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"claire huffing" Discussed on Absolutely Not

"What else? What else do we got going on? I mean absolutely yes to just thriving absolutely absolutely not okay. Let's even get into absolutely frigging not to these cross fit couples. I talked about it on instagram. Yeah I get it that everybody down. There wasn't a Thong but we gotta talk talk about this at cross fit couples on vacation. have gotTA fucking stop it is seven. Am I am hung over eating waivers. Jerry's that sixteen memo's why am I watching you. You and your husband. Do Wind sprints down the fucking beach. You know what's worse when they don't even wear sneakers and they have this webbed amphibian like lizard shoes. Barry's bootcamp and I've talked about this before you're on a treadmill and then the next guy next to you don't have on Nike as those Amphibian. Vivian fucking weird web shoes get the fuck Outta here. I absolutely do not have time for that. So riddle me this. I'm sitting there at breakfast and then I see a woman who's about. I don't know five to bench pressing. Her husband not even like they're going for a morning walk. They're doing some yoga or stretching there ham. Me's he's getting a cool down. Where dog you know son citation becoming one with the earth? This woman is bench pressing her fucking husband grunting Like Johnny we got six more. I was furious. I almost threw a knife at why are exercise couples. The worst set it on on instagram. I'll say it again even jeff and I got a wild hare brass. Listen we're trying to train. We're we're I need to get physically active again. I love being physically active. I've lost so my muscle definition. That's really what I WANNA do is just build muscle again but even if jeff and I became runners which we would never because we're both too top heavy my tits hurt. When I run I would at least make Hebei? We're not going to run together because I'm not GonNa WanNa talk to you. I'M GONNA WANNA listen to a podcast or listening. You know. I don't know the spice girls like I'm not GonNa WanNa Fuck Chit Chat with you. Well we go for a jog. What I'M GONNA WANNA do is go back to my hotel room while you're out for your run? Take a nice peaceful shed where I can't have you bothering me where I don't have to feel rushed turn on the water. Anything just do my thing. You come back you then take your peaceful shit. I tell you I'm going to go out. You go for a run but I don't I go to the beach bar eight. Am and I get sixty five my ties. You know maybe a sex on the beach. Maybe then after you're done shitting then you come out have a couple of my ties and then we just just have sex on the beach. The fact that I gotTa Watch you bench. Press your husband. Also listen it's enough. It's an absolute frig enough with the. I got to be just as strong as him. I learned that the hard way move in furniture with Jeff body was gonNA kill me but I pick up at three hundred fifty pound marble table almost lost oeste limb and Jeff at one point grab meaning goes sweetie I love you. I'm so glad you're empowered. I'm so glad you feel strong. I'm glad I'm Mary strong woman. But can you please not I try and kill yourself throughout your back by proving that you're she man and in that moment I said you're right Jeff. I'm doing too much. And that's an absolutely not. But what an assault on my own personal vacation DAB to sit there in my already my bathing suit by nine. Am I'm ready to go. Roared up having to Moses getting away those Ranchera Chili Rellenos. I love Deseo now. That's breakfast and then I got to listen to you Claire Huffing and puffing down the frigging beach chasing your idiotic nomadic meathead husband while you both have t shirts on that say cross. Ross Fit Austin. I'm done you've ruined my morning. You've ruined my vacation. Take a chill bill. Guess what on the seventh day. God made Sunday to rest. You can't have days off. No days off is some bullshit. Take a day off. Have a Jimmy Chunga look could do. Each Other's is maybe take a day off make vision board. Also I love it. Everyone's gotta be shredded shredded cheese shredded lettuce on my NACHOS. No body fat. Well guess what when your face gets old Claire My face Alex young and fresh as a daisy easy. Why 'cause I've Collagen and still hear it little baby fat there? Everybody wants to be thin. But did you see the Golden Globes like like I saw the Golden Globes the other night everybody looked like a hot frigging mass. Everybody needs fillers. They're all too thin. It's too much a little fat. Would do as some good okay. You guys make fun of Chubb's now let me tell you what Gimme thirty years. I'm GONNA look frigging fantastic. Well your face looks older than all hell your face is going to look like an old kneecap. Yeah I said it. You want to know why 'cause you having think giving your body a break and the fuck and carb or a sandwich and nine months also when I see crossfire women on like instagram. And they're doing the fucking you know like pushing tires across railroad tracks and look. It's enough absolutely not. We do not have to be as strong as the men physically. You want to know why we can be strong and healthy but we also have to like be men. I can wake up on my vacation. Get a massage by nine. Am and Have Sixteen Shrimp Tacos by ten am. You want.

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