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"coby bryan felicia sonmez" Discussed on The Michael Knowles Show

"Get yourself a pair okay. Big Takeaways here that clip from CNN. On Don Lemon show was not from last night. That's a two day old clip. So why is it only making the rounds now it. It took two days to percolate because no one watches. CNN Okay we have people. We have left wing media operatives who watch and listen to this show along with every other daily wire show along with virtually every other conservative show on the air every single day. They're watching it all the time. Why are they watching watching it? Because the conservative shows matter the conservative shows are engaging audiences. I mean again not not to toot my own horn and really the vast majority of it was Senator Ted Cruz. We launched this podcast verdict with Ted Cruz. The other day it immediately jumped to the top of the charts number number one in the country. You don't see CNN podcasts. Jumping to number one in the country because nobody's watching. CNN The only people who watch CNN or the people who are forced to do that in airports otherwise otherwise. It's a nobody at all. It just doesn't doesn't matter as much for them so finally makes the rounds and it comes out here and they doubled down on it. I mean that's support. That's so crazy to me. They realize it's not a good look but they doubled down the they had the opportunity to apologize and they didn't and then Jehad Ali when doubling down didn't work he plays as the victim and somehow when you go on national television and mock half your countrymen as a bunch of dumb idiots who are not even worth talking to because they can't even spell somehow that makes you the victim according to leftist logic because according to left-wing logic the liberal the progressive the leftist can never be the oppressor or the tyrant. It's simply not possible there. The ones trying to go toward progress. So anything they do has to be good and therefore or if there ever getting negative feedback for something they say it has to be that they are the victim. I wish Wajahat Ali would just maybe consider for a moment the alternative option sandwiches to apologize. And if you don't Wanna apologize just keep your mouth shut for two days and don't pretend that one guy on twitter being mean to you or a number of guys is on twitter being mean to you is putting you in physical danger. It's just not true. You see actually another example of this in the media it happened not specifically with regard to conservatives but it happened in the Washington Post right after the death of Coby Bryan Felicia Sonmez is a national political reporter for the Washington Post on Sunday hours after the news breaks Kobe Bryant and his daughter and seven other people were killed tragically in his helicopter crash. She tweets out an article article about Kobe. Bryant's rape case. It's headline Coby Bryan disturbing rape case the DNA evidence the accusers story and the half confession. Now this refers to a case in two thousand three Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. He was never convicted of rape. Because the woman who accused him withdrew the the charge. She refused to testify. Kobe Bryant maintained his innocence the whole time that he ended up coming to some sort of settlement and he apologized to her for what he continued to maintain. Detained was consensual. Sexual encounter. Obviously not a good. Look if you're married anyway but he he's still there's there's really no evidence here that he he raped somebody and and this is this is before his bodies even cold that this this reporter decides in the whole life of this man. She is going to go after him. For the worst accusation you could possibly put up against him. This is a theme with the Left. They've been doing this for at least two hundred fifty years. We're going to be discussing this very topic back on an upcoming episode of my prager. Show the Book Club. Because there's a whole book about this called the intellectuals but going all the way back to the first leftist ever Sean Jacques. Rousseau so the back in the eighteenth century all the way up through Karl Marx through Jumps Archer and the twentieth century. All these very prominent leftists the thing you notice about about them is the judge everybody else by those people's worst moments worst flaws they ever had and yet they never ever apply that same standard to themselves. They judge themselves by their best intentions. It they can do no wrong and it's the same on CNN. N. It's the same in the Washington Post. We'll get to that in a second. I gotTa thank our friends over at carshield. Oh my gosh. Do I wish that I had carshield about three months ago. This was before I knew about carshield before carshield came on the show and I put a lot of money into my car and my car kept on breaking down and I hi did not have the right coverage that I should have cars today the thing he got understand they are like computers on wheels. Okay it's not like the old days when you can just go out with a wrench and And fix up your car by clicking this. Do Hickey or that. I don't know I've never worked on a car in my life. But that's what my father and my uncles. Tell me you used to be able to do from electrically controlled transmissions to touch screen displays to dozens of sensors oldest tech.

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