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"chucky fork" Discussed on Double Toasted

"He's out of control, but there was a point in the beginning just a little bit. You got a little sympathy for Chucky. Sure. Because isn't so much. He's evil is just that he doesn't understand, hit, Chuckie didn't ask Chuck is like forty and toy store key was evil. Jabbing people head, killing people. They would be Chucky fork. He asked for none of this. He didn't wanna be here. Chuck is just confused, the movies, even kind of a message film, at the beginning about how to raise your kids, and what, what you expose them to Chuck, you just as innocent, and people like people just laugh at these movies where. Killing people horribly and Chuck just kinda like well shit. I just wanna bring joy to the world to maybe I should cut people opening it have blood all over the room people. Love it. Yeah. You guys like that, right? Yeah. Chuck Chuck is a sympathetic character. It kinda airy very much so a little bit. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's also where you like this things ugly. Like you would just throw this away, but it shows bond builds between them where you're like, okay, I get it. It's hard like the kids, even crying because he's he doesn't want to leave Chucky side, or, you know, even hurt them and stuff like that. It's even shut where they Chucky got a time out. That's. Got a time out Chucky with just sitting in the corner. He, he was all said, little mouth with curled up. I don't like it here, Andy and his lay damn man. If you just went killing people. I will be with you on your side killed. One guy, let him slide. They really did try to brush them shit under the rug too. Alaikum that much. It's okay. He's not Vasan, but they promise you won't do it again. And that's one of these make you make you mad about Chucky man because it gets to point where Chucky don't understand to Chucky just doing what he wanted to Chucky. Chucky saying fuck you fuck you Chucky going do. What Chuck, you want, do you give me all these mixed signals? I'm running things because there's a point Andy with tears in his eyes. He said Chucky, please. We got a good thing. Don't ruin this it. We got sucking, please stop suck. Chucky just doubles down after that. I'll tell me to stop invective, you ain't my friend ain't nobody going to be your friend. I'm killing everyone. Gotta say, one of the things that they did in the movie man that I thought, if you're gonna go, this route kinda stupid as router them Chucky being an online. That just a toy, but an appliance you gonna go this route of Chucky being appliances plugged down plugged in online all the time. Like you say, murderous Syria? Alexa, then I said this in the trailing. I'm not gonna when we when reviewing the trail not gonna reveal what I say they're almost anything but I did say take advantage of that. You could see the trailer where he's plugged in and taking taking control of things in this, this, the store, which has a lot of appliances in it. And I thought go just go all out with that on. They did it enough here. But, you know, probably because of budgetary constraints, but they, they did get creative with it. Where Chuck is always connected in can connect to other things got creative with that with the kills and got creative with other characters when he was able to do that. I thought that was kinda cool. Yeah, it really opened the door to what they were able to do. And not just keep it where he's, he's the slasher and this and that. Like the Chucky is like oh, yeah. He's, he's everywhere. And you really feel that as well that inks would. Yeah..

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