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"clementi maze" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"clementi maze" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Can call us. Three one two, three three two three seven seven six. If you have an item you think might have value will try to give an estimate of what it might sell for INA current Huggins, and Scott Ochsner, even if it's worth putting in, here's something that's in the July Huggins and Scott action, that's a little different than I'd like to have a gen Belushi signed album page with the inscription. Irene bond. Vijay is KOMO and then Saturday night. Live New York City. And it's the Saturday Night Live. New York City, I would love to have that, that would be awesome. So that's going to be running in the Huggins and Scott auction bidding begins, July, twenty eighth goes through August eighth and Bill, you guys will be set up at the national with a lot of items on display. Correct. Oh, yeah. Really one that we just got up dedicated. I think this game through you to the Andre the giant thing. Oh, yes, yes. One of our listeners. Yes. And the bid was good and macgyver the day. They were like really made. They've seen very, very few up. Yeah. When I was trying to look up value. I've found one or two things, and that's it. So that that's going to do really well that'll be cool. That'll be fun. He was the gentle giant. He was such a man. Yeah. He really was. He died, the national. In the back there. Yeah. Very nice. Okay. We've got some callers learns can you get to? All right. We've Tim from sycamore on the line. What's up Tim in learning? How are you? Good. Hey, I've got some I got a collection, probably three or four hundred baseball cards with fifty sixty or seventies nice. You have any rookie hall of famers or any mantle Clementi maze. Aaron. There's, there's several Aaron cards in there. There's there's two Mickey Mantle cards in there. I really gone through them all they know exactly what's in there, very nice. What type of condition are they did you against the wall? Put them in your spokes. Or did you have in shape? Some of them are somewhat used me. And my brother had him in the somewhere, my dad's to handle, so they are somewhat used and a little beat up. Not terrible though. They've been stored for probably forty years now. So there in decent shape, turn out. Well, that sounds like dependent on the years and the condition. I mean, that sounds a little collection. It'd be good to send a Huggins only think, Bill with, with just those guys in it, depending on the years in condition. Posterchild stuff for what we have twenty nine thousand bidders for. You know how twenty nine thousand that's awesome. Yes. Only at likely had said, you can call Huggins and Scott, three zero one six zero eight zero three five five with how to get him sent into them. Or you can always try to bring them in the triple crown in Naperville. I don't know how far away are from Naperville. But I take things in Mondays and Tuesdays Kenny have to take appointments because. The store going in and gets a pretty good amount of guys. So you know, if you think you want to bring it in there. Just gimme college crown. Let me know him. We'll set something up. Also got a a ticket from the nineteen thirty two World Series all bring that to Wrigley field. Oh, nice. Yeah. That's what type of condition is that it's pretty good condition. We can read the whole thing that the colors really good. Now, Bill was nice. Would you get that graded first or would you just run it how nice would it have? That would determine if the condition of it would determine whether it's worthwhile to get grain or it'll get the same money ungraded. That was the cubs versus the Yankees thirty two Babe Ruth called shack. It was a game after the game before okay? Still a cool item. That game but it was the same series series. That's awesome. That would be neat. That would be a really good item to run. Yeah. That that's, that's going to have some good value to it. So Tim, you know, getting touched some time or or call biller Ricky at Huggins and Scott and, and they'll help you out with getting it to them. All right. Very good. All right. Thanks. That's neat stuff. I let's see. Well, let's just go to lurches. Howson from Chicago. What do you have their house in? Morning. Hi. I look. Ninety s my father elections, but I have a Bank baseball from Carlson fish, and I also have the same baseball by Jack. I would think if those are Fenwick signatures, the two of them would probably together be in the hundred hundred fifty range. They sign a pretty good amount of stuff and, you know, they've been around the area for a while sign and things for people. So they're not really that short printed, but very collectible, so Bo Jackson and his prime. That's one of the top athletes ever if he didn't get hurt to see what he could have done with his career in either sport baseball our football. He would like climb the wall. It's like either you can't do that. Don't try, please try anymore. Could do it. His wall was patted to it didn't have like. Think that Eli seems like a jovial guy Kim. Hold team. Seems to be having a good time, which makes them in itself, makes them more fun to why they actually layers being a Cup jammed in anti White Sox, most of my life. But now I'm kind of watching they're fun to watch for sure. It's always fun to watch young team with a talented young team. Come together and get better. So obviously a spirited effort. Yeah. Nothing is worse than a bunch of old veterans that are underachieving. Oh my God. Just slug it around and moan and complain. And that's the worst. So let's see here some other things in the Huggins and Scott auction, here's a couple of items nineteen. Oh, nine to eleven t to six Jim della, Hannity Brown Hindu back, PSA four, none have been graded better than that. That's interesting. He played thirteen season with eight clubs including his rookie year. Nineteen o one with the Chicago. Orphans other turned into the Chicago Cubs with a different name in the old days. The nickname was changed to the cubs by the daily news in oh two but not officially the cubs until nineteen seventy. That I didn't realize. Two two. Absolutely. Dame them orphans, though, originally. I would there was some two million. I didn't care that much about it. We look. And here's one with this name. How do you not say this one at to six topsy soul old mill back? I'm like, okay. Who is this gap? See her, I was wondering if even made it, and it turns out, he was on the nineteen o one Chicago or was he really? Oh, he. Teammates. He hit three thirty five with seven homers and fifty four RBI's with a four fourteen. I'm base percentage and one sixty one plus pretty good. See nineteen. Absolutes thud. Then this is a PSA six with an old mill back that card. My do pretty well. I'm bill. Oh, yeah. Time you get sixes or better on on t to sixties. You're looking at hundreds of dollars. Yeah. That'll be interesting to see how that does fourteen seasons. Listen to his hundred sixty two game average to seventy six four homers, forty one RBI's thirty steals in seven triples. He must've been. Yup. And a one twenty eight plus so that'll be interesting to see the see how some of those graded tobacco cards do because you don't see him that often. It's real name was Frederick or was it really Frederick, Hertzel and tops. Make me look that up too. I thought so. It was one hundred years ago. They had the little. And the guy came into my store, one time, and he said, he's looking for a boo pal card and I, he wanted a rookie card showed him. The says, John. Bobby? Well, he's brother was named turvy. That's where the whole thing came topsy..

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