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"Owned by age? Sixteen Chung had dropped out of school left his family's home and risen through the triad ranks to become a leader and he had a rap sheet to show for it. Chung had already been arrested nearly fifteen times for assault theft N. robbery police regarded him as a hardened criminal entreated him as such not giving him any leniency even though he was still a minor over the next three years the teenager was in and out of jail prison was. Chung's first losing hand. Inmates were treated more like animals than human beings and the guards thought. Nothing of denying them basic necessities. Chung was determined that once he left prison he would never return even if it meant giving up his burgeoning criminal career. Each twenty newly released from prison. John Attempted to live in accordance with the law as father helped him secure a tailoring apprenticeship but his resolution short lived while working for the Taylor. John met someone who changed his outlook on crime. Chung's coworker a man named Wong thing. She explained that. The only surefire way to become rich was through illegal means but in order to be successful. One had to be as careful and meticulous as a Taylor. Every stitch must be perfectly placed or else the whole garment unraveled armed with this. New Outlook Chong embarked on a loan shark venture which proved moderately successful with payments. Finally Rolling in two things became very clear to Cheung Kong money. Was everything an earning. It legitimately was for suckers around this time in the late seventies Chung began so sitting with gang members in the Kowloon walled city. The region was still controlled by the triad. Gang and police maintain their hands off policy. It was there that Chung learned that gambling wasn't the only way to rake in a quick payout. Armed robbery paid pretty well to street. Fighting and petty theft escalated to more dangerous ventures for Chung and he soon joined forces with another career criminal twenty-three-year-old daredevil Yip Kifune where Chung was a meticulous planner. Yip had less inhibitions. He was willing to charge into a situation. Headfirst guns blazing. If they worked together they would make a dynamic duo having joined forces. The two criminals plan their biggest heist yet. It would be bold daring and risky but if it worked they'd get the pay out of their lives coming up. Chung see Kong takes his first massive gamble. Par cast listeners. If you enjoy stories about crime mystery and the unexplained you'll absolutely love the new park cast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers. It's hosted by Crime Junkies Ashley Flowers and you can hear new episodes every Wednesday. Almost mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts but sometimes the facts don't lead to a logical explanation and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown in supernatural with Ashley. Flowers actually takes a deep dive into the strange and surreal to explain some the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences each week. She'll dig into a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional from exorcisms to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on. The tails challenged the unexplained anti-sect the facts with a heavy helping skepticism and rationale. So are you ready to get to the bottom of history's most peculiar events? Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story after joining forces with another young gangster. Yep Kifune up and coming criminal thirty-four-year-old Chunky Kong decided. The time was ripe to plan a massive heist. They would steal a shipment of Rolex watches bound for the Hong Kong airport as the two men put their plan together. Chung remembered the advice given to him by his old CO worker. Wong Chee like a Taylor. Chung had to be meticulous. Every last detail mattered in preparation for the job. Chong-in Yep hired several henchmen. Chung made sure they knew to cover their faces and move quickly to avoid being identified by the police on February. Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety Chung. Yip an a few of their associates made their way to Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. The men were wearing bulletproof vests and carrying heavy weapons but if everything went according to plan they wouldn't need them. Chung had a code of honor. He ordered his men to never harm civilians to only fire their weapons when absolutely necessary and to act as a unit a brotherhood parked at the airports delivery bay where an armored van would be arriving with the watches. The car arrived on schedule so far. So good wants to Van. Parked Chung gave the signal. The gangs swarm the armored van waving their guns around for intimidation. The delivery guards were easily outflanked. The criminals broke open the vehicle and grabbed as much merchandise as possible loading up armfuls of the expensive watches before escaping. They had stolen millions of dollars worth of products and fled unscathed. In under a minute. They slipped across the border into China to count their loot as the brains of the operation. Chung took forty percent of the spoils for himself. Divvying up the rest. Among the other men the Rolex Heist was so successful that a year later Chung. Yup and they're men decided to plan another robbery. This time they would target. An armored car said to be carrying seventeen point five million. Us dollars in thirty five million Hong Kong dollars not only was the potential loot going to be a bigger take than the watch heist. It was a lot riskier to an armored car would have trained security guards wielding automatic weapons. Had to be perfect if the gang didn't want to be caught or killed with this in mind Chung Yep and three other gangsters suited up with their own semiautomatic weapons then on July Twelfth Nineteen ninety-one. They headed back to the KAI. Tak Airport took their places and waited. When the armored car arrived Chung gave the go-ahead chaos ensued but the five gang members easily. Outmatched the armed guards in minutes Chung Yip and the others were driving off with approximately twenty million. Us dollars in cash. It was the largest single cash haul in Hong Kong's history to date once safely across the Chinese border. The thieves divided the money as before. Chong kept the largest share of the profits but divided the rest fairly among his men triads believed in brotherhood and taking care of each other. If Chung got rich they all would and rich he was Chung. Now have the money to do anything he pleased. And he used to indulge in his favorite hobby gambling every casino visit followed the same pattern an ostentatious yellow lamborghini rolled up to the entrance. A man stepped out. John was rather small with bushy eyebrows was always dressed in designer labels from head to toe. He certainly stood out in a crowd. Once inside he would immediately flagged down a cocktail server and order the most expensive whiskey on the menu. Tipping the waiter more money than they usually made in a week then. John made his way over to circle of friends where he ordered more drinks and food eventually. He switched to his preferred beverage orange juice. Chung was wary of drinking too much. He didn't want to become undignified. You had to concentrate on schmoozing and placing bets. None of his casino pals had any idea that Chung was one of the world's most notorious gangsters they all believed he was in the jewelry business. They didn't know that his only experience with jewelry stores was robbing them at gunpoint. In fact they didn't even know his real name Chong simply went by the nickname they had given him. Big Spender one night. Big Spender sat at one of the tables and started placing his bats. He won then he went again. He double down again and again. His friends looked on in awe. As the Jackpot reached the millions Chung placed his final bet and lost it all just like that. Cheung was out of what amounted to twenty five million. Us dollars his entourage expected their resident high roller to shout or flip over the table but Chung remained astonishingly calm instead. He finished his orange juice and suggested that the group continued the party at his town house. The guests were treated to a tour of big spenders apartment passing his pricey art collection which consisted of mostly tablist and Buddhist statues as well as busts of himself and a sphinx like statue of his wife. Luo Yan Fong. One guest wandered into Cheung's massive bedroom where a giant letter M. was carved into the headboard Chung explained that the m stood for money. All thanks to money. The world was at his fingertips until it all came crashing down distracted by gambling and partying. Chung it slipped a few months after the armored car heist. The police successfully identified him. As the number one suspect they put pressure on local triad members to come forward with anything tying the incidents to Chung even went after Chong's wife and shook her down for information but to no.

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