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"coffee kara" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"The lead of this unbelievable a few weeks ago jared LETO got a letter in the mail. It was addressed to the thirty seconds to Mars Singer and formal feminine script and arrived on Dick Azer. Colored Paper The return address was the real surprise however the Paris of Libya to Haviland the gone with the wind actress who in a roundabout way helped save the band's career last year the group is staring down thirty million dollar lawsuit from apparently will emi over future ball but the contract case involving Jalan decades ago seemed to offer legal precedent for a way out quote the California Appeals Court ruled that no service contract in California is valid after seven years and it became known as the Law after she used it to get out of her contract with Warner Brothers then you're like, oh, we're friends now were pen pals Astra to be documentary, and she said no, but we pen pals like oh He he wanted to marry about making the album and like hot on the drama behind the lawsuit. Well, it's interesting Olivia hobbling is quite litigious because member she also sued Ryan Murphy Feud because she was like you may be looked like a real you maybe look bad. Life. Right. Every old ladies like I drink two shots of whiskey like a day and I'm one hundred and thirty and it's like I smoke. Land fighting for her right to get. Should he contract help save Jay Leno's band? Labor rights, labor rights fighting for labor rights yes or no you have a you have a game about Sarah Santana. So I found this buzzfeed article couple of things you need to know about car Santana Okay and I was like thirty. You know how much you know how you know how I love to be told what I need to know about somebody. S. Respect that a lot of things. So what it was was it was a quick little rapid fire interview. They asked her thirty quick questions and she answered them and then that's all it is. It's just this list and so arguable whether it's thirty things I need to know versus thirty questions. Thirty things about her thirty thinks she said once and so I would argue that there are things that I should know above these things but that's fine. They're live things. I don't know you know this be I wouldn't put these above anything. I need to know like my social security number I'd put above this. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. No and by the way. Car Not Kara someone read review the question and then the answer and you're GonNa tell me that answer car or not car because I made some of them real. So it's is true or false really true or false. It's okay but I've never okay I don't know any. Okay fine. I'm going to scan me hard. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning car or not? Kara check my emails that immediately followed by Coffee Kara. That's true anything. Okay. What's the last thing you search for on Google and then Entrepreneur Rick Devices we compete here page. Carbon. That's car. That's car. Okay. Who is the last person? Who called her texted you? My best friend just Karachi car or not Kara. Is that car or did you make up that name? That's not car. The answer is my best friend. Kelly chill the Dinko. There no one that's just her best friend. Okay. What was the last awkward situation you're in and how did you handle it car or not? Kara I farted in line at Dunkin donuts yesterday in two people in front of me turned glared and then I started laughing and they started laughing and then I ordered my usual which is a large dice coffee with two pumps a French Manila's world is that Hara? It's not okay. Last. Awkward situation was I was doing a photo shoot at my home. I am a total neat freak. We had to rearrange furniture when the photographer's assistant move my couch what was underneath can only be described as disgusting and I was mortified I literally almost died I basically yelled at my assistant to sweep it up and gave my cleaning lady talking to just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there she yelled Oliver staffers. Okay what music are you currently listening to car or not? Kara I never really listened to music because I. Love Silence. Not Kara. That's Kara Okay God. Oh. Okay in sync or backstreet boys. Coronado Kart. No strings attached towards my first concert. So it's going to have to be in sync. My as she younger than me Kara. Not Kara she answered neither a synchronized and choreographed grown men. Dancing is a no go for me. Isn't that crazy like ants that's also just rude. Okay fine. Your she is like just approved that she has no sense of humor, Netflix and chill just netflix car or not. Kara isn't that redundant when you net flicks aren't you in essence chilling. If that's car than she can honestly fuck out. So she can fuck up. Hannah, Montana or lizzy McGuire Kara Kara wrong age demo. No clue. Dumb Oh demo demographic. Oh I thought she called Netflix I thought she called Buzzfeed Demo. Rude is. That car. Does, she sound like a terrible interview I couldn't believe okay. Play along at least and finally tell us a secret car or not Kara. I'm pretty sure I hit some with my car twelve years ago. But I never stopped to check and make sure they were okay and I think about what happened to them every single day of my life. Gets Kara. That's not Kara. The secret as I hardly cry but I love the feeling of it show my God. Interview that she she sounds like that's scary. So Interview. Okay Let's move on. Then I hit somebody with my car twelve years ago. Didn't stop to check like I Not Understanding what Netflix and chill is, and then being like I'm not going to answer that also saying grown mentioned dance like get out of here who How does she's talking to my sister about Thomas in Nicholas and how attracted? To him? As children watching. Hits like rookie of the year Hidden Arthur's court. and I was like what happened to him and let me remind me that he was also in the American heist film curious which I had totally forgotten about. but that was a long time ago. So wondering if he's up to anything now and If. So what might that be Please let me know he was. A heartthrob of my childhood. So I'd love to make sure that he's doing. Okay. Oh. Hey That I saw for. A a child's he honestly weirdly like a very successful child Dr who made a successful transition to being like an adult star could link American Pie he was technically an adult played call. He played high school everybody was in twenty years right. Like the Second Tier Fr- The friend Group of American pie like he wasn't Jason Dixie wasn't John William Scott. He was like second tier in that whole cast but still yeah, he was. Such a big kid star because like king. The King Arthur's movie and rookie the. Near come on Big Komo I. Think he's still also does stuff with the cubs like he's still kind of like has like a role with the cubs as kind of a weird honorary mascot. He links follies sings a song or something for them. I feel like I had a crush on him but I didn't know I had a crush on him. I was like I love rookie of the year you know sort of like, yeah, it's like Yeah I. Love. It must be that I love baseball. Baseball. His this school seem school. Why do I feel special things about this film it must be the baseball. Dad Can I have a baseball glove? I did try to get into baseball card collecting for like one weekend and I was like stupid. EMINEM? Your mind. Back to. My Dad's probably privately thinking. This is GonNa last as long as the EMINEM tubes. Okay. So if the good news is that he's fine, he has a band, his twitter, his twitter name..

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