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"cleveland playhouse" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Some of the stuff that like them, and you know, I'm supposed to direct something they season. What a play. You know that I love what? I'm borrowed time. Oh, with whom? With Sam Waters business. She will do it all the one of people who were in this soon production way hit so when the pandemic hit, So are you planning to do it? Where, again on zoom or on Broadway or earlier plea on broadly, But, you know, we couldn't see what happens with Broadway. Well, what is going to happen to it now? You know all these things I don't know. You know, the answer is no. I'm asking you. I'm the questioner here. What are you going to do What you hear is going to happen and Broadway. You know, I'm frankly curious and excited and worried. Actually, I'm terrified. Because look, I'm not on Broadway, but I'm a theatergoer if you sit in one of those crowded little seats, tiny seats, which Everybody is scrunched together. If a guy behind you coughs, it goes all over your shoulders. How are you possibly going to keep people separated and segregated? How is that going to happen? And backstage? There are actors and their technicians and people are singing into one another's throats. How will then? Work solutions better safe. I'm certain because otherwise there'll be nothing. Right. Well, I thought maybe you might have some ideas because I don't make you think, because you note I don't because the fact of the matter is, if you don't I definitely don't So going back to all your Europe Times on Broadway. I've been on Broadway. I've I've been in pro programs and I have screwed up lines Did Did you ever screw up yours and I once lost a petty coat, The elastic broken it fell down while I was on stage. Have you ever screwed up your lines ever? Not often. Well, how do you cover e? Don't know. I leave the stage know how do you cover? How do you How do you cover up? How does an actual cover up if he blows the line, either very artfully or poorly. Run if you're nervous, Yeah, you condone finesse it. So the question is. How do you finesse it? One of these parts of the craft. So how did a Joel Gray start in the first place? How did you get into show business? Well, I'd like to know Cindy Adam Scott. Into show business, But he's so listen. Show me yours and I'll show your mind. Oh, listen, This is not the place to talk about these kinds of things. This is another subject, but let's go back to how you actually began to you. Did you did So now tell me. How did Joel Gray start in the first place? Seriously? Well, I always kind of like, have that sense of wanting to act or be a part of him's shore or something as a small child, Remember walking down the aisle? At the wedding of one of my expense. And I was the ring bearer and my grandfather Mac is the pillar. Made me a white tuxedo. I was money, leaving two ft High and I walked down the aisle with the ring. And never remember people saying Mm. Oh, he Yes. Yes. You were one of those people Get out of here. Will you? Shut up? Yeah, no new. Cool. Yeah. Go, go, go, go. What? Well, what was your first show? Where did you start that You love so no, don't welcome my little, you know, ring Bever my first performance. So after you ring bore Where did you go? Where did you go Backstage Off Broadway. How did you start? I went to a show at the Cleveland Playhouse. Yeah, which was a very important serious theater. In Cleveland and I saw a play there. My mom took me and I think that was eight. And I remember sitting there and pointing quietly to the stage is sent to my mom. I want to do with that. Yeah, and she enrolled me in the curtain pullers, which is the Children's group, and you know a number of other little Kid parts and then I was auditioned from one of the adult productions and it was a play called on Borrowed time. Okay, Now I know how you started. It took me 12 questions to find out how you started. Just tell me one more. Because then I have to go for coffee. How do you spell GRE? Ey, I or a Y que cheesy stuff first. Damn good thing you sell on the whole interview lover. Goodbye, Joe. I love you to pieces. Guess what? Yeah, back at you. Thanks, honey. My Coming up tomorrow morning.

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