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"coast guard medical corps" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"coast guard medical corps" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Seventy three dropped down to fifty degrees. Underclass NewsRadio twelve hundred w. And there's talking the legislature of granting what is called a conditional driver's license, and we'd go to people in the US illegally to obtain the license an undocumented immigrant would have to prove residency in Texas for at least one year show proof of auto insurance not have been convicted of a crime, and regardless of age have gone through Texas driver's Ed program, Fort Worth state, Representative Ramon Romero, a democrat says the conditional license clearly would be marked not for identification for activities like voting backers of the measure say people living in Texas illegally drive anyway. And this would be the best way to ensure safety and financial responsibility. Morgan Montalvo NewsRadio. Twelve hundred w President Trump has returned from his surprise trip to Iraq and Germany early today. Mealy began blasting Democrats over the ongoing government shutdown president tweeted that the US needs a wall to stop illegal drugs, illegal immigration and criminals, and he says. Don't ask the dams. Don't they know that most of the government workers who are going without paychecks are indeed Democrats, the death of those two migrant children from Guatemala bringing up new concerns about the health of those making the track from Central America caravans full of migrant workers who come from rural areas of Central America where healthcare is just done available. The Wilson centers Guadalupe Korea who is in Mexico studying. The migration says the heroine journey is taking its toll with migrants often talking about dehydration come from very local healthcare at that. Of course, they end up with a very fragile condition. And while the death of to Guatemala kids is shocking. She says many other migrants have died while taking this journey. Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w why meanwhile, congressman Joaquin Castro San Antonio says we've got to do something. It's a systematic crisis within the customs border, protection it like more, medical supplies and trained the EMT's. On hand. There is no reason President Trump should be asking the funday border wall. When we're missing basic humanitarian pieces of the SNCB homeland security is now calling on the coast guard's medical corps to help with the medical programs and make appropriate recommendations for improvements for the future. Yesterday's one thousand point plus gain on Wall Street caught all is smart folks by surprise. And today's got a lot of investors scratching their head. How significant is it that remains to be seen when you get this kind of a snapback rally in you want to find out if it's going to be confirmed by even more rallies down the road. Yeah. Look for a one K just like another wild day ahead of us as according to futures action the market today poised to give back much of what it picked up yesterday. The boom in Texas oil production has been a major boost to the finances out at the university of Texas by law the endowments of both you'd. Not and Texas AM come from the state's mineral rights fund UT endowment now up to thirty one billion dollars at pushed it, right? Paseo making it the second largest in the country behind only Harvard that Texas am system endowment pretty flush to they've got thirteen billion dollars. The endowments will pay for long term projects in doubt. Professor professorships and construction projects terror groups like ISIS are big on threads lately, though, they've been threatening global aviation terrorists are going to continue to target us. So we've got to keep targeting them during the holiday season and all year round. That's acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. Who adds what's happening is that Al Qaeda's feelings have been hurt by ISIS becoming the world's predominant terror organization. And Al Qaeda's trying to reassert its influence despite what you see on TV commercials. The vast majority of us did not get a car with a gigantic red bow on top of it. But there is still some good news the time between Christmas and New Year's is generally accepted as the truly best time of the year to buy a new car. Dick van runs. Toyota, Bernie manufatures put the most incentive nutty, whether it be lower IPR's big rebates or dealer cash. They do it all now he says that he'll sell three times the number of cars between now and New Year's compared to a normal week. And doctors are seeing a new condition that they've dubbed selfie wrist. This is a real thing it seems that people who take a lot of photos of themselves with their cell phone are hyper flexing their wrists and clutching their phone. For long periods of time without moving symptoms include sharp pain, numbness, and tingling of the risk. Unbelievable. It's a real thing. Also billionaire tech guru Elon Musk is building a huge rocket prototype. In south Texas is the CEO of SpaceX private aerospace firm, that's already launched more than twenty six successful space missions this year. Well, Monday Muscat tweeted an image of a rocket called starship. It's now in their construction at the company's location down near Brownsville, spike. Six says, the starship will be bigger and more powerful than the Saturn five that launched the lunar. Apollo missions company..

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