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Mother of Tears - A Podcast Preview

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Mother of Tears - A Podcast Preview

"One thousand years reach trapped was bed shorts exceed by threes for years that will deal is bringing deaths and distraction event. The neetu. Superior other signs mater Lacrima. The mother t. And may two tendon Bravo. The mother of darkness. Hello listeners now playing podcast. This is Jacob and I'm here to tell you about our fall donation series. Yes, it's fall the pumpkin spice in the air. It's also in our coffee and our pop tarts and are orios, and even our pumpkin pie. But fall ball means October. And that means Halloween. And that means we need to discuss some scary and spooky movies, and we're kicking that off right away with our silver level donation series that I'm here to talk to you about. We're calling this the three mother series, and they're all about the films of Italian master of for Dario are Gento kicking it off with the three mothers trilogy that includes suspicious and fern, oh, and the mother of tears. And then we're gonna. Throw in another film of his the nominal or creepers, and that's all gonna lead up to remake of spirit coming out later in November. I'll tell you more about the donations Aries, but first, here's a preview of the mother of tears. Wanna point out. The score is a goblin acolyte. This is the leave visionary, you know, they don't really have singers, but the guy most associate with goblin Claudio Symonette day did the demons score as well, at least the first film. And yeah, I feel like he saw the it sounds a whole lot like Jerry goal score in that film a lot of chanting choirs. I watched this movie early in the morning and when I came out my ninety eight year old grandmother had woken up and she goes, oh, that was very pretty music. You should play that every morning. I was watching a movie. Maybe I should just play for Choon a- and some gothic, classical music every morning. 'cause she was apparently grooving to the track. Yeah, although, every now and then it becomes like a nineties new wage like remember that group 'nigma like, yeah, it does become like what they get to those sexy scenes. It does have a different five to, but anyway, the plots if we must a, we start in the video cemetery where they're digging up the casket of a night accidentally. They were not purposely digging that casket from what I could tell these very surprised at there's a gasket as they're digging up a cemetery completely inept. I mean, the backhoe falls into it. I then they're like, oh my God. There's a call Pitt where they're nights in eighteen fifteen. I didn't think so. That seemed like a big really ended log, but we're going to get. Actually, this cartoon prologue explains g he was the only one that could carry this earn full of Domon. Artifacts to the basket. For some reason, they're going to take the pope of this thing, and then he died in this town of bitter row, and that's probably who's buried here and why they have these remains. It scares the Monsignor enough to contact the expert in the field at the museum of ancient art. Maybe I'm a different understanding would earn is I think that's what you put someone's ashes in. This is just a box full of artifacts that technically earn. Yeah, I would think that it would be more shaped like a vase if nothing else. Yeah, I thought it was going to be like, is this the cremated, which it's a box of statues and like an old pagan dress in it yet time capsule. Used to bury for grade school? Yeah, that's kind of what this is and they're completely fine with the body will bury it later, but the earn that we're going to seal with a candle in a very pain staking process to wax it shots and ship it off. I'm just grinning how contrived it's silly this is it shows up. And of course the expert Michael is not there so is just going to dive in and crack it. Open pricking her finger like we just know where this is going. This was the opening to the first alone of the door film wasn't. Oh, yeah, I definitely got this was alone in the dark. Three hit feels like one of those direct videos, but more fun. I wanted to say ova bowl finds a way of rehashing cliches in which they feel pain staking through here. I'm laughing a lot when this curator gets gutted essentially, and then choke with their own energy. That is a stroke of brilliance. I just wish this old are Gento. Shooting that would've looked great. I'm having a hard time seeing this on my DVD. It is so dark, but at least we got older Gento as far as we're just gonna have crazy stuff because there's like a monkey that shows up and it's howling I guess that's what this mother of tears use. The finder victims send the monkeys after them, but we've always had animal attacks. It was a bat and Spiro. It was a cat and a rat in cats rats, bats, I think of those with witches, not monkeys. Yeah. Well, we haven't gotten to phenomena yet, but there is a very member actually, Jennifer Connelly lost some of our finger to monkey onset. Yes, so we'll see some killer monkeys when we get to that film. It was kind of almost a three mothers movie. That's kind of awesome. I'm with Stuart. This is silly fun, and the copy I watched was bright enough. I definitely think Jake of you're telling me you probably got the DVD released stateside. Yes, I had the DVD. Yeah, they apparently gave it no love this French blue. Ray went through and tweaked everything because at no point did I go? I can't see that. Here's what I would say up to this point are generalists made probably a lot of bad films, but he was always treated as an artist because he painted with light because his films technically looked certain way and he cared so much about that presentation that you were always willing to call them an artist even when it was bad art. This ain't the work of an artist. This is no master of horror working here. This is hack of horror is what we got here, and so you're going to have to adjust to that. I just very well to that in part because I've never thought Dario agenda was a master of core. I think he was the guy that kind of bumbled through bed story lines and gave us memorable moments. Keep in mind some of those other masters of horror. I mean, again, we've got west craven Toby Hooper at believe. John carpenter was in there. Not all of them have immense visual style, Mick Garris. Stephen king's bitch. Yes. The Shiming TV movie. Master of or given that, I think it's okay. I'll admit this is not feel like an origin so film as I have come to stereotype them. This feels like the sequel that's made by some other director. You bring in Fred Dekker or somebody and say, here are gentiles producing. We've got this other person directing, that's just how it feels to me. But I'm not going to say that's the end of the world because I'm having fun with what's being done. But yet these three movies, if I were to watch them all in a row, none of them feel like the other stylistically where I'd think they were the same series. Oh, I feel like spirit inferno. Like that's the same director. This feels like something totally different to me, and some of that is time and some of that is the fact that our Gento had been working been edited. And then suddenly people were like, you can do whatever you want. And so he's going to hear. I mean, this opening kill tells me we're back to old are Gento. It's possibly because I've been watching some of his. Nineties movies, which are so dry and boring to see him really just go for it here with these. I don't know if they're witches or just like troll creatures. They ended up getting cut out of the climax. They were supposed to be their own thing, but these three monsters come and take this curator and put something in her mouth that breaks off our teeth and then the gutter. And I just love the fact that our intestines become a news. If you want to hear the rest of that review, you can head over to now plane podcasts dot com. Click on the donation banner at the top of the page. You're going to get all the details how to donate through pay pal or pod being or become a pod being patron. Lot of different ways you could donate to help the show now for silver level that's going to get you this three mother series, which again is spirit nineteen, seventy six inferno. The mother of tears. Phenomenon answer, spirit, twenty eighteen the remake. You could get those five shows for ten dollars or more. But if you need more spooks in scares and haunts this fall season, you could go to the gold level thirty dollars or more. You're gonna get the m night Shamlan thriller series. All of his major motion pictures, starting with the six cents up to the new film glass coming out. January, but if you want nineteen bonus podcast sixteenth not good enough, you got to go platinum forty dollars or more. We're going to throw in Jamie Lee. Curtis, she's back in Halloween that shows going to be on the regular feed. We're going to do the Jamie Lee. Curtis scream Queen series of nineteen eighty. That includes the fog from night both the nineteen eighty versions not to seek, they'll be discussed, I'm sure and tear train. So for forty dollars or more, you get nineteen bonus podcasts, but maybe you want even more. We'll regard more because we have a couple of older donation series that are getting new releases. You could go frost. Yes. Past Halloween, we're getting into December. You could go frosty level. This is our Simon Pegg. Nick frost series, Shawna the day, hot fuzz, the world's end. Paul attack the block. Those shows have already been done. You're gonna get them. Right away. As soon as you make that donation and your donation gets processed, you'll get those shows. And then early next year there's a new film with Simon Pegg, Nick frost slaughterhouse rules. You're going to get that show. That's twenty five shows that's half a year almost of shows for fifty dollars or more. But if that's still not enough, say you want, I don't know. Let's pick a random number thirty three bonus podcast. Find that four leaf clover. It's our lucky clover level. Yes, leprechaun's somehow it's a Christmas miracle, I guess somehow leprechaun's getting a new movie and will be there to review it, reviewed all the previous installment. So again, once your donations processed, you'll get a link, you'll get those shows. And then when the new one comes out again next year early next year, you'll get our review of leprechaun returns that may be the scariest thing. The scariest film of all these ones having to go back to another leprechaun film with those are the detail. For this year's fall, twenty eighteen donation series again up to thirty three podcasts that you could get over six months of additional shows. If the totally free Tuesday shows that come out every week aren't enough for you, you can donate and get more and what do we do with that donation. We use it to put back into the show, reuse it for technical things. Computer's microphone servers, reuse it because we gotta go to all these movies and Siham and Netflix accounts and all of that. Just just to be able to see all this stuff for you guys talk about him. That's what your donation is doing. Its hoping keeping the show going. So again, go to now playing podcast dot com. You can get all the details there by clicking on the donation banner at the top. Thank you for listening. We'll be back Tuesday with another free show. In the past. It was meant to be. Making full, give to Sarah. I can speak anymore. I belong to another. Now use your gifts, Houston. Then guns in media Inc is not affiliated with. And this podcast has not been prepared approved or licensed by any entity that created the film analyzed here in mysterious parts that book. But the only true mystery is that very lives governed people all movie clips and music included in this podcast or the intellectual property of their respective copyright holders. They're included here for the purpose of review, and no infringement is intended. Maybe. But doesn't which age. They don't want to be different. I'm. Mr. Justice slave. Now, playing podcast is an exclusive trademark of and may not be used without the express written permission of then Gaza media Inc they can seek even the dance with those who whatever reason. Now playing is been guns in media production. Copyright twenty eighteen and no part of this show maybe reproduced repurpose or redistributed without the written permission of in Gaza media Inc all rights reserved.

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