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"DOC The Ralston Toes Martin Thomas Chris and you wrote a Mile Cole. QUALCOMM racism peepers over. There I see awesome. Everybody how you doing. Welcome to the show. Everyone welcome to the show. I'm glad to see y'all already join yourselves. Gave a little. I gave you a little gift today. Actually move some over here. I gave you a little gift today. And you know what I mean. Actually pop this out. So people concede and today is a perfect day for this gift right here. Let me see right here. Let me go ahead and If I can enlarge his there we go right right there. Let me make some arrangements. I want to see what's going on. Oh Oh there it is. It takes a little time to populate but I gave the chat out there. I gave the gift of Billy's head Cam take authentic ahead you wearing the hat and everything hoke from his head to your. It's nothing gross about nothing gross about that at all man. Nothing welcome said. We already getting early. Start with you. How during the day and today it is it is very appropriate reputation not only billions hit up? Bill is laughing head. Billy you know you always billy wealthy mouth is wide open the bigger no fucking. Don't ask me Oh look at that man. Let screaming just you can see it. Looks like death nowhere about okay. I got it down donor but you know what man is one of. I think I got it down. Thank chat I know is not wanting to percent pure authentic billy right there but this closest close to you let me tell you why so good to have billions face up to end the chair. Bill is laughing face bill happy wide as mouth face right there because bill you always enjoy you know what before I start. Let me go ahead and pull this other group up in here. I just don't feel right doing this any more or less. We have The group up in there got I too got too because they bring all the visuals up in near. You know you know when let me see. Are Y'all out yes you are. Let me go ahead movie over make sure got you you. You need to be I'm a mess is all about Mrs. All of which. Which one isn't there we go there we go? I'm looking located right there. legem please welcome were they. Yes they are. Please welcome you know. We can't have that new unless you get the O.. G. Chat a TAT TAT up in here. Oh Billy Bill has been there so inspired by billy you do. Okay do do it. WE'RE GONNA explore but bill sponsored by even they've been making art out of humane put new videos. Does your La Crosse intimate billy famous. We'll get this famed Joseph. Aw Man and you always want to be a Batman movie. Yeah Yeah people if you can look at the thing by getting visuals up in here sometimes it gives you appre view of things at about to happen and tonight. We're GonNa talk about tickle movie that we saw last week we saw for drunk show and I said you know what it's just we saw it and Y'all have been join these bad movies so much bad moves that we talk about. Of course you know the subjective but we can all agree that this is not the greatest move in the world and that's what makes exit even subjective. Some people might be but you know tonight is going to be the greatest movie ever we're GONNA be talking about into Chad is giving you a little the preview right there in the T.. Rex saw it last week. And I said you know something is one thing to watch it in Taco the movie with you guys but it's another thing to truly review view. It just started taking notes today see and it is. Yeah and I say you know what let's see. Let's do this but somebody told me to do this. Man and I've never seen this movie so it might be good frazier. who was on the show with us on Friday? He keeps saying you need to watch the never ending story and there's somebody else put it in the first on. I've never seen this agreement really loved it as some people. Apparently Santa has not aged. So I don't know it's a fantasy movie right where the effects from where it came out aren't going look the third one there my okay okay doing sale. They say the I was great. I and I would no. I haven't seen it. But they say the third one you gotTa Watch that do we have somebody come in and Subscribed to if I missed you. Thank you thank you so much. I appreciate it Pizza the third one yes. I am considered a car. Got Stopped Phoenix Jones. Just stab. Nah Man we know what we probably will. We'll get to all these turns out on Tuesdays. You guys a likeness and two days of sometimes something will happen as great but Tuesday's kind of open for this kind of thing thing and there's a lot of movies out there so if you guys joined then we will continue to do it and it looks like you are. We've got some. Oh Shit we gotta subscribe. Grab up in here. You hear it man just you know. Just just take around this ars up. Oh Jesus boy it'd be so kind right now. Thank you so much for started here. Who's this just gave us a bunch of much bits up in in here? Thank you guys thank you so much oh go. I'm waiting for the pop up. I guess missed it. Go to the chat into until you guys. Thanks it's up. Yeah thank you so much. That was Brock Kingston whole name but that was brought brought gave a bunch bits right there. I don't even know how much but gave us a lot. Thank you so much. I don't want to say it's the ring a bell you think about it. Think about it we WANNA be. It looks like that all the time. That's true like he wants to murder instead of waiting for it to Click Yala Guinness hype train. Going up you do if you start at the beginning of the show. We're GONNA have to do it. Like a get to level three win for us to get hype they already array trying to get going on up and I see I see. y'All get bands jump. I saw just jumped all. Let me go ahead and get prepared. Let me go and get cute already. I you know what a download the videos so old I gotta be converted so I have had uh-huh so yeah I gotta do that. I should man. But they're stretching. I hydrate water real quick but only speedo win. uh-huh Oh let me see so. It's a knife y'all ready. y'All are it again hype up in here boy something else. y'All something else man man something else boy. I don't even given us a chance. Start the show. Tell you what we get to love with three. We'll get hype because you've got to give us a chance. Start to show. y'All gotta earn this man already. Get hype already Chris. Her was say. Thank you. uh-huh you said Christopher Herman Krista Herman all AH no eleven you'll get a reminder free you'll get a reminder you know it you know very well I it's someway we have some people say it hits very close to home but will you grab somebody. They put in a chatter early sought saw man. y'All hitting sixty percent right there so let's go ahead and get this train. Going man hit level three and then we'll be ready to go off the past. Have you seen that. Oh God man yeah this is back before you were on the cable access. Yeah I've never seen it not at all ready for. Nobody's ready nobody. No no no one was ready for that hitting it. Though you'll about to hit level two outage already hit level two. Oh Yeah Yeah. They didn't know you pass level. Oh Shit we about to do. Don't make it happen. You know if you WANNA hit that level three right there you gotta give a sub. Are you got a gift to solve. You gotta give yourself for sub. Give some bits. y'All know the drill up in here old shit in your water. It's good wasn't wasn't this young sat the SPEEDO. y'All is seeing he commits. Oh man thank you all for the high rate. They're starting goodnight. Good night grows. Who all of us up? You're looking like I like to begin to fucking drink. Some of his own Chad they love it they lay. Yeah boy they look at the hype train all board right they said Martin getting mind was getting. You should see my house getting it but he got away but again got me. Hey do another high train near the end of the show are later on this. Show see what happens purpose. Suddenly say don't even try. Nobody here onto forty enough forgiveness stuff. They also Jennifer hers until you. I may be a little while. Might give you hip throws you know. y'All y'all y'all y'all being generous I might give you make a a little thrust of the crotch rating we reach love of being so good. You know uh-huh okay do neil. y'All even know that it was. I'll be stroking your Armenta Hussein Lance Carmen hatches patches to pay. That's a guy. Yeah Clarence Gordon Moore. Medicine Patches story is a story broke a stroke in boy. I remember this. Is this the actual music video for this whole setup. Yes it was a blind okay because there was they used to have this record commercial himself. Sit Oh hit seventy three percent right. There might have to give you a little some. What again yeah? My head to give a stroke. uh-huh yeah let me see. What the fuck is this Kim Jong Il crazy look? I don't make me stalking. What is assist? That wouldn't bother video. There's something else okay. Girls get. Somebody's show and he was showing the making. I don't know what I'd be doing in a blind Hussein this song and he and these two have like they sold up the records on TV and maybe he was saying and he got so good. Two Zero Juergen always having a stroke seriously. Somebody help it does sound like it could be having sex but I I just like Jack. It ain't nothing wrong with that. Oh that was only. Bt's commercial yeah. y'All y'all got about seventy four percent rate. Now y'all got about. Let me see here. Thirteen seconds to finish his hype train. Right here I don't think it's going to happen. It's not gonNA happen. Oh well it was a good run. Yeah the last in Iran. So we'll get to. We'll get to it later. Level thrown the hype train. Thank you guys for that. Appreciate it this. Whenever has anyone suggested? Woody Woodpecker oh you're talking about pick Powell the recent one though. Yeah the one that was from Portugal. Brazil probably resilient No but that's a good one it is. We had Levin subs during that run right bit. Thank you guys so much man as very nice guys twelve the goes appreciate appreciate it. Thank you just grab right there. Who is there who dares dark dark EXC darth skywalker? Seventy seven just scrap. Thank you guys so much. And we'll let you know before we get into showed deep into the show why your sub so important but before we do that we have another thing. They're going to night. I don't know if you saw that crazy as religious lady to narrow it down you know what if this woman went also if I say that you know. He's Eglin talk okay. I guess you didn't know if you're watching the show last night. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I want to repeat what she said because it was so funny I can. I cannot do justice what she said. Kay is woman they went off from. Somebody thought it was Walmart. Apparently is a store like Walmart. That's in I don't know the mid West Assam But anyway she went off somebody. Somebody said I described her as the Legion of doom. She's the official joker them. Okay this woman and ever since people discovered this woman she's been popping up all those eight when I was in Michael's or or not Michael Hobby lobby was that a hobby lobby grocery store the grocery store but she has been popping up all over the Internet because she's been going off on a lot of people like to place as we found her yesterday. Oh She's been looking folks go. She's just randomly been going crazy like she actually really isn't saying he's just bouncing around all over the city just going off of people arraign of terror. We'll see strike next has come ready. Somebody's gotTA board strain awesome. She someone's saying there is no pattern. We can't find yeah man she has been done. And there's a third place she popped up today. I don't know if it's a recent video over his new on opposite something that just happened the past and we're just not like begin to tile videos together but we'll we'll talk about this woman again. I have not even seen the video that was put out with her. Losing got in mind so the Chad is right. That'd be crazy true and spoken. Yeah man we'll talk about at that in a little bit more. You know. We want to get the opinion of a About got it that non. They probably make the visual bill. Bill you know what. Don't worry about it man. I don't want you even know what it is I want I will explain him when I want this. I I WANNA see the look on your face and you're like Oh when you actually realize whereas Sydney just relax and thank you Vivid grouch for the subscription near. Thank you guys so much. Appreciate that and I'm GonNa tell you something man. Those subs important. I'll tell you one thing that you'd be happy to have a sub for. I mean besides enjoying all the one content that you're helping to provide the emotes and all the other perks that you get with it but when I do something like what I'm about to do now you are not affected by it for those sixty seconds that I am contractually obligated to go in and play Mercer. Oh my God you know that. I'm going to play this commercial. I can go to jail if I don't play this commercial. You dear subscriber you get a you get the benefit. The perk of of continuing to look at these had some faces right here while others have to look at a commercial like the one. I'm about to run right now. We'll be right back. Oh this is great man. Great having you here man how you doing good good my friend over here. You smell an ambush. But it's only because you've been here long enough right. Yeah that's what I'm saying. We'll do you try to tell them but I don't be like that I appreciate it. I really appreciate it. I know you because I want him to know it too but I'm on. I'm not gonNA show him yesterday just in case you don't see you I do the You gotta feeling you. ooh hooked on a fee. Oh Billy Brooks L.. Let me see here three to one working back. Everybody bid look is it for real already getting old. uh-huh oh I I tell you guys something. It has been so wonderful. Having you here doing this stuff. We have been here for a month and a half now and Dan. You guys shown us so much love here you guys have shown so much support and we appreciate that and be just tuning in and right now as I say we got some good stuff for you here on the show going to be talking about. Tammy and the T rex. The movie that we saw last week for drunk show going to do review review on that. Tonight 'cause you guys enjoy these kind of reviews you've asked for them so we continue to get him to you and when we're talking about that crazy religious lady that just popping popping up around the city that she's in. I don't even know the city. I forgot what it was but I know that she's everywhere in this town. Just everybody mother Fucker Kern hurt that. That rings a bill that you know what I'm talking about. Yeah she has returned another spot and play this year. We played last last night talked about her last night. and Oh you know what I WANNA do your. I want to try something with you guys. I'll tell you that I'm going to WHO Want to try in start utilizing some the other tools at our let let me see who am. I don't have any some tools that we have here. Let me see. I know I opened this somewhere. Switch switch so what I want to do is show you guys I tell you. We have some other tools at our disposal to try to use them and a lot of people people using discord. And I WANNA try to use that to. Because he made one is out there. It is really cool man. I started playing with it and I Light to kind of use it for some discussions. Maybe after the show even if I can't stand in a very long they can go in and look at what you guys are talking about a little bit and we can go back and forth if we WANNA keep talking about some the stuff that women show in. You guys want to do that we have. We have a discord and you can get to it by going to one thing Fenton opposite in this up for US helping us out with this. Go to tiny you are L. Dot com for slash the D. discord there. It is right there. Tiny Oriel Dot com forward slash the DT discord. And when you get in there we got different subgroups for different shows so for example example. There's a Hashtag roasted toasted in their ongoing. Can you show you right here. So we look right there. Raulston told us we can go in there and continue any of the topics that we're talking about right now if you guys want to talk about anything uh and that would be something to As I say continue conversations probably make communication a little bit better. I I just started using this because I really haven't used it all that much but if you guys want to do that let me let me be more than happy to do that with you. Guys actually would like to do do that so let me see here once again. You should do that. I think so once again goto tiny url dot com the the DT discord and. We'll see how it works. Now keep in mind. I haven't used as a whole lot. So if it's something that goes on kind of crazy with it doesn't work smooth first time around. They'll see where it got somebody in there using it so I guess it worked. That is the title. I don't know if there is something that's supposedly Felicia feel Tayo joking. I looked at us like wait a minute. Those words off Cla you guys actually go in there and doing look at you. You are turned Ferguson. Lazy Tiger Alex Sandoval. You know we had a lot of places man. His wife is kinda crazy. Tha- that's why I'm saying for the show for the show will stick with the chats right here that we have and for an after show we'll go into the discord and we'll go in there and talk and keep discussions is going to talk to you guys a little bit. You know. Spend a long time we stay here lot a longtime streaming shows. I don't know how late I can stay but I can start the conversation answering the questions that we weren't able to answer on the show touch on things weren't able to and at that point. You know you guys can probably keep the conversation ruling. Also something I was thinking about tonight. We might emails but just as an appreciation to all the people subscribe. We might have a little bit of time. We'll take some questions from you in the chat and I may switch. Is that over to subscriber chat. Only just a little bit a little bit. Maybe we'll do this. I don't know how long do we'll try to shut everybody out for a long time. But that's just the thank you guys for coming in supporting because that's important for us so we'll just do a little bit subscriber only chat where you guys can ask questions. We'll answer them right on spot. What and see how that works out? Try New things drowning things hype. Train works so well you know what I said was stuffy. So we'll see how that goes how you doing. I'm doing alright. Okay what else do you want me to say. I wouldn't normally say I would i. Would I would press further either to find out you know details about it but you start saying his ambush up some no ask. It was a very of Oh oh shit Cypress Hill coming up and saying Oh oh man was brothers while male got I look go straight to a spot. A snakeskin hat skin bucket head lukens gins look look at Penn Pisano. Nice man how you doing well and good to have you in here. A man on chases diego growing up good to see. Da Go man. Did you still living south. Okay does ask. I might be going their way tonight. I'm with you I got in trouble man. Do you gotta do. They got to write a mellow. Give you right. But they had to say some shit but like the way came out of them uh-huh and to see the for you uh-huh sometimes I give Diego Rabbit that she had night. You've talked too much. Then you keep going south to you get wet okay. Bagel man motherfucker. Oh they're talking on it. Used to be such a nice guy. What happened what have meeting around hanging around and round all people like these people? These guys stay wave. He's going to do cool as ice. I'm never seen that movement I said last week remember digits. Oh okay you know what would you say we should just do the call to shoot the guy right roll tape. I don't remember that you know what I liked the recommendations you guys to give us a like a like this. I'll tell you what we what we we might do is take a collection daddy man. We'll take a collection and then we'll We'll do a poll. Let you guys vote on what we do. Jim Cada uh-huh Oh let me see. Yeah we'LL TAKE A. We'll take a look a poll bracket billy boy eleven your head building. Yeah folks if you want to get into the chat visuals go to W. dot com. It's one of the reasons why we have. People keeps grabbing over there. Very very low cost so we can keep things like this chat that we have right here and also our archive of old legacy shows that we have at their bill. How you doing goodman couldn't see boy good to see you? We're GONNA have fun with this tonight. Tammy and the T rex If you were there at the show that we did on Friday the drunk show then you already know what this is all about. But for all of you weren't there. It was a fun experience. It's one thing to sit there and watch show what people drinking and one night and that's another thing to just sit back and just talk shit about the movie. which is what we're GonNa do here tonight and let me see here Uh You know what is going on the rescue folks up here up into the show in all of you out there right now. He say damn which I was hanging out those. That's cool as fuck is up next studio you can you. Can you hang out with you all all you have to do anything you don't do. Don't get up. Don't put clothes on this. Sit there with your day hanging out. It's fine it's fine especially stay at home at that but in what you can do is you can pop. Open a keyboard you type in K.. COOMAN STRATEGY MILL DOT com. Best case. The IS EDITA DOT COM email. Sticking compliments and vice one report showing. We're asking you to email put anything up in their ticket. Get older credit cards social security number home address. That is to win the Williams thinking this is a Gibson's information in your home. He's got a guy up in your home. How did you ought to ask all too busy? And all that these folks writing the smooth moves to you can find me on twitter instagram growth liquor Mike Thomas don't faceless studio daycares out just KP DOT COM. Let us know which players up Austin Austin Austin has plans for you. You're going to be here for but something might even move here so when you do get here whatever. The situation is puppy hit the dove. Say Hello and come see this. Show kip some details. That wait a S. uh-huh oh Dick we all do it and you got to hang loose. Let let you should breathe English keyboard on this show naked today man. That's my method. Ah Flow chat as I said it's good to see glad at that. You guys are enjoying all the many ways that we have to interact with you whether it be these two Chad's right here and I'm glad to see people took my vice on the discord already. Feel enough of people lanier. I really appreciate that man so I said today. We're GONNA come in and talk a little bit about and the subjects that we have done on the show and topics if you want to keep things things going up you just want to talk about anything else after the show something. You might have missed wherever you want to do. Let us know one more time to go there. It is the after show type stuff. So if you WANNA do that it's tiny. Url Dot com for slash the DT discord accord. And when you get in there we have a subgroup called roast and toasts so you guys can keep track of what conversations happen. What shows was see you? There hadn't see how this works out afterwards. Afterwards you can use to. I don't know how to work it completely. I would love to do some calls with the all afterward but how that works out really guys joining. Let's see you guys actually listen to Glad to see you guys going to keep the party going after the show. Non Streamers so we'll let you in a little bit Let me see what's going own here today Oh well what how what happened Sir. What happened what he looked on? You know wouldn't that it wasn't a flipped. 'cause I was like that sounds like me kind of engine is. That's what you would say was. Yeah we knew somebody do me a favor. And then the way to get a subscription to but can somebody activate a subscription. Just billick here. What I knew alert is like that? We might have a little while. Can Somebody can somebody do that for me. Any real quick just real quick in. I don't know it takes a little bit of time but somebody can. Can you activate that for him. So he can hear this himself. I would greatly appreciate it but yes because I remember saying but we sound like yeah. That's put your DNA. Isn't it very dawn punks tally. Don Don Punxsutawney dawn pump the Totta Donald. Thank you puzzles corruption. And thank you people leading man here. This morning I said Devon how long it's GonNa take a sitting there going. When did I ever say that it was a often? Would they just review. So you did see it. Okay okay. That's that's good that's good. That's that's where we that's a good start for where we need to go. People would like to ask you some things. I don't know if you could ask. I know I know well. I'm just saying people like to ask you some things I want to ask you. Something Lancer. We'll just see okay. All Right People People Bouma WanNa know you know all across the land people talking about this new new cinematic achievement to hit Netflix. A lot of people say you know the only word that Mattis Atis then. A lot of people look as Marta. And do this review they said man. I can't wait to talk about this man's movie but as much love y'all there's only one opinion opinion that I will listen to that. Is Billy Brooks Diego. Do Tell tell you what let's go ahead and listen to. Bill is opinion of certain motion picture out there. And we'll get to that opinion but I we gotta run his because once we get into that opinion about moving might be talking a little bit so just bear with us. We'll be back in a few seconds and we'll be talking to billy about this movie right. After after this bill we decided on doing. I know we didn't decide whether this day decided you can only say what you want to say. Exactly exactly. This is not a travel. Yeah there's not traveling it's not. It's not a joke. People really are interested in you man is they. Don't give a shit would mark Brooks. He's close to the source he look he can he'd be clear. I'm allergic to be uncomfortable pills. Yup You got about twenty six urban right. We got a beard because the refrigerator drifted a straight from compadres brewing company cool compadres you will still be cautious. I aw Fuck Y'all why you say that to them aren't welcome back. Excuse my friend over here you know if you subscribe grab that. Isn't that right. Excuse my friend you know. He's going through some hard times right. Sorry sorry anyway. Welcome back yard Tonight you can see right here in the banner right here we're going to be talking about. Tammy the T. Rex. What have a bad movie review you for that? We've been doing these bad move reviews everybody's GonNa have so much fun with them give is given us some great means emotes and just great moments. So we're GONNA keep going but for right now. What talk about? I want to talk about this. Let me just start with this right now. They say early. We are barely in January and at this moment some people. I don't care what you say. Even at this point early on in this year I have discovered I have heard heard. I've seen the best line in any motion picture ever this. It cannot be denied ashtray. Bitch I love it I love it I love it. I love it when he says to me in junior high. That's why no smoke. No more. Yeah Macabre Brooks big big big feet. Oh He's huge man should be. Bs when Ashtray. Like they get that motherfucker. was He bothering to yell at just pick up the phone won't did you grow their table. You bring Emma a box of Asterix the store you want. So he's got them all. Just hit me. Learn how to make fire while you were sleeping but I want you to seek mad. So that's that's that's a bro right there. Yeah Brooks should brought the right up there when you're younger believe when you're older young when your young one year younger when you're in two months apart boy I thought you'd be billy this motherfucker. Speaking at his look you can see his feet. That is not forced perspective. Is that big you. You know a lot about this watch-watches feed at the end of that line to this. I love this wash his Ya and he would. I was just wiggling smiling getting impatient. You better extra toes. I love this line man. I love his line. I loved this movie. I love it for a product. The reasons that it was intended for but I loved it. I did my son of a bitch I I liked that part. No no no. This cracks me all of it. I was like I was legit digging it especially the Ashtray Bitch. Line with the where it comes after the departments we're taught to your brother was. That was that improvised. was that some of this stuff. I don't you I mean we. We didn't talk about because we're the last time I saw. This hadn't even come out yet right right so we were talking about all kinds of stuff. This is when he came down in December 'cause he's probably the mortal combat at this point more he had just gotten to shooting and so he's got this Before but I'm sure they shut all these scenes and like two hours I'm sure everybody basically He called me yesterday and I. I don't know about this as far as I know but you know because he knew this no more brothers. I was in the car the bags on shopping. I was in the. He'll be like yeah. Okay I gotta go. And he's like it's getting out off the hands free on the phone getting everything the thing out and he's like what are you busy right. Yes they can you know what but I love that line that you talking about what he he just turned into mud evil. You'll brothers evilness. Fuck man say. That's what I'm convinced but this performance right here and you'll brothers evenings fuck he. He no matter what this in for no matter what move with his brother did a good job is son of a bitch. You thought about it for a bit here was amused plate which is right. You know what I love I love a I tell you man. We talked about this yesterday. I Love Tyler Perry subtle. I love the fact that we see him laughing and she still has to tell us that he's left. I know okay. Yeah I know he was laughing at me. We saw all because she narrates the entire movie. That's that's okay. That's okay I'm I'm I'm I got to tread lightly. Tell you I tell you what tread lightly. I want to let people know. We're watching here because we we're talking about mccaw macabre Brooks Billy Brooks brother right here who we just saw in this movie that we're talking about the movie that you just saw scenes from which is on Netflix. Right now now a fall from grace when you wake up today be the day change a life. Prison shooter alley. It could be weeks turned to months processed process seriously prisoner Kennel. What's she just got fucked? That's the biggest lesbian. Just mad how you see my change your life tell me what happened. What did he do you? I mean so since my divorced let somebody will. He loved indicate hell at this House and need some. Don't give me your best letting in the room is here. A beautiful you brother talking about that. figure's boxes of hair out the tread lightly. Okay hit the drawstring from the hair on them no listen everybody so we. We've we've already talked about this two nights in a row we had to discussions about us. We did I review of it on Sunday. Nick and then last night we talked about it. Because I don't know if you saw did you. I don't know if you saw this. Let me let me look this up before we get and that was a box wasn't much twist on. It is what it is it is I. Yeah I know I know I wouldn't let me let me yesterday. This is what we talked about. Mark here you'll be all right. This is so bad man. That's why I I love Tilapia. We had a big discussion and I and I still feel like I need to answer questions about why I love Tyler. Perry people just don't get it because people ask how can you contrast Quentin Tarantino and you can give Huckabee. Tragic Winterton Past Talavera. I never done the not do that. I was GONNA say I. I don't know what was another one. How come you how you know how come you can Trash Friedberg and Seltzer. And yet you get Tyler Perry a pass and I was like what y'all got to get one of these passes coming from Perry passes coming from an hold on a second. That that answers itself sells at McDowell. Appear like Orson Welles. I'm sorry no they don't count the you know and I'll read some comments. Oh see purposely billy off in motherfuckers. What night am here? What really what I'm saying? But I'm saying goodnight. Tell Review Review Sunday and my ever here on Sunday. Okay Okay WanNa make sure that's clear. I'm never here on Sunday Yuma Sunday. The weekend's broken toes no it's not maybe they start a separate group with conspiracy not not gonNA stop. I'm in Renault. His comments all these Perry passes. I'm giving you know for for all these could be doing. How come you can tell you this about these? I Have N- y'all hear what you WanNa hear. Yeah I feel like I have to have a discussion about that last night. Even in I was like I loved my wife and I got into a bad way. No it was a good discussion because even then I saw was saying things that people are talking about. She was saying she's wrong. I support but she liked. How come Tyler Perry? He'd be like like Jordan peele because he's not Jordan Perry that why. Why did you like Jordan? Believe me he is not Jordan tells. Her mother talked to me more joy pill boy I wanna I wanNA say two things. I think my brother is acting does come out of this very good. I think he's good in this also also say an actor where he's at in his career. Tally offers you. You do it fantasy especially if you know you know Shimo more than there. There's been there was on a dramatic Shittu and all that I will say that from watching a trailer I I was expecting the acting. It'd be pretty bad across the board and then watch these actors aren't bad it's just this material material. That's what I keep saying. You got into and like I say man. Yeah I went uh of like I would defend Tyler Perry in some ways. I will praise defenders. Maybe we are getting. Is this crazy but I I will praise them. You can praise somebody for something they do right and actually talk shit about them for something they do. Completely like directing extras. W somebody who cannot direct at acuras extras. The motherfuckers. Doc is in the background. You're paid seventy five. Oh he should do is sit here and look the camera. Don't look at the actors and got it. The camera in the give them the easiest problem in the world. Give them water. What is the easiest thing that you can do? All you do is go to attack import and say action he. He's a plate of food just eating that. Oh look did you. Did you notice what you see some radio because is brought something attention with this wash. Wash the that extra that we talked about that old. Do Watch this man. Did you find me a liquid water. It is Dick. Maybe that's why I was a drum and all this and I'll put it as more the first job a really. Yeah but met his job as editor to look at it and go well what the fuck is doing the background. It would know he was he was making sound about go. Look at this eight that God Damn Cup Cup is drowsy fucking Saharan desert up there. That's good air. Abol Abol King Vitamin we said that last night the issue like Ooh some good good oxygen. He got give it to them. He's acting his ass tyler. Perry gave him nothing water. You'd probably drunk I cook. That's that's Tyler Peres equivalent of his act Like George Lucas actors being on a green screen they have nothing to act with. This UH has no water right. It's not even not even want to eat the food. Well you know. He's got the fool right in front of you think you would do that. He's got the food right there but let me Oh. He's drinking imaginary water and looking right into the camera. Oh but wait a minute. Wait a minute though boy. Wait a minute though. Martin Martin Martin coming out. I guess the Brooke Family Right there. Notice this right here right the wait a minute before you kill us. Let me show you the you said he got food right in front of mind. Okay well he ain't got into water. She'll eat the food wash this. I mean in the world and is thirty five millimeter news. Paper sounds like fun. Version Milwaukee administrator. I do miss it. He's to start happening own. No no no no no no no this is this is Cole Ono No no no. No you gotta see this what you just eat the eggs. I don't like eggs. This fool is missing here to here. It is here it is yeah here it is here it is it was it was earlier. I yeah he's picking at his food but got a plate right in front of them. got a fork in his hand notice. I noticed this women And even try to go into his mouth. I'm going to defend his own. It's the the real life the ones that providence same they get fresh food they give them a pledge it and it sits there for three four five hours five hours. I'll give you your job your better half a sandwich. We do make look if Opel. You don't WanNa you don't put them up in the shotgun really nobody else tyler. Perry talking about work work at the you know. I don't think there's anything on that part of his ethic to look at. It makes you got them extras at least look. I don't give a fuck putting food on the fork. It should be but at least put the sit in your mouth. He's he's like Mama Mia say he's kind of like a dad plan Teton with some good depression. So I love that. He looks like Harrison Ford themselves. Go in his house just flew away. We believe he must have to take a shit because he didn't WanNa put nothing kind of special diet. I'm and I'm supposed to be a pair is false a mid yesterday like I said I would i. I will pray for some things but I will go in on that month when he does something like like this. This is this forgivable. Yeah this is inexcusable. I don't give a fuck. You can shoot your movies as you want to. But don't shoot a so fast. We'll be Z.. Shit like this week. People can't even eat those shooter so fast. You can't even give them food water NAM NAM NAM and put it towards his. I'll put it down like this is not very good. He's like he put it up. Single miss the food you. They really should just nervous over. This should be assisted living. I don't even know what that'd be. Funny Tyler Perry just gave them like Plato just act like yeah. We wanted to look good. But you don't have to actually eat it this well. He couldn't even. I don't know what I would love. Fuck the you know the behind the scenes ship with the moving the actors in the be roll in the interviews. Our nose up at this right here. How did this happen how this can happen Netflix? Job Proud of thank you. Ashtray Bitch food begs. Put it in your mouth toasty but twelve months. Thank you so much. Thank you so much this is this is not. This is not acceptable. This is okay. How Big Your ranch is your studio? If you're GONNA do shit like this but but I love it. I love lease. Give me more. I'm going to talk about. I'M GONNA talk. We'll talk about how wrong it is play plea I like. I said. Please don't ever change don't you. You keep doing worry. I know that's why I'm and money has done nothing. No that's one place I will. I agree with you because I've been you know we've been having discussions back and forth. There's been no difference of opinion here but one thing I will say man. I don't make your movies bad as you want to. You start doing some Edwards Shit like this. That is that is that is not acceptable. Right there man as a as a as a filmmaker. If you're so proud of your work ethic can put in your name all over. Everything's then you should. You should take more pride and shit like that if you put your name on it. Yeah it's not a brag item and say look look at all this I created if none of his good much more pressing go like you know what I pulled back so I can make things better. Yeah that law for it. I ah praise that Dan how about you. He's like no writer's room all United Crystal Myself. How `bout you cut it down to maybe nine scripts and get yourself? Some writers and Dan going there pay attention to detail. Take some time to pay attention to detail on your set in the editing room. Yeah we'll collaborate with other people. Yes that took it and make it a whole a group effort. You know seeing the other people are GonNa want to bring in ideas. That are good name I eh. I don't expect the changes made too much money but God damn it now. This is getting this is Lazy Lazy Lazy. I and I hope you don't ever fucking change range. I hope you don't because I wanted. I WanNa talk more shit about that. who was that? Did I mean when it comes to cast in his his heroes and villains. He's got to get off that paper bag test evil. I saw the dark man you. y'All ain't even that dark but he's like well. There's other brothers much lighter so cop goddamn major criminal made your brother even incidents aspect of the nineties. uh-huh okay so you said you gotta be careful. So how do you asked what denominator asking is to put on the spot and make fun. Anything it's just that we have you here. You got your brother in this movie and you know we have given our opinions on this film. Of course we've gone off on it. We make fun of everything and I do. Love movie brought not for the reasons it should be. So how do you talk about the film then when people ask you. What's your opinion on? People really have an aspirin people. Ask Him he said I A- have you seen it like this can you. Can you give it a understand that you can't. Can you give it to be honest. Review that you want to. I mean look. I'm not used to view films like Y'all are so I never y'all had me review films like equals to watch this shit. I was like damn I ain't got nothing to say. Take that you'd be quite happy what I don't know. Oh man I mean like I said o-on asked me about our niece. Oh this she was doing what faces she do Ah Yeah but I mean like so about the movie there. The thing about it is it was exactly what I expected from Italian film. If you've seen that was that other one when Y'all station did that with remind me of that one This was mainly me. Just watching my brother do his thing And that's that that's my honest opinion. Yeah some some of this other stuff like there. Were some scenes shot really well some scenes I was like damn and I mean in terms of the lighting bags. I noticed that a lot Oh Jesus Christ by brothers and I'm saying I don't give a fuck if my brother afterwards so good this'll be the worst thing of my life when they also just cut him him and his draws. It's like wow none of that that none of that he didn't he didn't show any of that behavior for me. I mean okay. Let's bad yeah the other smoke get Lazy uh-huh and be Lazy and laughing about it reminded me of and I'll say this I'm like I said I'm just trying to talk without i. I'm not just going to it. Should on something on this on this stage right now but It reminded me of like the problem I had with the. Why did I get married the first one we we got Richard T. Jones sitting on the plane talked about you fat bitch? That's my you're talking about the reminded me and say all this vile stuff in front of people in front of her friends and nobody gets off the plane. They just sit there and no black woman goes you get your place years to get off. The husband's like man. I guess you'll get in when she gets here. I'm like what in a in a blizzard but I mean I think he just goes. It was like something which bits and then there was no motivation for them to act like that. It's it does. Yes but on the flip side he did a good job at it and he had that thing where bad you like. He had that that thing. That makes you laugh. Like damn he just said Fuck. Every wasn't originally Joseph say some. ooh That's the only good thing about those tyler. Perry villains is that they will say something. That's so over the top grade that you just can't help but laugh right. WanNa see what he says next even though that was really yeah I wanna see how far he can go like. Wow you really think. This is realistic. I WANNA I WANNA see return of your your brother man. I always character return. Why right but my mom was like a slip it in the growth throat? Apparently say that because yeah because somebody promoter slit his boise fell asleep at his draws. Ah By asteroid bitch about the scene where he gets murdered to death and it comes back. He's fine we didn't talk about that. There was some things already. Yeah we will not we. We would just won't say anything about this never happened. So why would you. Why would you baby? You know what I would give it a rental a rental okay. I will give it a rental. And and that's based on your brothers actor that is solely based on his acting. I mean I mean. His acting gets a matinee but the whole movie with his acting and the US I mean come on the air to Sisley. Tyson's will the other girls not so bad. It's just the bad material. I can't remember her name. Oh you talking about Crystal Fox Krista Fox. Okay Yeah I mean I think she's a good actor she is yes she is she's urge but like I said that's what I would give it and go bullshit on me if they wanted to. But this is a very difficult position Bermudian so fucking nervous like a runaway slave cavers man. Somebody somebody chat said take. Somebody's shit no you know what. Let me see if I could find somebody that Chad said. I don't know if I could find it but somebody in the chest said tap dazzling gregory us the but they did say Hashtag get Macabre Brooks in Beverly Hills cop for. I don't know I don't know if he was up for the I don't know but yeah man. I thought that was it. People just know you on the show. I can't get by without asking you because I understand Yeah you know. It's interesting to have somebody because that's I mean you actually say away mode. I expect not to put you on the spot. They're not that you shouldn't say doc ID PAM like you. I'll give you your brother's matinee instead of a full price. Let's see see I'm asking. You gotTA listen to when he gets home I'm just asking what's the justification plan was justification of that. Yes full price while matinee idol the Washington Matinee. I just I just nervous. I gotta say I I. In retrospect yeah it is a full price. Oh but I mean he did the best with what do they gave him. And he's a good actor okay. I don't know if he's as good as an extra man that extra had nothing to work with me. They okay. That's the motivation. And the drink you fuck wash there is shut up. Then you'll stay thirsty. Wants to could be noticed. I saw that and I think one was the gas across old. WHO also had no wire go ahead you? Maybe they just sitting there waiting for war. He's trying to signal to wait. It's hot I can show water action. Oh fuck drink and eat. They had nothing he. He did the best St Coolness Tyler. Perry production heated even have what everybody else. Everybody else saying everything they need. And I'm a man right here is fully. I mean He. He gave it his all. Look at mayport himself into evenly. Even bass could Agua non-existent Agua. Oh Oh my man here man I love I love it. Thank you some people asking what the subcutaneous to tell you. We'll tell you about that and we'll begin to a review right after this. Oh Bill at the oil bill golden. Okay they goes the jacket still here so you have to come back the hell out of here in the hot seat for Well that goes billy anyway. Let's just mean you more in coming back boy. I WANNA put them in a heartbeat. They were asking for it all day. They've been sleazy run this no they run this man. They David Chapman Hoc- even live. And I did not do this. I'll told them I did it. Well for him so he did not upset. No he not upset. They say that I'll be. I'll get a phone call tomorrow. Will you get the phone. Line has an issue. It's GonNa look at it. nope not today not today. Hey Welcome back welcome back we just talking about the call. We're going to get from billy tonight night. Because he's so mad at mass speaking these movies we've talked about board. The Internet is going in on doolittle. Yeah I mean article you were there. I uh I was like looking at articles everywhere. There's one in looper that really did a dissection and it talked about what went wrong. Oh really yeah how that director you know like the movies. He had done traffic and Syria Syria. Yeah so he had had the movie pretty much done but they will like. This movie is kind of cereal. It needs more goofiness. Yeah that's the dragon that came from rewrites. Yeah all that massive re-shoots them higher in two different other directors to come in and do these re-shoots am an were funny animals singing goofy Shit. Yeah they actually are written. That man may not and like the minute you read it you go. Yup that's what it was now because it doesn't fit No I'm not surprised about this at all and it just start with kind of melancholy tone about him missing his wife and being brought back into civilization. If you know it did feel like there. There were people talking about how they had to go back and do re-shoots and rewrites and yeah man even the trailer unless you feel like you know maybe maybe this is going to be because I looked at it and I thought nineties. Animals don't look great but that could be covered up if they actually go in and do a You know a good story with this. We've put under Spanish Judy unavailable. You can talk to. Animals looked at then. Thought all right. You know this is GonNa be kind of a cool story about a guy that talks for the animals because animals can't speak for themselves but he can understand him and he's trying to help protect them and Duke. Until that's why that's why this movie's felt so scattering because all if he knows those jokes went towards. There's nothing they would just just random one liners. And that's because I read some of those articles and they were talking about how they had to go into re-shoot a lot of this because because the move was too serious and they want they intentionally fuck this movie. I'm trying to make goofy yet. I don't know if we've been great but it wouldn't have been as knowing as it is. Yeah it's you know it makes me think of the Justice League. I mean I'm not in favor of the Snyder cut but the movie would've at least had one personality. Yes yes and that's what that's what was is going on with this movie right here man. Is he doing a Welsh accent. Yeah Yeah it's got all over the place so it depends on what seen it is but suits and one of the most that they fucked this movie up man when you hit when you read about it do little like I almost feel bad talking about as it is and I'm talking about the final product the Won The seat that they're talking about the most and I knew they were. Because we even stresses in our review this scene right here the Dragon Fart. The Anal fisting dragon dance a far far off but before that Of Robert Downey junior was was elbow. Deepen that dragons ass out armor blockages arm by the way and bones. No Shit on a dingell bears Dan but that seems was added after the movie was done because they felt like. We'll kids love farts. We Still Nash. It okay so you just added a random far to make make it funnier. I can't believe you can get all men this do. He's one that is catching a lot of. Because he was the one that really early push may production company dust articles. Now that's coming out talking about Africa. Who did this article Michael I? I haven't read it so I just saw the headlines. I can't really say it was a mean spirited article or not but the headline is already seen in Downey junior one time was being called the one of the biggest stars stars in the world right after he made this they say besides the movie being bad the reason why does he do. Little is because Robert Downey Junior. He's not a movie star. Yeah Yeah Yeah ages if fuck everybody who has something to do with this everybody going down. It's like Jesus man that's kind of unnecessary kinda nasty in a way. Not as nasty as should right there but it was nasty. So everybody's is one of those movies that that is so bad that everybody's nobody's ready to pounce on any little person vibes. Come out. Yup Yes they do. Yeah it's it's I feel bad about it now. I'm still talk shit about. It is one of the worst movies it probably be. Worst movie twenty twenty that we have seen now easy to see why. Yeah that should everybody. uh-huh interference yeah them going like what you giving us. We can't sell this to kids. Who's four we gotTA? We gotTA put some jokes. Yeah and we still need to see some jokes. It's yeah yeah man I the they took a movie that might have just been a hard sell to make an just downright fucking annoying to where nobody wants to see. Is I feel bad for what they did. I still don't know whether it'd been like but if you get a Chance Watch watch the second time you really do. See how this joint give another go tomorrow. We we are going to date real quick Gertz. Gerson had nothing to do with that the chat. That should have all. Okay Yeah Nah man if you watch it if you owe it to yourself a little bit of it if it ever comes out on video or if you're sneaky and you just want to go see what it's like out of curiosity because seriously if you learn something from watching bad movies you will see how student interference can fuck up a film man. Did you will see where every joke was just crammed in Hamden. That's that's the thing I kept thinking with these actors the way the their lines are so random like you know went either had them in a booth or they emailed them a script instead. Just over your phone just record record and this is a bunch of lines and they had no idea what the context was they. Just say it in your voice. Yeah no it's terrible. That's terrible terrible. Did on ostriches. Like like playing a video game. Joust or something I it was just like this. Is the level you guys to sink to supposedly these animals. This is not doing man. I'll tell you there's a there's A. It's embarrassing I. I'm trying to find. It is uh in the movie. I don't think I have a picture of it. 'cause I don't even think they want to show it but there's a dog in his film and as bad as these animals look dead dog. Don't even look like he belongs in real life. That dog looks like a cartoon. One adult looks out of those bad. I animated. CG Family Films Okay. So as was he had a tie and win last night he was wearing. Jesus Musso bad man it what. What was the movie that we saw before this? We say it was so terrible. I know we've seen bad time. We have plus. That's on Netflix. I'm talking about the release because we've seen something up and that was bad. I'm sure twenty. Twenty cats oh this is worse than cat is worse than cats. No trust me. People cats at least had a single vision as funderburk the best ones but they went ahead. Some inspiration doesn't doesn't man studio came in Mrs All. Oh Man I'm sorry. Universal sorry ars so young man back in the morals and I think he probably gonNA marmite mentioned behind a way back. Yeah Hey di come back Olsen twins named teddy stock. Come Home Dinner. Selma body can do. You can bring you bring fifty percent of the population but you bring me back here. Somebody else snap uh-huh snapping that that comes back a WANNA think Uh Let me see here Matson thank you. I want to read some that. He wrote here. This is nice. We need to talk about this real quick and then we'll move on him announcements for you And also also talk about the importance of your support. Me Ask thank you. Yes and says he seems this Keep those subs cracking a crack. Lacking according the crew we'd crush two thousand five hundred by May let's getting keep spreading the word bring the subs over to. DT's so we can get caught Martin in the gang to that twenty five hundred by May keep the channel live. Just Jack The subs count up. DT He is What is it? The Roy is on the road to twenty five hundred to keep the cameras rolling and the best entertainment on the Internet. Coming our way. Aw Yeah Oh thank you man. Thank you for saying that and you know what we We do I mean I know. I don't WanNa seem like begging anything and I'll be honest with you you know this was Somewhat of a risk coming over here not on Anonima telling you that it's not me I was well aware that. And it's not that when a bad spot is just that's what did you do here on twitch we were on our side too we were telling one dude was like I don't know it's it's dues befallen us for years man every year and I told somebody just ignore this person. There's somebody says we should we do some but there's guys like no. He's in here all the time. No He's in here all the time talking shit the he's in here all the time and I'm fine with that he's in there. Would no one else is around. This person is by themselves. Just just talk shit. Fuck do you okay. Who came up and he one of the things he said was so you ready to admit that this is a failure Dale it then that you have to just big everyday mother? If we had to do this when we were on our own we did this all the time. See You tomorrow all take. Yes yes see you tomorrow man all the time so yeah people. That's what you gotTa do and I'm just being honest with you. I don't WanNa go into when I'm not doing this the scariest Gary and donate to beg. Is this the business so we have some shit thank you do now. He's doing it now. Thank you for the for the sub there that is Frisco flame feel guilty. Don't feel it's thank you man but yeah people thank you Felix. Pope John Willman sometime soon but That's that's the game man. That's what we have to do and I just have to let you wanna stay around for that. We don't reach that twenty five hundred. We weren't site we don't have to go with media but it will be some changes that have to be made in You on how good that's going to be but I'm not worried about him. It'd be honest with you. I'll I'll be five no matter what happens so it's not like oh please. It ain't nothing like that. Let your personal Jeffco Man. Don't forget the Butler in the May to shoot bitches. Come get your Benny Hana's only one hundred restaurants. You gotTa keep on working at home to take personal ship. The the hat alone cost. Imagine have a guy just being honest for you or like you come home and you have a day. Yeah now I'm not feeling today so So I just been prepping food and just for nothing. Put their shit away. Man You WanNa keep paying seems excessive to me. I'm thank guber three fifteen. Thank you three sixteen. Thank you but the goals we have to re chair which we are very close to getting right now fifteen hundred subscribers. It's what we're trying to get to play some games with you guys. Some the words games will be fine of the weird as to what we'll have some fun with those play. Those few hours with the myself Chris. Herman Mark Thomas and then twenty five hundred until we gotta get to. That's what we watch space jam. I'm going to release the Coleman cut if I can five hours worth of space jam for you right there Then we'll do a review kind of like what what with With the review here tonight watch it within review. 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These slides got these these other brands of Scherzer's logos got these hats for you. Oh you can drink drug right out that cup right. They're giving him an growl man. I got more. Get your drug of choice with this gift. Certificate right hip people a lot of things get you addicted to product over. DT MERGED DOT COM. Check it out. Check it in a right working on Ashtray Ashtray. Bits onto it actually talk. Oh I'm trying to get their shirt with a stray greet shirt and I WANNA do our Rachel as much as I love. Hearing your brother threaten me about an ashtray and we'll go ahead and cut. I know I know about to get into the review view. So we'll get into that right after this. Yeah boy brother Doorman Goodman Dan. Goldin back he's good working with Tyler. Perry and being a mortal Kombat asked me his mortal Kombat finish shooting. They don't you really so yeah so he's already he's done already get. How long do I mean besides shoots probably but nice man and so So how many reissues to your brother has to go on now. As far as I don't know about about more combat that he was done when he came to visit on December December because he got tired of Adelaide Australia in Sydney. That's all it is. What's what's the big thing about Sydney say city? Okay and that he's been there before But now they finish w said it was cool. said he had a problem. They're trying to get beat up on the woman was like Nah. Nah Aw career is not there yet. That's more combat. You GotTa discounted Nasr. That he was like they're asking me do all assay. Welcome back everybody. How you doing talking about them? Excreted greets in the new character that we had. What is it lefebvre jokes? You can find funny. Jokes greets the pant. Take a right. Let's see here Iraq. Let's go ahead and that's going to I review this evening. Okay so you know he's GonNa be lady like that. Sorry in the bills. You have to do all this all right. Let's get into it here. John Personal experience Let's see the C- You know last week we did a drunk show and washed the reason why we drink these movies. Drivers Watch all these bad movies. We do that on purpose. We watch bad movies that just give us an excuse to drink man. Give us a reason to kind of moves. What people say? We don't blame. Yes that's why why we do it. Yes exactly exactly are budding. Alcoholism budding. I was GonNa say we'd Better Stop Martin. We don't want to go boy. We WanNa make we better. I started watching some good movies man. If you don't WANNA become alcoholics but for right now no one can blame us. No one can blame us for drinking when you watch movies like Tam T. Rex. That's a movie that we watched last week. I can't get over. That other title is Tanny and the Yes yes. We'll talk about that. We'll talk about that. All these things that are coming up man is moving. Look fuck it. Is it really it really. Dont man this. It's film right here. You know if you listen to the premise of this let me see I'll go and just believe it or not as got one okay. Is the movie about Young High School. Student play by Paul Walk in his first movie. I believe in it. Sounds like a kids fill. It does when you listen to Paul Walk as a kid who gets his brain. Put into a T. REX but because he gets his brain. Put into a T. Rex. That doesn't mean that doesn't that doesn't mean that he he wants to stop having you want. Stop having fun in fact they say that now that his brain is at a t rex. He's he's literally a party animal just because just because he's got his brain t. Rex doesn't mean that he doesn't like to do the things that teenagers do. But this Toronto Soroush it is. Rex just wants to be a party. Animal please tell the truth. Nobody believes it anymore. Listen to music. The Doon Doon. Doon mingling the premise. You listen to music. Rozic S. T. Rex. And you're like man. This is fun for the whole family right here. This is. This is practically this practically a Disney channel movie especially for the kids this. This was made for them. Kids loved ice kids. Love Dot as what kid doesn't love dinosaurs. They love this movie. They have to watch this. No no no fuck no no no no now keep them away from this there. I'm not even talking about because it's bad you know you put your kids in front of the bad stuff all the time and you just walk out. The room is bad exactly but this keep those. Those mother fuckers away from this. If this is something that disturbed us it would traumatize them disturbing. Actually the move is pretty good. This movie is is actually. It's actually more way more disturbing compared to some things that look at eight like Donald Atlanta some shit like that but when you expect and like a cute family route this will throw the hell off man till the true. Nobody believes it anymore. Dinosaur on what it's more than a machine with brain intercept she would seem like we on the brink special really think. Thank you gone crazy crazy. This is just a little hard to explain in a truck. Job The flip somebody off. Did you see that this so disturbed. You wouldn't even know. Uh Gay is fuck. I can't wait to talk about him. He can be the shit guys. Use it all up right. Yeah he sucked the gay out. The Room of other gay people walk the straight when he walks up all that gay powered and soon the you know the thing about this movie man burst of all even before we get to any kind of disturbing parts of it for we get into anything as we waited the movie can even we talked about this the McCain even fucking decide what he wants to be. It gained decide. We're wants to be called looking at this and everything you find. It will say ten. The T rex when the movie stars Tanny in the Teenage T. Rex shit. I don't throw your. That's like a children's book. It does the font especially confusing since nobody calls her tanny. Eric Tammy fucking Internet calls. TAMMY reviews reviews caller. Tammy who is this. God Damn Tanny exactly who was tanny fascinated to know how this happened. Yeah I ah I see Tammi what the fuck is tanny. Home ain't no ain't. Nobody even called tanning his move on. I think the closing credits. She's the says Tanny. I looked at the end. That's what they looked at the Internet's where she shows up close. Yeah they should've told the rest of the cast and wrote the script but before that is is tim now. Something the chest was editing error. Well they should have fixed this. I mean how do you miss that. Do picks the title. You know what they did it backwards. They saw tanny like a fucking. I've got to go back and change everything in the movie. The fucking up just the title screen. That's all we don't have the budget for this fucking. She'll just be Tammy all you have to do is go in. You could even done. You can just call it just put lines in hard to live with done it to live a simple two lines. Yellow market would've done it. You'll be fine good but you know the when you watch this the movie it keeps flip-flopping man. It keeps going back and forth with the Thailand and things like you know the titles are the most straightforward thing movie in the titles roll. Aw this goes from being disturbing to comedic too disturbing to community just does back and forth back. It doesn't it seconds goes from bid disturbance comedic seconds. It's like it's like it's like mentally mentally watching a tennis match and it's not like like evil dead to where there's a bit of tongue in cheek but also be disturbing but it all kind of flows together. They're doing this is this has personality has got you at least to you. Will you will spend this whole move get whiplash. You're going to be like God. Damn that's crazy got that's crazy that's passed crazy. You know you're going to be doing the whole film because it. It's almost like they don't know what they're doing. It is almost like a some people dropped to scripts at the same time. Pick them up and got together. Somebody's walking down the street. And Ashley Trump's the wrong brain. He Goes Oh this other one. You got your kids moving. You got them fuck making. It's all the kids. Let's just make one movie now. You could. Yeah let's go. Yeah man the movie starts with with this attack Bob Bullies and we say Stephen King Stephen King got none of these these these these are a more than bullies. He's a Goddamn Socia-. She passed man like they really are bullies. You know what they are. They are like a gang that roams the wasteland. After the apocalypse just prey on the weak out killing people start. They were made made me think of that. Reminded me of the bully Zam where those believes would just drive up and hit a cripple kid with their car in front of everybody and then get out and beat him up but that's all they need. Ah Yeah that's the only thing they did. These mug is finish the job they come back they go. They go. This goes goes beyond like a schoolyard. TUSSLE THEY WANNA see people die. It's cool they got the girl from Kerry Gilpin got got a blood lust. He does yeah. She throwing bets with spikes in them into the ring about Janet. Yeah they they are they. They are in same in associated past. They belong either in jail or the like the Middle Hall for the Criminally Insane. It's his is a is this is this is crazy man brutal. There's you know it's it's prison ship but kicking the head lear. What's my coma doing exactly likely and then he goes with the ribs after then landed? But right when you're flinching and your repulsed what did I tell. Oh you it goes from disturbing to comedic is two seconds. Before he's beating the shit out this dude to the way to to nut grab it He was getting sound effects. And everything that motherfucker he pulled Able Kevin Spacey you. I mean you start saying maybe that's why the bullies name is billie but his name is billy. and that's the bully is the bullets. Start Thinking. Maybe maybe billy is. Maybe you WANNA fuck walk. which is pretty IAGO's rival's Denise Richards but this is exactly like his masculinity is getting it but he really graduates balls man? That ain't act because Paul Walker was never good that good getting hurt that I believe. That's it hurt you know. Oh that bullied man. He wants to Fuck Paul Walker. That's why he that's why he wants to kill us. Why so angry? He's like it. But you say that. If I don't kill you I'm going to have to fuck pussies feeling being. The masculinity is driving him insane uses. But don't kill you have to have sex with you. You must die the locker room and it's funny because you can have your girlfriend. I don't want her. I don't think I'm lying. You can tell that the dude is probably a little bit game because we're talking about like like like nineties gay you know. Do you know the tears in the pants. But they warm on the front and uneasiness it. This got his tear right on his ass cheek. The access down to a down ass up. We're GONNA it looks like a bitch is literally hanging out. Come on man Eh. Come on man and if that wasn't enough like you know it's like the bishop his part that didn't go through long the dig grabbing park that went on for me the whole bit out of that Yeah Yeah they it is absolutely worthless it the way to do it got the gay frizz dead paying because he's having too much of a good time watching grabby loudly sadly nothing you get. Oh my God do pressure was thank you. It's all right. Obviously you talk to class. I'm not saying to him in the mall. But that's why he picks up he just he just started. Paul Walker's this week Jack Up I grabbed yours or no price. Dick grab it seriously. Oh all it does get the hose on these motherfuckers. We we watch the movie with like minis are like two dollars fucking they get stuck just grabbing day on. Koa Fail useless. Who fucking useless? My fucking got. Got A got this black friend and he just he just loves his mother get beat up so he just because he's hoping for a big grand just fucking use by by the way. Let's let's play okay a game if you can find the adult actor in this. Oh God that's funny that they got actual teenagers. You just don't put him teenagers. If we're supposed to believe this negroes in high school garner right Nestle God damn pray Agni embraces like. You would tell all them clearly teenagers. This niggles thirty thirty years old condom backpack on his mother. Fucker you serious get the fuck Outta here with this and and like I say he's just completely completely used now. If if if I'm not mistaken wasn't he tammy's friend and he didn't really know Paul Walker that well at this point but he's cheering him on my talk I'll on I'll turn on the violently grabbing jobs. Do they say no stroke. Did you hear him chipper. He's friend to get get out of this stuff he's like squeeze them on my own. Everybody's into something. Slow slow buyer in the game. I would've DASHIKI. Oh yeah and I gotta tell you black pant they got nothing on this shit right here. This is and this was made in the ninety s and this problem on the most accurate things in the movies when he's when he's dressed like this you know the back in the ninety S. When black people used to dress they were going to be an African Children's television show you see with the colors and big ass clothes and hats and shit. You know that that's probably the most accurate things in the in the in the movie because he's dressed like ever seen he's dressed like he's from Africa. Why because it's the ninety s that's the only thing they never referenced like Z.? Is this brother. Low is easy. WOKE IS GONNA back to Africa Movement together. You know the is he militant is they. Don't explain it you say he's you know why because he's black in the nineties so his dad is the Black Sheriff Sheriff who happens also be and what appears to be a mid western town or possibly northern California so Barnes only there because his dad took this job so byron his lashing out Zach Zach neck just upset is pups by the way I I believe somebody correct me. I believe but to interview this guy. I believe he's the same director that did not only me. But I think he did mannequin. Oh I thank you did. y'All should've researched this today. 'cause somebody told me that. But I'm not sure somebody more prominent mannequin. But I thought that too okay. Maybe yeah maybe he also did is piracy. Did this guy is pirate. Did he did he do mannequin. Somebody let me know man. What's his name okay? So no no no. He was not no. That's not okay so good thought. If you had been he would have been another character because There is a move that or manic and they had a character just like your Hollywood Hollywood. Yeah do Ramon Designing Women Designing women. But I'll tell you man this. This dude is fucking useless in this movie. He's in the movie to sit up there and cheering people. Grabbing each other's dicks are do whatever everything that every other gay character it did in the eighty s and ninety s just be overly dramatic and flamboyant owner and the best friend of the hot girl and the best girl in at some point. They all they get the paper so hard they get solar mag is so flamboyant that and this. This was a thing in the eighties and nineties faint elegance. Don't worry I won't what's up with nursing horror to all. I don't even know stay tuned. Stay tuned I'll tell you Nurse Meg in a mini. You don't even know. She ended by the way. She's not the big hole in the movie. The whole thing feels like a even with all the the grabbed and everything it feels like just a silly. PG movie it does from the Eighty S or ninety accept it well even when even when they control the he want to enter the T.. Rex Man the UH the t rex which they never explain how they got it they are what it is is like is a real dinosaur or is it. A robot was thought out from the Ice Age is a cloned like Jurassic Park style. They don't ever give an answer. The doctor keeps talking about his invention. which which makes me think that it was a robot that he built but see invention could be like? I had the invention the computer to control this robot right they. They met believing they don't explain. It's it's not clearly defined. All we know is that at the moment. It can't move because it's hooked up to big computer and it is strong enough to lift ninety pounds ninety pounds with one rubber glove book at the book on my face. And I'm GonNa tell you guys talk about show me strength and when you got a fake swayze over here fake Patrick swayze with all those muscles. You can't live is ninety pounds. Oh why why is he struck. y'All look at this. Fish is ninety. Pounds is forty five on each side. So this starts off on freshmen year. Football ours yeah. That's true. Oh was still one hundred and thirty five first of all I about why. Why is fake swayze over here happens almost all the Muslim he just useless the man who knows how to be on that shoot? I mean times. He's got that thing. Be Lying or my back over this. The He's already heard his career. He went on to do great things after this. Like what are hey raise a family raise the box like you do it right now put another set of weights on there. I want to see this though. I mean I I was making fun of the T rex lifting one hundred thirty pounds hundred thirty five whatever it because I think man you fucking supposed to be more than that but I saw him not only Is lifted but he lifted with one one flims as robot hand. Look at this look at this little hand come the fuck out of my face. Pretty you know should have relocated to be able to talk like that and the doctor catch it not all there still the man that little that little robot hand fish it changes so many sizes in the movie is this is almost like Reed Richards man for one. It is an actual T. rex on the Knicks Modesto stretched across the room. You know look at this. You see how far the army the army will be wearing alarm man. Look at look at this the fake this is man. They don't have no they. Don't give a fuck about abortion proportion in this at all you can even see this look at this lookout got glove. That's a fucking glove that you clean the kitchen with you. It doesn't match the color of now. So yes yes okay. Yeah he's the doctor. I can tell you what what happened with this This story story and why we get no real explanation on his dinosaur right here on his T. Rex is because they worked backwards. What happened was they had the budget? Just to build a T. Rex right and then after that they say you know what just fucking build it we will work into the store lead We'll we'll we'll figure it out. Yeah and they never really figured it out so what they did was they just. It's a remote control animatronic. That's the way it is and they actually wait so they don't have a club. A story for the Shit looks fake. What is what is moving because it looks like animatronic so what they do? is they make that part of the movie. The actually make the remote control aspect of this apart the Phil. So how can you say yeah. You know he's controlling his whole thing and then making a whole scene out down brave boys play live in person for once he's happy he's on alert and because of that he tried out every the accident. He knows the extent exit calms and go one minis from Germany and other men. He's from Brooklyn Man. The fuck was that accident. was that mouthpieces. It does seem as if the had the idea idea they were gonNA make it about a real t rex and then once they got it you know like we came to the Great John. I don't kiss wrong because it's not going to sell a real T.. Rex let's let's let's make this a giant toy you the teams now. He wants to get because that's the movie. Just that's what the movie did it just. The movie just stopped. Say Look at what we bought the move. Just lose plan with toy is the biggest toy is weight is or control toy because they didn't because they got like Martin and got a fuck it came to pass. That's the cost you extra. Oh No no you can take this chucky cheese birthday kids you work order uh-huh. Ah I look and realistic. Yeah get what you pay for muscle put a Benjamin let them say fuck that your kids them up like muscle be Barney. Oh you do love me. It'd be like Barnard doing. The robot can announce awfully not calls money Lucasville. Oh but yeah. Mid Things ain't nothing started a little crazy crazy because I like I say man you don't see no no real violence anything like that. You know the fight but we'll see like you said you saw Zam you know we still in an area whereas like all right. This is not. We're not I'm not disturbed yet. I'm still laughing having fun bullies start kind of APP and things up when they just tell you that they don't they'll run the school. They run a whole fucking town they they don't give a fuck you know how they don't give a fuck about he'll give about parents. Yep they just just bum rush takes. It's just bust. They what parents man ooh ooh locally. They've they busted through that door in jail. And you get the wrong kind of Daddy. You know this is. This is the Alcoholic Daddy. Oh yea making Margaritas. The parents you know these these these these bullets wish you will call the police. The super fucking. He read it as only two left. My Wallet was right. Yeah Man Bust ended kidnapped. Paul walking man kidnapped the bust into an adult else home to kitten to commit a crime besides philly breaking and entering. Yeh Kidnap to kidnap somebody and eventually actually commit murder that now. This is where this is win day. They don't believe it or not fucking around. They run this town. They'll run the school school. They run this town. I'll tell you they gangs of the waste land. They don't give a shit about anybody kicking just real quick slow down for a little bit straight as I can follow this so they think he's up there fucking Denise Richards to he's about to you okay so they find out that combustion I and this but we've already seen that they made the data so and all that so they're going to go kidnap him at this point because he's a fucking kidnap him they gonNA show him a lesson. Okay this this is the movie stars to kind of take a turn artists where where does darkness lead to stay tuned. We'll let you know right after this. Kitchens Point Yeah didn't give a fuck about this man's house at all care about adults in town. Fuck you weigh your bitch ass Donna. Always his daughter does yeah. I thought it was award is no Oh hell no no Paul welcome back. Paul Wargame God though did party. Mommy gotTa Guardian uncle a gun ankle. Sal is just so you hear a real alcoholic alright so by the way it works in the crypts and the bloods his dad's alcoholic. His uncle is a drunk. Yeah no this. Is this wilder man. Like I said you know about kidnapping look if only that was it. nope I don't give a fuck. Hey everybody how you doing welcome back. Oh my God. So here's the deal man to recapture quick so the bullies just broke. Broke into the parents home of Denise Richards saying whether it bit jet go upstairs and they find with Paul Walker's character so they said we're GONNA teach Paul Pretty Paul all here listening so he never think about doing this again. I WANNA come fuck. Hang on you're not gonNA come near again because you ain't GonNa be living even when they when they kidnap. Paul Walk they take you. This is the funniest thing right here. They take him to take him to a wildlife. I preserved our like a wildcat preserved. Right here I mean they beat the shit out. Yes I where the Lions Panthers Elisa Panthers here they must have a great like these lines panthers here man at this wild animal park wild animal. Preserve this you. You know what you can take your kids. Hope you get to leave with them. And these animals like this these lines and he's panthers up in here. They must have got a good deal to stay here because they can leave leave any time. They want that rags gate. Can't keep this. Does this look at the last fence right here. Little Fish as no guard at night so these they must. UGH must have a really good thing going here. Because they don't leave the trees would look at look at look at this gate radio and look at the look out how the trees they. They can jump over the fence if they wanted to know. We got a good thing about this. This is the life the boozer bringing some specimens specimen. WE DO UBER eats with human beings on this funny to awesome good suit except those gangsters him over and they pulled him back up. He's no and I'll tell you what what would happen here. They must have called. They must've called ahead and told the line that they will come into that. Allow was waiting on at the moment. They dropped Paul. Walk off in that in that part comes a MIATA food. He didn't even give him a running. Start coming in at line chases his as down because you know catch him playing with his food right. Now I'M GONNA Call Slow uh-huh Trot. Yeah Yeah get you line say you know my my my food taste better with fear. RUN FAST to yeah. He don't give a fun now he put it in the work and I'll tell you man. He took his time because he said you know what. When I get you a mall? This shit at Joe is so the more you make me run. Paul walking walking must have made his heirs run a little bit too much the most the shit out of him. And that is the part where we're all like. What kind of movie my watching right now? Disney channel. No more but you know even then. Is this kind of like comedy. Show him. That is why we are so relieved relieved to find out just a minute later that there's not a scratch on now what it was almost like the line just like the largest punched him in the bruise radio boy. Stop crying I heard he was trying to fucking on that Paul Walker didn't have NASA scratch on him man. Nothing look at this F.. As we all tour man known as he was he was gone for the neck and the face but not a scratch on him. How does he attaches not just to pretty men? He heals quickly. The prettiness no ban in data. Anything man no band aid at all. So it's kind of like all right. Well I guess I guess this is kind of wacky comedy. I mean that was that was a little too intense show. I want to look too far but okay we back to where we need to be. Oh by the way these embedded bully. He must have a tracking device on Paul Walker scared because he follows them everywhere. uh-huh him in the in the hospital. The hospital cares if I came to finish the job and on top. And you know what's funny about later. He goes people go nuts. Come on you just do what I tell you looked better. Start Wearing a cup down there. I think a copy England on left or this is crazy. Staus glad woman quick. Stop fucking with people in general go to back to see. I'll watch you man. See more ars sisters and Popeye Bluto she. You know she don't want you man. You know really at this point is awards. Go to jail over like I'm going to there's got to be a dad is GonNa get you in here. Okay thank you know at this point. Uh this this is not so violent after all this is okay come on come. Money in Washington is fine. We overreacted. I mean they can't even show blood after after line tech but that was the the movie bucket with us that that wasn't macguffin. That would just to throw your ass off get you get you all disturbed and pull back and get you off into saving. Get You BETCHA. Love this not safe this. This is where it goes off. Is that this point that the mad scientists comes in get Paul Walker's character Roger Naming Michael Michael Michael once that mad scientists gets him. That's where that's where everything starts to go off. You know it all because all of this begins with the obvious begins within pudding. It's the can take xactly what starts in the movie stars when they have to put. Paul Walker's brain. Michael Michael's brain into the T.. Rex because in order to get to the brain. They got to cut through the meat and bone. They show that they ate the. I mean if you're GonNa make an Omelet you have to break a few cracking jokes. Smoking Hold Yeah Fair terrier environment. Billy with what you don't know from seeing this right here Paul Walker not dead at this point. Just he was on the table he just woke up on. Hey what's going going on the nurse punches him and knocks him out and then that's when they start saying they don't give him no and static at all you know that he is just like sleep. You know once you start cutting off but I think fuck Donald in the book. Good the fuck up ninety nine Macaire Berry by Bitch Russian show who the hell. Yeah but as I said man this is where you start flip-flop into it at this point like Oh shit is a real horror movie right here but then it starts going into like goofy as comedy. You know we get to the point where you see Operating on on Paul Walker's Manikin. Right here Oh God. That's all he's saying that when they do they say you know what is. This is the perfect time for joke. Should I almost went up and big Joe Talk. Stop doing this. Last time shows up the game. The rain is exposed. Oh yeah you got you. Should you got buyer looking at the table. Who Do it again? That was funny. Looking Dude How many times have you beg come on man? You know you don't belong here out. A beach meets old So you know like I said it keeps going back and forth back and forth man man have moment of hard and they gotta Dig Joe but kids have really sorry and the rest of the movies like like this. They follow the same pattern and I had to say though as it goes along even though it keeps dipping in the comedy the kills are they kind of made me nauseous. They think they threw me back a little bit Kinda taken aback by the violence and the way it came down. disembowelment the beheadings. Like this patient's decapitations. I mean it's a T.. Rex I give them this much. They like you know God damned this t. Rex came move. We don't make that up with Gore. You know what what are we lacking in dinosaur effects worst would definitely make with blood and guts lever decide all like bid to betsy ranks now so you get that but then right when when you like got there that was hardcore. Then it's followed up by some kind of silly and crazy like look. Look at this Ron right here. There's a little silly as they got some bucks too because you can tell his body put over somebody could see straight. We're probably just stopping tonight. I'm you could accumulate old. said he said love it. Love it you haven't find the. Oh yeah let me see where. Where was I at the mood is a little bit? You didn't look spa silly things like that about things. I don't even think they meant to be comedic movie. Go in there and Tyler Perry territory. They mean for things to kind of be dramatic sad movie like like the dinosaur looking at himself in a mirror rating done to me. I will tell you man what they did was they could. They could have done a better job but this what they did. was they just retold the story of Frankenstein. Yeah and they could've pushed that a little bit in the Mirror Mirror. He does something like this. You could've done like he needs to see what he looks like but he should have been walking by a glass. Pick it up a little rubber hands man Eddie mayor and if they had actually been tried to do more of like a their version of Frankenstein played that up then we probably would have had some. They weren't going to pay for big mirror. Oh no not some big less if they did they just had donald run through it or something but yeah. They could've played up the theme of Frankenstein. I even think thank that you know not on thinking about it. They could've They could have done things like for the dinosaur man. You know. It's obviously is. It's obviously a fake as dinosaurs. So some of what they could do. is they cut like Frankenstein. Him Up like put stitches on his neck. Yeah you know put make so showa I love show. Parson look mechanical so we are thinking that this is a robot they could make a straight A. B. B.. Move Roble rex or something you know So many COULDA WOULDA sugarless shoeless touched on these. Are you gonNa just pretend like all these other stuff no Kane Kane. I'm doing could've made him more realistic art. What time in your life when you look? You almost got yourself like that Donoso and say what the fuck am I saying. What was your yeah? I was thinking stupid stupid. Oh you do but man but the rest of the movie man. That whole part where where the goes to the party like you saw the trailer. That is where the real carnage. Begets bloodbath. That man as a massacre is a massacre. Man is he doing Kerry thing. Well Fuck Oh no no no he he just goes on the bullies elise targeted by the way. The Biggest T.. Rex Hide behind bushes and trees. Nobody nobody noticed it. But it is no it is a bloodbath carnage they they start by first of all killing soul and rhythm your own. Well it she did a staple you the only one I can put up. There has ever been to a party. We wake kids it. They all look like this girl took some molly before she got 'cause I because everybody dance to the song she got home with. You can go like everybody else everybody. Everybody's got their own song. Say everybody else is listening to a group. That Mitch is listening into the pop song was she showed up going wrong with y'all I'm here. What part does that she stops Tom? Yeah you're you're six. It was good the actors sit everybody else listening to Justin Bieber's listening to Rick James. You know somebody like you autism gets up. I put that bitch misery. She just keeps dancing while he's eating people. This is miserable. I don't WanNa dance anymore but this is kicked in mucking. Helped me somebody Budig kill me please. For the love of God somebody killed me. Go to Soto between her her in the book too old to be at the party long John Belushi fan sick. Take your girls like to make out sort of our own old member of hells angels parties to get arrested his Rhonda Rhonda phone erotic. That pony take some non dancing motherfuckers obese. Everybody got those two girls can't really commit either. Yeah Yeah we'll do this. Because these guys think is hot drags cocktail he. I'll I'll distract him. You call the police several of general the thing in this show. He's just some dude neighborhood. WHO showed up? I thought it was like a subplot where he came. Came in to something. That would be cool. You know this is like the direct is cousin. Something man he just. They're part of this at all nine focus on him too fast food. Do anything because you don't want to see he's GonNa be the next year is barley is. Yeah boy it has no part no no part in this movie. All the hot girls Chat Tomba General Guru Movie Lou Kinda General Meyer how anachronistic. His old dress is even down to that. Medallion ran Dan out of the sixties man like he came dressed. duckie's an extra dressed up for the wrong time off or he went to the wrong set and just it. It is not on the moon. Now did you guys seem cool. This Nazi bikers from Hell. No okay here really. You got a T.. Rex Eh medallion back time and action. Man Yeah I wish he would eat him first but donald was like you know you don't belong to make room for the rest of the law. Ah I-UH school at the time to catchy you know and I tell you though this is such a it is a bloodbath here. Man Does the T.. REX goes off at this part and they do have some do some cool kills. Let go on here man in some like some kids are actually add straight out of Harpoon like there's no joke afterwards like a mess. I squirt or they they popped Allah. You know what I like. I like the whole time. They send it. They're like yeah he'll never see. Yeah I think he's looking the man he will shut the fuck up based on moving John No to say if you don't move the T.. Rex Can I see thank. You both. Tell Somebody's feet T.. Rex Size. He keeps up the biggest. This Guy Got Dan T.. Rex Ain't fucking around. Man Is T. REX is business. I'm sorry for making fun of reason. Make Fun of wind up toy voting off the ground commander Lost Land of the Lost Move Move Movement then then Eh twenty dollars. Why was he trying to stay on the phone? She's making a bet. Yeah I would bet on a horse dinosaur but finished bet though I got them seriously. People people like some shit would've would've would've spring on the side that you that you wind up and let it walk wind up toys more convincing wincing the net so our it's Oh there's the other part to some of these kids are cool but then you see the aftermath. What they've done to the body and it just looks stupid it? Is it a look at this and I said this is somebody stepped on the dinosaurs. Stepped on Buddha's like when we watch the movie deflated. Sex Dollars or pigs notice there's no skull around anything no brain uh-huh cartilage. There's nothing but rubber. That's a nurse. Reputable do that. They don't even look like that he's black it but it just flat toy. That's a blow up dog guy do like some now. I would tell you this. I do like some Some twist in the story elements here. I thought they did some Some cool things like one they made. Sure like if you ever. You think that Paul Walker's get pretty little body back that won't happen they fit. They fucked up. They abuse that body and it didn't help but they actually gave the body to the cheapest funeral home in the city. So cheap that even even renting your casket route and Lucho body the recipe known trying to eat over Roussel. The whole idea that will maybe we can get his body and put the brain back nodding settle that right there. She gets out of the sockets. Yeah Paul Paul Walker's not getting that body back man thanking begging. Yeah yeah like that's him because what I what. I was watching a movie I'd like now. Is that another body. And you know everybody's Gone Paul has gone at this point and they didn't even involved with you know they just let animals eat him coyotes and she got a hold of that. Yeah man you know so. They don't yeah that does put a little bit attention on them like okay. What's HE GONNA do? You know what the king because he got stained his body. What can they do and you know what kind of at first you wait for them? And it's like fuck you actually kind of racist they find bodies they find they find a Asian duty like fuck they put that old. He's thinking with Besson the short because he's Asian he's short done and we don't give a shit man every every stereotype them all yeah. This is the nineties. Oh when you can get away with this Muslim egg rolls. I mean. It's this obeying a dinosaur. The thing works out. You don't find me. Why pretty hard I ain't GonNa Talk? This is now. I don't want to give too much away here. You know the resin mood you kind of have to get you too because a lot of stuff in there besides what we told you. Believe me but there is one last disturbing thing in here And it is. It is the beginning of the movie but it we got. I'm not gonNA tell you how to get there but it is the it is very disturbing. What is it would tell you what it is right after this? Jesus talking about this movie. It is fucking ridiculous. This gets goofy for a while and you think all right. We're we're kind of done with all the disturbing stuff. Yeah it's like they wait for you to say that. Yeah because you see the part where they're driving down the street with T.. REX hanging out of a truck that little rubber hand and in doing crazy gestures like scratching his head argue with that. But that's still backdrop are moving and nothing just. Yeah yeah no yeah does time like the datas falls out of a truck and go to get it in standing up perfectly right perfectly fine perfect scotch-irish go he's it pops back up. All right often. Always welcome back how you doing. Welcome back at at the conclusion of our review for Tammy and the t rex and we will tell you that this is this thing. We've been talking about this crazy shit our night man. When I saw this I was like you know something? We've been talking about some crazy movies. Crazy movie review bad movie. I thought this is not GonNa Really. I don't know this is corrupt where we talked about last time but boy she no hell no reliving. This again is like yeah. Yeah this is out. There is probably craziest thing that we've seen as far as the way of flip the plot and tone. Oh Yeah do you think. It's crazy theodore rex. Yes because theodore racing thin anybody he had a cookie. It ain't no people went over. There was no blood and violence. It wasn't going to think about okay thinking about Theodore Rex if Theodore rex was wearing those converses cookies and then he rip. Somebody's arm out. You know that's that's kind of what we have here right right right but this is what do the like. I don't want to give away too much but Probably one of the most disturbing parts and move not even gory anything. It's just like where they lead to drop you off. They leave you with this man Komo. Hey don't leave me here a But the movie. I'll just say this. This ponies richest. She she loses. Oh Michael The T.. Rex she loses him. She doesn't have them anymore. So but but it starts every so distraught that she turns into a teenage stripping Cam girl. Oh I was joking. No Oh shit we when we were when we were watching the movie I say she can grow and an like fuck she is. And that's the thing man. He's just not doing any kind of 'cause sterban disturbing enough that she's a team can girl but she's stripping in data from the camera for Paul Walker's brain. Yeah she sees. She is so into this dude that she can't even go out and find a whole man. She's still she's like fucking you know. I love this guy so much. I'll just take the brain. I think it's just her feeling guilty. Because she was the catalyst for all this happened. Yes yeah but you know a month into this like I can't keep doing this. You can see how disturbed. She is right now she don't want to Geno want do this as she stripping for Paul Walker Michael Cared for his brain and the thing is that I don't know what she's getting from this his but somehow the brain is able to jack off a brain gasm warned you it also gratitude Russell to the way he could feel that braehead available as uh-huh. Oh Yeah it is it is it really is. His body is destroyed and his buddies fed to rats maggots. She's she's got some kind of Stockholm Syndrome with him. She can't the brain in a jar like okay he just came. But okay what happens now. Yeah what's what's the rest of his life. Think about it's a dark ass ending for this goofiest movie right here and yeah I mean it's like they're playing like you're supposed to laugh and go like Ho. Oh how funny funny. He's really didn't deserve to die their dog. She's disturbed fucking crazy parents kind onto letting this happen or drunk. They let the bully. Yea Yeah what happens when police come back now. Better brain come back on the day. Yeah you make fucking lunch meat. I ate them all Bush. Japan man. No bullets take care of you. GotTa worry about the norm. Wigan live in peace for now this can be your eh cheese pizza doubter. It's weird really. Yes yeah we all drink it and we laughed and we saw that we ought to her uh-huh who's seen everything But you know some interesting things here just real quick. We talked about some of the casting in here. The doctor in this I. I forgot the doctor's name Doctor Watching Stein some seriously a witch and Stein. Some shit like that. It's dying is at the end of the Frankenstein but the doctors is played by Terry. Kaiser who by the way is way too fucking Horny in this movie. Almost oh yeah he. He violated his actress. She she couldn't say shit they don't they will fucking and in ages you know just brought into the movie oh you know what the cleaning windows eight or stop there. I really think Lisa's gratitude. He's I think that these two were actually like they were having a fleeing on the hook up the Libido sexual it's our turn. I honestly think that he Ad-lib Ad-lib those things so he's just do it. Just because he was part of the character. Yeah you're the sex potted on the crazy come on to. Aw just I'm just doing much up but the big thing with that. Is that Terry Kaiser. You might you might know. This is a he is the dead Guy Bernie and weekend at Bernie's when you say Chaba doesn't anyone realize he's dead WanNa smarter movie. Yeah Walk Around did ideology police will pull you pull up to you in a minute see. That's the magic connection because engine McCarthy is in both of those okay okay. That's what it is then. All right I knew the mannequin was in the mic somewhere every movie in the eighties. I think it was the contract and another bit of interesting casting going on The movie also has Pedro from Napoleon. Who is the smartest person in the movie out here? Got This way from the Donoso set which was obviously shot and Jim somewhere but yeah people. It's a it's a fun movie to watch but I tell you at all these bad movies is. This took me by surprise a lot of times like the I think what the deal Elyse with this film and I should look the history of it because I just decided to review this today But I think with this movie I heard that there there is a that they realize that it's two different towns so I heard that there's a PG version are pg thirteen version of out there. Yeah yeah heard that there's a pg thirteen and that's probably would thrown off because we thought we had the PG thirteen version because people kept saying we watching the Ra version of this because there's an Ra version of this maybe the PG thirteen version is call. Tammy and the T rex. Maybe yeah maybe maybe that's it. Maybe that's why he changed the name I don't know maybe there's some you know some Legal some legal thing going on where you you had to change the name. So the two different properties but there is a rated R. version on shudder. That you can watch this. This is the version that I have but I didn't. I did not know. No I thought for sure we had the PG thirteen. And I told everybody that. And that's why we like Foxconn throw it up but I will say man. It is fun to watch all these movies. You if you like you like bad movies I mean that's the thing can be any bad movie like bad movies at a weird. Yeah that unpredictable gotTa have an angle. Yeah they do they have to very much angle in this this this this does it got several. It is his own thing. I will tell you that much again when the reasons why I love these kind of films. I Adore these films. So there you go people tammy Cami in the T.. Rex You can watch the version. It is on shutter but there is a a guest. PG Thirteen version is out there somewhere too so if there you go just if you find any kid room be prepared to know which version that you watch it because this caught us off guard who who re rating. I don't get ratings for this. I mean because almost all of them like the beer low rental a bullshit us. I mean come on. This is fun. This is almost a risk. I would be respectful watching. Let's say laughing. We see here. I tell you what I I want to show you some before we get out of here some pretty funny that That we talked about yesterday and like his right back in the news. We'll let you know what that is when we come back right after this but for the meantime we're GonNa talk to chat chat how you feel about things that you enjoy the review. Do you want to watch the moving out. You saw his talk about it and as I said be sure to give us recommendations man the alright versions tanny and the t rick than the T.. Rex so that is the. That's why we have tanny at the end of it. That solves the mystery there. Somebody came in fuck. I missed it. We'll do more man. We'll do Michael Watch it right after we're done here somebody said yes and yes I do. We WanNA see Ladies Samer. Oh what is the bishop twitch. Thank you Terrell. Thank you folks out there and in New People watching always always love to hear from the new folks and would love to hear what recommendations you have force things that you like. I do like I said very much. Appreciate you guys watching kamins very kind of very car to welcome back everybody yet too. Many bad movie suggestions to count but I will take some man I look I will look at them. I'll I'll look at them and we will. We will make sure. Thank you for the layers review. Crimson night says yeah man Let me see Review experts server. No I saw that was dull. That's why I was in bad phone. It was just bad like boring. Yeah the that whole expert because it had it with the whole name. It's got a long name 'cause X. versus several ballistic experts Listrik Colon. Server is if we're supposed to be clued in on this longer story right goes with this watch one hulk cogan masterpiece people have been recommending. That you know. Watch Mac and me for research. I do have to watch that. Do the greasy easy strangler. I heard about that. That movie looks weird as fuck man. Yeah yeah forgot who directed. That is that I forgot. I knew then I knew at one time See Anyway. We'll take somebody WHO's the garbage pail kids man. That's one wedding wedding date. Santa GonNa do that for a long time. I wanted was scared of is so gross. Oh God I got I got somebody brokers who just it's gross. It's fucking groves. Hey now that's the whole thing that was a whole angle though See how it did nothing. If you ever get released. It was something where they didn't release. They pulled it because it was so gross. It was so disgusting that they put they put it right on. I'm serious correct me but it was one of those kinds of things here. It was all right. This is just too fucking discussing. Yeah somebody asked me if I've seen uh the joke is all maybe we should watch the Queen one day but we did a review of that already. We already did a review on an on site on wwl Krisha just made me mad. I think career Somebody asking the jokers the second fatality we did. We talked about it on a bit crumbs. I think maybe the first one but we did all right. Let me go ahead. And you've got to finish Fallen order jet. I know man fucking got a good ending if I can quit. Being so addicted cup hit a will. I'm tired of Yeah couples drive me crazy now. I gotta take a break so I'll get back in Jeddah fallen order so you liked it Yeah Yeah love it so you went to a story to. Yeah Yeah I was I. It may be excited about star wars if they can do that baton not to keep his bullshit. Thank you for the description in the following. UH WE'RE GONNA look at. Our top. Gift is in donators in a little bit suburbs but before we do that. Let's go ahead and get into the story man about this one. We talked about last last night. So this is women men whose apparent terrorized in this town. She's popped up three separate places in three separate videos on the Internet. And the first thing that got me introduced to her. I thought it was Walmart I think is the Walmart brand type store. uh-huh the Midwest Somebody I think it was Michigan. Something somebody somewhere told me you that this was something different but anyway This woman she She goes up to people in She tries to speak the word of God and make sure that people's souls ooh oh she's witnessing she's she's witnessing and she's doing it in the most threatening manner we're only Jehovah. Witness can take a look at this and taking those man you look like Shit. Nah Nah ain't ain't the way to God Talking about Sweden everything all Nice. Now you gotta get loud. You gotTa Cuss motherfuckers out man. There let him know that I tell you what I I mean. It's a little north of docs. Just met the guys but people they they pay attention man. I'm sorry but I don't need your help. I guess you do motherfucker when you do your duty. My Hope Sir Quett you see Bitch Vulgar Muzak which she says so roles that your son of a bitch being slaughtered last David his role roll. You Ain't going to walk away from this shit up that easy you know. People try to walk away from People Tom Circuit. I've talked to you about Jesus I wanNA hear this shit. I'm talking to you about Jesus Mother Fucker way you sudden bits. But she's also not really being so there's a animosity right here motherfucker say oh wait a must watch the digital animosity. Let me check out my groceries. You motherfucker she's like Fargo insist uh-huh fucker. Oh Gosh motherfucker in front. Okay Go. Jesus Christ I don't have anything. We're all sinners okay. He was sitting right now. No I'm not mother fucker you fucking accuser. Get the Fuck Outta here you fucking accuser. Czar animosity mother fucking accuse our get the fuck fuck in accuser accuser of the fucking brethren. You mother Ooh it was cool. The parkers were Nice. Well Ugh I like the way the the word of God is being brought to you by demand a mother fucker. Have you heard about God motherfucker. Dr Look she turns us some. Some bipolar is for. You is like she turns on them in a second on a down market this fucking brethren you. Mother taught me up the sale at a time. When Hey motherfucker walker had you heard about how party and have it? Let's all right all right. All Right Mike Pence. I just WANNA get some groceries and go home New York the nobody gets out alive going ahead to here. I was is listening to you. Hey you gotta have him bitch gets everybody man. We had a discussion last night about you know no. It's not a matter of giving somebody a pass with the with the mentally ill card. Everybody needs to be given that it. They're crazy because this woman is obviously crazy. You know. It's just not fair. How people treated we is that? This is a Muslim person they would have been being. Oh Man Yeah shot. And that's another thing the way they handle when they get her. But Not GonNa you can only do this for solo man. People don't put up shift so long for they call the cops because she was planted cheese. She had no intention of going. Yeah Yeah you know what I WANNA know where until everybody was saved into law you. Mother fuckers spawned the word of God by that is Walmart and they. Somebody told me the blue shirt I see the blue yeah. I don't know somebody was telling me different. But whatever is as far as I'm concerned a Walmart shirt is Walmart and best buy you got him right. Maybe it's a little bit of beneath those stores wearing a blue shirt unless you plan you ask for answers questions mistake with a blue shirt goddamn is over there eh. But initially working. Oh but in this right here you can see where she's A. She's being approached by people people in the now they just keeping her. They're dealing where crazy shit because somebody already to call nine one one right and they all know where sets up. Because it's this was so crazed they shot it from so many different angles on Lao. So there's another angle of police. You could see how they just. They're real calm. They had just dealing with her. Because this this one be like bitch I will beat the share to you is black woman right here but they Ahah call the police on the all. Haven't had a drink another line record. Hello to you know what's going to happen to you the fuck theft and ask. Jesus Christ Jesus Christ you goes back all the thank you we appreciate you. You know everybody knows you know what she chased him. All people like fuck this only Bush's target you alkmaar great savings tomorrow sit is well star ordering online hope. uh-huh yeah man. So I found out from a twitter of some of these videos. They were doing people like the last one is bitch is done this this. She's done this before she's going around town and done this. And so she's like the joker she gets locked up and somehow shapes our early because that's how described. I said they found their joke is like this. It goes beyond racism. She's going over. She's GONNA have to everybody right eating and she and you can never predict what she's GonNa do she shit it really isn't Super Villain Shit Man. The garbage guy left our house and she felt like the heat that he wasn't doing his job is she drove her car and drove in India. Some action movie. She drove all the car in front of the truck on got mad when truck can slow now and they hit her when she drove in front of them. So what's your driver's license and I have to give it to you. You're out of police officer. You hit my vehicle drivers a pool right out in front of me. Someone Fools in front of you because there's an emergency you saw down and you stop that someone these are not cars. They don't stop wanted is not getting shortly. She scares man that goes on for a while as that. That's another crazy incident but now like this is so we talked about. Is that resolve itself. This is let me see. I think Fuck I let me see. I think he the Guy I think the guy just gets tired of film. I thanks because I don't think she lied to the cops show. I don't even think I saw the end of this video because it was Lawville. I just got tired of watching it. Yeah this thing is five minutes long can watch this bitch screaming all talk but I I I. Here's the end of it. I'm kind of curious myself not cheating. Not You mentioned it. Let me see where is this Screwed up for a few seconds left here when you see how this works. It's such a good question. Thank chill I got away disguise. Shall I put it pussy. Most you'd probably told me out the car you won't do it. Yeah I think he just waiting for the police to get there. KITTENS are other pussycats. WHO's talking she on such a pussy fit? She's got a beast. Yeah Tiger just walking back. Looks you got a leopard print. Dude scary terrified. He's waiting for the police. Come to save him man. Let me see. Let me look at this company vehicle so he can't drive off right right. Yeah exactly yeah anybody else that you just go fuck this Sushi. She turnaround like that. Just hit the gas now. Wait gets to the point where I have not seen this video. She must be stopped. Sh she she is a terrorist man. This woman who terrorized into town. There's another video it looks like. He's about thirty seconds long. I don't know if there's been out I I just find it fascinating that this woman is popping up in different places. Different people filming this. She's at a McDonald's. Everything goes down fast food restaurant. This was going to be bad because people don't know they aren't silent and they tend to have some kind of weird entitlement since item at right back down. Either they don't this is what's going on with her man man she's i. I haven't seen this yet. I don't know what's happening. It was I got it right before the show I looked at it and the same woman because she's wearing all let me see. Let me see shit. She's either. Let me see here. Oh I think so. I think she might be wearing the same. I'm shipping same day. That'd be that'd be so you see so. Let me see so there. She is in bed skirt right there there in McDonald's so either she wears this at all the top I'll she's on a roll man. She wanted to on on on a crime spree that day. Let's take a look at the Donald Dip as bad signals. I'm needed elsewhere. Acting crazy marks up behind Eh. Oh God in two uh-huh oh Jesus Ms Order. Yeah she's trying to start shipping and and she's insane and like you said she must be stopped. Oh I think somebody recognized at the beginning did use them. I say something like this Walmart. Yeah I did did. Oh I heard that I was like I told ready. So we know if she's already Internet famous so if you wait a minute they just in town she's right. They know maybe I mean I heard something like that I. It was a small town all do. Without everybody let me she hasn't plot thickens. Yeah let me take. Listen here the you said you wasn't lying. I told you I told you into into somebody said Flare Up to Austin for the next party too many crazy already here no vacancies. They should be great. What's up mother fucker? You're all going to hell. I miss you son of a bitch. Actually we got the kind of crazy he or she might be like. Oh the hell you man you know what somebody said you should interview her. I would you know as long as skype. I don't have to have A. You'll be better off the exact same craze as man. I wouldn't have this woman if it's if it's possible somebody tell you. What if somebody can reach her I would definitely they published her name? Don't know 'em found somebody will find out about this and they look if she's still out there she'll be back guarantee you she we'll be back we'll look at it. I mean she's always in combat because everything she's doing is not violent. There's nothing to keep her in jail for more threatening you hours. Maybe she didn't the threatening threaten anybody she can say. I'll fucking kill you unless you give me this or do that verbal assault being medicine. Yes so yes verbal assault man. She's up in somebody's Heidi's personal space. It's probably a situation that I heard not taking medication. That she's opposed to go off now. She's ill man and she's she he might have family who come in kind of smooth things over go by my grandmother. Does this. We've got to do better to take care of harassment. What she's doing? Yeah I mean come on. You know the she's crazy and she needs. That's what I'm saying. She needs help. I would interview when asked. What's going on with this? Are you taking your medication. I would love to talk to somebody this but I wouldn't do this and make fun of her because I'm defending and like I will defend is the wrong word but I I think what's going on with her man. She's mentally ill. She needs some help and like you said she needs. He's bill medication or she hasn't taken sympathizing with it. Yeah Man Nah Man. Is it like a lot of people say refused to use the mentally. Ill Car with her. If you can't use it with at that what can you use a widow. She's great with you. Refuse to use. It seems obvious. She's going around town with my. She was waiting on the foods that she was tied order. I haven't seen that in a while. I mean I usually a few why the fuck is got. The food is so long she was like I want a mother fucking took fucking aspirin advocacy gave it to her though she still talks. You WanNa fuck it happens happens it thank you you son of a bitch day mother fucker a few minutes talking about Jesus right comes back in. We're we're not fucking catch up on this. That was fucking delicious. Yes suit Amara mother fucker man. She went into a McDonalds and Lewis and talk that Shit. She'd be taken to the hospital where she needs. Somebody sticking to the hospital maybe somebody knocks them. Yeah people it's crazy. Papa's Lamar coryell. Maybe I don't ever working there. She'd give it application since you'll find what the stashes hid. Well man why are they mother fucker another baptist. Give it to a man one. Let people skills and Y'all do so. Let me talking company. She's rude but she became the manager. clockworks yeah she's talking to the customers y'all got thanks to gauge your two minutes late mother fucker. Fuck take to get through one more time. You're fired you set up a bitch. That's okay I'll quit. No you don't get back to work behind the counter. It says you're doing a great job. Bitch mother fuckers gray meet meet fucking which is crazy every this shift. I heard that mother fucker. She's she's out on the other side of the backup customers customers nerves. Get Out of here Mike quit. He's been missing ever since he's going on your quote unquote. Nobody ever leaves smoke. All right what we're GONNA do do this real quick and take a break. We'll be right back and I'll show you what we're GonNa do right after this. Thanks so much for watching to y'all been great had a great time with the other night. Stay tuned for a little bit more. Be Right back the good friends sir. Let it be lowered Bronco as love that Song. Yeah me too those Oh no good friends kind especially the pulled. Let's say something more somehow so tonight. Uh Tunein let it be Lowenbraun the Beer I love I love I love in March starts thing I love it man stop. It's amazing because he's got the mannerisms and everything. Here's the Good Matt. Welcome back. Everybody wished they gonNA slow on to you. Here's to good Brin Kinda special knows these things man I don I used to be my thing. Learn words this stuff intros and cartoon intros asteroid asteroid. Thank you for the sub. Thank you so much man We might get fifteen hundred sub soon. I thought wept at twelve. Thirty eight guys awesome man. Thank you so much Let's look at our stream manager. Young people up to twelve fifty eight look at then like it then. Yeah so kind. Appreciate it crazy. Yelled out ashtrays on Listen to it makes me laugh every time I love it too man Nice break from Denzel L.. Yeah there's not coming back to keep these rotation man but yeah yeah I'll put the put the notes back on. So you hear Billy's brother Yellowstone Ashtray in disaster sub. But I'm GONNA do right. Now is a thank that. I'm going to put this just on on subscriber only chat for just a little while not very long but just a little while. We're GONNA ask some questions also remember guys got you up on. Let me see here. Got You guys up on the discord now. I don't know if this'll work tonight. or not but I've been trying to push the discord as I've been told to do. This court is actually ridicule. You can do calls on air and messaging and whatnot some people that go to place for communication. See if we can make it ours and until you guys if you want to ask some questions after the show keeps them topic's going then we have discord right here like you guys are taking advantage of this so you guys already kind of messing around a little bit a lot of pictures of sexy pictures of billy brother up in their combat there is more combat. Yeah he's a mortal Kombat here shit. He's an fatality mode. Right to kill them off the spine it but if you want to better given what the fuck was that it was that I don't know what that was. My messages cannot see his master. Okay there it is. I don't know what happened. But there we are. You WanNA discord. You can go to tiny. Url Dot com forward slash the DT. Discord that that is tiny yorio dot com for slash the DT discord in. You can go to the page there we have a subgroup we're roasting toast somebody just comment on something bilas brother about to crush them skulls right right Chris area says Yes yes yes he is in real life not in the movie you guys WanNa talk after the show we can okay. We'll see we can do it. It's not nothing bigger but right now. Let's see we can do the chat. I'm trying new things out. I thought this might be cautious outs. Since you guys are subscribers you help us out so much. Can you guys have been real cool. Let's go ahead and ask some questions from the chat while we're going to sub only mode right now and there we are not going to shutting -body out. I just want to try this out real quick and see if we have any questions that we can ask from people who you have before we go. I was like to be interacted with you guys. You know that. So here's one. J Luther. Poor was show or movie really spark your dream to be an animator. Oh that's a good question. In Man I think honestly grown up I was talking about Disney and Disney was a big part of it but watching ashtray. There you go there use berries watching looney tunes man watching a bunch of looney tunes cartoons the deal. Rise description yeah mar in the art the 1966 Spiderman Cartoon Really Nice Hanna. Barbera for me me too. I used to watch shit out to bear bill. What about you man being an artist? What influenced your active man with movies? Different Indiana Jones Nice. Very nice what Jones at the adventurer like the guy who was an adventure but also can get beat up and stuff like that and An that end What was it felt like I actually do is? Et L. E. T.. Got Me into onto kiss. Guess Girl Ayla because he gets the kiss. That girl a frog worried then I was like yeah. My mom was in the movies new acting. They let you kiss girls exchange. Does your work if you get in the porno you give me all out job. It's okay to be completed today. It the reform took them off. Show naive naive. He popped him over the head. Remember that cartoon I get me like could see here. Hope you're doing the MLK Moog. Can I send to the studios. Yes she can. I'll figure out how to get. Get over here man. You can send it here. I think we've we haven't had any problems with the stuff. Come into the studio so oh people can't sit and things. Yeah people can just up studio. I'm going to check and make sure if not because I don't WanNa get out of the. Po Box because they had things sent to the PO box. And I swear somebody that post office stealing doing should and could not find stuff. Who's just ask that Eric drls? Ah He draws fair layers rose from Hungary for dinner twenty six. Would you guys ars review foreign movies. During quiet periods we have been reviewing four movies. We get them. Yeah yeah so I mean when we get them. Thank you fucking me. Oh his comes out of nowhere. Responded of Oversight Shelly shelves probably twitch Prime I remember twitch prime you get a free subscription. Thank you so much random question from tape poking random question. Do you watch honest trailers. They're they are one of the funniest youtube channels. I have ever seen yes I I have watched them. I'm watching full while I just get busy. Watch a whole lot of other stuff but I have watched them. They're funny man. I've I don't watch those Hollywood pitch meetings scroll of really funny to say he's this and he makes jokes like e fucks with good movies. Yeah yeah he does. He finds his things and good movies. Which I think is interesting? Let me see your thoughts on attendant trailer. I don't see enough of that man. That's the latest from Christopher Nolan. Oh I'm curious have you seen it. I've not heard of this movie. It's a crisper Nolan. Movie Man. I'm not going to anything about let you I'll let you look at some of it may real quick so crispin Finola Newfield tenant interesting casting going on with this but like I'll let you look at it. Thank you look at some of it. It's it's got a like minded. Got That vibe going on from inception in a way you see older. We all believe we've run into into the burning building until we feel that heat. We can never know you. Do you trust Italian style. Kidding up your your colleagues test you passed in that everybody does welcome to the afterlife to do what I title. I need some idea of the threat. We face as I understand it trying to prevent almost oh spree. Something less few is a word. It'll open the right doors. Some of the wrong wants to Stopping at the wedding and new way. I'm trying to understand it. Seen it it it looks interesting. Don't tell you a whole lot now. No so it's hardly you get the same thing but yeah I like that about the trailers they look interest inception. was you know Even though he knew at Dunkirk was he didn't know what to expect then Can we get me. Who is? This is a Kimberly Kim. Can we get Martin in Mia on the same stream together. It's the same streams. Yeah somebody ask. Don't see them up here but somebody asked they say can billy say ashtray. Bitch copyrighted not an astro bid down. Okay that was that was on the money give him something keeping. Wow Wow y Yo you two are. Brothers Man Crypto quip. Tom Wallflower watching my recent. netflix animated shows Kippur. Bo is extremely well. Done and glad to see Netflix promote Main characters of color. LGBT KIPPO yeah. What is it people in the age of all what does that animated series of ten episodes in the in the what of what eight one one defeats? Okay let me see here People say keep doing on all right all right. Let's see here let me see wouldn't do a couple of more. This is from. FEAR IS KIRK core. Did you ever hear more of what happened happen with collided. Downsizing I wish for the best for you to avoid their fate. I try not to get into these things man. Because I'm not saying inept because because I'm scared to talk about and I'm scared of him and stuff like that it is you meet these people and I just don't want it scene messy anything and but I mean you can't deny what happened. I really don't still. I still don't really know what happened with that man. Somebody can just give me a quick synopsis in the chat of what happened Collider and why you think our fate would be like them They had a lot of people and they had a lot of different channels and whatnot. So I don't think we're and I don't think you know we have the same model in fact I tried to scale down from. I don't WanNa be channel or network. There's one person on my. I talked to try to bring on because they really want to somebody at like but I don't WanNa be a channel man. I don't WanNa do that a lot of stuff to do. I let it just made sense. That's what they said. They had way too many staff. Somebody said so. I wish the best for them. I know this girl. It was that the bitches ashtray. Kristen Harlow has said that he'd like like to do something together at some point so high school was that sad school. I read a lot. Yeah Yeah Yeah Man. He's cool. He's cool. Do you have any plans to review you. Tyler Perry is the oval and insist is no to show. Yeah this series. Yeah that's got that White House built up there. Oh right right right Let's see here. This is his series is all the bad with none of the entertaining. Yeah it's too long and you're right you're right but then Miro nine hundred eighty six as you won't end up like them cord. That's a panic mode before it's even to the padding move paddock mall before even the rise. Okay so two different people yes. I agree indeed. The Eagle on the couch. Did you make that. Oh well thank you for subscription man. I gotta get home. Let me see here. His another one Fears kirks collider. The owner Mark Ferdinand cancelled the main panel shows including movie talk Jeddah cancel collided. Live live in one more and only gay people a few hours notice before that went public. sucks man. Of course you still stay in touch with with Neil from spill from from spill meal. Neil who's who's is Neil sorry no neil from spill unleash at Hollywood dot com that hung out with but Neil staff with us and we know what Neil but I'm a deal. I don't know if that's what you're talking about. Who would you cast on the aunt on the MC? Fantastic what I'm down with casting that everybody said You know John Krasinski John Krasinski in and and emily. Emily Blunt John Krasinski. Emily Blunt a Zaki Pu for all the human towards the human torch thing. I don't know what people said for the thing either but I'm trying to think what the WHO would you get for the things. Somebody said Terry crews. Oh Yeah. Yeah Yeah Terry crews was actually would work really well Terry Crews Bee Green Roxanne uh-huh Aright boop boop boop boop where's Well well I don't know if I should put this out here but I think it's public somebody said where's the other corey other. Core is actually have his birthday and we want to take him out tonight but he's he's working in them and I don't know if I should say this by Mercedes away He's actually he's got he's in a relationship right now and think not trying to hide it. He actually has a boyfriend. You knew he was by. So He's got a guy that he he's pretty serious with so you know I. I don't know if I'll be able to hook up with him like that. Damn sound like I'm trying to. Hey give it a chance to work. See I want to be seen as much as one because I got him off at the Party was man. I was happy for me to a sorry. Sorry I mean. Are you still in touch with Robert Cargo. You know I'm bite cargill I used used to. I used to invite him out to all the functions that we did. We'd have parties at the House and vital to the wedding and as at that point. Now I don't honestly I don't know if it's personal off or if I don't know if he just had just doesn't have time but I I don't hear from like so it's not like there's like mad at him and I'm not. It's just like you only do that so much for people before they before you say all right. I'M GONNA keep doing it because I want to keep bothering you. Just in case it is something like that. So Ni- is a actually quite a few people that I've kind. How lost touch with because they just respond back under lifelock night court got a good thing? Yeah he does got a booth ain't got a boot thing he's all booed up. Let me see Corey Woodrow. Because I think I used to call him that did you. Yeah I I forgot why we call them now. I don't know why because you could remember because I couldn't again part of front you don't fucking what Let's see this'll be last one MHM GIMME Goldman Yeomanry. One more from somebody hasn't had one yet This is not the last one but I I just answering. What's Danielle been up to? Would you have a back as a guest. Yeah she was she was. She's she's been. She stayed in my house. You brought a much of girls and they got neck and head a photo shoot. My wife shot all these out the house the she she stayed for days at the House man she was supposed to come in here and be and be on the show. A little bit more but She he left back early. She's going to be at a at a party for New Year's also right. I was looking forward to senior. Yeah Yeah Yeah Let me see I'll answer this. I don't have an answer for it though but who who was that. S This somebody else. What's the book that change in life? The PU You know what there's a book out it still imprint. There was a book called looking out for number one And I remember working at a place when I got out of college Work a graphic design place And it was on the shelf which is look at it at the title and I remember being curious about it and asking the boss I was like so it's book looking out for number one. How how how is that because it sounds like This is a book about how to screw up over other people and and get ahead with what you want they really and I picked up and read it and I was like this is not about. That book is really about looking for number one. Just looking out for yourself. And how people use language and platitudes to get over on you and it was mostly about not critical thinking it was recognizing that that behavior from other people. Yes wrecking that when people say. Hey it's better to give than to receive. Don't just accept that at face value. It might be better for them where they get out of it. It was really just analyzing what you get out of things and look at 'em really being more critical about what. What are you doing just because somebody told you should do it or you think you should do it read as opposed to what you actually enjoy and get something out? There was a whole he wrote two who books. I forgot what the second one was but yet those books changed my life. Which means Boston read? It just saw the title. There was some function where I was like man you completely sleep talking about Oh the stranger by Albert Camus. What is that? It's a book about a guy who's socially associated and there are things that happen to them that affect him but his mood and what's happening to him physically affects more than things that actually happening like. Okay it opens up with his mom as most funeral and he's like yeah. My mother died today and and you know that that sucks God. It's hot out here. I mean kind of kind of so. He focuses on how hard it is and but people think that he does he does care air but he just he doesn't. Things aren't don't affect the way that they affect the people So you know like he's he starts dating this girl and she's like doc do you love me goes well I'll be with you. It doesn't run bad no but it doesn't really matter. I mean maybe I do. I don't know and then she's like okay. What do you want to get married? He's like I guess if you want to sure and she's like fuck you wh- How do you feel about it. Well if you feel like get married. Let's get married as well as she's God. Damn it motherfucker back kind of thing. But he's not an asshole he just associated with things. What's it called the stranger to French book but the transit? Yeah Yeah but Sociopath yeah he just a disaffected. I'm trying to think of the Lord I get it. So it's it's it's it's a really easy reads a quick read and it's it's just a really good book it's fiction but okay. Yeah Yeah I want a great book. Yeah good suggestion. I think yeah I think the book that really got me into like stories like I was a kid man. I was like seven years. Old Eight years old and his book was always check out the library. But it was like looking at books for more than pictures Because I would look at it like comic strips and try to draw them with my sister but this is the one I was mad. Love love these pictures. I want to try to draw these pictures. But data store is actually pretty good in the the hobbit. That's ill associated with with the rink and best pictures from the rain. Best movie long then I lie ahead. Yeah Man Yeah I love. I love this book. Man This book at all these illustrations from the movie. I've seen the movie man. It was like one thousand. Nine hundred seventy came out it was a TV movie great and the thought that thing was brilliant man so they had all these a concern concept drawings from the from the movie you could see how they how they changed but yeah it was it was it was really really cool man and I was I was just I. I don't know on this but I was. I was really entranced by that. But you know what the book that really changed now. That just think about the book. They're really changed. My Life as far as animation is Disney animation the illusion a life Brother gave this to me up brother from Chicago. whose an artist painter he gave us two minutes? Fifteen and I remember I had just bought. It's Sir comes in two. Maybe three additions to as paperback. That's an abridged version. Kinda and the Nasdaq up The the deluxe version whenever the hardcover and and he gave me that book. I remember that book people. I'll say this all the time I wrote a paper about in college Nia mation allusion. Let me see here if you if you are animator and people always ask me about a book for animation but this book also teaches you Story filmmaking to this would talking about a book that's from a from a whole of the period but that book is amazing now book taught me. I think everything kind of learned about Here it is right here about everything. I need to know about film criticism as well as animation. This his book taught me what it was to really animate in the Disney style. Because I was kind of confused about it before I recommend this by any person who's not only an animated but also a a budding filmmaker check that out man. It's a very comprehensive. Book is a little outdated because digital came in. Now they people make moves at different way. I'm curious about those two books because I'd love to own those. But they strike me as books that are not only out of print but really expensive on Ebay. If they can be found that that Hubbard book his out of print and it was eighty four dollars. Yeah Yeah that's a figure animation. I don't know man I don't know how much that would be. Illusion of like losing life. Imagine it's still out there because it's still a classic is just that it is a lot of old methods that are still being used as someone not but it's the basics there Especially for production storyboarding thumbnails US How to tell a story How to stage motion? It's it's all there. I recommend any filmmaker. May If you're not on animator there there's some really good comprehensive basics basics in their. Rip It thank you so much Tell you what we're going to Continue Discord and we're going to continue just enough to say goodbye to us so let us say goodbye. Let me just one more because I have to enlist we'll say goodbye in area and you can call it a night. We'll be right back right after this very good tonight. Those fun modifying laugh. A lot of worked up quite a thirsty. So well right okay. You gave us up. I got me feeling guilty. Uber ride ever. Yeah no came by appreciate that wonder. What old Diego? Eagle was fine hats but the best ads man. He's had that happen before you've had that you have all this new shit. Moving up in the world bucket had to fancy over there. We got hats now. What was the feeble black? Ah has now yeah. y'All get out of here. Let's just talk to these folks real quick and like I say we're building the discord. See how that works out. Oh all right welcome back. Everybody just wanted to give you a proper goodbye. Thanks for sticking around. I really do appreciate appreciate it and remember you guys have helped out so much. You say we got here. Remember folks got goals that we've set up Getting very close to this fifteen hundred subscribers play some gains which awesome weird as bad as games when I bet as terrible trying to get to twenty I five hundred subscribers. That's what we need to be by the intimate and that we're going to watch space jam and we are going to review with you and we'll do a lot of stuff in that stream but that'd be some bonus stuff for you right there. Hey Miracles can happen. We get the five thousand subscribers will our streaming for you. We will do it. Chris Harman has to Tori for you. We already reached twelve fifty. So he's got bring them cheeks next time he's been here. I don't know why people seeing him. He's just as sexy as the juice. I know some people showed us on by Teledyne. Do tell us what's going to tell you. Guys on Thursday our interview with Rob Paulsen voice actor extraordinaire. That's going to be one. PM Central Standard Time. As I said this guy's done you you never cartoon he's probably done some voice in it. Going name one the Hobbit he has yes. He was man Fritz. The cat he was in there man was the things like a cat dickerson. Yeah he's done a lot of stuff man this guy. He's great great looking forward to that and that is all I have to say. Billy thank you so much. Just that Sir take did nothing for it will tomorrow twenty four hundred twenty four hours. Yeah it don't start working feeling for you how you feel a menu eligible good. Yeah all right you oh you know what what makes you getting some rest. Let's get you out his England bitty by. Let's do that as your Libya. Bits Cage Sport Billy over here and chat thank thank you so much. Thank you and Chad. Thank you at a fun show today and we appreciate it and we will see. You should do this again tomorrow. I'm I'm not feeling good to Walter. The animator survival kit actually gave that as a gift to somebody who's a up and coming animator so all right everybody that is it. We will talk to You Tomorrow for the Movie Review Extravaganza only one movie so I gotTa Scrape Mouse to talk about. Yeah that's there's been a slow week. I know the gentleman that's only thing I know. I thought for sure they'd be something else. There's nothing all right people that is it enjoyed you now. Augusta go so again Policy on dischord right after this is antibody to rate. Let me know. We'll read them and in that. Is that remember. We're not stream with thinking about you so hey k.. cooman email is Casey NC Edina dot com the most questions Thomas compliments incident advice won't be part of the show to make your not here but we'll be more show so India patrol number there go Bam Bam on it. You'll host off twitter facebook instagram. Taking those roles the prompt me on facebook live the catch on discord. Right after this or whatever. I'll be checking off the cops if I'm on twitter instagram at fro or the combined Thomas facebook and if you're on facebook as children you can join the double to join join us in the world and Cinelli Dot Com as not visiting Austin. It's GonNa be visiting moving here. Come hang out with us. We love to have you on the show. Poppy Sale all right. Everybody that is it. Great Time with you tonight. Oh good things must come to an end so too next time. Good night good morning afternoon. Evening whenever you are listening to a watching this Goodbye and.

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