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"clara trag" Discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast

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"clara trag" Discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast

"Show. People pay good money to see this movie. When they go out to a theater, they want close sodas. Popcorn and no masters in the projection booth. Have you went pretend podcasting isn't boring. saw. Welcome to the projection booth I'm your host Mike. White join me once again is MS calendar. Also, back in the booth as Mr Ben Buckingham Good to be checked timber twenty twenty continues with a look at your iheart. Jonah, released in nineteen seventy, two, the film stars Eva. Eva both. Victoria and Clara Trag. Two sisters who are driven apart by their father's will and the jealousy of Clara by Victoria we've talked about hurts in the past including his incredible film, The cremator and as for as subversive as that film was, it was actually more Jonah that got him into more trouble. We'll talk about that and more including spoilers as we go along. So cat when was the first time you saw Morgan and what did you think this never second run DVD. They need to stop paying me commission whenever they put this out on. DVD, which was quite a while ago now think Kinda WanNA say t finding the knowing but I'm not sure anyways total blind by and I really dislike the cover. That looks a bit trippy says everything about me I just love it obviously have gothic stuff nine of the reading wheat conducted in Gothic and this is like the perfect example of that type of Gothic which does not she end up home film alot is just being one of my favorite tack films ever since and how about you bad. When I was working with the Czech and Slovak film. Festival. Austrailia we did a year I heard active and they double fate. Should we oil lamps which obviously the perfect double because it has the same lead actress and also features epic who is also in? Mogi on now I missed that screening but several people in US went to it and then kept telling me I had to watch it sir like cat instead of saying thirty five millimeter is on the second run TV Day I wasn't quite sure what to make because I definitely appreciated the same gun elements that but it's a film you Kinda you have to really say it twice before he can start to get your head around because it is it's a unique one I remember seeing this on vhs forever ago and this was actually title that we used to sell on. Super Happy Fun Dot Com during my dark days as a bootlegger and manage to I. Think I had a Shitty vhs and then eventually a dvd of this came out before the second run one this was actually coming out in Czechoslovakia and I helped Mary the subtitles from one version to another again i. just this weird relationship with the movie where I saw it but it didn't really register with me because I was there translating all of the net translating, taking the transcribing the subtitles from the vhs onto an rt adding them to the DVD because that's what I do for fun. The thrilling world of Post. Production. It's fantastic and boy oh boy, do I get upset if whenever I see like misspellings or grammatical errors inside of subtitles. But thank goodness that the second run DVD of this looks fantastic and the subtitles pristine. You're right. This is it's so trippy in this place so much into some of the things that I'm always talking about on the podcast. I'm always about doubling and mirrors and all of this, and this film has that in spades and talk about gorgeous. It just looks so good and I think this was the first time that hurts has worked with Yaroslavsky Chetta he initially was supposed to work with him way back when they did. The pros. A yeah and he was snapped because he wasn't Fahmi because he was CR SIDA that I was hilarious to me what I found that out that the Yaroslava done all of pills not not do it hurts because he was from the WHO was the Kademi of puppetry studied pepe tree studied production design, and he won't eat you out she go to family and study film, but they would like no, you call do that make the state or wherever you call St. As part of that whole new wave, he was like always outsider and then he was a Slovakian June. So was an the whole proxy scene even though then he started to work So he goes into film we talked about this recently my can Sam Degan on transport from paradise he go in just by Hassling Zip, nick, renage to. Give him a bright. So Ish, we'd we've heard even though he wasn't didn't sink particularly better. I think he has a thing with the new waivers because they treat him really Bosley in a way kind of snapped him and then by the time he comes city Mogi Arnot and obviously he's done the cremator in these. acclaimed. Then could share is like oh? Yeah. I totally want to work on. The measure of him that he saw was the fast person for the job, and so he just dropped his ego and said, no, you know because he knew he would be the what he wanted experimental. It just goes to show you an his now sold has admittedly he did in an interview. He did say that the episode that he was meant to be in pearls of the day, the junk shop instead of being perils of the deep, which didn't get much of showering in cinemas in. Much of Czechoslovakia he's short was put before a German film that was really popular. He's actually go. So I think it does thing he was dropped from pills of the D. because they thought it was too long. So he was Kinda. Kicked out of that is wow. So you know the anyway manifesto film it does as the ego a little bit. When you know that you'll feel has been seen by more of your human than the NFL out of at I had recently seen pills the deep and I gotta say I think the junk Shop is a quite a bit better than anything in the date. So I think he probably had that on his side for feeling good as well. Watching pills a day, which is for the most part, quite a straightforward film. Visually, there's not a loss of a Yaroslava real like showing us on display. Of course, he did daisies, diamonds of the nod which two of the Mars unbelievably striking visual films, not just the Sixties but the whole twentieth century. Married. To Vera heated UVA at the time and then they kind of broke up within the seventies. So he's no, he's like. There is no agreed experimental especially varies DJ, Paradise. He did a show you saw part of that whole movement and they were married and then everything is so broken down by the time you get to me on. Hits because he's like the ultimate side, turn any into reference in which I think on the second randy. He he wasn't really political filmmaker either that he just loved Gothic in fiery tales and Hora and his closest thing that you get to chat horror director because they didn't make horror films dislike Soviet Union it's like no horror films. In Czechoslovakia no horror films in Soviet Union cinema more fantasy based, and he used fantasy use the fairytale to make his own horror will the closest thing to it so it's not like all horror although he's obviously a wire of it comes from this pace one of my passions overseas gothic and you gotta sit strain of Gothic the eastern European, and it's a bit like the French strain of gothic where it's not like our British or European gothic that sperry four more. The bram stoker the Mary shelley straight or more straight narratives. Eastern European stuff. It's surreal. Look at something body battery in a week if one does is a perfect example comes from a book from that same movement. It's very surreal that was the thing that comes up and it constantly in Russian gothic other Eastern European gothic. It's so weird and surreal. So I think if you come to Mogi honor with I understanding and he's always choice stories this is based on a story Santa Grin Jesse. Mohana. Just he's very surreal, very strange almost like mute pieces and nothing night gothic that we used to from universal in hammer from those classic books..

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