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"clark josh gordon" Discussed on Arrowhead Pride

"The chiefs need help it receiver. Because i through this week. Certa his sent me. Oh man josh. Gordon ooh the chiefs to go. Look at josh. Gordon who cannot who cannot play who cannot stay on the field. I mean i talk about. You can't trust frank. Clark josh gordon just tells you right away. I'm not going to be able to stay on the field but you can sign me. And then i've seen i don't know about you sort of it. I've seen many people. Discuss the nicole harry the patriots Two thousand nineteen thank you. Who is who is requesting requesting trade. Many people talk about. Hey man maybe the chiefs should take a look at this. We are we serious about this guy who is been a bust right now in nicole hairy it with the patriots now granted. Some of that quarterback play in year. Two that he faced last last year with cam and brian. Hoyer isn't really the great thing to help you out with. But a guy who's been a bust eighty-six targets in the last two years since he's been in the league. And then josh gordon who who who just cannot stay on the field and hell. I don't even know how good he is anymore. Right now he. I mean he hasn't even played long enough to even know how good it's been a long time. Eight nine years since he led the nfl in receiving yards. I we are not in this desperation mode that it feels like every week. Please tell me why the chiefs need to go. Take a look at these two guys. Please sell me on this garbage certa all that you try to sell us on going out there and getting one of these guys josh. Gordon's your dude. Well yes. I love. Josh gordon He had a couple of catches with the patriots a couple years ago. He still got it all right. He had a catch with russell couple years ago in like week. Sixteen josh gordon's so got it baby. No yes obviously. There's question marks. Obviously there's flags but if he gets reinstated. I'm interested in taking a look at him because it doesn't cost you anything to bring him into camp in just cut him if he can't keep it together if you think yes. He's just not good at football anymore. He's out of shape. He's had just hasn't had the reps over the last several years to maintain the level of athleticism and play that you need to succeed in the modern day. Nfl but if we're talking about we want another camp body and we want to bring in another wide receiver and see what happens. I'd be very interested in bringing in josh gordon. Especially over nikial harry. I understand the kill. Harry is only twenty four years old but he is just not looked like a competent. Nfl wide receiver. The patriots haven't done a lot to help him out but he hasn't been very good in the. Nfl doesn't create separation in any way not interested. I wasn't really that interested in him as a prospect. I am on the josh. Gordon train because i wanna see as many weapons as possible with patrick mahomes. Maybe we believe fifth round wide receiver. Cornell pal is the answer or mccoll's finally going to take a huge step forward on the outside which is out of position for him. But i'd like to see. I'd like to go to training camp and see josh gordon practicing with the chiefs and see what that looks like. Yeah i'm out on josh gordon of you should be i one jock. Laurie hawkins seed. And i hope he latches on somewhere in his super successful. It has nothing but the best moving forward. I just don't think that's going to be chiefs. The chiefs have a bunch of lottery tickets and at this point in his career makes me sad to say this. But that's what josh gordon is. Mikhael harry stinks. Like he's just a bad football player. So there's no reason for the chiefs to be interested in him if the chiefs are gonna go free agency route again. I don't think this guy significantly improves you. From what you already have. But the only guy. That's available that i would be interested in is dede westbrook again. I don't think that's any sort of significant upgrade. He's basically until we antonio. Calloway and you have antonio calloway already on your roster so i think what they have right now is probably barring some sort of trade or a surprise cut after camp what they're going to have going into the season and that is a little bit concerning because what you're looking at right now as tyreek hill which is great but then mccoll hardman damarcus robinson cornell powell byron pringle and then probably one of marcus camp garrick deeter antonio calloway or daria shepherd. One of those guys probably going to be the final roster spot where the wide receivers that just doesn't inspire a ton of confidence from me. The only guy that i feel good about his tyreek hill and then everybody else is a massive question mark in when i read earlier. This week from nate taylor of the athletes and i quote from the voluntary wait workouts in the teams mandatory minicamp mccoll hardman appears to be in position to have a breakout season as he is expected to have the role previously held by sammy watkins. That's terrifying for me. I i don't think he's a guy that profiles to play in that role sammy. Watkins was a prototypical x. Wide receiver where he can line up. On the line of scrimmage and beat man press coverage that is the opposite of what mccall hardman profiles as in fact the only guy on the team. Maybe you got two of them. That can do that. I think is cornell powell and byron pringle and i don't think those guys are starting level wide receivers at least not right now so i. I don't think they have that guy on the roster today. Listen i. I think as upset before that is something that is being overblown using the words terrified a mike that that feels a pitch strong. That feels a bit strong to use. Sorta josh gordon. And i i hope he hooks up with chip and joanna gaines down in waco. And maybe they can you know do some kind of work with him. Maybe he can help build some houses and work at magnolia farms. I don't i don't particularly well. I think they can help people. I think he got a better chance to his life getting on track them. Come in and play in the national football league. So i'd i'd rather josh gordon. Get to that point but manages i. I just.

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