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"class warfare bloomberg" Discussed on Ron Paul Liberty Report

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"class warfare bloomberg" Discussed on Ron Paul Liberty Report

"Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty report with me. Today is Dan you make atoms are co host Daniel. Good to see you. How are you this morning? Dr Paul Good. I've sure you work real hard studied about events and all about this election going on and I just wonder if anything much is really changes. So we're going to pick your brain today about that and say a quick so well I did. I watched a good bit of it but I was anticipating. I have to see when the sex she comes up to our thing. I was waiting for the subject of foreign policy to come out but I waited to the last ten minutes and Said if the next word is not dealing with foreign policy of giving up so. I doubt if they ever mentioned anything about foreign policy but of course the whole thing was you know had nothing to do with with a debate because if if they had an important issue you know whether it's foreign policy. Monetary policy deficits financing The welfare state of state corporatism. And that never came up. The only thing I could see in this whole thing. That came up was who got to pass out the loot. It was an argument for who who gets to write the checks and You know we have a commander in chief the military But the The are in the name. I'd like to give them what they're arguing for is. Is The plunderer cheat? Because that's what they're doing. They talk they talk about trillions and trillions of dollars. Well they don't have to pay their bills back here. Everything is free and no matter what the problem is but they want to be in charge of it and of course the one question they don't ask never asked one. Is this affect anybody's rights to Pass out so much at. Who's how's it going to be paid for totally irrelevant in? You know they. They never mentioned Federal Reserve. Can you imagine that they didn't they didn't bring that up so It was the usual stuff and It was a little bit Expected One thing that crossed my mind as I was watching because there was a lot of junk going back for the song came back. A- where are the clowns they send in the cons and then the next line in the lyrics is don't bother they're here that might be pretty appropriate. It was terrible at one time. It was going back and forth. I'm pretty sure I remember this correctly. you know. Bloomberg wasn't they didn't give him time but he didn't do much with it when he got it but he was sitting there out of quiet and we're going back and forth and back and forth and he looked over. He said you know what he says. If the more people hear this and he points to him you know of of your discussion. The votes trump's going to get and I thought well you know all of a sudden he said something. Very very accurate probably. Yes that's true. And there's a really a quick debate summary Class Warfare Bloomberg has Tara because he's so rich. He's terrible accusations of sexual harassment unhinged breathless attacks on him constantly racism of stop and Frisk you know. Some of this stuff is legitimate but it was just attack after attack after attack now sort of had the feeling the other candidates were grateful because they finally have someone else that they can all hate in addition to trump. And that's what it felt like it you know. Neither of us are fans of Bloomberg. He's an absolute authoritarian. But you almost kind of felt. Sorry for him. The others were so bad. He almost look good by comparison just kind of sitting there and keeping his mouth shut. You know the The whole thing is is socialism is a big issue. And they're they're they don't accept the principle that there's a lot of definitions lot of variety and for me what they're talking about. You solve your problems. In a voluntary way in a free and our pre market or free assistant designed for freedom or is it. The authoritarian is doing this so often leads to some form of of socialism. And I happen to think that you know you can spot which way they're going and I think the socialism the authoritarian Nazem of Bloomberg is a sense of more to a fascist state. And I think what was sanders is doing. It would be more of a traditional communist date but I you know Brumberg mention that. Oh boy understand that at all. You called me a communist your com economy. In a way I don't think Bernie actually visualizes that he would like to instill Soviet communism in this country. That's beside the point. It's it what you endorsed principles in your endorsed and what direction you go. And he wants people to stop calling him. A communist socialist is okay but I would say in a way. We shouldn't call him. We should qualify. We shouldn't for Bernie Sanders actually believes in Russian communism the Soviet system. But that would i. We could agree not to do that if he would agree. And all of them you make this mistake. They blame free-market market capitalism and for everything and I highly resented. We've talked about this a lot. That the problems we have is capitalism which will turn. I don't work in a way. They're inferring too much freedom. So much free enterprise and we have to stop that so they they do exactly what they complain about their called. Communists within they also say that we have to do is stop what we have because we hate we hate capitalism and freedom and too many choices. We have to save the people from themselves. And that's why you need. A need is but if they had to answer the question how much authoritarianism how much for somebody guns do. You need to collect all this money and to a police. The world is the worst police state in the world on what they're talking about but Now they're not going to think there turns because they see themselves in many ways as godlike you know they're going to solve social problems economic problem and they're certainly not bashful solving the world's problem so it's all it's It's all authoritarianism with the use of force and it's unlimited as far as the government is concerned It's only the people that misuse guns and violence. It's never the government. The government never never makes a mistake when they're using guns and also the people who drink too big sodas ago. But you know our good friend. Robert Wins L. I think has one of the best quotes about the debate. He said this was all about candidates sparring over details of various interventionist programs. Perhaps it became most absurd when the six statists debated the so-called differences between socialism communism and capitalism. As if they knew they they pretend but I I generally try to avoid some of those terms because there are so many variations. It's interventionism I use it time But the other one is the authoritarian. You know they pretend they're not authoritarians they WANNA bring bring freedom and justice to the people but I if you look at what the Democrats were doing in this in this recent Russia. Gate squabble on the impeachment. I don't think they were much interested in justice before the law so we have a long way to go on that but I do think that. How -nology if you look at that that there's a bunch of clowns there and but I think they're dangerous clowns and this is this is something that will not solve the problems they they they do not ever ever talk about The Concept of liberty or the purpose of government that that that wouldn't even have across their mind. It would have been pretty neat if somebody would have popped up a question. What do you think the purpose of government ought to protect liberty and not run the world? Run the economy and tell people how to. Drink Coca Cola taste thing. Is that what? The purpose of government is an interesting way of measuring popular of course polls are interesting and and they can be manipulated. But there's kind of a better way in some ways which is a skin in the game which is looking at the betting market the futures market on the different candidates. We actually have something. We saw zero hedge today if we can put up that first chart kind of interesting and it shows the strength of sanders and this is a continuous rise of sanders from October. And here he shot up after the debate and Look what happened to Bloomberg? He shot way down after the debate. That's the orange the dark oranges Bloomberg and just below Bloomberg you can see Biden and Buddha judge sort of Duke it out and you see Buddha judge taking a hike Biden has had precipitous fall from late in December. So that looks about where we are. It looks like Bloomberg's bubble has burst artificial bubble. Anyway that I think the press the media and the elites blew up You know and then it's been destroyed. I think in last night's debate. You know the way they approach. Is they assume that they can fool everybody all the time but I think just a reasonably knowledgeable twelve year old. Might ask the question. How do you pay for this? You Know How do you pay for all this free stuff? And of course they never talk about that and the one thing they don't talk about it and they probably don't have a good understanding about it because they believe that they can just redistribute wealth. And everybody's GONNA be happy not realizing that with the monetary system. We have in what they WANNA DO AND HAVE WEALTH TAXES. They destroy wealth they destroy. Well not only do they want the wealth it's already been created by redistribution but they also destroy productivity people who has created a lot of wealth. Why are they going to continue to do it? They're going to quit they. You know the the tax codes when they make a sharp. You Know Sanders have you know. I don't WANNA make everybody. You know equal to twenty thousand dollars a year. We'll have a we'll have a cutoff. We would never take all their money but he gave a number. It's pretty when you're talking to a billionaire in but they never want to understand the ramifications and they in their own minds. They believe that they are creating economic justice. But I would think some If you look into the individual lifestyles of most of them I mean sanders doesn't live in a tent. You know and He's still he's still bleeding heart and And and scheming that they do the maneuvering and the lying and the fibbing. A clown is much too nice attorneys. They're they're not clowns they're able to do or because people who use government force you legal to take from one person to another their plunders. They're they're they're they're committing theft and they never get charged without They should be enforced to explain. Why is it that if I go to person a and take half what have and give it to person be who doesn't have anything and if he doesn't cooperate either shoot him or put him in prison? Yeah what kind of society is. Why should anybody go to work? You know it's it's so sad. They don't they don't look at the principal. They look at how wonderful they are because they They're compassionate people and they're doing this and it's all going to be better because look how bad look at what freedom has done to our country. Of course we've talked so often about all this this compassionate and foreign policy compassion with monetary policy compassion with death. And they've turned that around and they're gonNA blame anybody who talks about liberty and that we are guilty for the conditions we have but not too many conservatives. We'll talk our message. You know they sort of fell into the trap..

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