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"cliff keast" Discussed on NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

"You and it gets more details. On, his, accident. In northwest Dallas I've, been thirty, five loop twelve Walton Walker that accident, has the right lane blocked off and that is a bumper, to bumper delay from six thirty five it's also causing some. Northbound onlooker delays, from story lane. In oak cliff, we've been dealing with a couple of problems here's rainy fuller with Neff date Northbound thirty-five Ewing in oak. Cliff it's clear now backup goes to he's that's unwinding also. Cliff keast is closed exiting thirty-five due to a truck hauling bales of hay unable to make. It, off of the freeway backups are happening both directions of keys to the. Service road and thirty five from Overton grand prairie westbound thirty before MacArthur, there's a wreck blocking the right lane traffic in the backup moves toward, loop twelve taking a. Look at those delays in downtown Fort, Worth once again with Julian Rogers both one twenty one and thirty five heading, at the merge still backed up. The good news is the accident, at two eighty has cleared the damage done as they say. We're backed up almost for. Meecham and coming through Holcombe city at standstill beginning around beech, street now the other problem we had twenty westbound that just popped. Up at Crawley James police thankfully were able to keep this confined to. The right shoulder but there is some slow. Rolling traffic from thirty five. W. Thanks to. You. Mike and the dark traffic tip hotline for this one. In Carrollton westbound turnpike before, Josie it's an accident in the two left lanes and traffic is solid to. Marsh in plano northbound on the. Tollway before the Sam Rayburn tollway there's an accident on the. Right shoulder and that backup is passed wind haven plus at the prosper Frisco line do you. Have, delays northbound on the tollway approaching three eighty also along the westbound lanes. Of three, eighty from Preston over to the tollway Angela chase your next, report at five thirty and breaking traffic alerts when they happen Rain chances continue right through the weekend now we're getting a break. Late this.

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