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"clark stinger" Discussed on Clark Howard Show

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05:29 min | 4 months ago

"clark stinger" Discussed on Clark Howard Show

"I hope you're having a great day so far. My day is about to get so much better because I get to hear about what I have not done well for you and today's Clark stink segment. Christy gets so happy when we get to do Clark stinks. Also, in this show, I'm asked so often about buying gold. Do you want to do an awesome power? Yeah. And so it's something that people don't know the various ways you can buy it. And we're going to talk about that. So you have strategies that if you want gold to be a hedge, to be part of your portfolio, how to get it done. So without further ado, it is time for Clark stinger. I should have never encouraged you to speak. You know how much think I'm pretty stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself. Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're right, pal. Okay. Julie says, Clark

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