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"claire freak" Discussed on Post Show Recaps

"I'm a clinical psychologist. Yeah listen not not a medical doctor. Put your shoulder. Looks fine to me. You look fide. All right we haven't really talked about Libby very much we've done. We've we've talked about ANNALISA. Good amount we talk about Mr Recco as of last week. A good amount a couple episodes ago but we haven't really stopped down and talked about Cynthia Ouattara's who plays libby and this was a character that I that I think. A lot of people were very intrigued by over the course of season two especially after the ending of Dave where this clinical psychologist looks like. She was an inmate at Santa Rosa alongside Hurley. And she's going to die and we're not gonNA have any real elaboration on who. She is that she apparently. At least from what we assumed. She's telling the truth about is a widow. Maybe had a boat named after her. You know Libya is one of the most confounding characters to because it's not like the show didn't have opportunities to tell us what was going on with. Libby. Because Cynthia watchos returns a couple of times so she'll be back in meet Kevin Johnson in season. Four we're GONNA see her and season six select. She comes back but they just never really tell us what was up with Libby. Did you ever have any strong feelings? One way or the other about the character. Was she ever somebody who is a real mystery person for you was a character? That was like deeply unsatisfying for you just like what are your liberty takes. 'cause I actually don't know that you would. I have ever really talked about this character. One of the very rare loss actress that we haven't shared our feelings on so I really like the character of libby because I guess shoot her clinical psychologist nature. Just how warm and sympathetic she is. And you know what really comes up against? I think one thing that they do well with details is really introduced. How they're not one BLOB. You know you see it from especially this episode with I'm GonNa say the power struggles going on but certainly the personality discrepancies between someone hardened like Annalisa. Someone who's a bit more sympathetic but still very quiet in his ways and Mr Echo and someone like libby whose job is to talk to people and I always enjoyed that Barbour personality of course I shipped her in Hurley. Once they came together I thought they bed built out the best qualities of one another. I think it's tough because on a show where you say. Essentially every other main character like had a lot of their history built out in a lot of their questions answered with the exception of someone like Walt for example she is someone who unfortunately got the short end of Echo. Stick she. She's someone who we find all these things like. Okay I guess she had a husband. Okay I guess. She was in Santa Rosa. But Again. Sort of like what? I ascribe to four but this these Shannon flashbacks. They give us a bit too many blanks to fill in. So I always thought this is one of the more frustratingly unresolved parts of lost even if you go in with the adage of losses about the characters. Not The larger mystery. This is one of the larger character mysteries that's been unsolved and I'm sure that you and I are going to be able to hopefully right. Libya's unwritten history together. But this is something that never really settled well with me. Even if the show like libby here is telling us you're flying. You can keep going all right. So one of the missions down the Hatch. Right is to fill in those blanks and make these unsatisfying notes. A little more satisfying. How can we enjoy the that? The show didn't really resolve in an over way or even resolve in any way it can. Can we do that? Is that a mission that we can undertake? Can we do that with Libby and Mike? You and I recently appeared on crazy hank. Tv We were with jam talking about live together die alone on crazy hang TV youtube channel. Highly recommend you watch that. It was about an hour of the three of us. Earning out about the season. Two Finale and was I thought very instructive for you and I to watch that at this early point and see Jesu. It's kind of where we're building towards the half that a little bit more fresher in mind there is that seeing where libby and desmond meet in a flashback and she gives him the boat and the boat is named after her. It's Elizabeth from her late husband. David and IT'S I. I'm not the first person to arrive at this by any stretch of the imagination. But let's see if we could build a theory out as we go here a little bit. There had been talk over the years. What if Libby is an agent of Jacob? What if she works for Jacob been like the same way that Ilana worked for Jacob in the same way that that Guide Brom Jacob? Remember Brom or is it Bram Bram Bram boy Brahms's boy. That's right I forgot. What if what if libby is part of that coalition and we know that up. That friends of Jacob can get to the island by way of airplanes. What if she knows that she is going to be on eight five and it's GonNa Crash? She's going to find herself with certain members of the tail section. What if she's trying to keep tabs on Mr Echo? If she knows that the smoke monster may have an interest in Mr Echo could there have been some greater mythology role for Libya long. Take a keen interest in early vetting. Hurley on Jacob's behalf. Or is she just thirsty dog? She may just be thirsty. Dog vichy issue dare to Hurley's on Jacob's behalf Jacobs. Oh pair to go in. And watch the ashes of all the people from Oceanic Eight fifteen on Jacob's behalf. Can we can we can we? Can we put that square peg into a round hole as we go throughout? Libya's Arkansas into I'll be curious. Yeah and I mean. Definitely this episode. There's not much to sort of speak to that. We're going to but I'm out to put a pin in it but I guess if we're sort of going off of maybe her role in the Taylor's you know obviously find out more about that next episode. But maybe she was trying to guide them in a certain direction in this episode. It seems like She's supportive of echoes idea to go inland to support Sawyer. Both physically and emotionally. May maybe. There's a reason why she should do that. Maybe she thought that they'd run into Richard Alpert. Who could help cure him like they did? A young Ben Linus once upon a time So we'll see let's keep it in mind because you never know. Meanwhile Hurley's with rose doing laundry rose doesn't like the the hatches Washer Dryer. Apparently she says needs a dryer when we have sun and fresh air and I didn't know that Jin's nickname was fresh air. Yeah listen he loves to fish and enjoy the fresh air there. So it's easier sometimes. It's easier to say fresh air. Cuan Shannon comes up. She wants to know if Michael. And what did they leave any of the stuff that they didn't put on the raft? I their clothes are still on the beach and Shannon walks off with Vincent. Rose says she feels bad for. Shannon. Can't be easy. Losing the One person you love on the island and heroic herb and I think he's a little bit like yeah they're both sort of feeling it down the line one much more sooner than the other for sure. Shannon is going to take vincent to waltz clothes the ICONIC WALT shirt guests Walton. Bring it although I feel like. Does he have multiple multiple? Copies isn't the only shirt he has and does he have twenty of them. Maybe he actually. Maybe that's one of his power is that he can duplicate shirts. That's very useful. Power on an island. Desert Island So the of continuity is outside Vince. Going TO SNIFF OUT Waltz shirt. She's like all right. You thirsty dog. the thirsty for the sense of a young child. Go find this boy and he goes no popular. Leisure to a place at trauma is good. Burn Burn Vincent's can lead Shannon on a goose chase through the jungle or a dog chased the jungle. And they're GONNA wind up at Boone Hill. The funeral site and I will say I'm surprised you know. They obviously didn't have Mr Echo to carve his grave but very nice engraving on Boone's actual will gravestone marker. Amino wasn't locked because lock was gone for the Buna role so I wonder who was able to use that craftsmanship. Yeah it's a good question Perhaps it a secret skill of Rodney. Sisto here's could with his hands rich. We owe you A. We'll figure this out. It's life is really busy right now for everybody. We definitely want to get back the lost RPG. Claire is with Aaron and lock shows up just like. Oh How's the cradle cheating you cradle to the grave Or grave to the cradle. In this case I guess I cradles great. It's the baby that's the problem. He's not asleep. He's been for eight hours straight. That is not good for a newborn Josh. Talk me through all of this. Mike was for you. We'll newborns are typically supposed to sleep seventeen to between fourteen and eighteen hours a day especially because I believe errands. What like a couple of weeks old at this point since Boon's death since we saw that gravestone being put into the sand and usually especially with newborn through these things called awake windows where babies are usually only really able to be up for like two or three hours at a time before needing rest again so errand being up for eight hours straight. Look all babies are different. I would say that my child especially starting off was not exactly sticking to that strict fourteen to eighteen hour window but a baby staying for eight hours straight is just nat good. Seems like a lot seems like a lot. John Locke comes up all right. Well here's the problem. You aren't swat alling Aaron. And he comes up and he swabs. Aaron babies like to be constructed. I mean I'll tell you. One Who did and his name was Astra James Blue. Yeah Asher. We tried swallowing him. Especially once we start putting him down the crib but He was one of those babies that needed his arms to be free. Maybe he's a little bit claustrophobic. In that regard so josh we invested in something. Big Marvel baby technologies today called a sleep sack which is essentially like a weighted sleeping bag for babies. Why are you sort of like? It's like made of heavier material. And just like a onesie use them up inside and the heavier materials sort of helps only bring about these ideas of swallowing and feeling constricted which is comforting but it also allows his arms to be phrased. It was the best of all possible worlds so I think something like that on like an instagram ad recently is like a sleeping bag suit. This handsome model who is romping through the forest wearing like a sleeping bag as if he was like exploring Mars baby model. No a human well not that babies can't be humans but like an adult human interest like I saw like the adult version of what you're describing. It looks comfortable. It looks cool. Listen what's good for? Babies must be good for adults. It looks like you're wearing a sleeping bag and if you're out in the wild you can literally just stopped down wherever you are and just go to bed. Yeah even though lock does say doesn't until it's until we become older that we take up the desire to become free. Yeah I don't know I don't mind a good constriction every once in a while. Yeah I mean I think you could swaddled me okay. Is that an offer. I kind of just like the general. You can swallow me but sure you can swallow me Mike. Okay when I o pair your ass off every night yeah okay. This is getting very odd locking and clearer talking and Clair's going cam about Charlie's like it's like we're married but I don't remember marrying him. I don't even know him well. Listen to you. Know Claire Freak. We'll find maternity leave that actually one of the things. She forgot was that she married. Charlie the station has she brings up. How Charlie's secretly religious. What do you mean? He's religious? Got This virgin. Mary statue unless like and says yeah. I found it in the jungle and Micheals How about that? I also think Claire Again. My sympathies are with Claire. Especially when she vocalized in this scene that she feels like everybody knows her baby better her and I feel like I love the Ataman Social Media. Especially you know. We've been given the opportunity to talk and sort of share positives and negatives with a bunch of other parents out there but there are some of those people that like definitely make you feel like a worse pair of Oh. You shouldn't be doing this. Why aren't you doing that? And so I feel like Clair's getting that in real life form here and I can imagine it feels a bit of an imposter syndrome. Literally everybody knows how to put this baby sleep. And they'RE IN CHARLIE'S CASE. Chastising her for not doing it. They should have paid sawyer to stay on the island because yeah or they should have. I'm sure there was. Maybe it could be used the hatches record player 'til like make a record of Sawyer doing reading the car magazines and just play that for Erin on loop. I do absolutely think with you saying that that they should have without any question whatsoever. Claire an errand have as much hatch access as they want. It shouldn't have to be like an automatic given that they are there all the time. Because how is Aaron going to sleep through the night with that beeping going off one hundred eight minutes unless you have somebody like on computer duty like ready to push the numbers in immediately on number one so there's just like errant beep number one so really like you could sleep through that maybe two beeps?.

Libby Libya Brom Jacob Cuan Shannon Mr Echo Hurley Aaron Claire Freak Mike Santa Rosa Sawyer Charlie Mr Recco Clair Cynthia watchos Dave Cynthia Ouattara Hatch Richard Alpert Kevin Johnson
"claire freak" Discussed on Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

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"claire freak" Discussed on Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

"Own is very similar to Baba book that's Jennifer can said that allow the inspiration of it came from but there's even a little bit of a nod to like when we see Amelia watching TV scary man like listen forget like that the Bava doke is like a manifestation of her grave ride like say it's going to like I think it's definitely the cheers the knock go ahead I love that I love that Ruby is basically just a mini sort of version of of her mother. Clara like I've already got this abby like shut up dude like fucking Dudley for very butter thirty six but lost Sheila thirty seven presence Dude for I remember my grandmother getting me a Batman Toy that I already had and her being like don't you already have that one and I was like nope I don't know what you're talking about all I have young man Yeah fucking hell is absolutely Batman doing as as on sorry hey Batman Hey look at me the following day it's Ruby's party she's being a fucking cont I mean she she doing it is it is frowned upon however not illegal to call a seven-year-old dial two cont I don't care if she's a she's a little cont I can see I can see I can see the Han Solo vest and the fucking pumpkin spice Latte hey forming for hand right now shit dude it's us Israeli are always using the word content is just funny that you decide it's it's fucking God oh yeah dude when I my neck I gotta buy at like five nephews and a niece and but I've never called my niece cont she's concern is but my nephews when they were younger they'd be like ten or eleven in like acting up like little kids and I'm like twenty years old I would look at them and shoot them the bird like fucking you and they would look at me like what and they looked at me like I had just Pete in God's mouth you know and I was like fuck you and I remember looking at my nephew Dylan and gone you shoot on bird him looking at me like Oh my God and go ahead tell your mom she's not going to believe you fuck you just crazy shit to this good so weird now because he's had a kid of his own super super fucking weird like my twenty my like my twenty one year old nephew has a kid that's weird that I'm getting a hold on me tired so I mean this and I love the scene with Amelia kind of kind of like getting interrogated like the way that the Care race set up like when we look at her looking down on her but when she's when we when we cut till I the STEPFORD wives suburban fucking cons where like looking up at them and against it empowers them at the same time that's so fantastically done Especially you know and this is I this scene is probably like one of the most important scenes in the movie because you know they're they're trying to pressure her into stuff they're trying to act like they know what the doc that she's going through oh I work with some wh what does she say she worked with like despaired women or something like that I cannot stand josh it no no who basically she's saying she worked with women who were like go through hardships or whatever and it's like Oh yeah yeah hold on eh she's like Shit I don't have the time to go to the gym anymore of got the kids twenty four seven Yeah Yeah I do volunteer work with some disadvantaged women a few of them have very hard Holy Shit few for one thing that woman diamond I probably don't even know her fucking name and then like just to come up in a call her disadvantage to her face like hey I know you bud you're disadvantaged obviously because you're not dressed up like an what's weirdest when you look at the let the other women they're almost all dressed the same it's weird like it's so odd almost all of them are brunettes super super fucking creeped me out but it's the societal pressure of what they're expecting her to be as a mother and they're expecting they're expecting you know her kid is like it is it is weird you know she goes to pull him off and he should and doesn't doesn't want to let go and it's I I mean the kids six years old he's at a place isn't fuck wannabe I probably wouldn't have been like that but I definitely you know I I don't know I can I can relate to that there's plenty of places I women because I don't WanNa fucking be here octave Goddamn people but what are they in front of us like an xbox right exactly and just the way that they judge her for doing this I think that Jennifer Ken had such a valid reason for being worried about how people were going to judge her and I think that this scene is perfect like if you are one of those people the judges here from being a bad mother you need to get a cup of coffee with these ladies because you'd fit right in like the way you're looking at them and the way that they're looking at her it's just so judgmental as I you have no fucking clue man like I hated when somebody comes up to you and they're like you know I know how hard this has been for you unless you've done that know you fucking don't you fucking don't do it like the number one thing I always say somebody has a family or the dies I have no idea what you're going through I'm not gonNA try and sit here and act like I know what it is to lose a spouse or anything but if you WANNA talk about it like I'm down you know if you WanNa if you WANNA event that shit look I'm not gonNA sit here and try to say I know how hard this has been view that so arrogant an preposterous man like Oh my God forbid it it just aggravates me aggravates the fuck Outta me but it's like what people say that it's like trying to themselves on some kind of moral high ground like I know what you're going through and it's like if you if you did like if you've experienced that I understand it that person I listened to but are not listening to fucking clear and and Caitlyn and been Brenna and fucking stacey and all these God damn women who are like Oh my God I can't stand it just makes me fucking sick to my stomach But God I mean fucking Ruby I I you know what's fucked up on Kinda sad it also broke was her nose when she fell out of the tree house you know what I mean like I wish I wish she'd fallen into like an open pit with like knives and poisoned tip sticking out just something crazy like when she's broken just GonNa say like like mid mid keep going sorry I just I wish she'd fallen in like somehow her leg got shoved up her own ass or like something crazy but it was like oh my just just her breaking her nose unlike adds nothing I just wish there was a little bit more which is little more violence this girl's cont she's a fucking count it was it was shocking actually assigned talking I was just like Whoa ok well not because they showed the full like it don't they actually I I'm not watching it at the moment but I remember seeing the full lors that just something I mentioned in my head like you hit the ground and I was like Oh fuck I don't think so I think they're show him giving the shove and then they they cut over rather quickly to her like laying on the ground but like I D- Her saying you don't sound like you don't have a fucking dead bad nobody likes new nobody likes being around you and it's like Holy Shit like this is one of the girls that end up being on a documentary 'cause they bullied some kid into blowing their brains out it's like what the fuck is wrong with you man like saying that kind of his wife Bobby Duck addition right yeah that's why your mom doesn't want you it's like dude if I were six years old and I guess they do show they do show the fall they don't show her hitting the ground I'm just watching it right now but do things like this six years old like to us those fucking insults her a lot because we understand the connotations and like the meaning of everything Ronda as a six year old I know that that as I'm sure that Ruby knows that that is hurtful what she's saying but like as a six year old is cons of like insults aren't really to me like I do not that bad but like shade considering the ramifications of these I think right does a six year old I think so too I mean the ramifications yes but like she's she's like knowing that his dad has died it's not like that picked up and left dad died and he like if I were it six at six years old I the you know what my comeback to call on somebody you know making fun of boil dripping beat Fart sniffing bubble bought at say some Shit like that never once said Oh yeah you know your grandmother got killed in a car wreck you and say what the Fuck is wrong with you Damian fucking Damien in the omen type shit you know that's like some that's I don't know man like that that is dark fucked up to say to somebody I get it she's a kid she doesn't understand the ramifications of it but like at six years old like Holy Shit evil man like I might call somebody wanted to get confused that I'm fucking sticking out for which I'm not I'm just saying let's maybe like e Yeah I think it's important to consider that she is six years old as well your account she's now now I mean God I just I fucking I fucking hated this little girl why oh I wish if they push often just a hell mouth and just a buck in claimed her up so yeah whatever she pushes her out of the doc in tree house you know she breaks your nose Claire Freaks out they take her back home on the way home I'd love that's such a great hint screaming his fucking guts out breath and her why can't you just be normal like God dan that's fucking the man by again maybe the six year old doesn't understand is this really short conversation between Clara Amelia it was it was just that like you know the post sort of like outbursts that she has at the table lead like cleric says get over he's basically yeah yeah like as soon as she says as soon as anyone mentions soon as they even so much as hint at Econ cope and then Amelia's just like she's got that kind of like a denial about it she's like that's not true but clearly it is right now in thanks for bringing it up because I I was so confused this little bitch getting both her arms like rip off shouting has an I totally forgot about it but the what she says great she was like you know I haven't brought him up I don't talk about him it's like that's not the same thing as closure your that's denial and I think that's so great but her her point declares you know how does that impact you want the fuck does that have to do with you and I think that's great I think that not that I'm not saying that's great I grew that I'm saying that it's her and denial and and through her denial she was lashing out at at other people around her now granted clears piece of Shit self-centered piece of shit but at the same time like she has a point which he has a tea is a self centered piece of shit but with a point thank you so in an claire is Amelia sister like she does have a responsibility to look after his ebeling right yeah yeah however should really minimal it might be but yeah so on the way home Sam lapses into the end of these convulsions at the site of seeing them something that Amelia cancer see they take him to the doctor most of his results I mean they come back normal what does he say his brain basically like overheated from stress or something yes yeah apparently it's a thing that he knew know that but okay right yeah then that's so fucking like wow okay for a six year for that happen to a six year old that's got to be some intention man but she's like listen I need some goddamn drugs dude I need some fucking drugs like now breath and you can tell the doctor need some convincing you know and he's like most times in cases only do this if it's really bad it's.

Bava Baba Clara Jennifer Dudley Sheila six years six year twenty one year twenty years seven-year