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"coco peli" Discussed on Seek Outside Podcast

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"coco peli" Discussed on Seek Outside Podcast

"So we called it the trick and ala beer. But I will, I mean, that was the best warm PBR that I've ever had in my entire life. Yeah. So it all depends on the scenario. Yeah, I mean the alcohol is going to kill off all the disease. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Although with a PBR, looking at 4.3% of this, that's called the gambling beer right there. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's good. But you know, this actually turned out to be a pretty good, that's pretty solid advice. Telling people, hey, look, if you bring a beer for these scenarios, it's going to make your shit way better. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, I mean, it's a solid way of improving your life slightly. You know, as long as you don't take it too far, but like that one beer, like that. There's just always a scenario. It's very like, you pull that out of your pack, or something like that, man. It is just a tree. This is nice. It's good. I mean, there's a beer for each moment. Thoroughly is. I think that top 5 of each of us, they were all different scenarios. So we've showed that beer is universal. It's a 24/7 occasion when you're out in the Woods. Yeah, just really. It is. I think it's the brewery beer. If you're stop if you're doing like a camping trip and then you summer camping trip and you stop and you're in town maybe. Yeah, you're in town at the brewery beard. That is good. Get some good food. Step up from the broths and Mac and cheese that you've been eating. Now, not everybody can afford to take 12 ounces for 5% of alcohol. Right? So that leads me into another thing. We start talking about your whiskys, your hard liquor, you know, your harder liquor and your bottles. A fun tip I've learned because I ended up doing a lot of backcountry stuff this year, which was different for me. Was at least if you're a whisky guy, your best option. Let's find the highest quality thing you can get in a plastic bottle. Or whatever you like, put in one of those flasks. The issue with acknowledging flasks is only 300 mL. That's a night, you know? Yeah. If you're having a good time, just taking one nit before bad. I'm like, not a big deal, but I feel like with the hard liquor you don't get to enjoy it, like a beer, you know, it's like, you're looking for the buzz. Yeah. I mean, if I may, you know? Owens hot tips. When I did the cocoa peli bike packing trip. We took a 7 50 mL of wild turkey. But in the plastic. And the wild turkey isn't the best of the best. It's certainly not the worst of the worst, though. I've had worse. Would you have southern comfort? Yes. That's a good one. Oh, that sucks. I mean, the worst is, what was the shit that I brought L cunning, it was like, I don't know. Freaking, you know, it's bad if it has hunter in it. Canadian hunter. Irish Sally. Some shit like that. That was actually just straight ethanol. It might have been gasoline.

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