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"club doing look club" Discussed on X96

"Was catting around who has been a lot of time at the club Doing Look club did going to the club. And he would just disappear for weekends. The queen would be like Is anyone seen from it under Butler would say Club, ma'am, I believe he's away for the weekend. We'll even tell me about that. Where do you stop? The club club is off to be Oh, love somebody. We'll have a club Malaysia have to go to the glove, a woman mates of their club young women. They're the club boom, full fare. Or we can teach women away from everything. We tried it your way. Do need servants at the clown. My I don't see you should be watching that show that Zagat some fun accent. Yeah, it Z No, You don't want to see what? Because at some point carry Gillian Anderson is is Margaret Thatcher. You don't want to see Scully is Thatcher. The idea doesn't treat me because, Well, they're politics are so similar. Uh, no. Uh, no. That part doesn't treat me and she got nominated for lots of people on that show Got nominated. She got number for Golden Globe. Yeah. Did she went We? No, no, no, She didn't pay the Hollywood foreign press enough money that well, it's one of the it's actually one of those things where they were, like three or four people from the crown, all nominated in the same Category. So you kind of cancel each other out. I think Helena Bonham Carter bless you, Katie Allergies. Um, because she got nominated she playing she was playing Princess Margaret. Mm. Everyone on the ground. Talked like this. Oh, so much damn talk like dish Know that these are upper crust, Nick. The people that talk like that are normally nobody. Nobody talks like that. You know that. No. You asked me for this. Gina and I have found it. Oh, good. And we'll be playing this several times throughout the day because of the passing of Prince Philip. Here we go. I can't believe Mom went to combo and left us alone for Christmas. What are we gonna do What I tell you, the first thing we're gonna do, we're gonna delete all of her pretentious crap off the DVR. Wanna be the one to delete the crown. She never watched. Only she just had do it, son. Well, well, well, the ground how the tables have turned. Remember this face the one that wanted to watch modern family? Well, payback's a bitch. Jo, wait. Are you sure you want to do eat their crown? Yes. Do you understand that? It's really good. Yes. Are you sure it will impress your friends? Except you understand that we change the cast every season Acknowledge. Come on. It's the crown. Its history don't care. You're not allowed to delete the crown. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, way. Now we turn to the crown. But like a soft hearted, Isn't it a little bit infighting version? Everything's a living. I actually kind of love it, Mito. It's because I'm trash and I love how fancy it is. See, that's exactly it. There's the crowd. On and it's kind of like history. It's kind of like I usually like story kind of school. Uh, a suit just texted me from upstairs. Fancy lunch club. All right? Yeah, it is. Yeah, he would go to the lunch. I'm going to the club with the club. Yeah, I'm getting enough education for my ancient aliens watching. I don't need anything else. You know, they're breaking in ancient aliens movie, Are they? Yeah, and it's going to theaters. Well, that part hasn't been decided yet. Okay? There. I'll find this story and send it to you. It's apparently It'll be a comedy. I'm sorry, Nick. Oh, I was gonna say Is it a documentary? It should be a documentary. The ancient aliens. Guy is alone. Well, you know, humans are too dumb to ever invent anything. You need aliens. Tanner, Venus With every aspect of everything we know we're just not good enough for swing, stupid. Don't deserve nice things. Sure we Diogo Humans invented Bugs Bunny. That's true. Oh, if they do nothing else. Listen, I could list a ton of things that on Lee humans could have invented. You Think in aliens gonna figure out Bugs Bunny? No. No aliens appreciate humans for our sense of humor, but not much else. Do they Boys ever since humans. They don't have a sense of how many funny aliens can you name? Mork? Okay, Who else? American Dad. What's his name? Roger. Roger was to Ah, I don't know. The grays probably have a few good math jokes up their sleeves. They were slaves. Exactly. They're nudists Brand. You trust a race of nudist, great nudists. No, I think that's plenty of don't.

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