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"cliff david kenny jessica" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"I can't ever apologize to you enough. I can't do enough. I can't apologize you know it will go a long way saying I'm sorry and actually apologizing at all. No I didn't recognize the sorry is never going to be enough and I may never be able to make up to you what I did instead but I am sorry and I'm going to try to make a change that goes a hell of a lot further than personal doesn't reflect to him as a person and I can never apologize enough interesting how that's not an apology. I went Jackson apologized. She said I'm sorry if I offended you allergy so apology. Yes I have learned that in the past ten years of my life yes all right so then we disarm really what I want but I'm glad to see that can say some some some stuff on onstage onstage and then they wait another direction which I did not expect them to go but I was glad for it. They talked about the camp director thing and who Jackson banished for camp director and this is when things started go downhill for Jackson this when he really got the shift smacked out of them Liana with what's coming to him in the real world when Julie pointed out that that you know hey you banish these three people and Cliff David Kenny Jessica and cliff some viewers meaning all viewers thought ought to little races so what say you Jackson and he was even though I know I see Duman the Chad saying that they clearly prepared Jackson but I agree with that because got away with his pants down here early on yeah there's absolutely no way I mean judging on his reaction first of all to the question but then when they cut to commercial Marshall Break and you can see him talking to Holly. He's like Oh my God. Did you hear that I mean I just love you believe so for that so shocked and mouth. I'm not racist is what he was saying like. There's people who could clearly see what you're saying like. There's no way they prepare him for that. Oh my God it was so funny though because then his defense to that was well it's based on. I'm first impressions. Oh what might dictate a first impression Jackson. I don't see that like I don't see race. The Liberal leader he said yeah race played no factor in it and like it's really cute to say that when he obviously has no idea what an implicit biases that's the that's the thing he didn't walk in their same E. N. Word I mean it wasn't something overly racist that we can all identify but when you pick three minorities and the old guy I for banishment on day one. It's going to have a bad look and not only that I've talked about this before. I wanted to see what some of the preachers like Sam Bella what they thought the fact that you know the first three people that were victims from the house where all people of color it was like how can you not. How can you not see that it. Is it just something that you're oblivious to and if you don't notice the fact that the people who are victims from the House or Obi David and Kenny and then you know obviously clip on he's like in and then they just for shits and giggles there to make it four for four people of Color. It was like what are you doing. Do you not see the optics of what you're doing and it was like Liana was totally lost Jackson and the other houseguests. I guess even people like Tommy may not have been fully aware of how it looked in what I was asking home was. How can you not see this like. You never thought about the fact that everybody you're kicking out of color. I'm telling you Jackson doesn't see because Jackson doesn't see the of race above that I know I mean I think I actually really really appreciated David's answer because I think he addressed a He bridge the gap enough to say Jackson. Look I understand that you know. It was a game move. However there was implicit bias that was part of the situation and I hope hope that you know he can grow Jack and Jackson he addressed both of them can grow from the situation which I think that that's part of the issue of Jackson's at feel like he did anything wrong and so if one bit ever GonNa improve then he has to recognize that the things that he's doing our exact examples of implicit bias yeah that's the thing though I talked over him a little little bit when he said implicit bias and maybe it didn't get through Kirsten they did like almost everybody else got to have their say Jackson Jock Christie. All all of them got to have a full say and then when Davis talking. I'm making a really great point. Julie's okay sorry David. We don't that's not enough time like he should have been able to finish that thought yeah L. Well. We had to get into the really hot news of the Hour Matt where we get to confront nick with his bad behavior where he left the house or when you left the house bell left the house saying don't make me look stupid. I think they've been shared a couple. I love you is in there and then he goes to the jury he makes googly eyes with Cats Anza into kisses and whatnot I mean picks her up and it's all on camera and he knows it and not only that producer even asked him about it. He knew that the roosters asked him about it and he's like well. I was hoping they wouldn't show it googly eyes and kissing and whatever that's what's been going on Gerald. I don't want to get into this time. I have to watch myself here on the Primetime Primetime. JP Boasting Kirsten Yeah Yeah Yeah you know he was not ready for that. He will I tweeted. He was not ready to see Bella in any way he was not like. There's no point in his life where he would've been ready to see Bella again. After all of that I mean after he left the house. He was very clearly like all right. She's gone now. I'm just announcement assists again and obviously we saw he was Oliver. Tommy which was another story and then he gets to the jury house and he finds somebody he can actually like be with and probably was with pretty consistently. You ask what it looked like so yeah he he did not have any idea how to handle the situation and you can tell that she was very upset. You can tell from social so media that she has been very hurt by all of this and the two of them probably not going to be the best of friends outside the House to say the least not I I would say go sorry someone like that. Where Nicholas my mind win in a different direction. I wait the Jerry head. Your head went into wrong direction and obviously as I said previously in the PODCAST. Make sure so you get your questions in our. Ha P we're going to go to them in a minute. Here's Scott saint-pierre so mixture. You are getting your questions. If you want us to answer them. We talk about it. that's where my notes mad. Jackson wind six to three holly gets the votes of Nicole Jessica and cat. Do you have some pressing news. You WanNa talk about the the reason we're all celebrating tonight at the very end of the yes that I didn't look. Here's the thing I stopped writing at that point because I was so excited that it happens happen. The most important part of the episode will Nicole Winds America's favorite player. That was the most important part I was living for that and we will put a pin in that really quickly as we go to these questions so we will come back. I I'm sorry I just what are you doing well. What is this under his favorite player. I know you have to wear the Unicorn. I don't think they can see you right now. I'm pretty sure that equal yes scholars skype. They can see you sure if they could see all the question and the four of us but now they can see you so that's Great Okay Scott. You can put that question about this question from Lauren Brooke Liana. Who says can you all. Please discuss that Jackson's. Father Aka fish apparently always says there is always a bigger fish. Did you understand this question awesome hidden meaning. There's always a bigger fish. I don't know I'm not sure you although I will say fish like Bernie Sanders from behind says. I thought I thought who was up there but but yeah I don't know I don't know if that means maybe that's all part of the colloquialisms that Jackson used by the way column fish because he always says that this is definitely the possibility. I see some people in the chatter making fun of me that I made my screen name. Brent from RHA P. I was actually on my weekly meltdown and I had to put in my screen name so I put Brent from. HP The and then I haven't been back on streaming which is what we're using to stream since then so it just naturally came up because my computer remembered it and that's why I'm Britain from our HP and I if you guys didn't need a reminder then you have another one so this question from E. N. E. N. Rice says add ROB CICIRINO RHA Hashtag. If if there was a game called a big cliche is their number player in history who could compete with Jackson Aka Mickey. What do you what do you say met? Uh Tyler Tyler was big on those. I feel like I feel like Mickey's better better but if there was somebody to compete with them there depending on I just I I appreciate Ian for clarifying that it's Mickey in case. Any of us. Were confused. Wait who who is again. I'm confused okay. I'm going on a Kirsten. Take this one from friends of Han thirty three as much as I hate Jackson the player who played hard one. What does this mean for future future players. Will we have more cutthroat gamers on bb twenty two so this question talks about a little man talked about which is what effect will Jackson winning winning having played a really hard game line his pants off the final five unsuccessfully coming through basically treating cliff like shit out the door at the final four and still winning the game. What does that say about the players and bb twenty two and how aggressive they might be. I think that there is a chance that we will continue to see more aggressive games. Get rewarded but I think that's something to consider is always at the end of the day. These are real people that are experiencing real emotions and if the player who plays the hardest is not able to own their game in a way that makes the jury feel okay voting for them then they're not going to get the votes and so that's that's also something to consider like Jackson was able to own his game enough that it made people feel like okay. I can vote for him right whereas if if someone doesn't own own et and tries to lie about what they did and pretend they're not as cut throat as they were. I think that will go the exact same way. The last few years have gone yeah. It was oh. I can't remember who was maybe he was mad at him. Maybe you made a point of saying that some of Jackson's worst behavior was to the pre jurors and I felt like that the jury itself and the people that made ended up. We're really able to wash their hands of Kirstein and not really take too much too hard. Maybe Kat did but I felt like that you know since then she'd revealed but she knows holly. I'm guessing she revealed. She knows holly that it was. Maybe seen the the the the on deaf ears. I felt like so with vote. The Jackson was never going to get and no one ever really took that seriously the whole season anyway so I don't think she was really going to be in a position to sway the vote so I I think that's probably true at real sunny twenty says. Do you think any of the house guests changed their votes. After hearing out Jackson Holly Matt I felt like that they didn't change their votes but I felt like Mickey actually persevered and got a couple of votes that maybe could have gone against him if he had answered badly with cliffs question especially in terms of owning his game athletic again like I said he owned it just enough to make sure he kept that vote from from cliff yeah. I think the way that I saw the votes tonight was that they were pretty locked in from the start. I definitely think I see your point that maybe maybe they could have changed if his answers were worse than they were and you know people didn't like what he had to say but it did feel like the votes were kind of locked the vote.

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