guy must be the richest man a lot and he took the greatest notes of all time hi meticulous they're just he noted every little detail about the process of college the pros for those two guys and it was the stuff he has still unreal like minute by minute like just woke up watering it. Rupa that adds to recreate the draft a little bit like they recreate the woman. Dan Yes it. It's very well done start to finish. It's one of the longer ones that they have. I feel like it's like an hour and a half. A lot of them tried to be an hour at first and then they were like fuck doc that with us tell the story just it's very interesting top to bottom for me so that one. I I find myself watching that one. The most the Red Sox won I wash at the beginning of the season and typically when the playoffs start but we're not in the playoffs so I didn't do it this year. WHO's the the fucking curly-haired fuck who taunted dench slogs curly haired Boyfriend Pete Roselle the commissioner back then during the thing he had Davis Shit. Yeah he had the best cats right yeah yeah he had the best cadence for for draft picks of a best 'cause we'd go the New York jets select quarterback and then everyone to go like Gary via Liepa Ken. Stay whoever O'Brien right that's right draft because he didn't say the name quarterback and then he'd look around it. Kinda hyped up yeah. That's if that is I would say probably top three thirty thirty from Israel Jackson. I love a lot a lot a lot just because he's a very interesting person. The Iverson's versus ones all right. The Celtics is not good mother ones. I mean they've done for the most. The most overrated one to me is broke yeah. That's a controversial one with with friend Darren reveal I did. I was not a big fan of broke. I thought I thought they could have done in a little more. I felt like the whole thing was like a VH1. I love the ninety s talking head type thing my least favorite one is the fantasy baseball one where it talks about like how fantasy sports were invented which should be a very interesting topic and they just fucking ruined the Blue Blue Soccer Eh to ask him. I remember small potatoes. USFL one's pretty interesting too. I like that one. What's the most disappointing one there's only one answer baseball now. There's only one answer because it was one are the ones that was Promo Code when they first when they first announced thirty for thirty done Dune. They did that fucking like the sint noise or whatever I told told you it was the Bartman one they won in it. You know they they they really tried to. They were like we're gonNA fuck and get it by the time this comes out and we never did that. was that was my favorite part about when the cubs won the world series and all the cubs fans relief we should get Bartman in the parade and it's like no dude you ruin undisguised fuck you try to exercise your demons for being such a Dick Bag. You know think well the Red Sox. Fans did the same thing when we apologized adjudged to fuck he's dead. I remember his name Bill Buckner Bill Buckner. Thanks thirty. Don't we apologize to him. It's like a I don't think he should have accepted that apology yeah but it was cool like he's still came out on the field and like it got applause like I think like I think that was like a closure moment for him because has like you know. He was obviously a player. Someone like Steve Bartman was just a fan you know in having a he paid money to go this game and at Yeah I don't. Oh like I do have a lot of respect for Steve Bartman for just not straight up cashing in because he could cash in on that big time definitely could've wrote a book after the cubs won. It's called the park man and do the Bartman do mighty war. One was okay the one about really that one you talk about self serving that was just one big ad was filming apartment no this was the XFL NFL good one to some good behind the scenes with those two because it got Dick Ebersol McMahon together yeah and they hated each other's. There's guts hello. Dan Will Charlie ever made and then ironically Charlie Ebersol made a fraud fuck league with the fell AF Chart. Was it Charlie I saw Dick now. Charlie made it but Dick was in Dick was Dick was there. This is okay this Darren reveal hello Dan Darren novell meeting with Charles Shipman of university remember when afforded me that email. I didn't read it. I heard a lot about it okay. That was a good thirty for thirty thirty talk CAC. No it's me number three arrested piece to the Creator this. Josh Nep died not that long ago but it's I've talked about this. Plenty of the death. Superman lives production. This is a good example of production values like okay for this like it's not flashing in your face but it dies into one of the most fascinating movies movies of all time and that is the death of Superman movie with Nick Cage that never got made Kevin Smith is in this Tim Burton's John Peters this is the is the producer of the guy who wanted a big spider in the movie. The the new then Gary Inste- snare beast or whatever he wanted Superman to fight a spider and the funniest funniest part of the documentaries when Kevin Smith like he fought with with John Peters all the time over this he went and saw wild wild west that was also produced by John Peters and they have the giant mechanical spire and he's like he's watching that movie and I go God damnit. He got his fucking spider. He finally got his spider after all these years but it goes into it and it shows you that I mean the the Nicotine Superman was just very close to happening and had a lot going on and then it was going to leap off of the Tim Berne Batman Movies. It's if you like movies AH Docs about movies. This is a great one. I've talked about it before Jack Number three my number threes. They shall not grow old from last year. I believe chief Peter Jackson say time and just a blog on a recently. I don't think World War one gets enough shine in cinematic universe General World War Two. It's all the hype for better or worse. I just think giving the road trip and it was really cool because you kinda see like the faces behind the stories and seeing all that footage remastered and hearing some of the actual quotes from soldiers and all that was really interesting. I think Peter Jackson did absolutely fantastic job and then the the second half of it where they show like how they made it and how they remember how they touched everything up and like colorized. The film was really cool to so on all great job. Peter Jackson best thing he meets return to the king to be honest. That's interesting point not bad to district nine any make that that was neil camp the Obama camp producer. Okay all right good point yeah true number three. I got Jesus camp. He has ever see Jesus camp in high school. They met US. Watch that yeah while Documentary Marie I all I don't know if it was a great one but it always stuck with me because of how insane to me it was sorry if that offends anyone but it is deeply like yeah is it is it is very very disturbing in parts into any kind of opened my eyes a little bit too like a I guess a you know a part of the Christian culture. I was not yet pretty to not a fan yeah no and there's a there's a mean that came from that movie to bring the kids screaming. You know people kind of post that when I agree with something you're whatever just like it's out of context meam then maybe actually seen the documentary. You're like the kid is brainwashed. I took a the well didn't take forced to take a theology class in highschool that showed that that teacher shows Jesus camp and a a documentary. I documentary big quotes loose change same teacher teacher in Boston. GE's Jeez now. Did you guys watch the family on Net flicks the conspiracy guy. I've watched yet I want to yes. It's it's fascinating and it kind of it kind of runs in Parrello like some of the it's way different than Jesus camp but just some of the philosophy in terms of like being kind of a battle and sides and all that shit right. It's it's wild man for the get started by two episodes of that but then didn't finish finish it. I WANNA say the ball guys like the main person to interview right yeah yeah he he's yeah he wrote the book the family and then the documentary. I think it basically covers the book and documentary form but obviously has interviews and things like that and it's it's pretty like I wouldn't say it's explosive. It's not an explosive documentary and I don't think there are a lot of documentaries that are explosive right. I don't see that anymore but it was like it was just Kinda like something. That was like okay yeah. I kind of make sense that this was going on but it's weird to actually see materialized yeah. They pick yup good stuff there. I need to watch it though number three gleason the documentary Steve gleason. LS former New Orleans Saints Player who had the famous blocked Punt New Orleans first game back in the superdome after after Katrina incredible story he continues to inspire literally everything with steeply unreal like what what he still doesn't the impact. He's still have forgot about duck. let's go colby number two where the top two now number two going back to someone. I already referenced once in this podcast I and this is truly stretching the bounds of the definition of a documentary only because he's such a con but exit through the Gift Shop Ebanks Joint uh-huh Fox with people most people who just have have that much of an impact and specifically through fucking with people and the fact and you can crack my Iran this jeff but I believe the Academy Awards wouldn't allow him to win because they said he would have to accept the award like showing doing his face and he planned on wearing a monkey mask. I believe that's correct. I forget what the reason was that there was something with that. They're like no you gotTA show your face and he was like well. Fuck you why I would. I ever do that yeah. I know that that was like a big reason why so a big fan and this is interesting also did the line where he took up residency in New York Ah I think. HBO produced that one that was also interesting. Yeah totally random person accept the award for them. Pay John Goodman a million dollars to school except yeah. I Ryan back see yeah. You guys didn't realize it. You had no idea okay here. We go my number two. It's kind of a hybrid word pick but it's GONNA be Star Wars Empire Dreams. It's the Star Chef but if the making of I mentioned this before PBS did it came with attack of the clones. I think but you can find it online. I think even on Youtube is the documentary of George Lucas Making Star Wars. The originals dips into the prequels a little bit but it is fascinating what went into it the struggles than the kind of the rise to becoming a power French but I do want to add the making of the Phantom Menaces in unreal documentary documentary as well the the amount of shit that goes down that makes you realize why it was a disaster. It is fascinating and that's the one that starts with jar. The skied everything but you see beat by knowing they watched the first Kata that movie when they watch it and they're all sitting there like fuck in this whoops is like there's like there's too much going on here. The Star Wars Empire Dreams High Recommend Ken Jack Number Two my number to think will probably mentioned by somebody else. I'm sure soon Jiro Dreams of Sushi think it's like that's one documentary where like you you don't really often get to dislike see someone who's like a total master at their craft in just like how they carry themselves what they do day to day and like just how that's so different from. Mike what almost anyone else in the world gets to do because not everyone gets to do what they love and I think it's like really interesting to see just like that level of dedication that one a person has to what they do and just how does like they do shit and it's it's really interesting to watch. They give you just a beautiful watches. Well just like aesthetically pleasing and if if you're interested in getting glimpse into Sushi Sushi culture and just getting to see someone who is again just a total master what they do. They do definitely watch it. I think it's on Netflix still there's another one on Netflix that somewhat correlates and it's the the history of General Tso's chicken museum that one that one's just wild just like because they it goes into like the claims of who like invented it and then just how the op the underground operation of how people work Chinese food restaurants in this country is just super fascinating do not however watch it at like two in the morning. If you're super high all of the Chinese restaurants around you are closed Fono. No No. That's what happened to me suggestion the real tough. I I like Jiro Dreams of Sushi because like I felt bad for son yet both the sons yeah. It's like even though his sons now I think there's one of his son says store in New York City doesn't he. I'm sure you guys haven't been there sir probably but yeah it's probably what as that was the most intensive flex on us as PF T. on radio radio today saying he had dinner with Anna Kendrick two nights ago. He's like not to Brag I go to this place is because you've been too fancy restaurant so before bracknell right yeah but I yeah I liked it because he he loved his sons but they all see to him like they were never going to make Sushi as good as him. is very interesting. I anyone said did feel bad for the markets Jordan of Sushi yes incorrect do you think Gfd Text Zach Ephron see if we can get a autograph copy of Charlie Saint Cloud would born on big PMT fan. I would love like what if we get an autograph have copy of Charlie Saint Cloud that we can have people bid on and then the the money goes to charity. Okay Yeah I was GonNa say we use the money to buy an autograph. Graf copy of like pitch-black up. Now we make documented. Yes exactly I can't think of the August yes but like I don't know signs or something we'll figure it out sinks names right coverage. Saint Trolleys think wow that was the gardens of goal correct the Golan's alright drain streak go helene through number two the number two is. OJ Made in America by the way. I thought it was fantastic. They transcended NATO thirty for thirty's good but they're you know they have their own limitations. It was so good they changed the rules of the Oscars it you know not to say like you have to be neutral when covering something like OJ Simpson but I thought it was about as neutral as you could be be in terms of an Oj Simpson documentary and just in the the things I thought that were interesting or the the it it was the time spent in particular talking about the La Riots and racial tension in Los Angeles that kind of led up to the polarization of you know people's opinions on whether Oj did it or not and that was something you know. Maybe I'm I live in a bubble. I will admit that that was something that opened my eyes to that and I I really enjoyed it. From that aspect not enough schwimmer insignificant schwimmer say they'd so juice juice a lot of talk about David Chapelle recently. which does you know whatever but it's his his standup? What was it which at the age of age of spin when he talks about the four times he met Oj Simpson Simpson five times now? I watched that literally last night. That's why I remember and it's so funny anytime transitions in and out of it it was amazing being in just like the way like the way he designed it to where like he was walking off and he's like Oh. I just remembered even though you know it's part of his standup act. He practices that that stuff and then launches into the last story and how he ends that last story just unbelievable to raise the king is number one coli fucking planet Earth Planet Earth guys shitting me. I didn't think it qualify qualify see now. You now we look stupid is unreal attenborough. I can't the planet earth is it doesn't get better than player. Just the amount of man like I I could convince myself that none of it's real and that's just all CGI because because that's how good the shots are that's great. I feel like like they pushed the bounds of camera technology with these fucking shots planet. Earth is unlike anything outs. I've ever every other nature documentary got shit on the second BBC. It was like wait till you see week. fucking got coming out okay. I got a question call. Did the planet Earth Introduces to the Shoe Bill Duck. I don't think so I think they did pretty sure. Were I that how that image of that hellish stuck in my brain now from and I if it's from planet earth I'm happy it's not on my list but that Said Planet Earth in Cro Program you'll like. NBC had this is national. Geographic is the one who came out the shoe. Bill won't Shit on National Geographic is our good friend. Calpine does stuff with them and I watch everything he does. Yeah exactly now planet Earth. Is I mean yeah. It's obviously a series but planet at the come on yeah. I mean it's fucking pick. I just didn't okay we got God. Does this suck sometimes when you're just walking through an alley near a dumpster stor or you know on the street and you smell smells like some like you just you're you're just like in a part of the earth like that you know isn't as beautiful and you think back to like planet earth and how gorgeous the earth is and you're like fucking like. I I live in a six hundred fifty square foot apartment. Fuck Tuck you a Ninja Turtle. You're walking back alleys all the time the seward you. You've never walked in an alley near dumpsters and stuff. It's like one of the most transformative experiences you can have an I- Awada and smell is this Joe Rogan's podcast Jamie Jimmy pulls up. Okay see that right there. That's the hairless chimpanzee it can it can reports and not sack off. It could be crazy. Jamie it now chimpanzees update their their muscles like our human muscles are fine tuned for like pinching and stuff but chimpanzees explosives so they can't bench. They don't have the range of motion but if they could bench. It'd be like fifteen hundred pounds Jamie. What do you think of this grand wizard my number one. I don't get that up saying he'll have absolutely anyone on and here's why I thought that was implied. Pretty well house seem described as an open book before because like literally will absorb any information from anybody no matter who it is. He does not care because he used to be like that hit. Dan ackroyd I don. I haven't listened to Joe Rogan a long time but I it Dan ackroyd on. I was like I haven't heard Dan ackroyd. Speak it a long time. This will be interesting ackroyd on they're talking about. Aliens and Shit apparently is a big conspiracy. The Guy Joe Rogan couldn't push back more if he tried he was like I think that's bullshit so what's happening here. What does this. What does this program become likes to do? He likes to say isn't it possible. Isn't it possible that so and so and so and so you'll have the guy who created SARS in a lab on the it'll be like oh actually like SARS was pretty good and nobody I see that gotta take Abbott how many episodes of Joe Rogan experience it's our been thirteen thirty one fuck thirteen fifty eight must you must've just let him I went through a kick whereas like listening to Hewitt last year but there's so many of them that can never get caught up and there'd be like there's some I was like really like you start on the first time I ever listened to Rogan was the Elon Musk thing and I was so enraptured by that disaster of the conversation good show. There's a reason he's number one. I don't WanNa make it seem like I'm anti rogin. 'cause that's an easy to have these days. It's a good show. I wish it was sometimes a little bit. More selective little puts. He doesn't like Dan ackroyd apparently not accurate aliens all time. Aykroyd came on he was like all right. Aykroyd the Aykroyd last podcast on the left. You should go listen. I I like those guys a lot. I mean it's a very top podcast to top podcast podcast top men. My Number One's probably pretty obvious coli joke. I just flew over my head. Enron smartest guys guys in the room so it's a mind blowing documentary about people who just fucking manipulated so many things all of them just just woke up and went to show the power of California on like what a Flex Monreale I I mean think about like even as a kid in school. You're like bullies. Fassulo like wow. This kid just decided to steal everyone's lunch money. Enron like whatever where do you build a power plant in India. They don't have enough. They don't have enough resources to make it work but we booked a billion dollar profit. Whatever or GONNA trade weather our latest made a random shit blockbuster. We're going to make the first ever online video service. We can't do that. Whatever just do it with blockbuster. Kill Kill Blockbuster Enron smartest guys in the room. I mean I've talked about a million fucking towns. I was an obvious pick Ken Jack. What's your number one. my number one kind of somewhere. I guess to my number you too. It's a Free Solo. I also do not number. One do not like heights. I'm not a fan of fights whatsoever but like watching this. I think is so so fascinating because I think Alex Donald is like kind of crazy sort in the same way. Jiro is like it's like an Ode to a master in the craft and like one thing that always stood up up to stick out to me like after watching it is just like he lists off like every single nook and cranny start to finish up his route of L. Cap which is like insanely high and insanely long and and he can memorize all of it like Stepford step for step and I think his mentality is very similar to like Girona way where like just all he can focus on his work and like that's it. That's all it matters matters to him and like the you can't really be bothered by much else. It's it's some people think find off putting to me. I respect to show that people really don't like him for it right yeah. They think he's like an asshole and shit like no like students like seriously just dedicated to what he does and like he like he found something where I don't think everyone gets us again where they get to do something that they are made to do something that they've really really love and I would find that incredibly impressive and the whole documentary incredibly well shot and fucking your heart is is pounding through the fucking. You're out of your chest. Throughout the closing. I would say like twenty minutes of it. It's fucking absolutely crazy. He's dedicated Darren reveal of free climbing. Many people have said this take trill number one. Oh six for the audience I love is again. I like pretty much. Just stick to the Best Academy award winners but it's buying right because this was really good because this is insane that this guy just started off wanting to basically dope himself from amateur racing than essentially get to the bottom of a international channel doping scandal ring thing and then it's also amazing that the the guy the Russian guy just got on cameras like Yep all stuff's happening. This is all happening happening and he's still alive. Yep that is very shocking to me still yeah Chris Number six. That's a really good picture of the very few you highly recommend acres as well which already and seems to enjoy it minding. The gap jeered dreams of Sushi. Going clear also in the audience is list so the other ones. I I didn't put on here inside job. Shut up dame and I know that voice which is all about voice actors you ever see that one Coley at the Mel Block Long. I don't know it although although most of the voices it's all it just every voice actor ever is in this basically and talks about them doing voice acting like the famous people and the ones who don't get enough credit. It's a really good well. You'd be my neighbor which was not even nominated for an Oscar last year which is just an amazing look at Mr Rogers and then I do want to note that I don't like the Theranos Renaud's documentary hype aim and watch that it was not as good as Major. Let Down Yeah. It was kind of a bummer started for Adam McKay's theranos movie though that'll be that'll bang might my number six that just miss which is sorta like. Free Solo just people pushing their own bounds the Barkley marathons what's on opening. You guys have seen it now. It takes place in the mountains of Tennessee and it's just one of the more outrageous tests us of human endurance. I've ever seen and it's run by a guy like it's. It's like a secret thing but obviously it's not that cigarette considering those now documentary about it but it's it's a fascinating watch. It's insane that people not only have completed it but that someone even put it to a test all right got to check out as well did. Allen's people haven't seen a bunch of these good suggestion you you're watching the documentary. TOPIX with who who's got some good ones as well all right that was fun. That was interesting. We mortgage spurlock listen. Actually I don't fucking care McDonald's. He would go to like right around the corner right around. He lives right by me. He may you wind up to my door. beat the shit out of news anything else. This is fun. Thanks Coley. What link do you want in the in the description question. I'd like a link to the classic Classic Youtube Video Drinking out of cups okay scripture. We do have to watch something on the streaming service on Sunday. I have a suggestion trill. Ken gieco allow you to say yes or no ocean's twelve like it 'cause. I'd like to Julia Roberts thing I I think that'll be. That's the only thing to talk about though no. I think there's more no the cat. It's a movie. I've watched frequently. the cat burglar. You'll have a lot of takes on him. Yeah I vache. I would like to dive into yes the something Fox. Why are they famous actor. Twelve doesn't deliver like Ocean's eleven. Did we'll do ocean's twelve people just what gets mad. I'm outvoted just so you know the only one that was suggested by a lot of people. I don't think the only time the audience gets mad is like when you stop trying on lists and stuff. When are we done that if that ever. I think people are going to be shocked by how Ernest you're listening on US yeah but you had that you had a really good list and so so it's good I almost came in here and did five of the six three games to glories about the Patriots Super Bowl orange all five parts of or all all five of the six Brady six parts sex. You ought to talk about documentaries brady any six six documentaries interesting alone just for the people. Who aren't Tom Brady Join Income Ozzy. Oh God how did he not become a great quarterback. Can you want a straight name. A name very strong name sounds like a character from hey arnold. That's the best part about that is they couldn't reach. Gio Com Ozzy for modern modern day interview because he's not a goat farm farmer who practices Yoga in the hills so it's like yes. It's exactly like that. Get move. All Mine Down Brady Sex's one okay Tom. Tom Brady best the ball time I think so pal W W W. WWW dot dunkin dot com. That's my home screen sure they just can't believe you guys are in on the knockoff. Boba Fett name. What is it Bourbon for for for canned Jack in drill and Poli Mick. I'm Jeff Low. We'll talk to you on Sunday. Take it away Babu. Abu Frick Frick had a good week at the box office. Please Uber Simon Dope Yo beer with walk on a new friend Bobby the Mississippi State today. What do you think of the Lawn Babu Frick obviously deep enough to to compete Nancy C. Really told them their quarterback presents hasn't been since sick Prescott. You think I need to go home before you work. I'll tell you what he is a good program here oddest. Don't think you know what you're talking about and your Dome Little Squirrel Man or do you think about that. You know what about this. I can't see your screen so if you're doing something I can't can't can you. Can you do to Baba Rafi wrote please. Yes yes Brandon Walker. Take Bert. Thanks them sleeping lethal freaky okay. John makes me feel.

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Dealing with Our Own Ugliness

Love That Lasts Podcast

34:57 min | 1 year ago

Dealing with Our Own Ugliness

"The today show was sponsored by legacy box. Go to legacybox dot com slash love and save forty percent today. There's a weird correlation there. There's a weird correlation there where our view of consumption, and our view of just sucking every resource dry actually creates waste that. Then we then try to kick out. It's really really fascinating. Hey, guys. Welcome to the real life podcast where we talk about exactly that every single week real life, which means some episodes might be about a fight. We just had some episodes might be about potty training since we have two toddlers and some might be about Escott logical realism because I love thinking and talking about deep theological things. And maybe we'll talk about all three of those in one episode, but we hope the show feels like hanging out in our living room with us drinking Cup of coffee as we discuss faith, and family, and culture, and Jesus me and my lovely wife. Eliza are your host and don't hesitate to hit us up or reach out on social media to say, hi or comment on this week's episode. Enjoy. Hey, guys, I'm Jeff analysts. Welcome back to the real life podcast. We have a special episode for today. Because this might be one of the weirdest ones we do. And this gives you a peek into my brain, this is going to be one of those episodes. This is what I think about. And this is how I appreciate. And this is what I sit on the couch and elicit can usually tell from the look on my face like she'll go Jeff what he's thinking about. And I'll usually say oh, nothing because I know she don't want this. He doesn't wanna hear about it. Now, I do want to hear about it. It's just get ready to be out of your comfort zone to have your mind blown over going to remind bone. We're going to remind bone. I just I think we're dots. And I just wanna see if anyone else thinks we're thoughts. I think. These are not I have let me just say. So we're we're going to start guys today is with plumbing modern plumbing, plumbing, how it got industrialized the sewer system. Basically what happens when you poop and someone flushes now that was a great start right now. Here's why. Because what we what I want cages answer. Why people will actually wanna listen today because I think the industrial the industrial lies -ation of modern plumbing and sewage is a perfect an apt metaphor for a really bad part of our culture. That's the thesis of this episode. Okay. So and what we're going to bounce all around. I got lots of dots here. But what I mean by this is something fundamentally and this actually true with a lot of industrialization. You guys have a lot of this in my next book coming out in like nine or ten months. We've talked about Louis on the podcast, but industrialization was not inherently evil. But industrialization inherently changed a bunch of things fundamentally changed how we do life under mentally changed. How we see the world now. Because of that there's some of us a lot of us don't realize because this is just how has always been done for our generation. So this is all we know we don't realize that life was different before totally and one of those ways is, and I think why I think plumbing and sewage and industrialization of that. Well, it brought San it. Because it always brings good web sanitation at brought health at brought less disease. People don't die as long a die as early stuff like that. It's amazing. But there's always a dark side. It's like two sides of a coin. And I think one is the flip side of it's actually been it's really good picture now of our value system in American culture as getting out of proportion out of whack and actually to emphasize of the value being we refuse to deal with waste in front. Like, we don't want waste to be in front of us. We don't wanna now's a metaphor not talking about the actual plumbing. We'll get back to on a second. We one of the highest values. That's actually hurting us in American culture. I believe is we don't wanna deal with hard things. We don't wanna see ugly things. We don't wanna see gross things. And we don't want them to be near us or in front of us. And so get them as. Far away as possible and never think about them, which isn't that kind of hunger. Games. Wasn't there? A part in it that they like, well, it's very good way of like the district headquarters, and then the districts of like it's very much like, yeah. That is they put all the ugly Steph away somewhere where I can't remember. Yeah. Like, the district was everything was great. It was just America. It was like, comfortable happy. Ingalls was like where the outskirts was read into long, but which is pretty much. Sadly, a lot of our major cities just fully realized, you know, in a Armageddon type context now back to plumbing. I think why plumbing is a really good example of this is because what we don't realize is when we industrialize plumbing and sewage. Now, of course, there's a different couple dates here. But I'm going back to me eighteen hundreds as when we really start seeing mass industrialization of sewage and plumbing, but you can go all the way back like we've had plumbing and kind of in it some form and sanitation thousands of years back to the Romans. So like, I'm not just hear me say that. But there was a level at which we industrialized it so much and tried to get so efficient with just taking away our mess. Right. If that makes sense that it actually had a dark side to it, and the has to do with even and of course, has to do with the society that got replaced by industrial society, and that's an agricultural agriculture all society society was predominantly agricultural before it got industrialized seventeen hundred eighteen hundreds of there was about three industrial revolutions, they say, so it was kind of depending when we're talking, but that that that transition was really interesting because before industrialization when it was an agricultural society, most waste that people produced was actually seen as the first step to fertility. Right to life. Now. That's that's what's really interesting of. And what I mean by that is like waste was part of the circle of life. Like, we still do this in some way with like manure right manures like what we put on the flower beds. But think about that was actually like people what are the compost? And it is conducted some sense. But yeah, like people's actual waste was actually put back into. It was an ecosystem it was a circle of life. And now we actually have stopped the circle and just kind of taken off a branch of the circle and just made it go outwards. Right. So we can kill the circle. Here's here's ready to put it. This is a little heady when I'm about to read, but this is from Wendell berry. And I wanted just think this will get you guys to start stirring on he has a really brilliant passage that kind of talks about this. And so I'll jump around. But hopefully, it'll be helpful. He says he goes there is another and more direct way. He's talking about the 'isolation of the body and how actually we've so isolated our bodies from anything from a lot of things that we need and from actually what the full humanness experience should be. And he says, but there's another more direct way in which the 'isolation of the body has serious agriculture effects. That is in our societies extreme oversimplification of the relationship between body and food by regarding it as merely a consumer of food, meaning we have now taken bodies as just consuming devices for food. Rather than things that actually can put back into the earth bodies are meant to work the earth to till the earth to give fertility to the earth through our waste, and it's really weird. And it's but it's true. So he says by regarding bodies as merely consumers of food. We have reduced the function of the body now in an industrialized society to that of nothing more than a conduit, which channels the nutrients of the earth from the supermarket to the sewer. So he lets that's great. That's such a good. Like, he basically just says like we are just mouths the now basically just conduit things from the grocery store to the sewer like we're just we're just a middleman now between supermarket and sewer when before bodies were actually part of the ecosystem of life. He goes over making it a little factory that transforms for Tilleke into pollution. So now again because we don't actually use our waste for for Tilleke in life. It is now just pollution. So we kill the earth, which is really really interesting, which is economic and technological interruption on the cycle. Of for Tilleke. And he goes much already been said here about the division between body, and it's food and the productive phase of the cycle. But it is an alleged wonder of the modern world that so many people take energy from food in which they have invested no energy themselves. Basically back in the day. People actually put the energy into making the food, and there was a circle of life. And now we just consume consume consuming. We take the energy from food. Let me jump around a super interesting. I if you think about it goes as their bodies take in and use the nutrients of the soil, those nutrients are then transformed into what we are pleased in our call wastes, but they are actually duly wasted. At the same time. This waste has also caused is also caused in way by the old religious division between body and soul by which the body and its products are judged offensive and gross. No matter what kind of like that. What's up phrase? I'm looking for. But yeah. And he goes once living with this offensiveness was considered a condemnation and that was bad enough. But now modern technology has saved us what the flush toil. It and the waterborne sewage system these devices deal with waste of our bodies by simply removing them from our consideration. Basically like the magic of it is just like never want to think about it again. But I never wanna think about it. I I don't I don't just stick with me. It's a metaphor. It's not saying everyone hold onto your crap and put it into your your garden. What are you saying? It's a metaphor. That's really really powerful. I think the irony is that this technological purification of the body. We're afraid of our own mess. We're afraid of our own grossness bodies are kind of gross. But yet Coley their holy and sacred in gross at the same time. And I think that's 'cause we're from the dust of the earth, and we don't we have a weird. There's a weird underlying thing of of the grossness of the body that we actually kind of condemn ourselves and don't understand how it works. The irony is that the technological purification of the body requires the pollution of the rivers and the starvation of the fields. So he says to do what we wanna do and get to a fully kind of realized almost ghostly body where we never deal with our own ways. Then all we do as waste the rivers and the starvation of the field, but when you actually deal with your own waste than it actually goes back into the ecosystem as for Tilleke where rivers and things are actually full of life. What's guys wanted to get quick break talked about one of this week's sponsors? And that his legacy box. We, you know, we love them. We have talked about them before. And what's funny is actually this week? Wow. I'm recording this list as grandparents Kinsley in cannons. Great grandparents were here in town. So that even got me thinking on this train, even more. If you don't know what legacy box is their incredible. They're amazing. Basically what they do is they save your family films and photos from degrading or being lost forever. The if you're unable to play recordings because they don't you don't have a VCR anymore or your Cam Carter as camcorder is broken. They can help you with that. And you get to become the family hero by being bringing back loss memories to watch in see again, it's super incredible guys. It's super mazing. They essentially digitize all the things you want to keep in regards to your family memory and family legacy. So we absolutely loved them guys. They have over four hundred fifty thousand families that have trusted them. They have over a decade of experience. You can trust them with your stuff and all the work is done by hand right here in the US. So it's very safe for those special memory. So here they wanna hook you guys up. So for a limited time, they're offering you guys and exclusive discount. So if you go to legacybox dot com slash love. You can get forty percent off your first order again. That's legacy box dot com slash love and save forty percent today and get started preserving your past. Okay. I'm getting what you're saying. Can you you talking for sick? Well, I have nothing to say he's selling what you're getting at with doesn't makes the fat thing that we tell you one more two more passages. It makes the alleged offensiveness of the body truly an inescapably offensive and blinds an entire society to the knowledge that these offensive wastes in quotes are actually readily purified and topsoil it's people don't know, but waste when you put it in topsoil, the topsoil actually is like a living organism that purifies it like from. It's like from insanitary, which is really crazy and interesting that indeed from an ecological point of view. These are not waste at all. And are not offensive, but are valuable agricultural products essential both to the health of the land and to that of the consumers. Our system of agriculture by modelling itself on economics. Rather than biology thus removes food from the cycle of its own production and puts it into a finite linear process than an effect destroys it by transfer. Warming it into inherent waste like it actually fundamentally change how we see these things. And so it transforms food into fuel a form of energy that is usable only once and in doing so at transforms the body into a consumptive machine that only destroys super interesting. Okay. Demography staff there because my brain is hurting too. Okay. And I I mean, I'm not I'm not I feel like I'm pretty smart don't bring this hurting. I'm gonna bring this back around the second. But give me your first thoughts. I want. I want the metaphor to linger and people being a want people to be thinking right now. What what that doesn't get any sense? I struggle because I don't remember what it's called. I'm the type of learner around. Mike just tell me what you're getting at. And you can tell me all the details. We're Jeff is like I'm gonna tell you all the details. Really, guess and then. Okay. So my brain is really hurting involves zone that I was like, what do you think I'm saying, I think my key points from what you're saying is is true that I think. I do think that the body. There's some things in it that I like to not deal with and that I think are gross. And as a mom I deal with enough poop and our dog just threw up this morning. And so I do that is convicting to realize we are made from dust and like to not be that's part of a human. And so instead of like wanting to make that I mean, I still want to use the toilet and all that thing. But just like tick Sep that like this is part of how God has made us, and it's not disgusting. It's like this. There's reason for this, and our and we taking ourselves out of the proper ecosystem than actually destroys the ecosystem and us, and I'm not saying again, it's a metaphor in some sense. But here like basically, we have to deal with our waste. We have to deal with hard things we have to deal with ugly things we have to deal with bad things. And usually when we look straight out them just like that purification ceremony that actually happens with waste. It can be you it gets fired by the top soil. Meaning I could actually if you. Actually, look at the waist and run it through a I'm talking metaphor. So like hard things in life, whatever and run it through a purification system. Meaning like if you actually stare the waste in the face, and you don't actually try to just take the waste out of your life and make it never seen gate, then it actually becomes the topsoil that grows the food like it, actually, I mean, keep it in a circle, and I'll end with this last paragraph because Wendell berry then ends with talking about a really good metaphor of how this has actually killed our cities, and it's no longer talking about plumbing. But he says this, and then I'll talk about some of the stuff Chapman on because then I want to talk about it. He says it is strange. But only apparently so that the system of agriculture is institutionalized not in any form of rural life or culture. But in what we call our urban civilization. And what he's basically saying is like this is how cities work when you go out in the country. They actually have to deal with their waste more often from the chickens and from the cows from this. Say just put the trash on the curb, and I never want to see it again ever. So it's like the way we do cities and urban civilization. He said the city subsist in competition with the country, and they live upon a one way movement of energies out of the countryside food fuel manufacturing materials, human, labor, intelligence and talent. So he says we actually the city's actually just suck the country dry of all of their life. So now, it's the metaphor for now the cities and country, meaning like the city just sucks. The country dry of everything it has a value. Give us your food. That's where the foods grown, right? Give us your fuel. That's where fossil fuels are usually at give us your manufacturing materials. That's where we get trees to build and other things that's where we get human labor. People move from the countryside to the city to work. That's we're getting talent very little of this. But it kills the circle of life because it's a one way linear street that just wants to waste people not actually put people in the circle of life for fertility very little of this energy than ever returned back to the countryside instead of gathering these energies up into co here. Prince a cultural consummation that would not only return to the countryside. What belongs to it? But also gives back generosity is learning art conviviality and order, the modern city than dissipates and wastes everything it has taken along with its glittering consumer goods, the modern city produces an equally characteristic outpouring of garbage and pollution Justice at produces and or collects unemployed unemployable and otherwise quote wasted people. And he says that in the sense of like, that's it's no coincidence that some of the. People that our society doesn't want to deal with that we should love as Jesus people collecting cities. There's a weird correlation there. There's a weird correlation there where our view of consumption, and our view of just sucking every resource dry actually creates waste that. Then we then try to kick out. It's really really fascinating. So that's the thing. That's the precursor. We're halfway in. But I really wanted to I want to read that because I think plumbing, I think that metaphor. I think the city countryside thing I think we have to deal with one of our highest ideals in the west is that we refuse to look at hard things in the face wasteful things ugly things in their face that we're also producing our own behavior because it's an indictment on ourselves. Right. Like the homelessness epidemic in many major American cities is an indictment on ourselves. That's because of us, right? The pollution and all that is that that's because of us, and he just uses the gardening and the plumbing as a metaphor of like, yeah. You have to understand we are not consumption vehicles. We are meant to be put in the ecosystem of fertility in life. Meaning put back in what you're taking out or at least stare the waste in its face and deal with it. And I think has to do with even with religious stuff with shame with her with pain. You gotta be able to you can't run from it. You can't just put it on the curb and hope that someone is going to pick it up on Thursday. And it'll never. Show up. Again, you can't just keep pushing it aside or, and that's one of our highest ideals and culture, we'd go so fast and so hard, and we don't leave room to grieve to deal with the shame to confess. We just want to forget about it. Totally. I just don't think how hypnotized we realized how hypnotized we are with like, this is actually one of the highest ideals, driving American culture. Even the way we build houses right houses are all about like looking almost fake from the inside of like, everything that actually makes the housework hidden everything. Right. Wires are ugly. Hide those behind the walls plug ins or ugly hide those so that they look pretty, you know, everything that actually helps the house is actually hidden now aesthetically it's like whenever that's fine. I'm just saying it's interesting little it's totally. But I'm just saying I think again, it's a metaphor picture of that is our value system. Our value system is like we don't want any ugliness in view. We don't want it in view because we don't wanna have to deal with actually the things that are actually giving us something. Right. And another example, here's another example. I think it's really helpful in his book tribes by Sebastian. I think younger younger he's he where he draws some really interesting parallels between Israel and America with military service. So what's really interesting in that because one of the chapters and talks about because Israel has such a good tribal culture in the sense of just more of a psychological there. One people one. I mean, there's not when people being I mean, they're very tight knit with their culture their holidays with how they do things more than America, and they're small country. So that kind of have to be any goes that actually is one of the sustaining powers of them in military service. And when he talks about is. Take PTSD PTSD is an epidemic in American culture. It's an epidemic. Right. Like people come back for more. And it's it's an epidemic. It's PTSD is we have no we don't help them. We don't give them healthcare as much. We don't serve them. We don't reintegrate them into society as much but nine times out of ten if you were to ask people why they have PTSD or how they got PTSD or basically like if you're trying to try to trace the source of the problem. You would say it's actually the war in the violence. You have a war gave them PTSD. Now. That's true in some sense. Right. Like, Warren violence, I think are so dehumanizing. And we that's a whole another episode about the scriptures. And what Jesus says about violence and war? But then obviously, there's yeah, there's a lot of layers. There are a lot of context there. But no matter what you think it's like, it's a hard. It's hard. It's very very it's very hard and dehumanizing. System war in violence and stuff like that. But what's interesting is Israel fights just as much if not more, right and they're wars. But here's what's and an RPG numbers are like catastrophic like the percentage of the people that come back from war and our damage and hurt and broken is high in our country. Now, Israel has an enormously strong military as well, very similar. They have under a two percent PTSD rate. Meaning when people come back from serving in their military inactive war, like we're talking like ISIS and Syria, and we're talking, you know, thirty forty years ago, the six seven day war and Yom Kippur all these different like, they only two percent return with PTSD. So that right there shows what it's not just the inherent Warren violence that gives them by basically makes them be able to come back and not be able to reenter society. Hey, guys, won't take another quick break to about one of the sponsors. And that Zola you guys know, they're one of our longest standing sponsors. We love Zola. They are the wedding company that will do anything for love. They like to say and the reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. They're the easiest way to plan for your wedding, and you're registered so you can join over five hundred thousand couples who use Zola and they take the stress out of wedding planning with free wedding websites your dream wedding registry and affordable. Save the dates and invitations you can also start with a free wedding website. And it's so easy. It takes just minutes. I think they have over one hundred beautiful designs and templates for websites. You can put your soul registry on that wedding websites. Get all the details, and they're amazing. And you can also register extremely easy. And they have all the brands you love cuisine, our Sonos and air B N B. We love them guys. We wish they around when we got married, or at least that we knew about them when we got married. It would have been a huge time and lifesaver so they wanna hook you guys up. So to start your free wedding web. Site and also get fifty dollars off your registry. Go to Zola dot com slash Jeff and Elissa. Again. That's Zola dot com slash Jeff and Elissa Z O L A dot com slash Jeff analysts and you'll get fifty dollars off your industry on dot com. And you can start your free wedding website today. No. So the book has really interesting thing, and he talks about because the ugliness quote, unquote. We're talking about is in Israel. It's rate in front of that. Meaning the whole nation is at war. The whole nation is at work. You gotta go get Lucy. Okay. So you gotta go get lazy. She's crying. So the point there. That's really fascinating is America's one of the only countries in the entire world where we don't fight our wars here. Like when someone goes to war with us here. It's because of our uniqueness of our geography, we don't fight any war here on our turf where someone crosses the border. And there's a war all all wars are kind of far away kind of like that back to example, what the trash like you just take it far away disappear from us, and he goes because of that then never enters into our common, consciousness and view. And so we are not able to process or deal with it healthily because the nation is at war. It's just like, oh those guys over there. The people in the military. And so that's a really interesting concept that it's not inherently the Warren violence that brings proce from post traumatic stress on individuals. It's actually the lack of ability of collective tribalism and reentry for those soldiers and the nation kind of going to the war collectively because Israel fights wars on their turf their border is five seconds away from where the soldier lives with his family and his parents. And so it's collective it's more tribal in on top of that they have because of that they have really good reentry. They have really good reentry. Meaning like soldiers are pulled back into normal society. Well, because of the collective ethos that everyone understands about war violence, and again, I think that's an interesting thing. Like it. It's sad. But you see from I was at the Korean war. No. Nom war how much our society treated soldiers as that wastefulness again of I discard them, and then we don't want anything to do with them. And you know, and shamed them and all those things that really brought some severe trauma and things in in that society. And so I think that's the thing we're trying I know this is really random guys, and that's what I'm really trying to. But it's just something I've been processing as men do. We have a problem or do we understand that we are one of our inherent biases as a culture, and as a society is this idea of just get it out of sight outta mind. I don't wanna deal with it. Everything plumbing military trash compost, our food our spirituality our shame. When in reality. The military example, all the way down to the agriculture example, when you actually deal with it face to face and let it basically live where you live. You let it be where you're at. Then you actually it. It totally fundamentally changes the actual ecosystem of life and actually totally actually it gets purified like topsoil, and then actually then becomes a tool for the next generation of life or food or crops. So yeah, any thoughts there, you weren't ready for this one where you you are ready for this episode where you well. These are the conversations sometimes that we have and I'm like, okay. And your point. I mean. Thanks. I appreciate it. I I it's so heavy and uncomfortable. Can I say that it feels uncomfortable on here, and I get it spiritual. Oh, yeah. We need to like grieve we need to deal with the shame. We need to confess. But then on a practical level of other things, we just think ask yourself and your life with with the Lord with things in your with things are heart like Intel, it can be re Kapit it can't be recapitulated or renewed or restored until it's actually like lives with you. That's kind of metaphor like it has to be right next to you. And you have to deal with it. You cannot just put it on the curb and say take it Thursday, put it in the landfill. It doesn't work like that. Nothing can be buried because then it all. And then it also fundamentally changes us to consumers and consumption vehicles, which I love that from supermarket to sue or we're basically just the middleman when two hundred years ago, we were just part of the process of actually eating and then fuelling and then refueling the crops through the topsoil through our work through our hands. But also to our waist. This is my other question because you know, God says like he's building a city like we we're not necessarily supposed to stay garden. We're supposed to become a city until the city is not inherently evil. It's good. Like, that's where cultures made. That's where. So then how do we become a city? That's holy. That's like giving good back to you know, because I feel like what you're talking about. What you read? It's like we can come away thinking, oh, the city's totally women should be on a farm. There are no, no, no, no. I think he said how to do it good is that you have to it has to. He goes make the country in the city not compete with each other. But actually, both of them live in their gifting ings in goodness. And here's what he said, basically returned the energy from the city to the countryside. And the way the way the way he said, it was instead of gathering those energies up and consuming them meaning like just taking from the countryside. He goes instead, it should be a cultural consummation, which it's just a big word for marriage and unification so the countryside in the city should be mad. Buried, and that would not only return to the countryside. What belongs to it? But also gives back generously with it's learning its art. It's order and all those other things. So like city creates culture CAD city creates art city creates beauty city creates goodness. And it's saying take the resources from that. And then give the countryside back, right? Rather than you know. Give those resources to the countryside. Yeah. Rather than obviously, we know now, you know, every single little small business closing down every single year because the city just keeps sucking dryer when a WalMart shows up and every business shuts down like that is that like sapping dry hike evil. You know? View of it. And let's let's end with this guys. I know this was a lot. How does it affect us wasn't going to talk about the good side of waste or the other side of the there's another view of waste I think's really interesting, and that's the story of Jesus. And the woman who breaks the perfume Edis feet, right? I remember I remember what chapter or where it Mary. They actually did it. Okay. Okay. So, but if you know the story, basically. She comes and just in like, repentance, and grief and love and just like, Aw humility goes under the table and washes Jesus feet or adorns him with oil or perfume over his feet. Now. It's clear from the story that in that culture that was about a years worth of wages for that, whatever she whatever oil or perfume. That was our fragrance. It was about a years worth of wages now that's incredibly wasteful like, and especially problem with someone who probably didn't have that money. Someone who's being shamed? By the people sitting up at the table above her the religious leaders. And then that's when Jesus says to those who have been forgiven much house. He said then. Here. But it's a good story. Google. I think there's no, yeah. But ever if you don't story. Yeah. Basically, he basically honors the woman and says, yes, this she is basically acting in accordance with what she realized how good the gift of the gospel is that's what I'm trying to say. And she's not stingy with her response. Back to me is what Jesus is saying. Right. She was lavish or in a good way. She was wasteful and watch my knee who's an author from kind of his dead. Now as church leader in China underground church of China. I think early nineteen hundreds mid nineteen hundreds. He has a really good kind of chapter in one of his books on this story. And he actually talks about like that that we should be wasteful on Jesus. A lot of us are actually stingy on Jesus. Right. Like, we waste all the other things we do all these other things in waste that are actually bad and actually hurt us in dehumanize us. But then when it comes to Jesus with like, oh give you we're so stingy. We'll give you two minutes. We'll give you two dollars. We'll give you two seconds of our life. We'll give you just a slice of our pie. We won't let you in. He goes actually know that that perfumer that fragrance for that oil that was spilled and broken on Jesus that should actually be your life. You should break yourself on Jesus in a fragrant offering that's wasteful. Meaning you should be. You're gonna make dumb decisions according to your friends because that's wasteful people are gonna say, oh, you're wasting your life following Jesus. You're you're that's enough that class the classic example of that that people know is the parent that says, you know, why would you should Bill go to law school or be a doctor? Why are you doing X for Jesus, right? Then maybe he doesn't want you to be a doctor or a lawyer. But that's just the classic example of like, you're wasting your life. And I think that's actually the good waste of because it reenters back into that ecosystem again of holiness and a relationship with Lord or then you're giving him your energies. And I think so I just think that's a really that's a flipside to the coin of we're talking about wastefulness of there is one aspect of wastefulness. That's really holy. And I think it's your life being wasted for lack of a better term on Jesus. Meaning just like just wasted on him. Just give it to him. It doesn't how it looks doesn't matter. What the what you're going to get back for it? What the return on the investment is? It's the numbers are not going to add up, right? That with the with the years wages versus what what happens. So. Yeah. Go ahead. Even just on a super small level. I think in a day and age where people are telling us that we have to produce we have to perform you have to go for it and work, really hard. You know, I think just with our phones and social media. We don't really have fringe ours anymore to we just fill up all of our times just to waste to waste our time. Like to put away our phone to spend fifteen minutes, just being quiet or not doing anything or just sitting and being still or going for a walk or praying. I think in our culture that could seem like a waste like you could be doing something better right now, you could be catching up with someone. Based? Yeah. Like grinding, right? It out a book or whatever it is studying, but just to actually spend time to just be still in here from the Lord, I feel like a culture would say that's a waste instead of say, no, that's that's health for my soul. The good guys. We're going to end on that. Because that is perfect of like. Waste your days on Jesus where actually feels like maybe you're wasting your time in a quote unquote way where you're not being I it's the assist to efficient, and I think we want. Jeez. Following Jesus to be officiant when it to work like a well oiled machine when it's not a well oiled machine, it's years. A years worth of waves that you break over his feet that is deeply wasteful in humility in grace, and then Jesus honors that back the same thing that the woman heard in honor from Jesus from the very lips of our rabbi Lord Jesus he says that over you when you waste quote, unquote, your life on him. So guys this was started as the most random weird episode ever. And that was just a tease of like, you can totally tweet me and say, Jeff don't don't share. Don't don't go that deep in your head, bro. Like if that's in your thoughts. Just keep it to yourself. You can tell me that. And we won't have episodes like this again. But that is what I really think about is plumbing to agriculture detract to this. But I think it was good episode. And I think we ended it. Well. All right. We love you guys have the rest of the day. Let us know on social media. What you thought? All right. Take care.

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Episode #055  Some got rings, some did not.

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44:23 min | 11 months ago

Episode #055 Some got rings, some did not.

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A little bit beef with some interviews some more content and stick to two episodes a week. So it's easier to listen and you don't fall behind. I actually just talked to a guy today at the gym. Am who was like man. I'm like three weeks behind but I'm trying to catch up and he actually was like it's crazy like I'm listening to three weeks ago and all the stuff you're talking about ended up like hindsight twenty twenty it all panned out. It's wild but trying to revamp this platform and how it's GonNa get released. But yesterday I got a lot going on right now. So it's been kind of crazy but but Thank you for being patient. Really excited to guide some construction in the studio over the weekend so hope to kind of revamp Howard do all our videos and make them more more frequent. We have a more concrete video setup. should be finished today. I think but anyways appreciate everyone listening and fired up about the show so let. Let's get to the show. That's a lot of the newspaper because it smart editor. Come out or do you do what everybody else does this. tweet some shit on the walls. which is what I see everywhere where we had a man on forty when my time On Earth is gone at my activities. Here are fast I once. They bury the upside down critics and kiss my Welcome to episode fifty five minutes of Sports Let's let's let's get right into it first of all for my favorite segment of the week every week and I appreciate all the submissions. Please keep them coming. If you hear the dumbest Shit you've ever heard in your life from sports media personality personality submit it to us for the dumb ass sports media personality of the week and this week if you didn't follow social media I responded to a tweet because it's just narrative writing one. Oh One Guy George rights to I don't really I'm not familiar with who isn't always a West Coast Guy Big Oregon Guy. He's on Fox radio somewhere out west. I don't I'm not entirely entirely sure. Nor do I really care. But he tweeted out twenty eighteen Ohio state fans. We're glad Joe Borough transferred. He's not good anyway and we didn't want him in two thousand Nineteen Buckeyes fans. Look at three Buckeyes for the heisman. Trophy me shake my head and I was just sitting here like man that a narrative. If I've ever I heard it because I was here at Ohio state when all of that was going down not only do I know the feelings amongst players coaches and the fans I mean I was watching being in hearing the fans talk about how they want Joe to stay. They've I mean there was a decent amount of the fan base that job to be the quarterback and thought that he you know he did he outperformed Wayne Haskins in the spring and then he got hurt and then it was just it was in limbo and that that was really it. He didn't lose the job. Dwayne no one wanted him to leave if no one thought he was the second best. It's just that because he got hurt. After the spring he was worried that he might lose the job and thought you know what if I go somewhere somewhere else. We'll both be great players. And that's what he did and that's what happened people. Forget that Joe borough quote unquote got beat out by a first first round draft pick quarterback and now joe borough is going to be a first round draft pick quarterback but at the end of the day. One of them had to win the job. It's just bizarre that we want to write this narrative like oh he sucked talked. He was thrown away by what no wasn't Ohio state coaches and fans and players and everyone thought he like there was the receiver rooms. The Greatest Barometer limiter for the quarterback play. You WanNa find out how they feel about a quarterback. Go Talk to the receivers all the way from. Braxton Miller D. J. T. Barrett to Carl Jones to Duane Haskins. Joe Borough you right down on the list you ask the receivers because they're the ones that the truth like now man night when jt left it was like okay. Now dwayne is going to be the guy or Joe is going to be the guy and it was fifty fifty the ice asser remote time like all right if you had to pick it right now to be and they to to a t every time we talked about it it was fifty fifty room split half of them thought. Joe should be the Guy Halfon Afam dwayne could be the by the guy but realistically the whole room knew that it didn't really matter both would be phenomenal. And it made me think about what a crime time to Nebraska that Joe Borough is doing what he's doing at Lsu right now. I mean day could have had him twice. He would've went to Nebraska over anywhere in the country twice. Vice His dad. His Dad has a long history with Nebraska's brother and he wanted to be Nebraska so bad and then he didn't get recruited by Out by Nebraska coming coming out of high school and obviously came to state and then when he went to transfer that was Scott. Frost had just come in and he I think the the quote that people said Scott Frost said was is. He's not better than what we have right now. I mean it's just another guy and so they didn't pursue him didn't think he was good enough. And it's like hindsight's Twenty Twenty men imagine Scott Frost and what he would have right. Now if he had Joe Joe Borough I mean he'd obviously would have to develop him like Joe Brady has done a phenomenal job of but just crazy because he wanted to Nebraska Nebraska fans everywhere should be just sick about about it but either way good for really excited about Joe. He's GonNa win the Heisman on Saturday. I think everyone knows that really cool. Obviously the other three guys will have status two guys. Is there a chase young made. It just feels made it and then Jalen hurts and I think they pretty much got it right. I think those are the four players deserve to be there The biggest issue with the Heisman as mint is is who votes for it. I I mean I I WANNA I WANNA I. If that's public I need to find out. I'm going to get a list and see who is voting on this but the other thing is the process says is bizarre one you can vote before championship games. The ballots go out before that shave game. So you can legitimately vote. Send it in. And then Joe Borough could play terrible arable and you had already voted him to win the heisman. And it's like wait a minute. He just played terrible in the game. Fortunately he didn't he played phenomenal which we'll talk about later in the show. But why is that allowed aloud. Why are they? Why are people allowed to vote before the biggest game of the year for some of these kids? It's just it's stupid not only that there's not a uniform ballot famously. Talked about when Tim Tebow didn't win the heisman a second time he wasn't even on the ballot and the South West Region. And it's like how. How is that possible? How can can you allow a player that is going to be in the top three arguably before voting? How can you allow them to not be on the ballot? It's just bizarre. But the Heisman as minutes bazaar. And we're GONNA talk about that after the award so next week. We'll have a show talking about some of these awards like chase young won the Bronco Nagorski award which is phenomenal well-deserved but awards shows is are are different and the other thing we're gonNA talk about Obviously this is action packed. This episode is going to be huge. It's going to be talking about the championship games. We're GONNA talk about the playoffs a little bit in the next next episode. We have an awesome awesome guest. We had her before Anna hickeys coming back on to talk about this Clemson Ohio state matchup. What's going on and Clemson country and I know a lot of people loved upped when she came on last night so she'll be on the episode? We're going to do the interview Thursday afternoon. Ish Sodhi probably go out Thursday night to Patriot. Maybe Friday morning to the rest of us and I'm really excited about it. So a lot of great episodes a lot of great content coming up some interviews some great discussions and then obviously the huge playoffs and how about the playoff rankings is. Everyone's talked about it and I purposely wanted to put this episode out maybe a day or two after everyone disgusted. Because it's like all right. I'm GonNa let everyone else talk and then I'm GonNa give you my opinion and so so. The big news was Ohio. State loses the one seed and I'm not saying Lsu doesn't deserve the one seed because they they kind of do there. You can make an argument for both cases. Obviously the top twenty five wins top ten wins. There's all these analytics and things you could make a case but the issue I have is why. Why did they make make the switch at the end? They always do this. Bullshit they make a switch in the final rankings. And it's like what did you base that on because Georgia was this. We'll get to Georgia and minute but so Lsu dismantle Georgia that's effect Georgia's terrible. I don't give a fuck what anyone says. They are terrible their defense was overrated. Their offense is putrid rid and Lsu beat them like they should just like and then Ohio state struggled in the first half ended up coming back in the second half and having a Hanley fought battle that they want at the end. And and somehow you switch them. I don't understand the criteria of the playoff committee and so we are going to next week. I'M GONNA go person by person through the playoff committee and talk about. WHO's on on it? Why they're on it? What did they know? I mean some of these guys are like seventy eight year old coaches and it's like it's like heavenly on there to pick them like what do they even watch. Do you even know Doug Modern football. It's like I couldn't go back and evaluate one thousand nine hundred seventy two season because it's a completely different game but We'll talk about the committee in depth Next week the wildest part about the playoff rankings was that a couple of things one they were debating if Oklahoma urge or just to get get in the fourth spot like what the fuck. What's the debate? Georgia has been horrendous all year on office whore whore end this. They are without their best wide receiver. And we'll be through the playoffs. They got their ass handed to him by. LSU And can't do shit on offense against an average average at best defense in Lsu. What was the debate? I could make a debate for another team. But not fucking Georgia. What type HYPOL- pencil-pushing seventy five year old used to be coach asses or on this committee? That is real Georgia. So that's just a bizarre bizarre discussion discussion. Not only not only that. They like had that debate but then like to publicly say it is like you said that and told everyone. Oh my God you just screamed incompetence. It's when you brought that up so I think next week we're GONNA might maybe next episode. We'll see I really am excited to do it. We're going to break down. The committee members talk about bowl matchups. We're going to bring back our clemson correspondent Anna Hickey to talk about this huge semi-final matchup with Ohio state. We're GONNA Talk Oklahoma. Lsu later in next week and we're also going to do a deep analysis the final four teams episodically. Kley starting next week. WE'RE GONNA go one team four episodes over the next two weeks. Give you a clear picture. Prior to the Games of who think each team is the deficiencies. I mean really. It's going to be the deep analysis like I've given you a number of times a really excited about it. But the first game I want to talk about is one of the play-off teams The big game. What a game? What what what? What an incredible job Matt rule has done at Baylor? I mean Charlie brewer gets hurt and the backup gets hurt and then Matt rule leads. Baylor to a heartbreaking overtime loss with his third string string quarterback against a playoff team. He deserves coach of the year. And I love Ryan Day. I Love I love. I love some of these coaches that have done phenomenal things but what Matt Rule Oh has done keep deserves to be Eddie Robinson coach of the year. It's unbelievable give it to him now. Like wow but the reality is in that game you cannot lose. I've said it every every episode people get sick of it almost or people love it. The reality is you can't lose miss tackle battle go three for sixteen on third and fourth down average one yard per carry for thirty five total rushing yards and expect to win the game. The only reason game went to overtime at all and was even a close game was is Oklahoma. Turn the ball over twice. But it's concerning that a team can be dominated as much as Baylor was and still overtime in a tight game. And that's why I think. Oklahoma is the weakest link in the playoffs. But we will get to that Oklahoma analysis next week but they are hitting their stride at the right time I will tell you that Jalen hurts was outstanding and the soon to be bullet Nicole Award winner. CD LAMB was phenomenal. Seventeen to twenty four. Almost three hundred yards and hurts was just methodical game. He was eleven of eleven and plays under ten yards. I was just efficiency. He was three or four on shot. Plays so explosive he looked really good and even better when he got the ball and number two hands. I mean Jesus. CD LAMB eight catches hunter seventy three yards. And then all the credit in the world goes to Alex grinch. Three missed tackles on the game. If you don't remember. This is an Oklahoma team that was like last asked in the country last year and missed tackles. I WANNA say one hundred fifty or something absurd. Three missed tackles in a championship game. Baylor had ten. So there you go again. Double Digits Miss Tackles or if you just lose the tackle battle. You're going to lose the game and the go figure perfect segue into the one championship game that that was not true through PAC twelve championship game. Organised twelve tackles Utah Miss Seven but we knew we knew Utah had a solid defense. But that you're talking about a a a just a sickening gain for me. At least organ first of all I knew it was going to be a long day for Utah when Oregon stuffed Utah on fourth down on the opening drive Dr and drove down and scored and set the tone for the whole game was over at that point in my mind and organ played like the team that I picked to win the PAC twelve and go to the playoff it just just. It's sickening sickening. What happened in the Arizona State game because they would be in right now over Oklahoma but the other thing is just an Herbert? How about running the football? He he was not a statue at all. He had eight. But listen to this just in. Herbert had eight designed runs in the championship. Game Eight. which you'd say that's not a time? He averaged point seven even designed runs per game. So what over eight times as many in this game ridiculous and he's not a statue he's athletic. He can run. He really pat some huge. I down pickups and huge runs against this defense and I think it was one of those things where the Oregon New Utah was a good defense and they knew they needed to equate numbers by involving their quarterback who was a good athlete. Kinda reminds me of Ohio state and Justin Fields. Where they don't WanNa run him because he's a franchise but in a game like that it? Might I be time to take the chains off and they did it. The other kid is cave on. Oh my God I mean. He was a number one player in the country. True Freshman but he is a monster. I mean he had nine sacks. This here is a freshman. It'd be a two and a half and a game he was simply unblock -able. I mean even plays that he didn't get home and get the sack. He was right there especially when they gave him a one on one so so he can go ahead and discount enjoy that from this season because next season he will never face a one on one he is very chase young esque at a young age so he was. He was the most impressive player in the entire game. The other thing that happened in a game Tyler Huntley threw two interceptions all season and then through to in this game. I've talked about him at length about how he is was just an efficient quarterback not a great quarterback but efficient didn't turn the ball over. They had a good run. Game was Zac Moss. They had a great defense. It was like that stereotypical championship caliber team. And and he was that quarterback they would get it done and he did not get it done in this game two picks one for six down the field an inexcusable fifty fifty two percent completion without pressure. Sure that means when he wasn't pressured he only completed half of his balls. You can't do that. And then the the the real story here was. Cj Verdel had had a great game. There's too long touchdowns one at the end of the game but it wasn't it wasn't even anything exceptional. Utah forgot how to play gap sound defense and stay in their damn gaps and and what that means is so if you just look at how it offense aligns up right in between each player is a gap on defense. I mean there's two different we could talk about this at length but on on defense there's two different styles of defense really. There is a gap sound defense. Where every man on defense is associated with a gap? They have that gap in between the center and guard. That is my gap. No one is to run your gap and if everyone is in their gap and plays it correctly and doesn't get out of their gap. There's nowhere to run the football. That's one way another another way is to do what's called to gaping where now you guys up heavier on the linemen like head up and they play him square and they essentially play both gaps and the linebacker behind them plays into whichever gap they don't fit into. If that makes sense they compensate off of each other so those are the two main styles of defense and and Utah Incorporates. Kind of a gap sound defense and I'm watching some of these long runs and it's like cj Verdel doesn't do anything exceptional it's not an exceptional scheme. Its motions that get people out of position. It's defensive end dives in the wrong gap. And there's no one in a gap and see. Jeffrey dealt hits it for a sixty yard touchdown or whatever it was I mean. Eighteen carries two hundred eight yards and three touchdowns. Utah absolutely shit the bed on defense. That's just reality. Would happen and organ finally played like they should have played all year and they had flashes lashes like this all year. Justin Herbert played well. But you can't I mean come on. They should be a playoff team. Looked like a playoff team. I mean you're talking about a last second touchdown Auburn first game of the year. That should have been there only loss. It was really a coaching error. And then you go shit the bet against Arizona State now here. We are unbelievable but I will tell you week. The two of two thousand twenty. The buckeyes are going to out to Oregon and menace to sports is going to be there. That's GONNA be a game that we have to see. Obviously just Herbert. We'll gone but Oregon team is that Oregon team is different than the organ of old. The chip. Kelly Oregon I it's really different because they have an offensive offensive line head coach and he is taking that Oregon flash that organs skill that pretty uniforms that Nike money and he's adding toughness and offensive line. Play to watch out for Oregon. I'm telling you mark. Chris is going to get it done there. Because he's bringing an element that Oregon never had the toughness offensive line. Play run the football power run game doing that stuff with the the organ brand. It's really going to be exciting to watch out for them but we definitely want to get to the big ten championship game. SC Changes your game really excited about those two games to talk about bottom really GonNa talk a lot about the big ten championship game for obvious reasons and and really just kind of close out with the chairmanship week and then preview. What were the the playoffs? What's coming so when a quick break with one of our sponsors and we'll be right back after this? I have a question for you. which if you're online searches? Does the government have the right to know about whether it's maybe you're late night theatrics or your antics or maybe the fact that you have a pinterest account does the government deserve to know about those searches the answer none of them if you have expressed. VPN They won't without express VPN's protection though hackers governments at companies and ISP's all have full access to your data. I don't want them use them. 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VPN dot com slash menace for three months free with a one year package visit express VPN dot com slash menace to learn more. I welcome back. Well we have two two playoff teams. That played also in championship games. I think the the real story line here. Is You have four conference champions playing the big twelve ship the Big Ten champ the ACC champion SEC champ. That's the way it should be. You should have to win. Your conference is to make the playoffs and I'm glad they stuck to that but sec championship was actually not as close as I thought it was a and I I said it. preseason the preview was that that it's going to be a battle of WHO's weaknesses weaker and it was so evident whose weakness was weaker Georgia starting with our stat or critical title stat. Missed tackles Georgia had ten. LSU At seven so really great job by the LSU defense getting guys on the ground and this was really a tale of opposite offenses. You couldn't be more polar opposite. You start with Joe Borough. Who won the heisman trophy again? He already wanted but now he wanted again on Saturday. Absolute Stud three reenter fifty yards passing four touchdowns zero picks. He is unbelievable at when. Something's not there. He can escape the pocket he can. He can extend the the length of a play and give his receivers time to get open. And boy does he have some receivers he is the catalyst that is just. I mean it's it takes an offense and even when you to stop this. LSU offense he finds a way to give it time to spring open and all of a sudden a well defended play a well defended a well. Executed defense can give sixty or gain because of Joe boroughs ability to do that. It was unbelievable. Joe Borough was a Stud Jake from was a dud. And I'm so I'm not happy because I would like to see him have success. But it's just hilarious that I've said this all year long Georgia fans hate it. They've been on my ass ask and then you watch the game and it's really really. I'm cool just. Let's let's be honest here. Let's be honest. One for ten down the field ten percent down the field forty four percent completions in two interceptions when he had no pressure think about it with no one pressuring him. He completed completed forty four percent of his balls and threw two interceptions. That is flat. Poor quarterback play. There's no other way about. It's not like they blitzed him and he was under pressure through a bad ball. All it's it's it's no pressure if it's not there you can scramble throw it away. No throw two picks when you're not under pressure and the most unbelievable thing to me the most unbelievable thing to me at Georgia the last half of the season. If I'm a Georgia Fan. I'm pissed because how does James Coley coli not found a way to get de'andre swift the fucking football. He's their best most dynamic player. He never gets the ball. It's like who are you. What are you what take all my gosh is mind blowing? All you want to do as a coach is get the ball to your best players as many times as possible. Look at some of the great failures in football in my career. Twenty Fifteen Michigan State. Who didn't touch the ball? Ezekiel Elliott. Michael Thomas Two of the best at their position in the NFL right now. Look at Georgia. Why have they suck for seven weeks and really all season? They have the Andrea Swift. WHO's a really really really good player? And they don't ever give it to him. He had two carries raise three catches and people say oh he was hurt. He's not hundred percent. Did you listen to Kirby smart in his post game interview. They asked people at the interviews. The questions this came tells update us on the Andrea Swift was hundred percent. Is he injured. And Kirby Smart Stadium. He's he's healthy. As far as I know he's fine. The what and we answered is like. Oh we're the idiots. No no you're not giving the ball to your best player. Why is he hurt? No one. Then what's your fucking reason bro. You're like do we have a coordinators that know how to coordinate an offense call play and actually get the ball to good players. No no okay. I'm in complete shock to anyone on the committee. I would even consider this Georgia team and more shocked that they admitted it publicly. I just can't their offense is so putrid. And the vaunted amazing defense I heard about from Georgia gave up almost five five hundred yards. Fifty percents on third down created zero turnovers. They stopped the run decent but Joe Borough carve them with the help adjusted Jefferson and Terence Marshall it was a bloodbath and despite their inconsistency and at times shockingly gross performances. The defense is certainly capable of playing decent. They haven't at times they're very inconsistent. But I will tell you this. Derek Stanley Juniors was the second best corner. I have watched all year behind. Jeff Okuda you can. You can save your C.. Jay Henderson talks. You can save your trayvon digs talks. Derek Juniors the second best defensive back I've seen outside of Jeff Okuda and grant ah critical as I've been on him because he misses a ton of tackles but he's all over the field. He is all over the field and A. He's an impact player and here. You Go Georgia Georgia. Here's a brilliant game plan and this might be worse for James Coley than not giving it to the Andrea Swift. They threw the ball at Steinle. Sixteen Times six fucking king teen five catches fifty seven yards and two interceptions. That was your game plan. Throw the ball at their best. Cover Guy Really really smart plan by James Coley that I tell you no wonder Georgia belongs in the playoffs. It was a joke but in the end. This thirty seven to ten ass-whipping prove that in the battle of WHO's weakness was weakest. LSU's defense was far superior to that dog. Shit offense that Georgia rolled out on the field no pun intended so I think LSU prove that they are forced to be reckoned with. We know that I think their defense is still suspect but they they played better on Saturday. I'll give them that and I also get against to that. Offense is horrible but excited to breakdown. Lsu in-depth because. I want to talk about scheme next week. So we're that's what we're GONNA do. We're going to go one one team. That's in the playoff every episode until the playoffs starting next week and we're going to talk about what they do schematically their personnel. At every position position their strengths and weaknesses and really talk about what I see happening in each game in the good thing is is in these types of games. Anything can happen like there's not an analyst in the country that can Accurately predict because I could see Oklahoma beaten issue. I can see either Ohio state or Clemson winning. But that's just off the hook of just what I've watched all year so really want to analyze that next next week but first let's talk about the big ten championship obviously spent a lot of time on this. The first thing I'm going to say is what a team game. What a team win? And the special teams performance by Ohio state was different than it's been all year. It was a wow factor first of all the fake Punt Holy L. D. brass nuts. I mean on your own twenty-six fourth and nine and Ryan Day calls a fake punt and then I want to come back to that but and then the pump blocked team and people won't won't recognize this because they didn't block a pint but they showed their ass they show too early that they're coming after punt the punter saw it and that's when he pissed down his is like dropped the ball and all of a sudden it's a huge momentum swing and I'll have to get the ball On what in in deep in Wisconsin territory. It was a huge play. That people won't talk talk about but I want to talk about the fake plant because it reminded me of the two thousand six. Sec Championship game. We're playing Arkansas. We end up going onto the hindsight we go on to win the national title. Beat Ohio State. But we're playing Arkansas momentum's against us an urban decides fake punt in a very similar situation I think it was on our nineteen eighteen but similar fourth in like nine on our own nineteen and he calls a reverse which is even more scary than throwing a pass. Because you you're going to have to run backwards ten yards yards and then get those ten back in another nine but it ended up working out and it really shifted momentum and I can. I can't imagine that that didn't play a part in why Ryan Day called that play because it was a critical moment. Momentum was in limbo and Ryan Day calls a fake punt gets the first down and you feel momentum. Start to shift. But I wanted to talk about it because I was watching it and Ryan Ryan Ryan is so insightful. And he he knows these things and to be honest with you. Not a lot of coaches. Do not a lot of head coaches do. Because I I've been made a big part of special teams. My whole career in urban taught me this and it's so true anytime its fourth down. I was a pump block coach. I was in charge of punt block like my first four or five years Ohio state and all we would do is when we call pump block. You would stare across across the field at the other head coach because ninety eight percent of the time that head coach if it's just a punt just a regular punt that head. Coach is over talking to his quarterback making adjustments talking about the drive that obviously stalled because you're punting and he has no interest in the punt the guy's hand on the punt and so he's talking going to his players getting adjustments. What happens ninety? I'll say ninety five percent of the time a team calls a fake punt. That head coach has laser focus on the on the play on the fake punt. And if if you see it you can call a timeout or get your guys punt safe because you know patient be that interested in appoint. He's actually interesting because he he's nervous. And he wants to make sure that the fake punt works and so have you ever watched it on. TV watched the head coach and Ryan Day did a good job. He was kind of TR- trying not to watch trying not to pay attention. He didn't tip his hat or tip tip his hand that not tip his hat tip his hand at what he what he just called and it was unbelievable. Now everyone's going to talk about Ohio. States missed tackles in this game and they had a ton in the first half. They cleaned it up. They clean it up so the highest of the season by far they had eleven tackles and almost all of them were in the first half so that your they were on course for twenty minutes tackle game and it was bad I mean it was it was bad I was sick to my stomach for them. But you want to talk about really bad. Wisconsin had thirty thirty missed tackles. WOW YOU WANNA lose. That's how you lose. Whom I thirty already missed tackles but it definitely was a tale of two halves? I mean they were down. Twenty one to seven at half to halftime adjustments outstanding. Second time this year that it was just completely different team came out of the tunnel in the second half they went at five straight scoring drives. Twenty seven unanswered points and dominant display of what this team is capable of and and should play like for four quarters and will need to to beat this Clemson team. They cannot have a bad half. They need four quarters like they played in the second half or they will lose and sometimes say stuff on this show and Buckeye fans don't like it or don't WanNa hear it. PSA Buckeye fans. They will have to play their very best S. game against Clemson and they will win if they do but if they do not they will lose so just remember that it was really. This game was a field field position game and the difference in have showed how critical three phases working cohesively is to a team success in huge games. I mean offense gets the two first downs. The punt team has a great point zero return yards. The defense holds. Pump block can move your checkers closer and closer to the opponent's end zone. That is the name the game. That's how you win big games. Your offense doesn't need to score every drive. It'd be nice. Everyone would like it but just get to first downs. That's twenty yards now you punt it forty thirty five yard net now. That's you just change the field sixty five yards if you can get a three and out or stop on. Don't let them get the same two first downs. Now you've just created thirty thirty a yard differential. You keep doing that consistently you're GonNa win the game and that's what happened in the first half Ohio state started their average drive on the twenty two yard line their own twenty two in the second half on their own forty almost midfield that is eighteen yards per drive in hidden yardage in the second. Half that is one hundred eight yards yards just in the second half gained just in the field position battle in the second half over the first half. That is huge. That is legitimately think about it. That's like saying all right. We're going to roll out this other player. That's going to get one hundred eight yards in the second half force and help us win this game. That's what the team element of the game. Did Wisconsin their average starting field position in the second half was the twenty one. We'll have state was on the forty. They were on the twenty one their own twenty one. That is massively important but talking about Ohio state's offense it's showed it's ass again and I've been critical of it. No one likes to talk about it. Everyone who wants to talk about this is the best offense line the best team. Best this no flaws blah blah blah. That's not been true through ever all year not once and I've said it every show I've been honest I've called out what needs improve. What's not playing well? WHO's not playing well but people don't WanNa talk about it? But these I listen to some of these other shows and analysts listen Buckeye fans and it's like I mean I don't see a weakness on the whole team and I'm like what the Shit are you watching. There are some weaknesses though. They're not that bad there are definitely weaknesses. twenty-three total QB pressures and five. Six past pro is a weakness and I mean you talk about Xavier Thomas coming to town. I mean that's the second best player in the country buying chase young at Clemson twenty-three total keep you pressures Mumford. Had Three Jona Jackson had zero. Josh Meyers had three White Davis had to Brennan Bowen had to Jay had three so Jonas joanie Jackson actually played phenomenal. And he's been great all year and we're GonNa talk about that when we preview. How state next week? But I've said it all year and no one wants to listen the pass protection in spite by the tackles. JK are an issue. Saturday Josh Meyers and Wyatt Davis looked like they did at the start of the season. They've improved they've actually been doing very impasse bro. But they had kind of setback game. I mean Josh Meyers allowed three pressures and that was how. He's playing early in the year when I was being critical of and he cleaned it up. He got I at one point. said he was probably the most improved player on offense. The other thing is three point seven yards per carry. That's deflated because of the sex. So that's obviously not a good good day Russian the football but when you get sacked five times that's going to lower the your yards per carry so I'm not as concerned about that but it certainly was not a dominant rushing day for the Buckeyes is the reality was and I haven't heard people talk about this enough zone. Six dominated the secondary hindsight the lowest graded three players on defense defense for Wisconsin. Were there three corners. Think about that. The receiver group played extremely well in the second half specifically with the only drop being a Ben victory. One drop but the thing that I saw that I haven't seen a lot of is they were elusive Caja Hill. In Victor forced ten miss tackles combined. Ten Ten and the receive group moved the chains a combined. Fourteen Times fourteen times the receivers caught passes and got first downs. The top five. I have great players on offense on Saturday. Utah about the biggest game of the year right championship game to go to the playoffs. The top five graded players. Chris Lavi One K J hill to Ben Victor Three. Jk Eight four Austin Five. Jk played really well outside of pass pro. But that's four receivers in the top five and it's safe to say Justin field supporting cast showed up yup and Brian Hotlines Zone. Six came to play now. I will say this. Justin fields played above average best. Superman was not super all game long. But it's not all on him. You can't blame him entirely. Because here's the reality. He was seventy six percent completion when he was kept clean. When he didn't have pressure he had a thirty percent completion? She percentage when he was under pressure. What does that tell you? Pass pro was the biggest issue on offense that and field's not getting rid of the ball on time and at times the receivers fevers weren't always open but I watched the film received record coach by trade. They played really well. They were open most of the time. I think Justin feels needs to make some better decisions and get rid of the all in the past bro needs a holdup. But that's just the reality of it. You can't go thirty percent under pressure or if you do better not be under pressure a lot. And that's what I saw from this offense now on Defense Ohio state came out for the third quarter and was a different defense than they were in the second half they allowed sixteen plays for twenty three yards zero points in the third quarter are they completely flipped. The momentum and the final dagger was towards end of the third quarter and start at the fourth quarter when the silver bullet defense forced back to back. Three and outs for a grand ran. Total of eight yards and six place and the offense took advantage of score ten points on earth in response to both dries. That is what I'm talking about when I say A-team win team game when the defense is back to back three and outs the offense is getting much improve your position other putting up points now. The momentum shifting now the trains rolling downhill a little bit. And that's what happened. Those two drives were the turning point at towards the end of the third quarter star the fourth quarter. Those two three and outs has changed the entire trajectory of the game. But I will tell you this. Wisconsin had a very clear game plan and it was very simple in the throw game. Go after Damon are net. That was their game plan. They obviously see and viewed him as a weakness which I can't disagree but they targeted our net thirteen eighteen times comparatively they targeted all the linebackers combined eight times targeted Arnett. Thirteen Times they targeted Okuda Huda four times and Cam Brown twice. Okuda had some bizarre injury. That was like a concussion that healed halftime so he was able to come back. Thank God but they went after Damon. Arnett that that was the plan. And here's the other part at times. Most of the time it worked six catches for eighty four yards on thirteen targets. That's not a great day and the reality. Is this anytime you see a box score anytime you look at a game when one of your corners is the leading tackler in the game. He did not have a good day he did not unless you're playing so unless he's a nickel Oh and blitzing and doing all kinds of things. If he's a cover corner like Damon Arnett is he did not have a good game that means his guy caught the ball quite a bit but Wisconsin at one other game plan. That was pretty the obvious. I think everyone's seen this. Everyone's talked about this. They were GONNA commit minimally three people to chase young avoid him absolutely taking the entire game over he still in this is how dominant chase young. is He still managed four. QB pressures he didn't record of sack. I get it so it's not cute and pretty and all that but for the second game in a row after recording at least one on sack in every game of the year he had zero sacks so that means back to back games zero secs. Here's teams no. He's a problem and they aren't going to allow him to have a one on one to be honest. I'm shocked it took this long. I mean we were watching games mid season. I would watch the film like. Why are they trying to do this? You're going to block that freak of nature with one human being or maybe just a slight chip from a running back. He still going to get home. But teams teams finally caught on finally figured it out. They know he's a problem and they're not GonNa to let it happen and Clemson's not going to let it happen if lost. They moved on to the National Championship. Neither Oklahoma Lsu's going to let it happen so get used to it. It's what they're gonNA GONNA do but it was also surprising how little the defensive staff tried to move him around to create mismatches. They did stand him up a little bit you. You Watch the first Wisconsin. And that's all they were trying to do is get him get him to have mismatches. Get Him to move around. So you don't know where he's going and they didn't do as much of it and the other thing they didn't do. I mean just think about this now I think about it like open your mind and don't even think about football. Just think about humans if we have. Let's say six or seven people in pass protection if we take three of them and put them All attention on one guy as a defensive coach you can attack the other side. Because you know that's going to happen you can bring blitzes from the other or side Twist Defensive Lineman 'cause you know you're getting one on ones you know they're weaker in protection over there so attack. If I was I would blitz opposite opposite of chase young every third down. Just say all right block chase with three guys. We're going to bring bare and Brown and Harrison off the edge. And now you've got a real problem on your hands and now when you want to slide it to them chases one on one or at least one and a half on one. That's what was the most surprising thing. There wasn't a lot out of creativity to take advantage of all the attention Wisconsin and Michigan for that matter to chase all they got to cone jet cone twice twice for sex but he they what they did was they pressured and unsettled him. Twenty Times so twenty qb pressures is significant. That's a decent day and you look at the top five grades on Defense Defense Jay. Sean Cornell tough Borland Chase Young David. Hamilton Jeff Okuda. That's about what I saw. Tough is a little higher than I thought he was but he played well. I didn't think he we didn't play well. But what Ohio State had. There was not a schemed up. Anything that they were not getting their ass kicked in the first half they just were missing tackles and it's a lot like we talked about with Utah. They were missed some tackles they were out of some gaps and they just flat Pete Warner glaring one right in the hole. Just make the tackle. We'll get them on the ground and it's not the takeaway from Jonathan Taylor. WHO's a great back but you're there you're linebacker house state? You're in the whole. It's not like an open field tackle with ten in your space. Get on the ground. That's the biggest improvement you saw. In the second half was tackling. They started tackling better and then it was complete team defense defense complete team football for Ohio State so Kudos to Ryan Day kudos to to really the entire staff and special teams. We haven't talked a lot about special teams but may was that a huge impact component of that game. So it'll be really interesting to see how that continues because when you get in these big games like this the the big ten championship the playoffs. Da Da a DA. You better have those impact moments you better block. Appoint you'd better return a punt. You better force turnovers. You need those momentum swinging moments. It's to win the game. That's just the nature of championship caliber football. But that's enough about that. Let's we will do a deep dive next week starting next week. The next two weeks starting next Monday into the four playoff teams talk about some of the bowl. Matchups really a exciting time because as I've said from preseason on the bowl matchups are where you find out what conference is real and we could really talk about the politics of getting advantageous match ups for the SEC. ESPN drives but either way if the big ten goes out and beat each semester teams they will solidify that. They're the best conference or vice versa if SEC goes out and just dominates every ball game you can't argue with it but my point is you could never argue it all year. Because you don't know you're going to find out it's bowl season baby so thank you for tuning in. Thanks for listening. I really appreciate it as always if you're interested in sponsorship and advertising reach out Zack. At menace decided PODCAST DOT COM Stay tuned trying to finalize. Maybe a watch party for the semi-final game and if we do it's going to be going to it's going to blow the tailgate out of the water. As as awesome awesome is the tailgate was and as big of a success. It was we learned from from what minor mistakes we made. And we're GONNA improve it and it should be a great time so come hang out with us. I'll give you more details hopefully next week and really excited man. Let's don't stay too and make sure you check out our next episode Coming out tomorrow night. Maybe Friday for the public Friday morning with Anna Hickey and Clemson. And let's talk about this match up a little bit but it has always taken tuning. Thank you for listening. We appreciate you. Hope you liked it. Hope you're entertained and as we say if you didn't go fuck yourself. San Diego read the newspaper because it starved editor. Or do you do what everybody else Canadian does this. Create some shit on the wall and see what sticks which what I see happening everywhere. Why are we had a man on forty when my time on earth is gone and my activities here are buried upside down in my critics and Kiss My?

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Inside Supercars - #274 Thursday - Jamie Whincup

Inside Supercars

13:30 min | 8 months ago

Inside Supercars - #274 Thursday - Jamie Whincup

"Naimatullah Jones Dick Johnson from team. Penske and you're on in Subic from the rice treks across Australia. He is inside supercars. Hundred side Sir. Because Tiny Craig. Bell joined by the Seven Times. Straighten champion that being. Jaipur link-up who's up on the Gold Coast managing businesses? I'm engine that going on the side but Multiple dissolved the veteran driver I convey representing AAA on track. Did beget well. I think I had to do it pretty well. And on. Pretty sure that you'll continue to do it for stopped on having made the decision which I'm really pleased to say because obviously you do well and That's something that we want to say. Continue on the first question I really want to ask. You is as a driver. In fact was the number of drivers who suffered burned feet or complained of Verne fate. Some of them quite exaggerated as you will note. Did you have that problem with the four of us it? Yeah I did I had Caught heartache toward the end of the first right Yeah the Cambridge's haven't ever too late To pull well with certainly warmer that the new But a Lotta the temperature towns on the constant fresh shop over a long period of time when when the body not used to. It hit the honest offer. Any words Was Impreza Cheese for for the push titus though you generally generally think it flopped of nightside. Diwan as well as Settling Hoyle all contributing factors man A little bit uncomfortable. Pretend let's see Johnny but I'm more than you right. Okay Yeah we can actually put it down to anything. Such his Charge Aveiro is laying air underneath the car or anything like that. You think I think could be a factor. We should rule that out You know the the front split doesn't have the angle as each potentially the is Pushing through quick rather than getting sucked up on the car and So no family. In fact it's something worth looking into his time. Okay second question is a two part really because it involves a fairly negative and I'm not major highlight a negative but the negatives around the team Sydney thing. I'm James pulling the pain and you know the repercussions having John Webb. Come out and say yes to teams coca. Coca-cola themselves coming out and saying the way backing them. And we're here and we're staying crispy discount will be there. It's all negative press which on top of the smaller crowd and certainly way used to imagine. You didn't see any reduction because production everyday would have been immediately apparent but it's one negative press. I will in the year isn't it? Oh Yes for sure for sure that positive as well. So you're going to my show knicks the Posey with the negative What happened with giants and same sitting Talking Commercial It's agreement there. Which is at its ought to split I Johnny committed to running protests Call a massive brand get friends in the world. committed to the sport so funny from But putting your commission head on and and the supercars as a whole it's not the sort of reporting you want when you think about holding at like conjecture and now striding to What is supposed to be reinvigorating supercars in New South Wales in Sydney particular? Yup I grabbed onto the negative stuff. Well before I I some on the positive stuff off the local Piper raid the news at five o'clock every every die and It just full. And that's why would probably grab. Unfortunately people like the they negative probably gets more clicks than the And the positive stuff. Unfortunately but Sports in sports in a strong fights of never the parody probably never been as good as it has made a huge huge to buy last year. we will go. Why credit for getting on top of that. You know spending the money doing having the resources there to To good job once again don't WanNa be premature birth nearly dies but nearly as Drivers getting looked well beyond the cows. We've got Scottie or an INDYCAR and wanting to move on to bigger and better things so it's say the rest of the world are looking at Cows and the and the draws whoa class competition so positive. It's a little bit negative going on at the time time so I mean we don't want now you have you have embraced and you know you really red hot on the new arm royal trophy for pole position having the record for pole positions and then that was certainly very puzzled. Message the way you embrace the victim. Viking Helmet Yeah I was pretty happy the first of the year and then to go on and win the specialized. Today I was big to me But yeah they're always looking for new is for the products and I appreciate The Guy in the marketing. It's funny things. You get your O'Brien ahead of everyone else's role benefit funds the degree for a long period of time so Now all in all I was just Different pricing environment. Wonderful qualifying sessions on both days and the closeness of the category again demonstrated so fully. You must obviously. You had a great Saturday Sunday Saturday rather than Sunday wasn't quite as good but you must be Pretty you know there's a wreck took to have the new format and an appeal works well for sure but again. What do you mean by the foment? Well just the way which the qualifying works. You know the the practice taking the practice times having the going straight to the second part of qualifying not having he goes through the first part. Yeah sure I like experimenting and saying what what works and what does it still has to be done there as well Acted full house gets hurt from Hugh to Insecure jury starchy one into key to always a little docking. So I'd like to say that they look more more cars on the on the second Fontaine can be domino and all Yeah we've never done that. He wants you to strike at before so I enjoyed it. Enjoyed the the the difference in it but The in involving guys on. Yeah look it's fascinating way. Certainly the shocks appear to be working as in going to a control. Shock The challenge aero fi shooting on that because a few people complaining about to not being able to follow closely. Did you ever find that mistakes did you? Does she note to follow anyone and rice. While on race to the pipe wasn't really on the attack But certainly listen so they come in tomorrow the drug about the about following so that will get assistance over the first three many nine knee jerk reaction to Aarau changes running off that but he's going to assess that allied on freight and then because the forever in the background analyzing parody perfomance opportunity all that sort of stuff engine past So that's that's ongoing. They wanted to actually do a full analysis until off off the ninety s but From what we're saying the party look fantastic They were coming through. Depaz will widen what happens. It's on praying that has to my who did get a bit more dot up before we Before we out there well it certainly helps going to such a fast. Track like our park in terms of gathering information and then of course A sub minute trip like him and so it. It's a good come. That's a commission single away which that's been handled. Is it correct? Yeah which is a bomb straight circuits. We noticed huge amount of strikes. You grow impre which is a flat Bosch Blowing Amyx and you're happy with just really long drag with a couple of drags but it's probably the perfect that to stop the as far as the earned guards and dry eye on high level and a low level so Yeah well often I try events. We'll get a really good picture of Performing and things cross in Shit. We don't talk about party anymore that so. That's all nonspecific hottest. Do that thing behind the things and we'll get about doing the right thing and trying to trying to get the patient but one thing it was very different was of course the rice we can add light and because on Tuesday they were hundred guys down. The road having tasted a very different track. It was a very different format. Obviously the teams were pressured. Because you have to get to the track unpack pack up again and moved back to Adelaide. Did that work from your point of view from a opponent instead of sitting down which is off the air for a lot of now draw a ball and do it. Di- draw facts on on There was a a negativities from some of the teams as well start. The part will analyze. Who sent me on a lot of Get the night before route one. What as far as Palembang? Good quite a good Protecting it doesn't have the dog caught sites as well So there are a lot of it. Might show that worked for personnel. Point of do everyone was a wife for a long period of time. So gotta work out with. That was a good thing category or split them up and get a little bit more opportunity to Bob Things Off The pitch dive football ramp on. So I'm I'm sure that it'd be a topic of discussion at the name. The name one Johnny on greatly appreciate or crying and I appreciate you coming on the show today and I look forward to personally catching up with you. Our particularly after you've had at least one special track just to talk about how connor feels at such a different venue To to add like So Johnny January cup. Thank you so much for joining honey certificates. Thank you pretended dominant. Yep Kinda gone tomorrow. Coley Jones gives us his thought of the wake so good night for me and good not from him inside. Supercars is produced by thunder media shooting Knicks time for more or locking the podcast under Roger or mobile device. Search inside supercars. The views expressed on inside sue. Qasr including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the Network Thunder Media Sport Radio any publication rape broadcast of the show without the express written permission of thunder. Media is strictly prohibited.

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Ep. 51 Drivers Edition with Kenny & Sean

Beyond the Wheel

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Ep. 51 Drivers Edition with Kenny & Sean

"This episode is brought to you by battle born batteries the best name and the RV Marine Industry these lithium batteries are designed and assembled in the USA backed by a ten year warranty the best solution for your battery anxiety. So go check them out at battle born batteries dot com whether you're adventure is on the road on the water or off the grid battle born batteries keep you out there longer. You're listening to beyond the wheel a podcast about the people maybe as drive the RB. Everybody and welcome back the beyond we are drivers addition. This is where Sean and I sit down and we talk about what's new in the RV industry. So the name drivers edition may sound new to you, and that is because it is bruce. From Texas, was the winner of name. Our gets list episodes and drivers addition is what he came up with. We loved it. We took it. And he won the micro air ease the star we hope that Bruce's and join that easy start. and. I don't know where I was going with that. Well one thing I just want to say about the easy start is we actually talked with the folks at Micro Air and they updated that easy start with the latest firmware so he has the latest and greatest. In micro air technology. So that's really good at Israeli. Good. That was really nice with them. I also wanted to give a little shout out to Lou from our habit because Lou really likes these episodes whereas Sean he comments on almost every one of them and says just how much she enjoys when it's just you and I and we're Chit chatting about what's new in the RV industry or what's new in our lives. So thank you for listening and always commenting. Yes. Thanks. Thanks. A lot Lou we really appreciate it. We like getting feedback from listeners. So we just recently put out our previous episode with Alliance. RV. That was because a listener recommended them to us and we reached out to Coley Brady end and got him on the show. So censure ideas in your recommendations to us, and we certainly pay attention to them and try to get what you guys want. Yeah definitely we want to bring you guests on that you're interested in listening to. Most I'm John and I we pick who we are interested in listening to and hearing about. But yeah, we definitely WanNa hear who are you interested in listening to and we will try our best to get them on the show. I. Also wanted to remind everybody that we have a monthly newsletter. Little funny story happened this morning when I told Sabrina. That I wanted to sit down and write our monthly newsletter. She said I didn't know you had a monthly newsletter so I thought well, maybe we should remind everybody that Sean and I do put out a monthly newsletter We pick monthly because we don't want to bombard you with emails, but we WANNA keep everybody up to date with what's going on. And things like that. So we thought once a month would be a good way to keep in touch with everybody. Let you know about a episodes that we just did episodes that are coming up. You can always submit questions to what you would want to hear from our guests and it's also a good way to let you know about giveaway and. Prizes and things like that. That are going on which leads us right into our newest giveaway. We got a really good one coming up. We teamed up with Sun Rv, and they are offering a two hundred and fifty dollar voucher. Good for any sun be across the country. You can even use this voucher for a cabin stay or one of their Vacation rental property areas so you don't even need to own the RV and this would be a great way for somebody think maybe the RV life or the camping life, and maybe you want to go check out what it's like to be at a campground, but you don't have an RV. Asano and check out the the campground and stay in one of their their cabin. So two hundred and fifty dollars voucher with very generous of them. We really appreciate them allowing us to do this contest. It's going to start on August first and August thirty first and we will pick the winner September first and the voucher will be good until the end of twenty. Twenty one so they're they are being very generous third. They're giving us a nice two hundred fifty dollar prize plus they're giving you a lot of time to book the trip. So we really want to thank them for that and I think that's going to be really good giveaway, I think I'm pretty excited about that three and I said, we wish that we could. I wish. You. That's a really good. Especially because if you're unfamiliar with Husan, RV is our episode forty, nine I think it is is on Costa Vista RV resort, which is their brand new resort that's going to be opening in twenty twenty one in your able to make reservations and it looks awesome from the images that we saw you can see them on our website and just by talking to them all the thought that they put into this resort. So if you're not familiar with Sun. RV, check him out, go back and listen to that episode, and you get to hear about the company and about this new resort that they're developing. Yeah I. Hope to be there I hope to check that out at after we talked with them and then Sabrina listen to the episode she's like we gotta go check out that place in Chula. The great thing is that this two hundred and fifty dollar voucher would get you a couple of days there. It's great. At, such. It was so nice of them to offer his price. It's it's just a great cry. and. Then we have more giveaways that will be coming out in the future get one's actually the So this one will run through August. And then we'll have another one to to give away in just going back to the newsletters for a second the best way to see our newsletter. is to sign up on our website for our email list. We don't email very often just basically that once a month newsletters, what we send out. We try and put some information in there that. That helpful do and also stuff better episodes. So if you go on our website and sign up on our email list, you'll be sure to get it, and then also we try and post a link to it on our facebook page beyond the wheel podcast I did not know that. I'm. Not. On facebook. And then we have some, we have some more exciting news that Kenny did just recently. Yeah. So what I did was Nadia away low from Roman remodelers made our logo for us and it's one that you see on our website, our icon, we use everywhere instagram apparently on facebook and That logo that she created for us and went to sticker mule website and was able to get that logo made in the stickers and we have about one hundred of them. We are just giving them out free to our listeners. If you're interested in a sticker a beyond the wheel sticker, it looks really sharp. If you go to our INSTAGRAM, there's a photo of it on there. You can see what it looks like we've already out a few of them were really impressed with just how well these stickers came out there really sharp looking it came out Super Nice where incredibly happy with it we're probably going to or more of we. Run out and like I said, we're just giving them away free. If you listen to the show, you're a fan of the show and if you would like a sticker, just contact us through our email facebook or instagram and let us know just give us your name your address and we will mail you out a sticker like I said they look really good and we're super happy with the way they turned out from sticker mule and I think they're like three inches by four inches or something like that. You are correct Yep, they are. So I'd decent size. Yeah. Yeah. It's a nice size. It's easy to read the colors came out. Great. I'm really impressed with them. Very impressed with them news this this episode, we have a couple of things we wanted to talk about. The first one is the new Ford F one, Fifty Hybrid, and this is really impressive pickup truck from Ford and you might be thinking to yourself. Well, what does that have to do with our Wien but they're they're putting some nice features into this f one fifty hybrid that could easily translate to a more enjoyable camping experience whether that be if you were going to put do a tent camping or maybe something like habitat in the back of the bed or even towing. A travel trailer, it's a three point five ego boost V six engine matched up with the ten speed automatic transmission and it's able to tow twelve thousand pounds and they're expecting it to have over a range of seven hundred miles. That's less time spent at a gas station refueling and with a twelve thousand pound Toca pass that gives you a pretty good range I feel like for a travel trailer Sean would probably a little bit more electron talk more about that. I know like you could easily toe say the. AIRSTREAM base camp thing only weighs four thousand pounds maybe you could even tow. Maybe a thirty foot travel something like that. Yeah, and also like this weekend I was up on skyline drive in Shenandoah national park in there was a jeep. That was towing one of those eight frame trailers. So it's basically looks like a pop when it's folded up, but then it turns into an a frame. set up and those I, think would be perfect for this as well. But yeah, a small travel trailer. I. Think you could easily. Pull with this but I, like it because of the additional bat are the additional power that you get. I guess the outlets in the bed maybe with the additional seven point, two kilowatts of. Power from lithium batteries. They can use for. Anything you need at the campsite really. Yeah. I I'm I'm very impressed with that too. So they did they put all these outlet. It's almost like having a generator with without the generator you're just on run off the power of the lithium battery in there it even claims that it will have a thirty amp plug. But when I looked at thirty amp plug, it's not the same type of thirty aunt plug that we were are used to seeing in the RV industry why they're saying that it would be able to run a small job site for seventy. Two hours now that now they're kind of marketing for that. But in my mind I'm like well, we can run a job site for seventy two hours. Imagine what it could do at your little base camp. You can run your RV off of it. You can run your small refrain if you're if you don't have an RV and you're like tent camping but you had a cooler like what a domestic has, you'd be able to run your cooler or your small refrigerators. This is going to give you power for your life for your computers for your phones like. I feel like this is a really nice option for campers even though for it hasn't really marketing to that way I have a feeling they'll start right now they're talking about it at the job site being able to run power saws and things like that but. I think this is on easily transfer over to the RV or camping experience. Yeah and then if you had one of those like in the bed campers, you sure there's ways to connect to power on the vehicle from there or like you said pretty much everything we use requires power now. So you can keep your stuff fully charged while you're camping on the weekend. And painters things like that. Yeah. Yet quietly without having to run the generator, the truck also has what they're calling Max reclined. So again, I guess they're looking at this as like you're able, you're able to completely reclined passenger and the driver's side flat. And they'll turn into like a little like a bed while others and I guess they're thinking that people would use it for a break or something like that from job site. But now if you wanted to, you could actually sleep. In the cab area of your trump because if it turns into a bed inside the gap I'm going to have to put up some pictures or something like on our show. No. So I can really show you what it looks like. Even the shifter folds down and a table becomes flat across there. It really looks like you know it could be a bed. It's easily they're calling the bed. So pretty cool. I could see that being an advantage to I mean maybe got kids or something like that. You know the parents could be. In the truck, the kids could be an attendant. Now, you just increase the number of people that could sleep while you're out out camping. It's it's a cool drug. It's it's don't have a lot of Nice options yet if you had it with the this trump combined with like you said a airstream base camp you could go pretty much anywhere. Yeah and I really thought when I saw this video that I was the first one I thought how perfect it would be for camping and stuff like that but. I did see an article from road and track and even road and track said combined with the pro power and the way this inside turns into a bed they said it's not a hard to imagine living out of the new F. One fifty. But I was like. Rhodri with me. So maybe I'm maybe I'm onto something. And then another one that I just read about an I had no idea. I always thought the only to a C. units you could get a top a were domestic and Coleman. But fury on has one it's called the fury on chill. And it works with both -ducted and non -ducted systems and it comes in fourteen point five k you and fifteen point five K BTU and I think it's not on actual are on RV's from the manufacturers yet I didn't get that from the article, but it is now available starting the end of July. It's now available at camping world for you to purchase either in the stores or on Campingworld Dot Com it cools down faster and is quieter than competitor's models in also has a more aerodynamic look on the roof it looks like another. Is available in the rooftop AC business that a couple of photos to that too. I haven't seen that yet but I do like the idea of just more competition in that segment because like you said Sean I think you're right. Coleman and medic are the only two companies that come to mind when it comes to AC units and I always think you know the more competition a better it makes everybody work a little harder at. Refining their products and and being able to offer the best like if you're on now saying they're running quieter in colder than their competition. That's great. That's I. think that's always a good thing here quite or would be good. Yeah. Quieter always good for for the AC. Yeah. I'm not crazy familiar with fury on I don't have any fury on I R V but people that I've talked to that used a fury on stuff really enjoyed they liked the features of the fury on that they have the Stove Thompson things like that. Yeah. We have a fury on stove top and oven. It's the best one we've had. So. That says a lot right there. That's really good. Yeah. So hopefully, they're AC's are just as good in maybe we can try and get them on the show and talk about it. Yeah. Yeah. That would be good something else that was just released. Not that long ago that I saw is that Garmon has rolled out a new rb navigation device and it's geared more for the outdoor lifestyle. Sabrina have been used in Garmon six sixty since we've been RV and we've really like it, it's very easy to use it takes into consideration the height. Weight the with the length if we're tone of were not towing and it's all in the computer system and it when it maps out our routes for us, it knows to avoid these things. So we have some experience with the RB navigation with garment. But what they're saying about this one is that the screen is going to be much larger. It's now going to be a eight inch display but the big thing is that it's going to have a preloaded database of not just campsites but even like the off road locations, the Boondock and spots the. Lands just off grid locations that they've never had in their UNICEF before i. think that's a big deal because it's very difficult to find these offsite locations. There's entire. Created to help you find these offsite locations I. And even when you do find them to kind of like program into jeep as you're usually using like the longitude and. Latitude, is that yeah, long today. You should leave that mistaken there. I didn't know what was actually called John but this will be easy if you could just click on the icon and say I'm looking for red. I'm looking for off grid location. This is where I wanna be and maybe a list comes up and that'd be awesome I. think that's awesome. Yeah. I think it's really cool that they added these off off the grid areas and then I think they've also like partnered with a lot of the camp ground what are they called the chain? Campgrounds like Koa and knows in have all those programmed in as well. I think they have a lot of preloaded content in this is going to be very helpful to our fears for sure according to Don Schmidt. He's a senior product manager for automotive garment. He said that it's going to have tens of thousands of RV parks and campgrounds nationwide. Wow. So Again. Know just makes it easy to have that information program right in there and you're like, Oh, I'm going to Tulsa Oklahoma let me see what comes up and then you just pick pick the one. That's great. I think that makes things easy and it will make things easier while traveling from like Queen Eight appoint behavior doing like a three four day. Trip and maybe you don't have every stop planned out and you're just like well, let's pullover in this area. See what's in the area and it comes up with a list right in your your garment that's got your height weight length all set in there. You know that you're going to be able to get there I think it's pretty cool. I think. I think it's just a way to make our and traveling just a little bit easier. And they're also going to have the national parks in there too I think. So Oh, that's good. I didn't know that that's great. It should be good for our being I know we use an APP that's on our iphone for navigation. It was originally designed for truck drivers within they made a different version for our viewers a I'm always looking at new navigation stuff and I like the eight inch touchscreen it's. When you get older the biggest disagreement better. Yeah unfortunately I I can my eyesight is just not what it used to be. I've always wore glasses. But now I've noticed that I can't see up close anymore. It just use to be I could see far away. But now it looks like I'm some bifocals it is not fun getting older, but at eight inch touchscreen will be nice. It will make a big difference I. Do have a funny story about eyesight. We we hike a lot and yesterday Julie felt something on her back, and so she asked me to look at it to see if it was a tick. and. My eyesight was so bad. I had to go get my reading glasses to be able to see fit was or wasn't a ticket wasn't thankfully but up here in Virginia, there's a lot of ticks soon. Were always on the lookout to make sure we don't have any. Same here in the South West Virginia, right now I've been taking bailout for a high most every day and I'm always looking her over to make sure she doesn't have anything and he takes luckily has very short hair and it's easy. It's easy to find them on her. Couple months that we've been here. I've found too but I got him off of her fairly quickly. They stand out on her which helps oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because She's light color well, she's yes, she's lighting color and her fur's very short definitely helps and then in terms of the RV industry, we have some good news and some bad news. So I think. The good news is in June. The RV reported that June was the highest month of manufacturers wholesaling. RV's to dealers. June. Was the biggest month of the year and was actually higher than June of last year I. think that's good news at the RV, industry is surviving the COVID crisis the to- ables were up considerably the motorhomes were actually down a little bit compared. To last year, but overall, the shipments from manufacturers to dealers were up compared to last year and the highest of the year. So that's really good. People are still getting out there and people are still interested in being i. say that good news first because if you haven't heard the Hershey, RV show has been canceled and I think a lot of RV shows are. Going to be canceled the work camper rendezvous that Julian I usually go to in. October. was canceled and that's one of our favorite are being events to go to unfortunately that one was canceled I. Did look though see the other big RV. Show the Florida RV super show. It's not canceled yet. It's January in. Tampa I'm not sure how that's going to go but. Very unfortunate that. The. COVID pandemic. Has. Caused. The Hershey show to be canceled, Kaz Kenny and I were both GonNa go there and check out all the new stuff. Yeah. I'm really disappointed over it I mean I understand the reasons but I'm still disappointed that we're not going to be able to hang out and I think our original plans were that you and I would meet up and then maybe try to meet up with some listeners but now all that is squashed but it does make Sense. You and I have both been the RV shows at the Hershey show particularly in the past and it's a pretty insane experience. It's a lot of equal a lot of people shoulder to shoulder and then I think too like how would they have handled people going in and out of I mean the reason you're there to look at the Arby's go in the Arby's and check them out the how how would they be able to handle that? Cleaning instead cleaning keeping, it's difficult the social distance in an RV once you have four or five people and say a eighteen foot twenty-foot RV I think it would really take away from the experience of the RB show to try to put it on at this time. I think are I think are making the right call and I'm sure they're just as upset about it if not more so than than we are. Yeah, the Nice thing is though is that it sounds like the dealers are going to be fully stocked. Open. So if you are interested in in a particular model, you can probably find a dealer close to you that has it and you'll still be able to go check it out but just the experience of going to Hershey in seeing I mean it's just massive. and. It's like. Yeah sing out on that. It's just the experience of you know in the excitement of seeing all the the new stuff out there not just RV's but also all the stuff that goes along with our being campgrounds and all the different products. So it's a bummer that that it's canceled. But when you told me this Kenny, I went also and looked at. some of the other RV shows and I looked at the good Sam website who they have a lot of our shows and I saw some on their scheduled starting in September of this year I think there was one in Colorado for sure Colorado Springs may be but it they haven't been canceled yet on their website. Okay. So I'm wondering if they're still planning on having them or if they're just waiting until closer to be able to see what the situation is in those particular areas, it's possible that they still have them is just no. There is definitely a big difference between an RV show and the Hershey Hirsch. The Hershey RV show literally is like shoulder to shoulder most of the day and every. It's hot and I think. Yeah. I think there is a big difference between the RV show. I couldn't imagine walking around in the heat with a mask. and shoulder to shoulder, and I mean part of the experience for that RV show it is great that you can see all the rb's every almost every dealer or manufacturer I should say every manufacturer is they're all in one location, the products everybody that makes products for Arby's their shows or there and demonstrations and presentations I mean it's really I. Think if you haven't been to the RV show in Hershey I, definitely recommend. Going because you get to see a lot in a very short period of time even the chassis manufacturers have their tasks as out there. Yeah. So you can check out you know what it's built on everything national. Yeah. I I always enjoy going to that show hopefully, it'll be back next year I. Hope it's back next year I'm a big foodie to I like to eat and They got tons of food trucks. It's a fine experience as a fun atmosphere. It's it's very cool. It's very cool. But that's not to say that other shows are not I've been to a few. RB. Shows and I've always had a good time at the RV shows I really enjoy walking in and out of the units and taking a look it and seeing what? Manufacturers are doing what and it's always interesting to see the differences in I guess the differences and the directions you know some are beers or some rb manufacturers are like really up on attack and they got like touchscreens everywhere some maybe more basic that way but they put more into the suspension of an art be I really liked to see all the differences in in in the different manufacturers. It's nice. It's a great way the lot and a little bit of Time Yeah Jillian is do about Kelly ten to fifteen rv shows a year so and they're always exciting for me even though we go. Between January and April were at a show almost every weekend and it's still fun to see what all's there and they're usually not any one of them as the same. There's always different RV's there. So it's fun. It's just fun to check things out and you're there for work and you're still having fun. Yeah. Yeah. We're usually there every day of the show for like Thursday through Sunday and When we're not speaking, we're usually walking around checking stuff out I'll miss the shows I'm missing the shows for sure have gone missing leaving my driveway. So. Miss that did not leaving your driveway, but we miss being on the road at it's been. It's been a bummer it sure. Yeah. We're GONNA get up and moving around pretty soon. I say pretty soon but not really not to walk Tober. It's slow at these in a way away your. Mind than. Sitting for so long in the same spot, I'm just glad that we found a good spot to be in There's there's hiking right behind our campground at that leads right in I mean just a couple steps. Away. I've been taken bell to a trail that's not too far about a twenty minute drive and there's a bike trail twenty minutes away too. I actually picked up. A annual State Park Pass so that I can I can go on their trails and stuff and not pay the daily rate anymore. So quickly that way we are in a good spot is humid more humid than I would prefer here in Virginia but yeah, it is nice. It's been good. It's been good. I really shouldn't complain too much. Yet, and this is the longest you've ever been stationery, right? Yeah, yeah by far. We actually Sabrina I just talking about that and it's probably the least amount of social we've been. So I mean everything's still kind of close off the area. We're not really getting out and meeting New People. Even people at the campground you know I keep my distance from them. We just kinda wave everybody just waves to one another we don't really interact that much with people. So that's been weird to I'll tell you it's really strange. I think I told you the other day I went and did my walmart run I always get there early in the morning when I, wake up because I like to be there when. The crowds are low and I also like to be there like right after they're done cleaning from the night. So I always think that's like do blesses to be their first thing when they they open I went I did my shopping came back home and supreme was like you seem like you're in a good mood I said Yeah I had fun at Walmart. Out of the army for a little bit. And see something new and hand. Are. Things that bad that a trip to Walmart? Hey, good mood. Usually. It's the opposite. It's just weird. Yeah, it's nice to we were talking earlier that even on out on hiking trails and stuff when you're out there people, Kinda keep their distance. Automatic now to move to opposite sides of the trail or you can still enjoy the outdoors without fear I guess. Yeah. And that's been a great thing I mean I've been out hiking more I've been out biking more. So I feel like I have been more active these last couple of months and I have been in a long time. So that's I. Mean that's that's a plus side and I have bell usually with me when I'm hiking and stuff like that. She is a good rule of keeping people six feet away from him because she doesn't like anybody approach me unleashes six feet. So I always know I'm six feet away from everybody because she doesn't let anybody get I don't think anybody get ten feet. of May she she's a tough little dog. She just doesn't like. That she just doesn't like walking up to me. And normally I find that annoying because I don't mind people coming up to me but lately it's been a it's been nice. Yeah. Yeah. I would take her everywhere. I. Wish I could take her into the Walmart with that. So, what do we have coming up? So we got we got a lot of good episodes coming up actually really good episodes coming up. So our next. Is On be with a company called survive wear and I really enjoyed that episode. I thought that was a lot of fun talking with them and hearing their story they make first aid kits I actually I went and bought one and you bought one yeah. They are very well labeled first aid kits they are as a small little package they sell them all different sizes but you and I both bought the same size one, the smaller Yup it's it's very. Easy to just open it up. It's a soft case that's water resistant. It's got loops on the back. You'll hear more about it but the big selling point for me was just you know when you open it up, it's so easy to find what you're looking for inside the first aid bag in the equipment in there like the scissors and the tweezers I guess I don't know what they're called but their quality like it's not plastic or anything like that. Good quality stuff. Yup, and that's what Sabrina was impressed with. So I take our word for it. But she when she looked through the bags, she said do actually go Sabrina is in the medical field she said they are actually using quality products inside this first aid kit and the small one is perfect size for the RV. Yeah. It's got straps I put it on. My bike every time I take by bike out now even if I feel like you know if I don't get hurt I passed to people, I feel like a rescue ranger fast to people that have fallen on their bikes and even with the covert I still offer help and say, Hey, I, got a first aid kit. If you guys need anything, I could just Kinda. Pass? Both Times, they turn down my service, but I was prepared. They needed something I had with me. It was pretty cool. Yeah, we usually we used to carry a like a small little plastic bin kind of stayed Kit that you buy for like. I don't know ten or twelve bucks at Walmart. Yeah. We've replaced it with this survive where one it's it's much better in in you can fit a lot more stuff in a small compact space with that Kit. So Y-, remotely like it. We think it's perfect for for the RB. Yeah. I think is preferred rb to definitely I think everybody should have some type of. First. Aid Kit onboard RV because you just never know just banging your head on a on a slide Nouveau I. Mean, this is easy to get hurt. All our. Yeah, and then we have RV toll pass that was a that was a good interview to and great product. If you're a new are being and want to avoid having ten different toll passes hanging from your dash. Yeah. I was really excited to hear about it. I never even I did not know that something like this existed till you said, you know having ten rb or ten toll passes I have four on my windshield Ez Pass The Sun Past Ohio Pass I game. Remember the fourth one is but Y- tons of these devices on our windshield for when we're traveling across the country, I didn't know that there was somebody out there that made. Told Pass that worked across the United States I would have I would have known that sooner. I think Sabrina I are still going to invest in getting one because it will make life easier to have everything on one bill easy to pay that way when we were talking RV twelve best I've really liked what they had to say about the product. So we are going we get back on the road again we'RE GONNA pick one up. Yeah I. Think it's great to I. Think we are going. GonNa do the same thing and then we we talked to Mike Grow Air about thirty easy touch thermostat. This is something I am really excited about. The show cost money show. So they came out with a Thermostat for your RV I guess you could consider it. A smart Thermostat is fully touchscreen, and the reason why it's is considered a smart thermostat is that you can monitor and adjust the temperature of your. RV with your smartphone from anywhere. So it connects to the Wi, Wifi that you have in your RV and I thought at first. It was just you know if you were sitting inside the RV, you could adjust but as long. As you have a cell service on your phone anger is connected Wifi. You'll be able to monitor and adjust and right away I thought. Well, this is perfect for bell. You know we always worry about bell and the RV as she's warm. When we leave, we barely ever leave her because of this reason but now we'll be able to easily look on our phone. See what the temperature is in yard. We even a just the temperature in the are before her. Super excited about the easy touch thermostat. I think it's GonNa be Great Yeah I think I'M GONNA get one to. Have a dog just because it's cool just because it's A well, I saw pictures of it and it it. It's very modern looking Soto be nice. It's going to bring our RV up to date a little bit. Make It look broadly newer than it is a little bit more tech savvy and they're always like kind of stuff too. So. That's another great episode so that that's the next three episodes coming up I. Feel like we've just been on a roll lately we've been getting really clear usually. Yeah. But again, if anybody has any suggestions or requests, let us know and we're happy to try and get people on the show like we said, the our previous episode, Our fiftieth episode with alliance RV was a listener. A Rodent said we would like you to talk to some new RV companies in alliance was probably the newest. So we got them on and talk to them and it was I thought it was very educational and. Very cold to talk about what it takes to start a new RV company in such a competitive business. So I think that is everything that we had to talk about today. I'm going let sean take us out of here because it's starting to rain over here and I'm GonNa put my mic on mute actually. Here all the raindrops up on the roof. Okay. Well, thanks everybody for tuning in and. We'll see all in two weeks with our episode was survive where make sure you're looking out for that contest with the Sun RV resorts and that two hundred and fifty dollar Belcher. We hope to get a lot of entrance for that, and it's a great value in awesome, prize. Week can't thanks in our V. enough for given that to us to give away. So that's it. We'll see in two weeks and safe travels everybody. This episode is brought to you by battle born batteries the best name, the RV marine industry. These lithium batteries are designed and assembled in the USA backed by a ten year warranty the best solution for your battery anxiety. So go check them out at battle born batteries dot com.

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#133: The Fascinating Ways Homes Differ Around The World

"Hey, guys. This week's episode is brought to you by agility bed. We recently bought an Jody hybrid mattress for one of our beds and totally wish we'd done it sooner. Plus, you can get two hundred dollars off your agility purchased by entering code y h out at agility, bed dot com. That's code Wyatt. Shout and Julie bed dot com. I'm john. Berry. We like home stuff we liked talking. And we liked the occasional game show sound at that. So welcome to young house love as a podcast for we have deep and not so deep conversations about DIY design life at home today. We're sharing the design norms from around the world that you guys told us about including the ones that are making us rethink how we bathed make our bed and even use the bathroom, plus John changes, his tune about our duplex kitchen disagreement. I feel like I open a public apology because you're right to fold really two fold on an issue that we talked about several episodes ago episode one twenty we talked about a fight we had over the layout of the duplex kitchens. Wherein? John wanted cabinets everywhere. I didn't everywhere, but we were debating whether or not to do upper cabinets on the wall with this stove because I thought we needed the extra cabinet storage of the upper cabinets, but you feared it was going to block the chimney too much. Like, we have a beautiful Tammy I'll put a picture in the show notes. Now, everyone is like very happy with the no cabinets on top decision. Because there are plenty of cabinets in a big L-shaped throughout the room there. Two full walls of cabinets in this room. Lower cabinets. I will point out upper over the fridge, and we'll be adding shelving. So there is going to be storage out the wazoo as they say, I wouldn't go that far. There will be plenty. So that's why for one reason, you're right. You also may remember from episode the reason that I saw Sheri's side of the argument that I agreed that we shouldn't do the upper cabinets is because she reminded me that we are putting more storage cabinets in the adjacent laundry room slash mud room. So steps away. There was going to be more cabinetry for people to store their pantry items the food they're bringing whatever some excess kitchen gadgets, if we need a century an extension of the kitchen so instead of opera cabinets, we're having mud cabinets. Literally three steps away from the kitchen cabinets. So you guys may be surprised to find out that I was the one to say, we shouldn't install those cabinets. Those candidates that helped me decide we didn't uppers. I decided we should Knicks from the plan entire. Early. John too many cabinets. Peter sick anyone's we known has seen the error of his way in that ten thousand cabinets, and it'd be chest. Because why John what did you worry if we put cabinets in there? Okay. This was my realization we had planned to put three base cabinets in the mud room. So they're going to be drawers for people to put their food because it's similar to what we have in our pantry at the beach house, and I love our it's worked really well for us. But I realized for a renter someone who's just coming to this house for a week. They may not realize that those cabinets a closed cabinet. You can't see inside close drawer less. Yeah. Is for their food storage? They may not even realize they're empty like when I rent a vacation house. I don't immediately go in and open. All the cabinets to see. What's what take inventory of where I put my things. What do I do immediately at all rentals, you wipe the phones down like Lisa Renna? No, I don't I always laugh at least I am not a germaphobe. I don't do that. I check the toilet paper because that is dire. You must make sure that this. But I don't throw. Open every kitchen cabinet either. Right. So I realize that maybe the better solution than having closed cabinetry. There would be to have open shelving that largely empty. So people will see when they come in. Like, here's a lot of storage space. That's for me to you. So I can put my food here. Or if I don't need my food there. I can put extra beach or whatever like it's flexible space that will be visible right for coolers and big bags of toasty. Does someone pointed out every time? I talk about story did it chess. I say coolers bags toast time bring it back to that. But we'll also have the top service of this shelving system. Just like we would have had a counter for me to put like the toaster in the coffee maker. And yet what is the price difference? John Peterson between a run of cabinets along an entire wall and a free standing shelf for my Kia. What sure is getting too is when we were at key back in December doing some shopping we spotted shelving system that would work perfectly for this spes link to end of the show notes, and it was a hundred and ten dollars. And it's. It's as white is the huge bay of windows in there. It'll Ness nicely under them, and it has three shelves of glorious storage. And like you were getting too much cheaper than cabinetry when we decided to buy that shelf instead of install the candidates. We had bought the cabinets all ready, but we had not installed them yet. So we can still take them back, and they're all still in the vox. Yes, they were in the duplex they'd been delivered. So we did have to haul them back in our car to Richmond. And then on a later date, actually, just recently all them two hours north to to return them. So they've been on an adventure things of this guys. But we realized when we return them we basically got two thousand dollars back worth of cabinets and doors and drawers that doesn't even count what we would have had to purchase after we installed them, which is hardware for all doors, and counters we don't see a huge ticket item. Counters was a big one because the cheap butcherblock or whatever at Kia would not fit. It'd be too short. There wouldn't be any. Overhang? You always wanted overhang on your counters. So we probably would have ended up getting more courts to match the counters in the kitchen, proper, and that would have been very expensive. So we were saving lots by switching from basically two thousand dollars worth of cabinetry. Plus counters and hardware to these one hundred ten dollar shelving units. So I will put a photo in the show notes. Young house dot com slash podcast of the shelving unit in place. You can see what it looks like because it is a pretty shelf helped me Harry drank in my by had a civic coconut very dehydrated from all my praising her ideas at my mouth is dry from the excitement. But now guys I want to get into the thing. We've all been waiting for the thing I've been waiting for which is the recap of the design norms from around the world that you guys submitted to us. I mentioned last week that you guys submitted nearly six hundred responses to our request back in January four things that are normal in homes in your area or your country because we realized well, we talk about here and how we experienced our home in central. Virginia of the United States is not how every home looks throughout our country or throughout the world. And so I said last week that the results were so fascinating I've spent so much time reading them. And I've tried to organize them best. I can so I can have some sensical re-lane them to you guys and to Sherry, right? And I will say I'm working just from your submissions to me. I didn't really go. In fact, check everything. So just like what we say is not perfectly Representative of every American or every Virginian what we read from others is not necessarily Representative of all the people in that country. We're talking about or only that country. It may say this is something that happens in India. But it also happens in several other countries throughout the world. So you may not along and say, oh, yeah. We have that too. Or you may say no, I live there. Also have never seen that thing. So norms. Alludes term is my point generally say I walked away with a really really great appreciation for the variety of homes ways, people live throughout the world. Like, I think it was really help. F-full just to remind ourselves that life is different for people other places. And that the thing you experience everyday is not necessarily the norm somewhere else. Daime the urge to want to travel more and experience some of these things first-hand so a big thank you to everyone who took the time to write in and share something with us because it was a fascinating experience for me. And I hope as you guys hear them back. It is for you as well. The general things I'll say that influenced the differences in our homes actually was a lot about weather and climate. That's interesting. Also size was a big difference. A lot of people talking about Americans homes are so big or like we'd never have spaces like yours because we have small apartments in our city. So I think that isn't necessarily an America versus the world thing. I know a lot of homes in America are very large a lot of areas in the United States have lots of room to spread out. But there are also very urban areas. I mean, both lived in your city in small Heine. I mean, I did not have a sofa guys. I had a bed and a small kitchen and TV on one of those little cube. Abel's for my Kia a tiny TV the size of like, I don't know cafeteria tray and a closet. I think having small spaces like we lived in does force you to have some ingenuity that people who live in larger spaces like where we live now may not have to. So that was another big factor. I think the differences people pointed out, so wait, you can't wait. Okay. Well, I I wanted to talk about some sort of regional rooms types of rooms that you find only in certain spaces hot TV room. Tell me someone has that. I will jump down to that people said in Fenland, there's lots of saunas so there's sort of this room that is a combination mud room laundry room, bathroom and sauna. I have not got to try to pronounce what is called. Maybe you can say Kaden Hoi to Yonne cut in height on. I have no idea of the Finnish. Accent is even we've probably just said like bald chicken what is that loosely translates to a scullery, which I'll get to in a moment. That just reminds me of trolls have you seen all drills to Hillary made? The only reason I know that word, but they said that saunas are such a thing in Finland that their stores like their quivalent of target has a sauna section that has cute water buckets cute thermometers take me there. They also said this is popular saunas are popular in the upper peninsula of Michigan and Minnesota where there's a strong finish influence. There's a lot of Finnish immigrants the United States that came area. So they say, you know, if you're native to that area because you don't say Saana say Souna sound. Yeah. S O W H is how the person's bought it for me sound. So they said like growing up in that area in upper Michigan. It was a tradition to go over for supper and sound at the grandparents house is it because they're called in those regions because you know, how you said a lot of it has to do with that. Or is it like sunlight or assume it's it has to do with a cold and living in a colder temperature. They didn't say specifically. But that's my sump Shen. There are a lot of also specific rooms just throughout the United States. Dates like, I didn't realize what we have here called a frog. Oh, yeah. Finished room over over the the frag. I get a free act. The thing we call her bonus room, which is above our garage. And I didn't realize that that was regional to the southeast and part of that is because a lot of colder regions. You don't wanna room over an unfinished based like a garage because it would be too cold at totally makes sense. Well jersey where I grew up. Everyone had a basement and here nobody has a basement. Well, let me tell you people from the midwest were really insistent on telling me about their basements, everyone in the midwest. We have basements, by the way. Why don't other people of basements? I mean, it's fun to like have like a pool table and all the kids stuff down there. They didn't realize it was weird till friends came home from college the friends that lived in other states, and they were frayed to go in the basement because they're only reference point for basements, where people tied up and movies. I'll ask him say the home alone for right? But obviously in the midwest the United States basements aren't important feature because tornadoes and having a safe shelter space. Gotcha. But someone pointed out they're not common areas like Texas or Florida where we have flooding issues. Yeah. I don't even think we have them here. Because it's so damp, not super popular here in Virginia. But they're not unheard of. But I think a lot of times it depends on the geography that's a house is built into. It's built on a hill often has a basement or a walk out basement. But like, I don't think any of the houses on our street have a basement right because we have just very flat level ground. Yeah. Our show house was going to have a basement, but then our builder decided to fill it in because basements, are not good for resale around here because it's extra square footage that people don't want isn't that interesting. And then I know people who are. Like in the north. Who were like my house must have a basement we loved them in jersey, everyone, I knew all the kids hung out in the basements. But we talked about scholars you notice gallery is I didn't a scullery maid. I thought scullery was like a basement kitchen. That's all iron controls. As people from Africa described to me that scullery is a dirty room for dishes or clothes like it's almost like a second kitchen someone named crystal. She says she's American but her husband and she lived in Africa for a few years and scholars worthy norm. They're small rooms attached to the kitchen or back of the house used to do dishes, laundry and other dirty household work. Like, it's someone's like a Butler's pantry but actually has appliances washer and a sink in it. But it's like hidden and just for like function. It's not a gorgeous thing like a Butler's pantry. Now. Feels like it's trying to make a statement. She said it's the space to put dirty things and be able to shut the door on it to keep the rest of the house looking nice. That's kind of nice. So I was like we should have scholars. It's Monica closet. I'm friends people in South Africa. Also kept mentioning I'm going to say this wrong a bra spelling B R A. I it's basically a barbecue room side. Yeah, it's eight and then it doesn't smell like me. Well, they said it's a room to barbecue. In said, we very rarely barbecue. Gasa water coal is used and Cape Town where the person's from is very windy. So we built a separate room that sometimes has chairs or sofas or even a dining table that separated from the rest of the house. They said it's typically glass like it has a patio doors on it, but it helps contain barbecue smells, but it's separate entries. So it's like a garage freestanding. But it's a greenhouse and is for barbecuing. And I love it. And I hope it smells like making all the time because that'd be like a dream. I would imagine that you're probably collecting lots of smells, and they're amazing. There also were a lot of sort of regional terms that came out as people were describing them. I may not get these. All right. But for instance, and Australia outlets like electro outlets are called power points. That's cute and you call what's our point against the? I'm an American, and I always get this wrong. It's a presentation I call it excel, which is a spreadsheet exactly flyer. That's not the same thing because they serve different functions. Anyways. Australia. Also instead of back splashes called splash Bax. I love love love love that are also love the sewn from South Africa said can. In lights or what we call recess lights often called down lighters down lighters. I love I learned this room. Just lively from the lively show, the moving guys like movers movers. They're called removal Lewis in. Yes. She'd say remove lesser coming. And I'm like that is amazing someone in northern Canada mentioned that they're mud room. They actually called a boot room boot Abboud, it's about time of that was really. Got it should the. And also wanna Canada said that in Canada, they call vacation homes cottages. No matter the style of the house. So if it's a cabin if it's a beach house, a lake house, it's called a cottage and people sometimes even say like, I'm going cottage in its verb. Like going to vacation house. I love that. Now, I'm going to transition to talk about specific rooms and a house and how they may differ from country to country, and I'm going to start in. Everybody's favourite the bathroom one of the most popular right ins was talk about a Pittsburgh potty. Oh, I know what this is this. It's a toilet. Like in a basement with nothing else. Exactly. No walls, and you know, what guys the duplex one wasn't in the basement, but just off the kitchen where the mud room now is was just toilet just into out in the open. Well, apparently, these Pittsburgh potties. The Laura is that when dirty coal miners steel miners would come back from work. It was a space where they could clean off and use the facilities without having to get the rest of the house dirty. But that would necessitate a shower wouldn't it while someone's there also sometimes it was like a drain in the bottom of the basement. So maybe there was other facilities in there. I don't know. But another theory is that it was a keep sewer backups from the street. So that like if there was a backflow into your house into the Pittsburgh body and not the real went into the basement people say if you wanna Google this. You can see pictures of them. But the Pittsburgh potty was mentioned a lot. That's funny, just like mid westerners. Love their basements, people from Pennsylvania. Love the potty. And remember realtors. Call water closets. This is just when the twins behind a door a private pooper. Well, that came up a lot also to water claw. Zits? We have talked about Jack and Jill bathrooms or water closets ways where you can separate the function of using the toilet from the other bathroom functions. Like, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, taking shower, but people were saying a lot of European bathrooms. And this was also mentioned for Australia that the water closet is actually a whole separate room access from the hallway. So it's not within the bathroom itself. But it's own room. That is just a toilet. Just in there doing one thing. Exactly. And then there's another door where you go into get your bath. Or your Sankar, whatever, I guess you'd be doing one of two things. Thank you for clarifying. I feel like I should mention someone else said that in Dutch bathrooms, particularly this water clauses. Just a toy. There's something called the Dutch birthday calendar, which is a trend. I know this is going on. I guess it's a common thing where in one of these toilet rooms, you'll see a calendar that's not specific to a year. So it won't say two thousand nineteen it's something you can use every year that has that particular month, and you've marked your, friends and families. Birthdays on it's like your mom's blackboard in her kitchen. Exactly what the theory. I guess here is that you spend a lot of time sitting there. So it's a great time to memorize people's birthdays. Gosh, that's so funny. Someone else mentioned in Germany that wall mounted toilets are norms. They don't sit on the floor of the amount of the wall, which makes cleaning easier. So one also mentioned you will sometimes find toilet. I don't know if this is in Germany or elsewhere in Europe that had an inspection shelf built into it. So a little platform with in the toilet catch things to inspect them before. They're flushed out case, you are checking for health reasons. Let everyone else fill in the gaps. Like a mirror that Shono. Bon you, and you get inspected Roche. I don't know this is a much less gross than just shell to get your stuff. Wait. So then is there like a tool provided knows this show flush off the show? You wanna leave it there? Someone else twins. There was also a lot of talk that a lot of countries. Wet rooms are much more common. We've talked about these little bit as a bathroom trend where the entire room tiled, and there's just a drain on the floor. So that doesn't have to be as much separation between the shower area and the tub area, and I guess especially in Europe. It was also mentioned for Japan. Thailand Korea, even Iceland that wet rooms are very common. Interesting. Also, I'd imagine smaller spaces that's really beneficial because they don't have to break things up so much like as long as the vanities wipe -able. Everything's in a wet room the entire thinking, get wet. There's a drain in the center instead of having to make room for like shower pan. So it saves space exactly in tight spaces. It's great moving to showers in such a way from the toilet talk. So when mentioned that in Japan, they have amazing bathtubs that are called. I wanna go on son own sin. I think own sin is actually term for Japanese hot spring. But some people have I think translated it to a bathing experience and. Bathtubs stay really hot and have a very spa hot spring experience says their brother lives in Japan, and he has one of these every night they said, you would love them. Goosebumps right now because it sounds good. Meanwhile, someone in Africa specifically Namibia mentioned that bathtubs unimaginable. Because water is scarce. They're so they have to shower you wouldn't dream fill in atop and sitting in one there because you have to be so conscious of your water. You say they're actually wasn't a lot of mention of people instead of having stand up showers a lot of bathtubs with hand-held showers. Some people were surprised that handheld showers are not more normal in American bathrooms. We have just overhead shower head people like yourselves clean. If you're not spraying yourself and getting all your areas, trickle down system at work. A lot of these commenters made me feel gross. Someone from southeast Asia said that they considered toilet paper to be gross like days are the norm. Right. So to have to use toilet paper is like you're not doing good enough work there. I think we'll Smith went on a rant. And he was like if you got mud on your arm. Would you wipe it with paper? No. You'd wet paper towel. He was like make case for the wet wipes. Yes are ruining America's toilet for your sewer system. Even though they're flushable. Get a day apparently. Yeah. That is the answer and it's waste free. The last thing I'll mention in the bathroom department is that a lot of people in Europe mentioned that towel warmers are very common, and I do remember when I was in London in tenth grade. I noticed the hotel there how to tell warmer, which I thought was this nice luxurious thing. But apparently, it's very common, especially because a lot of bathrooms it acts as the heating source for that room a radiator. But it doesn't set the Tel on fire. It's warm, but not too warm. Yes, it is a very nice feature. Let's move onto another important part of a house the laundry room. Okay. You can tell there are a lot of differences in these very functional rooms, right? Well, I know a lot of people who like dry their clothes, it'd be so different than how we do it here. I mean, we've talked on previous episodes about our preferred location for laundry, but my eyes were opened even wider to the variety of spaces that laundry rooms end up across the world. A lot of places have them outside in America places, like California or Hawaii typically undercover but they're still outside p. People in Korea and Taiwan mentioned that they're often on an apartment balcony, no way. So they can get rained on. I guess they said that they are closed off like there's a cover you can close because they have monsoon seasons there. So you don't want them to be completely open to the elements, but they still are outside on the balcony. Not in the main part of the house. It's really nice though to get fresh air. Like, I love this in theory in Europe. You find them a lot in kitchens and bathrooms specifically people mentioned in small spaces the under counter washer and dryer was very common. A lot of times they're built in with cabinet fronts. Just like you might have a dishwasher or refrigerator here in the United States built in your washer and dryer. They also mentioned there's a lot more of those two and one combination washer and dryers, right, which I really have never encountered in my life. But it's a single unit. It looks like a front loading washing machine, and you put your dirty clothes in and they come out dry, right? You don't have to move them from machine to machine, right? Switching the load, really cool and it saves space. Yeah. I started thinking should we have done that at the duplex? I looked them up. They're not cheap. But if you get a more affordable version, they're fairly comparable to two separate units. Really? Yeah. So I don't know the reason why they're not more popular. Maybe they're not quite as functional. Someone said the drying is more of just like baking them. And sometimes they come out smelling kind of baked. You're gonna say tiny everything is so small trunk. But there was also a lot of talk about no dryers at all. Like, you said line drying is really popular and a lot of climate. Specifically, people stralia mentioned that line Ryan is very popular people brought up something called a hills hoist which you probably will recognize once I describe it almost looks like an umbrella without the fabric cover on it. Yeah. It's kind of like a spiderweb. Yes. On a pole. Yes. They said those are very popular. So and said, they're also fun to spin on as kids or there's a drunk college game called wheel of goon. That sounds fun guys travel the world into all these things, but they said that no dryers was not only a function of having a yard in warm weather. Sometimes it was also due to space constraints. So mentioned in Scotland that they had drying racks that were on a pulley up on the ceiling of the kitchen. So you could pull them down load up your clothes on these drying racks? And then raise them back up to the ceiling. Sometimes the heat of the kitchen above the stove would help dry your clothes, smell like, whatever your cooking this. My salmon shirt, I was gonna say that's kind of like how when we wrinkles close. We don't want to iron them. We put them in the bathroom. We'd take a hot shower, and we wait for this team to kinda exactly speaking about bedrooms. Now closets are not super common and a lot of European countries. People mentioned often they have wardrobes instead. So a free standing furniture piece that acts as your closet. I think I knew that from just some people I follow on like blogging and Instagram that they do a lot of like teenage would pieces and sometimes they're not heavy looking they're white, but they store. Or like all of their clothing their entire wardrobe will be in a wardrobe. But you know, here in America for room doesn't have a closet sometimes it's not even considered a proper bedroom. Right. We also got some feedback about actual betting itself. I think we've talked about before how a lot of people in Europe, don't use a flat sheet. Right. You just have the phychi around the bed, and then you have your comfort or do or whatever the Flach eat is unnecessary because they washed their way or their comforter every time. Yes. Or as Americans kinda use this flat sheet, and we say like we'll wash the van the comforter not as offense because there's like this interim guy. Yes, that was also mentioned by someone in Korea as well. The top sheet is not a thing. Also, I thought this wasn't about ideas. Someone said that on Queen or king beds. You would have separate vase for each person. So rather than one single large vei that you potentially have to fight over you'd have your own. So you could have your own blanket. It could be whatever thickness or temperature you wanted. I like this in theory. But how do you make the bed? Like is there just a crease, but it looks fine that I don't know because I don't know if there's a way like they're like, no you lay them horizontal. And you roll one up at the foot of the bed like a blanket, and they look great. There must be some way to deal with washing. It every day. And I just pulled this one out because I thought you might like it so name Elizabeth who's from Massachusetts. But she lived in the Yucatan for a year. She said her favorite thing about their house and most houses there at the bedrooms had special hoax built on the wall. That can be folded out when needed to hang Hannah cts. So it's an awesome even people who normally even a bad. Sometimes it's so hot that a hammock is preferable for sleeping that is amazing. The last area I wanted to talk about the houses entryways, so we talked a little bit last week about the shoes off issue and how lot of countries around the world. It's so customary to remove your shoes when you walk in that there are areas within the entryway that are built in shoe storage. So people know where to put their shoes as soon as they come in whether they live there or whether they're guest, but that's not the only thing about entry ways that people brought up back to the temperature thing mud rooms have to be a lot larger colder areas like someone from northern Canada said our little cubby of mud room cabinets. Here would never fly a cold climate. Where you have lots more coats boots. Lots more things to store. They also said entryways or mud rooms are really important because you can't keep things like your heater or your water heater your H vacs system in a garage or crawlspace because it gets too cold. So you have to use these interior spaces like mud room for all of those systems. Yeah. Even thinking New Jersey, I don't think we had things in the crawl like sometimes here when we're renovating, and they said we're gonna put it in the non temperature controlled attic or the non temperature controlled crawl. Unlike can we do that? Yeah. People said our last house. Remember the front door just kind of opened into the living room? Yeah. At your last two houses did that way said that would be unheard of a lot of places like someone in Sweden Netherlands Poland, they said, there's always a place for boots and coats, whereas some people in Florida and southern California say you're more likely to find entryways without closets because they aren't bringing in coats, boots the life, right? Just wearing what's on your back at all times. So an Alaska also mentioned an. Arctic entry where you actually have a close off space for your entryway. So like two doors and the house kind of like you think about like a vestibule and a store or restaurant, and then he does blowers like magic air blowers that blast you with hot air. But they keep the call. They're out. That's probably the idea. I mean, they may not have those things, but really to keep your main part of the house more interesting. And then also speaking about warmer areas, they said a lot of places that are hotter like near the equator people like in Puerto Rico southeast Asia. Singapore mentioned that a lot of front doors are those lockable greats. So instead of like a glass or plexiglass stormed or you have something that's open. So you can keep your house. Locked but you can have it open for the ventilation the air when we were in Puerto Rico. We saw lots of this like they're beautiful rot iron grills that you can lock in the air wood pasture. But no one could like walk in and grab your purse. Yes, exactly. And I know this is getting long. So I want to wrap up a little bit of two things. I wanted to mention about kids. These are things that I thought were super interesting and one of them very functional. The first is called a Finnish dish drying cabinet. I think I know at this can I guess sure you want to it's a cabinet over the sink. Yes. And it has no base. No bomb. Yeah. Yes. It has no bottom of the cabinet. And so you lean your dishes in the slats. They drip, dry into the sink. Yes. Yes. I've read about this magazines. It seems really smart. It seems so silly that you don't see more of that. Because here in America, if you don't have a dishwasher, or you need extra space where all buying those countertop destroying racks. Right. But they take counter space. Whereas this is something that assuming you have the space over your sink. I guess maybe that's the issue going to say, I think it's very standards have a window sank here. And there's not typically room in an eight foot ceiling to have a cabinet above a window. That's true. So that's probably lie. But it just felt like such a smart use of space. So you get that thing off the counter, and it's drying right into your sink, and it still has a door. So you can. Close. It looks concealed and pretty. Yeah. That's really smart. Very smart. The other thing I thought was really fascinating was a lot of people in Germany where it's very common to rent your home, not own your home, often places. Don't come with a built in kitchen. So when you move into a rental house, you're expected to bring not only your own appliances. But your own cabinets, and counters I wonder if people do a lot of as beautiful free standing things, you know, like a gorgeous big wouldn't hutch. And that's where you store all your dishes. Right. I think they said that's one reason things like key. And a lot of their modular storage, like their free standing dish racks and things like that are very popular because people have to be able to not only easily install a kitchen, but also take it with them when they leave, and it I I read this like that is crazy you like, you expect that when you rent a place here in the United States, you're going to have your kitchen built in you may or may not have appliances. But they're saying the good part about it is that then you can customize your space when you move in. One reason a lot of people don't buy certain houses, or maybe don't rent certain houses is because the kitchen is dated or the kitchen's not configured the way they would like it to be configured. Right. Well, and some people need much more from a kitchen than others. I would say in New York City in my apartment, I needed nothing for my kitchen. I did not own pots and pans guys. I had nothing in my kitchen. And so it might be nice to make the kitchen you need. Whereas someone else might want like a chef's kitchen all this cabinetry. They can customize it for themselves. That was also mentioned I should say for Switzerland and Thailand as well. But primarily by Germans who wrote Ed so again that was not nearly everything that was written in. I'm sorry. I couldn't put it all in here. But thank you. Everyone of you for taking the time to submit something and tell us a little bit about the way that you live in your area or your country. It truly was fascinating. Hope you guys enjoyed going through it here. I hope it made sense. I hope I actually portrayed your country somewhat accurately, but remember John's slammer just because someone said this happens in Germany does not mean, we're saying everywhere in Germany, and everyone does it. Yes. And so don't fly. Cut. Our Email are with click. And I will try to put some links or photos in the show notes to some of the things we talked about it will be up to me to find them on Google. So wish me luck and XP have digging actually digging something actually someone from Toronto. Oh, keeping the international going. I it exactly I we have to take a quick break. Agility bet has been a sponsor of our podcast for a while now and earlier this year, we bought one of their hybrid mattresses for the beach house as in we paid our own money for nobody gifted it to us or anything, and as our last Gilady, and we kinda cheap out on some of the original beach matches. We're buying five at once. So we tried to cut some corners and cut them a little too closely. Now, we added various foam toppers to make all the mattresses more comfy, and we've splurged on this extra thick one for the master bedroom. And it ended up being hot and awful and sweaty. It was not an upgrade. It was the worst will. Yeah. Not only does the Jodi mattress that we bought sleep cooler because of the specialty foams and micro layers, but it's also eleven inches thick which is taller than what most other mattress box companies offer. So definitely makes it feel like one of the highest quality matches we've ever slept on the old one we replaced just for comparison was like seven inches, which is why we bought the big foam, Pat. And then it was too hot, blah, blah, blah. Yes. So if you want to upgrade, your mattress situation agility will give you an one hundred nights risk-free trial, and you can take two hundred dollars off any Jody mattress by using the code Y. H L at Judy bed dot com again, that's code Y. H L at a bed dot com. The Canadian gem that I'm digging is a person and his name is Dante Coley. Some of you guys listing might actually know who this is because his Instagram following has exploded. And his name is Dante coli, and he is this amazing twenty one year old guy from Toronto he is a dancer, but most of all I feel like he is like a positivity guru, and he is just so fun to follow. And he is infectious he makes me smile and grin because he has these messages like believe in yourself, and he's dancing, and like stars will shoot out of his hands. It's kinda like you never logo the more. You know that is like his aesthetic. And so there's rainbows and there's hearts, and they have these messages like there's only one you be yourself. Be proud. You're not describing it though. And people just have to go followed on Instagram to see it, and we'll put the link to his account in a show notes at your dot com slash podcast 'cause I have no idea spas name. But the thing you're missing description is that it's like charmingly low budget. Yeah. There's like a star wife like it looks very much like an nineties like power point. Bad workout video or something. Yeah. But he's doing it, very comically. And he's on the joke. Yes. And I just love his message. He literally is sweeping the morning talk show circuit right now because everybody just loves this like burst of positivity, and it's a nice little jolt of happiness. You can get from Instagram. It's nice to have pop up on your feet every once in a while. Right. So I'll link to him in the show notes. His name is Dante dot coli on Instagram. I just love him. And I feel like if you need a little pep in your step, Dante will hook you up. Well, I'm digging this week is also something that makes me very happy. It was kind of a nostalgic. Purchase. I made recently. It's a book it's actually a children's book. And I'm not exactly sure what triggered the memory of this. But it's something that I recalled growing up and really enjoyed reading. And it actually has a home improvement theme. That's why you ended up where you are today this book. I mean, I am not unconvinced of that. 'cause you love this and guys I also grew up in the same era as John, but I'd never seen this book before. So I think it's relative. Unknown. I have no idea it is called oh were they ever happy by someone named Peter spear or spire spire, and I believe it was published in nineteen seventy eight originally. So it's celebrating fortieth birthday or forty first birthday. It's so cute. You guys the general plot of it is about painting the exterior of a house and weirdly enough the extra of the house looks not too dissimilar from our house. Oh, really? I didn't even notice that. I read the entire book. See look, I mean, they've got they've got like an octagon window and door a bit fancier than it is it's like ours on an upgrade to chimneys, which I'm very jealous. But the plot of it is that the parents go away and leave the young children. That's a very nineteen seventies thing because the babysitter hasn't arrived yet. But she's on her way. She's coming. So they're like, okay. We're starting our trip. Kids babysitter will be here any minute don't get into trouble. But do they get into trouble? So I guess the parents had off Handley mentioned that they needed to paint their house this beautiful white, colonial house. And so the kids. Think it'll be nice to help the parents paint the house, so they go into the garage, and the shed and the basement and collect all the leftover paint cans and go to town with every color that they find. So I'll put a couple pictures in the show notes of it. So you can see a little bit where it's headed. I don't wanna put in the last picture of the payoff of it all painted because it is so charming how these kids think they were doing the nice thing and they end up making this huge ugly mess of like, oh, don't forget to the fence. They wanted to paint the fence too. And they just kind of like everything it's like the dog is painted all these things. So I found it on Amazon used because it's no longer published and it's still there. So I'll put a link to that show notes. If you want to check it out, but it was such a nice trip down memory lane for me. It was fun reading it to the kids and like just like Dante dancing. I feel like it makes you smile. Thanks for listening. Young house. Love has a podcast and thanks again to everyone who helped us by submitting design for this episode. We've very literally could not have done this show without you. And we love hearing what you guys do you? Listen like Maggie strong on Twitter who apparently did so much painting around her house a few weeks ago that she listened to thirty episodes thirty episodes GAAS, I did the math. That's like almost eighteen hours of these votary voices squawk in your ear. You're welcome. And don't forget to check out other bonus links, photos and info from this episode at young house, love dot com slash podcast, like a photo of that new shelving unit and the duplex mud room. You guys it looks great. And I'm digging up pictures of some of those designers. We talked about like the Pittsburgh Hoti the finish drying rack and South African barbecue room. You know, the the bra bride. Later five. You guys will be surprised to supervise super has pressed. I would like to supervise me every day. Just like log into a room and soup and say soup prize.

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#109 - Mona Koberle

Talk with Oliver

49:59 min | Last month

#109 - Mona Koberle

"Hey remember to subscribe and follow my podcast released new episodes. You get a notification and follow me on Instagram. Yes. King Oliver. I am very active on their have a great day and enjoy the episode. So, what really fascinates me still even though I know this happens with time is when you think about somebody will speak about somebody they then come into your life a few days hours later let you just literally come across them. Now I haven't seen somebody since I was twenty one and I was speaking about them yesterday like nine hours ago from now, and then I go to the shop this morning and they're in the car and Coley Shit like I'm not seen this. Person to seven years speak about them and their there and always it never. It always amazes me how the universe works. How every thought. Every everything we speak is a Mac net I'm have no idea that what we think is literally attracting everything into our life whether it's good or bad and the Powell people would have if they knew this, they wouldn't speak about anyone they again let people bitch about people they wouldn't even Bubba then they're just gonNA come back into their lives. Yet. So interesting how it works in so many people don't know that we're all like edgy and our thoughts are energy at as soon as we think about something really strongly, and when we even talk about, it makes it even stronger than we attract exactly that into allies on that's called activating activating system. So let's save. You would like to buy a new car and then you see it suddenly all over the place like on the street and people talking about that particular car that's. because. You're still focused on that and our thoughts just have such strong energy. Crazy. So it's important I always tell my clients that they young are aware of what they think and what they speak out to the universe because you you that right when I was twenty one when I have my major spiritual awakening I wanted to get 'em and I was test driving caused and I was saying the same syllables of a number place miners og see my birthday twenty eight and I seeing like. Twenty or number plates all over the place and I remember I test drive a mini. An sets the person next to me. I've just awesome Holy Shit like I'm looking at number play up in saying that everywhere and at the same time. I was thinking of one person and every single time went to the shop, the Casino, the Petro Station it was the name tag was of that person I miss when I suddenly became aware of over traction but it was Oh my God my fourth literally. Making, this come into my life, the more focused on it the more I sit. As you said, when you think about getting a new call, they're everywhere and I'm like, what if I wasn't thinking of getting a new car? Is it? There was it now I'm just more aware and you never you never going to night because. When you observe changes. So it's like. Ashley. Know whether some is still going to be if you're not focusing when it goes when you look at, it changes anyway since very complex system in it. Yeah. That's true. I think. It's still there but The funny thing is that when we once we're aware of what we want or what we think about then signs are there for us to take. Action on that right because there's love attraction which means you have to about something and then eventually it enters alive but then you have to take action. That's how manifestation works right? You have to go forward and get what you want. So the universe provides us with all these symbols are signs, and then we are like we just have to go and get it. And Seventy people they WANNA black or white answer. It's like in life it's marriage kids how stalled is this that or you don't have any of that and it's like nothing is just black and white. There is everything is grey, and then there's like thousands of different like spectrums of Gray. And yet people live on a black and white thing. And it doesn't exist it simply man-made luck fairy tale when lot prince charming and books and films and we're younger it's nonsense. It's somebody's imagination here Bookham film at some point. And it's nonsense and then people will look for this type of lifestyle and it doesn't exist now you can create. A loss like as much as you. But when you have something you more than when you get more, you lose what you had. So it's like if I stand here I want more and if I go there to get where I think, I'm using. And there was no. Not Perfect balance is a continuous. Getting what you want now until. Someone else comes into life and then you get that everything has changed. Nothing stays the same forever and even now. Reinforcement solve every time I think I want something. It's not what I want, and then I change a then that's not what I want and it's just the awareness of. There is nothing is permanent forever. Everything is constantly changing my thoughts always changing and when you really grasp that. Nothing stays the same. It's okay to be impulsive and decisive not go through something or. Eight hundred men or start a business and then it's like you got start business to make go forever because you told that consistency is the secret to making things accessible what it is. Like I have one job forever like go to university and get one job forever. Everyone changing and as we evolve our partners evolve and if they don't evolve, then we could become a sink. So. Yeah it really is. It's it's interesting. Yeah and I think people also have understand We are constantly creating and we can like you said always change our mind and create something new because we are the creators of our allies right and every day. This can be something different we want to create and life is not a process of Finding out who you are are discovering who you are, what your passion as what you purpose is here on earth you can create that and every day you can decide what you want to create a what you want to have in your life. Always in a day park yesterday mass loads and loads of digital over the place and somebody else with I said to them. I'm going to go up to feed them, and then like you can't feed it, come up to you and I was like, okay watch right. So we'll just walking around the day park and these massive day with. We had some nuts and I just went up tim slowly put my hand out and he came up to me and I fed him and then she stroked his head whenever. Feed in this rottweiler, dare some nuts, and then he just bug off and that to me that's amazing like it's like a rare thing that never happens like cows or easily you can feed the Museu Horses Adair. something. Really amazing about the power that massive deer and I didn't think the fact that he could dish like but my fingers off which had not my anger distrusted by feelings and just fed him. It was such a neighbor like a horse nibbling grass and it was just like so soft enough, Shit this massive think charge me and it just felt so in harmony Massachusetts. People don't spend enough time around nature. Oh. Yeah. That's that's so true and I think when you are in your energy and you're on the difference on that a special vibration animals can feel at like you can recharge your energy in the woods, for example, and especially when you spend a lot of time with animals and. One day because I enjoyed diving one day when scuba diving and I thought to myself today I really WanNa see these big men to Rice that was in Indonesia and just set my mind up to that and I said I'm GonNa, see them today and then suddenly underwater I saw like twenty of these big to rise. They were just flying above me through the water and that was so incredible. So even their manifestation word. Religion. Everything is not just like humans. It's it's everything like let's say a certain tree has vibration and you WanNa see a lotus plum. You've not really seen before basil frequency and you will be guided somehow tools that DRI like you think we'll think of a friend I'll see them. Yeah. Baby you think of a Stingray awebber could Monterey you think of a square or day Yuban attracted too. Often I'm will on a walk and I can feel a scroll looking may ever that or whatever like a Fox cap and I just look and he's like become aware of me so I can pick up his awareness of May like quantum physics you know new being observed well. That schools looking at me, I can feel it. They stingrays a guiding themselves by an instinct magnet and it's going towards feeling and frequencies. Have you picked up of thought of I want to see you in your harmonious high frequently charged energy. He's GonNa decide to swim North as opposed the south and that's the difference between. Putting out a thought and attracting. Yeah that that that's amazing. Also. With like flowers high, you might sound weird to some people but how you treat flowers or plans in general has an impact on them. Let's say you you have some roses and your living room and when you might somewhere. But when you talk to them and send them locked vibration they last longer it's really true I tried it wasn't experiment it's great that it works and that is. That's the prove that everything is Biden Edgy. Every human body, the cell was will die and divide and create more certain vibration. That's why depressed then you get disease because cells on, they're just not vibrating enough to light divide in the united fuck off and again. So when you're in a high vibrations churning new stuff, I have a massive flowerbed in the garden planted the seeds called California poppies. That just like bright orange flowers they have been blossoming for the last like say seven eight months every day snip off the dead ones I walked them I look at them. I watched the bees and although popping from one to the other like there's a Wasp pop-up Bay hop pop up and then as a semi tops of bees and flies in like. Just amazing and I'm like Oh wait to get up and see them open up in the morning they close because it's code and then they open up and it's amazing and they have lost their mothers like they haven't even digest they just keep budding. So when you have something like a child. You literally given it life and. When you give when you say people should have a plan before they get a dog before the gay kids because if you call it, look after plans. To a dog as a kid, and if you do like look after plant and like make it as part of your. Routine to love nurture you do like is responding to you because it saw flowering is getting gray and it really is amazing Everything life response to that humbleness love and you think about Dr Doolittle and snow. What was she comes out and other birds come to animal the animals. That's the truth thing about fairy tale that doesn't exist for the. nonce. You like on a high frequency animals like driven to Deborah in vibration said negative charged over that and as opposed charge person they didn't know it's coming from a human they feel the energy. Buffalo, on your hand Amanda to write whatever you said literally swimming next year dolphins popping up united. They fill charge and it's phenomenal when you take everything away that this world is here like. The roofing none of this row the energy road is rue and associated, and when you give energy to do something or someone or like an animal, you get that back vice versa you get that love energy back from that animal and no matter what form. Or per plants like that before new garden, it gives you so much. Love right to just look at it and have. People that people need to spend time in nature because as you said, it balances up your credit chee. All supposed to be vibrating at the frequency of nature US nature five eight, whatever it is right and people spend so much time indoors technology ron negative people in the office and they have to do is go out for a walk in nature and it really just changes everything like it really resets your body and I was make it. I was trying to make it a apart my routine to go on a walk at least once twice a day. And then I feel when I don't go out I feel the difference and I go out like went out this morning like morning blue skies quite busy like this code fresh and then the morning the sons it was a lot more powerful than it is during the day and it really sets you up for the day and a happy mindset otherwise you of laying in bed. You know what do and and you're not in an energy TSA. Inspiration comes from knowing how you feel when you do it rather than on at Phil Kostic it's GonNa walk. But then when you go into work your Oh my God, I'm so glad I did that. Feel like some people have difficulties to observe healthy routine in their daily lives. So they find it hard to make a change. because they always think in their mind, it has to be something big like today meditate for two hours in and get all these downloads an feel connected with my soul but that's not hard works just simply have to go step by step like you said, go out in nature and gopher hike spent one hour with yourself in silence and just listened to your soul, which is still has to tell you right because downloads our inspiration comes when everything is quiet around you in silence that's how you get inspirational thoughts or ideas. Yeah people always have to be talking to somebody was after do something texting somebody speaking to somebody let people are scattered alone and that's because when they are relying they finally chained to their feelings and people don't want to fill things whether it's good or bad people don't want to fail. Things. It's a foreign feeling because as the feeling this that when filled up, it's like his weird. That's just because they're not used to feeling it. So that's that's like. That is what they need to do stop spending time with foreign energies and vibrations. So they actually have time for themselves. And? Know from like growing up I was scared to fill things. Until I realized that that is the issue you just have to learn to fill things and that that becomes your default vibration without becomes home and everyone else is nonsense becomes foreign so you flip it. But everyone instead, these days doesn't wanNA focus on themselves that they focused so much everyone else wave is going depression and they take tablets to trick themselves to believe in that. They feel normal and the on so long that they forget why they were on it. S Why time bullets are so dangerous like. If it's the last resort. Yes. But they're so dangerous like steroids like you checking your body to believe in that, you can walk fine yet. You fucking up your your joint even more because you can't feel the pain. Yeah I think people are really afraid to feel things are open their hearts because they could get hurt by someone but what is important to to know is that Only. When you open your heart, you can feel like that true love also for yourself steffl that's a big issue for so many people. The Not Ready for that, I'm not they don't WANNA open up. And tell me. You'll most powerful over traction story. Actually. I was in a place where it didn't feel happy at all and I didn't know how to change that was like. Three years ago. And I had this picture. On nine grim feet of Bali and I thought. Wow. This would be great to just be there for a little while to recharge manages. And I was working from Munich, that time and I didn't know how to do it but. I just went for it. So a book, the flight and. With that everything changed in my life. So on that flight, I even got an upgrade because I was just thinking about that and then I arrived in Bali and everything I thought about like I have to find a flat on flat the next day and everything worked out. So perfectly in the lines that are really Experienced how powerful LAV attraction, and that was the first time that even got in touch with that love attraction or the universe loss, and from that on I just kept learning learning learning and. Now. I'm doing that I'm coaching people because for me, it was a mission or it is a mission to spread that onto the world. So people understand they are the creative, their own lives because it was such a big learning lesson for me. Yesterday love attraction, you have things to do and then you creator but there's still over traction homes of the unknown, which is what you said, which is what is amazing about life the unknown booker tickets barley and you know you're gonNA find a place. You know you're GONNA. There's GonNa be a train station and you're going to have a job nearby perfect parties got position opening up it. All falls into place, and if you tried to like a plan of academies have a place near Park near transaction you go through these hello jv got their snipe sorry that you can spend your whole life from a book. Make sure all look lined up that you even get anywhere but just. Jumping and knowing it will line up that's amazing animals and they migrate they distrust that God they know where they're getting and they end up there. So are humans any different and we're not and when I moved to London for the first time decided a week before I was gonNA move out week later I pack my share Toma she got out the shower I'm going to London and then just list deep. Place was in London, and then I found a place closer and closer and I switched like three times that I go into central go job you know let's just They just o'fallon surprise just jumped on, worked it out along the way. As long as you know, you shouldn't long as you've got anything to lose like you've got a child having to go back to you or you have A. Mother or whatever you let you can't just jump and it will always be. Okay. But if you know you've got some the deal with then it would because you're not in that flow but you're literally it's the most amazing thing you jump into the pool and walk out swim. Let that is exciting about life just knowing it's going to happen and then the perfect summer conviction the shoes and says I'm looking for somebody to work in a bar and you're arm looking for a better job and it's like traction again, you know what I mean, it's amazing and it's real easy. You just have to trust life right and then take action on that every day and I think also what's important is to get out of your comfort zone when you have a dream or you went to accomplish something and you draw July three thoughts and action, but then you really have to go and get it like you said, you just just move even if the place is perfect and first place, but you just have to do it and then let guides you directly to where you WANNA be. Networking so powerful because you might not need that person when you give them a business cards, right but. They might know somebody who then recommends you. Say That connection was not relevant but through going out, you created another connection. So just by moving slightly. He opens up doors. That's what people want to happen. You have to move because. If you haven't got anything and don't go and get anything then you sue but nothing. So you have to go out to get some things that you get to the shop get milk, and then there's so much of the food there. But you if he didn't think to get the milk, then you would know about this coconut, the Brad and all the other stuff and not shop. And be people want not know it's their first and it's like, no, it's not how it works. You just got like trust is there must be in the shot that you think it is in. But it's going to be there somehow. Yeah Yeah. A few days ago went to bookstore because it was looking for one particular book to buy on for my friend's birthday and I thought this is exactly how live is right you just go to to a place and see what's there but you have something in your mind that you WanNa get. And then you will find it. It will be there. So this is law attraction. But when you're once you're there and you found your book Ben So many new opportunities open up. Maybe when you're there already, you might change your changing thoughts change. You wish that you have, and then you can pick from there. So like you said, just move step by step forward. To get my charge for my laptop one SEC. To dying. Right so I could sit you I. said. I just. You went to the of vices friend birthday present whatever book whatever yeah. So that's that's how life works. You have something in mind you go get it and you trust that it will be there. The do not our grandparents years they didn't have TV's phones, laptops nothing. So days consisted of just going out and doing something, and then when they were out, they get an idea to do something next time. So they say zoo and in the somebody saying selling opera tickets and say you get an opportunity care and then you go to the next week and then when he goes to the upper, you meet some there who's got a cake sale and then you go to the cake. So during the week and before you know sixty years old. A basketball life has been like. Technology is good, but I do think now is the major problem. Not The solution is the problem there was some net flex. Zafran did I knew my scene as Did. You say Zaka travel different places and. It's called down to Earth Yeah and he said the solution is the problem. So we're trying to do this stuff to like save the animals and shit like that and plastic in the ocean is plastic bag is the problem like stop in that We try and. Fix everything and up causing more problems, which is why I'm against medicine because you take tap to fix his one thing and he another probe ninety, five other tablets, those problems now at twenty five problems because it duplicates every single time. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Me Too. I'm not taking any medicine because I feel like we have the power to heal ourselves without own energy. We just have to relearn how works on trust that we're able to do that. But something corona virus it's safe. Say a foreign bacteria that we probably would die without a flu jab, but the common flu, for example. We have our own immune system as ability to fight something that's common around. So I believe we should take jabs every year for say the common flu feel your body to get used to. Once for example, the next year and the strains increased just a little bit. You always going to be used to it but some of the CRONULLA random virus say hate Jarvi whatever which is so foreign to our bodies then I, agree that. Because, mine's become so smart we can create like a vaccine so stop that but just taking tablets for everything is just so wrong vitamin C. Vitamin D winter because you'll live indoors. Now we migrates where the sun is we should take vitamin. D. Right. But taking it all the time and David. MRIs. Zinc magnesium like all this stuff if our body needed that that bad, it would. It would create it and then you get your body is to having these like. Compounds in you that's trickiness into believe that I've got this, and then the minute you stop, he's like I'm I'm fucked and I'm in. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of that either. I feel like your body's talking to constantly and whenever you feel like there's like a something, you will know sooner or later on. Then you have the power to to change that you know have to take supplements for that. What's your thoughts on people drawing on eyebrows right 'cause. I look I'm aware empowerment right and like your human being like there's no such thing as a perfect eyebrow There's a tattoo thing where people shave off their eyebrows and tattoo eyebrows. You having a laugh say gals whatever shape with the brand tattoo an eyebrow on that is for life. That's not just like a lip filler. That's their life. that. I'm all about natural so I don't like. To choose or anything actually because like you said you, you get what you buddy needs at naturally created in a perfect way. So you don't have to take it off and repainted or do permanent makeup I'm not a big fan of that but also have to say people can make their own life choices. It's up to them and I don't WanNa. Tell people what to do. Humans of the one of the animals that don't create vitamin C. Right and I think because we had so much fruit as apes in the jungle whatever that ought got sober driven see died stopped but there's a long gap between say leaving the John Goto now, thousands of years that we haven't have had vitamin C, US. So why do we need a company to give us vitamin C. When we we've lived that long without it in? We'll give something that you could say we had once we should need as evolution if it was not bad we we would die because got. With without it so we don't need extra vitamin C. for. Example. Because a former that as you said, we have what we need to live life and it's anyone humans get involved transcend awesome nonsense that there's problems. Yeah exactly. Yeah. It's all about selling and We have all these devices that we use almost every minute in a day and We believe that we have to get all that stuff so. The more time was spent on social media or on the Internet we believe that we're not perfect as we are. We need all those. Materialistic things to make us. Happy Right. Do you Do you think you know Elon Musk has created this brain chip thing? Yeah. G think that is that is going to cost so many problems. or It's actually a good thing because obviously we have apathy already in us and that's basically. Along the lines of telepathy yeah lucky. Shipping your rain you can communicate. You think that this is really necessary. This is the end of the evolutionary cycle of like Mandarin something. They already has to offer like telepathy little chip in your head doing the same thing. I think it's a very controversial topic I. Think I wouldn't use. It wouldn't do it because like you said, we already have it in us just have to rediscover a relearn how to use it because we got so disconnected from our body, our power but on the other hand technology also spirituality go hand in hand. So if we don't develop and go further in evolution, we would. Just stop where we are. Now we wouldn't develop anymore. It's very controversial. We'll you some water say? Tap Water as opposed to bottled water because those tap water is sewage water filtered and let a ship in it to make it clean was bottled. Water is apparently comes from the mountains which has the magnesium zoo, the other compounds in that we should be having and. What's your thoughts on quality of water because I as a massive part of us, and again, we just drink out the tap and I find that when I used to drink a lot of tap water that was actually I was still thirsty and tried to understand why succumb to Lee is a day but I was still thirsty and then when you understand that we drink not before the amount of fluid but what's in it like and I tried to understand how does a fish live if he's not breathing the air? And I realize that it's the oxygen in the water it's your getting oxygen. When yourselves unhappy oxygen you need to brief. We get through the fish gets through the water. I sought to understand that but it's the oxygen in the water or the compounds in the water not the amount of the water. So yeah, we'll show them. Yeah I think. We have to get all those minerals from the water. Let's say way drink mount fresh water. We get those minerals right doesn't have to be really purified that she bad for us to drink. Water. But when I used to live in big cities, I never drank tap water because I had the same experience it would ends really. Didn't feel good. When drank the water so would always buy bottled water but now live in the mountains like in the Alps and we have a certain and edging water from the tap because it's it's clean but with minerals. So it's the best water that I can get. So I stopped buying bottled water. I make sure that your what has minerals for everybody to to function well. It's crazy how many people in this life have disease and when we look at the way we're living and how nature is living. It's it's not it's completely the opposite. It's things like worser. People do take it for granted and people get so much disease because of simple suffer lack of sleep lack of pure water drinking, red bulls, and cokes and coffees. The time you can drink but you body like a plan needs water you continous feed, your plan milk Soviet grow it will grow with water and. I think that every I think I think that man is going to be extinct. Not What I say man I mean like societies and civilizations as we know it will be completely like dissolved. In the next two hundred and fifty years, it'd be like small tribes against small villages. Germany. England. Little. A stay in America? China Strana like able to human share every human. Not of knowledge help every human feed, every human it's just not some a big bang. It will blow and do those. To start it just everywhere and it just starts again. Yeah there's just no way that. They wait can contain yachting behead you'll be here. Bob. Is Inevitable and you know people say like. Technology years ago people find out technology. That's like how do they have that then or like certain? Stonehenge how did he on top with thinking? Well, we create track to say one hundred years ago they didn't have tracked back then and then like well if this cycle keeps repeating itself. Would just about cycle like people who say aliens in Mars Right Bastards. quivalent musk right now yet wanting to leave the earth to go another planet. But thousands of years ago, human being the same thing and then they went to mas and they look back humans dumb humans and they fly spaceship around like twenty influence them to do this. Well, it's just the same cycle happening again, if there is a aliens up there that just like an evolved human like us but you know, I'm trying to say like years and years and years ago sister same psych we get to smart rebel planet to populated. We go live in Mars and then we look back on the next generation you know. Some interesting thought yet but I think especially now he can see really a shift. 'cause piece of you to think differently, and for example, what he said about the water. people get back to to nature onto their own soul connection. So they realize how important it is to drink clean water to to eat fresh food to. His to keep your mindset healthy to to meditate. So many people have like an awakening moment because they noticed that they can't go any further from where they are. Now it's just too much. It's overwhelming So I think that will be a division of people who think could continue like that people who really reconnect with down so I, think this is only really happened in the last. One Hundred Years when you think about. How all yearning and loss of this one thing. He gave back sal grandparent's era and their grandparents and their grandparents. It was just kind of all the same like there was really just. A house you had a fire you you had your meals and then that was it. It's only recently that this massive awakening has happened at the same time where. We will trapped anyway, trying to say like years and years ago leaving the Kanji nobody was trapped in our minds like we were because. We didn't have any of this clutter everywhere and the everything goes back to nature. But I honestly think only in the last one, hundred years that this has happened. Would you agree? Yes I, agree and. I think it's also it's a big chance for to be trapped in that way because now we have really the time to spend time with ourselves to think about what we want to be, what we want to create and for so many people just too scary. So They they find it hard especially now to to spend time with themselves. What do you think of? People. GROWING CROPS AND VEGETABLES IN. The. Garden. So I've got vegetable patch and I've got coriander parsley, basil chilies, potatoes, herbs, and all I did was get like a potato had a on it. Normally my mama put in the Ben and chopped off the route put in the in the in the soil and Nigeria thirty potatoes and we had dinner with them. Right and Chili's I got seeds from Chile. That was just from another chilly tomorrow seeds from the seed normally at by lock-up seed bag of tomato seeds right said, I. Just got tomorrow. Go to our blog today go offline tomato plum. What'd you think of that? I love that is you really know where it comes from you grow your own vegetables and you have that connection to nature and you put it in the soil and you get it back. Right you can put that food in your buddy. It's like a cycle healthy cycle I love that and she's like people been so much food because they they go to the shop stay by and they say you can only by Alexei four chilies but you need one say use one chilly it sits in the Fridge Moldy and then you've been. The three was if you every night watered that Chile plan implanted and watched it grow like a baby you're not just GonNa WanNa Bennett you're going to want to give it to your neighbor. Could you feel like you? Just you can't just give you kind of been something that you've made like you painted something won it but you can't as Bennett at least give it away. If you wore deployment every night seeing the potatoes from sprout and it branches out that's an exciting process and you've got more care over waste unique pick one. Five because you can go in the garden and a bit more if you need it, he goes to shop sees the as a prophet. You buy four chilies when one and everything's wasted, you don't see where it. Comes from and Bass is a beautiful process of growing your own stuff because you really feel like you went you create something and you're eating you predate and you enjoy it otherwise alarm finish a copy ast we'd crap you we Christian chocolate before meals, for example, and then if you your potatoes and your veg which some man somewhere along the line is family hats, you spend all day in the Sun Picking Voyeur. Ship using art has been because of a up just crisps. We're losing touch with. Of what life should be always has been and is so simple I just putting a basil plant on your windows so. Rather, than getting a back from the shop and binning because you need leaf. So you get applies pick one little leaf, and then it keeps growing. My Kuranda plan has done from this. It's fucking huge according to believe how big it is. McAfee the no neighborhood. Amazing Yeah. You you really crazy awareness for for the cycle of nature also with animals like people go to the supermarket and buy meat rights and they don't care they been in and throw it away if it's too much. But they they don't really see what's behind all that and animal if people really had to. To go get the meat for themselves. They probably wouldn't do it but because it's so easy to just go supermarket and get something that you need people don't have that awareness. Yet this is like. I don't eight much meat. But my diet is pretty much of luck vegetarian vegan style. So not not for the belief but like of what those foods are like natural quality foods and are speaking the other day with somebody would I be Vegan if I saw the process of how you get milk, how you treat the cow and it's like I, don't have an answer because we don't know can't harm. You want. She see something you can't do it. So it's tricky everything in life that we've only evolved I believe because we've had say a lot of meat lot of protein. So we were stronger and we evolved secon to stop eating meat. For example, because in terms of species, we've only got this from this you know rich me and I am so with every like solution as a problem and every problem has a solution but we need fruit and Veg was doing it and then man found ks and cooked food and then we evolved right. But. Then if you dot not eating that, then we're GONNA have like not enough strength to to live a lifestyle that we have to go to the gym go and Walks Cook and clean for like six children and then take him to school and So. It's tricky because there's no right or wrong way it's unique to that person and that's what it comes down to this small trips where there's going to be so many belief systems out there that there's just gonNa be Vegan tribe. United so many different small tribes. Focus on one belief system and everyone's happy. Don't change each other's mind they've got. I think it's really important to educate yourself about what you put in your body or what you consume. So I'm fully Vegan and I am very very happy. My Body's greats I exercise every day and I believe when you educate yourself and you know. What's going on behind the scenes? For example That's a a mindset shift for yourself. You will never ever consumed these products again. Once you saw that and and be there are so many other ways to nausea body. You don't have to meet for that. That's my opinion. Yeah. So I I, I'm GonNa, her dot, not religious labor. I have a one saw one male every day at lunchtime foster twelve and I have mill that's full of fats and. Olives and seeds and nuts, and I think like a lot of Jim People think that you need to have staked get your protein and it's like there's just as much protein in a not in Brazil not in a Macadamia nut that you don't need to do that and again, just knowledge and education people knew that basically you have a handful of nuts and they get the same protein as as the state. They wouldn't do 'cause even you could say it's tasty. You do through shit haven't a process all. Animal Muscle. Like your body has to put energy into that digestive system that's tiring and I know an ice sweet law meet growing up not so much anymore that you just feel tired always digesting like I'd call it. If you have a fight with the cow, he would win the Cowan is bigger. So you jesting a cow unite the strength of the. Of the say the protein in cavities yourself it's tiring. It's not supposed to be in ice. You could say snakes and small birds and stuff like that. Yeah. You could protests better book big animals like cows and sheep and lambs of that. It's not natural Hezbollah. Say People get prostate cancer because they have meets and you wouldn't put a piece of if you piece of me on on a banana left on the side. It will all the Jerusalem, the me the bacteria would erode that banana it would erode the counts put on a piece of wood. It would erode it say people just eat so much meat with a time going for their digestive system and they coat on or whatever no wonder people get disease and cancer and say because eroding eroding that flesh plus post to be in you. Nice all everyone is not he just picked. It's life is gonNA LIFESPAN OF C two weeks but when you have the animal at died three weeks ago. And then in yourself and still in yourself think about it when you have made, you might not know but years ago you might when you have me get stuck in your teeth. You didn't flaws within a day that stinks I think wow, imagine thousand on bigger level insight you Jesus that's going to be and that's okay. Forget disease not just that. But that's one of the reasons just you re destroying yourself. I think animal meat doesn't belong buddies and like you said, you have to eat something that gives you life right lifeforce product she energy. So you have to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, but not dead energy, which is from meet like the call that just died three weeks ago. And your body you can't expect to get lifers energy out of that. That cows energy aura say went into heaven a long time ago. There's no energy in there is just. Nothing. Right. So that's what people don't have much energy because the foods if you have locker fresh. Off a tree or an apple strawberry, even dislike some coriander. This energy that is life. If you put under a microscope, you'd see let the vibrational difference between say but a steak and not, and then you realize it's not just like the biology that gives us energy like be Newton's Burr is the belief system like in mind over matter that in a Nice Allied Apple I'm GONNA boy energy leprosy effect. is so many so many factors to. That's true. Eventual the water in the nutrients like. Fruit and VEG. Yeah. Did you know that you can even activate your water? If you like in a piece of paper a positive picture no. On a piece of paper of LPGA. Happy being put the water from there and you can put like a devil or something or Satan right the war on there and that water tastes different on that we going to say yeah, exactly. So you can really primary water. There was an experiment by Dr Emoto and he said that when you Charge a water with negative words. Are you play heavy metal music and you you? Say to the water, your ugly I, hate you. he throws this water and the crystals where really disrupted and really ugly. But then when he told the water, he'll beautiful I, love you just charged the water with positivity and love energy the water crisis where extremely beautiful and. It was amazing. Do you know about this we? Did, you can really charge anything that you put in your body might maybe food or water. Even your body itself. That's a lot of that's what's one of the main reasons why religious people they bless their food or they pray before food because it's not just like thanking God it's about. Putting out positive love vibration into that food to charge it. So it's in you. It's more in harmony with the so you keep that digestion for longer. Let's say you your animal and you know going to find food for three days right so you live off the fats in you. If that's in harmony with the YOU'RE GONNA keep it right if you have leadership food in there, you want to rid of it and if not got any energy because you've got rid of the shitty food if you let bless your food and charge it, it's GonNa WanNa stay new because it's more in harmony. Let the butterflies come. To you or me because high vibrations with you like Mama I fucking hate vegetables walkaway Nagas that WHO's GonNa absorb all that negative vibration and then you're going to be sick and it's so true lies to be sick after eating bad foods because you could say that when people say have negative connotations against safe aw sued like Mac, Donald's not chicken nuggets ticket at the vibration of everyone slagging-off McDonald's it's true is picking up the vibration of Evelyn slacking off McDonald's everything. Is Vibration and is so powerful. Think about water crystals and how It's changed by force and then every. Put. Much everything we is water. You can change like the the structure of anything you eat and people everything. It's just phenomenal. Were you thinking about it all the time because it's just too overwhelming like how powerful the mind is I can think of say. You've got a friend called Rebecca and he wanted to ask you to go out for dinner right and then you don't message her but then you know she's going to miss. You knew week say. For dinner and you like your. manipulating some kind of magician. Like I mean and 'cause they've asked you to go out they pay for you know and he's not new if I put it out she would say it's like how do you balance this a gift of? What if you WANNA call it a gift of God right? Yeah. When others don't have the gift of God but. Now, I, think it all comes down to awareness when aware of your own power he kin actually educate yourself and learn how to use the power. You just have to be constantly mindful of your thoughts and your actions that might be overwhelming but it's it's a great gift, right? What are you processing learning on Youtube at the moment? As some, you're studying I online youtube. Watching, nurturing whatever. At the moment I'm reading the book. For God from Neil Donald Walsh on the Chevy now that. Is. Somebody recommended that book. So the first person I, did a podcast were first ipod casting. We we spoke about that book and I read a chapter in that book he was like you need to read it because it will. It will. He knows I know of anyway. But he said it will do something to me or whatever. So maybe that's assigned to read that book Glasgow I haven't actually read editor what we going to say about the book. Yes. I'm listening to that audio book right now and it's like twenty six hours long because itself five big chapters. and. It's truly amazing because I experienced on that you certain extent myself and my meditations and listening to this conversation with God, is really eye opening in line opening and There's so many. Invaluable teachings. In that book that's you can just listen to say five minutes every day, and only that little conversation gives you much more energy and gives you happiness and it's amazing. Can recommend anybody who's slightly interested ends fragility or the connection to the universe higher source or whatever you WANNA call it or believing. Is That audiobook book on Youtube? Or if you've you gotta get off La Amazon something? Odhiambo audible. How much is it? I don't know because they collected the coin such as got it. Can Tell at all. Right. This is the perfect time to end this. Do you WanNa lock plug anything like what? Websites instagram whatever you doing. Yes. So my website is Mona to reset DOT COM, but it's German. My instagram pages a full in English so people can understand it and I also published my own book a few months ago beginning of the year it's cold and five steps to divert of your mind. It's a meditation guide for people to. To learn step by step how to reconnect with themselves and become more silent. So finding a quiet place in your mind to really connect with yourself again, this is what I teach that book and it's it's been a complicated to read but Very they said, it's very, well valuable. So. Rob. Is GonNa end the puck that you know. Beat you after. If, you've enjoyed this episode IV many more future. Listen to go back another look at the ones aside make sure that you have subscribed a notification of turned on. So you know one released a new one follow me on Instagram? Yes King Oliver have a great day.

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SnakeBytes: Roadsode with Randall

Brothers of the Serpent Podcast

52:35 min | 20 hrs ago

SnakeBytes: Roadsode with Randall

"Bag. Ladies and gentlemen has promised the Brothers of the servant road. So we have been on the trip with Randall and Brad and Robert. And what was this? What was the trip called the? was there a name for the? Was a rambling. What's Randall? As you get here we're joined by Randall by different Darren who we met from the trip, right? Hello. Thanks. For being here man. And we all had a great time. So what we WANNA do is just Take. A little time here and talk about some of the sites we went to. and. Why don't you guys thought of him and what we thought of them A. Meteor crater. Let's talk about that one that was journalists. Yeah. So we weren't there with you guys when we were calling our stragglers. So. I heard that you stood out in hill fourth over top of the crater that must have been. Awesome. Yeah was a was actually my third time there. Okay. So court system was a little more limited. We. Didn't have a lot of time right? We just had to kind of. Talk a little bit about the impact geology in what we were looking at you know big hole underground. and. Yeah. A lot of the folks was their first time era few. It seems before but it's definitely worth checking out yet I think. So yeah. So Kyle had seen it before I'd never been there. So it the. First of all the first awesome impression is driving up in you realize it's that range of stuff on the. Like. Okay. Coley out. Yeah. That's enormous. Just seeing it from out there. You realize that's the crater rim the crater rim. Yeah Yeah. The first time I went I. Knew nothing about any of that stuff and I was with my wife Laura and we were just driving along like, okay. We're on the road. Where's the big hole I see we just keep going and keep going see the building up there on the hill like wait a minute. and. Yeah when I realized that that was the rim of the thing it just blew my mind. What yeah keep in mind too. That's that's a small one, right? It's young and small in its well preserved. But when you look at that, it's about a kilometer diameter thirty, two, thirty, three, hundred, feet, six, thousand, six, hundred feet deep. But when you stay in your looking into trying to imagine. The force excavated that whole, right? So one of the things I was expounding upon was talking about some of the energetics of the process and. It to the explosion of a fifteen to twenty megaton hydrogen bomb, which puts it about roughly comparable to the largest nuclear weapons ever tested by the United States back in the fifties and sixties when they were. Testing nuclear warheads. Fifteen method was castle. Bravo was fifteen megaton explosion. and. At that particular site. There would Abadan Basically out to thirty or forty miles total devastation. Fewer within thirty miles of the impact your. Chances of survival would have been very low. Within, three miles two to three miles of the actual impact, the the the wind followed. The blast wave would've been somewhere between twelve and sixteen hundred miles per hour. So yeah. Not much is going to be able to withstand a hurricane wind if that now. Yeah, and even Darren agrees with say. You are correct. And the other the other awesome thing will we got up there in your on the rim and you're looking, of course, they're looking down into it, and of course, you can see the uplift gets all the turn Tilson, Strat, all the strata push upwards, which is really important for crater structure right. That that the the crater isn't made by the thing hitting the ground. It's made by this explosion that happens afterwards and so all this all the strategies pushed upwards and that's right. In fact, the the the strata surrounding the crater was uplifted but. There was a point at which these strata actually overturn. So outside the crater. There's strategy that is upside down yeah okay. That explained some of the Sepe I'll be outside of it then. And then for miles, it looks like when you're standing there on the outside is just flat. Flat plane. Yeah, I've Seen Ages that range from twenty five to fifty thousand years right I. Think I think most of the opinion about fifty thousand years ago right and there was something in the in the museum that was saying that it may even be over that sixty something. Yeah. It's hard to imagine to me that. We would that it would still look like that after fifty years unless it's just been dry air the whole time. Well, it hasn't been mostly that that housing full water feeler questions wilder they're at their lakes there. Okay. There have been before have been. Okay. So there is strand lines in there evidence of the waterfront before now I think it's the sediments it are in the bottom. That ours. Dr. Like flakes out saw wonder if native Americans ever used like if it was ever full of water because that'll be a sourcing down in there for that. Harlow Harvey Harlow Nigger who was one of the twentieth century experts on competent impact study that crater. And he also looked into native American legend and he reported on a Hopi legend. About the you know the fire descending from the sky and they would collect shocked quartz. From the. Prater. To use their ceremonies and he didn't go into any background on maybe we can get into that about the cosmic Rafi podcasts. Yeah. But I've been really curious ever since like wayland. How did you? How where Distribution Company? Yeah. You know where this legend come from I mean is that something been handed down for fifty thousand years right or you know? That would put it in in. Line with like the original stuff that they were. They've shown that some of their legends are that old or close, and also the modern scientists argued over whether the fact was. was. You saw. The natives new? That's pretty cool. Well, yeah and and I was very curious about he didn't go navy detail all about how they use the shock quartz ceremonies and yeah. But I will try to find at references may we can we can look at that? Yeah. Yeah for sure what was what was your impression of it? And you've been there before I had not before. So it was pretty cool to get to go there for the first time, and then you get to go with Randall right. Yeah Mine. Multiple Times that we were GonNa go and it just fell through for one reason or another but I'll fell through for a reason you're gonna go the first time we might smoke. Zach pretty cool. Now. This was telling. Brad earlier that it was like, of course you know we get down there and For all look it added and Randall starts talking and then the moment that the cameras come down and then he decided to do. To. Question somebody questions May of from. Three minutes earlier and I couldn't remember. Pink. I'll. Start over. The company takes allowed to. Go. This is raw. overs. designed. The first place we go. And it's like don't screw this up. To have. You found. Like melted rock or yes. Oh we we were. You know I mean they're all along the road. So don't do this because all along the road of meteor crater. There are signs and say, no trespassing out outside the road. But what we did was we found a little place that it's just a little pull off. And we pulled off the road and all we did was we stood right there next to the road. You know the sign is a no trespassing was out there. Out did go out there. We just picked up some really just walk back and forth right there next to the road and picked up some rocks. Yeah, and they They look they are very interesting voile yeah. Oh. Really. Yeah. We brought a bunch so you guys can take some. Yeah. If you want cool or close to it now it was totally legal. Excuse me, I'm GonNa have to go perform. But yeah, the whole area was just covered them. We were maybe what we we drove maybe a mile from the rim stopped. Yeah. So we were right there in the. Yeah and the end just every once you got out of the car and really could really look at the ground. They were just everywhere just these little small pebbles that are just covered filled with they almost like pause, but they're heavier Dr. And, I got a some contact information from one of the ladies that work there because I was telling her hey, we do this podcast and we wanNA. It'd be great if we could get an opportunity to go down in this thing and get the real sense of the scale. From the bottom. That's right with know with a scientific team or whatever and. She was really open to that and gave me a person's name in some info calls we. Said there's a geologist that regularly takes college is out of there. Yeah. Oh. SEVI- contact him race something where we could actually go and learn something. Then maybe we could get him on. Don, show to talk about what sure that'd be great. We'd be great. Yeah, and she agreed she was like, yes going down into the crater is the only real way to get the sense of the actual of it because standing up there on the Rim it looks big but you don't you still understand how big it is because until you go down inside there, really see it. So So then worded we go. Well. Grant very rich rock art ranch. That's right. and. That was. That was amazing. Yeah. A Long. It's like flat deserty. Sort of rolling almost like prairie terrain nondescript terrain yet, very desert. Slacked and then suddenly you come to a place where you just It's it's just this. I don't even know of mall going down into the ground. Yes. The sandstone is bare and eroded, and then there's a huge. Canyon what did you say sixty feet someplace defeat ten, the nature of the. Rock around the Canyon is different from the IT looks different from desert. Suddenly you see these weird rounded. Strange looking rocks to get out of the ground, and there's this crack in at the bottom gas very narrow, Kanye yeah. Full water distant just awesome. Also, another place you have to go back to because of all the things that he started the so Brantley Baird. The owner of it was. You know he went through all these list of places that he could take his two on the row we were like, well, we only got so many more minutes left of daylight. Take some massive hole in the earth that it opened up that he was like you should see that and then. Kiba and some other stuff. There was some structures on the drive and so oh. Yeah. I think. That that's a place I would love to just go and camp. Yes on time. Should be it. We're talking about this is a private ranch. That's right. It has to make prior arrangements to get in there I. Think what was two three, thousand acres something like Huge and. Bradley Baird. I think so so yeah the ranch over. Yeah came out and talked to seize A. Seasoned old cowboy yet I. archetypal cowboy. Zachary. Great. Come out talk to us and. Tell us the stories and It was all around great but then. When you venture down into the Canyon yet that's what then there's. Rock are covering the walls. All through there and I guess. He said some of them may be as old as nine thousand years ago said, yeah, said, the archaeologists team looked at data the oldest one. Nine thousand plus years. Do you think they did that the Pitino? Maybe I. wanted to find out more. That's why you need to go back there. Yeah, maybe we can show some examples of some of that rock are done. On. The. Cosmic. Can't get people to talking about Yup. Yeah, I've been to quite a few places for us with petroglyphs around the southwest and that one was really impressive. Yeah. The the ones on our. Fascinating that you don't see a lot of other places and so many all over the cal. Yeah. And the wants faded that you couldn't see anywhere if you could see all was there. I mean I was even thinking, yes I'm second to gyp temple. 'cause you know you go into some of the temples and Egypt every square inch. Is covered with hieroglyphs and writing images and stuff? Yeah and it is like as little corner like I notice this part here's a whole of. Exactly. One of his crazy to me just think of you know. Nine thousand years ago some people come into that, canyon? They find that Canyon they take refuge in the canyon or something in they're walking again and then they see. Other symbols from possibly thousands of years before them that are faded. So then they're like Oh, let's make some now and it just keeps happening and just. Just cool to think about that take because he know it wasn't. There run just people there inhabited or Yeah, there weren't. Like all the time, right There were people that were common and they would go. And so you'd have new people show up and they find all the art. Yeah, and so they probably add to it. So for some reason, that's cool to be. Yeah it's layered for we found it again right there wasn't a continuous group of people that have been making the store you're saying in college we go. When we need to go back to Burger screaming hands draws. Draws. I think Bradley is the type of it know he'd probably use you. Do. Cowboys out somebody I want to spray paint. But I did I did do a little tests. You know there was A. Dark Patina on the Rock, the boat rock Vernon sure or desert varnish desert visors science EDUCA-. and. There were some broken pieces that are just in the riverbed you know and I found a little little one. About a little bit larger or like like a small dessert plate or something. That had that Patina on? The Varnish and I took another granite rock and tried to scratch on it. It didn't hardly do anything to it but you peck at it and it it breaks it up in. You can dust it out of their on it turns the like color. And I think that's Kasama the lying on their petroglyphs or so fine but it's like, oh, are they're still pecking their way? I think you're right which makes it much more difficult task yet kind of yet, and you can't see there were some modern. Attempts. In there there was at least one eight David was scratched and you could tell the was like. He did not know the ancient. Wasn't. At some of those were like the all the lines like A. Pyramid Very Beautiful Lines, yeah. Yes that was a great site and we stayed there. Pretty late we'll watch looked at the stars name out we cooked. On have other fire Randall almost died yet. He made it out. I do take tumble yeah. which was it was pitch black. Road? Yeah. I thought I was stepping off alleged that was six or eight inches and it was about thirty six in. Yeah I was. A man. But. That's okay. All the ladies pampered me a baby. That's exactly right but. He. Did It on purpose That's right. So. Then what do we do the next day? That was the last place we were at that day so we went back until we drove by the corner in winslow Arizona. We did dry corner and one of US ended up there the guy who got a flat tire. said he was like Oh realize I was standing. And I was like you had a world of trivial in your mind. Apply. That's right. So then we there were a couple places we wanted to visit some overlooks that were all closed. What was been those before. Shane okay. Yeah. Yeah just didn't even I figured. Okay. Visitors centers and stuff close but getting off the overlooks that writes no sense. Yeah that was. Disappointing wanted you guys to see Canyon to Shay Yeah. We can kind of see it sort of the. something. That's not to say so that rebound out on that one. Yeah, and there was even one road. Open, we turned into the gate was open. We're like, yes, we're all driving getting and there's another gate that's closed. Down the road. God Yeah. So we tried that a couple of times it didn't work. So then we ended up pushing onto the next spot and we drove through Monument Valley, right? That's happened man we drove through some really impressive landscape. Stopped at. El Capitain. That's right. L. CAPITAIN WHICH IS A. Volcanic neck or dietary, which is the geological term for that, which is a huge extrusion of assault that comes up through the softer sedimentary rock to the surface and an through. Extreme. And of erosion so on this softer. Sedimentary rock is stripped away just leaves the harder assault Nek standing fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, hundred feet up in the air. The wild thing about that is when you're looking at that, you've got to keep in mind that once upon a time, the top of that neck was the ground surface, right? And now you're standing if you could transport yourself back suddenly to the time when. Neck was extruded. Yeah. You'd be sending feet underground. You'll be seventeen hundred feet underground. It's crazy. Yeah that it's enormous this huge thing right there and you're just like, okay. That was the ground level where all material go because it's standing there like a pillar. To these planes. But of course, there are other beauts in. And pinnacles out in the distance. The scale is. So enormous the decade as you've been saying, you know for a long time to us is you gotta get out there and see it. We saw we saw some examples of that in Pagosa but even then those valleys were pretty close. To get the edges you know you're on one you're looking at crossing. You can see the same strat on the other side and yeah that was stripped away. That was mind blowing but out air you're. The other side is so far away. Flights. Yes well, remember those tell me about the nineteenth and early twentieth century geologists to spur study knows landscapes and ref- referred to it as the Great D- nation right that the land had been so extremely denuded and they struggled to try to explain how so much erosion had taken place. But. Really. We only saw apart we could have gone up into Canyon Lands and Arches and Capitol Reef But the Green River erosion of the Grand Canyon of the Gunnison Yeah, and of course, the Grand Canyon, Canyon to Shay you know the Old Creek Canyon that we drove up under rim of on the edge of the Modiin rim. That's all road and you look at those rocks the red rocks in Sedona yeah. You know that was all continuous ground level. Yeah. Yeah. So it's it's just a phenomenal amount of material excavated and transport it away and. Now, a lot of it makes up the desert sands of the desert floor. Yeah and a lot of it is down in the Gulf of California because that's ultimately wear the. Colorado River ended up as at the time. So. Yeah. It's it's hard to describe and it's hard to fathom an even when you're standing you I was realizing how far away these structures were. And yet at the same at even that I know that there are probably two or three times farther than I. Think they are even know they're far away you've just. And and it brings back the whole thing like. You know just. The geologists trying to explain. Where all this water came from and just hearing stories in hearing people talk about hearing the arguments amongst the scientific community you're like. Okay it's the ice caps right or to me I think like we had all that water in the ice. But when you actually go stand there and you're looking at the landscape in. Your. Life. That's a lot of. I don't know believe. There's an assumption. There's a model that sort of taken implicitly without further examination. An ad is the one grain of sand drop of water at a time. Yes. Going to an stretched over. The years can accomplish, which is true. It certainly can. But at the same time, you know I. Think what we're having to start to admit now is the juxtapose department that. You know more protracted incremental process. There's a series of events event notes where. Things that the normal processes accelerate by orders of magnitude now, the southwest for their work. Glaciers over the San Francisco peaks for example, but they weren't extensive like you would have found farther north. So I mean if you had gigantic flooding events that contributed to the erosion, the the origin of those events must have been. Incredible rainfall. So. Not just the melting of the ice patches a downpour. Continues months or longer yeah and they were plays out normally talking about this when we were. Valley, the Gods or something where we're crunching around on the. Like Man Yeah. If this, if this was hit by a serious torrential downpour, you can imagine this sweeping that. Sandy stuff away pretty easily. And if it went on for forty days and forty. Could be. The data out is just I mean even when you know it's still you can't standing there. You can't. You can't imagine it. It's yes. While the forty eight, hundred, four eight is like biblical level like flooding. Olives. So. Well, yes. So we hope you have a team. We'd went through the monument. Valley close. So we couldn't really go in there but of course, it's on such a grand scale you can see it going by it. Yeah. but were we were headed then was valley of the Gods. Right Kyle just mentioned and that is the same sandstone that makes up the sandstone of the of the peer, the the buttresses amazes. In Monument Valley Yeah. But when we went, we went from the. Valley of the Gods which is Just, a massive complex of eroded forms and shapes and You can understand when you're going through their wireless called called valid guys. Yeah. It looks like giant statues. Which John? Totems and that that have been slowly crumbling for. Thousands of years, and there's this pile step at the bottom of there's this gigantic head stacks. About yeah. So cool. And then we went up to the Moltke dugway. That's right from there. And that and that thing is that cliff wall is one of the. The one edge of. Sis. WHO Ever going to that, and that's one edge and I looked behind let wears where's the other woman? Well. Premier we're looking miles away at the far distant horizon, the mesas and beauts of Monument Van Right? And realizing that that was all continuous. Yes. In canoes. So yeah now you and it's kind of amazing how those first geologists marveled at that but then it just. You know just like society it is just how it is well, see geology sorta became you know most geologists went to work for the government, a lot of more involved in the mapping. Of, north, America of America, which, of course, extremely valuable and important in a heroic But a lot of the geologist workforce were employed by industry and what they're mainly interested is is. Of, resources yeah the hydrocarbons, the mineral resources, and so they're not really trying to explain. The formation of the landscapes they're interested in what's down below the ground and that's what they're looking for. But so now we're kind of coming back around to looking at the landscape and going there's a pretty amazing story here. You know. Yeah and again that the the scale of this whole area that we're we're talking about is. I mean we've talked about what is the terms for drip? Spur. Drums, I mean how many of those are we talking about moving through this area? Kyle was trying to say it's like it's an ocean in motion. Is what winner takes so much water that let's. So down if you could go ahead and tell us what is spur drug Screw, this up. While at least he's yeah that's right good. Test Megan. In three minutes. You'll get this. You'll never forget a spur drove is a discharge of water attorney flow of water. That is one hundred. I'm sorry it's a million cubic meters per second. It's safe. Million cubic meter second might have shoes me I'm I'm run on. vk. Late nights and early. Morning Yeah. A million cubic meters of water per sector. So. That's the term. That's What I say spurred rub on how many of those was moving through this area in order just for scale like what's like Niagara Falls or something just Not, even not even getting. A million cubic feet per second. You guys see feeder cubic meters I'm sorry. Cubic meaner 's okay. What do you want me to do translate To into feet cubic feet per cent. Okay. So, cubic meter is going to be three point two eight. Race to third power. Three. Point two eight. Or? Just. I was checking out doing watcher math. Erin how? So, you've lived in this area. Have you been to these places before you joined through that area for now never visit so it's kind of surrounded not here specifically, but you're surrounded in some cases buddies. Eight. And I'd been to some other areas we actually drove up almost between areas there. We went to. Years. WENT TO MOAB UTAH the, we didn't make it all the way to Canyon say Monument Valley we may have that far to the east. That's right. So what you guys got truck thirty five. Thirty five point two, eight cubic feet per second. So that times of million? Thirty, five million. Wow. Cubic feet per second five, million cubic feet per second five billion when you're looking at that landscape that's what it looks like happened. Yeah. But Times hundreds. Yeah. We we don't know what discharges were passing through that landscape. We do know some of the discharges up in the Pacific northwest leads right which were hung up in a scale of six to eight hundred, billion cubic feet percents. So divide divide eight, hundred, million. Thirty five, just five divide eight hundred, thirty five. Yeah. That'll give you how many spurred. Permanence. For. Twenty. Two Point Eight. So. Spur drop comes from The unit of measure it was contrived in order to talk about Oshii Anik currents yoga. Smart they will begin right Broncos. Yet the her to watch an ocean in motion right? And so Is. There a way to? I mean. Is there a pathway to try to figure out how much water move through there? Is there evidence left in the rocker? Is it just not? It would just have to be guest isn't. Just? Point. Gessen. Yeah. And you just have the gas based on looking at the formations they. I mean, they're so sheer that I mean maybe there a way that maybe maybe they cleave that way. But why are they the cliff walls are so straight. And some of the pinnacles are tilted and look frightening they're obviously not fragile they look. Strong Redwood knock over you know. Yeah. So it's it's it seems like an after you talking about the while I can see how It you can see based on looking at this area large, and then there's the smaller and smaller pieces going out that. That there was a continuous erosion taking place in the pieces way out here. That are small were almost got, and then the floods stopped before they were completely eradicated. In that left like some of the little things of the pyramids out in the middle of the flat area like that was a huge rock wrote it down to almost nothing before the flood slowed down and stopped bright. and. Once at flood stops than at whatever stage the erosion is at. That's where now remain now stays dinners. I Want I WANNA make sure that nobody misinterprets and I'm not saying that the laid gate was carved by a single thing while event. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I think it was multiple events. Yeah. Maybe a dozen to forty events over the last two and a half million years. One would have been profoundly catastrophic. Yeah. Whatever it was. It had to go at least the last one had to go from this to that side. I mean, it had to fill in valley. Pretty much yeah. Otherwise, everybody is separate Sanyo Secondary Canyon in the middle of. Just. It's just mind blowing. So when you talk about the land, the controversy of what was the water source, but there's very obvious water source there. But for here, we're looking at that landscape of a massive amount of. Material that was moved the only water source really would be rainfall, involve our Jan imagine what ends and that's very unbelievably catastrophic. Well I would say that that is evidence that there of periodically are climatic extremes. We've barely even begun to comprehend. Yeah. Exactly and you know there are ways though to calculate. Peak discharges, which is usually symbol but symbolized by letter, Q. As to calculate the Q value of a discharge one of them is the size of the sediment in trained and transport it. So the as for example, I've shown Six eight foot rounded boulders a value the Hammaz as river on the flanks of Alice Caldera's New Mexico. And you can by looking at those boulders like an eight foot boulder. You can come up with a with a range of of volumes and velocities that would be required to transport bolger's of that size. Yeah. So that's that's one way, and then of course, you know if you couple that with high watermarks. which which is going to be difficult in this terrain though because a watermark can be relatively federal. and. We're looking at these sandstone layers. I mean, they do a road yes continuously right and so. You know if there's a if there's watermark etched into a canyon wall, it may not be visible tanner twenty or thirty thousand years later. Okay. But it just would take a lot of fieldwork. Right and looking for there might be forensic evidence even if it's not visible anymore the behind something you could find by. Yeah. Like we today, we go near the cheer cowart. Mountains and there you see like you've been there. Yes gals they're all through it. Yeah and you can testify to the amazing erosion of those volcanic toughs which are there meet it's it's like a how would you describe it? I mean that places difficult to describe. It's. One of the most beautiful places like fairyland. It's like a is like something you would that Hollywood contri- for some sci fi fantasy movie something really. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Where's this? It's about an hour and a half from here. At. Man, you're going to drive and you're going to drive right by the exit. The love him. But he does something, but it is an all day hike to to that. Now. If you go there, you're looking at. Those rocks are fairly soft rock type called tough to USA volcanic definitely was a major erosion on rosia eruption God I. Don't remember the dates on it on top of my head I knew this winter I researched and all but. Good Kyle's going to Bellevue spoke chair California. Shoot. This was the the mountains were a stronghold for the Apache Indians when they were but the Apache drives when they were. Being hunted. But the US government. And there is a mountain in there that You have to be right perspective but when you do. It's it's the profile of coaching is pretty impressive. Yeah. It has a nickname that park who that was something you were. What were you wonderland rocks neon. Wonderland of rock says, yeah. What we've asked me to look up now. The default? Age does, Wonderland of rocks is rock type pro bowl candidate tough tough. It was a fairly soft rock type so same it's easily erode. Yeah. That's not very he'll do origin of that they but at the base of the Mountain Willcox Playa was an ancient lake and you can go there actually got photographs, but we can probably show. Listeners at some point, we can see the ancient shorelines of this event, which is now just a base in desert. But at at times in the past that rapidly filled and became a lake, maybe multiple occasions and I would associate the creation of that those. Wilcox Lake. Lake. Wilcox. With the erosion events that created what you see there yeah. Navy white-sand see like all these lakes around the desert's now they're. Trying yeah, well. Pre. Cambrian Mesozoic. no-one data. Old. Dad Pre Cambrian rocks wouldn't even exist anymore. Most active period in the volcanic history of the trick, our mountains began near the end of the Mesozoic. That was the most active period. So let's see. What's the most recent eruption? Yeah. The deposited all ask that was liquefied into the volcanic tuff that's what we're interested in here. But Yeah. So that's an example I think you can see the. In the mountain areas and you see in the desert basins below where these giant ancient lakes existed. So you know that for those huge lakes of existed, there had been a lot of rainfall, right? So wounded makes sense those were the episodes of accelerated erosion. I think so fan chair cows experienced that. Yes. Okay. Yes. I? Think that rainfall would be. It wouldn't be very local because I think the Cherry County officials storied I think you get when you're there is it's largely most like I think it will say on there as wind erosion. That's what it says during the past twenty, seven, million years faulting and erosion have had the greatest impact on the landscape and topography of the Chiro mountains uplift continued into the quaternary. Subjecting to the mountains to increase erosion alluvial fans formed along the flanks but she right there alluvial. So I doubt edge applying flowing water, right? So. Obviously, that water had to. Those rocks. And more effectively that went. Yeah I think. So but I would talk that the two forces worked in tandem but the the but. Fluvial. Rozhin. Would have been the dominant to dominant dominant original. Force. Well. I can find it well there. There was several major explosive eruptions. Fairly recently ethic. Find that. Yeah we'll figure it out eventually, but we we didn't have been. Talking about that. Sounds to the trip. Because the lakes and we're talking about the rainfall because we're trying to imagine. How where, how could how could you get a moving ocean running across? What is now an arid? Desert. And Yeah I i. You know what you were just saying I think that there is rainfall it could. It couldn't have been a local event this would have been. At least hemispheric I would argue to get. At a minimum had of been falling over the entire Colorado plateau yeah. Well. Then there was today was some archaeological sites that's right. Yep We went to. MONTEZUMA's Castle, which you said is not an. Act of good. Marketing by somebody. Well I mean a very old castle you know. was I wanted when you said that you're GONNA W hut I was like what we? Can See the castle season I do a better job. Yeah I was. Down your impress because you're. Zuma's castle. Looking at the place and then you're still trying to look around trying to find. A castle. I was impressed. And he does. Putting out the Randall on the side because the door on the one side walked by just front he'll catch that it has the teak shape doors, which is A. Chocolate. Culture. In. Yeah. That is cool. It was a very I thought it was very impressive I mean the other thing impressive about it was just the massive round hole in the in the limestone, wall? Yes that the thing was built inside of it was just like. You know I've seen a lot of limestone cliffs. With, the litter around we asshole area looked a lot like the landscape where we lived. Yeah. Same Rock. You know same kind of trees everything. I've never seen anything like that in a limestone cliff and that was pretty cool. Just this giant it's like this giant ice. Cream scoop. Round have closed his veer the closest thing would have been the skyline. The skyline was a tilted straight walled sort of it wasn't even a scoop like this thing was I mean the Corey? Part. Looked up there there was this big overhanging. There was kind of stupid. It wasn't as pronounced. You're right but that doesn't mean closest thing that was really impressive. Just, the natural feature you mentioned, it should the Verde, valley right? Undoubtedly Community of people live their farmed into valley yet. Not too bad of a life. Maybe right. Then we saw the wealth that was associated was isn't. It. Let's mention. That was just a nineteenth century name where something Montezuma was never. Or. His Castle Not. I think they original people, the settlers whoever when they found it they realize that it was they were thinking it was Central American. Natives that had made up that far meal. You know they haven't seen anything like that. So yeah. Assumed it belonged to Montezuma. Must Be. And Yeah I think it did remind me of the blue and stuff we saw in Mesa Verde. And not quite as extensive. But definitely, the same style. Obviously every almost everything we saw there was a rebuild by archaeologists. And clearly, this was also rebuild. I. Think we were talking to steal nearly rebuilt it. You know. So it's not really I've seen eighteen hundred pictures of dot one has pretty close. Made no doubt they pieces of concrete built. Okay. It was pretty close like next to was almost totally rebuilt one. One of the top. Two. More is definitely not have that stuff. It's hard to tell him that outside because I even when I was in Taco Kenyan one of the days that we were there. This was not on this talk of games. So rebuilt but they do I mean they're out there I mean. They native. Natives working with the park service out there every day. One of the guys was out there doing it and. We ate is happening Balkan by and he led you know my son and my daughter liked put. Blocks Center mortared, and so that was that was awesome Oh. Yeah. Yeah. But So I held the of course they're doing repair work but I don't know so. Good it's hard to tell outside because there going to constantly patching it. So what the core of it looks like I'm not sure. I see yeah I was I was assuming that too because of what we what we learned. In. That chimney rock and those places in Colorado. They told us about how win the archaeologist I found these things. They were just mounds of stone and they carefully excavated the all stone set the pieces of side until they got down to the flooding and that's what gave him the layout and they had organized all the stealing they picked up. So they put it back and stacked. It tried to try to get his did his. But I mean what job that would be rebuilding that structure from a pile of rubble but apparently some astrum astronomy going on at Yeah ran out Ronald random noticing 'cause we were there right about for the setting sun. Yeah. Yeah Well, as somebody somewhere long line said there was. Astronomical evidence here for argue astronomy, and yet we could see that it was a near-perfect north south alignment to the access of this structure that's up on this ridge elevated rich has a spectacular view of three six degrees. Yeah. Yeah and then due east would look to be due east. There was a saddle in the mountains rise. And so we speculate that maybe the On the equinoxes that toward the sun set rise. East met West West. Man West. Yeah. So, we've got. Some snake force people volunteering to go back. On the equinoxes and see of a Red. sunsets on that day yeah. So all was a fantastic trip of course, every night we. Hung out a lot of noise and lot of food and it's everybody around us that it was a fantastic. Group of people. Yeah. It was a really good group people. And there's more stories to tell but I think one more thing just before we go how did you get into all this stuff? How did you learn about Randall and started looking all this ancient stuff? So I've been a big history buff for a long time. Reading a lot of stuff and then you follow Graham Hancock and be listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and that's what I saw Randall on there. So. We actually went to Grandma's out here in Sedona last year and Robert who you know put on this one put on that event, and so we went up there we did day-trip with grandma, and then we did the book signing and stuff that evening and I just talked to him at the end of it was like you know you should bring out here on if you want to do another one of these like us to bring. Randall, out here I didn't even think about doing multiday trip. So he really expanded upon that thing. Awesome, you told Robert that get cool way to say you're the reason this whole thing. I. Said when they got out of here. It'd be was gonNA. Tell it was all my. Great man it was a great trip. It was a great trip. That you've met everybody but we are all worn out. So I think we're going to sign off and go to bed. So. We'll thanks for having me under show guys. Thanks for Beezer. Darren it was great meeting you and hanging out with you, and now here we are Darren south. Coast to us the other. One of his bedroom. Done we have an amazing dinner. Yes. That's right. Yup Yup Casey. Away. There was one more site we went to the deed mentioned that we went to Murray, springs image that so Yeah. The reason we're here a place is because he lives really close like really close to Murray Springs, which is a site where the Black Matte is actually exposed, and it was a clovis hunt cider something that supposedly there was a man skeleton found there. So we've barely made it here just before the sunset the sun already down and it was getting dark and we parked ran down the. Stairs waiting in the gate. Gate says gate will be closed. I left noted the let's go. Don't lock us in here. So, we all down there and then ran down the trail of were able to see the black matte just. Just for the in. In, Casey Narran cooked US dinner. That's right. Made steaks and Yet really appreciate. Have you. Saved, US.

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Tuesday 11/12/19 - Did The CIA Kill JFK?

Chicago Dog Walk

21:56 min | 1 year ago

Tuesday 11/12/19 - Did The CIA Kill JFK?

"All Right Bank today is Tuesday November Twelfth Chicago Dog Walk. That means chief is back. I missed you last week. Manton I know you guys did a good job. That's that was on our list Bohemian Grove. So I'm glad you guys got to that one and Coley like birds of a feather. So he's he's a crazy brain just like me so I'm glad he was there to fill it and anything that that one. was there anything that you were like. Well here's also like you know. Don't forget about this well just the fact that I got. DM's from this kid whose dad was supposedly on the Board Award and had a list of like all the names who would ever been involved so we might have to do a follow up track celebs and Shit. Oh the list I mean he I I was like. Hey Yeah he's like. Hey I have this list. These photo copies of these documents from the Bohemian Grove. Are you interested in seeing them. Fuck I am so. He's like all right. Hold on and he sent me I wanna I wanna say it was like seventy eight. DM's holy of like taking pictures of these documents and like sending him over. I don't think he can get his in but he knows who's been in and he's like got maps of the area where they do certain things it was. It was a wild. I haven't even gone through them all I need. I need to sit down and go through all these documents and he gave. There's a little tease. Just give us a one name who you saw there. I mean Clinton's might be on there okay so think about not not hillary because no women allowed but but but but bill was on on the list interesting all right yeah so definitely do a follow up on that today. We are getting into a topic. We've talked about before but this is a little bit different spin on it has to do with John. F. Kennedy yes so it's we're coming up on the F- what is it. The fifty sixth anniversary of the assassination so November. This is when Discovery Channel History Channel. All those shows start really hitting you have you with the Kennedy Conspiracy documentaries and then also just things about the assassination itself. Yeah and it's kind of ironic. Because I just saw the Irishman on Sunday and listen it comes out on net afflicts. I think black Wednesday but it is very kind of it's not I shouldn't say very kennedy heavy but it plays a focal point in the storyline. So okay I it's kind of wanting to try this is there's going to be a little bit of intertwining. I got a good time to be talking about Kennedy again. I guess I'll say yeah every November and I'm excited to watch that movie as well and there's it definitely pretty hard links between the mafia the Kennedys the CIA the FBI like that little wild time to be alive with all of those things intertwined and I think today is we're getting into the CIA right. Yeah Okay Hannity. JFK and the CIA. Because there was a major documents documents dumped so there is a lawsuit nineteen ninety-two freedom of Information Act To release all these Kennedy Related Documents Twenty five years later so that was two thousand seventeen nineteen and then Long Story Short. We'll get into that a little later. Not all the documents were released and even though there are studied you know. Now there's not enough Things put out there that kind of points a finger in any particular direction but it was odd that all of the documents seemingly redacted were related to the CIA and the FBI. So that's kind of where we are because there's always been like that lingering theory of WHO's really behind the assassination and and a lot of people seem to think it was the CIA really so last time to the magic bullet theory. I believe where we kind of. What kind of got disproved through that? Watch kind of the main Refresh on what the main point of that. Sure that that was really kind of almost debunking. The magic bullet theory. which is something put out by the Warren Commission back in nineteen sixty four? I believe that came out. That said like this bullet went down zigzagged and this and that so who created all these wounds with one bullet and in addition unlike he also fired off the final show like the famous back into the left and we talked about. Maybe it was a secret service agent who I was standing up car accelerated. He falls backwards and accidentally pulls the trigger from basically you know twelve feet behind Kennedy and that was actually who killed him and then there was a cover. We're up to Kinda like protect that guy's identity the story and all of that. Okay so what's going on with the CIA. Now what are we. What are we find a now that kind of piqued your interest to want to talk about this again? Well there's is this one guy who his name is David Perry and he's like the Kennedy assassination guy so he's been cited as a source source for P. B. S. history channel like. He's always interviewed various books. I think you is Talked about in or consulted on the Oliver Stone's JFK AF K.. Movie he's just the Guy who's known for knowing everything he's from Dallas. You did like deep dive on all like all the documents and he's not like a I would say a headline grabbing kind of guy. He's not a sex and says he's not really a conspiracy theory guy. He does say that the one and he can't disprove is the CIA's involvement so that is what Kinda read that article and we're topical because it's November summer. That kind of got me started so this guy. He's not there. There's no reason for this guy to say unless he really believed that is what you're saying. Yeah because he doesn't you know there's all kinds of like it was cashew. And he's like I don't really think it's cash always the Russians don't really think it was the Russians. Oh the Mafia. I don't think it was like he's Kinda you know he's like I don't you know he doesn't go into like the grassy knoll type things and who the shooters were but he you know he goes looking more. So to debunk. These different conspiracies and he just like hey. Hey I can't I can't even with all my information all my knowledge. I can't rule out the CIS involvement. Okay so what have you found about this now so oh kind of going down that line of thinking it was like well. Why would they want to do it? Like what was their motive to kill the president and pretty clear so JFK had had issued a directive in a memo that he can hated the CIA in the Central Intelligence Agency and at that time It hadn't been around that long. There was see I was not a thing saying the way we know now prior to World War Two so as a relatively new agency and he felt that they had gotten way too much power and he issued a directive due to the quotas allegedly that he wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind. He just wanted to get rid of the CIA and and that he felt that way because they had so many like failed Things where they put him in tough spots where there was a bay of pigs like they told told him that they were going to have this. Covert operation led by Cuban People who you know kind of either fled Cuba there. You know what. I'm lacking missing the word for that but Cuban dissidents that they were going to go back in and kind of do a revolution to oust Castro. And all you had to do was like sign and sign on the dotted line and cash would be out and then there are always but we need to provide air support. It's like well then. That's an act of war. I don't really want to do that. And the whole thing was a disaster and a failure. He felt like he was set up up by the CIA like doing this mission that they had kind of outlined under the previous administration under Eisenhower. He comes in and just kind of handed to them like fucked fucked up his whole first year in office so he had an ax to grind in a sense he hadn't ax to grind with them. He didn't trust them all and then he found out about like we were talking talking before that the CIA was working heavily with all types of assassination plots to get Castro Working with the Mafia working with Cuban exiles was word housing for before trying to find Ways to kill him and Kennedy learned that there was going on without his direct knowledge or or his direction like he wasn't saying like go kill Castro was just like something the CIA was there almost like a rogue agency inside of the government. So is that North Woods. The operation was. We did talk about that as well as all these different various plots to kill Castro and it's Operation Mongoose was another one inside of that but they yeah the CIA was operating. You know effectively without direction from Kennedy. Okay so I I do WanNa get to what you've found here but before we get to that really quick I wanna talk about JP Ghana's of JP so it's holiday season There are going to be open up until Wednesday before thanksgiving. So if you have anything if you have the holiday party you know we're catering like I said yesterday a friendsgiving make sure you go check them on ninety one restaurant off going store go to JP Graziano Dot com put an order now. I mean there's no reason to wait to get it in the ANTIPASTA tracer great. I've heard the anti razor great and I feel bad for him because we ordered a catering from I'm Jake Garcia House last week when Pete was in here doing her office as kind of a joke and so we all sat around for. You know an hour eating this platter sandwiches. I mean. I couldn't have been happier with that decision. Just can't beat the bread. The sandwiches are amazing. We sent Pete home with a bottle of Jordan. Erica's it's they do that better than anybody to I've been growing up sausages all weekend. I got some Italian. Sausage is jarred near and they're so definitely check out those platters you'll be the most popular got your friends and it's it's for any size guys either. You know there's no size too big so make sure you hit them up. I know one West Randolph Goto. JP GRAZIANO DOT COM ditch order. Now they're taking all the way up to early December. So don't think anything's too early. The holiday season even better do it earlier than late so make sure you go check them out so I the CIA. They'll what is like what are you. What what Piques your interest here though do you? Are you buying this at all. Like doc was there. What have you found? Yeah it's almost like where there's smoke there's fire kind of thing and then also like doth protest too much if y is the CIA insisting on even all these years later almost sixty years later still saying like they don't want some of the documents released them in the FBI. There's they released twenty eight hundred documents In twenty seventeen and they're supposed to release all of them and they redacted over fifteen thousand documents so it's a big numbers. It's like wh. What are you guys hiding? If it's so long ago you'd think it must be so incriminating that they're just still. It's like too toxic to release. There is a chance that Harvey Oswald was in the air. Yes so that I want to start with this guy named moral so moral was an ex. CIA A agent like a contract agent and he his told on the record that he purchased and customized rifles that were eventually eventually used in the JFK. Assassination plot so right off the bat he like. He's spoken about this pretty publicly now he was not quote unquote in the CIA CAA. He was a contract agent and but like he had done this before the CIA before he is on record that he assumed that the rifles we're going to be used In plot against Latin American officials. You know because at that time like Communism was spreading So starting in Cuba there's revolutions going on on all over the place civil unrest rush everywhere the CIA was literally everywhere. Doing these black operations trying to keep the communist out of the Western Hemisphere and he had done this before he bought these rifles and I think I said his name. His name is moral and then he saw like the photo. The famous photo of Har Lee Harvey Oswald with the rifle and the Dallas police holding up. The right he's like Holy Shit like I recognize that rifle like I made that rifle. I bought that rifle and he said that he had heard heard of a plot to kill. JFK two weeks beforehand and he just dismissed it because like who's going to kill the president and then when all this stuff started coming up and then. JFK got has killed and he sees the photos. He calls his case officer and his case officer with his handler with the CIA. Just told me shut up about it and don't say anything so oh Shit Oh shit okay. Like that's the big one and he had. He knew the name Oswald as well so like they he whom that Oswald was this like low level. CIA Guy and maybe he was but the the fact that this guy who's just a contract agent is on the record saying that like yeah. I knew who Oswald was before the world did kind of fucking crazy. That is really crazy that I mean the initially I mean I. It's crazy that he heard rumblings right. Yeah that he was like oh no like this is like. There's no way that's true. Who would believe that exact would believe? Yeah this very popular sitting president and the handsome guy going around giving speeches who who could ever believe that someone would in the. US government would attempt an assassination against the president. Then what happens after that. I mean more always he. Yeah will kind of points to the finger back at Oswald right so I was involved like why does the CIA. No about Oswald. Why is he hearing his name? Two weeks before the assassination. And you know Oswal if you guys don't know he was a former marine sharpshooter. So he's he's trained and in doing these rifle shots from you. Know basically assassinate capable of using a rifle I ask nation. Didn't know that didn't know Wilkes booth was a famous actor actor writer to fun facts by the assassins. That's out another one for you. What's that did you know that Lee Harvey Oswald after he got out of? The Marines defected affected to Russia and lived in Russia. Okay Height of the Cold War. This guy goes the Russia now back then once you defect and you go to Russia and and you swear in as a Russian you can't come back to the United States like just can't do it. Guess what obviously Oswald comes back brings a Russian wife if with him so not only could he get like his passport reinstated. He was able to get one for his wife. How does that happen unless you're have high level assistance from from people in the government? It's a good point. Pretty crazy. Good did you know that. He went to Mexico City and met with the KGB at the Cuban consulate in Mexico City like right before the assassination. No you mentioned these to me in passing. You might like teased at them. The last JFK One. But I didn't know like I I. We haven't gone. Yes so he. He made it to Mexico City allegedly and was meeting with people who are in charge of the fascinations for the KGB and was asking if they had been able to facilitate a passport and a visa back to the United States so they like. There's this is part of that documents. Dump were like they knew who Oswald contacted. They knew what was discussed Oswald. Even though he couldn't really speak Russian that well insisted on having the conversation in Russian and then somehow weeks later he's back in the United States so he again so he leaves the country they know the government knows. He's in Cuba. Uh in the Cuban consulate in Mexico City and like the government's tracking him and he still gets back and it's just like whatever come on back. Oh wow kind of crazy. They got another tip off on November sixteenth nineteen sixty three again per these document dump in two thousand seventeen that the government knew the CIA knew. Oswald was in Dallas so they knew he was there they also changed the parade route. Okay there's there's there's different theories on who did it. So some people say the Secret Service Service changed the parade route. Some people say that was a directive from the to the to the secret service but they had a parade route that allowed them to slow down and make the shot Easier easier where they have all these buildings and there were people that you would be able to like. Take a look realistic attempt at the president. He's going twelve miles an hour versus if he's flying down like a main drag thirty so again like kind of panic crazy that is I mean that's seemingly someone kept letting him back in someone kept letting him back in but then for him to be on some type of list. We're like they knew where he was. They were clearly still watching him right. And maybe directing him. Yeah so Oswald. That's Kinda crazy thing. Okay Yeah. Furthermore there's been all kinds of reports that people were getting tipped off all around the world that Kennedy had been killed and that ause before he was killed. Okay so there is a British newspaper and British intelligence receive wires that Kennedy had been shot and killed twenty five minutes before he was shot. So that like someone got an anonymous tip as a reporter. He went to check the wires and there is nothing there so he reported it to 'em I six and then Bang Kennedy gets killed so that was part of this documents dump as well. That's then the six count that's the CIA counterpart James Bond Shit. They sent that back to the you know the FBI and the CIA being like. Hey like we've you've someone tipped us off on this and then that was never really pursued. Wow so again fucking crazy. Lotta Shady stuff going shady shady stuff then again. Same thing they're doing. This has been investigated by all kinds of people forever. There was a particular Questioning of this guy named Helms who was the a former director Former deputy director of plans and he was asked on the record if Oswald was part of the CIA. So this is like you can read this. This in like a like a photo photocopied document that was released. It's like a pdf file and he goes He goes on to say Lakey guy breaks down down the whole thing and then it like cuts off where his answer would be. Yes or no he was in it so like that so they're going through Oswald and like how the CIA Nuovo was. It's like point blank. was He in the CIA. Was He contract agent. Would he have known anything. Did you guys know about his. You know they ask them like this series of questions and then you would think you flip. Flip the page and it's like well. There's this guy's answer whether he confirmed that are not his whole answer is just gone. So that's where it's like dot protests much situation redacted. Redact Guy Faulk so then you know because of like everybody was anticipating this documents dump and trump was like he really wanted wanted all the documents out there and then the CIA like we said they held back fifteen thousand documents when asked about it. Trump said I had no choice but it to let the federal agencies withhold these you know thousands of documents. So you're the President United States and you're being told that you have no choice by the FBI and the CIA who trump. It doesn't exactly have a great relationship with to begin with kind of crazy that even he would say. Hey like I had no choice in the matter I had to. You know withhold these and then they have have delayed at three years so supposedly like the full. The full amount is GONNA come out three years from now but who knows if that Earth three years a year from now because this was two years ago. Wow so this is like we're about to get some big news possibly in a year or so Yeah I mean it's an you have like like it just keeps keeps going on and on I mean I don't know like what I keep going back to the beginning of someone who I forgot what you said. His name was but he studied this case pretty strongly and when he can't shoot this rumor down can't shoot it down and then there was a former CIA CIA station chief and he was asked like if it was the CIA. Who Do you think would have done it? And he goes well it. was you know. Probably the the office out of Miami. 'cause you need people who are rogue To kind of take out their own government and I was people with a lot of Cuban exiles who hated Kennedy. Those are the people who are doing operation. Northwards those are the people who were completely like defended by Kennedy ready for their Operation Mongoose with their running guns and training and all these different places in Florida. The Kennedys like you learned about it. I was like all right. We'll shoot that shit down. We're not going to have another Bay of Pigs like that's over with. So they hated him and the one guy's name his name was Jacob Esther Lyon he died in one thousand nine hundred nine but like he had links to Oswald and had links to Jack Ruby. Who Killed Oswald in prison like that famous on live television? So it's kind of crazy and then it's like you're investigating investigating it and you find out in another documents on the you know Jaeger. Hoover Right. Yeah okay former head of the FBI also hated Kennedy. He had a quote in in this in this document dump saying The thing I'm concerned about is having some is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is is the real assassin. That was a direct quote in a memo from J. Edgar Hoover so implying that there might be you know somebody else might have actually been the real assassin Asan unbelievable. I mean Joe. We're GONNA find out if this is one of the biggest inside jobs and American history right. I mean it could very well be was right from you. Know another guy. I who is in charge of like the Warren Commission the original investigation Allen Dulles Allen Dulles hated Kennedy yet. He's on the people. Hate Kennedy a lot well in this intelligence community. Yeah and he hated Kennedy was Vice Chair of the Warren Commission who was in charge of investigating the assassination. So Oh yeah yeah. We didn't find anything. Oh weird because your head of the CIA and Kennedy fired you weird okay. So it's like this is it just seems like it was a setup from the word. Go if you go down this rabbit hole enough the cigarette horn man. Yeah this is An and I would. I liked most about this. One is like I said we're GONNA find out about a year. Hopefully unless you know trump loses the election right and then they just someone else gets in office and Pundit or trump says hey my hands are tied again. I can't release it. Yeah Holy Shit. Holy Shit Holy Ship. Yeah I mean this is I mean this is the big conspiracy theory. Probably the biggest one. Yeah definitely so a lot of different angles on this one. Yeah all right chief. Thanks for kind of breaking. Go down to the C._I._A.. Kill John Kennedy. Bang Bang Bang Bang. We will catch you tomorrow everybody.

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