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"cody davidson meghan" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Lined up against the governor's proposed incursion into the racing developed. Trust so that as as we've discussed here whether was with Brian San Fratello or Tommy Thompson. Andy Sim off that. That is going nowhere. And so you know those that were concerned about their mayors Pennsylvania This should fade into the the ether quickly enough so And the plot everybody. That responded appropriately. I speaking of responding and helping doing the right think there's been continued support of the the Gofundme as for Meghan. Fabio Vich and Cody Davidson Meghan transported to Illinois to continue her recovery. If you didn't see yesterday. She wrote a facebook message. That is just so touching and really special thanking everybody involved and and really just openly discussing herb emotions involved with the accident and losing though Davidson and having to go on and continue. Her career is honor and memory and the money being raised for. Cody's children over eleven thousand now and you haven't if you thought you were gonNA give it a police contribute. I'll send links again. The updates pete tells gonNA join us. Dr All day is back from the Bahamas. Wherever the hell he was the Virgin Islands diving.

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