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"clifford prea" Discussed on Science Friday

"Right? So if you think about the sort of continual sort of things falling to into a black hole with the size, the size of the target is so tiny that you never hit bullseye that you can imagine things being kind of captured around it. And that's the structure that recall referred to as the accretion disk. And in a couple of minutes we have left. I wanted a apologize Clifford. I, I wanted to make sure we were talking about how we talk about these things because just as science advanced in the last thirty years, we've seen so many books about physics and and the the way the universe works and the way particle physics work. We've had scientific advances, but we've also had maybe advances in science, communication, Clifford. I know you've put out a book on on this very topic. Yes. Well, I, I think one of the great things that happened, and I think people like hawking and call Sagan, and others have really helped encourages is is feeding that thirst that people have to learn what's going on in fundamental research. And and so there are many, many different kinds of scientists writing about many different kinds of topics. And so even if you didn't like a brief history of time, there are other books on the same subject matter, and there's other books about exciting areas of other physics as well. And so I, I think that's been a really wonderful thing. I think hawking helped with that by by showing that it was possible to get people to buy lots of copies of a book about abstract ideas, and so they're all wonderful books, many many of which you can find with an easy search, and we put some examples up. We suggested some and I think you have the Monia website science, Friday, dot com. Slash book club there. Some examples are we ever going to. Completely explain everything. Like is there gonna ever going to be one book that really just covers it all Clifford prea-. I would say no. And I think that's good because I think there are many different ways of thinking about the topic, not everyone thinks the same way. So it's good to have many different kinds of books written by different kinds of scientists that bring different aspects of it alive. So it's I wouldn't want there to be one with one book. And I think this is the nature of science, right? There's no final answer it do. We always open up more and more questions, so I don't think we'll ever reach the position of having being able to have the final word on everything. Right? So things will always be volving. Our understanding is constantly evolving, and I think that you know, whenever there are lots of exciting, new discoveries, I think people physicists feel very excited to share and write books. I think we'll we'll keep keep having lots of books written by lots of different people who think can imagine very differently and visualized very differently on. I think he'll technologies also going to be really important. I think augmented reality virtual reality or. Going to give us another very interesting canvas to start exploring these abstract ideas. Well, I want to thank you both for taking time to be with his take Christie Taylor. Thank you for shepherding book club. You're welcome. Has always pleasure, fun. Thank you. You're welcome. And you to keep writing books, clipper Johnson, professor of physics, university of southern California dialogues great graphic graphic history there it's wonderfully drawn here books to create an Attaran, Jen professor of physics and astronomy at Yale. Thank you for both taking time to be with us today. Well, last thing before we go site fries, headed to Salt Lake City, join us next month that Saturday, September fifteenth at the Eccles theatre where we'll talk about exploring new frontiers from the unusual life hiding in forest canopies to the other reaches of space..

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