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"clifford clifford sanders" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

"Left home in nineteen fifty. But she returned to babysitter two younger sisters when she was needed. Even when the girls were still small Clarisa a clear difference between Rosemary Theresa. Rosemary was stocky like her mom, and she was the family worker kind of like a Cinderella who did all the work and got little appreciation from the family Theresa who was tiny in kind of frail looking was the favourite daughter. She received the same kind of favoritism that Bill had been given when he was there. So Swannee was doting on Theresa now and she kind of picked on Rosemary, didn't treat Rosemary nearly as well by the late nineteen, fifties, the cross families, good life in Rio. Linda had ended. I. Jim cross became disabled with Parkinson's disease. So he could no longer work and following an unsuccessful brain surgery for the Parkinson's. He had to retire early from the dairy. So the more his health deteriorated, the angrier more frustrated he became he did not deal well with this. His whole life had really been his job, and I've known men like this before once they lose their job, they just are done. They give up because that's their identity. So when he lost his job, it seemed like he lost everything. Now when Rosemary Theresa were teenagers, they were very pretty, Rosemary was taller, and the more developed one, and she walked with a bit of a stoop trying to hide how tall she was. She didn't want to be taller than the boys. So she didn't date much and she wasn't boy crazy, but Theresa was definitely boy crazy from her early teens. She often talked about sex to excess really. She seemed to be competing. Constantly with her sister for male attention to now. Rosemary was the older one. She was social and had a lot of girlfriends, but Theresa tended to be more of a loner. She was a very selfish person probably because her mother was always telling her house special in beautiful. She was so she really basked in her mother's praise and she brag to her friends that Rosemary was jealous of her because their mother actually admitted that she liked Theresa Bess, Theresa worship to mother absolutely worshiper, but Swanee gig, Chris had a history of heart disease. She was also diabetic, very overweight. Those aren't a real good combination of things to have now, and she wasn't getting treated for anything either. But even so her death was sudden and unexpected should pick Teresa from school in day. They went shopping and just as they were walking out of the grocery store, swan collapsed Theresa stand beside her. She. Fell so hard against the door GM at the store entrance as she broke the frame when she is in adult Theresa often repeat the tragic story of how she caught her mother in her arms and watched as she died while she waited for the ambulance to come. I guess you get point this out is kind of a turning point in her life, and maybe it had some kind of a fact that helped her to turn out a such disturbed person later on. Sure. Could be. There's definitely a traumatic event here. Yes, when he was only fifty three when this happened and she was buried eight days before Therese's fifteenth birthday. So that had to be traumatic now, poor Rosemary, she became like the mother after her mom died. And during that time Teresa wasn't much help. Now she could've just been your normal annoying. Teenager Rosemarie was the strong win though, so she had to take over. She worked part time job while she went to high school. And when she was seventeen while still a junior in high school, Rosemary took her mother's places homemaker and Mother Theresa. She also took a job as a bookkeeper in order to help make ends meet because remember now the dad is disabled, who's who's not working, not able to work. Now, and he is in a bad way. He's not very pleasant. No, he wasn't very pleasant to begin with now has got this debilitating disease that wasn't well treated right back in the fifties. Exactly. And it had brain surgery was unsuccessful. So he probably felt like shit. Yeah, he was a crank or for sure. In the months after her mom's death, Theresa's home life really fell apart. I Rosemary got married and moved away and you can't blame her. And next the only home she'd ever knew went into foreclosure. So it didn't take long for her to begin looking around for her own man that would take care of her and her disabled dead. So Theresa matted, Alabama farmhand who'd followed his older brothers and sister to California in nineteen fifty. Nine in his name was Clifford Clifford Sanders. He was five years older than Theresa. Any turned out to be quite an easy catch for this young attractive manipulative. Theresa Theresa quickly had him wrapped around her little finger and she teased him with the possibility of sex with her. He wanted her and she had actually begging and she had a big ego, you know she'd been told how beautiful she was from her mother for years. So she really bragged about herself to and. She enjoyed having power over other people, especially men. So this was just ideal for her. So of course, Clifford gut down on his knees and asked her dad to give his consent for marriage, Jim agreed, and he accompanied them on a weekend trip to Reno. Theresa married Clifford in September of nineteen sixty two shoes. Well, sixteen or so. Yep. Mizra mama just died when she was fifteen. So newly married Teresa did not return to high school for the fall semester of her junior year. She was done. She was she's a married woman. So this gawk Yala Bama farmer Clifford was pleasant enough when he was sober, but he'd get a few drinks in them and get totally out of control. And he did enjoy his drink. His barroom brawls did not go over well with Theresa. She's very afraid of losing her Milton to alcohol to another woman. So their marriage was pretty unstable right from the beginning. Besides this drink you like to chase after women, but it was neither rich nor handsome. So the chances of Theresa losing her grip on him to another woman. We're pretty slip. He has not like the women were after him or anything. No now doesn't have enough of the Perec wits that now he wasn't super desirable. Tom Sanders cliffs older brother would say the cliff wasn't any more of a drinker than any other young man is age. He likes fishing beer at a little Barbara once in a while. Yeah, who doesn't. I never understood the barber all, but okay. That's what I like, drink some beer and getting a good fight every once in awhile. Right. Sure. Well, Tom, dislike, Theresa from the start. He tried to talk his brother out of marrying her. But of course, cliffs mind was made up once he was married. He tried harder to be a success because that's what recent want it. So Tom got him a job helping on a water tower near Sacramento state university. Now Clifford was an unskilled day laborer, but he did pay the rent and he always provided food and whatever was needed after they were married cliff and Teresa moved into a duplex a few miles from the trailer where her sister and brother in law lived. So that's Rosemary and her new husband? Yeah. Yeah. So Rosemary didn't really marry up either, but Rosemary was a smart woman and she would actually become quite successful on her own. So on July sixteenth nineteen sixty three, almost ten months after their wedding Theresa gave birth to Howard Sanders. Her first son the next day in the same hospital, Rosemary had her son who she named Joseph cliff in Theresa had been married over a year before it was eligible to join the carpenters union and get medical pension and insurance benefits that would go along with his union membership. But he got a job as an apprentice carpenter and Sacramento. So even though he didn't have education or any particular skills, he did work hard and he supported his wife and son. Okay. And they've named the baby Howard after his own father and gave him his middle name, CLYDE on the outside the family soon to be a happy little family, but Clifford was actually having a tough time just into his life with Theresa. She was convinced his sleeping around and she constantly confronted him about this. She told friends and family that are. Bragged to her face about the women he'd had sex with during their marriage. The Joe lissi often lead to domestic disputes in which tiny Theresa claim shoes being physically threatened. In the spring of nineteen sixty four while Howard was still breastfeeding Theresa became pregnant again and Clifford questioned whether this child was actually his and that really pissed her off. That was the final straw for her. She'd had enough of the fighting and the accusations. So she's only eighteen, but Theresa and her little son moved out of the house and into this tiny little shack in the town of Galt, which was about twenty miles south of Sacramento. But after cooling off for a couple of weeks, Clifford follow Theresa to Galt and they did reconcile Clifford wanted to be with Howard his son. He really adored him. But the trouble between recent Clifford was far from over while Clifford was mild mannered and sober. Most of the time after a few drinks, he could really be targeted easily into erupting and being abusive, and when things got too bad, he would actually strike his wife. F- in walk out. So at the beginning of the marriage, he leave for a few hours. But by this time when they lived in gull, he would sometimes leave for days after these arguments. So in June nineteen, sixty four Clifford came home started drinking started arguing with his wife and then through her purse at had a living room window which broke the glass. Then he hit her. She later told police, but this time Teresa defended herself on the advice of constable may who lived across the street from them. She went to the police. She showed him the bruises around her wrists and neck told them she wanted to make a citizen's arrest and filed the salt and battery charges against her husband. But when it came time to arrest Clifford, she refused to press charges. Things don't change too much a lot times to place nowadays. I don't think that you need to press charges. The police can still take care of it. Yeah. A lot of these domestic violence charges were swept away because of refusal to testify sheriff. I'll even in the nineties with Nicole Brown Simpson. The same thing happened repeatedly. So Clifford was released before any paperwork was even filed about this. So two weeks passed by and Clifford stayed home on the fourth of July weekend on Sunday, July fifth, he celebrated his twenty third birthday, but it was definitely not a happy one thinks it continued to deteriorate between him and Theresa and Theresa cues him of cheating on her. Again, Clifford again questioned whether the baby she was carrying was his the next morning Monday. He packed his bags, but he never got past the front door. Clifford had abused Theresa before, and he told her he was going to beat her. Again according to Teresa, he told her that he was going to take whatever money they had and leave her. He had already packed a suitcase, and there was a cardboard box full of his things when she went into the bedroom, got their Winchester deer rifle and return to

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