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"cody mckenzie greg" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"I remember that flight Every round F I was like I pushed myself in AMAC's every round of that fight, and it's like I of course you're not going to do that, you're like. I'm not GonNa just emptied the tank when you know you have twenty five minutes like. You're saying so. That was. Right I remember at that point, it was just world title fights and then. That made event. There were like this'll be. The everyone's getting all this criticism. For Yourself. I. I? Wouldn't you don't sprint to sprint in a fight? It's going to be twenty five minutes, but give me three rounds and I'm Gonna I'm GonNa. Push the pedal. PUT The gas. You don't say you really let it go. Really like you're at peace with it. So! All right also on this car Tim Elliott Versus Ryan. Benign I, or is it, Ben, Wa or I I never know but. Wa Wa. Chameleons I loved him. Elliot good, do own. DSP these jokes that are too fucked up for him to put because its management so I'd say. But. He's a funny. He's on a three fight skid though three five losing streak. He's gotTa Win this fight. I think you can do it though I. Do you guys? Do. His not really looked good in his past few fights do not at all, but it's weird because he saw we saw what he's capable of doing with Dmitri's Johnson Johnson and that fight is ever since fight. He hasn't really put it on. Anybody else like that. You know what I'm saying, so it's very bizarre. This story. You Guys Jake Greg. It's going to be a fun fight I mean. that the most guys are talented I I'm definitely A. Lean, towards Elliot though I think he's. He's a stunning seen him. Train a train quite a bit, but we'll see. He's right. Head space it done. You have a whole new for guys now that moved to Vegas and you see the best. I would say newer SPEC but I mean. You can see their work, ethic and stuff but yeah. Yeah, you know. Firsthand Kinda. Meet him another personality in their story. Definitely, one of my favorite example is when cody McKenzie Greg kept asking Jake to train, and he but he don't want to join a gym membership so. You so they go in their front yard with boxing gloves, and you live sparring and people were like living like a fucking like a community suburbs, so jake in cody Mackenzie fucking knocking each other out in the front yard. Driving by. What the fuck is going on right now. Exactly, that's a Florida yet, right? We had one of those like cheek to rich mats in his garage in north wrestling. I'm like Bro, wrestling Mat and then. Yards sparring. You gotTA respect to get. He's willing to eat willing to train. Wherever are? Aspects Pretty Joke. Also on this card adorable Razzaq. Asahi who for your brother? Joel Burger. According to really is there a Jon Allen Burger? John says. He Joel Burger. He also knocked out Nico. Price. Possible that there's another family named Alad Mercker..

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