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"col  kinks" Discussed on Adventures in God with Jared Laskey

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"col kinks" Discussed on Adventures in God with Jared Laskey

"Although the church talk that your parents would help a wind in my in a Say fell like WanNa do in life is to help young people like wow how many people can impact in influence through just being part of this in running those gap years. As soon as I finish my details ask I wanted to frontier mission school which was like a transcultural skull colder Wyoming inside the no six more months off debt school and Lord say now we need to go back to dad because you told him you're going to go back so I'll wanting to work with him aim for Lucy year before we move onto the future in you guys need to work out a relationship so I came back in now. I talked to my dad. That was a lot of things. A lot of petering is a lot often. We need to work out so I asked him for forgiveness. There's a lot of things that I didn't business. Then you know I need to talk my data both stuff us very meantime of wing and never had any relationship with my dad like even like hugging us all like my dad was very know sears man. Oh hugs no sang a love. You suffers but then that day you know when Colin US forgiveness for him not to not because what he did and I say no. I don't Wanna I'm not here to forgive ye you because you did some bad things to me. I'm here to forgive you because I needed idea the things that caused so you to react to them on the badly and then actually I I need to you know I need to ask for Eunice for the son that I I was you know because I could have choices that will bring you different reactions in ninety. Didn't I wasn't smart in once wise enough to bring that in. I know there's not blaming game but I I WANNA take the fall on a Sam. Sorry that I'm not a good son in that moment might House the First Time I saw my dad crying. He's crying so bad and then he hugged meets the why lobby. I know there's nothing that you know and it was a good moment of healing. I needed that a lot. That's the word Malachi says that God will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children are so the children to their fathers. That's true reconciliation in the ailing. Yeah that's exactly. The word of God gave me to go back to my house and and work how this relationship my dad and he was amazing was like I just saw sense of freedom. southlake joy in a lot of things were worked out after dad and then back then that was like two thousand now in my the girl was dating she decided to do her. DT DDS. In Dan. We stay like A year par when she came back we start talking again. Say Okay. The final chewy pursue this Asu not alike. Well should we so we start praying about it in we. We both fell piece. We say I think that's shoe and we literally you know. We engaged in a year a year later in all that was like you know two dozen one. Dan and I was like twenty two and she was very unctuous. Nineteen so we got married in October. Two thousand one might fathering laws like no. You need to need to buy a house if you WANNA get may already know that no random place and it was like why not so people random places they played no. You're taking my daughter out on my house you're going to you know have something secure so and that's what I didn't bought out like okay so I bought a house and we moved into the house. Lead there for what one year after year we fell. You know we receive another team from Church and I was like I was leading worship in my church leading the the young adults. My wife was working accounts in late. You know those like they buy day routine or like we're doing. UK were impacting. Not some people. We're doing fine but those the fire that flame and it was like he just couldn't shake it off in the thing. Is that we. We were so passionate about about this Gospel. Now I was like man. Everybody's here this like I cannot camp it and so most of my friends that we use drugs together now beer church so we jumped from like fifteen people young and the teenagers and youth. We have now hundred and we know what to do them like. Why are we going to do with so many people now? Oh Him. Then we create a ministry or with the help of wow. I'm in Col- kinks kids. So they came in trained some of the staff in our church to do like dances is in dramas in music and so he will travel. So that's what we did travel with. Is that say seventy to eighty people and maybe every couple months. Let's go to defense. CD and do like Evangelism Street evangelism using drama and dance and music to reach the canes sin went manny different schools. Goes to the same thing in our church silent growing a lot more now in Biden. I knew I wasn't supposed to be there so in two thousand beginning of two dozen to we receive a Team they went to Australia for the Olympic Games and came back to give feedback to the church. They did and Tell the testimonies as inside feels like. Wow that's pretty cool. And then they say we feel. The Lord is calling us back to Australia to starve. A creative arts ministry and we need right now any dancers who need we need. We need musicians. And if you guys on Got Him just increase. This team in his pioneering so we went back home and ride there. I A new while supposed to go back to women is supposed to be to join his team in felt like okay. I'll join this team but it was like okay. Laurie do something you need to call me. It's my wife now because we have Evan brand new house a new house in God awesome confirms things through our wise. Sometimes I think I got married to the Holy Spirit and a because the you know the bring doug good balance in a sense of like ok a piece in. He's a good combination. I love. That's why I believe marriage in family just like Expression of God's desire and his will I know is just like perfect and the combination that works again so we prayed in a gaylord. That's you next morning in practice. You like. I need to talk to you. Remember last night we heard people talking about is the gap. And she's like few flea she start playing ball joining this team. What fuel and as I wanted me? It's like well I just feel like my spirit that we need to stop nothing and I'll say well we should pray about it but I told her what he feel. Initially I feel we should go by. I want to our master pray together. Her but at night told her actually. I feel that we should go but I was waiting on you so we just prayed and say yeah. I think that's what we're GONNA do. We we end up gay giving everything wheeling over furniture furniture like we just gave it away. I'M GONNA I didn't know what to expect. They didn't know what to do. We just felt like we should just step of faith faith and just keep it staff away. And that's that's what we did and then we moved to Australia in starkness. No pioneered his new ministry there in South Australia. WCTCAM DOT lead in. Stay there for for y'All seven years and I our oldest son was born. There Nicholas was born in Adelaide so after working travel so much in love. Lots not only Australia but a lot of different countries in the Pacific Islands in Asia in Europe Doing a lot of the creative arts ministry which involve now the old dances of why we in in dramas they have king go king of Har- hard is there's the corollas out because I was why women ninety eight ninety nine. Hey guys I hope you're enjoying this conversation but we're going to be back right after this brief break right. Before Jesus ascended into heaven he gave his disciples the Great Commission promising them the precious gift of the Holy Spirit in acts one.

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