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"coburn riskin" Discussed on en(gender)ed

"Have. I agree with you. I also think that on the one hand we need to address the systemic sexism and misogyny that shows up in our policy that keeps women from getting parody in terms of wage and building wealth equal to men to the extent that yes we can even if we were to which I hope we can pass the era the equal rights amendment and have some sort of enforcement mechanism. We still also have people saying well under capitalism everybody quote unquote prostitutes themselves to their job. In some way there's some tradeoff that were making the silliest argument there's no difference between US deciding to sell my body versus to sell my mind and worked for. Let's say you know. Whatever the military and create bombs. Yeah how do you respond to that? I mean this this is this is another example of reactionary thinking. I mean it's so first of all I personally this isn't you know. Book position that The organizations I worked for how the I personally am not a big fan of capitalism. Obviously not because it exacerbates. All of these systems of oppression. Nevertheless work even under a social system isn't inherently bad. Work is a good thing. We do need to work to produce a society that we could all live in thrive in but comparing the work of say a janitor who cleans schools so that children. The next generation of minds can learn is so different than the sex trade. Because if we if we even compare those two than we're saying that you know cleaning schools is on the same tier of importance as the male orgasm that's completely unacceptable. And yes there's always going to be exploitation under capitalism because the nature of capitalism capitalism is expletive but the jobs inherently are not expletive. Jobs are necessary but if system based on male orgasms is not necessary. That's not it's it's it's totally as silly argument with all due respect when I hear it because you have to assume that male orgasms are socially necessary. You know it just really doesn't especially considering that to To reach male orgasm a entire sector woman entire crass of women basically the prostituted class Have to be exploited that that really. It almost makes me laugh. When I hear you know we started the conversation Talking about the Cova. Nineteen Corona virus pandemic and. I know you've been really busy responding to the the industry's response to this pandemic. I read just one or two articles about it but the articles were basically in favour of people who worked in the quote unquote sex industry who wanted support and protections. Because they weren't able to work and so can tell me about some of the industry's response to this and and what you're doing as a result of it. Yeah well the interesting thing about the Kovin crisis with regards to the sex trade is that it sort of proves our point ray. A lot of folks on the other side like to say that no matter what we do. There's always going to be a demand for sex by but first of all. We argue that. That's not true. A there are several examples Whether it examples based in decolonisation where there are native tribes who don't even have a word for prostitution in their language because it didn't exist before the colonizer came or more modern examples like in. Sweden say where they passed a education campaign and now men in Sweden are more embarrassed would rather be drunk driving than buying sex because they it still abhorrent. It's the report thought to them to even by person so there are examples of that. Prove that sex buying can be deterred and cova sort of an example of that. You know men aren't going out to buy sex and a lot of people in the industry are suffering as a result of that but it also brings up the question of how does one social distance with within the sex trade. It's impossible there's no way to social distance or to keep a healthy physical barrier between you and a buyer and isn't that the program you know. Is it that an issue? It goes back to all of the health problems that we talked about previously and again. It's really unfortunate that more and more women who entered the train. The trade as a result of economic necessity are now struggling economically right. That is a massive problem. But it's a global problem that we're all facing. It's not just particular to the sex trade if anything it's proving our point about the sex trade you know we should once this is all over and once you know the dust settles we should move towards situations. Where if this ever happens again women regardless of whether they're in the sex trade or not are promised healthcare so that they can be treated if they access that if they come into contact with the virus so that they have rent rent stabilization. So that they don't have to worry about how they're going to pay the next month Things that will actually result in social stability as opposed to a male violence masked from sort of way out I understand with regard to one on one transactions in terms of prostitution but what about pornography because no one can still social distance by being a consumer of pornography and porn. Hub has certainly grown a lot. I think during this crisis In terms of offering free free premium porn and trying to update its image by by donating free mask to healthcare workers across the world. But we know that there's trafficking in the production of pornography and so you can still social distance and consume and. I don't know what the numbers are. From in terms of porn hub whether the demand has even gone up to replace the decrease in in person prostitution. Yeah that's a real issue that we're seeing especially with only fans that know if you've heard of that website right now. It's only fans if they Website that any individual can set up an account on and produce pornography for subscribers and members and all of that Yet absolutely. That's something that we're seeing. That's what happens right. That is extra AIDS response to the Kobe Crisis. But again it all feeds the same thing. It feeds male sexual access to woman. You bought a porn hub in. It's really interesting. Because porn hub. Giving out masks or porn hub like I know. They did a pain Campaign a couple of months ago about saving the planet and something like that. It's really funny when a website. That's based on submitting whatever they want which includes pornography and footage of trafficking takes on the position of like social savior. It's really sad actually Porn has been not only accused but also they've been proved proven to post bile footage of of reported cases of rape of cases of stocking of child pornography of people who were under who were confirmed to be under a traffic control. And that's because Porn. Just you can post whatever you want on that website so in reality this website should be taken down one hundred percent for facilitating crime nevertheless though when it comes to poor and yes there is a massive increase. I know that porn of Italy gave all Italian citizens like a premium membership or something like just goes to show how even in times of crisis woman and their social status. They're they continue to be subordinate. You know that's the only thing it can illustrate like y'all were all stuck inside but at least we can still consume women so that we know what to do. Once we're out it's it's really sad to watch. Actually I also read somewhere. That there's in terms of exploitation there's a Increased either search for desire for videos that include Kovic somehow where there's someone is directly infecting someone or someones I. I'm not sure exactly what it was but I just came across that very quickly and so the fantasy of deducting something. Yeah and also I mean it. Just it makes sense. I mean look at domestic violence situations right right now. Weren a time. Where women who live with their abusers cannot go to work sometimes. Work is a temporary escape for women in DVD. Situations. So that they can be away from their abusers From just from their abuser and now a lot of women and children have to be quarantined with their abusers and as we see throughout history in times of crisis male violence goes up and male violence is not exclusive to just physical violence in the home it also transfers into sexual violence and digital sexual violence and right now you know. We're still sort of in the beginning of this. I know it doesn't seem that way because time doesn't exist anymore and it seems like we've been quarantined for a year but I am afraid that as goes on you will continue to see more aggressive male behaviors and that's something that we really need to look out for and as we continue to crown toward her as the martyrs of Cova. Did we actually have to realize what harm is being done? You know if a woman is walking down the street to go to the supermarket and you know the streets are empty because nobody is outside. We're talking about situations where men who are watching that video that you just described bypassing the Coburn Riskin infecting her with Kobina. Anyway woman are in more precarious situation. Now that could easily become reality. It sounds ridiculous. But we've seen this time and time again. I mean in the Super Bowl right. The large sporting events become a hub for deviant trafficking. Why would a global crisis be any different and speaking of the Super Bowl? I just read the reason for that which I wasn't sure I wanted to confirm and apparently it's because when you have large groups of men together there's a greater likelihood of exploitation and I'm saying that because it's like it's so obvious but it's also so sad. I mean it makes a lot of sense. Doesn't it so one other thing that we need to talk about? When it comes to Cova the sex trade is discussing whether or not buying sex or going to strip clubs his even in the central service because there are reports what in in places like New Zealand. Where sex fires were going into. Strip clubs with masks on but Nurses don't have masks and stuff like that so we need to talk about what positioning that industry hasn't society and if we look at it the right way we'll see that it really shouldn't have much of a place there so before we close. There's one bill that you mentioned or for our conversation that I want to just call out because we had a previous episode in the Body Literacy series where we talked about fertility for women and it's the Child Parent Security Act and this is a New York state back in that episode. I had shared the bill and the opposition to that bill being passed and I wanted to remind listeners. With the risks are now that the bill has been passed. And if you could start with describing briefly and then the negative outcomes that you envision the is called the Child Parent Security Act. Which would I mean? There's a lot of parts to it but to make a very long story short. It would fully legalize commercial surrogacy and the devil's in the details with this right. Because first and foremost the background checks for the intended parents are little to none the residency requirement for women who are going to be intended. Surrogates is a very short time. I think six to nine months which is literally nothing and the bill. Actually the language of the bill is copy and pasted like Barbados from a surrogacy. And you could see it online. Look up the company's website. Look at the bill. The language is the same. So there's a lot of corporate interests and corporate involvement in the Child Parents Security Act but with regards to how this affects woman particularly basically New York has made it legal for for women to be Guinea Pigs. You know. That's the only way I would describe this bill What this means. Is that if anybody not even a couple because there have been stories of surrogates surrogate parents who are single parents. Living in very very low grade homes paying for a poor woman to have a child for God knows what reason what does though means. Is that any person who has an extra thousand couple thousand dollars could pay for poor woman to be injected with a host of cancer inducing hormones to be subject to this under researched but higher-risk science for what to have a baby and what is the..

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