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"coach dungy tony" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"coach dungy tony" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"From NFL employees drew brees apologized for his comments that he made yesterday and Vic Fangio also apologized for comments. He made a couple of days ago. Saying I realized what I said regarding racism and discrimination in the NFL was wrong. I mean I guess. An apology is better than not an apology, but neither one of the apologies rather weather from Fangio or drew brees. Guys made me feel like they understood what they said initially was as offensive and divisive as it actually was. Yeah, but here's what I would say about. The coach coach has been around forty. Some damn years. Man He's had a chance to. Push staffs together on the defensive side of the ball. When he's been defensive coordinator, he's had a chance to pick a defense coaches defensive back coaches deacons align linebacker quality control. He's had an opportunity to make whatever little changes he needed to make in society from a racial discrimination standpoint that has been plagued so long in the national football league talked about so long as a rule called the Rooney rule because of this okay in to come out and say that that was the case. A day ago, it then come back and try to issue an apology several hours later. Because you realize that all of a sudden. been players in that locker room wouldn't go food which you know more. In maybe a coach to on that staff wasn't go. Fool with you know more. You miscalculate misjudging situation. and. You have now revealed to us it at least to me exactly who you are. Because as I said to you before talked to coach Dungy Tony Dungy. Don't tell tell coach Dungy did. It tell Mike Tomlin in Lovey Smith in. If you could ever have had the conversation with the late, any green talk to him. You know talk to them, brothers that. Worked so hard to become head coaches. Or assistant coaches. Or coordinators defensive coordinator they'll have an opportunity as a general manager with President vice-president of a team and say that there isn't nepotism that there is not a discrimination. Racism Amongst Lee Colin Kaepernick got blackball from the League because he took a knee and they didn't align with his thoughts on. Social Justice and police brutality. This is all part of it. You say that and then you want to backtrack with the heat comes on. But. You already unveiled to us who you are. And the reason why it's been my experience, the reason why. People like this coach make the rationale and make statements that they do just because they're trying to take their world view. Because their self worth their self esteem, their plates in this world is all attached to their worldview. So if you accept. That, a group of people have been cheated based upon the color of their skin and held back because of the color of their skin, then you. Are Forced to have wonder if you benefited from the color of your skin, and that makes people uncomfortable. Right they WANNA feel like. They got this on their merit. Remember what we talked about when it was reported at the NFL is putting out this idea of rewarding teams draft pick and positioning if these nature. A minority, And we pushed back immediately because we knew we didn't think it was a good idea that you put those brothers out there with that target on their backs, looking like they got a hand up simply because of their race. That's not the way you solve this problem like that and safety works in the opposite direction, white man in particular. Don't want to conceive the idea. That you're in your place. Because women and minorities were given a fair shake, you WANNA believe that. You have in your life you earned. And even down to the way you cared to rise welfare. You WanNa. Ask Him to. Rise helping businesses with tax incentives. But when it comes to helping people who need a little sisters themselves, you want to call it wealth there. Demonize it when it's the same damn thing. Absolutely, which is the government is coming in. Finance to help you out. Absolutely, but you want, but you want to say excuse is the the big excuse is oh, it's coming in to help me out but I. Keep my workers. Oh okay, keep your work because they come in and help. Keep your workers I get it. I get it. That's your beliefs. Your beliefs beliefs brother. Well and I think that right. There is where drew. BREES got caught yesterday. That your beliefs your beliefs, and when he started down the road, of never. Understand the disrespected the American flag. Those were the beliefs because that wasn't the topic on the table. The title of the table was all the lease brutality racism murder. Those are the topics that are on the table, not whether or not your grandfather fought in world war. Two talking about you great grandfather Sir thank you and we all appreciate that we appreciate everything that the people that wear uniform do for. For us, we're not talking about that right now. That is separate conversation for a different day the topic on the conversation when he was on the table when he was asked was. What do you make protests that are going on right now? And the one of the protests kneeling during the national anthem, and he immediately went to the military and the flag, and his grandfather's and across the board, people said. Hold on a second, that's not what we're talking about, and then get a chance to try to untangle that a little bit later in the day. When speaking with ESPN, he doubled down on it this. This was not a misstatement statement. This was like you said this is what he was choosing to do. This was a nod, a wink dog whistle whatever she's been. On it. Is People. Say Hey, hey, guys. mentioned. That that was that I got you. Guys can't say it, but I'm saying it. Guys I can't say what you want, but I'm saying that you guys know what I mean you know. How many times have you guys? You know what I mean. You know what I'm talking about. Don't want to say they don't want to say the word. They don't want to talk about what it is because. Maybe they think as long as they don't say, they don't have to actually own it, but the fact of the matter is that was a wink and a nod in a nudge to that and by talking about. The military and the flag, you are not talking about the brutalization of black people by the police I didn't realize. I was GONNA say. I didn't realize travis that I was me and my daughter London eighteen years old was up and down the streets last couple of days in the hundred degree heat because of the flag because of the military piece actually I'd ever. Did you realize that she was doing that Z.? If I if I was doing it, I didn't add. It's my report and I feel the need to go back and add that okay. Gory I didn't know. I didn't know that I was watching down the street with big. Size with black lives matter jumping up and down. Taking a chance on. Me and. When given the chance to try to? At least clean it up a little bit with the with the Second Wave Lebron James and Michael Thomas Grossing saying what the Hell what what do you really not get this? He did it again now. Of course, it gets it. Then, so did he does it again Z. and so this idea? Came out today I mean just. The emotions that come through this just resignation and fatigue just like come on I'm not as stupid as you want to think that I. Am I know what you're doing. Man I know what you're doing. I know what you try to do. It didn't work. You tried to do it again. It didn't work, and now you're trying to say Oh, now I get it. No, no, no, you've got the first time you just chose not to talk about. Absolutely and you know. There's willful eight. And then there is a for mischaracterization. If he was even willfully ignorant. I might listen to them..

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"coach dungy tony" Discussed on The PewterCast : A Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Podcast, Buccaneers

The PewterCast : A Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Podcast, Buccaneers

13:48 min | 4 months ago

"coach dungy tony" Discussed on The PewterCast : A Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Podcast, Buccaneers

"Changing his name. That's awesome. Yeah so so there. It is even the people out in the crowd Casey. They were just super excited to see into here. You an out there chanting your name so I don't know we're able to hear any of that while you're up there on stage of the crowd reaction for you when you're up there. I did some of that. You have this card in your hand. And it's got Devon White's name on it. When did when were you first given that card like do you know? How long did you know like you? Peek down and look at it How how long did you know that he was the actual pick to know just before I came right? And you're like are you just like well okay. Do you still have the card like? Did they let you keep that card or anything? Maybe Nice. That's cool. You know when they make the the pick So walk us through that. Like you get up there and by the way you did a great job Doing the announcing. And you know. The cameras flashed Devon back in the in the green room and he comes out and he does the whole thing with Roger Goodell and gets the Jersey. Like what's going on with you. In that moment after the pick I went off the stage and I went around to where he would be. I met him after it came off. You met after. He came out of state. So I I saw pictures and stuff later that you also had a jersey kind of the the first round pick jerseys that people get the number one with your name on the back When did they give that that? Jersey last year. Oh so you've got to them before the draft cause the bug sent me because I got because I had to miss the last year and draft. The I'm sorry so back that up. You said because you had to miss last like where you actually going to do this last year. Yeah but I six. I couldn't go okay. Okay so this was kind of like chance number two for you then. Oh Man. I'm I'm I didn't know that and I am. I am so glad you actually got got to do it. That's cool so you so your backstage and you had that from last year and you know people were chanting your name. You go off stage. You meet Devon White and at some point you get a call from Bruce Arians and he. He invites you to come down to Tampa and says that you're going to get to get on the team charter and fly down with Devon White. Talk to us about that conversation. And what was that? Airplane ride like like again something most books fans. I Dare I say probably no other bucks fan is ever going to get to do is fly on team. Glazer chartered air moves. Very nice and I couldn't believe they actually invited me down with him to see that's cool so like you're on the plane like like. Are they serving you drinks and stuff or you know? Because I know it's a charter plane like what? What'd you do on the on the flight while you're down like are you talking? Devon the whole time you guys playing cards like like what'd you do? That's a it's not a super long airplane ride but not super short either. I want to be honest with the schedule. We had. I honestly fell asleep. Nice okay okay. It comfortable seats though like good. Good sleep and seats. It wasn't very comfortable ride when I was away. Yeah 'cause we got out of the draft around twelve ish allow then. We had to wake up at eight to meet them to go to the plane. So so you're there you get out at twelve so you met Roger Goodell. You met you know. Obviously you met Devon White. Who was there anybody else you met while? You're there at the draft I'm at a Josh shown. And in Tyler and the other draft picks weather back there so eight o'clock the next morning you get up you you come down you take a little nap while you're on the airplane you get there and and you're at one. Buc place you pull in. And you know bucks fans in case. You don't know there's a huge red buccaneers logo the flag right out by the street there at Martin Luther King Boulevard and you pull in and there's the giant football cage. I know for me whenever I go through there and I've been there several times. It's still every time it's like. Ooh Like what was it like for you. Like pulling onto the campus there. Had you ever been to one buck? Was this your first time. I've been there before when I was younger and I got to see like the museum lobby type thing. They have right but it was a lot different. Actually getting to go and tore the whole right right. Yeah and you got to go. You know once again Casey. You got to do things that most books fans didn't don't get too late you know lots of fans get to go on tours of one buck and they see the auditorium in the locker room and various places but nobody really gets to go up to the coach's offices now from what I understand your experience and you correct me any point along the way if I'm wrong one of your first steps I think was the locker room and inside the locker room. Somebody was there waiting to surprise you. Tell us about that We walked around a little bit sing the various rooms around the campus and we ended the locker room and Mike Evans. Was there waiting for me? That's cool and and so you know this is same guy that was on the video. Who told you you're going to get to do it? And now here. He is standing in front of your face. Mike Evans is not a small guy. He is a tall dude. Oh what did you think when you first saw him and kind of came right up on him. He was told but he seems a lot. Hollywood you're not next to okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know what you're saying. Okay Fair enough. So you're you're talking to Mike and I read. I think Scott Smith had written this. On buccaneers DOT COM. Mike allowed you to pick anything out of his locker so I want to know first of all what you picked. And then I've got a follow up question. But what would you pick out of his locker? He said I could take anything I wanted out of it except I helmet okay. So he signed pro ball for me and gave me a pro bowl shirt. His cleats his jersey. Oh he he didn't give you one. The question. Like Scotts article said he told you you could take anything out of his locker that he wanted and said that you had left with a Duffel bag full of autographed stuff. So that's that was going to quiz. You might say take something out of there and you leave with a Duffel bag What else did you have in there that you know? Maybe they gifted to you while you're there have to be on. I think I have every male apparel item and then. Oh yeah that's cool that's cool. I love it. I love it. I love it Casey. So you're there with Mike and Mike taking your around on a tour and I saw a picture where you actually got to meet Coach Dungy Tony. Dungy was there in the facility that day. It was a great meeting him because he was a big part of the team. And I never thought I'd really meet him. 'cause I mean Casey. He was a little bit before your time. You probably only rebel in me around for Gruden. So he gets meet coach Dungy. Who Else did you get to meet while you're there at one BUC? Jason Lie got to meet the coach recipient sort of I met some other people like the strength team. Joel Glazer who was in Mr Light Office. Okay so so Jason Light I wanted to. I wanted to kind of mail on this because you know the word is that they signed to a contract when you were there with Jason Light but no one we haven't heard like what was that contract like what was in the substance of it. What did it say like what? What was that thing that you sign there with Jason? Who is a one day contract to be the kicker really? Wow that's cool so tech so you signed a one day contract to be a Tampa Bay buccaneer. Did you go out and do any kicks? We mainly just cut Torn getting but they asked me what position. I wanted to be in. Okay I decided on kicker okay so they give you the contract. You have the piece of paper. Where is that contract right now? It's currently in my room. Have you have you gotten it framed yet? Or is it in the? I've gotTA do sometimes mile. I'm working on it now. That's cool in see again once again. Casey. You're doing something that almost no other bucks fan in the history of bucks. Fandom is ever going to get to do and that's just that's super awesome. What Casey Man I mean? That's really everything that I had was. Was there anything else about your time and about your trip. You think. It's just kind of a cool thing. I think. Two of my favorite things much was getting to Gerald. So Ewing Party of endgame. Oh you got to playing and playing pooling pond with Mike did you. They had all that setup in the players lounge there at one buck right. Yeah okay now. I know he's a pretty vicious ping pong player. I don't know much about as Polska. How how is he is a player is he? Is he just as good as he is? Football or school. I'm a little bit. He's real nice. So who who wanted? Did you win? Please tell me you beat him out at least on this one. I'm beat them in pool but he he got me in pingpong they he's good at Ping Pong. I've watched him play before. It's it's yeah. I'm pretty good down there. Yeah Yeah they're they're pretty competitive for sure for sure You know not to bring up that conversation. I know a lot of bucks fans been going around about that recently so but you got to go to Joe McCoy's viewing of in game. That's really cool. Tell us about that whole experience. Well you know Gerald. He does the parties for all the superhero movie. Who's been on? I got to meet him in Mike. Down there with his family and it's really quite the thing there. Yeah because they have other bugs players they're involved with people that are coming to see them have always sorted during some popcorns. Everywhere you are you are you. Are you big Comic Book Movie Fan? You Big Marvel Fan like was that a a movie been looking forward to a while. I'm going to have to be honest. That's honestly the only one I've actually seen really. Oh So Casey. You know what that means is. You've got twenty one other movies now to make up for two to know what the heck they were talking about. You know like why that so. It's the first one you saw. What did you think of it? Did you enjoy it or you know not really. You're battling thing was a real good movie. Yeah Aric as the woman. Was there anything else from your trip. You'd like to tell us about because it sounds like you had just one heck of a trip all all the way around. Well Hey Casey once again I want to say thanks for taking out in twenty five thirty minutes of your night here to get to talk to us and share with us about your trip. I I. I don't know how everything's going with the cancer in there. We wish you well with that. I know olives book all the books nation is you know is cheering for you in that and one of the cool things about being a bucks fan as and I've learned this living out of market is we're all fans together you know like the. The buccaneers is kind of the thing that brings us all together but we get to know each other. We get to talk to each other and stuff and and you know. I've made some of my my current best friends right now are just bucks fans that I've met from across the country and areas places. So you got a lot of people cheering for you. Casey and I just couldn't be more tickled to death to get to talk to you tonight. Our rent will that was Casey Reynolds. That was him his voice telling us about his experience. Not just at the draft. But you know what it took to find out that he was going to be able to fulfill this wish that he was going to be in. Nashville. What happened while he was in Nashville. And then even when he kept to come down to Tampa take the teams charter flight down and be hanging around one buck for a day. Yeah there are a lot of really honestly. I've I've gotten to listen to this interview. I wasn't there the first time You know when you recorded with Casey. There's a lot of fun nuggets in there. You know About what he did backstage him fall asleep on the plane. Bracelets COMING DOWN. Devon white him in a special relationship he got to build with Mike Evans playing pool bank ping pong emptying out his locker taking everything from a Duffel bag. Yeah it was you know what do it? And you're listening to interview and you're like in your sort of thinking your subconscious all how lucky how lucky let me and then he drops it on you that I was supposed to do. You're before but I I got sick. Yeah and it's like so he had to wait a whole `nother year for his his wish came true and something. I want to say here I take for granted how you drive the show and sort of form the narrative each show in in real may in. Because I know it's uneasy just ask Cheryl But you did a really good job with Casey You know guiding him through this interview and and You know really just sort of taking care care of him in this and it was it was in a in a plus job honestly really was like I was. I was shocked at how good what's will thank you. I appreciate. It was definitely a different kind of interview. I think we talked about it a lot. A LOT OF TIMES THE INTERVIEWS. We have we just say okay. Jameis Winston and then the guy goes for like twenty minutes right. Casey's not immediate guy. He's not a guy who's out there doing a bunch of public speaking And and so there was. There was a lot so we got to go.

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"coach dungy tony" Discussed on PTI


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"coach dungy tony" Discussed on PTI

"Full weekend of football in the NFL awaits games on Saturday Sunday. And of course, Sunday night joining us from NBC's football night in America studio analysts and all Famer Tony Dungy. Let's start with this you coach through a long time. Maybe this happened to you. If you were coaching team that blew a fourteen point lead with five minutes left albeit on short rest how concerned would you be with that team? Or you're always concerned when you blow leads especially in this NFL den aids you have to be able to as hard enough to get the lead. Then you have to be able to protect it. So Kansas City, and with all the kind of remembrances of years gone by and playoffs gone by the defense, failing them, I think this was a major blow, but they can recover from it. They've got enough people to bounce back are a lot of people can say they didn't see this coming. With San Diego. But we know you did Kornheiser, and I want to steal you away to go to Vegas because before the season on this show. You said to us when we ask you for two dark horses. You said the Texans and the chargers. So ring the Bill for coach Dungy. Tony. What did you see? Well, I saw two teams that had defensive players who could rush the passer. And that's what you need in this day and age as we saw last night if you play pass defense in the back end you get penalized. So you've got to be able to rush the passer, which I knew sandiego could do and excuse me LA chargers. And then you have to have a quarterback who can make plays in the clutch and Philip rivers could do that. So I thought they had the elements to be great. They connected with Anthony land last year during that losing streak. They didn't get down and they finished up the season. Well, I just thought they'd get off to a good start. And they did well again. Yeah. Kudos to you. Because nobody else had them. And you have them all of the teams that you were guard a Super Bowl contenders right now, which is the one you would most like to coach I mean, you probably had a certain style that suited one or two of these contenders. I would love to coach the chargers right now. Because of what's happened this last month when you can go to Heinz field get down by sixteen points and come back and win. And then you can go to Kansas City and get down fourteen and come back and win. You know, you've got what it takes to go on the road to to be in tough situations and believe in yourself. They've got the pass rushers which I love they've got speed. They've got big play receivers. I think they've got everything you need. If they're kicking game comes through wilbon was disappointed he hoped you would have said the bears because that would have meant that you thought they were Super Bowl team. Well, the bears are a good team. There's a lot of traffic though, the NFC right now, I think it's going to be tough going to New Orleans or to Los Angeles for any of those teams below that those teams this place, so well at home, I think it's going to be difficult are Tony we want to rely on your defensive expertise over decades here for a second. Lease. I do I'm one of the last of the Mohicans I actually care about defense defensive games defensive teams can defense still impact the season in the play offs the way it used to four championship run. I think it really can. And we've seen it. We've seen New Orleans be red hot. And then go to Dallas and get shut down. We saw the Rams very hot go to Chicago and gets shut down. So it can happen. But you've gotta have pass rushers and then you've got to play with a little poison a little moxie. I say so many of these teams just playing man to man coverage bump and run doesn't matter. What the situation is. That's what. We do..

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