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"clare malone isaac" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"The Atlantic and host of radio Atlantic podcast he seems to spend a lot of his time on the campaign trail he's joining us from Houston hi Isaac hi how are you clear Malone is a senior politics writer at five thirty eight she's a political analyst who can help us break down the data and the debate Claire thanks for being here thanks for having me and Jill pain was on the Clinton campaign in twenty sixteen he brings the insider perspective to the discussion Joel welcome great to be with the family I think I'm gonna start with you you were down there in Houston the conventional wisdom that has emerged of the debate was that it didn't really shake up the status quo the three current front runners fight in Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren are still the top three Biden is the study but still vulnerable front runner you agree with that assessment. but I think one of things we have to think about is that what what we could possibly expect to happen on stage it would have radically reshaped the race is over the course of two and a half hours and maybe that happened in the first debate in Miami when Kamel Harris at took on by then but even that was momentary and nobody thought would suddenly catapult her into first place and buy them would be finished forever and that includes people on Harris's campaign so yeah it didn't rate reshape the race we shouldn't expect them anyone debate is going to reshape the race what I think did happen was that there is a an elevation of the intensity of the primary and of the the candidates who are not those three trying to find their way and having lots of air time lots of time to talk through what it is that they are proposing and getting a lot of attention that they haven't had so far in the race that Rourke and Cory Booker both had lots of time where they were getting a lot of good reaction from the crowd we'll see whether that starts to translate but it's not going to translate just off a debate stage it translates from some of the media attention but then whether they can get that movement in that in the early states. will clear that's what I wanted to pick up on with you is you know the theory was that in these debates this is going to be a a small D. democratic process right here's a chance for the lesser known candidates people who don't have really big names to come in and and break through in these debates I can share the stage with the well known folks and yet as I said pointed out nobody's really been able to use these debates to propel themselves past the front runners we saw Kamel Heris and the very first debate get a Bob but it faded so. what is it that these debates haven't done more to elevate some candidates who have done a quite decent job yeah I think it's interesting I mean I I do think that our national political discourse is just that it's national and so figures who people already know and have relationships with that would be the top three I would say Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders American voters have relationships with them they know what they're all about and while there might be other you know kids characters in this this whole extremely large cast of players who people find interesting and attractive booted judge Rourke Heris there is a little bit of additional work to those people have to do to introduce themselves now I will say that at five thirty eight we do also pay a lot of attention to how the state polls are doing and how can answer are doing in Iowa or New Hampshire South Carolina and you know I was down in South Carolina a couple weeks ago and people still say listen I see the polls nationally but also there's a lot of organizing work to be done who knows you could have a surprise candid it you know I think that someone like Pete judges really hoping that he does well in a place like Iowa say and perhaps he gains momentum but we are in September and we are kind of coming down to as everyone says the race gets really serious in the fall so people are running out of time a little bit if you're one of those second or third tier candidates to actually make an impression so are you basically the positioning yourself for if one of those front runners stumbles you get a second look I certainly think that's something that a lot of candidates are hoping for I mean I think a lot of people are hoping that Joe Biden gets out of the race because he is he has always been the numerical front runner and bike quite a bit but that said I think people also need to know what these candidates actually stand for and I think you cycle which are included judge for instance coming out last night saying no I'm a moderate to and so if you like Joe Biden but you're maybe a little bit worried about Joe Biden being older. Hey I'm here so for me. Joe I want to get to this question that our caller Doris raised a palette she said I just want to find candidates that can trance trump and we hear this over and over again from voters democratic voters who say look the number one issue for me is electability who can beat trump. are these debates giving democratic voters any insight into who the best most electable candidate S. I think it is giving voters insight into a lot of things and I think among them are how these three people would match up on a stage with Donald Trump you know in the phenomenon that you talk about with the caller really reflects to me what I call the pundits occasion of the electorate you know these pundit the D. rather these voters who are more focused on what what are my friends and neighbors doing and how will they react to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren people to judge and so on and so forth almost less man what do I feel what who who stirs my emotions the most and I think we've seen that on display we saw that at the Thursday debate that that these candidates are really trying to demonstrate that they could be a foil for Donald Trump I think what's interesting about the bond phenomenon the assumption being that Joe Biden is the strongest candidate to go up against Donald Trump but it's really not performance I mean it's really based on polling and it's based on perceptions and if you really look at it you know a lot of Democrats are starting to come around to the idea that maybe someone like Elizabeth Warren who you know present such a stark contrast to Donald Trump might be that type of a candidate who could really be that electable Democrat that could expand the democratic base and maybe even bring in some anxious trump voters I think voters are starting to consider that in greater numbers. we'll tell that's what I find really interesting about that point of maybe by then isn't the most a lack the bull or he's not the strongest candidate here they looked to Elizabeth Warren who has done a masterful job of avoiding getting into fights with other candidates of being sort of pushed by other candidates and I'm wondering that question really to me is about the. Bates as a stress test right here is an opportunity for the candidates to have to defend their weakest points and do you think that these debates have actually done a good enough job of doing that like here's where Republicans are going to come after you candidate axe let's hear you defend it I think the the moderators of certainly done their level best representing that in you know voters can kind of discern whether or not they think that's the case I think that Elizabeth Warren you know consistently throughout has shown herself to be the most adept at answering questions about her weaknesses mitigating those weaknesses and turning them into positives are talking about anecdotes and speaking very broadly about her perspective and why she would be a good president I think if you look at someone like Joe Biden I don't know if people can say the same thing and even if you go to Thursday you know Warren probably had to be very happy that a lot of the lines of attack were between Biden and Sanders and I think that you know Warren benefits when Sanders is presented as the foil to Biden and Warren is seen in a way is the compromise candidate or as the the kind of third way in a sense if you if you're looking at those top three you know no whatever cues Elizabeth Warren to being a moderate but in that situation she might seem like the third middle path I think that's a really interesting dynamic that emerged on Thursday as well Isaac I think it was clear saying that they were sort of a bonding of the moderates the judge in the clover charm bite and pushing back on Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren on health care do you think this is a trend that we're gonna see continuing about the candidates are going into lanes with Warren and Bernie taking the more liberal positions but getting real push back from those who aren't as far left well the only hope that the candidates like club which are would have over the course of the next debate in October remember they get on stage. at last the everybody was on stage and the September debate will be on stage in the October debate but that may be the end of it the polling threshold are going to move up we're expecting the donor thresholds are going to move up almost certainly in November it's going to be a smaller states a part of this is a race for for getting on to that stage. all right we are going to have to take a quick break more with Clare Malone Isaac to wear and Jill.

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