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Falls From Grace: Gloria Grahame

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Falls From Grace: Gloria Grahame

"The new season of famous fates, titled Falls from. Grace is coming to a close. Each Wednesday we featured two new episodes that focused on a different scandalous figure from history. If you enjoyed today's episode head over to the famous bates feed defined, our entire season of falls from grace. These episodes are free and only available on spotify. Today's episode features. Gloria, grahame, she was admired during the nineteen forties and fifties for her sophisticated acting style and was recognized by her signature lipstick. But she would soon become known for her tumultuous personal life, numerous husbands and a spiraling career. Today's episode details. The story of Bobby Driscoll, a child star for Disney who voiced Peter Pan. But his life would end up being anything but magical to hear it head over to the famous fates feed on spotify to listen for free today. Oh morning. This episode features discussions of intimate partner violence and statutory rape that some listeners may find disturbing. We advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen. Glorious. Sat at her vanity in London looking in the mirror. Her dress was perfect. Her face was perfect. She was almost convinced that she was perfect and ready for tonight's incredibly exciting event meeting the Queen of England on her boyfriend. Usual was there to remind her that whatever the public thought of her however much. She looked like a star on the silver screen. Really. She was nothing he didn't want her to go meet the Queen He. He hadn't gotten an invitation and how could Gloria. Deserve one. If he didn't, he proved his point by dragging his nails across her back in a terrifyingly quick violent move one long red scars from her neck to her waist that night Gloria push through the pain and covered up the marks with makeup determined to be the star. She was desperate to be bought. Eventually, her endless personal troubles would slip out from under the cover up. And ruined her. Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson and I'm Carter. Roy. And this is season. Two of famous fates falls from grace. This season were examining once revered historical figures whose stories ended in less than savory ways. Every week we're bringing you two episodes examining the lives of two fascinating people in the same industry. They were beloved for their incredible accomplishments until they were reviled for their sins. This we're covering to. Hollywood celebrities and their meteoric falls from stardom starting with film nor actress Gloria, Grahame and the nineteen forties and Fifties Gloria was known for her sophisticated acting style and signature lipstick. But. What really thrust her into the public eye were her tumultuous personal life in multiple husbands as events escalated at home. Glorious Career backslid into oblivion. We'll dig into glorious dramatic rise to stardom right after. This. It was the summer of nineteen, forty, five frank, capra. Was Casting. It's a wonderful life and he needed a blonde a sex pot to play the secondary character. A violent BIC none of the usual suspects were available. He needed someone new. So he started dredging through the reserves of Hollywood's young untried starlets until he got the perfect screen test twenty, two year old Gloria grahame. Grahame was blonde. She was beautiful and she was talented cap was delighted and as other Hollywood insiders heard about this. Gorgeous, talented blonde wandering around on CAPRA set. They were delighted to for Gloria the attention as well as the part was welcome. She always been shy and insecure. That's why she loved acting when she was playing a role, she could make herself into someone. Someone bigger and stronger at least for a little while. But suddenly Hollywood was telling her she should feel that way all the time and not just with compliments the soon as Capra caster everything changed, she was it seemed a star stardom. Gloria? Found meant all kinds of good things I. There were the parts they were coming in droves in nineteen, forty, seven alone the. The year, it's a wonderful life finally came out, she was in four films. Then there were the parties, the red carpets, the publicity jobs she was on the cover of life magazine in the fall of forty six, she received her First Academy Award Nomination for best supporting actress in nineteen, forty seven for her role in crossfire. It was everything Gloria could have dreamed of. On. Fortunately, if she'd hoped, the world's adulation would wipe away. Her insecurities didn't. In fact, it made her more anxious than ever about earning the role of Hollywood star. She had to be perfect, and she never felt that way especially when she looked in the mirror more than anything, she hated the ridges of her upper lip. She did her best to cover them up with makeup using elaborate combinations of lipstick and liner to create optical illusions of a full smooth lip, some of her Hollywood compatriots. Referred to these creations as her many mouths. Gloria didn't want many mouths. She wanted one perfect mouth. So she turned to surgery in the nineteen forties. Plastic surgery was still very new practice. One that came with risks, but Gloria didn't care. She was a star now and she had to be the most beautiful version of herself. Even if it involved a knife and after all, these were small operations just plumping up. Up Her lipstick get rid of those ridges. Then when she got into the swing of the surgery business, it made sense to shave down her job own as well. She was inching closer to perfection with every surgery. She could feel it unfortunately, she never felt quite there. Her insecurities didn't go away and they were only compounded by her failing marriage to actor. Stanley, clements. He'd made her feel terrible from the day. They married. The fights had been endless at first. It had seemed like passion. But as Glorious Star Rose Stanley's jealousy and paranoia increased and the fights got louder meaner, more physical. Gloria. Couldn't do it anymore. She had to get out focus on her career on being a Hollywood star. She needed a man who'd support her in that not hold her back. So in nineteen, forty, seven filed for divorce. The separation was a relief perhaps now, she could really enjoy the delights of stardom even for appearance wasn't quite perfect. Things were getting better moving in the right direction and Hollywood still enamored with this beautiful new starlet agreed. In nineteen, Forty, eight Gloria began working on a woman secret. She played a naive young singer whose eventually killed by the two leads. It was her biggest rule yet. She was more than just a love interest and she got lots of screen time. Gloria was delighted and determined to take full advantage of the role. If she demanded perfection of her face, she wanted perfection in her films to especially this one, the first. First time she really counted plus she liked the director, Nick Ray, she wanted to impress him. So she became more assertive. She made suggestions about blocking and lines as well as makeup and costumes and Nick, Ray was impressed. The pair started dating during filming when filming ended in nineteen, Forty Eight, only one day after glorious divorce was finalized. They were married five and a half months later, they had their first baby timmy. Unfortunately, the relationship quickly started to look alarmingly like glorious first marriage like Stanley Nick was a gambler and drinker later in life, timmy would recall stay with his father as a teenager and waking up to find that nick had literally gambled away the house while he was sleeping Gloria build nick out of his debts. Mind that so much. It gave her a chance to berate him and to insinuate, she would leave him which gave him a chance to respond with anger increasingly. The only attention he'd give her once again. Glorious relationship was providing horrifying evidence for her worst fears that she wasn't good enough that she didn't deserve attention in love much less stardom. Only this time, she didn't try to push those feelings away and escape her marriage instead, she threw herself into it determined to make nick show that really he loved her but Gloria is increasingly erratic belligerent behaviors stayed at home for now co stars and crew alike loved her and raved about her kindness as far as Hollywood was concerned Gloria was still on top and even nick in his role as a director had to admit that. In nineteen, forty, nine nick was brought on to direct a picture with Gloria as the lead. The line producer Robert Lord made glorious sign a contract that stated she would always follow Knicks Direction while working on the film and she did onset, the pair was amicable and always professional. But as nick went through rewrites of the film in a lonely place began to parallel the jealousy and paranoia in their marriage partway through filming nick moved out of their home in December of that year, Gloria filed for divorce. But then Gloria stopped the suit in May of nineteen fifty, the couple bought a new house together. Perhaps the film and a little time apart had helped them work through the demons plaguing their relationship. Regardless. It seemed that they'd agreed to move on from their troubled past and start again. But Gloria, couldn't move on from in lonely place just yet once the film was released in early nineteen fifty, she made headlines in a controversy called the great nightgown debate Gloria had clearly been nude underneath the bedsheets in one of the film scenes and the public was up in arms about common decency. The most vocal complaints came from nightgown companies who thought that the public would stop buying nineties. If Gloria grahame wouldn't wear one part things were going well, Gloria. She'd made a good picture she. She, and her husband were in a good place. Her lips weren't dragging her down too much now that her husband was showing her love Sushi reacted like the real star. She knew she was with nonchalance all she told the press was that. Of course, she always slept in the raw. Why wouldn't she the next few years matched this breezy confident tone. They were the busiest and most lucrative of glorious career. She had roles in fifteen films between nineteen, fifty and nineteen, fifty, five all while taking care of her young son. Timmy things with nick meanwhile stayed relatively calm and peaceful. In her worst moments, Gloria couldn't stand the calm. She needed fireworks to feel loved. Perhaps, that's what led to the disaster that struck next in the summer of nineteen fifty, one knicks thirteen year old son Tony Ray came to visit. Nick and Gloria at the couple's house in Malibu. Tony had never met Gloria. But he knew she was an actress and a beautiful one mic was apparently pulled away for filming the day Tony arrived. So it was up to Gloria to keep his son entertained. She was frantic unsure about what teenage boys like to do. But when Tony Arrived Gloria forgot all of her worries. The to allegedly had an instant connection. And not a connection of a stepson and his stepmother according to Nick when he came home later that afternoon, he allegedly found twenty-seven-year-old Gloria having sex with Tony. He immediately flew into a rage smashing anything breakable. He could get his hands on and stormed out of the House a few weeks. Later, the couple filed for divorce and Tony was back at home with his biological mother. It's unclear if this version of Gloria and Tony, story. Holds any truth. Her third husband told the, New York Post. It's fiction and Tony and Gloria never spoke publicly about the allegations. However, it ended glorious second marriage had blown up spectacularly. But unlike her first husband Nick was a high powered director who had the power to ruin her if the vial rumors about glorious infidelity got out to the papers, she'd be black balled in an instant her future rested in his hands. 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So had to casper dot com and use code historical for a one hundred dollars off your mattress order. That's code historical for one hundred dollars off your mattress. Order terms and conditions apply see Casper, dot com slash terms. High listeners. It's Vanessa. We all know that navigating young adulthood can be a wild ride for social media. Star. Addison Ray, it's something she couldn't do without her mom Sheri Nicole in their entertaining new podcast original series. Mama knows best addison goes to her mom for advice on all things growing up. Want to hear more. Here's Addison and Sherry to fill you in. Heya I'm Addison Ray and I'm her mom Sherry and every Monday on our new show. Mom knows best. We're going to get real about all the ups and downs of growing up finding love and going viral. We have a bunch of awesome topic signed up like living with your parents dating during a pandemic in some more, and since I know best y'all know ask some advice to share. Okay. What do you really know best is the name of the show. All right. Well, I think we can let them be the judge of that new episodes of mom knows best every Monday exclusively on spotify. So follow and you can listen for free. Now back to the story. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, one, twenty-seven-year-old, Gloria Grahame, and her husband director. Nick. Ray separated after nick allegedly found Gloria having sex with his thirteen year old son, the story didn't make it into the papers at the time. It remained a rumor between close friends of Nick Gloria. Antoni one, they all confirmed and denied at different times. Thanks to that. Quiet for the time being glorious career was doing better than ever. She worked on the movie that would bring her an Oscar the bad and the beautiful and another Oscar winner. The greatest show on earth. These would become some of her most acclaimed films. But even now, after the disastrous end of her last marriage, Gloria wasn't one to languish without a man. She needed the affirmation of love, and by April of Nineteen, fifty-two, Gloria had already found herself another serious relationship with comedian Cy Howard. Gloria Nick had only been separated about six months at this time and their divorce hearings were still a long way off the tabloids took note painting the. The story as a scandal, but at first, it seemed to be your average acceptable Hollywood. Scandal glorious career wasn't affected on a personal front Gloria was affected cy like all the men she'd been with was possessive and jealous, glorious spurred him on hungry for the passionate angry fights that in her mind spelled love that combative relationship proved the catalyst for the first major blow to glorious career. In nineteen fifty three Gloria was invited to the Academy Awards with a nomination for best supporting actress. She was anxious for weeks leading up to the event desperate for everything to be perfect. She'd be up against some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and this would be the first televised Oscars in history. If she didn't win, she'd be humiliated. But if she did win Gloria News, she'd have to look and sound perfect for her adoring fans as the day Ju-, closer. Closer, Gloria, became more and more worried onset. She kept the anxiety under wraps, but at home and with friends the Oscars were the only topic of conversation on the day of the event Gloria. Waited in her trailer for side, pick her up dressed to the nines in her gown. Her face meanwhile was bear she wanted to wait to do her makeup until the last moment to ensure it didn't run when cy came in. He demanded she leave her face bear. As usual, he was jealous. and. Today his point of contention was makeup. Gloria was just as adamant that she had to look perfect tonight. So she locked herself in the bathroom and created one of the most lavish lips she had ever drawn unfortunately by the time, the fight and the lips were done. She had no time left to do any other makeup. The result was a half finished almost washed out appearance. This is part of what started rumors that she was drunk at the show. The other origin of the rumors stemmed from what happened when the winner of best supporting actress was announced. Gloria waited with bated breath and trembling hands while the nominees were listed. She was up against the likes of Jean Hagen for singing in the rain and Colette Marchand for Moulin Rouge Gloria felt it was almost impossible that she could win against such talented actresses. But just in case she had prepared speech with cy something witty and charming something that would really blow the socks off the American public who were seeing the award show for the first time on their televisions. Luckily because Gloria one. She turned to Cy and gave him a kiss. Then quickly made her way to the stage. She stumbled slightly as she reached the stairs, the lights were much brighter than she expected, but that wouldn't stop her from getting her award. She made her way across the stage smiling from ear to ear, then took the statuette from the presenter. But after all these weeks of tension after the distraction of that fight with cy earlier in the evening. Perhaps, thanks to the distraction of her unpainted face. Gorey's mind went blank. She stared out at the Sea of clapping spectators and then instead of her funny delightful speech. She gasped out a breathless. Thank you very much. As. Soon, as the words left her mouth Gloria darted offstage, mortified, she'd won the award, but she'd been a failure at receiving it and just like that. The public's favourite up and coming star had started her own downhill. Descent tabloids quickly spread the news that Gloria was a narcissistic drunk who didn't believe in thanking her cast mates and crew for their efforts. The rumors only grew as Gloria meekly repeated that she simply had stage fright, and at one point revealed that she allowed her son Timmy to use her Oscar as one of his dolls, Gloria tried to turn a blind eye to these smear campaigns, but the stress only made her insecurities grow. She went in for plastic surgery again, this time on her upper lip to shorten the despised ridges, but instead, the doctor paralyzed her upper lip. Gloria was mortified and started stuffing her lips with cotton to hide little, they moved with multiple surgeries and some experimental dentistry over the next few years, she was able to move her lip again. But throughout the rest of her career, Gloria, would show up to set without any notice covered in bandages from some new surgery. It became so drastic that in some of our films, it's clear that she has different features from one scene to another one magazine. gave her the nickname, the girl with the Novacaine lip nothing was going right and Gloria was cracking under the pressure for the first time. Her anxiety started spilling over from her home to her film sets to disastrous effect. While working on the big heat, Gloria continuously wiped off and reader makeup. Right before takes. Chelsea refuse to hit any of remarks making it impossible for the camera man to keep her in. Focus. But. Arguably, the worst issue was that Gloria performance scene and get notes from the director. Then in the next take, she would do something completely new. She claimed that since her character was unstable, she too would be unstable perhaps that relationship actually went in reverse. Thanks to this erratic behavior, Hollywood insiders were starting to get just as skeptical of Gloria as the press, but she was still a big name and a talented actress. Perhaps, she deserved a little leeway for some diva behavior onset in nineteen, fifty, four given one last chance, and it was her highest paid biggest role to date. Eight Oh Anne in Oklahoma, she'd get one hundred, thousand dollars for the role that's close to the equivalent of one million dollars in twenty twenty. But if Oklahoma was glorious last chance she blew it. She was an absolute menace onset. She would reportedly do anything possible to try to pull attention away from other actors in her shot. She frequently interrupted filming halfway through seen at one point. She even hid her co star over the head and pulled his hat over his eyes in the middle of take by the end of the shoot. Not One crew member or cast member had a good thing to say about Gloria. Grahame. After Oklahoma. Gloria was effectively blackballed. She was never asked onto a notable film. Again, she transitioned into bit parts on television and worked for low fees on smaller film productions. Meanwhile, her already tense relationship with the press turned more sour than ever. She refused to give interviews about projects unless the studios forced her to, they'd played a role in her descent down the Hollywood hierarchy and. And, while her behavior onset likely played a bigger role. It was the pressure from the press that had caused that to it was all the fault of the tabloids petty rumors and she wouldn't answer. They're silly questions. Even Win Gloria did show up for interviews. She always had what was deemed a bad attitude twentieth century. Fox. Executives claim they were embarrassed by her behavior. Meanwhile glorious personal life as usual was devolving at the end of Nineteen fifty-six. She was thirty three years old and new mother to Marianna Paulette, but even a baby couldn't improve her destructive dynamic with Cy. In fact, it only made things worse in March of Nineteen Fifty, seven, Gloria moved out with Paulette and Timmy in tow and went to live with her sister joy and van is. She inside were officially divorced in October of that year, her career devolved alongside her marriage in nineteen, fifty seven, she was paid only ten thousand dollars for her work in ride out revenge when times got tough in nineteen fifty-nine, she accepted a role in odds against tomorrow, which only paid her five thousand dollars lawyers. Golden years had officially come to an end, but the press wasn't done with her yet in nineteen fifty, eight. Gloria. Welcomed yet another love interest into her life and old companion who she hadn't seen in over five years, her ex Stepson Tony Ray. Coming up glorious last and largest scandal now back to the story. In the spring of Nineteen Fifty, seven Gloria was a thirty three year old three time divorced mother of two living with her sister's family in Van Nuys California, her career was looking just as bad as her personal life after million dollar roles like eight Oh and Ian Homa, she was struggling to find parts into this picture walked her ex Stepson Tony. Now, twenty years old, the attraction was still there. By Gloria, after three zestril marriages was hesitant to throw herself into what would likely be another explosive situation at least as far as the press was concerned. She knew that a relationship with Tony could be easily misconstrued as incest. Even Gloria wondered if there was something profane about her attraction to this young man to us ways those fears, the pair went to a psychiatrist in New York to discuss their relationship, whatever they determined behind those closed doors. They made the private decision that there was nothing untoward between them, and then on May thirteenth nineteen sixty, they got married in Tijuana Mexico most of glorious family and friends accepted the marriage even if there was a strange whiff of impropriety about marrying your ex husband son. Even. If the age difference was bit alarming. It's not as if glorious previous relationships had been any better and she was so down with barely any work, perhaps this would make her happy. But some people in glorious orbit were not. So charitable side Howard was appalled. And in nineteen sixty one he filed for full custody of his glorious daughter Paulette. He believed Tony Inglorious Marriage was hurting Paulette's morals and turning her against him. Nick Ray was unsurprisingly even more furious. He refused to talk to Tony for years after the marriage, but nothing compared to the censure, Gloria and Tony received from the press. The story appeared in almost every publication in Hollywood becoming glorious, most infamous news story. For woman who'd already been gossiped out of Hollywood, the tabloids railed against her claiming that she was a terrible mother and tossing around the word incest liberally, not one publication printed a word in her favor and with less and less work coming in soon, all Gloria was known for was her relationship. Gloria was understandably crushed. She had worked for years to hone her craft. She'd been dedicated as well as talented actress. Even if some behavioral issues had made her difficult to work with, and now she was being thrown out of Hollywood by the press. Why should they have say perhaps if she'd been a man none of her personal mistakes or her behavioral issues, onset would have mattered. But she wasn't. And, there were a million other beautiful girls lined up outside the studio doors ready to take her place Gloria didn't have a choice newly married and thirty seven years. Old Gloria left Hollywood and went back to the stage where she'd started acting as a child and I built up her acting resume. But she wasn't even welcome on Broadway these days she tony and the children went to Massachusetts. She managed to find work on small stage plays for ten years on the East Coast. During this time she gave birth to two sons Tony Gender in James. But this quiet existence was far from peaceful signs had not given up on his plan to get custody of Paulette. The trials were exhausting and stressful at one point the. Put Gloria, in the hospital, she was given electric shock treatments, a fairly common treatment for mental health issues at the time. But in a terrible twist of fate, the shocks permanently altered her memory. Now, she could barely remember her lines or parts of her own life, but even that wasn't the end of glorious utter demise. The now teenage Timmy chose to move out and live with his father. Timmy felt that Gloria and her new family no longer had time for him. Perhaps, he also wasn't entirely comfortable with treating his brother like a father and meanwhile tony was just as abusive as Gloria's previous husbands had been both physically and mentally. When they divorced in Nineteen, seventy four, he joined cy by knocking down her door with demands for custody rights. Glorious agonizing stress continued right. Until the bitter end. It was when she went back to the hospital for issues relating to stress that she was informed, she had breast cancer. She started radiation. Did her best to fight the disease by getting healthy giving up smoking and putting all her attention into her nutrition. Gloria wanted to be able to see. See Her children grow up. Even if they weren't able to be with her for a time, it seemed her fight had worked and nineteen, seventy eight, the cancer went into remission and Gloria. Even went back to work doing theater in London. But in nineteen, eighty one, she suddenly collapsed in the middle of a rehearsal. She had just enough time left to fly back to her family in the states and on October fifth. Nineteen. eighty-one at age fifty three. Gloria grahame died. By the time she died glorious success and scandals were both in the past. She was one of many Hollywood starlets who made it big and then disappeared into a miasma of personal drama and rumours. But in retrospect, what's most memorable about Gloria is her talent and her determination to keep acting and following her passion despite the many compromises she eventually made to do. So she might have been the perfect Hollywood star. She's so wanted to be a few short years. But she was an actress, her entire life. None of the men in her life could take that away from her however much. They might have wanted to, nor could they rob her of her final memorial? The beloved films she made conic with her many mouths and all. Thanks again for tuning into falls from grace, we found the book suicide blonde, the life of Gloria Grahame by Vincent, Curcio, extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes of falls from grace and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. We'll be back next week with another story of remarkable success and even more remarkable downfall falls from grace was created by Max Cutler, and his a podcast studios original. Producers include Max and Ron. Cutler sound designed by Dick Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro, Carly Madden and Travis Clark, this episode of falls from grace was written by Addie Brueggemann with ready assistance by Kate. Gallagher. And Stars, Vanessa Richardson, and Carter Roy. Again, it's been ESA before we go. I wanted to remind you to check out the new parkhouse original series. Mama knows best every Monday, join social media icon, Addison. Ray, as she goes to her mom Sheri Nicole for advice on all things growing up, it's entertaining endearing and sometimes i. I think you'll really enjoy it follow Mama, best free and exclusively on spotify.

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ATR #153  Dumbo, Shazam, VBAFF preview

About to Review

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ATR #153 Dumbo, Shazam, VBAFF preview

"Hello, everybody. And welcome back to this week's issue of the about trivia podcast here to amplify diverse voices in media. I'm your host as always that guy named John. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast platform of choice. It is listed everywhere. You can find a podcast Google play apple podcasts, Stitcher, Alexa, via tune in even and you can stream the episodes directly from the website about review dot com from that website. There's also a support tap souvenir. Click on that do a direct pay pal donation or support that would be great. There's also an Amazon wishlist if you want to pick something up for the studio, you can also follow the podcast on social media at about review on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube dot com slash about to review on this week's episode. It is going to be a little bit breezy year than normal just two movies to get through a couple of news items. Joining me on this week's adventure once again via Skype machine is Tim hall. The people's critic. Good to be back, even if via Skype machine, even if it is tonight machine. Hopefully, I you back in the studio soon. There's definitely some stuff coming up that. Yeah. We we need to talk about so nah out mass. Thanks, buddy. Always a friend. And then before we get into the show. I have some sponsors to shout out that I had mentioned in previous episodes. So this coming weekend. I will be attending the Vancouver bad ass film festival in beautiful Vancouver. British Columbia, a place that Tim, and I both love to go to for various reasons. When was the last time you were up there? Last year. But my I'm supposed to be going this month for my birthday, my friend wants to take the Vancouver. So are doing that. Nice zestil. The Vancouver bats film festival going on the weekend of March twenty ninth through the thirty first and one of the co creators of the festival, David Abu Safi and his companies Jenner Tiffany productions and dark side releasing sponsored me to go up there and cover the festival for my first time. So Jenner Tiffany productions. They Vancouver based financing and production company that makes it happen for budget genre, film, Jenner Tiffany, productions make it happen. And then dark side releasing is also Vancouver based international distribution company, specializing in wild genre films. So I'm super excited to cover that festival. And thank you so much to both David Abu Safi generate hit genera- TV production and dark side releasing for sponsoring my coverage of that. Art now that we got the nuts and bolts out of the way, it is onto the original theme song created by Damon. Randall ill-mannered media. Let's all go to the lobby. Let's all go. Let's all go to the. I sound. Okay. So the first couple geek news items. So one of my guilty pleasure movies that I've talked about in previous episodes in my famous annual. No shame November episodes. I love starship troopers. The nineteen Ninety-seven. Palmer Hoven insane movie. Starship troopers not a big fan of the two sequels that they made or the animated one. But the original I love that stupid movie so much. Jacob UC recently talked about there is some sort of festival or convention going on and somebody brought up like, hey, I heard some whispers that you know, the writer might be doing a starship troopers TV show GPC kind of confirmed that saying that they had been having some toxin that he and casper van Dien would then be the instructors at whatever military camp is going on. I am all in for that. Even though it sounds ridiculous. Who who? What channel would this be on? Oh knows if they wanted to have it as ridiculously gory as the first movie, well me and the subsequent movies, but really the first movie Showtime. Ooh, shudder. Great option sorta the because. Yeah. It just who knows if if this will happen casper van Dien actually did come back for the third movie, which the third movie was it was actually almost closer to the original book that Robert Heinlein wrote. They were like big Mexico granted the big Mets Mexico had huge crucifixes on them in the third movie. And I think I was the only reason that casper van Dien agreed to come back. So yeah, it was a bit heavy handed. Yeah. So Jake UC said that yes, they are working hundred a show that we might see at some point another actor who said that he is working on something that we are going to see at some point your man, John Courtney love Jeff Gordon announcement. He is coming back for suicide squad to rich is written and directed by James Gunn. Back as captain, boomer as captain boomerang, which okay, I just I'm could so confused by the suicide squad to movie because they have said flat out that this is not a sequel. This is a fresh reboot. The software boot it's soft reboot, but you are bringing in the person who played a character in the movie just that we saw three years ago and yet the ring. Other returning characters imagined. Well Harley Quinn is most likely not going to be in it because she is doing like the birds of prey or the immense patient of Harley Quinn from the something something joker something. So I just I still have no idea. What to think about this aside squad to movie, but Jake Courtney being in it j Courtney is fun. I like him in most things I think this is just going to be weird. Yeah. It'll be weird. But you know, you know, there's no real plan over there DC. So we'll see what they come up with. You know, we've got the joker trailer coming out. We've got birds of prey, you know, we don't get the next DC movie till wonder one to twenty twenty twenty. Yeah, longtime it is a very long time. And that definitely we'll talk about that more wants to go into the Zam review, which I've got to say that on this episode. We will be reviewing Dumbo and she's Zam. So we will talk about how that kind of ties in a little bit later. The next bit of news. So Killian Murphy and Emily blunt are officially on board for the a quiet place sequel. Like you. I like both. Yeah. Killing Murphy and Emily blunt, John Kaczynski is writing it. And I believe he is going to be directing it again. Good. Like, this is something where this is a sequel that nobody really quote unquote asked for but I'm glad they're doing it. Like the way the main go ahead of the first one, and I was excited to see the the what was the worst. The rest of the world deal with the movie, we just see these two people sort of some farmland in the woods. We have no idea what the rest of the world is like it reminds me of like the the purge will be and it was that kind of. I wonder what the rest of the world is done with what what it looks like throughout the city, and then through the subsequent sequels we saw what the purse look like throughout the city through is out of the politician through poor people at don't the first purse the last movie we saw how it all started. So they have a chance to like brought him the bigger world. See how people are dealing with these crazy aliens yet. And I just I definitely am interested to see if where this will actually be taking place because on a farm or not kind of on farm land in the middle of nowhere is interesting setting because they can kind of map stuff out it has wide open. I want to see what this looks like in a city scape. In. And if people have found a way to maybe put up some walls, or if they have like some sort of protection, or if it is still just completely terrifying. Wasn't the original. But in a city environment. So I'm in I'm in a mall, and especially I mean, like you said with the purge to see if this kind of attack alien attack, which we again, we'd never really know. Details of if this worldwide if this was just America, it's not like as worldwide we look at the newspaper clippings that was. Yeah. I mean, we do get a couple of those clues. But we never again, we never see anything. So. Yeah. So I'm down for that. So that is aiming for a may fifteenth twenty twenty released eight, hey before wonder woman. Yup. Sure is seems like almost everything is before wonder woman because for whatever reason they pushed it back almost an entire year. So weird. It's. We'll talk about it is. And then the last bit of geek, news Annabel comes home. The third in the Annabelle series. And the oh gosh eighth. Maybe moving in in the conjuring out, it might even more. They might be up to ten. They've really like squeezed every unlimited. Good. Yeah. The thing is like with Annabel the most recent one Annabel creation. I actually really liked. I mean, I was at the group of the group home. Yes, girl. Yeah. Fun. Yeah. Like, I I was surprised at how much I enjoyed that one this one. This is kind of the. Not even I mean, they keep tying all these together. But in really weird ways this one flat out in the trailer. They released we see Annabel and we see Patrick Wilson. And VERA for Migo blue rights, and now they are against Annabel. These are the same people who have gone up against other demons. So yeah, they're like a bandage at this point. They pretty much are like an Ed in the rain Warren like this is loosely based off of true or not loosely. These were real people who did real investigations Annabel is a real doll that had some real subsidy. They keep taking these little grains of truth. And then it's been like, and then they fought a demon. Sure. Yeah. I mean, it's it's cheap. Whore added. They're gonna you know is trauma cheap to mate, then you hopefully cash in the drops in October probably get this much money as you can. But it's you know. Oh, I mean, I'm not at all interested in this movie. But you're probably going to see it. I don't know. I I didn't see the none. Oh, good gravy. The none was atrocious. And it it was one of those scary movies that it relied completely on jump scares. Then that just like that complete that takes away from the thrill because we know that that is what they were gunning for as opposed to scary movie where it build a bills, and you're like, okay, something going to come here that a music cue. But all it was you knew it was just gonna be jump scare after jump scare. I don't expect Anna Bill, whatever this is comes home to be any different. I mean, Annabelle creation that was actually what I'd like to about. It is that there were definitely those jump scares but earned them in different ways. And I appreciate it that it's still has. Oh, yeah. So it's still like Annabel Chretien still has one of the creepiest scenes that I have seen it a horror movie in a long time. And it is under the stairs of this creepy house. And you see Annabel like you see the doll like almost just almost shrouded in darkness, and you so you start to focus in on that meanwhile, behind her as you're looking to the doctors who see these two yellow is above it slowly start to appear as you're looking at it. And then it rips the doll back that earned the jump scare because unlike it forces you to pay attention, and then it gets you as opposed to be like, oh, we turn a corner on boom. Yeah. So I mean end vocational the budget was fifteen million. So still low didn't mystically it made one hundred and two and foreign it made two hundred and four for a total of three hundred and six million dollars. And that. That is why we keep getting a new conjuring. I mean, he's his face next time. They'll be being spent I mean that was the nineties trope that every horror movie ended up in space. X Jason X wasn't space. Leprechaun went to space. I think those leprechaun four. Because it was one of the. Yeah. Because leprechaun leprechaun two in the hood and Olympic on three was back to the hood. I think. Yeah. Fun for was back to the. Yeah. Move. Yeah. They got bad. They got real bad. Yes, Annabel comes home that one actually come up pretty soon that comes out in June, and they just released their first trailer. But I think because they know they have the buy in of so many people there like, you know, we're going to release our first trailer two months before it comes out. Yeah. Like that you come out. But again, I think because they know people are going to see it, regardless. That there's not really any risk of like, oh, this is scary movie in June. Like, they're like who cares? People are going to see you. The there that into just go see it. Yes. With the conjuring films. Absolute people saw actually pull up how much the none may cause. I'm pretty sure that none also made like triplets budget, and the movie was hutch herash. The none let me see here. Okay. So budget was twenty two million it made three hundred sixty five million like what it made me more than NFL creation. And it was way worse. You know, so. Yeah. So then dropping a movie in June. The they're writing so high right now so go for it Annabel comes home. Did you find the leprechaun titles? Oh, here we go. Okay. So leprechaun nineteen Ninety-three leprechaun to nine hundred ninety four leprechaun three no subtitle leprechaun four in-space. So I was right sworn LeBron origins. Leprechaun five was in the hood leprechaun, six was back to the hood and leprechaun seven was leprechaun origin. Oh, this movies are so behead so smell the first one was kind of funny. It was I mean it had it nailed that nineties horror comedy trope. They kind of a bunch of people were going for because it knew what it was like it was not trying to be the next use get liberal kind of return doesn't eighteen wait. There was another one leprechaun returns. Hold on a minute leprechaun. Well, it turns to take place twenty five years after the original film, which fits I mean, it wasn't five years. So hopefully a role while Mark Holton reprises his role as Ozzie Jones from the first film, and it came out in November fifteenth do Lionsgate. And on demand December eleventh. Helen premiered on SCI fi. Mark. Of course, it did. Of course. Modify all day leprechaun marathon for Saint Patrick's Day. Go I like how. And again, this is not really fair to judge old movies on rotten tomatoes because rotten tomatoes do not exist. So it is kind of weird. But if people are perspective, the first leprechaun has a twenty three percent two three four and seven have a zero percent. That's not that. They really are some of them. They really are. But apparently gone to turn forty percent that is the highest. They're like be horror movies or not like I would I would say like see it's not track. The fact that leprechaun in the move ever watching the first one when I was a kid like over the friend's house because there's no way in hell. My parents were going allow me to watch it. So staying the night at a friend's house. His older brother rented it, and we watched it and like at one point when they're trying to get away. They have like a bucket of shoes that they throw at him because he cannot pass up shoes without shining them. I mean, it's like what that is. How you defeat a leprechaun by throwing strategy. Oh boy. Yeah. So tune into the leprechaun fan cast that we'll be doing. Or you're going to be those movies next Saint Patrick's Day. There we go never gonna happen. Cool. Okay. So the first movie on the docket is the Tim Burton directed Dumbo. Now, this is Disney's latest live action at option. The LA the one before this was a Pete's dragon. Like was the last actual live action one before this? That'd be strange. Hold on live action. I get them confused. A couple of years ago. It had to be something else after that live action remakes, boop. Boo. It in the beasts, right? Oh kristie. These put Christopher Robin. I guess. It'd be feeding the beast of two thousand seventeen alisonville looking glass jungle book out little glad that movie. So so mad forgot about that movie via justifiably so like that was one where I fell asleep twice in the theater and still did not care. Yeah. Like. We sound like an AmEx movie. Yeah. We saw like Pacific since Seattle center on like the biggest I'm biggest and best. I'm ex green in Washington. And it was just not even interesting. So endorse Lawson baron Cohen, I actually liked it. I liked his character. Just the movie is just so dumb. But that is not the blue. We were talking about. We're talking about Dumbo, which of course, is the live action remake reboot. Whatever of the old Disney movie. I was actually I think the fourth Disney movie like it was from the way back machine, Kathy question. Yes. Are there risks crows in this one? So that is a question as soon as I posted that I was at the screening four different people hit me up on social media. And they were like, I don't care about the movie just after it. Tell me if there were crows, yes. Or no. So I will tell you as well. There are no racist crows in this movie. Oh, look at Disney learning learning from its mistakes. If anybody is wondering what we were talking about in case, you have lived under a rock since like, nineteen forty something in that movie came out, the original Dumbo animation had four I think four or five crows in it that were total racist stereotypes, they kind of there are people. There are apologised for be like will. Yeah. But they cast at least they cast black actors to play them. And it was like, no, no. That actually makes it worse. Hey, you've works. It's really bad racial stereotype. It'll be lots of fun. I probably yes. And you can give it the authentic spin. Right. Can you like it unless that take a little more black? This time Robert Townsend at school evacuate. You know what I mean? Yeah. Exactly. Have you guys done speaking of other things? So Tim, also, of course, is part of the amazing team of the made in the eighties podcast. Did you guys do Hollywood shuffle yet or not I was that nineties or eighties nineties? Okay. A measure Hollywood shuffle with with Pete down. Then. Nineteen eighty-seven not p towns in different. Upper does Piton that well to feel good about me. Yeah. So Robert Townsend. Yes. That was nineteen eighty-seven. So hopefully can cover that one soon. Yeah. He definitely he has his school of acting for black roles. So. Yeah. So no crows in this one of the original crows in the virtual Dumbo. His name was Jim crow. I mean, they were not even trying other any black people in this woman. So that. Okay. So I let me go over the plan. That's been a not on Timberg for very long time. Yup. Oh, just wait for it. So the the plot of this as opposed to the original where the whole time, we see bump, we see Dumbo with his big floppy ears, and we wait for him to fly and everything. Spoiler alert for movie from seventy years ago. He only flies and like the last five minutes. This movie it actually starts with him flying. I mean early on. I wanna say the movie kicks off with him flying all over the place. But very early on in the movie, we see him learn how to fly which is the we're one of the weirdest sequences. So if you remember in the original, the crows, give him a magic feather, which then basically just gives him confidence and allows him to fly in this one the two kids, which are played by Nico Parker and Finley Hopkins there Millie Joe Ferrier for the far Ferrier furrier. I forgot how they pronounce it in the movie. They give him a feather. But he is a little baby. And he accidentally snorts the feather like completely inhales the feather knowing who goes to sneeze, then his his ears flapping. He flies for a second. Is the brothers been metaphor for cocaine? I mean, it makes you fly kid. But that would be it would be one thing if they did that once and then like from that they're like, oh, maybe he just needs something else through the entirety of the movie the main way that he flies is he snorts? A feather is definitely a drug moving to kids about drugs. So that is just a weird thing because you see Eva green who plays Colette Marchand. This trapeze artist, she we see her training with Dumbo. So she can actually ride him while they're flying around the circus, and we see her kind of wave the feather in front of his face. But again, it is not just like showing him the feather to give him confidence. He has to inhale it then suddenly give them the ability to fly. Yeah. Super weird. But this movie definitely takes a lot of liberties from the original, which is honestly for the best this one folks more on the human characters have Colin Farrell, Danny devito, even green Alan Arkin. Michael Keaton, a whole bunch of folks in there, and it focuses on the full circus and not talking animals trying to kind of uplift. This this weird elephant who is different from everything else. So it focuses on them. But also does not really have any weight to it. Like one of the first things that I wrote down after the movie when I was getting my quote, ready for the PR rep after the screening I said that this was an emotional movie in which I did not get emotional. Because we see we see. I mean, if you know the Dumbo story, you know, what happens? So this is not a spoiler Dumbo born. He looks weird. The mom is very protective. There's an incident that happened. They think that she goes crazy because he's trying to protect her baby. And so she gets sold off to to somebody. And then dumble the sad. And then they have to try and meet back up with her and that whole thing. And so there were so many moments of this where could tell that they were going for. I just did not feel any of it. Like it hit the Mark yet. Like, I mean, not just did it not have the emotional weight. But you, and I have talked about this before with heavy CGI characters you can tell when the actors are not physically interacting with something. Another human being. Yeah. These little kids are kind of leaning on Dumbo and be like, it's. Okay Dumbo, but you can tell there's like a quarter inch difference. Like, it feels like a distance that they are not actually like bracing. So that just it was weird the to have that distance. But this one also introduces Michael Keaton's character is via a Vendee vere is this super vaudevillian circus as opposed like the traveling circus. He has the circus park where people go to him. So he, of course, goes to Danny de Vito, the owner of the travelling circus with the deal of the century to buy Dumbo, and of course, by all of the other circus performers and give them jobs. Spoiler alert. No does not happen. He is bad guy. Yeah. His character makes no sense. He's the guy. Yeah. But again, it just does not have any weight to it at all Eva green, suddenly like because she works for van devere. And then she meets the kids in the family when Dumbo gets there. She immediately like bonds with the kids and as protective of them, and it was like. Right. Because of course, their mom died. And so does a single dad Colin Farrell who just got back from older one? He is missing an arm. Not missing. I mean, he he lost the arm and the war was not like he just woke up and he's like, oh, no what happened to lie on. Which that was a weird scene because we see this emotional scene where the train pulled up to the old circus that he used to work for data Vito and his kids, and he has his, you know, his army jacket on and it is buttoned up like it is, you know, he's obviously missing his left arm, and he was walking through the circus with all of these people have different abilities different sizes shapes and they're all kind of looking at him oddly. And it was like, this is the circus. Like like, I felt like they were judging him for not having an arm, and I was like this is not the place where people with different bodies in shapes kind of circus. It was definitely kind of played it. They had the strong, man. They had kind of a bearded lady. Mermaid thing. Hey, watch working armless guy. It was it was. Yeah. It was kind of weird. But but to your original question of if there are black people in this movie because timber to for whatever reason does not do that there was one, and yes, and guess guess what? His guess what has circles thing was we'll see a rapper come on now strong bit. There you go Nilsson one. His name was wrong. Go the strongman Runco. Burton together. Man. I mean, ooh, he here he captured in Ronco Ronco. So of course, he is you know, the big brute. But of course, he has also really smart inhalers with accounting and all of that. Oh, smart black guy. Troth? I love it. Yeah. Down strong die. But I'm really smart. Look at me. Black people can be smart too. Yeah. So yeah, I'm glad I miss this movie. Yeah. So just I mean, the the more the more I thought about it. And and I kind of been sitting on this for a couple of days, it just it really was just that emotionless kind of weightless movie that I know that there are going to be kids and families, especially kids kids are probably really going to like this. The visuals are great dumble looks cute that will doing drugs Dumbo, whose is huffing feathers. But it it did not really land. With me. The flying scenes were kinda cool. They did have a pink elephants scene, which if you remember in the original he gets drunk and. Oh, yeah. He gets drunk with the mouse. I like Timothy mouse or something. Yeah. And then hallucinate pink elephants. I have no idea what they were drinking in the forties to make them hallucinate pink elephants. John something. So there is a pink elephant seen in this. And it is outside of the flying elephant. It is actually larger willing suspension of disbelief then a flying elephant. They're like eight has because they're basically humans making these big bubbles. But the bubbles that are sentient and interacting with each other. It was bizarre super bizarre. The performance of like overall. I mean, everybody was okay in this Michael Keaton was just too over the top to ever be anything. But the maniacal like Twitter mustache circus guy. The kids were good in this even though they felt distant from the the thing that they're supposed to be interacting with the most. But yeah. So the official rating for the review podcasts if this is your first time listening, they're only three choices. No stars. No letters three. Choices are good bad or ugly. A good film of something you would recommend to a friend a bad film of something that did not really grab you. And you're not really that excited to tell your friends about it ugly. Avoid at all costs. For me. And you and I are both film critics in. These are all opinions for me. This is a movie that I will absolutely forget about I will give Tim Bertand credit in this. His least Tim Burton movie in a long time. Danny elfin to the score, of course, because they're best friends. This was the least Danny elf men score in a longtime the colors were bright. And like just really really the I like the palette and the overall look of the film. But this movie means nothing to me. I gotta give this an ugly. Which I mean, I kinda hate to do a little bit. Because I know that families are going to enjoy this, or at least the kids are going to enjoy this. But if people have fond memories of the original Dumbo. I think this is just not really going to connect. If this movie had started, if the movie had opened with baby mine, if somebody has started singing that I would have immediately started crying like it because I have really good memories of that song, the cry that it I I wish I like to cry. But now it is the opposite. But so if they had opened with that, it would have probably primed me for more emotion, we do get baby mine towards the middle of the movie. But it just it did not really hit me because I think by that point. I was already kind of desensitized to the film. So, unfortunately, so has all the skills of film that should be good but lacks so the heart of the pool you win emotionally MSU care about the characters. Yeah. I mean that that really is it because I could tell what they were going for. And I could see the emotion in the scenes it just there was always a distance to it. So those were so unfortunately, Dumbo gets ugly. The next film is one that Tim, and I have also seen, but Tim I'm gonna have you setup. She's Zam Zam is DC adamant days DC in war but latest phone based on the character Zam about a young boy named Billy Batson was living in a foster home was his parent was due parents, and he's been running away and he after stopping the bullets being up his foster, brother. He is summoned by the Suzanne in chosen to be his champion because the eagle people have a champion play. By Mark strong. Forgot the characters name doctor, savannah Docker, savannah. And so Billy Batson superpowers essentially like superman. I think it's fascinating. Fly got super strength. And he's bulletproof is all cool stuff. Those this young kid is learning how to be a superhero and in how does that didn't from other people? But also he is up being on the inside of the bulls is the crosshairs of this villain who wants Suzanne's powers. That's kind of. Yeah. I mean, and this is something that it hasn't Annabel creation Tien because David f Sandberg who director Suzanne also directed and about creation he directed lights out. Which was a super BankE. Feature-length film based off the short film. It's like, this is a a legitimate horror director doing a film that is arguably the lightest slash fluffy, est. DC movie we have seen of this current rod hor- elements in the film. Exactly. So the main place that I mean, so she's AM obviously gets his powers from the wizard shows. Am inches them is the acronym for all of the powers that that he gets you know, and was interesting. Yeah. Dr savannah gets his powers from the seven deadly sins. And so we see them kind of captured in the rock you turn ity, which is where the wizard Zam lives, and they're trying to break free. But they need a conduit. They need a human to latch onto just like the wizards Zam needs to give his powers. Somebody. So the acronym. Fourche dam is the wisdom of Solomon strength of Hercules, stamina of atlas power of Zeus courage of key. And the speed of mercury. So we have those which are definitely the the Greek pantheon, but the seven deadly sins were not really part of the Greek. No system of belief sodas like in this in this DC world that we have crafted or that we have seen crafted so far with wonder woman getting her power from the Greek gods. We saw Hercules in the flashback of wonder woman fighting dark show, the first I'm sort of like, okay, obviously, the Greek gods exist on in this universe or existed or something enough where they can draw power from them. So to throw in the seven deadly sins was an interesting twist to this. Now, how did you feel like it was like a horror movie twist to was the like a fun twist? It was like this is scary. Yeah. Well, what was also interesting as win savant. It the way that savannah and the seven deadly sins interact in the way that his kind of power manifest when they kind of morph or not when they more what is. It is when when they are released into the real world. They're surprisingly violent. Yeah. But the word I use demonic. Yes. Demonic yet. We do not see any blood, which is a fascinating choice the DC decided to make especially after the other DC movies. We have seen with dawn of Justice and Batman for superman where people are just punching the hell at each other. It is dark. It is gritty it as kind of bloody this one we see monster like demonic monsters eat somebody somebody's head somebody's head. And it is interesting is in that shot. We see the demon like go to eat the head the camera pans out to the feet, which is normally in a horror movie where blood spotter would be there. This one it pants the feet and it cuts away to something else. So that was clever. I definitely liked more than I thought. I would I liked Zachary Levi's performance as Zam. I think those first few pictures that we saw months ago that were leaked his puffy suit. It looks a lot better in this movie. It looks silly. But it fits the movie they look silly. But it fits how silly and child like the film is the perfect fit. It doesn't look like a grounded costume. We're like a greedy look at anything. It will still look silly the puffed up muscles Mudan Vitz. If it's, and I think that is the the biggest thing is that as silly as it is because I was thinking in the comics pending on which iterating you go to because the character of shoes Zam, aka be original, captain marvel was from nineteen forty and it was basically a rip off of superman like not just a rip off like they got sued by DC, comics, Fawcett comics, they were till publisher got sued and. Lost. So they then had to sell the right to DC. It was a big mess. And so initially they kind of pulled from that. And I think that in this movie, they do a good job of being like if a fourteen year old suddenly were to get all these powers and envision kind of what that would be like it would be kind of this overgrown silly character not up for the challenge. But realize he has powers and tries to make money and goes visit we're places and yet he's doing everything for turnover would do. Yeah. And actually liked that I pointed out, and I will definitely admit when I mistaken, I put it on a continuity error in one of the trailers when this first started launching. So we see the grocery store scene. Those an all of the trailers from the very beginning. See him, you know, beat up the bad guys come out with a beer in his hands. And then we see another scene from that same another shot from that same scene, but he has a bunch of candy in his. Arms. And so I said it on an episode. I don't even know how long ago, months and months ago. I was like, oh, they probably had to do that. Because critics or a parent group was like, oh, bad messaging. It makes complete sense in the movie. I told me it was when he saw. Trailer. Like, oh, this is going to be the gag. Yeah. I did not. So I totally admit that I was mistaken on that. I thought those, but it makes total sense in the movie again like you said what a fourteen year old would do. And then as what you think about movies like being his other sort of bodies while movies that have similar situations where they're trying to do something. I think is really cool there dolts do. I don't like it. Right. Yeah. Gene on hand. Sue that guy keeps getting checks good gravy on. They'll challenge them of man. This is his second DC movie 'cause the marvel movie. Yeah. That is true. So not only was to DC movies because he was also the king Fishman an aquaman, but he was also one of the crease soldiers and not just captain marvel. But in guardians like the dude is getting to work so good for him. Mark strong is great like villa. He is always good. Here's one of those actors you and I have talked about for our friend. Jess from the curling podcast is a huge fan of Mark strong. Because he's just he's always solid and almost everything he does is real solidness really the villain. And what I thought was was also good is like, so Freddie, his adopted or his foster brother the family that goes to adopt. Billy. Yeah. Was incredible. Because you know, we've talked about it before the normalized diversity that we saw in this family with kids of different ethnicities ages body sizes all of that was so effortlessly done. None of it felt forced none of it. There were no weird things. We're like, oh, well, ask her because she likes and it was just that just happened. If it helps because none of the kids were like annoying kid actor there were all pretty funny Email at the little little sister. She's funny. She has a funny live, everyone kind of has a moment to do or say something that's not too crazy with sort of idea of who the characters are. So there is a really good job with that. Yeah. Especially with the Billy and billions, ready ready. Yeah. And not actually that. Good chemistry. Yes. And that ran to have something on something else. But the Dumbo that actually did enjoy is that. The young daughter in that instead of being a circus performer tree she has grown up in the circus and seeing that she has an interest in science and her dad calling furloughs always like want to just learn to juggle or one one hundred science act or a circus act, but she is fascinated with science and it pays off like they actually they follow that track with the character. And in the end, she is kind of doing some other science, and it is this new technology that was cool. So I liked that she had some agency and that and in this one all of the kids, they get some moments. The moment it was pretty good. What was the other thing that I owe? There were definitely. So there are some deep cut comic book references in this. So one of the things that we see multiple times in different versions. I guess so there were multiple mentioned of the tiger. There's like, oh, I want the stuff tiger. I want this. And that one of captain Marvel's original sidekicks, kind of was talking Tani who has an anthropomorphic Siberian tiger. So or Bengali tiger technically. So that was kinda cool that they they put that on there. Ninety percent of the people sing this are not going to pick up on that. But that was awesome. I loved that. They did that the school that they go to the high school was Fosset central Fawcett comics was the original publisher of captain marvel like that was just those were clever things that again felt effortless. Now, the things that did not feel effortless the multiple references to the movies like Batman versus superman or aquaman that they in superman that they shoved in there that I mean, it was so heavy handed a parts like, Freddie, we see FREDDY in a superman shirt, we see him shirt. We see him an uncle Mansur. What blew my mind. Right. And what really bothered me the more. I thought about it. Your next movie DC is wonder woman it comes out next year. Not a single reference to wonder woman, not not a t shirt, not a toy nothing. And it was like what are you doing? Like, it seems like they learned so much from their past not mistakes, but past films getting away from the dark and drew tone working on this and starting world building your next movie is coming out in a year. And there are no references to it. And there are no Luzinski like MO credits Lee to know. And that was the thing like the post credits scene that we get not even post credit the end scene. That we get is so dumb like it was the biggest cop-out, and it had to do with a lot of contract stuff that I will not I'm not going to spoil. But you, and I we talked about this a long time ago of like what they could do. And they did it the dumbest way possible. The could've could've had wonder woman. That's it would have made so much more sense to be like, oh, here's this other hero that exists. They also gets powers in a Greek gods boom here. She is Owen look, and then in the movie with like wonder woman, nineteen Eighty-four June twenty twenty or whatever. So nothing like that. Really bothered me the more. I thought about it. It's just it didn't bother me. It's reminded that. There is no real plan over there that they're kind of like, let's see what works because any smart person was say, well, let's put some one woman stuff in this film, next moving tackled postgraduate. Let's let's remind people statements coming even though it's year out. Mhm which is even crazier would. They don't do any of that. Yes. All of this. Like, it's it's wars movies boys wanted to wonder woman was once he Batman at alkyl man and superman and like now like it's comparable. We let's yeah. Let's still the complex. Let's get people excited for the new moon guy coming in the sort of as they've done continuously just dropped the ball on something seems very simple. It was a layup. Like all you needed to do. There are one two three women in this two two of the family like two of the daughters. Have one of them at a wonder woman shirt, like just the mall, something shirt? It wouldn't someone at school. Yeah. Anything anyway. So that just that was so weird one of my favorite moments in the movie, though, is they played on the humor of this was surprisingly good like it was on point a lot of the times. But my favorite moment. As far as the humor's concerned is win Mark strong as Dr savannah, and she's AM are facing off each other. Yes, it still takes place at night. Yes. It is still dark come on DC. You were so close, but we see them fighting in the city and in dragon ball z, they do this and superhero movies. They do this where you see the two characters like five hundred yards apart talking to each other in this. We see them flying hovering in the distance a good like five hundred feet or five hundred yards apart. Like you said we're like a mile apart right like a mile apart. And you see Mark strong giving this impassioned villain speech of like thirst, crusher bones, and blah, blah and use the Pandora Shas avenues, like what what I can't hear you too far away. And then it goes back to Mark unimpeded in the middle of his speech, and they did it with the rule of threes. Which is a comedic rule. It did that three times. And then it went back to Zachary Levi. She when he was like, you know, what I'm just gonna come over there. And then he flies to him ho. Larry's funny that a lot of funny committee bits in it. Yeah. Like dragon ball z would do that all the time. Like characters would be flying apart like two miles apart in just having a conversation with each other. Yeah. So that was really well done. This does give me hope for for. What is next? Oh, no. Oh. Oh. I just don't I don't know if they haven't planned like I like this is a good one off. I wonder woman was. You know, it's it's until they can be consistent is always like to forward forces back. Yeah. None of that is true because it just not including a single reference or mention of wonder woman is crazy to me is really crazy and borderline offensive because it was like come on guys. Nineties your best movie wanting you both popular movie one. What did he move is the most critically acclaimed movie in this like, we're not going to mention it? It's an it's an odd choice to say the least. Yeah. The ending credits. Sequence will also was also great. I really liked it. It was like this hand-drawn animation. But again, oh that will find about the actual mid credits. Ono? So we see the hand-drawn animation, and we see aquaman superman Batman, and we see wonder woman in that. But it was like, really. So she gets relegated to a post credits scene or not a post like I was like come on. Like, what are you doing? Now. Again, like, we talk about the marvel movies. There are two post credit. There's a mid credits scene and a post credits scene. The mid credits scene is one of the deepest cuts that I have seen in a while similar to like, captain marvel pager if people do not know. That was what captain Marvel's symbol looks like they would have they had no idea what was going on. And why Nick fury was wanting to get that off so quick when he was turning dust. What at least we've got the least with that. In advance is linked to something larger a larger will did, you know. Yeah. This is like what would Don about. Yeah. Anything else other than this very specific character? Yeah. A very specific character from nineteen forty two that has gone through bunch of different interruptions. But it was like remember how long ago we started hearing that the rock was going to be black Adam. Yeah. The mid credits scene sets it up perfectly like the the way that everything is going in this mid credit. Nobody knows that. But that is what has any idea. That's what that is of what what is what actually happened that is setting up. Oh, a black Adamou Oto. But I'm saying like at least if they had done that if at least if they had had the rock even an mere like little shimmer, people would be interested what they actually show only people like myself and a bunch of other comic book nerds are going to be like, oh, and then I have to explain it. What was funny is at the screening that. I was that one of our other local critics say Michelle fetters, she was there as well. The movie gets over I type, my notes, whatever. And she was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs coming out. She was like, okay. Please. Explain that. And then I had to explain it like that. Yeah. That was weird. Then you know, the produces moving. Yeah. He was an executive producer. Come on come on. So that was just weird that the actual post credits scene was super dumb and a week after the movie came out or not a week after like the week. It was coming out the latest trailer. They dropped include that scene in it. But what ago DC it was like I really want to move to be good. I mean, I mean, I do about it. But it's a fun movie is a good fan of movie the seventy since stuff was much darker in demonic than I was at -ticipant in yet. I don't know what level can you comfortable bringing into movie? I don't know. Yeah. If it will just Mark strong upbringing being a case, but like those creatures are legit like creepy now, those are scaring I mean, and they ended the voice the yeah. And it does not just like you were talking about the is in the voice, but these are monsters like these are actual monsters who the way they move the way they walk. They're scary. Yeah. Eric killing people all movie, so that's different. But I think it is. It is a fun movie is DC taking a step in the right direction. Which is kind of move is lighter. It's sillier. It doesn't take a self too serious. It's it makes fun of John. Ryan super. Oh, Trump's at a does a lot of a lot of sort of introduction to superhero what we have happened to do that even order sewing for introducing character. And you have to give so backstory around with a are what they can do the figure out the power said is also a lot of that happens in this Bill which leads to fill in a little bit too long a little bit not a lot like are gonna cut down his third act a little bit. But it's still fine. I wasn't board at all Washington or like. Yeah. Look at my watch. I was like, okay, this we're structured this out to get to a point that we all know is coming like, it's an inevitable showdown between the two big bads. Yeah. So I definitely enjoyed this quite a bit. There was enough of those deep cut references. The humor was great Vacher Levi. Like, yeah, he he's surprised me. You know? He was he was good. All the kids are great. The family was good. So. Yeah. All right. So the official rating four Shas am Tim gopher. Good. Is this one of the best movies? It's it's not my favorite of their bunch. But is definitely up there. Yeah. I agree. I think that with aquaman and now she's Zam the one hundred eighty degree pivot away from Batman versus superman and Justice league is complete like they. I don't know all of that. I think that I don't know if it's complete. We got they're not that crazy joke movie coming out, we don't know about. Okay. Fair enough. This apparently simple dark. We don't know. A one was the black. And we'll know what they have coming next after that. When I know what birther praise glide true. I just think that the tone Zach Snyder effect of the really dark gritty war movie, essentially, I think they're really trying to get away from that with with this. And I think it is if that is their plan, which none of us know if that is their plan they are going in the right direction. So I give this a good as well. I fun. So cool. Okay. So to recap I gave dumble an ugly. I think that kids will like it because it was cute. I do not feel any weight from the emotion from the characters nothing. And then choose AM, we both gave a good to fun movie one of DC's best of recent years, not including the Christopher Nolan wants because those are just unique amazing films on their own. So what you got coming up soon. We just did Highland for the eighties naturally. We do it Highlander to the quickening, and she's really bad, which is insane there aliens all of a sudden, they're from Zeiss. Yeah. And then we're doing the last are finer and mid live the lives. My birthday depict him from my birth. I picked they live is a classic movies of working on adding reviews for Zab pet cemetery and waiting for in game. Nice goal. Yeah. Same here. So upcoming reviews will be four yet pet cemetery is coming up soon. And then the Vancouver badass film festival. I will be doing an episode where talked about my favorite shorts and films that I watched. I mean, they're doing have like seven feature films forty six shorts over this three day film festival. So I'm really excited to check all of those out. So I we'll do an episode of my favorites for that. And then a separate episode for any interviews that I end up doing with some filmmakers who I can wrangle into whatever makeshift podcast studio. I creak eight so thank you again because of the Vancouver bat or. To the Vancouver Batta film festival to Jenner Tiffany productions and dark side releasing for sponsoring my coverage of that David Abu Safi as well. So for this episode of the about to review podcast, would you can find on social media at about review on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every podcast platform. There is I have been joined by. The People's Credit, and I have been your host that guy named John. We'll see you next time. Let's all go to the lab. Let's all go to those lobby. Let's all go to those. Sounds.

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