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"cj asama joe mixon" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"He's relatively new. It seems like he's been here for half a year. We got guys that have come in and and just bought into the culture. We got tray and a bunch of guys. Riley Riley is like my best friend and I love that guy. Um, it's just a culture thing, and it's something again. It's It's kind of like little league. You know, you're in here. You're with your boys are having a good time. You hit the practice field. You're grinding. You come back in your boys again. So, um, it really is a different culture going on here. Dave Talking with C J. You, Sam and Dave. I think he kind of gets lost in the shuffle. We certainly have spent a lot of time talking about Joe Burrow and his comeback and Trey Hopkins in his comeback. I think maybe some people forget just what CJ has gone through to get back to this point Tours Achilles. You know, I mean, that's a tough injury, tough injury to come back from rehab from and he played well blocked well. They used them as a full back on occasion as a lead blocker in that regard. In the course of fourth and Scotch 32 Yard reception was a massive play in the football game. But you're right, Joe Burrow from the A. C L M c, l and even a Little PCL. The terrible triad little damage their reconstruction that need to play like he played. Trey Hopkins struggled a little bit, Uh, the Minnesota Vikings did a good job of isolating him one on one and protections on Pierce. Pierce beat him a couple of times for sacks very rare for Trey Hopkins to give up two sacks. This scheme of the Vikings was very, very sharp, very smart, obviously. And, uh and then CJ Asama Joe Mixon coming back from injury to play like he played so Nick Cosgrave and all the guys in charge of the rehab of all these players take about because a lot of your rehab patients came back and performed exceptionally well right away, and we've got about a minute. And while the Bengals may not feature the tight end as much as other teams do, and they've got Joe Burrow and mix it in the trio of wide receivers. There is still a place for and ineffectiveness to be used with with CJ. Use Almond Andrew sample that that can be a weapon. Still. Well, what happened? Uh, got the Vikings defense off kilter a little bit. Bengals came out Joe Burrow under center running the football with two tight ends. And and the Minnesota Vikings were expecting three wives They were not expecting. You know, 12 personnel one running back to tight ends. That's room for a little bit of loop, particularly with Joe Bar Owners Center. And in the kind of, uh that was a wise move the way they wanted to run the ball with the frequency. They want to do it, then play action off the boots and things like that nature at all kind of mesh together very well. And it took the Minnesota Vikings a little while to adjust the little wrinkles and nuances that the Bengals had course The Vikings had theirs as well. And we'll talk about some of those still ahead. We'll hear from Logan Wilson, Brian Callahan, the Bengals offensive coordinator, Tee Higgins and much more. Dave Lapham. Lance McAllister. Thanks for hanging out with us on this Monday night, we are dissect. Thing, a win by the Bengals. In overtime against the Vikings. It's Bengals line on the first Star Logistics, Bengals.

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