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"clarksburg wssc" Discussed on WTOP

"All traffic currently stop there as a result of response on scene single vehicle that struck a construction site and also hit the impact to 10. You later as one of the jersey walls have right near the exit ramp. So again for the moment, all traffic stop D C to 95 South before the 11th Street Bridge. We're also checking for an additional accident reported as being on South and DC, to 95 in the area. Benning Road. Apparently the listener are person who called it in was talking about this crash. So there is no secondary crashed just the one on the scene. 2 95 south just before the inbound 11th Street Bridge now elsewhere, and Prince George's county authorities with the crash on Ritchie Road, just south rich marble, Roger and the police direction there as result, serious accident under investigation involving a pedestrian and rock folk closes Montrose right each way between Montrose Park Many's Jefferson Street again. Traffic turned away from that area in each direction. As result unclear how long they'll be out there with the investigation. Been Clarksburg Wssc crews that last voice still on the scene of the water Main break again. Folks are being you are able to get by now. Single found each direction on 3 55 in the area Forman Boulevard. The good news is Lyman slide, not causing any delays to 70 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway in good shape. I'm 95 South and in the area, the Protection River Bridge. Remnants of the earlier crash remain along the right side on the right shoulder all lanes. Are currently open score big comfort Savings and smells Black Friday. Total heating event. Call 855 49 smell or does it smell heating and air dot com Rich 100 of you terribly traffic rich. Thank you. That weekend is now upon us. Let's get your storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC force Mike Stanford. Mostly cloudy skies tonight will give way to some gradual clearing after midnight and overnight lows being the low to mid forties..

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