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"John Rodman will be right here on look. There are a lot of things we can talk about on this program. But I heard the story last night. The president of the United States has received a proposal descend one hundred and twenty thousand troops to the Middle East because of potential problems with Iran. I thought to myself you gotta open with it. You gotta ask the question because let's assume for a minute of happens. I'll tell you if it happens like during the Iraq War, I can tell you. These phone lines will be lit and people will ask why aren't we talking about it? Well, we're talking about right here on the John Rothman program. Let's get right to your calls. Let's go to Jeff calling from Napa. Jeff, welcome GO. It is an interesting topic. I'm gonna hit a couple of points. I really don't think Trump is at all interested in going to war per se you against the Iraq war that don't we don't. We don't have a dog in the fight directly except the support Saudi Arabia and to maintain stability with one of our allies direct Ford. There'd be no reason. And so I just I don't think you do it that being said, though, your other Haller who was pro Milan. It actually brought up an interesting point. Providing support there was enough to allow the does the large population in Iran, actually, have aired spray and push the current courage government out and establish something new. It would be the perfect time to do it with that in the region to be able to help make that happen. That's exactly just so, you know, that's exactly what John Bolton has been pushing for that. There should be American support for dissent in Iran. Now, remember, we did this before we removed Musser deck who was the early elected prime minister back in nineteen fifty three. That's what sustained the rule of the Shah the Shah last he came back. So when you talk to Iranians, and you talk about this they go back to most of that. Because they're furious. That we intervened. So that's the question. How do you balance? It. I don't know. I think most of the Iranians a lot in the US very much still support fish support the Shaw and the Shaun family. I don't think it's a situation where they would frown upon it. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the the overall of living in the change in in what I wanted to come under a on non secular ruled ban and been horrible. It's been a disaster. And let me be clear it is not that the Shaw's sun rays palavi is out of it because he is deeply involved in this. And there are those who support they restoration of the palavi dynasty, one quick note. I can always tell where people stand on this. Because those who call it Persia content to support the policies those it's a interesting point, Jeff. Right call. Thanks very much for one five eight zero eight zero eight ten Stanley calling from foster city. Welcome to GO. Hi, john. So John I'd like to take this opportunity and quotes, President Obama. If they bring a knife, we've been gun gun, we've been thank with bring an aircraft carrier. In other words. Thank you, Mr President come this is exactly the right respond all day. No strenght now talking about them as if we can get an empire has military from here to to they don't don't forget that you're a day war with with Iraq. Eight years, they couldn't take over Iraq. Which what they US what get over in five months? Let's remind the war between Iran, the war between Iraq and Iran was devastating. The economy's on their face. They cannot sustain it. Now granted the president. I would've loved him to this congress. The only busy with the investigation doing the people's work. With that hopes. So anyhow and Bechtel we we may disagree on whether it's a hoax a lot of people called Watergate a hoax, and it wasn't. There are clear indications. But I will agree with you on something that I think is very important. The president has indicated he will not back down and Stanley. I think that is going to be the real question. Four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten. I don't want to mix apples and oranges the question of the Russia investigation or the question of where we go. Donald Trump junior of being called back. All of these issues are important. Let's go to D who's calling from New York City. G welcome to Keiji. Oh, thank you. Thank you start to talk to you, John. And I'm so happy to hear you on the radio again five nights a week. Thank you so much. That there are two important toys that need to be discussed before any of this discussion. And that is I this is where the emoluments really Nadda. What was she getting for Saudi Arabia had of the Trump family benefit? How did the Kushner family, and what is this really about? And second. If there is really something not not a hundred percent certain what's happening there yet. But even soon that everything that he's saying is accurate, then also to say who stands to benefit the most from changing the conversation, the national conversation, and what better way to change it than to have. You know, it's it's it's very interesting number of listeners have pointed that out, and I appreciate the fact that you're listening from New York, and I appreciate more than that. The fact that you have a good grasp we have to the emoluments clause is very important. And there's no question about the interlocking relationship between the Trump family. In the Saudis that is the reason why they are still in denial about the murder of kashogi. That's something that has to be point out de thanks for listening. Keep calling and I'm just alighted to have you. Thanks so much for your. Four one five eight zero eight zero ten, you know, you never know who's listening to this program where they're listening from. And I'm delighted when we get callers around the country. All right. Let's go to James who's calling from union city. James, welcome to Keijo. Regards that your statement about if we go to our will the congress get involved. So yes, because I check one US constitution. It says only only the congress in the Claire ward. So I didn't think the president. So let me ask you. A question was the last time congress declared war? Yeah. During the during the Bush, no. Okay. James James, the last time the United States declared war was when we declared war against Germany and Italy on December the eleventh nineteen hundred and forty one congress as assumes a more passive role. We know that when a president wants to go to war. There are really no constraints the War Powers Act, which was passed in one thousand nine hundred seventy three has rather was passed in nineteen seventy a has no impact at all on a what a president does. So although theoretically right that only congress can declare war a president can move military action. And does move military action. You know, what I was remember I remember, George H W Bush when we went to war on the to liberate Kuwait. And there was a vote on the Senate, and the administration was very clear, they didn't care how the Senate voted. We were going to do it. Anyway. But I appreciate the call four one five. Zero eight zero eight ten. Let me ask you the question should congress be involved. That's a critical Westin. Let's go to Mimi calling from. Well, it's Meany. Welcome to K GO. Hi ni. I mean, John nice to talk to you. Go ahead listening to you for hundred years. Really quick little thing. I know you're busy. But when I was a girl getting on the school bus. Sixty six. Has the door open on his truck while he was doing work listening to k geo that is the nicest thing to hear? Thank you. Oh my God. I've turned into my father. Anyway. I'm just going to back up Karen veteran because I am so sick and tired of people coming to this fabulous country. My family has been everywhere on both sides all sides. Plus, you know, I am I have American Indian in me, we fought against each other in the civil wars and everything. This country is the best country. And I don't want anybody here. Who's going to downgrade it you know, what I mean? I agree. I don't think he was down right in the country. We have to recognize that within the United States of America. There are a whole bunch of of different communities and people who care I remember when the earthquake took place in Italy back in the seventies. And Italian Americans mobilized to help Italy not because they were less loyal to America. But because. That is a whole different story when you're talking about you're gonna go inside against Americans when you're living in America, making good income understand the distinction, and it's very important. Of course. And I will say this. And I shouldn't I would say I want the FBI to investigate that man because he could be a terrorist. I want you to know. I'm so glad you're listening me and your comments certainly provide a lot of spice to the program. Well, good. I love your show. Don't agree with you. Sometimes I get off the air. And I debate myself because I don't agree with me. But when debate yourself, you always know, you're the winner. Out in your head and see what's right and wrong. Thanks. Keep listening. Let's go to your e who is calling from walnut creek Yuri. Welcome to k- geo. Yes, I have a comment to make after nine eleven. There was a video on the YouTube by general Clark who mentioned and if anybody can search for it. It's John Wesley Clark. Go ahead. Yeah. So he mentioned about the plan of the United States to attack and do, you know government change on multiple countries like seven countries mansion? And if you see that's exactly what happened in the in the last twenty years and the last Iran, so I'm not sure who is you know, I understand we have a President Trump right now. But what I'm seeing it doesn't matter who had president. Whoever controlling this or making things happen. That's exactly what's happening in the world. I mean, the foreign policy is not being controlled by the president. But somebody else because doesn't matter who the power sitting the president chair. They don't general saying the plan was to attack these countries and change. It does depend who is president of the United States. I would remind you that when President Obama was urged by forces including John Bolton to attack Iran. He refused to do it. And there is determination in terms of who is president. And that's why there is a constant refrain that I use. And that is it matters who is president of the United States. And it matters who surrounds a president in terms of advice. That is something we all need to understand. I just wanna make a comment that under Obama. We were talking Syria time. So it was not trying to attack you ram. Yes. So and other Bush was different Iraq and Afghanistan. Live on oldest contracts are on that list. Yup. You're right. And the reason they're on the list that there is a reason is because of the unsteadiness in those countries and very often, they're intending to the United States. But you're absolutely right. And I would suggest you any president of the United States for the foreseeable future is going to have to juggle that reality. I myself..

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