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RPG Lessons Learned 096.5  Pause

RPG Lessons Learned

09:26 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 096.5 Pause

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's when lessons learned we're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram and facebook R._P._G.. L. Podcast N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com hi welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learnt the show where you can learn from our mistakes today. It's just me it's just dusty so just a message today just a short note. We missed last week's episode and aside from this message. We're GONNA miss this week's episode two and probably a few more episodes to come. Maybe several more there's a lot going on right now. <hes> I won't talk about all of it because it's not mind to disclose but suffice to say Brian and Mike both have a lot going on in their families just really all. I'M GONNA say it's it's personal stuff. They're weakened time has become precious there week. Nighttime has become precious. It's been hard for us to get together. I in fact we do plan to get together tomorrow as I speak but they've had so much going on that it's honestly just to to spend time together into relax and not to put you know any performance of pressure on just hanging out and being friends and we're putting the friendship I right now as far as the time that we spend together so a lot of personal family stuff going on also for me personally a lot of professional stuff going on I while can't talk about work too much. It's you know not like cool government confidential but it's business confidential. I'm working on a very large project. It's taken up a lot of my time. I'm putting in a lot more hours when I come home. I'm just a more exhausted because of the the mental pressure having to put a lot of time in thought into figuring something out that we've never done before so there's just a lot in life right now and take all those temporary life things and combine it with another ongoing problem that we've had we've run out of games talk about we have sort of caught up our podcasting. podcasting has been happening at a higher rate than are playing and we have run out of games to talk about and we're not a show. That's comfortable you know pivoting our format into a generic advice show or or a generic. Let's take questions about R._P._G.. Show we don't feel comfortable with our level of expertise for that. We love the honest message of our show. which is that hey we're not perfect where we're not great? GM's and great players heck sometimes with some systems. We're not even good G._M.'s and good players and it's all about honest self reflection. It's about honest feedback about real games and we don't want to be dishonest by trying to squeeze content out have a bunch of generic advice not to say other shows vices generic but but if we did it would be we don't want to try to turn a bunch of generic advice into a whole episode that we don't actually have experience with we need to <hes> we need to focus on our friendship for a little while focus on planks more games for a little while and when we get some more games under our belt we know what come back with some great shows about those games. I do have ongoing vampire game. I should say say not the new fifth edition I've just got some issues with with the new fifth edition both in terms of game play and in terms of the presentation and the releases and the things that has stirred up. I'm not going to get into right now but I'd always wanted to play vampire in general and some conversations online got me thinking about it so fairly recently acquired the nineteen ninety seven quickstart and that nineteen ninety seven quickstart has played just with D. sixes. It's rules light. It's contained in that one booklet in twelve sixteen however many pages this a fairly thin booklet and I'm running a whole game based on nothing more than that booklet <hes> the vampire knowledge which that I gained from watching the old kindred the embraced nineteen ninety s T._v.. Show that Aaron spelling show and then a heavy dose of Forever Knight which I was a huge fan of back when it originally aired and I'm running an ongoing vampire. Higher Campaign with with Nathan and Chris we've recorded a lot of that play and eventually I'll get around the editing and releasing that I wanNA finish the campaign and finish out the last two sessions before rester doing that. I've tried to edit a couple times but I'm not really sure what I'm editing for. What the overall messages I WANNA finish up to campaign and get a sense for where the story went so that I can edit that together a lot more tightly so I I only through that vampire everything out there to say look? We're not going away forever a lot of times a message like this that says hey we're taking a break. It can mean we're going away and we're not going away. We're going away for a while. We're going dormant for awhile <hes> Brian and Mike. You're going to get through some personal osthoff. I'm going to get through some professional stuff. I'M GONNA finish out this vampire campaign. We're GONNA keep playing or world deductions campaign <hes> there's some other games I wanNA Ryan. I really love some hacks of lasers and feelings that I've looked at recently and I really WanNa try that I I literally as I record this. I just got back from playing and another session in Martin's wonderful campaign. Where for the first time we've transitioned to Oz Rick? You know we've got things that were doing. We've got things that's going that are going on and our are gaming lives that we will be able to talk about <hes> eventually but I don't know exactly when that is. I do know that I have more to say but again. I just WANNA wait until we've all played enough that we can have some really honest. Honest feedback. Show is based on our games because that's our that's our thing that's sweet spot. That's what we do. We talk about our game in front of all of you guys and we hope that you derive some benefit from hearing you know hopefully hopefully most of the time good G._M.'s and good players but sometimes mediocre jams and mediocre players talk about the real issues they've had running sessions with each other with each other's expectations with the systems themselves ourselves. We hope that sheds light on things that you might be seeing it your table and we hope it models a good way a healthy way to give receive feedback about your games so that you can improve in whatever vary into individualize. Is Ways you need to pursue your improvement anyway. I've been rambling on for almost seven minutes now. Let me just close it up by saying hey thanks for listening. We'll be back. We're not sure when we highly appreciate your patients and we'll be back. As soon as we feel like we can put together a show that is central to our message which is a good recap of art games. That's when we promise we will come back with more content and and we really hope that you understand respect the decision not to focus on churning out weekly episodes just the notion of quote churning out and episode that where the quality suffers where our message suffers where the central the idea the show sufferers setting ourselves up as as figureheads that are knowledgeable about the totality of gaming is just too much pressure. That's not what we're about their plenty of shows that do that and in fact like let me recommend some of the shows. There are more popular than us see you probably if you're listening to us. I'm sure you've heard of them. checkouts the teen Phoenix she's got a great show on Youtube highly recommend you watch it for someone. WHO's a little bit lesser known checkout Seth's Rakowski? I really he likes Seth Square. Cow Skis Youtube videos. He's got some great stuff going on checkout to bats gaming. I've gotten really into watching to bats gaming <hes> some of their painting and hobby videos. There's plenty of R._P._G.. Content out there. There's no dearth we <hes> we recognize where we might be losing some of our progress or losing some followers losing some listeners by taking a pause. We hope it's not the case. We hope you'll let us still take that real estate on your phone where you have to scroll past our show to get to whatever last episodes of whatever other shows you're listening to Weei hope that you <hes> you let a stay in your subscriptions and that you just keep scrolling past us for just a little bit longer for awhile longer I should say until we pulled the other similar content for you. Thanks everyone for listening. We really enjoy putting up the show and we really thank you for your patience while we all take a breather.

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RPG Lessons Learned 089  Drakkenland Session Zero (Castles & Crusades)

RPG Lessons Learned

33:52 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 089 Drakkenland Session Zero (Castles & Crusades)

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's when lessons learned we're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram and facebook R._P._G.. L. Podcast N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com hi welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learned where you can learn from our mistakes with today is Mike. Hey Dusty. Hey Mike back and we're talking about our first ever ever sessions zero for any campaign that we've ever run yeah hats off to Amelia and Ryan from the character creation cast asked for helping see the importance of actually rolling characters together as a group versus you know what we've done in the past individually roll them or to simply use pretense absolutely and we recently appeared on a character evolution episode of their show so please do check out character creation cast. If you want to hear more of US listen to our episode if you WanNa hear more about creating characters and listen to an entire podcast just about creating characters which is really fun idea for podcasts and like nothing I've ever seen like no no other podcasts fills that niche go listen to their podcast. It's good stuff Anna before we get too far in the episode I just I just wanted to throw out there again that I still have <hes> bird roommates in my office saw apologizing advanced for any excessive bird noise <hes> hopefully soon we'll have them back into an arrangement where they're not right behind me think of Mike the way that I do which is recording this from Central American rain forested country coming to us live from deep deep in the rainforest or as being the spiritual successor successor to cook. Beware the call all right so we are about to start this campaign that we'd like to be an actual play. We're playing it in reveal reveal reveal castles and crusades my favorite. Yes my favorite every twenty system. I've been playing system since two thousand fifteen in Martin's game. This is your first time playing it so causes Crusades. I'm calling this campaign dragon land after the country that the setting the I'm putting together to run this campaign and so we streamed session zero of that we recorded sessions year and Mike twits dreamed it. I think it have been the worst which stream ever we streamed ourselves talking about mechanics I annexed classes races and staring at our books for long periods of silence while we put these characters together. was there a more fun way to do this no straight up. I don't think there was right so the only way to make this like genuinely fun and genuinely engaging is is is if you you like I guess walk everybody through the exact same step at the exact same point and like I don't know maybe like like give them some sort of favor or benefit or something for being like maybe extra creative right so so physicians zero yet you dole out like favor tokens pins or something or like inspiration tokens. Maybe for the future campaign if you're really I don't know good or imaginative creating character otherwise it's it's really just work at worksheet right. That's yeah was there faster way to it. I'm also going to say no. I think we did it. The most optimal way possible now the one thing I may be would say for future sessions Zeros and and and we kind of decided to do this last minute rate so we all didn't even come with our books because we we didn't know if we were going to do this or another session of the dungeon crawl but <hes> maybe in future sessions euros asked that I'll players be familiar with the players guide in the book right so kind of come in mind with class in a race in what you want to do <hes> that maybe could've saved us a little time but I think <hes> for approaching this just blindly like hey. Let's let's let's do this. I think it went as fast as it could. That's fair and one thing I'm always conscious of. Mike is the fact that I can assign homework all that I want. It probably won't get done and that's fair. It's fair to not have to have homework for your hobby so I try to make things easy so I was trying really hard to have us do all the things with each other as our weekly session of play so that we could get through everything we needed to feel prepped for next game without having to take away any tasks. Is that fair absolutely and you're absolutely right. We are notoriously bad for not doing homework when it's asked of us as well so it may maybe we'll have made a difference so we're still struggling with how to make session zero an interesting twist stream <hes> but we will have to deal with problem for several more months if we if we start another campaign a critic characters was fun after after our realization on the character creation cast that we basically rely on premade characters or if we did real characters we only rolled characters where a strong digital tool set existed to help rolling characters and we rolled characters in a vacuum we rolled cares away from the table and everyone brought their characters to the table so we hadn't actually sat down together as a group to roll and we'd certainly never rolled characters manually as this where we went through a book and read about stuff to help make decisions. Mike was getting together as a group to make characters helpful. I think so I think if at the very least it it did the thing where you didn't have have to have a back and forth email over who's going to be what class so that you didn't duplicate classes and we could put a little thought into you know do our classes make sense with one another right are we are. We're GONNA have four barbarians or are we gonNA. I have a barbarian a fighter night and a barred. You know some avoiding stuff like that. <hes> I think it also helped a little bit creating them together is that it helped us. Get a little more into the mindset of what we potentially want our our characters to to be in do and feel once we get into the game so that we can kinda start thinking of you know. How do we mesh together? <hes> are there conflicts in the group. Could there be conflicts in the group are there are there any dynamics that that we need to be careful love and that made that we specifically want to avoid <hes> I think we actually got into that conversation when we started talking about alignment and I think that probably helped set the campaign off on the on the right direction that's fair yeah. Alignment we talked we've talked previously on the show and we talked explicitly table about the alignment concerns we had with your lawful good cleric Kyra versus mersal literally standing up a thief skilled so and the cognitive dissonance that cost for you as a player where you're having to willfully ignore you know a good third of the stuff that happens at our table so they just set your character up to not you couldn't take your characters cleric nece seriously seriously in the face of what mercy was doing with these skilled fair yup and we wanted to avoid that <hes> I'm calling an audible Michael Ask a question to our show nuts sort of on the fly did the characters that we came up with the phrase this correctly were they have more interesting than if I would have P- regenerated characters in handed them out or if we would have critic characters individually. I'm GonNa say yes <hes> especially from. Mike character right so just kind of go ahead and put it out there for for the upcoming campaign. I am planning barbarian half link. I know that wouldn't have happened in a premade right because people are just going to be like what you can't. Is it even legal to do a riveria in hassling link precedes it is this is an optimized. What are you doing to G._M.? Yeah this is crazy. What why would you do this? This is ridiculous so so my character is a little bit ridiculous which which wouldn't have happened with pre made or even you you know if if if I had tried to just sit an hour by myself to come up with a character I I probably would have gotten to my old habits of men Mac saying and that absolutely wouldn't have happened. <hes> I think what was also interesting is is that <hes> the the the Nathan wound up role in a barred rate which which I don't think that would have happened if we had all sat down separately and at our own characters I think from some of the conversations at the table he decided I'm going to do something different. I'm going to do something I'm not used to doing and I'm going to roll the Bard so I think we have a really interesting party. My only fears that doesn't come back to bite us in the as well and I don't think it will so Nathan rolled that barred after really questioning me about the sorts of things that you guys. We're going to get up to in this campaign. He true yeah he really wanted to know. What are we trying to do? What's her goal so I gave you guys the campaign pitch and I gave you a little more detail on? You know what your goals are coming into the campaign. That's not to say they won't change once. The campaign starts but at least you know you can create a character. That's well-suited type of game GONNA run if we we're going to run a dungeon crawl underground with tons of on Dead Yeah Your Party would be pretty screwed but that's not what we're going to do. We're running sort of your in the strange country tree trying to stir up the populace to find your leader to be popular which is sort of a an amorphous goal and I explained why the goals Amorphous but you now know what you're trying to do so a board completely completely make sense for that goal imagine trying to accomplish that goal with a party of nothing but fighters and Rangers now. That's a great point I <hes> I think it also really helped getting it together in that we could we could ask a a lot of questions of what was the theme for this campaign. What's this campaign? GotTa look like water. What are we gonNA? Kinda run into on this and this is what you really can't do. When you're on your own you know I think in fifth edition when we did our last big foray into creating characters and probably are only close for a I think you'd Kinda give us an oversight of what that was but it certainly wasn't as detailed and there wasn't that opportunity to you know probe the the castle keeper as he would be? It's fair the closest we never come to rolling characters as a group was me writing an email that had the rules of character creation. Hey you can use point by or a standard ray for for your attributes you are. You're you're gonNA roll alone four character you're allowed to have to magical items of no more than plus one <hes> this edge all these different rules and then I might include a note or two about hey make sure that whatever your backstory is it's compatible with this and that was it. I sent that email and then boom. You're left your devices to roll a character so I think people feel obligated when they're away from the table to come up with things that are optimized not necessarily early hassling barbarian you wanna come to the table something that is super optimized so that you're not letting the group now as far as achieving your quote unquote role at the table but if you're rolling together with all the players in the same room mm-hmm it gives you more permission to be a little Lonzo and it gives everyone permission to be a little Gonzo. Not everyone's worry about letting the group down. Is that a fair assessment yeah absolutely right great. Do you think the campaign it'll be more fun. I think so I I think we'll at least you know come into it with a clear understanding of what we want to do what the campaign should be. We have in the past which will will hopefully you know make make it a little more fun. I think we have fun pretty much whatever we do so I don't know I I have a hard time saying if it'll be more or less fun <hes> just because I think it'll be a good time no matter what are you looking forward to running obligated more than you would. East generic prejean absolutely can absolutely as a bit of a teaser. Do you mind telling the story about how Omelette gut his name yeah. I don't mind that so so you know I was. I was creating a character. I decided from the beginning I wanted to do a barbarian because I want to do kind of an extension of the the barbarian you know dumb strong barbarian with the heart of goal that we ran in the the brief world of dungeons campaign we did so I started out with that thought and then when we were looking into classes I thought well how awesome would it be. If my barbarian were were diminutive and originally I was thinking of making dwarf right so so kind of doing like the guardrail and Felix you know thing that everybody knows where you've got the beserk dwarf for the <hes> <hes> what is he called a slayer the slayer the slayer dwarf right who who has the the the noble desire for noble death. You know that's that's his only desire kind of doing that but I didn't want to do it as dwarf so I decided to do it as a half lake and kind of when I was in the middle of making this character I wanted to just put something in the name field so kinda offhandedly said all right guys. I'm writing down in my character name kill Bo Baggins but he probably won't wind up being kill Bo bags just because you now there's a little board. We're trying to get through it and then <hes> Obliga- is just kill Bo backwards. That's so as a as a bit of an aside. It blew my mind at the table. When you mentioned Gatra and Felix I had no idea that you've read those novels? I have on my shelf not four feet from me three Guttridge and Felix omnibuses so a total of nine Patrick and Felix novels plus. If you stand on I love Godhra Felix. I don't think you and I have ever discussed them and I had no idea that you'd ever read them so full transparency. I haven't read them in full. I've only dabbled a little bit in you know Kinda with the <hes> a little bit of war hammer I got into the were hammer online and some of that back lower because they I don't recall if they directly get into Gotcha and Felix but they definitely have a lot of people who reference Scotch and Felix and when you kinda start reading the The wikipedia is in the background there it's hard not to dabble a little bit and Gotcha could Felix Soy. I don't have firsthand knowledge of the novel's themselves but I kind of understand the the characters and the themes in and that area demo of his books and I should say the God trix and Felix Books by William King before the series was taken over by various authors. That's the real meat and potatoes Patrick and Felix and if you don't read any other Felix the very first book reads like a series of interconnected short-story episodes so just that first book is all you need to get a real flavor of war hammer and got Felix and what a fun story and now move on Mike. We rolled her attributes we did the thing where we rolled. Forty six dropped the lowest any regrets did you WANNA do point by which you've been more comfortable with an array where everyone has the same stats across the board so I actually wanted to do the role because I had gotten such a character optimize result with rolling and our world of Dungeons. I wanted to do that again and I absolutely. Absolutely have no regrets because four out of my six character scat stats are higher than fifteen. I guess really good roles and you pretty listening. Who's like yeah right? Mike was sitting directly to my left. I watched his dice ice hit the table so but conversely to you we had Chris to my right who had a hard time getting out of the single digits. Yeah I think he eventually got one or two good roles so that his his primary attributes this could could be a little stronger but <hes> yeah we. We may have some Hebrew shortcomings I I think it was necessary to write for for the character. I wanted to play that I had to dump those you know. Lower stats gets into intelligence at wisdom so the party may have a real hard time keeping me on a leash because I am a rage prone strength decks Khan and charisma our highest four so if I'm not raging on somebody I'm going to try and be charming them awesome yeah so remains to be seen how this will play out in the long term. Let's talk about castles and Crusades. I've talked about it on the show before I frequently call call it an alternate universe fifth edition. It is my favorite D twenty system after years of playing it in Martin's game. Mike did have any thoughts on the system now that you've at least rolled a character in it <hes> if feels pretty straightforward right so <hes> so it felt familiar coming from fourth edition fifth edition. There's a lot of stuff in there that I immediately recognize and it's like Oh yeah that makes sense that makes this is how this is going to work etc etc <hes> I was a little audit out that you couldn't easily multi class another's probably ways to do it but that it wasn't as a parent as you could choose a class and then you kind of had three sub classes within that class to choose skills from to give it some flavor. <hes> which I kinda liked rate it definitely cut down on the reading time when creating characters because I didn't have then figure out which subsystem of the class I wanted to start checking out in when I leveled up I can easily see the okay. I'm aware Burien. I'll this fourth level this six level that you know whatever these skills makes sense for a pure barbarian <hes> so I kind of like that in the hard part and I explained the guys before we started rolling it sucks that you know you can't be fighter than specialize but they solve that entirely by having fighter being entirely separate class from night so right there if you WANNA be defensive with with lots and lots lots of armor and Super Heavy Shield and and you know if you want your thing to be that you never ever get hit while the night the night class is for you so they're thirteen different classes to choose from <hes> and that's just in the core player's handbook doc and there are other books with other classes. There's a book called expanding classes where you can do all the multi classic stuff. I think there's more than enough additions editions. I think there are more than enough options in castles and Crusades as long as you understand walking in that once you've chosen fighter or night or or you know rogan assassin or two different glasses <hes> once you've chosen that class that's it. You're now progressing on that scale so fine behind the exact right class yeah I'd agree with that so primary and secondary attributes. I spent a lot of time talking to you guys about that. Did that Conversation Land D._D.. Get what I was talking about. <hes> Kinda Yeah I mean I understand the difference between primary and secondary. I'm still not sure I fully fully understand how they work mechanically right just that I understand that when it's a primary it makes your targets lower and when it's secondary it doesn't but I'm still having trouble visualizing how that actually works in combat or in skill checks. It doesn't work in combat. It only works in sculpture checks so in skill checks for example apple breaking down a door is example that I love to us for a fighter. It's mandatory that one of your primary attributes one of your two is strength and the other ones up to you but if strength is your primary attribute put the Base D._C.. For any role for a primary attribute of the base difficulty class to Explain D._C. is twelve the base difficulty for any secondary attribute is eighteen so it's the mathematical equivalent Mike of getting a plus six on every strength check. I think listening to that now it makes a little more sense I think I was kinda getting hung up on combat and how it gave me an advantage in combat and that that's where I was failing to understand yeah. It's not not related to combat at all. It's just related to <hes> making D._C.'s lower by six the mathematical equivalent of a six bonus to every check so when you go to them that Britain the door the fighter has his or her strength bonus so let's say it's a plus three because you haven't eighteen but then you also it's a primary attribute so you're based D._C.. Is Six points lower so fighters trying to break down a door and a wizards trying to break down a door. You know Indian D v addition that is dealt with by just the bonus so the fighter has a plus three to strength. Maybe the wizard has a minus one. That's only Delta Tha four so that's a Delta of let's see four of the twenty of twenty percent. The fighter is only twenty percent more likely to break the door down whereas the Gulf is expanded by six in custody saints so the fighter is more than double likely to break the door down over a wizard which to me makes more sense. It's just a really neat way to differentiate. That's breaking down a door. Do the same thing for an assassin rogue on stealth checks or dexterity checks the the the wizard or sorry. The assassin of the road is so much more likely to hit that than a wizard so it really it helps make those class specific attributes like strengthened exterior and all that where you really expect your fighter to be the strong man you really expect your you know rogue or assassin to be really really number one. It makes those differences stand out on attribute checks that also makes more sense now of why the <hes> the human gets that third primary attribute and then not much else as their their human mm-hmm and racial bonus huge. Yeah that's a huge thing yeah yeah and it just shows the versatility of humans that you get a third primary attribute all right Surpri Michigan activates you and I in particular. Mike had a lot of conversation in about encumbrance as you purchase your starting equipment. How'd you feel about encumbrance? You know it. I'm familiar with encumbrance only through playing you know elder scrolls game so that's really one of the few R._p._G.. Systems even in video games that have dealt with incumbants. I don't think we've ever let me correct this. I'm sure we've played systems have had encumbrance rules in them but we have never paid attention to encumbrance rules oils and and our R._p._G.. Campaigns before so having this kind of be our first tabletop experience with encumbrance and how that system works definitely little foreign definitely interesting yeah. I think it'll add to it. You guys are for strangers in a strange land some playing up that trope and as part of that trope what you carry around with you as kind of important so I'm looking forward to run a game where what you carry and how much you carry actually. Really matters so let's use the encumbrance conversation to lead into a short conversation on Eric campion's spreadsheet that he created for building castles Crusades characters holy crap that thing was an absolute lifesaver wasn't it yes it was I <hes> I don't think I would have been successful in creating this character if I had to do it on paper at least not to the degree where I would have not had to bug you with a million questions so have have you looked at universal character sheet yes so how would you have had rural character without Eric campion spreadsheet. I don't know who lots and lots of scratch papers. All I can say yeah yeah I mean good on the universal sheet just managing encumbrance alone encumbrance changes with whether or not you're wearing item encumbrance also changes with whether or not an item is in a container and a backpack and and universal character sheet just a bunch of lines for for inventory for items so having to manage what's in the container how much Cassandra can hold Eric campion. SPREADSHEET has sections on the character sheet four containers where you can define this contenders backpack and then his spreadsheet knows how much encumbrance a backpack can hold and then it takes that encumbrance of all the items in it and make sure you don't overflow it and divides that in half since you're wearing the backpack it manages all this encumbrance for you so I'm looking forward to encumbrance being part of the game. I'll be honest Mike I would not push encumbrances part of the game if we didn't have Eric's spreadsheet to help us manage it yeah I can see that Consi- I'm fuzzy on how the math behind encumbrance even still works the only reason I was successful at it was because of the spreadsheet even with the spreadsheet I didn't realize has until you told me that my character at this time is slightly encumbered and comparing what my character has on them now as in prior campaigns I mean I already feel like I'm kind of role in light right because we haven't had to worry about food water since we'll be part of an army garrison but I mean all I'm Rockin is Clinton. Steal a bed roll a crowbar. I may need to give that up fishing gear because I have a weird thing and R._p._G.'s where I wanNA fish <hes> <hes> a canteen and then like a sack with five torches which normally in an R._p._G.. You don't think anything of torches you know you get in that video game space of Oh. I've got this whole bag in a video game. I carry like fifty torches but kind of the conversation when we had before recording you know. Torches are big bulky things you know you can't just stick one down the front of your pants and it's going to be out of the way kind of thinking of the reality of what my characters actually going to carry yeah. I've got a lot of crap on me and <hes> it makes sense that I probably need to get a little help carrying some of this asking a half lean to carry five two foot torches. It makes sense that trips you over the encumbrance at it makes sense <hes> in a way that helps or games they don't have today and you guys may once like you're in a ship right now headed toward dragon land once you arrive in dragon land. There's any number of ways you could solve this issue. You can hire porter's you can buy donkey with saddlebags. There's all sorts of things you can do to help you. Overcome this <hes> but I love the realism that it imparts because now you suddenly have porter's you've gotta pay and talked to and have relationship with you've got donkey's that you've gotta take care of however. However you solve this problem you raise new concerns that you've gotta worry about and I don't want to drive that into the ground I wanNA touch when it briefly and then consider it dealt with but I do WanNa have just enough of that detail to let you guys have a lot of risk tude about this world of dragon land so let's let's conclude this episode Mike so walking out of the session walking out of session zero we had three characters? <hes> Brian couldn't make it and Brian. We didn't even talk about this is has a lot going on his life right now and he might have a hard time making these dragon land play sessions so Brian might be in and out of the campaign that's fine. He has so much going on in life that we're going to be absolutely fine with them but we also as group came up with a plan for dealing with his attendance. I'm an while cannot you guys had an overview of the campaign but it took three hours. I think we had an okay time. I don't think you know here's something that didn't put in the show Mike that we said we walked out this session. The session zero was fine for guys that are several years into R._P._G.. Hobby by no means no way no. How would I ever suggest running a player through his or her first game with a session zero absolutely so so when we kind of mentioned that law together? I fought back to that first time you myself. I'm Brian Played D._N._d.. At your old apartment in States Ville if you hit invited us over even with you know the delicious snacks and beverages is you had prepared and we had sat in your apartment and did this for three hours. I would have told you off right out have been like thanks for the hospitality but I am never ever ever doing this again. Holy God and Heaven this is boring and that would have been the end of the indy yeah hey guys come over and flat the spreadsheet for three hours <hes> not enticing at all for new players in my opinion and hey there's always there's always people to prove me wrong. There's no absolutes in the hobby <hes> but for me Mike if my first session would have been playing in Martin's game if he would lead me off with aren't let's spend three hours characters no way in hell you know Martin gave me some guidelines on rolled solo and showed up in the past. We've used regions that was great to get us to where we are now. Now we're more interested in running more coherent campaigns. We're we're interested in running an actual play where all of our goals are aligned and we know what we need to be effective at walking into the story so a session zero is appropriate for us at this moment in our game. The session zero was a success when measured against a yardstick of what we were trying to accomplish. I would not say a session. Zero is a cure all end all be all and I would not say it's the one and only way to start a campaign. I think the most important thing about a session zero is going into it knowing that your making it investment upfront into this campaign to try and make that campaign as most successful as possible and if you don't understand how how and R._P._G.. Campaign can be successful than you'll see no value in that session zero. It's situational like so many things in the R._p._G.. Hobby it's situational. It's entirely situational. Don't listen to this episode and think Oh my God I need Sir doing sessions eras. We are here's years into playing and eight years and playing at the very least and this is our first ever sessions zero we enjoyed it remains to be seen the overall overall impact. It has on the campaign. I'm really looking forward to this question in our campaign wrap-up. Hey we did a session zero for alignment. Did that pay off. I'm looking forward to the answer that question but it's not the only way to fly and it shouldn't be eh <hes> considered I would say for new players really encourage new players to get in and play not create characters our opinion all right. That's <hes> it on a bit of a hot. Take their for new players but that's R._p._G.. Lessons learned for this week. We had a great time. We had a great time with the first session zero. It's appropriate for our level of R._P._G.. Maturity and I really look forward to seeing how this campaign.

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RPG Lessons Learned 099   Vampire The Masquerade Session 2: Blood Hunt

RPG Lessons Learned

34:25 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 099 Vampire The Masquerade Session 2: Blood Hunt

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's when lessons learned we're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram and facebook R._P._G.. L. Podcast N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com hi welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learned the show where you can learn from our mistakes. I'm here today again and beautiful R._F._C. Studios but good friend Brian he does the how's it going Brian. I'm doing well and we're about to listen to the third episode of our Vampires Masquerade campaign yeah. I'm excited about it. Actually I really enjoyed the last session I think because I was exposed. Some ideas is that I hadn't thought about again not laying this system so <hes> remind us though like what happened in sessions one in two zero quick sure so so far session one the or episode one sessions zero <hes> Nathan and Chris introduced reduce the characters and then an episode two they actually met Jack and learned a little bit more about the broader world of vampire the masquerade including some of the clans and some of the rules and then here episode the three will actually get to some combat. Oh Wow yeah so content warning for combat. I suppose death and killing all the all usual murder Hobo R._p._G.. Funster I can't wait. Let's give it a lesson <music>. I can think of a way for you to convince the prince that you're neo nate but it's gonNA involve getting into a pretty serious fight so only say by like a re talking like vampire power or kindred power fight. Are we talking about like <hes> like fisticuffs. We're talking about the to you. Generic Vampires taking on a full blooded Brouhaha who hope like that you say generic it makes me feel inferior. It's better death right. That's looking at here. Let's let's go let's do that. There's another tradition of destruction. That says that you can't kill in other Ma'am Pyre. It's off limits doesn't mean that doesn't happen but it's off-limits unless a blood hunt is called a blood hunt is what's GonNa come down on your ears if anyone figures out what you are and a blood on as been called on a brew off fledgling seems he's gone and tried to stand himself up a little kingdom ghouls outside the cameras rules the Brouhaha Primiti- not happy about it. If you find him I and a new deliverance head that should be enough to convince the prince that you're full on neonates and not fledglings longest roll ourselves Brouhaha Bruma hop it just so happens I might know where to find dip. You'll find Peter at the Robert Smith Municipal Park. He likes to gather his followers. There was more there isn't working on okay so Robert Smith Municipal Park he got his followers and they talk a little treason they with themselves up into a frenzy about the Camarilla and tonight. He's going to try to call them together to figure out advocate himself a lot of Charlotte you get there and soon you'll catch him. Do you have any more questions for jet. You can use right down on directions. I don't know how to get there. I just think someone outside all right directions for you. Okay anything silver stakes boat Blunt Trauma think actually rob at the silver earlier again my my first ever game of Empire Your First Game Vampire. We're bring in what you WANNA do allegedly stake him got his head off out. Kill anybody okay all right. If that's what we gotta do don't worry he's a fledgling to do. You have any weapons or anything that we could use. 'cause I mean right now. I got like some steak knives at home but I don't think those are the types of stakes will sure not free okay <hes> well. <hes> you know I mean do take checks role randomly six six. You have six hundred dollars on you cash. I hit him up to four hundred fifty dollars depending on what he tells me that it costs he takes four hundred fifty dollars shit no so. How much are these steaks that you need the disease yet? What what what? What weapons do you have? He pulls out three fifty seven magnum. I'm done and that's it on the pool table and he says four hundred fifty dollars. Aren't you actually in all honesty he would say five hundred dollars. I will get. I have four fifty cash well. We're gonNA find our check. I'll take the four fifty that's okay go all right unit. You are now armed with seven and and he gives you a box of ammunition. The box ammunition has twenty rounds at he wants to make sure that we succeed right just talking out out character. He wants to make sure that we succeed because social role the success okay what each of you want success with one success. He's giving you an honest shot but he's not giving you a shirt thing. He's not helping you. He's not sitting any of his boys with you. He's not giving us. A newsy is ZAC. Give you a New Jersey Yeah but he is helping you bear but if you fail he's lost nothing. You've reimbursed them for the gun in the bullets so anything that we should yeah no matter Brouhaha that you think would help us set ourselves up for success that I didn't ask before I started while handlebar brar clan and it should please you to know they're the toughest fighters in the whole camera <unk> ruth. They are not okay good. We'll throw it out. I'll go ahead and warn you. You're going to have a hard time. Getting the drop on Abreu plan carefully smarter. That's loaded question was there's no what our goals goals are. People who drank kindred blood but are not dead. He controls them. They're addicted his blood. They take their orders from him. There is mortal as you were three weeks ago. Don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine. Hey the worst that can happen is that you die a little bit sooner so this death thing like if we're immortal. Are we really early. GonNa die only if we just don't you know you've already died. We call what's waiting for you next the final death. Do that's crucial to. There's no coming back from that. I'm GONNA leave now and I'm going to ask you. Have you ever shotgun before John's raw you tell me it's your character. Why don't you tell me about each of you a brief story about how you got your highest rate and you can weave into that whether or not you can fired? I will tell you mechanically. There's no skill for it so it's it's all flavor. Are you making really hard out the Meta game this do differ there strictly so in the actual vampire system with all the skills there is a skill for it in this d-6 quickstart system. There's not there's just a way to resolve ranged attacks and the only effect using firearms have is that bullets have plus one damage. Over like javelin arrows are throwing knives in full on vampire. That would be a different answer. Farms plus three is this is why things now Ed's lasting mental thing more intellectual cater you went out to range would stress don't ask me morals all I can think of right now so what's arranged this Edward own a firearm that he might go retrieve or did Edward Rent one at the range and he was was Edward the kind of guy that would take on gun ownership and cleaning it and storing in locking it and having ammunition where we take that on his part of his hobby or would he simply go to the range and rent a gun there Edsall Edsall robocop really put God into him so we'd big purchases on shoot occasionally made not the best upkeep but you know it's thirty eight special. You don't a piece of got it snows yeah so would you go get your your gun as well so you have your own. I've only done skeet shooting. I get him the thirty eight. Thank you exactly Yup. Take only only done skeet shooting and there was only on like a retreat for my my corporate for my boss that I had to set up so because I set it up. He allowed me to attend interesting. I choppy on this in torch enemy roof quick zeph. Your highest rate is psychic and why is that so when I think psychic I think more of the ability to control his thoughts and mentally he can't right he just let them go wild but he at least he's able to control them by keeping them on a steady path to the point where they do manifest themselves and he gets hives occasionally. He gets like a a little bit about of panic stuff like that so I'm picturing the psychic is the abilities manifesting from all right cool so you arrive at the park. The park is pretty large. How might you search the park for a for an UN dead gathering of you know a revolutionary renegade Kendra at his followers so wherever the pavilion as tables as an overhang will never uses okay so do we want to still human? Do we want to do the bait son one of us out his bait in any other one when ambushed them go right ahead word or do we want to sneak up on together and go young guns guns blazing them sneak up the sneak up fires now. If you WANNA go ahead no. I don't know about an ambush simply because if we go shooting anonymous same side there's a very real chance that makes you all right so sneak for you to sneak. You'll see that stealth is in the back of the character. She referred as reference occasionally California Rolls. You need to roll physical against the targets mental whenever you do it oppose roll. The difficulty is almost always four very rarely libby different usually if we're rolling oppose four so is one of these sneaking both of you sneaking. I'd say we're both sneaking destitute role versus one role where you're more likely to fail. I guess this system is nineteen ninety seven so it's before the notion ocean of group checks and all that from fifth edition of the with addition our physical versus their mental <unk> versus the fledglings mental physical bicycles together and Tori. I've won success. You each need to beat that we have to successes to each all right you being on a tie by the way target is suspicious and such controls or DC three the target with your success. You can get <hes> easily within firearm range with that. You can both at your target. Is that what you're going to do. How many fledglings everything is just the three? It's the the one with delays goals one fledgling three goals. The fledgling is the guy we're going after right so mean leader to say let's just both shoot at the fledgling so that would be make sure that we hit them because there's no guarantee of will and then we'll be able to take goals because let's face it. We're I mean we're kindred right and they're just that's up to me all right so what you go ahead and shoot the range combat. You are at medium range which makes it a D. C.. Four so role physicality with the difficulty of four public is let's go to success to successes D._C.. Four right for me correct deuce assesses nice okay so with your to successes each can't dodge can't can't run is damaged role that or do we damage success on a strike role plus. One firearm makes it plus three is Francis due to success so that case by damage five damage damage. I am going to have him rolled a soak that ten damage to five success plus three physicality so d._c.. Five yes so oh it's not aggravated damage so he is going to soak and make that half damage but he does take five damage. The Simpson has serious right well. Yes that puts him in a serious right goes crazy. The dude goes into an absolute rage when he thinks shots he points to because he very obviously saw the sparks and the smoke from your guns at night and he screams was followers the camarilla kill them and he himself. He's so strong that almost inhuman he comes loping at you sure and human say it's a human body. It's a human body but he had strengthen it looks totally alien as he just comes eloping at you by entering that that rage was going to let you guys know he can ignore the serious seamy roll all of his dice. That's the thing that Brouhaha can do is they. You can go into they can spend a blood to go into rage to nor pain while attacking enemies in Malay. Let's go ahead and resolve initiative so all those is seizures role for normal. He's rolling normal none Hunterston staint. No one has hilarity highest physical. His physical is four this. What's your physical all right? He is going to attack. I the goals physical is three so I'm GONNA go ahead and say they will attack after you. He is going to come running up on fifty seven. He gets plus. One hundred fifty seven switched. Oh that's right yeah. I'm the roll your physical in what all for all that he has successes also to society to know but he was that Kim hang onto that role hang onto successes hang onto that so melee combat strike Galley physicality we tie. I'm GonNa say he inflicts Damage Damages physicality which premise four so it's four damage to you. This is not aggravated damage because he does not have podium clause so go ahead and roll the Soak Samantha Physicality Role D._C.. Five break okay well yeah you you so that's only half damage to you. Go ahead and then you and then the goals will attack you so I pushed me medium so I'll average type of the medium damage which means throwing one stop yes you can also shoot them at close range. Do is arranged. It's the same as what we did just DC three instead. I catch you go ahead. Go back it or if you run sure you can you imagine has been separated have across fire. If you head over sure you can make it mature. I still want to hit him short. My whole thing is hitting that. Are you shooting. Are you physically shooting. Okay okay getting with if you don't make at least one success. I'M GONNA have a second role to hit your brother. Stepmother stepfather divergent ever wants to be sure everyone else step all right so I'm GONNA run up to him and I'm try- Chico's instead of just standing in that case it won't make roles humus DC three to six all right yeah you so how much damage that into success plus three firearm five five at goes way to four six yeah. He's dead in a way is down unless there's a so down he oh yeah let's physicality. I know this is our time. It says the same team so five so he does not Soak Air Hoffa yeah all right. You've killed your first vampire. What's your blood status? I am down three are either of you in Hungary no okay then we'll deal with with the other thoughts in a Masha can eat the the humans are strictly speaking tainted the because they've been feeding building. I don't think it matters that will one once one success. Go ahead make you please Oh. Is it mainly yes. It's my last hours summer that once I take the image tie you take damage the damage. Is there physicality which is three soak. You're physicality. scally thank you so you take the damage. She take three damage goal number two no success Goule number three. There's no opportunity to there's not simpler system to success about down all right so again. It's three damage maker so cruel round up so one now you so having damage any success cutting damage three damage round up to two. I'm at Creek is pushing a building earlier. You healed up each of us. We are only did one on one more before we get into comment isn't me there are three goals on your brother and your brother is seriously seriously hurt. It's back to your I'm a run over Kaplon. I guess do that as a crit. That's two sixes. Eh Success Damages Pot Bob. Yes okay on the goals all right and on a goal. That's the goal you just killed that the two goals left your turn right so taking a lopping minus three died everything you do know I'm spending blood. I'm just going to go ahead and spend blood and get <hes> yeah spend one blood to restore working for a term or I can spend blood to raise my physicality for a scene or you can do dodge and what dodge does is. It gives you an additional to die into your physicality defense roles so you're you're minus three plus two so your net only down one physicality so could I but dot is an action right so I couldn't combine that with my blood you can't you can't heal up Andrew that you can just dodge. I'll <hes> I'll I'll think if you heal one that still have a net net mice boy. He'll wasn't much to the May hit me wants the dodge matter. If there's like three or two coming at me whatever able to dodge both just you have the same plus to to to both taxamnesty okay. I'll do the dodge okay so you go into dodge to the tools now and and actually wants can attack you in one thousand Pacu those so why so some you to to successes make us count your net minus one clear county one success galeazzo hits you know for three damage role to Soak Soak. He spoke so to damage so I'm still now. Oh yeah should try. We got your <unk>. Oh Yeah it was with to assess make his galley rule <hes> all right three damage. Oh yes yes to damage inch making move should okay cast gun. Wait a minute absolute <unk> but that's an action Russia that before this yeah we'll not going to fight to do that. She done three your success alright. Damage is five or now <hes> four now. There's only one east practically doubt he's not dead but he is is seriously radical. He's incredible. Okay cool all right well. That's good because then you can feed ninety s native what he does. I'm subservient but you can never have less than one day I will Qatar. I'm torqued urine torpor right so he is unconscious that between they're gonNA stop focusing on you and the goal who has one die right attacking three so nope google the goal is still totally held the attacks you with one success we we still have a healthy to make this cultural tie so he hits role soak all right so oh you do not so and take damage. Are you a criminal or then. It's it's basically you in him left. That's your mouth. You know I tried to diplomacy assure that God three three hits. He's plus all right you hit. It's four damage all right. He's he's too so the to criticize miss the first one Oh miss from the second one boy I so. Where are you Magritte's new very so you're also at a monastery? Yes so one die shooting. It all comes down to one role to roles really in that Mary get all right you want. Success Plus theory there with the credit so yeah us about about last one is going to try to flee my main question Russian to you is GonNa let them shot. They shot if if you could feed off of them but I take a shot was the second Roald Dahl I guess unless all right he gets away but. Thank you have killed a fledgling vampire and two of his three goals listening to other actual play podcasts. I'm always surprised by the fluidity fluidity of combat and it's never how plays out for us at the table like these guys though these guys are my friends. I know how these guys play. How much editing did you have to do on this? <hes> that combat is probably a third as long as it was us. I probably cut out two thirds of page flipping looking up the rules. People say you should never look up the rules the table if certainly heard that sort of one-size-fits-all advice before and we as a group have never for some I always look rules and I think that we do that. We number one we play a lot of new systems are thing really and when we play a new system we spend the I like two or three sessions looking up rules and then after that were pretty good yeah like talking to other players <hes> they're like hey. What do you play? There will be like I play Pathfinder. I play by play this system. This is what I do it on my talk. We play a little bit of everything that's kind of how we roll. We if I got you guys together for a game your first question as you walked into my house would be. What's this replaying? Hey what system are playing yeah <hes> so how familiar were the guys with the system going into this. I mean did they bone up before they climbed by the seat of their pants. No not not at all and and I don't WanNa have I don't want any campaigner run to have a barrier entry. Were that to me well. I mean we usually have a book and advance or something. You'd want us to read it. Earliest have some familiar familiarity beforehand. That's true. I used to be like that but I'm over over that now. Okay <unk> homework. We said this is an early episode of R._P._G.. L. L. and it's really what got me over it. Asking your players to do. Homework is just a little bit unreasonable for our group. We have lives you know I'll take on the burden of teaching you as we go now. Look look if this were a real serious actual play where we were trying to put out this consistent mind-blowing story of the campaign that was meaningful and had amazing character Rx and did all this great stuff then yeah everyone should do their homework and come prepared that way you performance like being an actor. You learn your lines. You learn the stuff you learn the rules of the world. You know you show up prepared this that we're doing for R._P._G.. L._l.. This vampire campaign isn't meant to be EH. This incredibly perform Tive mind-blowing story. It's more of a case study and a campaign will play a little bit for you. You're not talking to analyze it. Play a little more. We talk and analyze it. We're really doing a campaign case study and what I hope people get out of this is if you have no idea how to approach string together several sessions into a campaign and having a relatively satisfying campaign arc then hopefully this answer some of those questions. That's been clear from the get-go but I don't think it's been clearly articulated enough prominent so what I really think we need to do once this is done is it needs to be highlighted on the site as like this is a series that we need to present the people that if you it's it's it's like a guide. Almost you know every episode in way is a guide but this is a series on how to do a campaign masquerade. I think when we first talked about it. The idea was out to do an actual play but it's it's less of how to do an actual. We we talked about that before. We've had yes yeah this. I guess that's how I approached this but no it really had how how to put together campaign. It makes sense that makes perfect sense yeah. I'm not performed of enough and I'm not enough of a writer to to be an authority on how to put together. A good actual play play pretty great writer. I appreciate that but I'm I'm pretty good technical writer. I'm not a great fiction writer yeah. I've got one piece of fiction published ever as a short story form on a website you know twenty years ago not something it was a Patriot location but it was a website but <hes> not a great fiction writer and not really aspire to be as much anymore. I just want to help people run fun campaigns that are are narrative enough in have enough of an arc to be satisfying at your table not necessarily for the entire world to listen to okay. I mean I guess sort of getting back to the combat system. I I mean I had a question. I guess about combat but I I guess I'm really more interested in like what what do you think of the combat in the system in general boy <hes> I I think the system struggles of combat. I don't think combat is the point of the system. I mean so many of the powers are not combat powers dominate presents obfuscate <hes> they've got some combat utility <hes> you can use U.. dominated sort of a a an impromptu hold person to use a d._v._d.. Analogy is it grapple no not grapple. No there is a grab there. There are grab mechanics. There's grapple. I'm certainly there are combat mechanics and there's enough there that you can have satisfying combat combat is over pretty quick usually and initiative. There's no rolling for initiative initiative just you you do these set comparisons in these set orders and if this vampire are has advanced similarity he will always win initiative <hes> but at this other vampire has you know hunters whatever they will always win. Initiative look look initiatives pretty set which in a vampire will make sense right. If you're vampire and super speed is your power. No one's GonNa Win Initiative on new unless they get some kind of crazy surprise around which the G._M.. Storyteller could always rule yeah so it's weird in that things that are usually rolled for static. It's also weird. It's weird to me because ranged combat and melee combat are so different Indian D. or any twenty game you twenty to attack you add whatever modifiers and you compare it to either armor class or some other static defence in Vampire the mass grid. It's much more like savage worlds. There is a way to roll range combat where you roll against the static difficulty and you succeed or you fail versus melee combat you do an oppose role you roll and Anna target roles in the highest role. You know wins so it's just a different different. It's melee combat range combat or just have different mechanics entirely a broader opinion on combat in the system one thing that we really learned throughout this campaign is the side that prepares wins period the side that uses blood and buffs physicality the side that activates powers which takes an action before the combat that side wins so the side that prepares and hits I wins this combat was really hard because Nathan and Chris didn't pause ause before the combat to spin their blood buffing physicality th they didn't do any of that preparation they just sorta win and started shooting. Thank goodness. They got that surprise attack. We're able to attack I otherwise they definitely would have lost but combat is is very predetermined based on WHO's the most prepared which perhaps realistic. I wouldn't know I've never been in the armed forces. You've been in a fight yes and that was much more emotional sort of you know the typical high school look emotions run over and shoving and pushing and all that <hes> but in true like mortal combat where someone's GonNa die and weapons are involved in people are prepared that kind of thing in this system the side that prepares initiates usually prevails so this is this campaign. It's in the books were listening to something that's already played out and I don't want to spoil anything sure but like playing with these guys in the past you know and think especially Chris playing his <hes> his usual rogue I mean he gets really into the nitty gritty the of how to exploit everything that his character can do and he it just is characters are <hes> they tend to be very efficient. You know in combat. They really do the guys ever really get into the groove of how the system works as ars combat goes they did as far as combat goes. Yes and there's another group they got into that. We can definitely talk about next episode <hes> when we get into the wonderful world of Diab Lori and I'll drop that word on you Diab Lori this this starts to play pretty important role in this campaign moving forward starting with the next episode and Chris Really unleashes his his Inner Min Max or or his inner optimize her once that starts.

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RPG Lessons Learned 098  Vampire The Masquerade Session 1: Smiling Jack

RPG Lessons Learned

34:33 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 098 Vampire The Masquerade Session 1: Smiling Jack

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's when lessons learned we're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram and facebook R._P._G.. L. Podcast N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com. Hi Welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learned the show where you can learn from our mistakes today. I've got Brian with me pay dusty. How's it going? It's it's weird that I say I've got you with me. When I'm in your house in your studio recording on your equipment I feel like on the show runner for some reason even though you do most of the work most of the editing not not for this episode not well? That's the only reason I said most I used to do one hundred percent of the editing and now that I'm editing the A._p.'s and you just do the the front and back bumper just pejoratively <hes> I feel like I'm taking on at least some of the editing but I said it before. I was going to say it again Bryan. Thank you for all the tremendous amount of work. You do bring R._p._G.. L. L. Out there. We'll dusty. Thank you for being a friend. <hes> likewise likewise all right mushy stuff over mushy stuff over <hes> got another episode of the Vampire Empire the masquerade <hes> campaign that Iran for Chris Nathan that I want you to have a listen to but I should talk about last week. Yeah remind us what happened last week and overseeing last week we went two weeks in two weeks ago happened last episode <hes> last episode we did the whole Intro to their characters are vampires so a bit of a prologue bit of a lead in let them inhabit their characters a bit. Let them play with looking little bit and let them have that scene that we all know from every vampire movie so well where the character kind of comes to grips with being a vampire and letting them experience that at and we left with them <hes> on a mission now to go find this mysterious Jack Person because now they've discovered there vampires they need to discover the broader vampire society and that's where we left last week and that's what we're going into this week all right. Let's listen they did you posted about some Dude Jack and a sanctuary. What is that don't helping you did all right? Do you guys want to eat I or Jack I <hes> I. I need to eat eat okay. Let's go ahead and establish your blow so you have on. I'm just GONNA give you. I'm GonNa say you're hungry. Okay so you have less than five blood. I don't know if you're want to make so it goes from or goes from left as you you mark off left to right mark off on the right. When you move you move your way so he certainly mark off the first five and I want each of you to roll one six? It's a one or two only mark off the first one in Hungary. If it's a sorry one two or three mark off the first one if it's a four or five or six off the first two under hundred three all right so just mark off the first one hundred five we're GONNA go from and so all of these are marked off when you have that one too I had put me. You're going to mark off the first seven nude in the heart eight so you but you're both hungry hungry by the way means that you have to make a frenzy check at temptation impatient in this case basically means naked when through earlier yes all right. We're actually hunt properly according to the role so if you check out the rules for hunting I you gotta look at a victim. Locating victim is a mental role difficulty varies by a location and there are examples so tell me where you're going to and you can see the difficulties there and it's intuitive nightlife. There are people out there looking to make bad decisions. Look object somebody so nightlife. That's pretty easy downtown area. You're gonNA find your homeless. Most people whatever downtown is one one step up and difficulty because you're out on the street and these people looking to engage people but it's still not that hard it gets a little harder in Europe town areas more upscale areas suburbs things like that where would where would I guess we're downtown right looking for homeless person much. I still slow phone number girl a bit. Should I call her. She's freaked out right now. How hungry are you a pretty hungry away but I didn't decision? What do you what do you want to do so nobody's come knocking at your door about you eating the homeless dude right now okay? Let's let's do a homeless dude all right. Go ahead and make your mental to locate a victim for yourself as make us you. Yes the three nights for it goes down. Okay well. Sorry the number of ice is your mental. How many mental do you have four days? It's four dice. The density see identical Eastern Watch anything oh it's all eh good awesome yeah you easily in fact you know what with with three successes you find a pair of victims free to share all right so now you can feed so you've got a victim actually give feeding feeding you can drain one blood blood level <unk> humans have tim levels at five guy be hospitalized at if you take them all or killed. So how many blood levels are you gonNA. Take look at your blood on your character. She is and decide how much you're gonNA take I need for you need three right <hes> yes because you had seventy four. You need three but I don't know that necessarily need to get like all the way over right but you you want to get hungry certainly but everything else is up to you. Let's <hes> I'll take four. I'll take four okay so each four. Go ahead and race supporters markings all right so you've got four blood. What about this Jack Fellow? I'm go ahead make me by the way a mental role on sanctuary always a D._c.. For monocoque student do got okay. How many processes to successes essentially globe club down downs okay awesome? Now I feel better. I feel a lot better. I feel like just energized bre. Why was not doing this before like I you have our yeah like no I mean is when I was a vamp vampire but tissue trait two okay all right? I'm making you're awfully preachy. As I recall yeah I'm trying to go the real route or the less illegal route less felonies route I guess but it doesn't matter for empires where Huma who we care holy crap. We're vampires wherever we malt. Can I fly dry. Try Try immortal probably out this is going to be handcock situation as well and be a bad movie. It was fantastic. Bush about south. Do Afloat does happen he. Pushes me off the side of guessing. It's a two story building is alive or something like that through zone okay. You'RE GONNA lose three health hedmark off three health for me your Dick Except <hes> by the way you see those two and fortitude. They're great out if you don't have this so mark off the to light in one medium term so you're not gonNA lose one die on everything you do. You learn learn something very valuable for this experiment which is that you can't take damage. You're not immoral. You're not impervious to to wounds even one dame lose. We're not a moral. I think if you're out do I know that I can spend the blood to to restore health hurt. I bet it's instinctive to do that. Okay do that one blood so that way. It's not that we get back to life. I have about the sanctuary place gas you. Let's go to the sanctuary swearing-in way younger sanctuary. We're talking remember ninety seven lots and lots of black denim. I'm here Black Denim Jackets Black Denim black did everywhere and a lot of Rachel hair out imagine some Rachel hair for sure. I think that more early nineties it's kind of a metal bar slash biker anchor bar type thing so say black denim everywhere. I mean like Black Denim sleeveless jackets. You Know Black T. shirts underneath a lot of guys with like long hair. Maybe black rags tied in the Air Watt Sunglasses at night yeah. I'm wearing a turtleneck. Say What are you were. Where are your black term pretty close talking like concrete floors exposed neon beer signs everywhere whole table of classic bar so just level set? I used to have a corporate job before this whole thing happened and I'm now decided to go third shift at some random industrial complex so this is a lot different than what I'm used to so you do this so I've been Lebanon focused on is up for a while so Edward Eduardo the you all of these else can with the end. It is the changing at water. See you're in the same bar with your stepbrother. How do how do you try to find jet while the grants them first of all you don't see anyone that's wearing name tags say Jack Okay so that's how the plant where we can find Jack? I just walk up to a random bouncer or something like that and just ask to about sir. Okay we can find Jack Back with Jack. <hes> I think we were told to Find Jack Brother. I think you're looking for Jack. Shit and Jack left out. Why don't you get the hell out of here? Do you mind if I got an open TAB. Do you at least like stage. The phone didn't hear I didn't see open a tab. I've been watching you the whole time. I'm advancer. It's my job. You know what let me see somebody that show of my I._D.. Which <unk> obviously I'm twenty three go to the bar order a drink? I'll make any trouble. Stay and enjoy the music all this the ball you are horrible bloody Mary. Because of course of course I did. The celery gusts were winds as the bartender chips lady so that's Club sure hey since norma budget how much Mary Nice Oh man I have no idea how much alcohol was ninety. Seven seven. I was seventeen. Six six bucks even Charlotte. No how about thought bucks even that I saw second across a second five who come on good well. I guess okay. She looks at the five and she got. It looks at you and she's like a son another five. Do you mean the Jack Yeah you mean. You don't know Jack you're looking for. I'm trying to know Jacks. I don't know Jack to show the Jack Well. He's hard to miss. He's right over there and she points you to guide a pool table. That looks like the baddest Atas sky this place and I don't mean he's the biggest because he's not but he just looks supremely confident like nineties bad nineties bad the way moves I mean everything about him is like billy Ray Cyrus at the height of billy cassirer. Some believers cyrus was cool. That never happened. Okay have break our Iki break yard is not what you WANNA put in my head. He's like Lorenzo Lamas and guy understood. Yes like dunk in the cloud out in highland yeah. We're talking long hair. The do just carries himself like he knows how to get himself ninety style like he looks like he's a bounty hunter on the weekends that that's what he looks like. I got his here's a little more four unkept than everyone else's but it's still masculine and cool. He's got the really big terminator sunglasses. He doesn't have any male pattern ball this yet. He just looks like he's got some leather in dental on them but you can tell unlike with other people it's not a costume he wears it because he rods a bike and it's legit and these are weathered and worn in and they're his clothes. It's not it's not going clubbing costume. The people around here and Nasdaq does any patches or anything like that like on his jacket. They're probably a couple I I would say he wouldn't have the class at one percenter biker patrick like that Zaitsev. The one percent Patrick goes back to fifty state. No no no no not at one percent or like like occupy Wall Street one percent or like the hells angels after World War Two when they were the one percent of society society that was that was that was violent. Kick your ass etcetera etcetera etcetera whatever they feel silly now. It's it's a very different. One percent of the May have today is fun history lesson. Look it up got Gerald. The guy from the other night died recognize. Him is definitely not cigar again. You remember that might are blurry. This is not the Guy I motion Zippo cal guest retorted Commute Commute Zip appreciate. I actually like the fact that you call me Zip. That's because it notes Zep of course but the fact that you call me Zip just makes it like that much better because I'm the more on the group so to me. It's like oh so he has a nickname for me. We are step rose totaling character. I I'm done with it. Thanks so you motion me over there. Who Takes the lead with Jack Conversation? I do Guess Yeah Yeah Jack Note from you got not this morning soc combined you well. What a couple of fledglings like you looking for me therefore you want it? Erin from the prince has been hurry. Call it fledgling announced the Queen City become all now. Are you neonates that I don't do kamikazes close to you and he does a straight up it. You smell a fledgling know how to take that Sir but I'm offended been harping. WHOA WHOA WHOA Whoa this is not doing here? We're in public here. Masquerade isn't okay okay so let's not public in you explain to us all right five step into a backroom Julius takeover for me and it causes pool cue to to another. Of everyone here dressed like a biker he tosses the bull hugh to another actual biker and he takes you back to a background all right Erin Boys. What's your errand? Nope said Jack Jack Back. Wait a minute wait. A minute guys showed posted okay you found me. Do you know what you are vampires. I hope is there a different word. You might use in impolite society. <hes> bad dudes kill the guy who made you. WHO's your sire? We don't remember how long have you been. Vampires tires is fear guide them. You have no idea the world shit that you're in hang on a minute. He's steps out when he yells for bring a bottle and sure enough. Someone brings a bottle and when she walks in these like this is Sheila. You can talk freely around her. She's one of us. They can Sheila she leaves. That was the bartender by the way Jeez guys you were. You are in some serious trouble. You were not you are vampires but we don't call ourselves that you're kindred. We're all KENDRA and grabbed by the shoulder. I give you say they were kindred spirits. That's what we call ourselves. We're in the kindred. Vampire is is a mortal word to describe something almost as old as mortality but you as of this moment have been sentenced to death gay we have rules at kindred society traditions even and the third one one is the tradition of progeny no vampire no ten rid shell create progeny without the permission of the city's Prince. If you've been created and you have no sire you had no permission. There's no one to look after you. When the prince finds out a blood hunt will be called on you and every kindred in the city will be out to kill you so this prince guy like? Is there no way that we can talk to him. Explain the situation that it wasn't our fall. All you can try what prince's don't become princess by breaking the rules. These rules is our older than he is by Millennia. Is there anybody above the prince like maybe like a king or Queen Queen kinase nobody above friends and then all Camarillo is going to approve of leading fledglings with no sire live. Is there any way that we can get a dotted as I've been thinking about a solution. Do you know what the Camarillo is. Of course you go. The camarilla is polite light manpower society. The Camarillo are the seven plans that bound together. I'm not camera. I'm an an ARC. I am descended from those that I rebelled many thousands of years ago. Oh I don't follow the cameras rules I eight to see vampires put to death especially to fight upstanding gentlemen like yourself make a mental. Both of you fail three success. You know you can tell you figured out that he is piecing thing together not just how to help you but how to use the situation to his advantage. You see the looking someone's is when he's looking at chess board and all of a sudden a move he didn't see is revealed to them. So you know to watch out for trigger some possible to your motives here. You also know that everything he's told you until now is the truth so you're comfortable spot. If you leave here don't take his advice. Don't listen to them. You're probably going to die. I as soon as another vampire figures out what you are. I like this guy. Each bra is right in front of you. You haven't said that you are going to step away from from Jack and ask for a moment to talk no. I'm literally looking like just slack. John Awed wide either. This guy like this is what zip looks like when he when he gets a man crush. Has I know I know we don't have joys like what you got well so fledglings with no sire. That's a problem if we can convince the prince that you're neonates that your new vampires but allowed to move freely without your sire and you introduce yourself you call upon the tradition of hospitality and announce your presence in his domain then you'll be able to live in Charlotte without calling attention to yourselves as anything unusual. What are you deserve like a tattoo that we would have got like Clayton thing on? I don't know how to know that so you don't even know clan. You are at makes sense. I can't remember the guy's name he's looking at you and he zep he comes over to you and he grabs both sides of your face and he's he's looking at your is really hard and he's like I can't tell I can't tell tell me have you fed. I mean yeah. Have you healed. He had I yeah yeah so you've taken and used blood. It just just instinctual it just happened. I was pushed pushed or fell off of trump two storey building in hurt of stairs. I mean I didn't I thankfully but yeah it just happened. It was like I duNNo. It's like the reaction whenever you have to sneezing sneeze. You don't even think about it you just do it. Have you showed a predilection for the other abilities you hear voices you see things thought the animals can do that evidently not so that makes you damned unusual. Damn what a day I think you to our Calif glamorous vampires created with no plan weakness just the weaknesses. We all shared a son silver so does that mean that I'm just generic vampire kendrew generics good word for it. I liked that. Yes we obviously that narcolepsy blake or but. I don't think you're thin blooded. Then bloods can't use powers. I don't think he to then bloods. Just Generic Vampires to borrow your word Doc. How do you feel about your ability to handle yourself in a fight look? I can do pretty well in a fight. <hes> how about you about three or four about three or four well I can think of a way for you to convince the prince that you're neo name okay awesome. I'll be honest with you. I haven't thought too deeply about the mechanics of this. You know system never occurred to me that there would be eating and hunting mechanics so that was like I mean it makes sense for vampires but like I never really thought I would hear my friends talking about looking for homeless people to eat it the game very quickly. Get used to being a vampire or you. Don't play this game and the Games meant to ask some of those moral questions like how do you feel about eating people. How do you feel about you know? There's this metaphor. In life of Social Darwinism that most people find born well what happens when that becomes real darwinism suddenly you're you're. You're eating people since since beings to stay alive I the game ask questions. Mike Campaign doesn't linger on this question so <hes> for those listening who were horrified by yet they pretty used to eating people very quickly and we move on from that because that wasn't the question that I was asking with this campaign yeah. It's just one of those things like I I think would have a challenge with this as we know. Most of my characters are either like you know lecherous or they are totally Paladins and I as somebody who loves playing a pallet. I don't know that I could do this. There actually is a path forward. We didn't explore it in this campaign. There is a path forward for vampires who don't want to eat people <hes> and there are rules even in the little guidebook even in that little nineteen ninety-seven quickstart rule set for feeding from animals and how animals there's flavor text about how it's generally lasts less satisfying mechanically animals different from people because you recover fewer blood levels from them so you'd have to eat more animals to equal one person but Brian if you wanted to play a noble Paladin unlike vampire if you former relationship with the butcher shop that's probably entirely possible. ooh maybe a sponsorship. We're moving into twentieth territory right or the twenty vampires only eight animals <hes> but I think think if I think some people evidently Stephanie Meyer is is among that crowd need that separation need that <hes> moralistic or ethical behavior in their vampires. I E not killing people to be able not even see them as protagonists yeah I to me again. I really think he'd be a challenge to play in. I don't even know how you would have like a moralistic vampire. It just so contrary to my you know personal preconceived notions of what a vampire as well to your point not so much in the quickstart system because there's not a tracker for it but in the old vampire system and certainly in the new fifth edition but again not super into that <hes> there's this notion of humanity he and losing your humanity and succumbing to the beast within even in the vampire bloodlines video game there's this notion of of losing humanity and gaining humanity back through good deeds and a vampire hanging onto their humanity is a tough thing. I could basically play his angel. You could I in a lot of ways. The vampire system is meant for that kind of play ruse trouble with these choices and you know I'll openly only admit here in our at at the end of our second episode in this campaign again. I didn't explore that in my campaign at all <hes> we'll talk more about it in in the third episode but I was exploring something different cool okay so <hes> I mean after we got past the the mechanics <hes> the guy's wrong the hunt for Jack <hes> in the learned that he was in a in a club <hes> and you basically basically they found him in basically in one corner of the the club doing his own thing and you described him in your deeming ways as looking sort of like Dunkin McLeod from highlander under of course I that resonated with me because you know as you know that's a big thing for both of us. We both love highlander <hes> but I couldn't shake that so when you when you were a row are peeing has him he had this like toward a gruff voice that I so you know just created middle discord with me with I just I'm not gonNA McLeod and who's kind of a swab character but he also at the same time like a biker he basically sorta talked to the guys and gave them some <hes> information about sort of the vampire culture and <hes> he gave his assessment of you know who and what they are based on the fact that they don't know they don't have the history they can point back to. He really told them that <hes>. There's a likelihood that they're going to be hunted down in exterminated donated because they don't have a sire when you're playing this character creating this character. How Did you vision envision in because again I in my mind? He was like immediately. I was anchored on Dunkin McLeod and I couldn't get past that I ripped him off whole cloth from the video game so in the video game and after we record this Brian dog eatables from youtube videos in the video game Vampires Masquerade bloodlines Jack. Is that character he's that N._B._C.. In the video game that teaches you the rules and he sort of runs the tutorial mission like he's the one telling you how to use your powers in the video game and he has this gravelly voice <hes> I was describing him as a duck and McLeod and highlander or Lorenzo Lamas in renegade not emphasize sized he's handsome or swamp because the N._B._C. is not portrayed that way in the video game but just sorta to say he's a long haired tough guy. He's a long haired guy that you wouldn't WanNa mess with and I was really trying to encapsulate delete the nineties. What's the most nineties description I can give for a long haired guy that you don't WanNa mess with and Doug McLeod's what what popped Ivine so if it made him sound suave than my bed? It's not a nineties character but if we're describing Jack in terms of you are I guess I really sort of picture him now was say like Sam Elliott from roadhouse older under long hair in a total bass that would have been really good that would have been great description <hes> actually now as I consider it to in the way Jack Actually looks in the video game. Rob Zombie would have been a great description. We go that makes perfect sense but you know how you're in the moment you're G._M.. And you're trying to give imagery <hes> and sometimes you find yourself you grasping for these images and you put them out there. Hey if I accidentally created the impression that Jack is suave and really handsome and the minds ends of Chris or Nathan than they had a really concrete image of Jack. The fact that Jack I didn't mean him to be handsome doesn't really come up in the game so I think it's fine. A good concrete. Image was really what I was trying to achieve if it's a little off base and they see Jacqueline different than I do no harm. Did you catch that the whole point. I'll say this episode but of this portion of this session Jack was really there to do. All of the odd know. What's that Word D- Exposition yeah he was there all the exposition of hey you're part of this society in your these other clans here the rules we abide by and all that kind of stuff he was there to do a lot of that in so yeah I mean that's that's how it came off but at the same time listening to it I questioned is what is what Jack is telling them? Is that actually the truth. Will they learn something different. Is this misdirection I mean I would assume that it's not considering during it you know it's so early on in the in the game but at the same time I also doubted him a little bit man. What a fun idea that would be so no it is true? Everything is true and I think people listening who are familiar me. Vampire will know that Ni- Nathan played the video game Chris certainly didn't he was meant to to give them explanation of the world. What a fun notion Brian for a campaign where that I n.? P. C. run into this sort of lays lays out the way the world works would if they're either lying or they have a really skewed perspective and the characters sort of learned that over the course of the campaign and all of a sudden they have this sort of Oh crap realization Komo. They're like wait a minute. We're the bad guys we've been killing goodguys. Since the beginning is just the first person we met happen to have these fringe beliefs or if you're me might never figure it out yeah interesting. That's a what a great mission option for campaign but that's not what I was doing okay. That's cool so anything else you wanted to cover about. This one not really just <hes> again. When I planned out this first session I wanted to introduce the characters that was episode one? I wanted them to learn about vampire society. That's episode two and then we start getting into a little more of the meat of the campaign I started hinting at the broader fiends of the campaign coming up in episode three so keep listening people call them post-mortems evaluations.

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RPG Lessons Learned 091  Brian Rolls a Character (Castles & Crusades)

RPG Lessons Learned

33:45 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 091 Brian Rolls a Character (Castles & Crusades)

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's when lessons learned we're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram and facebook R._P._G.. L. Podcast N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com hi welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons Lord the show where you can learn from our mistakes and with me today is Brian. It has going. It's going very very well so Brian. It's just you and me today and we're going to be rolling up your character for our upcoming castles and Crusades Dragon Land Campaign now having said that we don't want to rip off the Schtick of the character creation cast so we had no intention to do this kind of thing regularly <hes> it just so happens that Brian missed our session zero which we already talked about in the previous episode and this is Brian and eye catching up and making his character for the campaign so I'll share with Brian what everyone else is is pulling together and will work through all the character creation stuff for him so Brian You have in front of you Eric campion's castles and Crusades character sheet which is a spreadsheet that we're using in Google sheets to make a character and you also have the castles and Crusades Cheat Sheet in front of you which covers character creation and enough depth for us today correct. I sure do so Brian. Why don't I start off by giving you kind of an overview of the dragon land campaign? We spent some time lasts in session zero of dragon land really defining where you're coming from. Where coming from is a country? That's just finished up a major war and you guys are soldiers. You're you're you're neophytes or newbies your rookies. Your you know Ethin- Jeez whatever the correct military term is you were trained you went through training but you never quite made it to the front. You were on your way to the war when the war ended and now you're back home and this this war has been going on for so long that this country had built up a huge military in there were all these soldiers sort of milling about with nothing to do and that created problems in and of itself so the Duke who runs this country that you work for the Duke has decided to send out you know little get garrisons little emissaries to populate embassies to support ambassadors in various countries Greece and you guys are headed to the Mysterious Dragon Land Dragon Land is a place where you know if someone's sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories that goes story probably takes place in Dragon Land End. Yes it's across the sea to the to the West you have to head west to get to it. <hes> in fact when we open up you will be landing <hes> on the eastern coast of Dragon Land having having made your westward voyage and you'll you'll discover lots things with that country your mission in that country just see you're aware is to curry not favor <hes> curry popularity. I suppose build the dukes popularity regularity with the people the Duke has told you look make sure that people have dragon land have a good impression of me and he really wants you to work from the bottom up. Let the commoner's become interested in the duke and become interested in the dukes men and what the Dukes men are doing to help the common people of Dragon Land and the dukes of big believer in acquiring political power that way from the bottom up so that's the campaign pitch for what you'll be doing in session one and you'll land and dragon land and will start adventure but that's what we're after okay okay. Let's go ahead and create your character so the first step in Casselton Crusades is to go ahead and Roll Three d six six times and assign the scores to your attributes. It's now Brian we went ahead and did forty six dropped the lowest okay so are you put out <hes> when these six zero two more okay so forty six six times Yep Yup forty-six and then dropped the lowest so you'll need some scratch paper to record your six scores and then decide how you want to allocate them okay so let's do this or six six times six and five. Let's go one three six five. Oh wow three twos and a five so well that's one fifty five seven Evan favorite show of mine from the eighties you two sixes and a four six six so it's three times Oh wow six threes so this is interesting I mean I guess it is a decent so there's only so many options micro toy will <hes> Chris. I think struggled a little bit he he did finally break into double digit numbers but you guys are certainly not on totally equal footing as far as your attribute scores okay six five and two in last one <hes> five to two again interesting. Mike actually rolled eighteen on his first or second role. Oh I'm supposed to okay so supposed to some those up. Okay remind well before he has fourteen <hes> nine sixteen okay so my highest sixteen so my jeans are in different. When I wrote my own characters perfect all right technically the next step is to go ahead and put those attributes scores two attributes? Go ahead and allocate them however my advice to you is let's go ahead and pick your class. I sa- Brian if you look at the cheat sheet pick a class of step three and you can see the cheat sheet covers everything class class now picking a class and cast crusades is a little different than D._N._d.. Five eighty <hes> it's different than Pathfinder and different the fourth edition in all of those d twenty game once you pick a class there's further customization that you do as as you level so as you level you pick feats and you specialize in pathfinder or indeed defy you pick different paths and you specialize <hes> in for a you pick different <hes> what were they called not not quite careers something like that you'd pick up a paragon path. That's not the case in castles and Crusades once you pick monk for example. It's a completely linear progression at their level. You get this at six level. You get this at my level. You get this. That's the way it is for all monks everywhere but there are quite a few classes in Casselton Crusades so if you wanna be that more armored fighter but you don't WanNa depend on a God they have a whole class for night instead of fighter so I went to read through these classes and ask me questions and I want you to pick a class for this campaign for whatever reason in conversation when you guys ran through sessions zero. I thought that I was this pre-selected volunteer to be a cleric. We need you to be something that would be appropriate for the sergeant to be. We've decided since you <hes> with everything on your personal life. You might have a difficult time making the actual sessions we wanted you to roll a character where if I needed to step in and roll that character or play that character for the for the session <hes> you could be sort of authority figure that could have more for Intel et Cetera that would make sense for the G._M.. To play or that he'd get called away a different responsibilities. We'd certainly landed on that we had talked about you know Mike pulled a typical of the party needs a healer and we discussed. The fact that you seem to really like playing lawful good characters yeah you've said that before the show yeah so Mike it sort of pre-selected you for cleric but we can make anything work. I want you to something that you're interested in so you know I am entirely okay with playing a cleric. It's kind of where my after Mike but that in my head is kind of where I've been <hes> thinking and I've already got my name name down and <hes> I actually kinda wanted to a cleric so I mean if if I hate to eat the ruin the flow of the podcast no I think it's fine. If you WANNA be cleric. What's heavy be cleric? He I think I think cleric is we're at where I want to go. I think we need a healer so I've been playing. Nathan's going to message just about this. I've been playing Dragon Warrior three <hes> which was originally way back on the ASS. I'm I'm playing a super FAMICOM port of it but <hes> my party has a clear names Nicholas so <hes> just so that I can remember his name <hes> the cleric that I wanted to create. I wanted to name him Nicholas after that character so now did you see it. Some of these old games you could name the character but was the character predate aimed renamed you should you should pull the sprite of that character and somehow incorporated into your character sheep by yeah. I totally do that that we really easy yeah all right cool so you're Nicholas cleric Nicholas cleric so for class Glenn hit that dropped down and you can choose click the spreadsheet is phenomenal by the way Oh nice okay cool and it went ahead and pre populated your hit die pre populated your your base art class and several other things and he's going to be human all right because my sprites Nicholas human cleric all right Nicholas was very human name anyway. Let's look at the cheat and figure out what your prime attributes. Every class has a prime attribute that you must choose so for the clerical in the cheat sheet. I see the prime attributes that you must choose Hughes is wisdom so they're in column a go ahead and set wisdom as yes. It's primary the odd literally just have to eaten at yes. Okay just why notice that did see how the target of the right change meeting to twelve changed from eighteen to twelve when you have a prime attribute. It lowers your target number. So if I I mean basically I it has to if I scored all sixes it would give me a twelve twelve as a default is that were no. That's your target number so target yeah sorry when I say make a wisdom saving through that's all I say I see Mika was saving through you already know your target number based benefits primer not okay so what I see mechanism saving through. You're trying to hit a twelve so you roll you d twenty you add your wisdom bonus and you're trying to twelve okay and by the way as you level up you're saving through further out to the right will populate feeling because when you truly will saving throws you get to add your level so as you're saving throws get easier while it really is a simple system now I can. I can make rules harder. I might say make a make make make Mika a class five. I think it's called class five. I don't think it's I don't think it's D._C.. Five but <HES> IF I say may make a difficulty five savings or what that means is look at your target number five to it so right now the way occurred sheet is if I said make difficulty five strength saving through you would add five target number so you need to hit a twenty three. If I say make a difficulty five wisdom saving through he needed a seventeen okay. It's the equivalent of having a plus six bonus yeah yeah that that makes perfect sense now as a human so every class dictates one prime attribute every race gets to choose one other prime attribute and humans get to choose to additional attributes so choose to more attributes to set to prime okay so let me think this Thursday my character he he is the sergeant he is <hes> the sort of authority figure <hes>. How do I wanNA play him as a character so I think that he needs to be like doggedly determined so to do that? I think I need. Would we need to affect his strength in his constitution that makes perfect sense. That's where I'm going to do. Okay and Nathan's already aboard so your your party is good on charisma. Do you Wanna go ahead and choose. Does your attributes so you've roll your six attributes. Go ahead and put them in the appropriate attributes slot so okay so by doing that <hes> attributes so this is something that <hes> an enemy potentially might roll again so if I put sixteen in my intelligence that is what say I'm trying to think I'd I don't know the system. I don't know how the monsters work but I'd say it's it's just like Pathfinder or d._N._d.. Hindi the attributes score once you put it in there it. You almost never use it again. You really care about is the modifier so you want to put your sixteen where you want your highest modifier so they let the roles that you'll be making and put the sixteen. We'll do the most good okay so for this the modifier like and for the strength modifier would be like toward like an attack right toward male attack so <hes> so four like healing spells towards intelligence actually for you spell casting is based on your wisdom but even even healing spells though they're not actually modified by your wisdom your wisdom would modify things like your <hes> your turn on dead for healing spells automatically worse you lay hands on an ally and if it's if it's cure light winds. It's a D eight points moderate wounds to date and serious wounds three eight so <hes> I'm. I'm a fighting cleric so I'M GONNA put my sixteen on my strength. There you go so <hes> then on <hes>. I'm not really charisma nine nine. I don't care so much about that. Everyone's still obstat. It literally is intelligence. I nine there so oh but my fourteen and wisdom constitutional put my thirteen in bed so put my twelve aright nice that populated. You're saving yeah so now I don't know why it's plus nine and plus fifteen it shouldn't be it should just be played on nine hundred that tells you what you need to roll on the die but you don't need to anything you just roll the dice and if the Diet the flat darryl is nine nine then you pass a straight seven through that's easy yup because it's adding the plus two modifier and it's adding one for your level all right. Let's look at the cheat and see what's next. We've accord graduate modifiers. You have picked a class in picking your classes. Go ahead and record. Everything else about your class raises human yet. Well look at your look at the class look at page one of the of the care of cheap so the Di was is already populated. The bonus to hit was already populated. E need to choose your alignment. I'll do neutral good make sense. Let's go ahead and roll that D eight hit die so <hes> what we're doing as the house rule that for first I level you get Max hit points seeking just go ahead and put an eight in your Max points and in fact Brian. You'll be putting a nine. Can you tell me why because of the wisdom modifier nope close did it always modify points constitution. Oh I don't say okay. You're adding your plus. One conned so we're we're pretending like <hes> for the sake of our house rule for your first level. We're pretend like you rolled in eight on. Thirty eight and then every time you roll your points from now on as you get a level you get another day <hes> you're always going to add that plus one from your con- so every level is another date yes so what's like behind learning that so what's the logic behind going from level one level to and then you're hit points doubling that seems excessive. You're questioning the very foundations upon which dear built products record answer the question for you know I can all I guess I haven't played a loved one character and so long that the idea that my character could potentially double but so that you don't have that when you go from level to to level three level three to four or five or five to six as just that I I jump except I jump is a potential double and like I can't figure out a way to translate that to the real world like there's I can't. I can't figure out how that would actually apply to reality so I could see it. I I think their jobs where survivability doubles and once you make it past a certain point in the job you having yeah I mean yeah I mean that makes sense. Keep your head down. Don't volunteer. You've learned those things that will help you make it makes sense are go ahead and put a nine in your current high points as well okay okay. Let's fill out your your racial class and other special abilities. If you had back to the cheat sheet you'll see those abilities so spells as you get three zero spells and one first level spell as well as turn on debt so what you WANNA do buccaneer to sheet is put your class abilities here in higher ups could do do it here. SEE source you're doing is you're just typing into the I'm literally just populating and in fact I don't mean to you because if you look down below at the bottom of the character sheet because he chose cleric and because you already did did your intelligence in your wisdom see how you've got three and a two in cell g fifty one that tells you suppose you have so we don't even need to record that your special ability is basically turn on dead all right. Let's go ahead and roll your starting gold so role Tutti ten and multiple that by Ted Okay so one hundred thirty nice so on page two. I'M GONNA go ahead and put for. I item one hundred thirty gold pieces now. Here's where you will reference the rest of the cheat sheet. I want you to purchase your starting equipment. Now couple things before you do that. We are tracking encumbrance in this game. Oh Wow that's new. It is new so not not new to you know R._p._G.'s and table top but it's new to US yeah pretty much every system. We've played has that concept but we are doing it for the I taught so I wanNA point out some areas of the spreadsheet you see on the right hand side where it says container name Yeah you can actually hit that drop down and choose different containers assuming you purchase these containers and any items you put in that container will have the encumbrance value cut in half because you're wearing the item and it makes sense right intuitively. It's it's half as difficult or less to throw a torch in your backpack as it is to constantly carry that thing around so you'll want to put some things in your containers over here on the right when she figure out what armor you're GonNa buy you should go ahead and list the armor here <hes> but bobby let's see here. Let's say you bought plate now. The encumbrance value for that might be eight. I'm making stuff up for warned. You're going to say yes and that cuts. The encumbrance down makes total sense. Let's go ahead and have you reference the equipment lists and then we'll come back for the audience and tell them what you've purchased. Okay I know only have one hundred thirty gold but I really want that full plate so I'm just GonNa ask the shopkeeper really nicely fill you know just let me slide on eight hundred seventy. He will not okay. We're GONNA we're doing this way because I really want getting full plate to be kind of deal now of course so dusty. I'm looking through the equipment list here and I'm seeing like tents STU. I need a tent. I mean what if it rains. Let's not worry about it to that level because you will be in a garrison and you will be able to draw some equipment you are. You're outfitting yourself so if you go in an expedition Asian that requires a ten let's just go ahead and assume that your embassy will issue that to you can so I can can I assume the same thing with other items like <hes> cords crowbars and things like that or just tents. Let's just assume it with <unk> camping dearly pretty common camping gear okay things that we would consider personal effects. I'm even personal weapons those those you'll be buying out of your life budget if it's something that would be like an in an adventurers kit or whatever we are responsible offer that yes it comes out of a per diem but we're responsible. Yes okay so I'm done with what I've selected so again. I've my character he is <hes> he is lawful neutral. He's a he's sort of a little gritty. He is stubborn. He's he's you know he's all that so I like to the two handed soared as my weapon now. I should've should've said not every God will allow allow that clerics usually have to deal with blunt weapons like war hammers things like that so just know that issue create this religion for your cleric. This needs to be a deity that for whatever reason favors to Hannah towards Crom crumb. You're a cleric of crump. Yeah sure I mean it makes sense right. I think it does to extent remember the occurring if Amfam that if you're remember your goals to carry favor with populace with a populous I should say and <hes> we asked her if you really care about metallurgy and the riddle of steel go for it so I purchased just a Tunic <hes> so I don't walk around naked <hes> was heavy boots <hes> for my armor I armor is important to me. I got the argh afford which is scale male with a great helm and and a large steel shield the great helm feels very appropriate to a sergeant yeah so for those listening <hes> when he says the best armor he can afford I think for whatever reason I'm used to starting with plate mail in whatever the physician edition or even in fourth edition and getting new armor wasn't that big a deal in castles and Crusades in this game. I really want getting upgraded armor to feel like a big deal and it makes sense in the fuel economy you know armor wasn't cheap armor one of the most expensive things you could possibly splurge on so it makes total sense that armor should be expensive yeah in in the R._p._G.'s I played outside of dragon outside of like dungeons and dragons and you know that stuff that we've played together <hes> and getting has been <hes> a long process. It's like it's like saving. I'm getting a new car. It's expensive <hes> like <hes> Dragon Warrior and all the Games he started out with just basically close and <hes> so it makes perfect sense to me that you know that's you know you start off with basically junk so to me starting off a scale is pretty darn. Good all right so I went ahead and Change Your sword and your shield to be worn that makes sense because when you're not care <unk> physically carrying those you will be wearing those on your back or whatever <hes> so those make sense as being worn objects. Let's take a look at page one and see what that encumbrance says. You are lightly. Lee encumbered okay so you are encumbered <hes> if you drop one more and one more point of encumbrance you'll no longer be lightly encumbered but right now being lightly encumbered you have a plus one <hes> difficulty to climb and you just changed it yeah so I'm dropping my fifty foot cord okay which is giving me back <hes> Five G._p.. As well you are no longer Whiteley encumbered canal. Take your full move and you have no penalty to climbing rules great but this is part of the reason that we're doing encumbrance in this campaign Brian is that this sheet makes it so easy to manage all right now what I want you to do is take your armor from your item list and I want you to populate your armor armor and your weapons here on this front. I love this I was I was prepared to go in and have to manually do all of this so this is great so <hes> my sword is the two handed swords so me select tap all right go ahead and <hes> populate your armor as well and your shield skill and shield steel large steel and then pusher spot for help so a couple one thing. I WANNA point out. There's no spot for home by the way one thing I wanNA point out is look at the the shield large steal you see how it has shield versus number of foes per round. Oh Yeah Neat so three people can attack you. Your Shield bonus works for those three people if a fourth person attacks you your A._C._S.. Fourteen instead of fifteen so is that the lawyer we just <hes> <hes> basically circle me in the shield is not capable of providing added protection. There's that and there's lots of the fact that any a six second round eve already deflected three blows Dot Chisso deflecting afford this is too much to ask that shield so this is just an overall. There's there's more nuance to the system having said that <hes> you will rarely be in a circumstance where you take three attacks around okay so helm great it says other A._C.. A._C.. modifiers misdemeanor goes in there correct so plus seven. <hes> doesn't sound quite right <hes> A._C.. Class adjustments for helmets apply to two strikes against the head only did not otherwise adjust A._C.. So new head it's an additional seven otherwise it doesn't affect it at all so someone does a call shot on your head. Oh that's lame. You drop the home if you want. I want one wealth and keep it okay so I I hope the they're monsters and characters and N._p._C.'s that really want to attack the head off mcsherry corporate that the game all right I believe Brian you have completed your character. All you'll have to do from here is every day before you start your day. Go ahead and populate your spill book with the spells that you want your character to <hes> to know for that day okay yeah that's great <hes> so in the game and we actually get there. Should I have that done before I show up for the game by ha ha. We you know I just have to do that as my character. My character you know is ignorant. What's actually going to happen or is that more of a strategic thing of I really just want to make sure that I do that based on whatever we have to do the that the <hes> the game's going to account for well? Let's give it context in the world so the context in the world is if you actually the read the chapter of the book not just the cheat but the book based on clerics the way clerics work is that every morning you spend an hour and prayer and it's during that our that you're really selecting your spells so you have the opportunity every morning to choose the spells you think might be appropriate for that day so if you sleep in a dungeon and you know that when you wake up you've got more digest two might prep a bunch of hill spells if you're sleeping in town and you know you have difficult negotiation tomorrow you you might prep some <hes> some tech chaos or detect evil so I it's that our of prayer every morning where he choose your spouse so I mean I'll just be strategic about how I select. My spouse makes perfect sense and for those listening at home eh just so everyone knows a cleric has access to all the spells level one all the spells level zero wizards half to acquire spills for their spell books but clerics simply have access they have a won't limited ended spell list but clerics have access to all of it when they start praying in the morning and then they pray down to just which ones they want all right surprising. You've made a character I added the last name to be funny to Nicholas. No God afraid Nicholas Deborah rebel they will. It's a French name. Do you notice from <hes>. It's I mean I'm trying to think of the French novels or whatever enough top of my head which like the three musketeers it's forever night. I didn't watch that it was one of my favorite shows for a long time. It's a favorite vampire fiction ever <hes> my vampire. The masquerade game I'm running for the guys is heavily based on forever nights because that is the most vampire fiction I've ever consumed all right. Let's go ahead and fill out just a gender height weight age <unk> Experience Zero. That's easy <hes>. Let's go ahead and everything else out and you are completely done with your character okay so male height <hes> so do I assume that this timeframe that they average meal was like five five. It's up to you you could be particularly well fed and you've reached six feet. I don't think he's five ten. He's run my height. This'll be a short party. We have a we have short nude. Five ten is not short fair enough. You can be stocky to pin but we have a Haflinger nome and a half Elf age. Okay so thinking back to we were we were prepared for. Let's give it context in the world on the one hand year sergeant on the other hand experience to that said you were you. Were on your way eight to the war. You hadn't made it to the war yet. If for your platoon where none of you saw combat and you were just coming off training being sent to the front you did particularly well in training and you were made sergeant and if you WanNa be lt I'm fine with that okay the idea of being lieutenant just out of <hes> just out of officer candidate school with no experience whatsoever. I like that okay. I want to change it. That's that's what we're doing all right. You're not so should we put that the characters name Yeah Lieutenant Nicholas Bourbon you can get rid of the Deborah. If you want. That's fine. I liked the name I've never use it but I like it all right fair enough Brian. You have a character while yeah so do you do your Duke Duke artois proud. That's my goal <hes>. I'll share share with you a couple of things about how you character looks <hes>. It's up to you. You know facial features hair-color. That's all up to you if I'll probably ask for that session one but you see your where the Taber that you wear the guy's already came up with this <hes> the tapered of Oceania which is your country is a red tapered with a white griffin and three concentric white circles which stand for family fortune and fortitude okay and the war the Egypt one was a war of commerce. It was a war to open up you know trade ports basically out no tariffs duties. Whatever were an issue in a war broke out over that so it's very much economic war over resources slash tariff slash markets but it was not a it's not a religious crusade or anything like that makes sense all right Brian? You are ready for session one of Dragon Land those of you at home people call them post-mortems evaluations appraisals reviews retrospectives.

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RPG Lessons Learned 095  Hatari Tower (World of Dungeons)

RPG Lessons Learned

38:14 min | 1 year ago

RPG Lessons Learned 095 Hatari Tower (World of Dungeons)

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's lessons learned. We're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram facebook R._P._G.. L. PODCAST AT N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com. Hi Welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learned the show where you can learn from our mistakes with today. Oh my God miracle of miracles wonder of wonders both Loath Mike and Brian on the same episode at the same time with me. Got The band back together we do I remember when it was Brian and Mike and not Mike and Brian so mobile hurt well attendance. Does that yeah <unk> outs life has been insane. You know not this episode. We should do an episode where we just kind of catch up on what's been going on a ketchup fluff said I think after one episode Riyan Brian This will be episode ninety five after turned ninety five episodes where we do pretty good job not having a lot of fluff content. We should have just a whole fluff episode. Yeah we could people like that. I don't want to jump the shark too badly man. We might do it for fun all right on for a change yeah so we're talking about a game that we played literally one week and one day ago that Iran in world of dungeons and I called it Atari Tower and it was not named after the Atari system it was actually named after a John Wayne movie that is terrible <hes> but also great. I have to interject her a quick. I think this might have been the first movie theme based game that none of us Gotha reference for congratulations dusty. Actually I stole the title from that movie but nothing else has taken from that movie <hes> okay. I got this adventure from somewhere and I wasn't going to tell you where Mike and you bringing up. I almost WANNA tell you but I'm so worried it'll ruin it. It'll cheapen in Israel. Think less of me. I would never think less view dusty. We'll see at the end. I might tell you where it came from. We'll see how I feel about it. I this is not a petits thing when trying to like tantalize the audience. I'm honestly not sure I'M GONNA share it all right. Let's let's rate this game. So it was backed the role of dungeons campaign it was those characters that we made for a one-shot <hes> listeners might remember that we played the the frozen game the frozen session where we had Ursula instead of Elsa and all that that was in the system with these characters so we revisited this world we played in person. You guys came over to my house. It was awesome to <hes> get back together for for an in person session and I want to know your your numeric ratings and a quick sentence about how why you rated the session what you rated it. Let's start with Brian. I gave it a five in my mind it. was you know more or less than average game with more or less on average sort of system. I had a couple issues whether it had a lot of a ton of fun <hes> but a couple of issues with it mostly with the system. I you know as many games we played now. <hes> I thinking statistically <hes> it's it's really right in the middle and in that case it's really five so I couldn't scored any higher and I definitely didn't want to score lower Mike so I went with a seven of course being biased towards enjoying world of dungeons and more importantly enjoying my character and these word of dungeon campaigns we've done. I automatically floated to the top but I think what can be from going. A little bit higher was <hes> the the feeling of overwhelming threat in this dungeon right. It felt like everything we touched would suddenly blow up on us if we touched at the wrong way and I think it kept us for making thinking you know a lot of a lot of mistakes that could have been really fun but also resulted in in our deaths. ooh That's interesting so I read the game six I brian my thinking was more or less in line with yours. This session was about average there there. There's a Lotta than better I could've done more more good. I can't think of the right you sound like my seven year old. Yeah where I was going with more <hes> I could've done better I coulda had visuals could have had props I could've pulled something magical chuckle out of my hat <hes> and as it was it was just a pretty good session and being a pretty good session I went with six so we're going to do something different with feedback today. Something that's a pretty normal feedback exercise in the workplace cut knows that Brian Mike can. I have lived through more than enough of these yeah. It's called start. Stop and continue so the rating was for the session. The start stop at continue is for me the G._M.. I'm specifically when running <hes> the session or or this game this campaign gene so a specific start. Stop continue so start things you want to see more of or you want to see that you're not seeing stop things that you you know that you're seeing that need to go away and continue things that you're seeing that you like like let's start with start Brian. What should I start doing? I'm not saying that you didn't do it in this game but I really think you need to start like really being lethal <hes> I mean we've been playing long enough to where <hes> I think sometimes we get complacent with the way that we play and one thing that keep things rashes holy crap. This system is lethal so don't be afraid to kill us. Don't be afraid to you know a lettuce <hes> <hes> you know suffer the pain of loss a little bit <hes> and and you know maybe it might toughness his players. <hes> you know I I think that <hes> you we've grown a lot but we still have a lot of growing left to do and to to really be mature mature about things and <hes> approaching things beings with <hes> with adult mindset in adult not being you know <hes> risque or whatever adult being really mature and everything I would I would say <hes> maybe toughness up a little bit and you know if dis dis with that being said. I really love my character in this campaign so please kill everybody else except Bragman. It's all I gotta say my character almost died like and I was entirely okay with that. I was actually a little sad. I think when my character ended up living got the part where your character died wouldn't it almost dot <hes> I think twice the first time it took the first time character took damage. I mean it started off with to hit points right. I forgot I forgot. We started the session off rolling your character yeah because Brian you hadn't played in our previous two sessions in campaign. Nope Bosso Mike and Nathan I level to I guess at this point. I'd love a one and my character you know my character was that the glass last cannon and certainly certainly fragile so we rolled your hip points and you had two hip points Yup. I think I think a lot of that came down to when when we <hes> the three of us win when Nathan Chris and I originally wrote her characters for road of Dungeons. I think we took a different approach to it to win. Brian did right so we took like a good half hour forty five minutes to create our characters and the super simple you know super simple three page system. We still took like half an hour easily to to think about what we were doing and putting it together and I think Brian kind of made more arrest approach because it was so simple and didn't really have a chance to kind of think about what would work for for optimizing his character now that I said that kind of out loud I'm kind of saying we took the opportunity to cheeser characters up. where bright had that opportunity? I think it hurt. I don't know that I had the opportunity to optimize so much. I think it optimize as far as like this the attributes and I rolled <hes> I mean I can't help that. Make your truly to hit points. It's just the way it worked out true. Well I mean you could have done like armor and stuff which he didn't had a shield and they had light armor of Data Shield at the end of the game though 'cause I gave you a shield. Oh yeah yeah that's right yeah yeah so like I said I think they're they're maybe with a little more investment of time. It wouldn't have been as glass cannon and you might have been able to make a little more more rounded character. That would have been less likely to die so D- feel when easy on you in the session Brian took to bring you back to life I mean I mean it wasn't so much. I don't feel that you went to easy easy. I feel that in generally in most games you do <hes> I feel in this one. I mean unless I'm wrong. I mean you didn't pull you punches. My character just happened to die or happened to go down but the mechanics were such that a hill potion away from you know being resuscitated so I don't think you an easy on me but maybe maybe you did and it just didn't realize it so fun fact and I just reviewed the rules to make certain there's no real death undying dying rules here. There's no real rule about what happens when your hip went to get reduced zero. Are you in conscious or are you dead. How long can you be down? There's just a very brief paragraph with just a one two three four sentences. Instances about how to roll your hit die and how to read roll your hit die when you're when you rest or when you or attended by a healer and that's it so we could have said zero hit points you. You're simply dead. I didn't WanNA play that way. I don't even feel like I thought that's more old school than old school so I you weren't down for long. You're down very briefly in someone invested a he'll potion to get you back up yeah and I mean again not a lot of rules around this so us at that point. It's kind of transparent to get my I play the system no sure and trying to resist your feedback. I'm just trying to I really think at through yeah. No I honestly as we are going to pre show. We're sort of talking through ideas ideas of what we WANNA do for start stopping you continue and I didn't have a stop by do now so we'll get to that kind of excited to share that <hes> but yeah I think we're all trying to figure this out as we go because we're used to like these systems with like this framework framework that provides for usually not everything but most things this doesn't have that yeah oh no zero points. Let how do the work. Let's turn to the death dying chapter or the death undying page of rules. This has nothing. He tried to eat figured out. Okay good feedback Mike which I start doing yeah I'm still blank on start was opened by the time we got here. I could come up with something for start but I'm still struggling with that. So maybe we pass ask for now and I'll see if I have something by the episode Stop Brian. What should I stopped doing playing world of dungeons them? I you know we've talked about before I like Nick Games. I'd like systems that you know Kinda heavy unrolls and there's a lot of <hes> structure to and we can refer to the death dying page or we can refer to the you know <hes> the <hes>. Oh what what what is it the grappling page in all of that. We don't have it with this so it. This is really really improvisational way more improvisational than I'm used to not that improvisational isn't nice but I like having rules to adjudicate things by and I like having a system where I can you know understand black and white you know let me like in the margins or as you as G._M.. And US the players you know like the grey the lines we can we can play with that. You know in the margins but like there's certain things I think renewed like God going back to work like you know <hes> white lines bright lines <hes> you know sometimes we need bright lines in this doesn't really have any so <hes> I don't know how comfortable and with that honestly so maybe this is an opportunity for us to make a world of dungeons death and dying role right. Put it just in the regular rules of the two D six role where if you go down to zero hip points us you get a role. If you roll tenor higher your backup with one hit point. If you roll medium you're not dead but you get to try and if he roll the low then that's all she I love that idea. I think what we should do the way that I wanNA work this system out to make it to work that way. Let's just take the DEFOR Eero Book and he's that I forgot the D._N._C.. For rules there were a lot of Sir Yeah exactly interesting and Brian this. You've consistently said this. You WanNA simulation. You don't want an abstraction. The more abstract the rules are the less you like it and I mean we had a protracted conversation around would you when you rolling castles and Crusades character around justified to me dusty. Why am I hit points double? When I go to level yeah I did? I Yeah I just didn't make sense and this that doesn't happen in fourth addition to your point in fourth addition edition you start off God. I've forgotten hypocrite fourth edition so someone out there is GonNa crucify me but you start off with a I think a flat number plus your constitution score. Not Your modifier your score so if you have a con of eighteen you're adding eighteen to whatever the basic points points are for that Racer Class I forget which so you can have a starting character with like twenty thirty points and then when you go up when you go up a level you don't get that many more hip points. It doesn't double. It's a it's a more significant percentage from first level the second level it's always the steepest percentage climb but <hes> to your point in year versus in that you played starting character set a fair number of points and you certainly gain some second level but you didn't double them yeah. I guess maybe the way that I'm playing this. I didn't play my character level one character and I really should in that's on me <hes> but <hes> you know <hes> I think this is a great system to like something like this not necessarily the system but something like this would be great to play with somebody who is <hes> just getting started. Maybe a younger player but not like you know my kids. I think <hes> but I yeah I think for like the I think for somebody who is a really seasoned tabletop player. This is probably not enough as as amateur into my role playing comforts and my role playing career I want I fall in love more and more with with rules light systems. I want to liberals like systems more and more now having said that they're the couple issues with the system couple some issues with some other rule slight systems that can have recently tried or supposedly rules light systems and I have issues with issues a fate. I've issues with lots of systems that are supposed to be rules light but <hes> I don't know Brian. Maybe I'm there with you and in fact here's what I want WanNa do and I want to do it very soon. I WANNA play a fourth edition game. We talked to last year. I have bought more fourth edition. They're more fourth addition books in what you had well. I picked up some appetite. Goodman Goodman Games aims used book from a used bookstore called from here to their from there to hear it was a fourth addition <hes> supplement about travel and it's got some good adventure Senate and someone was selling off their four e collection and I had never picked up Marshall Powers Arcane powers hours that you know all that I picked all those up so I've got more fourth addition books than I ever have. In fact I now have extra copies of here is the Fallen Kingdoms and here is the forgotten realms so I've got some extra copies of the players books books <hes> we should play some fourth edition. I now owned the keep on the shadow fell which I missed because I started playing forty late when that adventure had fallen out of favour for being to lethal I think playing a super lethal you know I I through third level dungeon crawl with dungeon tiles and Somany's Hana Map who but we say that Brian We've played bef R._p._G.. We played a fortress of the Iron Duke and I really don't think you enjoyed it is all man fortress of the iron do so that was so how that was what twenty fourteen two thousand fifteen no that was earlier this year reference was I did. I play that game. Didn't you don't think so. Mike was either for that. I think so I see it's like you were her. I'll have to get back and listen to the episode but I wasn't on the episode and I didn't remember the game so <hes> but it's it's been awhile since I listened to that I remember editing the episode and listening to it but I I wasn't on that episode. I don't believe <hes> you know though a suit as soon as you say we have to go back and try for e again the only thing I can think about his <hes> man I had to print out a ton of cards and spell grids and blast radio hi <hes> fourth dude. I just gave away. I don't even told you guys this remember. When I back that repair miniatures kickstarter actually those to kick starters all those bones many all those bones many they've been in a sitting in a tub in my garage? Sh like you know a six hundred thousand minutes whatever it was they've been sitting in a tub in my garage for years since two thousand fourteen so five years <hes> for a long time and I finally gave Malla Joey at work so it's funny you should mention that when I was cleaning out the Corolla for trade-in I actually found those two bones Minnie's I bought in Connecticut like years and years ago so if we need a beholder and I can't even remember what the other one is but if we need like to many's I've got like two monsters of a car for like six years what I didn't get rid over my boxes in boxes in boxes in boxes of Pathfinder Ponds so when we play for E we're going to use pathfinder ponds to play on the grid but I really think Brian you're. You're going to be taken aback by how much you don't like forty but I wanna try it. I WanNa give you that chance to see what you think. I I appreciate that and I went back and I that was the game that we abandoned isn't it. It is the game yes so I was is in that <hes> yeah. I don't know that as a group where you're feeling it <hes> but you guys I think you guys abandoned without me. <hes> I think I I wasn't able to make the follow up game and you guys decided just not the play anymore. If I remember right that's when you decided to move to the the <hes> the frozen game yeah I think that is what kicked off our dungeons gas so like I like I. It was okay but I think you guys were feeling it not feeling it as much as I a little less than I was feeling it all. All right so Brian Stop is stop playing rules light systems <hes> Mike. What's your stop <hes>? I just had <hes> there. There's a couple of frustration points at this game right and I think it Kinda came to the fact that we didn't have characters with skills to overcome the specific obstacle rights specifically. I'm thinking about there is one point where we encountered adore. It was locked and we knew enough that there was like this deadly poison needle inside the loch where if we messed best with incorrectly we would die right so we we tried strength. We couldn't strengthen the door. We didn't have anybody who could lock pick to lock pick the door. We didn't have a good enough climbing ability to like climb the scales of the wall or we didn't even have equipment whip count to climb and scale into a window every time we thought about going back to town for supplies. There was like a threat that the guy is we hired would betray us so we we kinda got stuck right and it got a little frustrating that we got to that point point where basically it just turned into our wizard had to blow spell slots to physically destroy the door with lightning and I don't know for lost not the door the sorry the luck the lucky he destroyed the lock with lightning that that felt a little frustrating to me right. It's like we we simply. Don't have the tools to do the specific thing we need to do so we're having to use tools that we might not normally use. I you know we never prepare the door. It's always the door it is burn it. We always want want to power our way through it but we are never prepared for the door. I take that more on his players. We just that basic thing that element that we have to deal with every single single day dozens or hundreds of times we don't think about it. It's we shouldn't Bush be prepared to handle doors when we started game in reality. Most doors are not super structurally sound objects right. It's a fortress that we're breaking into. They usually are maybe not you can weaken hinges. You can weaken mortar around you know stones at the hinges are connected to it's a door. Were should not be a party defeating moment rate the you shouldn't ever come up against door like up nope well. We're all WS we can't figure out how to either brute force the story down or take off the hinges or something like that right. There's there's no door. Hinges shouldn't be a you know open from the outside ever so if it's like an old S. busted fortress the hinges are absolutely going to be exposed all right so let me <hes> let me catch up the audience audience for for where we are in the adventure right you get the adventure. The adventure is hey. There's this wizards tower on the town that appears in disappears and it's appeared and the the majors in town are hiring people to go. Try to get books out this tower. You guys go there you <hes> first of all there's the wall and you've got to figure out your way past the wall. You guys figure out the wall the walls of expire oil you figure out that there's optical there's a couple of optical illusions that are not real allusions just optical illusions like in labyrinth breath and you figure out how to work your way to inside the wall inside the wall. You find all these statues that are super realistic like all statue Cindy and of course you're less. They're they're petrified. People petrified adventurers the people who never came back from this dungeon. I as the town was so fond kind of telling everyone people don't come back so the people that figured out the wall there now stuck in the courtyard of the tower as statues you kill the caucus rice that had been statue wing everyone and at that point and here's what I loved about the door at at that point you have made it the furthest of anyone that's ever tried this everyone else who even makes it into the wall get killed by the by by the stone chicken by the Magic Evil Chicken that turns people into stone so you've made it the farthest and this is the first ever game where you guys hired hirelings. It's our first time dealing with hirelings and you use the hirelings to get passed a major puzzle for me. which is how do you find this tower and I start cuisine you guys in hanging on the tower and you're like well? I hired the expert. He can just take us there. He's from town and I was like Oh shit. You're right. I forgot about that so you had just gimmick me out of a major puzzle. Now you've made it. The farthest and I loved loved. You guys didn't have the equipment. You're like how to town and I'm like okay. MIC wisdom role in one of you succeeded and I was like if you hadn't succeeded I was going to let you go back to town and I was going to have those two guides. Sell the secret of the spiral the wall and tell everyone that killed the caucus rice and now anyone can get there but you succeeded in your wisdom role and I had you figure out that would happen so now if you go back to town. That's the consequence that you draw if you try to stay you you don't have adequate equipment for the door. It is a fortress so that hinges are not on the outside because wizards aren't stupid. The Wizards I rule was that people are stupid but wizards aren't stupid so the hinges are on the inside. It's a stout door. It's made to be the front door of a fort. <hes> I felt good about it being tough to get into having said that Mike I do accept your feedback that it got frustrated and what I should done was let you Bashar head against a few things and that should have said okay. You know what you have a hammer or you have a hatchet. You have a camping hatchet <hes>. If you want to just say I invest eight hours or four hours or have many hours in hatching my way through the door while leaving the lock alone then I should've which let you get past. I think that maybe would've solved it but I will ask you. What's your ideal path? You're what should I have ideally said. Honestly I think that would have taken care of it and that's normally how you handle in the past rate win when we're out of tools but it's an obvious solution and we know that eventually with enough time force will be able to force our way through it usually in the past that does get a hand wave which some people say is right. Some people say is wrong but I just know that that's how we've handled in the past so I think that was kind of my expectation in in this game and when that didn't happen at got a little more frustrating and largely agree with you I mean the basic premise of that hand waving. Is that the world around us as much more fragile then we'd really like to think of it as I mean standing in in the room that I'm in right now I could exit this room through a sheet rock wall if I wanted to and it wouldn't take that long it would take surprisingly little time but convention and not one to hire contractor is what keeps us from doing that. I just had a visit of you busting through your bedroom wall cool eight. Oh yeah that was that was randy savage. What does the kool-aid say? Oh Yeah. Is it just less randy. Savage like Yeah Oh interesting the Kool aid man randy savage are now forever linked in my mind kindred spirits. That's good feedback. I I should give puzzle puzzle a few minutes and then all right. Let's get past it because it's frustrating okay tariff. That's a good stop. Let's talk about continues Brian. What should I continue doing? What do you like? I what I really liked about this. Is there several things that we didn't do and and they will forever be mysteries and I love that <hes> if I know that you're not going to tell me what I should have done or how he could approach something differently or what would have happened. I'm less inclined to who you know. Just skip through it so I am more inclined to you know savor the moments. Maybe you know to <hes> romantic way of putting it but I'm more likely clea to go through the effort to experience <hes> you know whatever you put in for novice and <hes> you know there's certain things that we knowingly skipped because we didn't WanNa die. Certain things you mean like a lot of things a lot of things yes so most of the Dungeon Man Mosey of the Dungeon. Let's see what all you skipped on the first floor there was the pulsating blue or skip you skip that <hes> you went upstairs and there were the <hes> the wooden creations since that were bustling about that you encountered in the you ask for directions and then you were even you note out of trying to figure out what they were or dealing with them any any more than that there was the floor above that when you thought the Dungeon Tat or the the the tower for the first time looked at a window for the first time and you saw not the outside of the tower but you saw <hes> as if you were on the ground floor and not the third floor you saw out onto a swamp where you could have climbed out the window and very comfortably hop down onto a swamp floor and walked out into a swamp and you didn't do that <hes> you went up another floor and you were looking out the window onto into basically space into a formless void with stars and Asteroids Rocks Spinning in place suspended in weightlessness and <hes> or with with no were very limited microgravity and you didn't engage with that you saw that horrible creature that was very towed like humanoid like you didn't engage with that window didn't engage with that content then you go upstairs and boom. Here's The library so you find the librarian the fifth floor you deal with with with you at that point you re engage with content so the. The orb the columns the swamp and the void four major things that you didn't engage with Fiqh think about it rationally the right. We were not equipped to deal with a door. What makes us think I think we're equipped to deal with inter dimensional swamps in space frogs so mike you you mentioned this feeling of dread and it's funny because Brian's like I didn't feel any danger and Mike was like I felt like everything was dangerous? Oh yes absolutely what did you say I didn't feel uh-huh any danger. I fellow we we. We talked about that. We're I just need to say that Mike wouldn't when you had that feeling of dread is all the mysteries and all the weird stuff in this wizards tower which would be terrifying thing to go through in reality wizard. A Real Wizards Tower is that we gave you that sense of dread all the stuff absolutely and I was totally playing up to my character in that too right. I am a simplistic Dullard. I see rock. I Smash Mash it. I follow orders. I don't even know if my character would be able to comprehend the vastness of space much less how it could be contained in a tower window and there is a space frog hopping from planet to planet in contained window space rate so when I was having those reactions I was kind of doing two things I always like saying. Oh No we as a party or not equipped to handle this and oh no my characters brain has no idea what's happening and he is mortally terrified Hammy sort of doing the same thing like my character I play my characters bright but not like over we so and definitely not wise so my character is smart enough to try to keep keep himself alive but and <hes> and you know to know like hey. This is crazy but also like I'm GonNa know about because if I can get past this without dying. I'm going to fair enough all right so good continues to continue you still don't know anything thing about the the columns the orb the swamp or the void now and I love that I love that I don't know so keep telling you keep telling you what you missed yeah because it's kind of like there's so much stuff in the world that that you can't experience it all and it's kind of like it's it's like the song strangers in the night kind of like that so <hes> just you know just always wonder but <hes> I will have the memory of not knowing and if you had told us is like hit the end I would probably forgotten about it so here's what was going on with that swamp yeah I agree and I think it also creates a lot of interesting opportunities to maybe tie stuff back together the future so you know if we do wind up playing this this campaign against prize which is you can always be like. Hey remember that space frog yeah here. He is deal with them now or hey you're in a swamp and you come across a window floating in the middle of the swamp them exactly by the way that wouldn't happen. <hes> okay so mike you have to continues down here. I think my I continue Kinda ties into just what we're talking about right so continuing threatening us with the unknown and making us make those gambles for the possibility of greater rewards or renown <hes> I think what was striking about this session was that it felt a lot like the tomb of horrors except we did not have the option of additional lives and I know it's been awhile since we're talking about the tomb of horrors beret wheat we we dissected that right. We sliced it up and carved it into every little tiny detail in wound up not losing you know a life over three sessions but this reminded me a lot about that. It's just like obvious danger obvious apparel and are you gonNa make the gamble of maybe making some really stupid moves for the potential success and whereas your line for that for that success. I really liked that. I like that. You're drawing us in things. That are Kinda obvious obvious but maybe you can win. Maybe you die. I I do like that Alec. Realistically your characters treated it. Yeah like ooh. This is fascinating but we're not here for this and kept saying like to break the plan of the window like absolutely not I remember. Are you saying that Mike Absolutely not yeah yeah. I'm like I'm like catty corner like up against the wall. If I may be lean over I can look at it but now all right so keep making you gamble. Keep threatening you with the unknown. What's your other continue? <hes> the other continues something we <hes> we did a previous <hes> Sasha than we did in this. I should have the same campaign where we started out. The game of everybody takes slip a paper right down one thing that's true or one thing that happened to the other player in between sessions oceans past that paper we pass all around so by the time you get your paperback. It's got a couple of things that someone else has said or created four or about your character and then you choose which one to keep Brian what you think of that. Well usually stuff like that. I'm not crazy about so. It's almost kind of like that forced corporate training where you have to. You know share something about you. It's you never wanNA share anything this really interesting. It's usually just you know you. Just try to get through it because you I just want to get done the training you get back to work but in this case it's kind of like I- offloaded something that I didn't want to do to somebody else so is able to <hes>. I you know Mike it's my character. I'm some I I have some level of investment in this character and I don't know that I necessarily want to create the backstory from my character. I don't want to be you know right now. In this moment you know stuck with something that I come up with but but if somebody else comes up with it and I just I have basically option one option to that just makes it easier on me and in that respect. I thought it was great. I love it for two reasons one is I think it's always so much easier to do. Someone else's work than it is your work work. You're emotionally tied up even even literally at work and we don't often or maybe we've never talked about this but Mike used to actually report to me at work for real like professionally you Mike. Do you remember when I when we we do staff meetings. We do all kinds of like crazy activities that were very work related. It wasn't like stupid activities that we didn't do anything with it was it was very much based on Hey. Let's find money. Let's go find process. Let's go find work yeah. Do you remember the time I had you all do each other's work vaguely. I think idea remember that yeah where you had someone else right requirements and someone else tried to do some stuff and access yep and my theory was with that was sometimes your work can be really tough to start your emotionally tied up in it. You're invested in it you of hangups about it. You dread it. You know I it's it's really tough to be enthusiastic about your work and even start it in. There can be a huge barrier to getting started but it's really easy to do someone else's work. It's really easy to be more detached and more cerebral and not emotionally invested. It's why people you know for years can give you personal advice that you know you should listen to but you just can't like hey man. You really should dump that chick or Hey lady. That dude's not for you. He's a jerk like your friends around. You can see that but you can't see it because you're too tied up in it. <hes> doing having everyone else do things for your character. I think helps your character developing away. That may not be obvious to you because you're too emotionally invested in experiencing life as your character character versus plotting life fear care. Let's reason number one. I like it reason number two like it when I play in Martin's game and we come back to the table after weeks away from the able to to pick up these characters again I have this insane desire that I have to suppress press every single session to have optimized all of our time away from the table like hey. It's been like three Martin Open session with it's been about three or four months and I want to stop and say I got a job and now I have a lot more gold. You know I want to optimize mayes that downtime. You know what I'm saying and if this this doesn't let you optimize it other people tell you what what happened. Other people and you can't optimize the downtime and if I started if Martin started our sessions that way where we have an optimized downtime but things did happen in the downtime it makes the characters feel more real and it takes away that temptation to optimize the downtown so I love doing that if says I'm gonNA keep doing that for sure now that you've said that out loud however the next time we do this we are all absolutely going to right pro optimization of downtime things for each other characters. I guarantee yes. It's true so mike what happened to Brian's character. Since the last adventure he found a plus five though he became came the empire of the world and subjugated everyone in his wrath it turns out he's the Avatar of living God who would a guest and it was like a week things I should not have said okay. That's it for the stop. Continue <hes> good feedback guys any last words at all about the session. I'm I'm a little said that Brian doesn't like world of Dungeons. It's okay. It's not my favorite though I the fact that the G._M.. Doesn't roll like attacks and stuff that that bothers me. I love that I really like that. I put that as a good on our strengths that we'll talk about here in a minute I love I love.

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DRY BAR COMEDY  The Worlds Largest Stand-Up Comedy Brand  with co-founder Jeff Harmon

Your Online Coffee Break

21:07 min | 7 months ago

DRY BAR COMEDY The Worlds Largest Stand-Up Comedy Brand with co-founder Jeff Harmon

"I'm from San Diego Nice. I don't know when the last time you were back there. But we have at our beaches. We have Su- NAMI evacuation route size there. Their signs that tell people which way to run in case. There's a soon Nami. All it is is a sign about this big. It's two you by two. It's blue and says evacuation route and it was just an Arrow points inland. That's it the entire fireside tax dollars going to work in San Diego. We'll go to your online coffee break where we discussed. bite-size topics that inspires inspires educates and entertains. Here's your host a software innovator award winning marketer and astronomy space boss shucks fields Hello thanks for joining me today for online coffee break today to welcome my special guest Jeff Harmon Jeff along with his brother. Neil our founders of dry. Try Bar comedy. The fastest growing comedy franchise in the world. And it's all clean. Comedy created in twenty seventeen drive. Our comedy has more than twenty twenty million views a week and growing fast every drive our show is created onstage at their Comedy Club in Provo Utah Hundreds of mainstream comedians. Have the performed so far and now Dr are comedy is about to hit the road on a USO tour. The same friend got attacks recently. She's so proud of it. She's like Eric. I just got new tattoo humming bird. Do Not Humming Birds Representative Brett. Bet You're gonNa tell me she's like they represent change inge. I was like interesting. Dozen usually represent change tattoos not a big symbol of change. I do feel like getting a tattoo as a little like having kids because it seems really cool when other people get them but then you get one and you're like shoot. Add this forever now. The Kyun ten years online coffee break. Jeff thank you so much for joining me really appreciate it good to be here. Thanks my pleasure. Now I tell you what I have always. It's been a huge fan of clean comedy. As a matter of fact growing up I always thought the best comedians are the ones that can make me laugh and keep it clean and I want to hear more about how you and your brother Neil came up with the idea for Dr are comedy contests more about that. So it kind of came out of we didn't we didn't come up with the initial idea. It was the director Isaac Colosseum. Ah Okay he's Thurgood director and he came in and he he was licensing another piece of content. Intend to us a show that he had directed and as he was leaving after we signed the agreements he was licensing and prevent angel. He said you guys. I'm a huge fan of stand up comedy and nobody has like a home for clean. Stand up and you you guys have this tipping thing where you can tip films at the end of the show. What if we did that for stand up comedians? And he's like and he was thinking he's told me that he was thinking like two shows he wanted to shoot two specials okay and we came back to him a week later and said Isaac. Let's do fifty dream big so that and so we dove into it. We got this. There was this bar bar that had just been shut down here in Provo and it was a was a dance club. A bar at stage really good sound system we got a great deal on on it and we decided to turn that into dry bar. That's kind of where the name originated. serve alcohol. So we'll call it dry barred. That kind added double entendre with whereas dry comedy article online at all these amazing facts about the human body the and one of them said that the average human being skin. Our skin is so sensitive. We can feel the weight of bees way. That's one ten thousand of announcing I'm below. I've got an entire day without realizing at another pair of my underwear in my pant leg so we got into this building we set it up in busted a bunch of money into that and then we did a whole season of like fifty seven. COMEDIANS COMEDIANS and in about the span of one semester of school really dumped it all in a very short period of time and we invested in ended up costing lean busted several million dollars into this project and immediately when we announced robot comedy we started getting a bunch of people calling us saying investors board members and different people. Saying what are you guys doing. I didn't invest to do clean standup. I remember the forums online. Just being like why are they doing with all these amateur stand up comics and yeah because of the beginning was like okay. If we streamline this costs other people film specials like cheap ones cost like forty fifty grand in the nice ones are like a hundred and fifteen fifteen. Were like if we just put this all in the same building and we streamline it we put up cameras we can get those costs way down and so what we do. Is We film today. Were in six specials a weekend okay to we have an audience of about twelve hundred dollars. We have three hundred people show up twice a night. Yeah twelve hundred people weekend. Wow and then we charge for the audiences to come and that was a big debate at the beginning. Do we let them come for free or do we charge a move realized if we charge you laugh better so it makes it helps pay for the show yes and our sold out all the time and It took a took a long time and we were just kind of panned. Pretty hard took US eighteen months and a lot of investment millions of dollars investment and we finally figured out a model the made money and sustain the show. I am happy to be here though. The trip didn't start out great. I thought they lost my luggage which is never a good feeling. That's a horrible feeling because to me the vacation the good time started the second. Get your bag right the second because you've already gone to a lot to even get to their destination. You've gone through traffic to get to the airport. The long lines lines and all that stuff. Then you sit on the plane with somebody that you don't want someone who's been farting entire flight. Had person that you know is them and then they know the moment that did you know that it's them kind of look at you like oh I hope you don't know that as me. Yeah I do know issue. Is it hard to get comedians to come you too. Oh Yeah Oh yeah at the beginning. It was like they're like pro. What trump's special in Provo and so in the beginning? I just said I would tell comedians. I'd be like look. I know you don't always do clean. But we need you just to come up with forty minutes of clean content and we're not going to tell you what clean is either. Here's the data. 'CAUSE 'CAUSE DR are comes out of Angel that Angel Does we skip content in Hard content for families. So like if you're teenagers WANNA watch game of thrones than and you can't stop them then you say okay. I'm going to you cut out all the the nude scenes in the rape scenes and things like that and they'll skip them all see. I love that and now that's also your creation and neal's MHM governable and so so we just said what we're GONNA do is we're GonNa take all the skip. Data from millions and millions of streams of skipping. Say here is what our audience skips. Based F words. They skipped innuendos. They skip these types of things and then if we hand that the comedian and say look. Here's what they get the more you get skipped the less you make the less you get skipped the more you make it. That's so smart because I'm a programmer heart and I just data tells you everything thing and I love the fact that you can monitor. Here's the audience. Here's where they're skipping and then to motivate them by saying you get paid more. The less they skip. I think that's ingenious a love. That's right so and so the Internet allows us to say we're not gonNA police you. We're GONNA put you in front of an audience that expects you to stay on brand right but you take your risks and we a happened comedians. GET UP ON STAGE and we've had a few ruined their whole show because they're a little stubborn and they try too hard to get their stuff in but most comedians as immediately as soon as they sense they win over the line and they'll even say like I could feel the audience shift back on me. Yeah pull back on me. And even even even if they're getting like thirty percent of the audience to laugh if they lose sixty percent than it kind of hurts their special and then they make less money long term so we do that in most of the Comedians comedians. That are on our stage. We're not normally clean. But everybody knows that if they're watching dry bar they can trust the brand so it doesn't matter what that comedian did outside side of dry bar they can trust them inside a dry bar and so our philosophy was we can make good great comedians. Clean a lot easier here then. We can make clean comedians funny. I've always been a little bit of a late learner. it comes with the territory. Originally from South Carolina the desert yet. Thank you deserve mild response. Well South Carolina was is forty ninth in education. Yeah we might have upgraded the fiftieth by now check the stats mostly. Because I don't know how you're saying Like for example. I found very late in life like very late. That Alaska and Hawaii were not next to each other down here where they appear to be at the bottom of the map. Yeah nobody clarified the space and someone just sat them down there. That's that's where they lived. Merry Little Way. How does your audience? Because I love how your audience sort of I mean. They're sort of. I don't WanNA see policing it. But how's how does the audience I mean. Do they just know. Hey I'm coming to drive our. I'm expecting clean comedy so I mean by that nature. They're not gonNA laugh when it's not clean. Yeah yeah the the brand and then also we tell the The audience we say you get a rape the Comedians after they offstage nice end there's a certain percentage there's a large chunk that never ever get published and we're spending money we're just money bullying it you know and so the audience knows when I met a live show. It's a little riskier than everyday. I'm a circus all by myself. The airport a lot of times one of the things I like to do. This makes me laugh. It like what's wrong with me but I like it the airport. I like to hold a book up to my face. I love to read contrary to popular belief and I keep it up to my face and board like a dog and then I look around. I don't like I don't know where the noise came from. You should try. It's hilarious. Sometimes I may sound far away. Dog Lovers lady sitting across dod ought to keep a straight face. I was like is in my backpack about it actually heard that some comedians come you show they perform and they're so some of them are so prompted by the response. They got they leave and they decide to do clean comedy. That's performing a lot. That's actually happening a lot. Because what happens is they're they're you know they've been on Conan or they've done a few small like big appearances but they're not like they don't have big followings yet and then they come on our show and they get twenty million viewers and all those people suddenly show up that what year at their shows because they go in they find him in there trying to figure out they show up and then they realize. Oh this isn't what I like because the person's not doing that comedians. He's not doing clean comedy and so they say well either. Either need to get in a lot of requested to drive our tour which we've for playing playing with the idea of a little bit. Yeah Yeah and then And then there's been a lot of them will say well. I'm just going to switch to clean because this is my biggest audience now and a lot of them have kids and stuff. I've had several COMEDIANS. Just say I I wanted to do this forever. I just couldn't get out of the niche. I was in now. I'm in to see what what a change that you guys are making. I think that's just wonderful. Wonderful inspiring on that and proof is in the pudding. I mean like you said Johnny million views is a week. I think somewhere where it more than that per month over. Five hundred million minutes watched per month. Wow I think a website it said something about two billion times says it's been viewed and how does it feel well. I mean it's really successful. That's incredibly that's great. I feel about that. It's really cool when you when you realize that you've set into motion system industry. It's a really exciting moment. Like I mean it's early still still is but the economics are there now l.. Dry Bars not going away and I think hopefully will. What I'm excited about is that when the day comes uh-huh that we have people who grew up on dry bar become comedians and they start out in the slot lot rather than opting to feel like they go? You know when when when when they start becoming homegrown than we know. We've really changed the industry. Oh well another part of that is is the technology part of it and I have to say I'm really impressed too because my wife and I will will say Alexa. Play drive our comedy. I'll watch youtube channel. I have the apple iphone now so there are so many ways that consumers can I guess consume the content. Can you tell us more about how people can access drive our comedy so we we have our APP which has no ads in. It's Shri and it just as tipping so when you finish a comedian if you like him you tip them money and that day tip a lot people to block walk when when it comedians amazing they like tipping them because they're supporting the comedian and then we also have a youtube channel. facebook channel the drive our comedy in between those. I think it's like six million something followers may now have a tick tock. We have instagram Alexa. Google home we're on spotify. XM Radio Apple Music Google music by just pretty much like it's all over the place. We filmed several hundred specials. And we're our six six a weekend so there's no excuse not to be watching and listening to drive our comedy. It's it's also yeah. Yeah and and the the thing is is what we're doing is our systems especially the APP goes through and figures out. What the funniest office really? Yeah so we can figure that out and then we can. We've made a few COMEDIANS. Like if you look Jeff Allen Alan facebook he shouted out to dry by the other day and said that he sold out he did a show last year and he sold one hundred seven shows last year on tour because because of driver so at least in part it was already amazing. They said it was his best year ever. Oh He's he's incredibly actually interviewed him Just a couple of months ago for for a program in mature clip here of Jeff Allen. I had the pleasure of growing up in America before the lawyers took it over and ruined and honest. Yeah in my day. The kid fell off the monkey bars and chipped the bone in his arm. I was tragic but it was funny to the rest of us. It certainly wasn't reasons to take the monkey bars off the playgrounds. We all did dumb things. That's how you learn not to do dumping CS Lewis said suffering was. God's make a phone that's right you do dumb things it hurts. You learn not to do it. But we're almost painted versus we. I'll give you an example when I was twelve. Someone told me the ball jar canning jar find some dry ice pulling in the jar put the winner. So what's going to happen. They said it's going to blow up and I said cool. Where do I get dry ice? And they said the ice cream man so one day I heard the ice cream man coming down my street. I run out with one of my mother's jars and I asked you only dry ice what you're gonNa do with a similar privileges jar or put the lid on it and it's GonNa explode ice cream and says oh so. Here's your dry ice. That's the America. I the thing that I like. You guys are so successful now. You're getting ready to do. A tour can attest a little bit more about that. So the concept here is is just comedians. Have come to us and said Hey guys I did a show. Now there's tons of people showing up and they're disappointed. A chunk of them are disappointed because the dry bar and I'm doing blue content content and they're like so I need dry bar comedy tour. Where people can they know they go to a show that brandon dry bar? I will be doing that type of comedy rather than my other types of comedy. And so we're we're working on that the One of the the WHO I believe is the heart of dry bar is keith stubbs off. You know that name a piece. Doug says he's he's the one in castle the COMEDIANS. Okay well and he he he working together to figure out the tour stuff right now so also but I guess they can check your website drive our company income to keep track of the tour dates antastic edition of the tour and your incredible growth. Is there anything else going on with with dry bar or your future ventures well There will be more content community that more types of comedy. We'll be we'll be coming and I think I think one thing that's really important for people to to realize is like good ideas sometimes take time. Yes you know heads. It's been several years in the making. Now it's a it's a it's a big juggernaut system but it takes. It took a lot of time and a lot of lot. aww enduring people saying you guys are crazy. I'm glad you didn't listen to them and persevered because we were so impressed with your success and we just WanNa continued success and a and Jeff I want thank you for taking time out of your schedule. Me They really do appreciate it. K- thanks chuck online coffee break while a really Joe McConnell system with Jeff today hope he did too and I'm loving drive our comedy really encourage you to check it out. If you like to learn more just go to their website at drive our comedy Dot Com as Jeff mentioned. They're also available on Youtube and facebook and also APP for your phone phones. It is fantastic. Highly encourage you to watch today and we WANNA thank Jeff for joining me today. I want to thank you for joining me today as well if you liked the show today. We'd love it if you give us a thumbs up if you're watching youtube or if you're listening we'd love it if you give us a five star rating on your favorite podcast application either way. Thank you so much for taking time. I'm joy stay. We'll see you next time God bless.

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124. TORY BRUNO, CEO of United Launch Alliance discusses Vulcan Centaur

Your Online Coffee Break

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124. TORY BRUNO, CEO of United Launch Alliance discusses Vulcan Centaur

"We'll go to your online coffee break where we discussed bite-size topics that inspire educates entertains. Here's your host a software innovator award winning marketer and astronomy and space bus stuck fields. Hello thanks for joining me today. First OFF I want to congratulate United Launch Alliance for the successful launch aboard the Atlas Five of the X Thirty Seven B SPY-PLANE. That marks the one hundred thirty ninth consecutive successful mission for you. L. A. and I'm so excited to announce my interview today with Tori. Bruno Tori is an aerospace engineer scientists and the President and CEO of United Launch. Alliance in this interview. Tori talks about how his interest in rocketry began at the age of nine years old where he found a case of eighty year old dynamite in the back of a barn which he cut open the sticks and extracted the explosives teases propellant for his model rockets tour then describes his incredible career which began at Lockheed Martin and then a CEO of Ucla how his team has kept a one hundred percent mission. Success rate later Tori describes you'll as newest rocket in development the Balkan Centaur with its first launch scheduled for twenty twenty one with a mission to the moon but before my interview with Tori. I want to share this space journey from my guest. Wayward plane where she describes. How A tweet Tottori? Verno inspired her space journey. Hi I'm way would plane. And with launched rats DOT COM. I would say the real beginning of my space journey was when I was watching the Sibierski. Oh three launch on webcast and there was this club due to an airplane in the restricted zone and in a fit of whimsey. I decided to sign up and account for the way we're playing and tweet at CEO of Oh sorry. My bad won't do it again. And much to my surprise and delight. He Re tweeted me and Boosted my tweet and answered back and from that I began my journey. As the way we're playing entirely thanks to Tori Bruno and his willingness to take time to play with a parody. Twitter account while his launch was in the process of scrubbing. I have always thought that was extraordinary. Becoming the way we're playing really did transform my life it Because I became the way would plan. I ended up moving to Florida because I moved to Florida. I have seen so many more launches and then a part of NASA social you. La Social Events and done and seen so many things that I would not have otherwise had the chance to do or see and in the future. I what I most look forward to in the future spaceflight is simply more more of what we're doing going further sending more things just out there to other planets to other Spatial bodies exploring more Perhaps we will put boots on Mars. Perhaps we will go back to the moon. Perhaps we will discover things about the universe so that we don't yet know. Ucla has their Volkan rocket coming out a new rocket going to space. Which is incredibly exciting. Is there's just so much to look forward to and and so much more and that is what I am waiting for is the more your space journey tore. Thank you so much for joining me today. Really appreciate it. Oh Chuck happy to do it. Well it is an honor now. One of the things that we love to discuss is sort of where your space journey began. And I understand that you were just around the age of nine years old when you developed an interest in rocketry us. What if you tell some more about that? Sure well? I am just old enough to have been around for the first Moon Landings and was pretty inspired by all of that and I started making my first rockets when I was about nine like a lot of kids do you know with. Fte's kits and stuff but I didn't have an SDS kit. And instead I found a case of the eighty year old moldy dynamite. In the back of my grandmother's far off only obvious thing to do with that was to you know pull up the propellant and in crammed into some old wrought iron pipe also found and try and build my own rockets. Obviously how did that work out? I'm sort of proud to say that. A few of them rose parkway into the sky before they detonated. And I'm still alive. Well we're glad to hear that both notes and you've kind of scaled up your rockets. Since then I understand but I do want to talk about your career because as I understand you start off as an intern at Lockheed. Martin actually stayed with them all the way until two thousand fourteen. He tells more about that. And your roles. They're sure so. I I went to Lockheed out college after having been an intern and worked on rockets. I I really didn't have any interest in management at the time just wanted to be a rocket scientist and that's what I did for about the first ten years and I just really had an amazing experience there. I got to work with some of the smartest people in the world and you know developed and built probably three dozen different systems which is rare in our business. You're lucky you get to do three or four rockets and Gosh I did. Hypersonic cited lots of different rockets. I even did laser systems and just had amazing experiences. I have shot a bullet. Out of the sky. With another bullet I have been to see on submarines swept on a torpedo even been on a giant flying regan shooting rockets out of the sky with a giant laser Built into a seven forty seven in you know in terms of the career you know. I had a very traditional aerospace career. Apart from that diversity was an engineering person and a designer and an analyst. I DID SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND PROGRAM. Management spent a lot of time in propulsion. And I just kind of once I was in management bounce back and forth between systems engineering being a chief engineer for project being a you know a program manager of just increasing complexity in eventually I was running a big portfolio business. They're doing missile defense and strategic deterrence. And that's where I was when I was asked to come over here you away. Tell me about that. Because that was two thousand fourteen you came over to Hewlett. Is the President Chief Executive Officer? Now some of our audience might not realize that you will. There was a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin Key. Tell us how you came about sure. So you allegra is really do born in a moment of crisis in a way to things had gone wrong. It's the same time. The first thing was an expectation in the industry that there is going to be this giant commercial telecommunications activity based in space the Internet was going to be in space and all of telephones and media. We're going to be in space. And everyone had facilitated for that. They were big. Satellite factories built in their multiple rockets being developed in in place. And it didn't happen in that whole market collapsed in in did not come to pass. And so you had kind of oversupply by large degree in a little bit of financial ruin way for a lot of companies that were pursuing that loss of investment destroyed. So that's that is going on. And then at the same time on the national security space side there were a whole set of critical constellations that were aging out. They had reached the end of the design life and in fact the end of the practical realize wife of many of these spacecraft. Which is expected to see you know they come in waves in their built unfortunately mostly at the same time so the job at the same time and then they get replaced but the crisis part for that arena was that almost all of the replacement spacecraft or late in encountering development problems and the government was in fact expecting bay capability gaps for a few years. There would be places on earth with no. Gps coverage be big gaps and weather satellite coverage and therefore forecasting. It was was going to be really bad. And those two things at the same time. And the answer to that was for Boeing and Lockheed to exit the commercial space market really in terms of launch that then to say hey. Let's form a new company. Let's take the Delta rocket in the Atlas rocket and put that together create an entirely new standalone company? That will go and help. The Air Force solve this crisis in space in terms of capability gaps. And so we were set up standalone company. Everybody who at that time worked at Boeing Lockheed had to quit and be rehired by UCLA and we set up new facilities and took on the rockets. And you know new. Ip and all the rest of it and started solving that problem we were. We were asked to increase the reliability because at that time it was very common to lose about one in ten launch vehicles and satellites. Were in fact planned for that. And you build extra satellites if you're the government knowing that you'd lose a couple we were also asked to be extremely flexible in what we could launch. Because they were all late and now the Air Force and its contractors are rushing to get these things built and fielded. They might plan a year ahead of time to fly a certain satellite but when they actually were came right up to it maybe that satellite would be late or it would be early in the job was hey whatever shows up to the launch pad you figure out how to get it on top of a rocket with whatever customisations are necessary. Go to space and so we got really really good at that flexibility. In you know that ability to accommodate last minute changes and we improve the reliability in probably over performed since we're now at a perfect mission success record one hundred thirty eight launches. We've never lost one. See that's what's incredible and I have to say. I'm just so impressed by that. I mean you're the only company that claim a hundred percent mission success rate. I attribute that to your team to leadership and I have one thing that I do love to tour is. I love you tweet. The number of each successful launch. That's one of the things I look forward to is when that rocket goes up. I'm waiting for your tweet. Says One thirty eight ten to thirty nine comes up me to knock on wood. Yeah now how? How does you'll have such an incredible success rate? What what did you do specifically that sort of improve that well? I really think it's one thing and it's not the thing that people think about people assume we have great rocket designs and you've got terrific processes and terrific discipline and attention to detail. All that is true but you also have that a lot a lot of other places that have a record like this. I really think it's all about culture because people are committed to these missions. Our employees know what they're launching. They care deeply about what they're launching in mission. Success is not trumped by anything here. It's all about that culture. What people don't have to say out loud with everyone understands in common is the most important thing anytime. We're making a decision. That's what's driven. This record forward Tori went. The I wanted to say too is I. I met you at a NASA social. For the Parker Solar Prohibition and one thing that really stood out is How you came up initially mingled with each of us. Sugar HANDS TALK TO US. Really impressed with that so obviously very memorable experience for us. Now you on the flip side. You've witnessed some incredible launches including the recent solar orbiter. Obviously Parker solar probe most recently bunk star lender and more are there any particular missions that sort of stand out to you as either a tremendous triumph or simply all inspiring matter of fact. I think the one that always pops to the front of my mind when I'm asked that is the purpose solar probe partly because I met you check but partly because that mission was just really amazing and it was made even more special because the scientist who it was named for Dr Parker Ninety years old a renegade really revolutionary in his day. He's the guy who said. Hey there's this thing called. Solar wind in the vacuum of space is not really empty. It's full of this plasma. It's full of particular being blown off the sun at a time when everybody told him he was a Kook and he had to persevere through all of that in stick to his guns into be able to fast forward decades later or this gigantic rocket is sitting on the pads with his spacecraft continuing his researched named for him in there with him and then of course to stand with him during the launch and see for that little tear in the corner of his eye made it just a really special experience now. That was an amazing experience and Dr Parker is just incredible. Incredible scientists now. I do WANNA talk about this. Something that we're all getting really excited about is of course the upcoming Volcan Centaur. Can you give audience? Who might be familiar with it? Just a general overview. Yeah thank you well. We're really excited. Especially now that. It's moving through the factory and getting built. It is the next generation. Sort of culminates. All the experience we have from the Delta Four Delta two from the atlas all of that into a new launch vehicle for what we think the new demands from our country and from the launch market are going. Be The most striking thing about it off. The top is that it is a single stick or single core heavy so we normally think of heavy rockets as being three cores literally. Three rockets bolted together like the majestic Delta. Heavy right but Volkan has more capability than that big three core Delta four heavy as a single core as a single stick so much more energy packed into that a lot more advanced manufacturing technology to build a part of which gives it that added performance. And of course it's bigger. It's bigger than an Atlas. It's a little bit bigger even around than a Delta and then we're atlas can have those five solid s or be strapped onto. Give you that dial rocket capability we can go all the way up to six on Vulcan. And they're bigger so it's a real beast and what it will do in the mission space. Besides collapsing that cost of a left by being only a single core rocket it can reach orbit that cannot be reached by any vehicle today and it is especially good at launching multiple payloads because in the past the dominant experience is a dedicated launch. Once in a while people launch to satellites area on. Does that a lot. That's their basic model for the area on five but by and large the rest of the world one rocket one spacecraft occasionally cube or tiny secondary. We think there's going to be a demand for taking multiple spacecraft up at once and Vulcan has been designed to be especially good at that and it's dollar per kilogram metric when it is able to launch multiple spacecraft really collapses that prices. Well I'll see that's gonNA be incredible now. Imagine it's been extremely difficult to develop a rocket of this magnitude but one thing that also really impressed me is your sort of philosophy on low risk to the first flight. Basically what I understand is ninety percent of it. The components would be flown before the initial launch capability. Can you tell us more about that? Yes so we challenged ourselves to fly the rocket before we fly it one of the things I learned in developing dozens of rockets over the years is when you are able to evolve or only change two or three things on Iraq at once. The risk profile is way way down and so we have sort of staggered the development of this rocket so the pieces of it are ready at different times if you will and that allows us to fly those elements on Delta or atlas before the Vulcan itself all comes together at once and for example when we recently finished developing new avionics system the electronics that control the rocket and guide the rocket the brains of the rockets. We had to do an upgrade because the electronics were becoming obsolete for also an atlas but we caught it in time to say. Hey we've got vulcan coming so we're GONNA do one suite of electronics that can fly atlas and Delta Okla also Volkan and then we finished that a year ago. So we've been flying the avionics for Volkan Atlas for months and months now last one example and others the payload fairing. We're cutting over to new payload fairing. We will start flying that on that list this year. Then I can go on down the list but literally almost the only thing that doesn't get tried out ahead of time this the brand new be rocket engine powers I age. Wow well we cannot wait for that now. One unique aspect is the air recovery. Tesla a little bit more about that. Yeah so reusability is sort of all the rage nowadays and there are Kinda three basic ways of approaching it. If you WANNA think about it that way you can fly back. You can glide back. The space shuttle did that took the really cool dream chaser. Vehicle that we're going to be flying next year. Does that as well Then there's repulsive fly back stir and save a bunch of propellant and fly at home and landed you've seen that on TV. That's pretty cool to watch. And so we wanted to differentiate our approach to do something that is different than that which is generically as component reuse. And we really wanted to kind of narrow our focus to just purely economic view of that so the approach we took was to look at the rocket and say all right you know what is the most valuable parts of the rocket in what is the way that would make most sense to get him back. Then maybe The different in that. Perhaps it doesn't involve big performance impact or it doesn't involve Very strenuous sort of environment upon their return and therefore also have a very easy initial brutal economically to actually start saving money right away. We do this and then build on our knowledge from there and perhaps we'll be other reused items perhaps we'll scale it up. Let's start at entry point so when we did that. Always looking to booster I I have a very very strong opinion. That if you're going reuse an upper stage you should do that in space because the upper stages the orbital part of the rocket and bring it back to a factory means you gotta take all that energy back out and I think that's just not the right way to do it so you start with a booster and when you look at a booster two thirds the cost of looser is just the engine as if you take the engine off the booster often expendable booster. What's left just the an aluminum tank? Basically without any ellen in it so it's pretty obvious right away where the value is in so we looked at that and we said well. If we're GONNA do just engines that means we can burn. The boosters propellant. All the way to them. We don't have to save propellant to fly home with. Because when you do that it takes a lot of the mass capability away from that mission. Now if you're flying dedicated spacecraft and spacecraft is small in comparison to your rocket that doesn't matter at all but on those missions where the space craft is really heavy and you can just kinda barely get it up there if you decide. You're going to fly home. You can lose a third or even as much is half of the mass of the spacecraft that you're able to lift bite you know if you're going to save the propellant to fly home so by doing a engine separation in recovery. We don't have that problem. We can burn all the way to calm to depletion US. All the propellant to go to space and not have that the next thing we looked at was getting it back. How do you get back pro? Our approach is to reenter the engine section behind an inflatable heat. Shield that we have been working on together with NASA that NASA plans to use on future Mars missions. So there was a nice kind of partnership there and then by re-entering behind that he shield you avoid the just for riffing reentry environments that otherwise you experience so when your glider or especially when you're a pulse of reentry you've gotta come back in double digit mach number just like you know just like you see in the movies words glowing red and it's melting metal and things are flying out. That's what you experienced for several minutes. And then once you're into the atmosphere if you're repulsive you actually light one or more of your engines and then fly into your own plume. Which is almost as hot much hotter than than the temperature required to melt steel or lumine. Which are the most common materials back there? And so all of that means that when you repulsively landed you got a Lotta refurbishment to do and you probably had to add a Lotta weight to your rocket in terms of insulation in mitigation to protect it but by re-entering behind the inflatable emp. Do any of that. We're protected from the environment. We don't fly into our own plume. And then when we're deep into the atmosphere and they're sufficient air density. We would deploy a pair of oil with just a very simple computer and steering device on it. It would steer that That pair of oil to predetermine. Gps coordinate to make it easier to recover. The helicopter will snatch it right out of the year and drop it back on our ships and take it home short. Refurbish it right back on a rocket and go again so the other methods have their value in and they're great but we wanted to do something different and that's the way we're going and we expect you could actually start saving money pretty quickly one of the things I think. People don't understand when they imagined rocket reuse. Is they think. Oh you know if I get to fly something then it must only cost half as much And that's actually not true. There's a bunch of costs have nothing to do with that piece of hardware. You have a launch pad the launch site in mission planning and trajectory design and all kinds of costs. That don't change whether you're building new hardware or not and then so then you get to the hardware itself and then you add cost so you add things to make a rocket recoverable in that means that if you only flu you recoverable rock at one time it would actually cost more than in expendable rockets. So you have to fly it several times to work off those costs and start saving money and the other thing we liked about this engine. Recovery is. There's much less of those kinds of costs and therefore you can start saving money with sooner with fewer re flight so it seemed like a great place to start this journey of reusability. So that's what it's all about. I'll toy this is incredible. Obviously we're so excited about this. We know you're what is the timeline for Vulcan? Vulcan is GONNA fly next year. So we're actually building the flight hardware right now in the factory and we're pretty excited because our our first mission is not you know a piece of concrete or test or something like that it's a real mission and the mission itself is super cool. We're GONNA take a lander Astra Botox Peregrine Lander out to the moon for very first flight of Vulcan. Incredible that is going to be so exciting. That's going to be just twenty twenty one it is. I can't wait. I can't wait either. Twenty ask you one thing. There's been just as incredible excitement that been growing these last few years for the space industry. What do you personally think of that? I mean I think going. Back to nine years old becoming interested in rocketry Naggar leading the edge of it and now the public's getting excited what do you think of all that? Well I think this is just a great time to be in the space industry and to be a space enthusiast. I get a lot of energy out of out of people who love space and are passionate about it. And that's why I come down. I spend time with you guys. We'd love at the social worker solar pro because you know I mean you know as enthusiasts based touches our lives every single day and a lot of people don't realize that but the thing that is most exciting to me is that we are moving into a new era really in human history beginning with artists where we go back to the to the moon this time to stay as we like to say yes that is really the first stepping stone and creating the infrastructure that is later going to naval this sis lunar economy that. I like to talk about where we are going to mind. Resources IN SPACE. I water off the moon for propellant then minerals off the moon and then minerals on the near Earth objects that are easy to get to from the moon. There is such an abundance of natural resources right there. Within our grasp now that we know that propellant actually exists in space and doesn't have to be always carried there from the earth that it literally defies human imagination talking about a post scarcity human future. Where all of these things that are so rare here on earth are in fact not at all rare in space and I think that will really change our whole human experience. I'll see that's incredible now. Obviously that's impacting a lot of young adults out there interested in being coming apart of this amazing journey into space. And you're an incredible example of how you turn your dream of building rockets. Reality what advice would you give them? Well the first thing is to just embrace that passion for space and you know obviously if if they have a love of math and science stems the field to drive towards but but I think a lot of space enthusiasts don't realize is that it takes all kinds of people to do these space missions. It's not only engineers. Scientists is finance people in business people in planners and professional communicators and artists. Even we have artists on our staff so it really doesn't matter you don't have to only be a scientist to be involved in space so pursue that passion embraces learn about the industry and see if you can participate wonderful Tori. I want to thank you again for joining us. Stay spit a pleasure talking to you which is really appreciate the advice you offering and really when you and your team. The best of luck with a Vulcan Center. Thank you so much thank you. It was great talking to Chuck Online coffee break while I really enjoyed my conversation with Tori and I'm so excited about the upcoming Balkan Centaur cannot wait you ever to learn more about it. Just go to their website at U. L. A. LAUNCH DOT COM. I WANNA think toward for joining me today. WanNa thank you for joining us as well. We'd love it if you'd rate us on your favorite podcast application or if you're watching a youtube give us a thumbs up and subscribe there. We'd love that too. If you can show this episode with a friend we appreciate that as well. Thank you so much for taking time to join us. We really appreciate it. We'll see you next time God bless.

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119. Free Home School Options from Sam Sorbo plus daily digital museum content from Tracey Tomme

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119. Free Home School Options from Sam Sorbo plus daily digital museum content from Tracey Tomme

"We'll go to your online coffee break where we discussed. Bite-size topics that inspires educates entertains. Here's your host a software innovator award winning marketer and astronomy and space bus shucks fields. Hello thanks for joining us today for your online coffee break. We have a special two part edition today. That's hopefully going to entertain you but also help you with homeschooling options for your kids. I we're GonNa talk to Sam Sorbo. She's an amazing actress filmmaker radio host and so much more. She recently partnered with a Texas homeschooling organization to offer some free homeschooling for you. Then we're going to speak to tracy. Tommy She's adding executive director of one of my favorite museums in the world. They're offering daily digital programming for your kids as well so we're GONNA talk to both of them in this episode so stay tuned. We are at war with a virus and healthcare troops from first responders on the frontline frontline fighting every day. Join the fight by staying. Staying homes. Not a retreat. Is the most brave aggressive weapon? We have against this because when we do stay at home we helped prevent overwhelming are hospitals plow buying time for our scientists to find the vaccine and that his alley beating. Now it's my pleasure interest my first guest today Sam Serbo now. Those of you may remember that. We interviewed her husband. Kevin Sorbo Couple of years ago in episode sixty seven again if you haven't subscribed to our series too so you don't miss any of these amazing guess hit the subscribe button now. It's free and you don't WanNa miss these amazing guests now Sam. Sorbo holds many titles. She's been a filmmaker a radio host and actress International Model Author Wife. Mother homes advocate and education activist. Now she talks about in this interview their upcoming movie they're working on called miracle in East Texas and also new book that she just released but also she's partner with a Texas homeschooling organization to Launch Corona virus. Homeschooling DOT com a great site visit for Free Daily. Lesson plans for your kids. Online coffee break. I have to admit I realized I hadn't thought of it until I heard you say it. We talked about opportunity versus loss as far as this is a great opportunity and the loss is the time and all my gosh. I don't know how you did it or how you're doing it because you're so busy but for me it's like. I've got to work and I'm GONNA home school. Oh my gosh so tell me more just about that philosophy. This is a great opportunity. Really right so so look perspective. Is Everything how you view the world is is how is how you experience the world and so you can look at this great tragedy and it is. It's a great tragedy. What what we're dealing with right now and the statistics and everything but but you can also look at it as an opportunity and you know find the silver lining in the cloud so to speak And the opportunity here. Is You no longer have to commute to work? Through that time. It is time for your kids. You no longer have to get dressed in the morning just break apart but you have no idea what's going on from here down exactly. Yeah a lot of people were in towards but yes I hear you You know so. So there's opportunity there right and You know the back of my hair is probably not as nice as it would be if I were going out of the House. Metoo so I'm just saying there there. There is opportunity here. Absolutely what a phenomenal opportunity to get to know your children in a way that you didn't have before and just because you you think that the school is GonNa take care of the rest. That's fine but look at this just as an opportunity to to grow in your relationship with your child which you do frankly sacrifice when you drop your child off at school every morning and late in the day and then when you're standing over them making sure that they get the homework done and that's all for everyone right at the end of the day And somehow you become taskmaster and I don't know that's not as fun a role for a parent to me. So why don't you? Why wouldn't you prefer to be the hero? In fact I did a video on. Be The hero. you've got all of these opportunities laid laid out at your feet D despite the dire circumstances let's rise to the occasion. Let's be let's be greater than we thought we could be right. Yeah see I love that and one thing I love to Yasser one of your amazing videos is don't try to replicate school. Find out what works for you. I think that's wonderful. Yeah I'm actually going to go live today at nine and talk about different methods of home schooling so that people can get a picture of. Oh so what she's saying is not just that I don't have to replicate school at home which you don't please don't please don't put a blackboard on the wall and I had a friend who did that. She got confused see and made a classroom in her house. And unlike no the model is not that successful for you to want to emulate that model but the homeschool model is is just sort of a patchwork quilt of all kinds of different Methodology and and your child is unique and your unique as a teacher. And so. Let's let's let's encourage you to figure out what's going to work for both of you together. That's wonderful and again it's free. It's like rotavirus homeschooling dot com into lessons. Plus you have videos on your website can link to that seems to Roy Dot Com. If I may I just have to say I was very fortunate to meet your husband. Kevin about it a little bit over a year and a half ago fortunate to meet him. But you will. I was like Greg Guy but I I love and respect your marriage so much because it's deeply rooted in faith and this is a trying time for a lot of couples out there that find themselves in a very stressful situation. Yes exactly and I'm alluding to your new book. You just came out with true faith. Tell us about that book. So this book is it actually is a spin off a spin. It's a sequel basically true strength which was The details of his recovery from three strokes right before we got married Took about three years and you know it helped so many people that book it it. It's amazing the number of people that go up to him when he said conventions or or speaking engagements. Who say you know? Your book changed my life. It made me It made me a better person. It made me get up off the couch. It you know I lost one. Hundred Pounds You know just just a great book really helpful so we decided to put put this together. It's a collection of stories that that center around how faith helped us get through the hard times. That's why the subtitle is embracing adversity to to live. In God's light from the back I put marriage and movies in miracles. I talk about the making of let there be light which is a real miracle of a movie frankly. I love that movie. You did a great at your kids even moved to write with you. Yes yeah all of them but if you blink you'll miss my daughter. She didn't want any lines. The I'm Kiara so so yeah. And and so we put together a short devotional for marriage Available at my website or Kevin's website. SAM SORBO DOT COM or Kevin sorbo dot com. The devotional free. It's a free download And it's just five five devotions and sort of ways to To spark your marriage again to rededicate yourself to marriage marriage is important. It's an important institution And it's important institution for raising kids for the family for the for the whole structure of our society. So that's why we came out with the true faith was he. That's fantastic and also if I may you're coming out with a movie soon called miracle in East Texas. I was just wondering he gives a little bit more details on that movie poster. Very nice And that that's it's sort of been slightly derailed by covert nineteen show. I don't have a date for you. Unfortunately we got to see how all of this shakes out but But it's a comedy and it's it's some inspired a true story. The story of the the biggest oil find in the history of the world and my husband plays a con man and and I play a a wealthy widow who he cons out of a bunch of money. He has to pay for that. That's interesting Lou. Gossett Juniors and as well yet gossip junior John Ratzenberger anti their main as well. So yeah well. I think that's incredible. One thing I have to my wife and I were talking about this morning. How it's easy for me to get overwhelmed and I have my day job and I have my podcast. But you're you're doing so much you have your daily Pa Gas. You do these videos. You do these amazing things. I don't know how you do it. What advice would you give people out there? Who are struggling with balancing everything these days. Well it's important to prioritize. That's number one. I mean really And I prioritize Kevon early on when he was lying in the hospital room and I had a job offer that was like a really great job offer and it was perfect because honestly the job offer was the like the pinnacle thing brands. I had a choice between that and my marriage and I chose my marriage and Later on My child's made very clear that I had a I had a choice between my career. My acting career again and my child my children and I chose my children and once you get that priority settles then everything else will fall into place. But don't second guess that like what you make that decision then rest rest in that and have peace with that and I and I did. I never really there. Those are two instances where I didn't look back right The home schooling thing is difficult. Because we've been taught in our schools that we are incapable and it's hard for me to say that but but but we've been taught that unless unless you have a teacher and a blackboard lecturing you who gives you a gold star star on your forehead. You don't know and that's why the number one concern that parents have when I talked to them is. I don't know how well you know. Corona Virus HOMESCHOOLING DOT COM. Has All the lesson plans so they will show you how and it's not rocket science. It's so far IT'S K. Through five but were working to get more more plans up for the upper grades. Rockets is it's literally only just basically igniting your child's innate curiosity and guiding them in their in their learning how to learn and so all you have to do is show them how learning happens so really the best thing the best thing would be for you to not know and the and the child says why are frogs green. I have no idea. Oh My Gosh. That's a fascinating. Let's go find out. Let me look it up on Algal something. And then we'll we'll look it up in National Geographic and then we'll go to scientific American and you show your child how to learn and then the child goes will learnings not that hard and so when they're confronted with something like cove in nineteen and you have to home school. Now your child in the future will say okay I gotta I gotta go about learning how to do that now. Easy peasy and the fact is our children are going to change their careers probably five times before they're thirty so we want them to be this To have this facility with shifting gears and learning something new we want that for them and the fact is today. Anything you WANNA learn is is already lecture. There's already a lesson on it on Youtube. Some of them are good. Some of them are less good. But do you know what I mean so much information? So we have to get out of this until we have to rethink the way we define education and the way we approach and I think this whole theory that we're in right now is going to go a long way to that end. I totally agree save. I just want to commend you on just the cryptovest. Homeschooling DOT com great partnership on that. I wanted to just which you and Kevin and your family just God bless you all and stay safe out there. Thank you so much. Thanks for the kind words. Chuck online coffee break. While I really enjoy McCarthy was Saturday hope you did too but don't go anywhere yet coming up after this. We're going to feature my interview with Tracy. Tommy about what her museum is doing to provide daily updates but meanwhile if you let's learn more about Sam just could hurt website at Sam's her dot com or visit for home schooling corona virus homeschooling dot com. We know that we're asking Americans to do a lot right now so we're asking everyone to be selfless for others so that we can protect those who are most susceptible to this iris a question. I often get asked. Why should young people care about the spread of Corona Myers? We know that people with underlying medical conditions over the age of sixty are at highest risk. But they've got to get it from somebody. Social distancing is really physical separation of people referred to when we asked people to say at least six feet apart not going to bars going to restaurants not going to feed his where there are a lot of people at all just means physical separation so that you have a space between you and others who might actually be infected perfect you. We all have a role to play and preventing person to person spread of this disease which can be deadly for vulnerable groups for more information on how you can social distance. Please go to Corona Virus Dot Gov. Now it's my pleasure to introduce Tracy. Tommy Tracy. Executive Director of the Dayton Society of natural history. They operate to museums in Dayton Ohio. The Boone Shot Museum of Discovery and Son Watch Iranian village. Now I do love these museums and for so many reasons one of which is this is where I started my career Rhianna College. That was my first position. I worked at these museums for few years and just had a wonderful time. I love how they're doing so for the communities around them and I love Tracy and her staff now are working to be so innovative to provide these daily lesson plans for kids and their free of charge. So here's my interview with Tracy talking about their amazing digital programming most of the nation. You know your doors close right now and you know hundreds if not thousands of children families can't visit anymore but your team is responding with an innovative approach. Can you tell us more about that? So many zoos science centers museums were. Were all trying to do this. But its distance learning and at something that people have been playing with for years. So you know. This isn't just us who are out there doing it but I think my team I feel a little. I would be very proud of him to say. I think they're doing a little bit better than a lot of places I have been told by one place where light years ahead of what they're doing and they wish they had been ready but We're certainly not the only ones doing but you know streaming our content so on staff and I have kept all of my staff but on our staff. We have roughly ten people with different masters degrees in everything from you. Know education biology astronomy anthropology public history viral signs in physics. That's a lot of you know professionals who have deep knowledge in those subjects. And so what we're able to do as supplement classroom and now that's like you said even more important than ever With short programming from these folks that show like this kind of content in action. So you're not reading about physics a book but you might be you know studying the night sky with one of our astronomers and you know being a being able to apply that physics topic to Celestial Navigation. Or you know something like that and so as you know as you look at look at it that way from my background. Having taught seventh grade science for so long you know my kids were only interested in what they thought they needed to know and they either needed it to know for the test are because they just wanted to know and I think through the museum science centers zoos. We really engaged that. Want to know so. Hopefully they're seeing different career fields. That you know that guy as a child never saw they're seeing these different career fields. They're seeing questions that no one knows the answer to their just being exposed to a lot of deep content with folks who really know what they're talking about not just reading it out of a book we'll see and that's what. I'm really impressed by two. Because again there are a lot of places out there that are doing you know virtual experiences but uses a I. I've seen that releases. Fresh content on a daily basis. I mean like your staff is really stepped it up. They're killing themselves. What's the transition been like to go from performing school tours to recording daily topics? Well so I guess it was like on a Friday when we first heard that we would definitely be closing to the public and that Saturday they were in so they were in Saturday Sunday Monday recording just as much as they can record I know they have twenty or thirty episodes or segments right now and then and and that was pretty easy because you know they do this every day so they took things. They took little snippets from other curriculum projects. That we're working on for Things from you know full classroom curriculum to flora programming. And they were able to just pull all of these and find things that could work in a five to eight minute and then make it. Were has Some written content. That comes along with that. You download from the website and then a handout activity that you can use just things. You would already have home to do the activity and so. That's pretty challenging but But they all banded together and just went across all the different departments and just were like we just need everything because we knew we were gonNA get shut down even further which we have now. Thankfully they allow distance learning to continue operations under the shutdown. But we still can only have so many people in the building so One of our community partners mcgann brain bender They actually are lending us one of their employees. Virtually to help with some of that. Editing but We don't have the con-. The Computer Passivity. Nor the people to edit that much render that much video so we have found a little help there. I did reach out to try to find some sponsors but it's tough because everybody is really worried about you. Know like the Food Bank. Would you WANNA DO WANNA send money to the Food Bank? Yes or do you want to pay for distance learning well? I guess we'll do the bank right. That is tough. That makes it so tough for you and again. It's not just the daily content. I mean you've got a virtual museum experience where you go behind the scenes. You see the animals and you're one of the few museums actually has a rare nice zoo inside of it plus. I think it's really incredible. How you go into the vault. Yes I wanNA talk about that a little bit more because a lot of people don't realize that most objects museum are not seen by the public. This gives you an opportunity to showcase those which I'm sure your staff loves to do so with that in mind and was showing the audience that they're not used to seeing what's been the response so far. Oh people just love it so we have one point eight million objects. We probably have less than one percent of that actually on display. Sometimes it's because there there's not a good place to display or they don't make sense of the time sometimes there for agile rights you don't put your actual objects out but I have Had Teachers reach out to say that? They're requiring their students that they're working with online now to watch these and do a report or do a project or do some sort of response back to the educator All the way from like first grade through seventh grade and you know and that that's awesome because we know the teachers are scrambling as well so if we can help people interact with the collection. And that's why we have it right. We have it for research for education to share. What the public. So this has been a great way to really use that collection for what it's therefore and have people tune in. Really you know have never really thought about well we might have back in those vaults see. That's incredible to now one. Last thing that I'd love to go into a little bit again is just the museum itself. You have the Boonchu off museum. We're discovery which again we mentioned zoo also has a very nice planetarium then and you'll also have such village. Can you just give us a big picture? Overview for those who aren't familiar with it at all. We have something for everyone. Basically so the whole family can come and find something that they're interested in and not have to split up in different ways. So we've Glendon having live animals. Say like with the zoo that right outside of the zoo so you have the live animals. You have radio graphs of our animals on our collection. So maybe this law. So you're looking at a. You know an image of this lost skeleton that was taken on an x ray machine and children and families can look at that. You could be four years older. You can be seventy and that's interesting just is so we're we're blending things like that where we put the collection with both hands on activities and for all ages are new ancient. Egypt exhibit. Does that very very well? Also and then out a son watch. We're doing a lot of work out there on the village and that son watches a whole different type of experience. It's just a place that's so special that when you're there you can feel it and you know it the exploration and the the tone. There is much more I think. Internal and about really understanding the history of people and cultures versus Learning through play. We do have some you know. They'll they'll play some like native American Games and things like that but I just think it's much deeper at in in that kind of way So there are two very different experiences but complement each other really well while they are fantastic and a highly encourage audience. If you're in the Midwest Date Ohio area is definitely the place to go and check out. These museums Tracy how else can audience fun up more or help out your museums? Well they can certainly go to our website and you know everybody on their websites right now and you know thank goodness we have the Internet. I don't know what we would do right. You can check it out on the website. We have our museum at home and educational activities and then you know looking at other places. See what they have. Because I know you know. Nasa has a ton of activities in lessons. That students can look at participate in and I think that this will. I think it will continue beyond the need. We have right now but I think it will really give people a new insight on how to virtually interact with folks and we're not charging for any of this content. So how can you support us? Hit that donate button absolutely any little bit helps you know if you're like well. I don't have any you know I'm out of work too. That's fine but you know if you felt like it was a had some value for what your experience was Museums we love to get the big checks like Oscar. Boom Shelf style checks but five dollars. Five dollars adds up. Every little bit helps. Absolutely Tracy thank you so much again. We commend you and your team for all this hard work in this trying time for our history to offer such amazing in free content. Thank you so much and thanks for joining us. Really appreciate it. Thank you again. Thanks and come and see us online coffee break. Why really enjoy McCarthy's with Tracy and I'm loving their digital media content if you let to check that out. Just go to their website at boone shopped. Museum dot. Org I WANNA think Tracy for joining me today. One Thing Sam. Sorbo for joining me as well. If you'd like this episode. We hope you did just ring that bell if you're watching a youtube or gives a like on your favorite podcast application again. Thank you so much for joining us day. Stay safe out there God bless.

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