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"cindy  pired" Discussed on The Dirtbag Diaries

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"cindy pired" Discussed on The Dirtbag Diaries

"The shop closing was a gut check for the community. The previous owner filed for bankruptcy and hung a note note on the door. Reminding us all that these places aren't guaranteed and they don't just live on high fives but also on sales. The Internet makes it easy to find the best deal and that puts a a lot of pressure on smaller community based businesses with so many options. The reopening of outdoors is a chance to see if there's still room for the local shop when the news was announced the store was going to reopen. Had such a flood of friends coming to me. texting me calling me. Is it true. Is it really happening. And they tell us and they'd all reply similarly like Oh all my money's GonNa go to the shop. Oh Man I'm so stoked to have it back in a neighborhood. That's where I'm going thing. It's been a few months now and I kind of hope that people maintain that promise boils down to it. It's not just about getting the best price. It's really really trying to keep the special place and shop around and it makes me feel even better because I don't even have to think about where my money's going because it's it's obvious where or it's going. You know getting new carpet someday. Woman actually still stuff on the floor ended up actually helps clean the floor that section it was for now. The carpets days. The shot feels largely the same as it did before it closed Cindy -pired a lot of the same staff back the store stocked with New News. News gear the crash pad benches next to the books written by local guides and authors. They've packed the place for events. The ski shop is up and running tuning and waxing skis fitting boots. The same wooden door still squeaks. To begin each visit. Recently I went to the shop looking for boots for an upcoming mountaineering trip to South America for the climb. I needed warm double or plastic boots for the most part. They're not necessary in the cascades so most local shops don't carry many options if any but one of the staff Sarah Armstrong said they might just have some old rentals hiding somewhere and no kidding. She said they might be in the hole under ground NARNIA. I thought thought maybe the upside down. Just watch your step lion in that end quite ricky. It was always in the back of the small space. There was a pile of mannequins Kim's plastic life-size bodies lying on the floor empty mannequin. It is sort of terrifying to see. Just we came back up and close the door and laughed. I didn't find any boots of my size down there but I found a little of the shops magic. I hope it sticks around the northwest. Swear take bits brats. Here is the shock of feeling you must call raise my way of thinking specifically. I'm living on an island in the sound. You gotTA decouples protect him out audible from the city. So where are we at Crystal Chris. What are we doing ski the key to say everyone who listens to the Derby areas have held they everyone for listening music today from Cancun published request tracks courtesy of free music archive or the artists? Themselves Jacobina Koto composed our theme song. You can find links to the artists at our website. DIRTBAG DERRY'S DOT COM. Thank you true Jason and Sandeep for sharing your story we really appreciate it. This episode was produced by laying holds. CORDELIA CZARS BECCA call and me fits call you. have been listening to the dirtbag dairies. Thanks for tuning in everyone together..

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