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"cody steam" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"And Ninety nine cents and the other thing. I don't do this a lot. But every day things on this show and they they end up on line and sometimes they're accurate sometimes not sometimes. They're like painfully inaccurate. And this is one of them so I gotTa jump on on this one because this story is actually going around for like three weeks now and I've kind of ignored it ignored. It ignored it but now it's like snowballing. So let me make this abundantly clear. There's a Forbes article here by some Fella named Blake just came out today and the headline is. WWe Is reportedly considering a mass release of superstars for early twenty twenty. It says here according to wrestle. Talk quote quote. It was reported a few weeks ago by Bryan Alvarez on wrestling observer radio that he'd been told that wwe could be considering releasing a number of wrestlers while this is yet to take place. The latest rumor making the rounds is that it could be happening in the New Year ahead of royal rumble and Wrestlemainia season and quote. I never said anything approaching that if I recall correctly the day that Eric Bischoff off was fired. I said there may be more to come. I never said the word releases I was talking about regarding the Eric Bishop Bishops Situation. Who was going to be placed where on creative shuffling things up in the back okay? Somebody took that quote would end in brackets in brackets. They added the word released which I never said. That story story went out and now like a game of telephone. The story has turned into. I have reported that between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemainia. There will be a mass us. Release of wrestlers. Never I never said anything approaching that so hopefully this blake. Fella can take this down and anybody anybody else who's taking this and writing stories about it from Forbes quoting wrestle talk which I don't even know where they got their story stop. I never said Dat holy smokes that control now all right. Let's go to the phones Evan. You're on the air what's going on I I just wanted to say I'm a big fan level stuff you do. Thanks for all the quality content I just had no problem. I just had a thought I kinda wanted to pick your brain on It's about wrestling entrance music. And I feel like it's kind of this fight game thing where the reason fight game Character designs ASSOC- can catching because they have a second to catch interesting character. And I felt I want to say I'm a huge fan but I felt like their music has been pretty lacklustre unless it's like a hold over like cody steam or Chris Jericho steam. It's kind of been the randy newman wrestling is just yelling. The name of the group over and over again. I haven't been oppressed stuff. Let Jimmy Havoc capital. What do you Think of what what do you think of the new W E themes by CFO I haven't been keeping up with Soviet W enough to keep up with their new music but I always remember. It's Kinda just Kevin Owen. Steam over and over again are hell. Listen Evan. I want to thank you very much for the call. So you're not the only guy that has not been happy with the A W themes and like I don't think about it much one way the other the only time I really think about themes is theme is really good. I like it and there's certain themes that like absolutely got off well and I hate them but like I don't really think much about the music but a lot of people do like. Hey some people are very upset when Wbz took away the PYRO. Oh like people saying. I'm never going to watch his Shoghi another. They got rid of Pyro and then when they brought back the PYRO. They're like oh I could start watching smackdown again. There's Pyro it's like that's astle got you watching and not watching W we was pyro anyway. Jim Johnson I will say was great at themes because every theme was totally different at every theme was like very much all about the wrestler that rep represented it like. She's like an obvious here. But like the mountie theme I mean the multi theme was not a generic theme at all like the Mountie theme. No one else is is getting the mountie theme. It's only for the mountie same with like the demolition theme and a lot of these. It's like you saw the wrestler and the music was A very important part of the wrestler's character and now that we've got CFO doing music. I mean some people really like it but a lot of people have that same complain. It's like okay okay. Well take anybody's music and give it to anybody else and like in probably eighty percents of the cases you could do that. They're they're interchangeable themes a lot of them. We're the same effort a lot of people complain about the the W themes doesn't really bother me. I mean part I think is whether you like the theme or not not if the themes associated with the wrestler long enough. You're going to get the PAVLOVIAN response. The music kits and maybe a lot of people find it to be that way for a w maybe they won't I mean doesn't really bug me too much but I can understand if that's something that you grew up with this part of the package and now you feel well if they're just nothing happened interchangeable songs. That's a valid criticism alchemy. Ed You're on the air what's going on. Take a look at work. Kuwait City Right. Oh Yeah Yeah. I'm calling from Quaid. It's almost midnight right now much. What's going on like yeah I just wanted to To mention to you lobby please. The real looking forward for the ratings results I believe on Monday. They'll it'll come Thanksgiving the first segment of W I T. I was surprised of the opinion like you. and Dave how discussion came like Dave the like it the segment and I I was leaning toward your opinion. That was Kinda Corny like they finish the type of year with a bang but their our first minutes of the show like according to Song Kurnia celebration on the other hand a segment was kind of interesting. Kinda funny so really looking forward for the ratings. That's the first thing I was GONNA mention. Another thing is in nineteen ninety seven when they were going to have to Kuwait my country country and the incident happened on live. TV Yes where he like. Yeah I'm like I really wanted to know how was that. Received beat the US and was it covered observer or was it like you. Oh Yeah yes I I wanNA thank you very much for the call. I'll talk about it off off the air here but Yes vader fire call correctly. Vader was on Good Morning Kuwait. I believe was the name of the show. And he kinda got into the little bit of a tussle You know he was just being in character. Everything like that but I don't remember all of the details but it was it was it was a big deal in Kuwait eight. It was covered here in this country. I believe that he was detained there for a while and if I recall correctly like he was scared out of his mind and I'll I'll try and get some details hereafter while but yeah it was covered in the US. It was absolutely covered in in the observer at the time but it did get some mainstream publicity here as well. It was a it was a pretty big story. So yes vader on good morning. Kuwait the opening segments on an xt. And A W I mean the Jerko thing apparently is like a love hate thing a lot of people like some people love it. Some people hate it. I really liked it. I'll be interested to hear what Vinnie Vinnie. Thought about it because it was very long. I mean some people compared it to like the festival of friendship in a negative way. I thought everybody everybody loved the festival of friendship. I thought that Jericho's championship celebration. Maybe went a little bit too long but I was surprised. The Dave didn't like it because you know David often say well. I didn't. I think the match was very good but the crowd loved it. And so you've got to play to your audience and like is that not exactly what happened in that. Jericho GEICO segment. I mean. The crowd was into that thing from start to finish. They were eating it up. Jericho's Dad I mean he wasn't a great promo but he's he's he's they're burying. The hockey team and the fans are furious and there were so many creative things in the segment. I mean everything all the way down to you know Chris Daniels win. Scu Ran and he puts a million dollar dream on the former Virgil like did no one else notice that I love that so I thought it was great. I've seen a million like people comparing into our Bobby Lashley in the three sisters. I'm like dude. What are you talking about? This was not even in a universe. Bob Last leaders sisters but I thought it was great what I didn't like about the opening of Annex T. I liked their aspects of that. I really liked the they basically had the celebration and I forget I could actually get the guy's name here but You know they had somebody out there. Who was who was wrapping and see if I can find it here got the whole deal? It was And what people will be furious at me for doing his name. Tom My head but I Williams Williams is out there. He's wrapping the fans are going crazy. It's basically a celebration because annex t one at survivor series and the only thing that I didn't like about it is that I understand that they won and I understand that it was like baby faces heels teaming up to beat annex t to beat smackdown and raw on survivor series but they just have all these baby faces and all of these heels and they're all out there celebrating together gather and like the forgotten sons are out there. It's kind of marching around in there with the B. I just thought it was so corny. I mean listen they would not have had a victory celebration. I would have been furious. They have to have a victory celebration. They beat raw and smackdown at survivor series. They proved proved. They were the apron. I just thought it was Corny the way that they did it. That was my problem I was. I did not have a problem with there being celebration there needed to be a celebration but I just thought the way they went about it was just a little bit corny so that was my thoughts on the opening. Segment is noted tonight's Vinnie and I are going to be recapping Bo show so so if you want our thoughts on aws in-depth we usually go like ninety minutes reviewing these two shows. Well you can sign up for three ninety nine special right now at wrestling observer dot com..

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