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"church england school" Discussed on National Secular Society Podcast

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"church england school" Discussed on National Secular Society Podcast

"And they the grounds eight divide to take to the High Court The press was significant for us on just on a mini hit a many any of the major news channels and newspapers just by the fact that we've challenging it so what was remarkable about that particular day it will be a SONAM. Let me of of emails and and coups of that time was just. We hadn't realized how many people this affected ounce outside of Rawson. How many people we just Tina amounts support on the jets? Did you get get stories of other people having experiences. Yes So we'd had a letter written to us saying that they had also challenged it within I school and hadn't gone as far as our as an eventually had. He is removed from the school. And so hopefully the head teacher. Best Scoop Luke found under pressure to me. Yeah Lizanne annoyed we. We took a pair of a view. On how engaged we found this process because we we we agree due to a limited number of present fees because we neither want to solve appeal paper. We just want to do what. We're to divide thing by children but we weren't happy to talk talk about the facts of the case but we we did repeat a time. Start to look at the news reviews and things on social and once you get past a ah a nasty demographic extreme People which are very much we you know. We hope that you and your children burn in Hell and various famous Asians off fat once you get past those ninety five percent of a people engaging and I have to make make a point not just people that share do the a you'd found the category of ATM People of different religions and also of Christianity that just that we would look to exert all that this is this is what we he doing Oscar. and IT WASN'T A. It's quite interesting that many people see this as a divisive thing on behalf of eighty seven. It's really not because what Lasana I've been really Oakland waster. We all huge suppose the curriculum because ultimately we want our children to understand how other people think and believe so what we had. A great amounts of support on is where you have people going move book autism religion belief or non belief for this to be exerted on young children Such an influential age is just is just not acceptable. Said did the case. She get hood in the high coach before we will. Well we did. And we've been asked why we set the NC the claimants is that as we had a class at a criteria the full which never changed and ultimately when you The court would view is have we all have. We been offered what it is is that we we also in the first place and so far so far they advising David grades that concessions die yet to implement them. The I'm happy to be quite vocalness. They they didn't want us to see the inside of Cohen by and I'm absolutely certain if because because they stood to lose on if it made his way to the high cold at And if the decision go that white Then of course the impact act would bayden beyond just our set of circumstances in all skull absorb. It was made very clear was that they buy low is that it's it will hit the Heinkel audacity would have liked to have seen her play said school basically exceeded eighteen months but I understand they are have agreed to change arum assemblies to be more inclusive until your children leave. School is that right but they haven't great for the simplest debate inclusive act hope to continue with the collective worship forms however off children and the children who are ready to all be fine to the meaningful educational alternative. So I this is this. They've met the terms in other words for us as parents until children needs as you're quite right One of things. I think the the school needs to be continually newly challenged on by outside of our case by other parents also by the Buddha educational bodies have influence over this. If this is he's GonNa stop at the second Children leave the skull. What effectively the scores are saying is that they are happy to keep a divisive environment mm-hmm for the children in that cat? You A lot of the press statements the school to come out with and the trust for that matter. They've said they they continue their commitments inclusive. And say I'm sorry they just don't get away with saying that and I don't care whether results inside outside of course when you can't say you've got an inclusive environment for those children and devoid assemblies based upon belief you can't say that for twenty percent of the kids assemblies joined awake. Wait this is this is us. We believe we're going in this way. You don't believe it so you can sit in that one until we're finished you call aqueous inclusive school when you do that so whereas I am as a significant win of course it is to get a meaningful talented. It's still a consolation. Prize voice to exclusively. As far as I'm concerned of kids say it's basically the schools have agreed that don't own the Wednesdays that will be meaningful secular attentive to. I'm the religious collective worship. I'm out in the hottest assembly. The end appears emily and the the Arab they look the other than us before using the church goal is to criteria and they need to acknowledge and using the church. They will no longer hands. I oils I believe is assembly which is a good win so as far as children are concerned. Are you happy with the concession. Slough has made Yes it's nice to educate our children now in those periods of time What would be nice if they did see the B.? Collectively Chicago doesn't provides increase environment. And that these I convoke assemblies are still excluding children and they that needs to guiding the we take the wave on the one hand. We don't play down. It's a significant win. But if you look at the fact that this has never being taken to a judicial review before it's never been given the opportunity to have exposure to high coal and this is the first time it's been challenged and as a result with the right for a meaningful alternative for the children in which case we couldn't take as a huge win. But I I did save the very beginning and lozanic rage but we took on this process. Hi says it needs a consolation prize because the we con- site for it. We can't say that the it's a good thing for the kids that they still have to be excluded. An Easter collective worship will which is which creates a divorced? Environmental Hill is known as the collective worship will allow schools to have Christian any assemblies than Always GONNA be excluded. We also need to be clear. offset don't enforce they slew Metro designed measurement. The Department of Education banked on measuring job at schools justic no rates and so just because as we live in the cost votes in a cooling predominantly Canaanite. And he's not the thing. We always found remarkable. ammos is the surely the inclusive to the kids have got to be the most important thing because if you if you so in the relationship of an outside body by it's an outside Cheshire I mean even if you keep the collective worship going whatever guys there the school and under no obligation Gatien to go to that local judge in Vitamin for twenty percent of the kids assemblies of the week under no obligation to that whatsoever. No Con- for the Lord's House. They need to bring the charge once a week to totes. Those children so what's always been remarkable to us is that relationship appears to be more important to keep intact The inclusivity of the kid and despite the fact that the school is notified school but simply member of the Christian Academy Trust. The school is being collectively acting like if they'd school in the way of St two children other children yet I mean if you look at the collective washer policy that is now on the school website. It is pretty much debate tim to the collective wash policy by easing the church. England School Immunex village. So it's acting in our opinion is acting like a inevitably we both sides Hokkien aiden. What's happened so so far? We've won this judicial view. There is a new head teacher coming into the school from next next time him at this stage we don't know whether or not that new Teasha will share the views of the previous head teacher Whether or not she would choose to department clearly. We've we call expectations on. I'm what that should be and then in turn if the meaningful alternative is applied right how what is applied. Because it's been a lot of conversation by end nothing voters speaking It's important that the school has backed down based upon their previous actions will essentially use have said it's GST's wellness banks. Which I think is very beat yourself because they are big Christian the body toback down as well as very significant show? But of course it's it's only for your children and it's okay to talk to children leave so it's less of a parent's step inside. They will sandwich. They are moving entitled to send. The children are already withdrawn as well. They have stated that they won't they on their children to be part of this meaningful alternative. When all children leave they are? They are moon well in their rights to. You've done today slow. You need carry on Nafta my children all we will open up this jar so what was great. What's really good? News is the RJR or judicial review. I should say they'll set president. It says that this can be challenged. So what it should do. Food is to open the door to all other parents not just of our school but also similar schools that in a similar situation parents in a similar situation effect. We've similar schools. They can point to all case now a Nike and say well. No these one vite So we were replaced when you look at it in that way. We'll we'll yes of course if this opens the door for the parents Consequence their two children now that we have to take like that. It's something that went with allotted great. Well what would you advise to any parents who are in a similar situation to you looking to challenge schools. But I'm type. I don't take finance I mean. We sat in every level of authority within the school The Gulf the governor says well we were in many different ways told no toting strong terms how it would affect us. It would be Out of place me to say some of the language and the tone it would be news by people either within the school associated with it told many times notes Fisher Fisher and go the extreme views on social media which were which which would be enough to Paul a lot of people label and as false way consum- we kept on going back to our original intentions. Were not doing this for us by this. This is done solely with the children in mind. Unlike right to say that we did it regionally for father people that would be disingenuous. We did it really one hundred percent with children in mind what we were delighted with when we found out that feedback of other parents that we learned it is going to help other children. I'm a is going to change the pool of Pitcher and a we we've grown into appreciate. It'd be thankful for that because of course they don't father parents so definitely. Don't take no finance I I'd also be balanced on it. I I do January hope Sir Leon. I've never been inflammatory about of us. We've always said the way along what we're looking for is a good balanced against all week curriculum in his own context at inclusive not for the children. Everything else is just opinion. Based but that's a fundamentally what we want for. The Joe was also to encourage parents as well the happiness to follow suit to use all cases example because hypothetically the more people will stand up say no this as law isn't except for hopefully change make that SUV govern and of education can excite many pans against this conducts Maybe we should look changing if you think this time on that point beyond individual parents resisting the collective ownership in individual schools. Do you think it is time now for change in the middle. Oh absolutely it's option. Archaic Law We also the only country in new opposite that enforces. This is a genuine date just to experience in the last year. We've got a sense of it when it was just us when you when you open up the conversation Eighty eighty is on borrowed. Time all it would take his fence ahead. The inside the Kobe case and again our case would have been a good example of that should at the academy not trust not have met our times on hundreds and Cessna there but then began its it. It's Caitlyn also it contradicts the recreate. The which is is to add should be two in a balanced way but then when you have is collected the low side of Christianity is true. You'll teachers may say yes some. You believe there's something police that. This law is contradicting teaches at teaching. Yari quickly leaking because they're saying Christianity's trays and that you just can't have that instant ninety days Finish up we we. We've mentioned it before but one of the things which we found a reason why do think some bullard time is because we we've been told Time and again but by offs school today was raising kids a life in a Christian country biggest positions..

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