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Summer Movie Preview

Popcorn with Peter Travers

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Summer Movie Preview

"Yeah. Hi, everybody. I'm Peter Travers. And today we have a special edition of popcorn where I preview the movies of summer twenty nineteen. What is out there? What's going to happen? And I've got to start by saying you think maybe that summer begins on your calendar near the end of June. But not in Hollywood everything in Hollywood begins early because summer is when they make all the money that they can make all year. So officially April twenty six it's the beginning of summer because the movie that opens on that day is called a ventures endgame. This is three hours long. Nobody's gonna care. I predict that not only will this be the biggest box office hit of the summer, but it will be the biggest box office hit of the year. You remember what happened last time all the ventures or at least half of them seem to turn to dust than die mean? Now have those ventures that are left to signing if they can beat the evil fan. He so evil will the adventures be wiped out forever. Look how much money did these movies make I'm saying why would you basically kill the golden goose? This is going to continue in some way, we all know it. So what else is out there? I'm looking at my list. There's a major thing going on now of in terms of taking the Disney slash Pixar animated classics and turning them into live action movies. So we have The Lion King line king. One of the most successful Disney animated movies ever is now being done as a live action movie. You have Donald Glover being Simba. You have James Earl Jones actually being this father and the same scores. They're the same using. And it's directed by John Fabbro who did such a great job with the jungle book doing the same thing that I think we can all feel optimistic about what's going to happen. And then we have Aladdin when we remember the. Animated movie who do we remember the most? We remember Robin Williams doing the voice of the genie. This time doing the voice of the genie and being the genie. We have Will Smith. So big stars in this big kind of thing, they tried it with Dumbo earlier this year, and that didn't quite work the way they wanted to do. But we're talking about lying king and the Ladan so big deal. Now, what terms of old fashioned animation is out there. I don't know if you're like me. But there's a Toy Story four toy stories always been my favorite of those Pixar. There's something about Woody and buzz light year, and you're probably saying to yourself. Well, and Toy Story three didn't it happen. That would he said goodbye, Andy. And he went to college, and it was all over remember. There was little Bonnie Andy gave his toys too. So we're going to have little Bo peep comeback. I think when you look at what goes on in Toy Story, you have that kind of feeling of goodness of field. Goodness, but done with all the magic of Pixar. So if those adventures out there are going to have a run for their box office money. I would say Toy Story. Four is going to be the one that does it. So what else we now have men in black men in black international? You're not gonna see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones anymore. But this time you have Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. As new agents who are out there in this men in black universe. Sometimes you say to yourself do I want more of that? And you never know to actually see it. And I can only tell because I haven't seen this movie yet. But it looks like there's chemistry there. Then we have Spiderman far from home. You know, the Spiderman franchise never seems to end either. But we have Tom Holland who played him last time charmingly, I think, but now spider man, Peter Parker. They're taking a European vacation and the villain that they run up against is mysterious. Played by Jake Jilin. All I just think they're still some special sauce in the Spiderman universe, and I expect this one to also be a major hit. Godzilla Godzilla king of the monsters. I see that. And I go how much can they work this poor God's, but you can look at the trailer and see it. I like the idea that aside from viewer for Megan who is in it, Billy Bobby Brown from stranger things is in its she the dynamo. So if God Zillah can basically meet his match betting on little Millie to do something with that Hobbes and Shaw, this is fast and the furious you remember the rock of playing the the law man, and Jason stefon playing the outcast and the rebel these guys. I don't know if this is Hollywood kind of thing, but they tell us that Jason stadium and the rocked wing Johnson. Don't really like each other. And maybe that what the reason we love these characters and show so much because we liked that conflict. I don't know it seems a PR stunt to me, but I'm going to be there because this cars. There's the rock and their Stefa. So you're going to be there to and you know, it, oh and the big deal. Now, everybody has just in the midst of welcoming game of thrones back to their lives. The last season of that. You can't bear to live in a world where you can't see the stark sisters anymore. Well, now, you can dark Phoenix, which is part of the X men universe. Bring Sophie Turner, and she's Jean grey this character that we've seen before. But she's this younger version of her and she split between the good side of her and the dark Phoenix side of her. And to me, these girls are tremendously talented in what they do on game of thrones. And I think we're going to keep seeing them through the years, but her sister her at least game of thrones sister, maisy Williams is in new mutants part of that universe too. But in this case, they're all new characters to do this. They're all gonna be in the X men universe. Doing it. So that's it for the blockbusters that are out there. You've got everything from animation to comic book characters to everything. And that's the stuff that you hear about that your friends are going to talk to you about. But there's gotta be other stuff to part of summer is comedy of. I think we all really have gone through a long winter. And we're saying make us laugh give us something that will just make say, whatever. I can just sit back and not think. So what's there for that? There's a movie called longshot. This is a movie in which Charlotte Theran is playing the secretary of state who is running for president. But falling Manley in love with who staff throw in. Okay. It's like, a beauty and the beasts thing going on here. Seth Rogan is her speechwriter all of her people say what are you doing? You're going to destroy your career. But no, it's love. And if you don't laugh at the combination of Seth Rogan, Charlie staring. There's nothing left for you. And then we have the hustle. The hustle is a movie that used to be called dirty run scoundrels where the old days it was about conman. Now, it's con- women. They're played by Anne Hathaway and rebel Wilson. And they basically go all cross the continent finding rich people whose money they can steal pretty people. Glamour? What's wrong with that? Oh, book smart. This is directed by the actress Olivia Wilde, and it's about girls graduating from high school and saying we spent all our lives with our head in the books. Everybody else is going to parties and having fun. So they're going to do that beanie Feldstein plays one of them. She is the sister of Jonah hill and real life and Jona hill did super bad. This is kind of the women's version of super bad everything in it works, like a charm. You're really going to like that one. Then we have a movie called late night. This is about the TV talk show world and Emma Thompson plays. Probably the only woman on late night TV who hosts her own show, but she's got only men on her writing staff, and then she hires Mindy Kaeling who also wrote the screenplay of this movie, very very funny about what happens when you put women into what basically has been. A male bass they end of doing this. And the combination of Mindy king writing for the great Emma Thompson and watching them perform together is just so you've got to see that one to my favorite kind of thing. The dead. Don't die. You've got to admit that is a great and funny title. It comes from the indie, directing great, Jim Jarmusch. And it's cut people like Bill Murray and Adam driver by zombies. Okay. If Bill Murray is going to go out there and get laughs. Sizing up zombies. I'm going to be there watching him do it. So we have a good chance for laughs horror. I've got to talk about it now because it's not just the Cajun. Oh movie harm movie that makes money any makes people talk and get happy. It's they're everywhere. Now child's play do you? Remember the old child's play movies where you had Chucky. The crazy nut doll that. Always terrified me. Just. This doll who looks kind of little bit weird and freckly, but he has a voice on him like a longshoreman guess who's doing the west now of Chucky Marquel? Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker. And from what I've seen of it in. It's just been a little bit of it. It's wonderfully malevolent, so I'm going to be there to see that one. Then there's Annabel comes home. Another doll another possess doll also part of the conjuring universe where a viewer for Megan Patrick Wilson. Or the demon knowledge is that tried to make sure that nothing bad can come of this horrible doll Annabelle, but Bill will destroy and I will be there to watch her. Do it then them that follow their certain titles that get me them that follow really gets me? And it's about a snake handling church in Appalachia. No, they there are there colts. And they're almost religious cult where people pray. But they have the snakes, and they hold the life thinks pass them on. And you're thinking, what are you tell me about this like CD movie Har movie will guess who the star of this movie is the freshly minted Oscar winner Ogilby Coleman from the favourite, she's tossing those snakes around so irresistible. I think you're gonna love it. Then there's the Nightingale. See it's does not stop. It's har- everywhere. The night and gas from the director, Jennifer Kent who did a thing a couple of years ago called the baba Duke, which gave millions of people nightmares. And now she's back there following a woman who is chasing a convict got to be hooked. And then midsummer midsummer directed by REI Astor who last year gave us hereditary with Toni Collette, a really scary movie. Now, it's at a nine day Swedish holiday where everybody celebrates. But they'll be no celebrating after this one. So we. Got a lot of stuff out there. That's just going to scare us witless. And I couldn't be happier. All right. When summer comes. We think of all the things I've just talked to you about blockbusters comedy horror action, the rock of everything is there, but every even in a season like this. It's all about money and getting us into our theater, there are those movies that can come out entertain us. And also will hear about them at the end of the year when the Oscar nominations come out and the number one movie on that list, and the one that I haven't seen anything of India's of anyone that saw even anything past the trailer is called once upon a time in Hollywood it is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino its stars in order to Capri, oh as a TV star on the wane in Los Angeles. And Brad Pitt as his stunt double whoever thought of that. That's just genius. And. Where's it said it set in LA during the time of the Charles Manson murders. Sharon Tate, being murdered and Margot Robbie plays. Sharon Tate, who was with DiCaprio in the wolf of Wall Street. So here's Quentin Tarantino taking on basically the world of LA during the Manson time. And also, the insanity of Hollywood and fame and everything that goes on in it, this just sounds to me like, so when we meet again at Labor Day, and we talk about what really work if this one doesn't work I'm going to be one disappointed movie critic so remember that once upon a time in Hollywood, then because I guess Brad Pitt wants to keep working of there's one called ad Astra. And he's an astronaut in that, and he's gone into space to find his missing father who was on a mission that just seemed to set him drip of this. This is more. Artie sounding than anything in once upon a time in Hollywood, but James gray who wrote in directed. This one is not just a cult figure, but somebody who is just waiting for this kind of movie, and I commend Brad Pitt for taking a risk on this kind of thing to movies in the summer for Brad. Good for him. Then we have a comedy slash drama slash who knows what it is. But it's called where are you going Bernadette? It's from a best selling book, and it starts Cape Blanchet, which is always good news to me for any movie, and she's an architect who settled down and got married and basically forgot her career while she was taking care of her husband and kids and winds up running away. They don't know where she is. And they think is she in Antarctica. Should we go chaser? Should we find her a terrific book about everything to do with the era that we live in now and women's rights, but also? You laugh and at the same time those laugh stick in your throat. This is an incredible thing directed by Richard Linklater who gave us boyhood and dazed and confused the kind of movie that the kademi pays attention to as well as audiences so all over that one. And there's all this stuff happening now to where people we think of as comic actors are now taking it to the next level. They're getting dramatic Aquafina. Who always makes me laugh is in a movie that played at Sundance that comes out this summer called the farewell in which she's the granddaughter, they have a grandparent who is dying. So they fake a wedding. So they don't tell the grandparent that. They know what's going to happen. But they fake it as a wedding. So everybody could have a good time. A really surprising touching movie and this one this one is called the kitchen. Standing for hell's kitchen if you're in New York about. Wives of imprisoned. Mafia guys who decide to take over the business? Sounds a little like widows that we had last year and even more dramatic in that way. And who stars in this Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany haddish and Elizabeth moss? And you think of that well as this Charlie's angels is no this is dead serious. In terms of how they do this violence. There's every kind of thing happening in it. And as we found out last year with Melissa McCarthy. This woman can kind of do anything she can do comedy drama and everything across the board. So please we got to see that and music music in terms of these movies that might get nominated have become such a big thing. Thanks to the success of last year of bohemian rhapsody of you have Romney Malik winning the Oscar for playing queen's, Freddie, Mercury and movie that. Critics went kind of sniff debt, and the he Wednesday kademi award is best actor what we have this summer is a movie called rocket man it starring Taryn Eggerton playing Elton John playing another one of these big larger than life figures. And in a movie that's have bile and half. Just the thrill of listening to the music. So that's huge and another tiny one yesterday directed by Danny Boyle who won his Oscar for Slumdog millionaire yesterday's about a guy who ZIM uses who's not getting anywhere. And he finds out that he's living in a world where nobody ever heard of the Beatles. They never existed. He looks them up online. And it turns out they never were there. So he just wants round going yesterday. He becomes a huge star. Of course, he would has one guy turning out the music of the Beatles to do this. That's I don't tend to be resistible and then blinded by the light V cholera stars as a Muslim teenager who is obsessed with the music of Bruce Springsteen, and we all aren't we, you know, it's like, it's boss. So he's obsessed with it and lives his life. According to the Lear extent are set off in Bruce Springsteen songs why suddenly this is happened. Why this year we all this summer? We also get a documentary on David Crosby, which I can't recommend enough. It was a huge hit at Sundance and Martin Scorsese has put together Bob Dylan's rolling thunder revue from decades ago. We're doing went on tour with this. And we see the excitement that happens when he combines with other musicians of the time and does all of this. So. So look at this. We have we start without John. We go through yesterday. We got the beat us. We got David Crosby. We have Bob Dylan. I don't know what to say. When I look at this list, except there's a Bruce Springsteen song saying called dancing in the dark where we really don't know or Bob Dylan song called blowing in the wind. I have no idea in the end, which of these movies are going to make the most money, and which of them are going to be the movies that we love and we just take to our hearts, but what an exciting lineup. So I'll see you at the movies.

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