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Fresh "Clearview" from Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

00:41 sec | 1 hr ago

Fresh "Clearview" from Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

"Near and New Brunswick and J Transit buses, private carrier buses. With cross honoring Western ally in Queens by the ClearView Gotta crash there. One lane is out lots of roadwork, jamming things up in Jersey tonight East on Route three into Riverside, Albany, Rutherford That's bumper to bumper. A couple lanes out Delays right back into Clifton, also on 80 East down the local lanes, all jammed up exits 64 to 67. With that construction work again, local lanes are jammed up, Go with the express lanes and instead and also in the westbound North Day extension. Pretty busy across the North Bay Bridge where we do have left lane construction work tonight, Inbound George Upper deck. Getting ready to set up that upper level construction work that will be blocking three lanes. Things pretty quiet. Both plays at the Lincoln in college. Now, the forecast for the WCBS Weather Center just a lingering, spotty shower early this evening. Otherwise, we'll turn out partly cloudy,.

Inbound George Upper Deck Queens New Brunswick J Transit Wcbs Weather Center North Bay Bridge Rutherford Clifton Riverside Albany
Fresh "Clearview" from Boomer and Gio

Boomer and Gio

01:01 min | 12 hrs ago

Fresh "Clearview" from Boomer and Gio

"New York. From the tension wins Traffic center. I'm Karen Stewart with the supply house dot com Fan Highway Patrol. We've got big train issues with F D N Y extinguishing a track fire. In the East River Tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan, Brooklyn, bound for fives or other ending a Grand Concourse, Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall or Bowling Green, Bronx bound fours are still holding in stations in Brooklyn and Sir. Five trains are on the two line between Nevins Street, 149 Street Grand Concourse, Speaking of the Bronx westbound side of the cross, Bronx approaching White Plains Road, There was a crash there. It is blocking the right lane and were cleared of two accidents on the eastbound alive on the L I e. I should say. Eastbound, the ClearView that's gone and westbound at Queens Boulevard that one's gone to responsible spectrum business. Now, more than ever, small businesses need the best Internet and phone solutions of the best value. The spectrum business is proud to help offering new customers one month of Internet voice and TV service for free. Is a business dot spectrum dot com Today, learn more. I'm Karen Stewart with the supply house dot com Found Highway Patrol. Look, people are ready for hair that doesn't This isn't a grilled cheese I'm making. It's a melty masterpiece that deserves a kitchen worthy of greatness. Looks like my part is full of packages again. It also looks like my compulsive.

Karen Stewart Brooklyn Brooklyn Bridge New York East River Tunnel City Hall
Fresh "Clearview" from Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane

Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane

00:31 min | 13 hrs ago

Fresh "Clearview" from Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane

"This. He said He thought he looked like the lone Ranger. Well, Hiyo Silver at 8 48 Thank you, Stephen Sponsor Now by Spectrum business, Here's Tom Kaminsky. We go back over to the inbound Go on its north Bound beach away from the belt right up for the Brooklyn Bridge on the outbound side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Six metre volume there, too. We've had heavy delays on the L I e westbound in from Queens Boulevard. We have a collision and on the eastbound side at the Clearview We had a crash just east of the clearly so we're very heavy there A cz you start from the south bound side of the clearview onto the eastbound side of the L I e lots of volume. Now on the eastbound side of the or I should say the westbound side of the cross Bronx from about the area of Jerome Avenue over to the outbound G W B. The midday roadwork is in place. So we're very heavy there. The inbound George looks good. Lincoln and Holland also looked to be in pretty good shape. Although seeing some delays at the traffic lights in Jersey City of the inbound side of the Holland Tunnel, I'm Tom Kaminski and the WCBS traffic center. Let's learn all about the weather. That's on our way is to go to the five day forecast in for Craig Allen this morning. Here's our meteorologist Bill Digger. Well way. We're approaching the middle of summer here over the.

Brooklyn Bridge Tom Kaminsky Bound Beach Bill Digger Tom Kaminski Queens Boulevard Hiyo Silver Holland Tunnel Holland Craig Allen Jersey City Lincoln George