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"cj kerik" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

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"cj kerik" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"And you know, our guys work extremely hard on those details. You know the coaches Or work and turn over every day and part of the turnover circuit becomes what to do in transition. Once you get your hands on the ball now, you know then and you obviously saw that from the unit. But you know, Jordan was really straight. And I mean, I didn't know he had some. We're going him like that. He was sitting there really going and I thought it was one away from getting there. And if we had probably picked up one more block, we would have been able to get it in. But You know, those are those are those are those are the X factor plays that really make a big difference. I think there was a positive field position, obviously, and I think we scored on the very next place. So it was. It was part of that. That big swing for us, Yeah. On the quick change Hill to Frimpong 17 yards for the touchdown pass. You are correct Coach special teams CJ Kerik, nine points in the game. Gets to 212 and his career most by a placekicker at the University of Rhode Island, passing that Walker on that list, and he'll be chasing Jason Davis this year for number one all time. You are I? You've got a steady guy. They're kicking the football for you. Yeah, It's really good to have that. I mean, you know, it's been You know, kicking game is critically important. The ones that put points on the board, obviously or or, you know, hugely important and C J. You know, has been very consistent force and continue to expect him to do the same thing. Uh, you know, kick off. We got to work on a little bit, and you know, he takes pride in all those things, and so we'll get better at that. But you know, top CJ and there's good. He's got range. He's got distance and Really that can can change my thinking a little bit when we get into the 30 yard line area, you know, in the past, we've been able to go for it on fourth down quite a bit in that area, but I think he's got the range to be able to put the ball down and And get it through is as I've stretched them out throughout the course of training camp to see what he really is capable of. And and I did see him with a little bit of back when you know wind behind them in a little right to left, But he did nail the 65 yard or during Training camp, So we've got some range there and just hope we don't have to line up for a 65 yard refer dubbed, but it would be a good fit. Absolutely. We're going to take a break. Justice Antrim is going to join us. Who's the anchor Beerer on Saturday night, and that Brian game. We're also going to talk to, uh to, uh Mike Flanagan, Who's the associate head coach of the University of Rhode Island. All that coming up in the gym? Flemmi, coaches stove stay with us..

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