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"clarence david mallory" Discussed on The First Degree

"Of course, the attention is on the loss of their employees. But it just it seems like commonsense. If the only thing that's lost in stolen from this apartment during this homicide is the keys. What kind of weird malice shit are are we dealing with here? So. The police go to speak with the co workers, and with the higher ups, and all of that, in our kind of dealing with us in a learn from Ashley's co workers that Ashley had worked the night before, from five thirty pm November twenty seven to about three twelve AM the twenty eighth in preparation for the stores. Black Friday sales. We opened at six on thanksgiving evening. And so I work from six PM on thanksgiving into the night, so-, I working until I was supposed to work until three AM and Ashley was working that night as well. I think everybody has to work we needed kind of all hands on deck. And everyone was working and Ashley was the manager wants it people started to kind of Peter out in the middle of the night, and she actually let me leave early at two instead of three. So I believe that one that's all happened. She ended up giving after three thirty she got home at three twenty five AM and met with a friend who left her apartment around four forty a m this means that Ashley had been murdered sometime between four forty AM and seven thirty A M when the carbon monoxide detectors. Had gone off and her dancers neighbor's apartment and the water started coming through the ceiling. And that's again, where the when the, the firefighters came when after that call was made so word of what happens. What had happened to Ashley spread fifty of her friends more than fifty or friends, actually gathered outside of apartment. They have a vigil. They have a balloon release. They all cry the talk about Ashley. She was described as a friendly positive person. Love by many never talked elev-. Anybody? Her friend Christopher told the media that they all want to keep memory alive. She said, I think we should honor her and make sure the world knows what a great person she is. I just don't want what happened to her to go away, and they decorated the steps leading up to her apartment. They wrote messages on it on balloons and left flowers. Definitely in a lot of stock at birth. It was he with been nicest person. He you know, caring and funny, and I feel like I got a lot from my experiences being around her even though it would I such short on time, only about two months. And, you know, I feel like see had probably so much more to give to the world. And you know, she was only ever trying to do the right thing. But it was definitely it kind of was like a punch in the gut. It was a bit of a punch in the gut more than anything else. So the police are combing through every facet of Ashley's life. They're starting close and working their way outwards, like Lexus was saying before it didn't appear that Ashley had any enemies at all from the beginning. Everyone was talking about how wonderful she was and how good of a friend she was. And the police did learn something that caught their attention. When they were interviewing more of her co workers at American Eagle so on August twenty fourth three months prior to her death, the American Eagle that she was working at was burglarized. Ashley was the one that reported that one of the stores assistant managers as well as one of the stores employees we're could have been suspects in this burglary. The assistant manager was named Carter Savannah's surveying TASR. She was twenty seven years old. And the other employees was her boyfriend, Clarence David Mallory, and he went by David, and that's how we're going to refer to him in the story. Exactly. So apparently one night while Carter, we're gonna call them Carter and David from now harder. Full names. So one night while Carter was working enclosing the store of loan. She was seen on surveillance footage leaving whether it's intentional or accidentally leaving the back door of the store, unlocked in after the store closed a male in a hoodie is seen entering the store and going directly to the safe and unlocking it more than eighteen thousand dollars was stolen that night and this town occurred the night after a huge back to school sale that the store was having an in that case, the police suspected David used David Mallory, used it a safe key that Carter had stolen from another assistant manager while at work. And after the robbery, David who was an employee. He failed her. He never went back to work. He he missed the next three shifts and was fired. Which is the most obvious thing. You know, of course, you got that money not going back to work. Exactly, exactly. And so he never reported back to work. And of course, Ashleigh, who was another assistant manager there reported to the higher apps that she suspected that Carter in Clarence. They suspected that Carter and David were responsible and what's interesting is that actually really wanted to work for the stores loss prevention unit, like on a executives would have higher up level. And that's what she was working towards in. This is obviously the division that tries to stop theft, particularly internal theft. So she spent a lot of time reviewing this security video footage. And she's essentially the one that made the conclusion that David and Carter or the ones behind the theft. Ashley was killed. They had been killed in a terrible way. She was found in gagged and, and that they had that fire her apartment, one of my managers said that she had a feeling that she knew who killed her. And not it was probably the people that had previously stolen money from the store. Whispering wood basically that, you know, they had done money over the summer. I mean, I think it was eighteen thousand dollars. And I mean, not, not tempt chain, that's definitely still a significant amount of money, and that, they, I guess, were caught, and we're fired, and they weren't happy about that. But I had heard that learn David whatever his name is he, I think had lied to get a job at a different American Eagle after he was fired 'cause they were banned from being hired again. And I heard that he may have like his social security number or something to get hired at a different door after the fact. So I don't know the full details on that. But one of my managers said that she knew that he had done some shady stuff to try to get back in. So Carter suspended and she's later fired. And after the internal investigation into the theft at the stores. So she admits to these stores manager, that she had possibly left the back door unlocked, quote, she responded that she did not see what the big deal was. Because the law should be covered by insurance. Yeah. All right. So neither was charged nor arrested in the burglary, which is. You know that's one of the things that you see in retail stores. Okay. You know, we just want to be rid of it, but we don't get the authorities involved in it. And when you don't get the authorities involved in at something bad could happen. And this is what happens right here. One of the things where she's right? We're insurance didn't cover it. Yeah. You don't steal stuff. They couldn't think of their heads are like we can't prove it. It's a hoodie. It could have been anonymous honest mistake, leaving the door open. So they're like, whatever we're gonna fire. It's it's eighteen grand were pissed, but like might not have been worth the headache of, of pursuing more. And by the way, eighteen grand is a lot in the in the cough, for in cash in two thousand fourteen when so many people are using credit cards is pretty impressive for an American Eagle store, American Eagle jeans. I like them. Yeah. They stretch really likes to look at the three sixty stretch. They're awesome entries. Yeah. So how much we had American Eagle sponsoring this episode. Yeah. Exactly. We should have that. But there's they're not as a millionaires. Okay. So as the police were learning about all this, they wanted if this work situation, could possibly have anything to do with this brutal murder. And they weren't really sure because it seems like it would be. A pretty extreme escalation, yeah. To go from this theft to murder and but there was one detail about Carter, the author attention. They learned that Carter. Drove what a two door to door black and INFINITI g thirty five tight car, and they could find pictures of it on her Instagram because of course she posted up a her car. I just tell me. Oh, we'll still don't don't kill anybody. I mean don't kill right? Post pictures of your car and Instagram. Just kill anybody. Yeah. The only time you're allowed to post pictures of your car. If you drive a Maserati or above, unlike a like an Infinity. It's like okay, it's fine. I mean cool guys are really not getting the point here where it's don't kill by anybody. And then it's the idea of dose, whatever you want, but you don't like hell anybody? Because the police will. Use your Instagram to find you. Yeah. Literally. Yeah. Okay. So anyway, so the police were now curious enough, about Carter, and David to really look into them. They learn the David was only twenty one years old in Carter was twenty seven being a cougar. They ran the place on Carter's Infinity to get an address for the payer who lived together, and they started to conduct surveillance on the couple's apartment, two days after Ashley's murder, the police watch their apartment and saw them come home at around. Seven forty five in the morning, Carter and David then got into the block Infinity and drove to hole in mall where the American Eagle store where they used to work was located David dropped Carter off the malls, south entrance, and then drove around the parking lot and part away from the entrance Carter then entered the mall. That's when officers approached David in the parking lot in question why he was at the mall so early because they were there at around eighty m when the stores generally opened around ten and there's no reason for them to be there that early right in there. There's. Following them there under surveillance to these odd circumstances. So they already sort of. No. I mean, it's I think part of them wanted to not believe, like they couldn't possibly conducted a horrible murder over robbing American Eagle like maybe that's what we're dealing with. Yeah. So when David responded to the officers, he told them that he was waiting for his girlfriend who worked at Arup, stall store, inside that mall, which, of course, is not true. They ask David for his driver's license. He didn't have one on him. So the police can seize opportunities as an excuse to take him in, in arrest him for not having a driver's license. We're normally if you're normal person who's not committing a crime. I've been let go for that. So they generally will if you don't seem like a degenerate, which is really nice. So when they brought him in curiously he was wearing a buck ski-mask pushed up on his head. She is come on. They suspected that David was involved. So the police obtained a search warrant, and in the car, they found ski masks, a nine millimeter handgun a single walkie talkie individual guide to lock picking in the vehicle. Out of the movie visual guy to pick. Right. So police searched the mall but they couldn't find Carter later though. They did find Carter at their shared apartment David Clarke shared apartment, and officers said, they think that she walked home after going to the mall. She agreed to be taken to the homicide office for questioning meanwhile, though, the police also pull the surveillance from the mall to see what Carter was doing while she was there and in the footage, they could see that she was trying to enter the American Eagle store with a set of keys, presumably, these keys, you know. Our Ashley's, but who knows. But this was early enough. It was seven forty five. It was before any of his story, employs would have arrived, and as you know, American Eagle changed keys. So the keys did not in fact, work work, and this avalance, then showed her walking from the mall in the direction towards home, and in the ineffective, she's confused because David's gone, and he was supposed to be waiting outside. Yeah. Looking around where he went exactly. And she's like in her jammies, the whole thing's really weird. So another thing, though, is that she is worked at the store for a long time. This was right after a black Friday sale. She would have known that there would have been a huge amount of cash in a safe at this time. Yeah. So I'm black Friday and thanksgiving. The crowds are insane people just want to come in for the best field, and, you know, everybody wants to go shopping. And so we had, we would have ended up with a lot of cast in the face. And I'm sure that, since they had worked there previously. They knew that there was going to be a pretty happy amount of cash in the safe from all the styles that we were gonna make those two days.

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