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"claudio slam" Discussed on Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas

Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas

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"claudio slam" Discussed on Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas

"Were you know running the vietnam war for a long time. There's no obvious idea that. Because if kennedy had been robert kennedy. Bobby kennedy had been elected. He would have gotten us out of vietnam. Politicians are tricky. They say things and they don't end up doing them all the time. So i don't know enough about that era to say how devoted or how influential he would have been actually make that happen. And as far as watergate is concerned watergate was an example of agree gio abuse of power illegal actions on the part of the president but it also led to reforms of the system. You know the ability to have special prosecutors and things like that so maybe it would have been worse overall. If watergate had not happened if i were to imagine ideal histories i would have wanted to stop some terrible massacres tragedies genocides right like the holocaust or various other terrible things that happened. There is a little bit more cut and dried to me that if that had not happened the world would be better on the other hand. I don't know like if it comes to either assassinating or not assassinating one person. I'm not what not at all sure. What would need to happen to guarantee that the holocaust would not have happened. Yeah you can say will kill baby hitler. That's the usual thing to say but it's not at all obvious to me that the social forces wouldn't have led to something more or less similar to what actually happened in world war two. I don't know maybe they wouldn't. But i just don't know claudio slam says about a moua the interstellar visitor. We had that. We talked about with envelope while his speed was notably high for solar system standards twenty six point three kilometers per second relative to the sun. It's still very low. Compared to the speed of light would we have noticed anything weird had the movie was dash been a hundred thousand times faster. Is it conceivable that a material object can be accelerated to relativistic speeds by accession of pushes from stars or other massive bodies so it certainly would have been much weirder if a who's been one hundred thousand times faster so if you think about what is going on in our galaxy the stars moving around and you know with respect to each other and around the center of the galaxy the typical speed you should have in mind is something like a couple hundred kilometers per second okay. Two hundred kilometers per second three hundred kilometers per second something like that. That's the typical speed that stars and other objects have in the galaxy. So that's the speed. You expect everything to have with respect to everything else on average okay. This is why we made the point. That in some sense move. Speed is anomalous. Low twenty six kilometers per second is lower than three hundred kilometers per second but if it had been three thousand kilometers per second that will be an all mostly high and that would be weird. So yes that would be weird. Is it conceivable that something could actually be celebrated that fast. You know it's conceivable but it's very very unlikely Things do get pushed around by passing by stars but it happens slowly and gradually An every little pushes very tiny and sometimes the pushes go in opposite directions from each other right so you certainly do not expect things to be accelerated to very very fast speeds and i should go further than that. You certainly don't expect things to be accelerated to relativistic speeds near the speed of light. Because once they're accelerated to the escape velocity of the galaxy. They escape from the galaxy and they're no longer being accelerated by a gravitational assists from nearby stars. And things like that so there is an upper limit to speeds you expect for things that are galaxy namely the escape velocity. That is fair in christie's says a priority question. You guys are using up your priority questions..

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