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"co koo" Discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

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"co koo" Discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

"There's another show. We think you should check out. It's called against the rules against the rules is bestselling author and journalist. Michael Lewis's searing look at fairness. In every aspect of American Life Financial Markets Newsrooms Sports Arenas Court of law and more in season. Two now in full swing. He examined the role of coaches in society. It wasn't that long ago that we only had coaches and sports. Now they're everywhere. There are life coaches and death coaches. You can hire code to improve your executive skills your online dating performance. Even your charisma but coaching is also become an odd source of unfairness. Just look around and ask yourself who has access to these coaches and the edge they provide in who doesn't in. What does that mean for? All of us subscribed to against the rules apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen brought to you by pushing industries okay. We have a question from your and he writes. I love the show if twenty year old draws in petrified arvidas bonus Toni Kukoc and developed were available for the twenty twenty NBA draft. Where would they be picked Michael? I'm not you know a self-proclaimed draft expert. Is it crazy to think that those four guys would be the first four picks? That's exactly what I have written in my notes here like considering how receptive we are in twenty twenty two international prospects on the heels of Luca. Danni torching the League You combine that with this current class. The appears to be. Yeah relatively uneventful share. Why not let's have all these guys at the top four? That would be awesome. Okay so we're in agreement who your first pick if it's Patrick. Bona's coup coach Deacon. Obviously we're going to say full health in in the case of Patrick. Tragic car accident in the case. It's the bonus a good news. I think I'm going SA- Bonus one Patrick to develop three coach. For What are you doing? I don't know how I would do it after SA- bonus I I would. It would take some time to debate that one. I think so. Bonus is the clear number. One pick like even. When he came over way past his prime he was still pretty effective. On those trailblazers teams. He's just like you could see the creativity and his imagination and There's just all these like folktales about how dominant he was when he was healthy and in his twenties so he's clearly the number one pick but then after that. I'm not I'm not positive where I go. Yeah so for me so bonus is like an MVP caliber player. Right I mean he. He's on that level. You could've seen at a young age. I mean unfortunately his best years are probably the late eighties when Jordan's reigning supreme so he's probably falling into the same category of like guys who wind up getting underrated by history. 'cause they couldn't get past Jordan right but he's also the type of player where when Jordan goes to retirement. Maybe he's battling Akeem for you. Know top of the League. I mean it's not out of the question if staying healthy I don't think Petkevich ever had. Mvp POTENTIAL DEDUC was a pretty darn good NBA player for a long time and had a distinguished career with coach and that's tricky because You know he does get. We never really saw him as the lead dog in Chicago. And I think it's I mean overseas. He was the lead guy of the entire continent. So it's possible. Maybe he could run his own team as as the face of it. And you can make a case that he should be over because you know was never really like the centerpiece of an organization Although he was really good like I mentioned but to me I think Patrick is one of the biggest. What if I mean that guy could absolutely ball one of the most entertaining scores? You'll ever see national shooting stroke fearless And you know he also had a way of capturing people's hearts and minds to which goes a long way. I mean I think he legit legitimately Bene- franchise type guard Throughout his prime just because people are gonNA WANNA go pay to see him for sure. I totally agree with all. That vodka is really interesting. Just because the way we view him now from the job he's done with the Sacramento Kings in that front office all the flopping the fact that he was traded for Kobe Bryant the thirteenth overall. Pick way back in the day. Kind of just underrates his ability as a player in his pure skill. But but yeah I it's the bonus and then I don't really know where I'm going. I will say the Toni. Kukoc coach footage from the Dream Team in in those Olympics was kind of like it was awesome like when he was playing well and that second title game it was really cool to see him and then you know they would flash to him doing the interviews and. I wish we got more tiny cook coach in the Doc. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I loved his interview. Here's like these guys didn't know me. They had no reason to not like me so like just over this idea that his teammates were kind of ganging up on and he was just like you know basically wanted to call them. Bad leaders without calling the bad leaders Did CUCO YOUNG CUCO reminds you of Lamar Odom a little bit? Did you see any of that coming through in the In the highlights. I mean just big name. Yeah lefty making. These cross court passes to guys angles that no one else was really seeing and yet still being a scoring threat himself That's who I was thinking of what I was watching some of those highlights. Yeah the SMOOTH SOUTHPAW FOR SHARE. I could watch highlights. Toni Kukoc Forever He's just such fun player to watch. But Yeah I was getting like a total kick out of just the venom that was spewing from Scotty and Michael Jordan and Oh man like how are we saw? That was overplayed a little bit when I would read about it in books and it's like okay. Sure sure you know. This is just like manufacturer drama. You're watching a post game interview. Where Scotty is like look if you can't handle this he can't handle the NBA and basically just telling coach. Like don't even bother coming over when krause spending like three years of his life trying to recruit Co. Koo Coach was crazy. And then like a be such an open secret guys like Barkley and Carl Malone are giving interviews and like guys like you're gonNA WANNA watch the game tonight because these guys are about to pump Toni Kukoc or like Barkley coming on and saying you're funny. One needs to get paid at. Scotty I mean I loved how Frank Talking these players. Were you know some of these interviews? They're just throwing daggers. They weren't afraid at all. No no politically correct stuff whatsoever. I really enjoyed it. Hey Mike we're going to shift gears. Oh because we got some more questions to get to. From the open floor Globe Day emailed us open floor mail at gmail.com open floor mail at Jima Dot Com and guys. Keep those questions coming. We're getting so many good ones here during the quarantine period and we appreciate it. Michael I've been sitting on this question. I don't even know two weeks. But it came in from Brooks. He writes. I'm so glad to have kept the pot up during these tough times. I'm a huge fan of the Memphis. Grizzlies John Moran and Jaren Jackson. Junior are a great young duo that complement each other. Very well. I was wondering what are the best. Duos in the League where both players are under twenty five years of age. So we're not doing twenty five and under Michael. We're doing under twenty five. Do you have a top? Five list are jaw and Jaren on that list. I mean I agree with Brooks. It's a phenomenal young. Do Oh it's one. That gets me salivating more than almost any other around the league. But I don't think it's number one right GimMe your number one duo. Can we start in the? Can we go backwards from five? Four three two one. Maybe that'll be more entertaining for the. Oh sure so. You're this is David Letterman bid. Or what are you trying to do here? Yeah Yeah especially because I think my number five is gonNA make steam come out of your ears but can I guess right off the top you of course can. Is it the Valley Boys? It is it. The Phoenix Valley is so. Did you go with Booker and gray or booker? And who'd you go for Mikhail Bridges and now I went with Devon Booker Andrea Eight and only at five Michael? I know you love these guys. You really only have them at five. There's some stiff competition. I wanted to include them. Because it's like if eight and progresses on the defensive end like we saw from him what we saw from the season they could even go up a couple of spots where they are feeling super high. They're complimentary pieces. Booker became an all star this year. Who should have been? He should not have been an injury replacement he should have been on the team from the start And they're super young and they don't have a lot of minutes together. I just think the there's a lot that the ceilings just extremely high for these two and it's not to say that they don't have flaws 'cause they do very much so but when they are in their primes. I just think there'll be an absolute monster. So they'll probably crack the top twelve of the West when they're in their prime. What are we talking about with ceiling? Nine seed I can't wait for just gonNA eat all this. You are going to happen someday soon. Remember I lost my mind. Idei dre in back in December and coincidentally his whole season. Turn around right after my nine minutes speech. Here on this podcast. So I'm taking all the credit for it. I'm letting them use me as fuel. I'm like Mike Francesa when he said that Jordan wasn't committed enough to winning goal so funny that clip did not hold up very well after twenty five. Now so this podcast from my side would probably won't hold up so well they weren't on my list. Michael I really took a tough time with the fifth spot. I'm GONNA give you a couple of the guys I considered. Okay Okay Karl Anthony towns and maleek Beasley and I know people might say the Ngelo Russell. That's fine too in terms of who played better down. This tragedy was Beasley people. No I don't really like Russell. I think you have to take towns and either one of those guys over booker. An eight because the best of those four players I want him and a solid number. Two guy over the question marks that booker and Eight and present. What do you think I I love and adore you for actually making the Beasley debate just like putting that on the pot. I just think that was a genius. Move by you can't believe you did it but I will say come on if we're talking about. The two guys are really. All Stars is de Ngelo Russell Endeavour come on those were the two. Oh Jesus I think that the reason why I have eight. Nobre towns like a towns offensively. It's there the whole.

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