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"civil rights division justice department" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"And we in school out at Rensselaer Polytechnic insurance so I want to come back home the problem is that you know you look at all the young people are coming back to him going back home he so it concerns me and how do we get young people to want to go back to where they came from rather than to you know a Boston or New York one of the large cities that just seems to be consuming everybody well you know I I I as the as the parent of young people I'm I'm I'm always a little careful about saying what young people but I think young people should do because they they're the first ones and tell me you know roll their eyes and and says I'm not looking at him he's rolling his eyes right now but I look there are some things that we know make possible the American dream right we know its it's a great school within reach of everyone and great education frankly right through life because more and more our economy is going to be changing fast and the ability to get training and get retrained for a specific job not just training and hoping that for specific jobs I think is is critical we did some work on that in Massachusetts I've done some work on that in my private sector life I think spending on schools on university community college and training is the single best expenditure the public makes in our future the second element if you will of how we build an economy is going out and I guess that is in a very and that's all kinds of industries that are at the cutting edge of a knowledge economy it doesn't mean you have to have a PhD right that the the middle skills gaps so calm which I came to understand at the worst of the recession in Massachusetts they were a hundred and seventy five people seven hundred and seventy five thousand people I think it was looking for work and a hundred and twenty five thousand vacancies at the same time and what employers were telling us is that in in the case of many of those jobs they couldn't find the people with the skills necessary for the jobs they had and many of those jobs were required more than a high school diploma then and it's certainly a college degree some kind of certification that was targeted for that for that job those get those kinds of jobs and that kind of sensibility that we can we can shape the future around the innovation economy does have to be concentrated in Boston or or a Silicon Valley requires the third thing which is infrastructure right that's roads rails and bridges yes it's also workforce housing right it's also you know high speed internet service which changes everything you know not just in the in that in that sort of in those hubs that you talk about and I did I mention but up in the north country where we were just now even sells service is so Spidey will how can you have I can you participate in a in a knowledge based economy if you're not in one of those and frankly that the there's another thing that we invested in Massachusetts which I think is a model and I keep saying like this is take math masters the nationalized it that's not that's not exactly what I'm what I'm saying but other models I've seen and that we've put to great effect something on mass challenge which was a public private each debater for new businesses and small businesses trying to grow so if you had an idea and you need to some coaching and you want to work alongside other folks you could be a part of this incubator and is the deal is this began to grow if you get some seed money to get going capital not alone capital that's the difference right and and so the notion of being able to you know to be an engineer wherever you want to in New Hampshire might be the Conan might be someplace else but you you have you have housing that you can afford you have an infrastructure you can access so you can participate in a market that is that is larger and you can have some folks around you who show you what it might be like when you decide you know what I don't want to just work remotely for this big civil engineering company I want to have my own civil engineering for these things that we use to understand how to do this and and I think it dad doing some of that attitude to a changing economy is critical the last thing I would say and you tell me whether when I'm saying response to what you're worried about is that historically speaking we've been pretty good in America at innovation we're not as good at transition right so we we do the next thing but we get around to the impact on people if at all later I think there's a way to think about how we we own this innovation economy and we bring people in as we go you know we did some terrific work around the job creation opportunities in responding to climate change and we had it this exploding new sector around energy efficiency and solar and wind it is exactly the kind of thing we have to do nationally and frankly globally you know and no one has no one's going to coal country for example instead look stone age didn't end because we ran out of stone Cole is an end because we ran out of coal we get a better idea how about we do some of this year you know how about I have a whole country is the center of Winterfell I don't know I haven't been I I'm gonna but I'm saying we don't we don't think out we were so short term focus from from the from the commerce and a and government point of view we think hello a little bit and we ask others to help us think out of that I think it can be yeah it can be incredibly exciting and meaningful way to deliver change that lasts for you democratic presidential candidate to fall Patrick and I left I kind of expected to be hit okay there one of the things that really brings me out is I'm a mom of four and my daughter was born before the ACA was established and his his almost eleven and you know with the ACA repeal of lifetime limits on what you could pay for healthcare that's really important my child and so I'm wondering as president what will you do to ensure that all children can have access to the health care that they need and that they can receive the services that thinking yeah yeah cause insulin is here in New Hampshire but we got a message from her medical you added the last the last part because mostly what we've been talking about is a very important question of universal access that is important but that that consequence of universal access is that we don't have the capacity to meet in the and so couple things I would say first of all I should I should speak to the units that Medicare for all sloganeering we've been back and I said I put it that way because people mean a lot of different things find Medicare for all I personally think we should have a public option in the ACA that public option could well be Medicare well the and the reason I land there is because I think there's there's a value in the creative tension of having private insurance having to figure out how to compete for a a big part of the market is going to move to a no cost for a low cost option which means they can be they're going to do the work with others in the industry that needs to be done to bring system costs them right that's good for everything the other thing is I think we need that we need to innovate in innovative tension on the Medicare side on the public side because you know frankly if if you are eligible for Medicare today and you can most people buy a private insurance policy a supplemental policy on top of that because Medicare doesn't go far enough so and and you know we haven't even that's before you even get to the account is it chilly John show that I have a point in pointed Joe is raising about whether the the coverage you have actually meets the needs you right and that you can rely on it without having to argue with the insurance company so that this week at ninety nine percent of our folks in Massachusetts covered because there was a big coalition the people you know policy makers and insurers and providers and patient advocates and labor and on and on the faith community they came together to invent the bill that governor Romney sign and it went into effect in the act took office as why should be contacted K. yeah but but that listens dot together to refine it as we because we can learn anything right I think I signed three four maybe five major healthcare bills after the first one because we can't learning new things and I think that's how we have to come at it national in this is to the you know to the point about having capacity right we have fewer and fewer medical students going into family care or primary care why why because of that get her to go to medical school and the way to pay it off is to go into a high paying special it's all connected right and I have some ideas about about that I also think there are things we ask doctors to do that other medical professionals can do at lower cost and we gotta get ME one kind of one example I suppose is in investing in by the way it is a different state to state but in NASA's his I think I'm I'm remembering correctly that diet tryst can only do certain things to your feet but if you think is really hurting you need some help improving the circuit speculation in a you know ATM when you call the profession you go to to get re tuned our practice can help you that we really had to have that on film okay anyway you get it as a practical could do it but we couldn't you know they want authorized by the by the licensing or is this a lot we can do this move this out to the actual service telehealth two rific response you know what I'm talking about this is remote access to to a doctor it's a terrific solution I've served on the board of Intel health companies I've been learning a lot about it the rules are about to change I think in January so that that service is rename it reimbursable by Medicare I think it is but if you don't have access to high speed broadband so what it is back to the point I was making is interconnected we have to do more than one thing at the same time in order to really really get the country going again this is a re air C. span radio programming from Tuesday yeah governor is my main frame one little thing that I always like to ask him this has to be seen person myself transgender people and gay people have the highest rates of suicide and death threats and violence against them as governors I mean as president I will what would you do to ensure that LGBTQ people are not discriminated against and that we can live the American dream well the first thing I would add say Carlos is weak we need to enforce the laws we have and as someone who I led the civil rights division justice department in administration where that was actually interested in the subject matter I can assure you that that the department would be funded and supported and urged to.

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